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         Todd John:     more books (100)
  1. THE MAN OF BUSINESS by James W. Alexander, William B. Sprague, et all 2005-07-06
  2. Travels Through Confederate Lines by John R. Todd, 2002-11
  3. Notes On The International Sabbath School Lessons For 1877: Old Testament, New Testament (1876) by John Edwards Todd, Matthew Brown Riddle, 2010-09-10
  4. A Window Onto Late Medieval Cumbria: The Drawings in the Lanercost Cartulary (Tract) by John M. Todd, 2000-10-01
  5. Sketch Of The Life And Character Of William J. Hubbard: Delivered At His Funeral (1864) by John Edwards Todd, 2010-09-10
  6. HAFED'S DREAM by John Rev. Todd, 1845
  7. Introduction to the constructive theory of functions (International series of numerical mathematics) by John Todd, 1963
  8. Exam Cram for NDS Design and Implementation CNE (Exam: 50-634) by David Johnson, John Michell, et all 1999-06-30
  9. The Complete Book of Home Welding by John Todd, 1986-11
  10. Memoir of the Rev. Peter Labagh, D.D.: with notices of the history of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church in North America by John Adams Todd, 2010-05-14
  11. Netscape Navigator Starter Kit for Macintosh by Mark Robbin Brown, John Christopher, et all 1996-09
  12. Summer gleanings, or, Sketches and incidents of a pastor's vacation [microform] by John Todd, 2010-09-08
  13. Notes on the International Sabbath School Lessons for 1878 by John E.; Riddle, Matthew B. Todd, 1877-01-01
  14. Questions on the life of Moses. Embracing ... Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy by John Todd, 2010-09-03

81. John Todd (actor) - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
john todd (born Fred McCarthy, 1877 – July 14, 1957) was an American radio actor. A former stage actor known for Shakespearean roles, todd soon gained work
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John Todd (actor)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
John Todd (born Fred McCarthy, July 14 ) was an American radio actor. A former stage actor known for Shakespearean roles, Todd soon gained work at Detroit radio station WXYZ , as part of director James Jewell 's rep company, with roles on the various series produced by the station. His most famous work was on The Lone Ranger . He played a local sheriff in some of the show's earliest episodes, but on the twelfth broadcast, which aired February 25 , Todd first played his most famous role, the masked man's Indian sidekick Tonto . In reality a bald, stocky man of Irish descent in late middle age, Todd occasionally donned a wig for publicity photos, but was usually replaced by a Native American performer for public appearances. With the exception of a brief period where he was replaced by a real Native American, Todd played Tonto for almost the entire radio run, and was the only orginal cast member heard on the final broadcast, on September 3 Other radio roles included recurring but less significant parts on The Green Hornet as Dan Reid, the title character's father and the now elderly version of The Lone Ranger's nephew, and on

82. John J Gobbell, The Neptune Strategy
todd Ingram Series. john’s destroyer tour through the Philippines and the South China Sea, combined with a deep interest in events of World War II,
John J Gobbell email
Professional Career In professional life, John has been an executive recruiter for over thirty years. He was with a major CPA firm for three years. For ten years, he was a Vice President with a large international executive recruiting firm based in New York City. In 1983, he founded THE GOBBELL COMPANY in Newport Beach, California. There, his firm works on a retained basis with corporate clients to find senior executives. His assignments span most industries in California. THE GOBBELL COMPANY serves some of California’s most prestigious companies. Writing During a concentrated time of developing and presenting candidates to corporate clients in military aerospace (he has worked with rocket scientists), John became fascinated with advanced technology, weapon systems and the executives that build them. This gave rise to his first novel, THE BRUTUS LIE, a techno-thriller published by Charles Scribner's Sons in hardback in 1991. John likes to feature technical-centerpieces in his works and BRUTUS, a long-legged mini-submarine powered by fuel cells, was the first. Asian rights to the work were acquired in 1992 by Bungeishunju, one of Japan's largest publishers. In 1995, THE BRUTUS LIE was released again in paperback by St. Martin's Press. Todd Ingram Series John’s destroyer tour through the Philippines and the South China Sea, combined with a deep interest in events of World War II, lead to the development of the Todd Ingram series. Historically accurate, the series portrays Navy officer Todd Ingram in some of the critical points in the Pacific Theater of World War II, In addition to authentic portrayal of ships, settings and battles, Ingram experiences many of the new technologies introduced at the time.

83. WebGED: Keeney Family Genealogy Data Page
todd, john F. male !OCCUPATION Farmer - Rainstown, Hendricks IN. spouse Keeney, Matilda Jane (1843 - 1912) - m. 28 NOV 1861 in Hendricks, Indiana, USA
/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /*Site Logo Script (Geocities Watermark) © Dynamic Drive ( For full source code, installation instructions, 100's more DHTML scripts, and TOS, visit */ /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// previous go to surnames Sutton, Lila Pearl (private) - female
Sutton, Austin Thomas (1876 - 1963)
mother: Shahan, Erville Belle (1886 - 1967)
... Additional Data Private ... Sutton, Milton Earl - male
b. 28 MAY 1914 in Wenatchee, Chelan, Washington, USA
d. 19 SEP 1972 in Wenatchee, Chelan, Washington, USA
Sutton, Austin Thomas (1876 - 1963)
mother: Shahan, Erville Belle (1886 - 1967) !Sources
1. Letter from Verna Benedict
2. Letter from Lila Sutton Cranmer
!BIRTH-PARENTS: Birth Cert; 1914; WA State Board of Health, Bureau ofVital Statistics, Chelan, WA, Record #136; copy in poss of Verna L Benedict, !MARRIAGE: Formal marriage announcement from parents of bride. spouse:
Crutcher, Edith Marie

84. GreenMeans Episode: Bioneers: Dr. John Todd
Bioneers Dr. john todd Credits Coordinating Producer Jim Yager Camera Rick Butler Audio Kevin Cates Editor Herb Ferrette Music Ed Bogas
select a topic local focus
Bioneers: Dr. John Todd
Dr. John Todd was trained in agriculture, parasitology, and tropical medicine, and received his doctorate in fisheries and oceanography. He was an Assistant Scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution until 1973, and in 1969 co-founded the New Alchemy Institute to create a science and practice based upon ecological precepts. In 1984 he began developing technologies for treating wastes and purifying water. He is currently President of Ocean Arks International, and Research Director of Living Technologies.
Dr. John Todd
The problem is too acute to do a little bit better. It’s a design revolution. A design revolution comes about by specific examples. I’ll give you just a couple of them. We invented some living machines and living machines are really humanly conceived ecologies – but made up of thousands of different species of plants and animals and so on. And we put this in places that are badly damaged. For example, there was a pit filled with most of the priority pollutants – the toxins, a number of years ago. And I put a living machine on the edge of the pit and it began to destroy those wastes. Not by any particular organism or by any genetically modified thing, it was the organism in concert which adapted to the set of circumstances that I set up. I’ve done this again on lakes that have been so badly damaged. There was no life on the bottom and brought them back to life. So really it’s the ingenuity of the human engineer combined with the genius of large natural systems.

A ton of useful information about screenwriting from screenwriter john August. In an earlier scene, Ronna said she’d go straight to todd, because buying
@import url( );
john august .com
(a ton of useful information about screenwriting)
Please state your purpose
I notice you went to USC. Was it very expensive?
London I was tempted to dig back through the archives (which are probably on floppy disk) to find my original application letter for the Peter Stark Producing Program at USC How to get into film school
Is film school necessary?
Filed under: QandA Education Permalink Comments (7) ...
O Great Rosenfeld!
O Great Rosenfeld! , which tells the story of a hapless prehistoric tribe. Quest for Fire meets The Office Daniel , you may recall, wrote Big Fish: A Novel of Mythic Proportions, Rosenfeld greatly.) As of last Christmas, O Great Rosenfeld! It turns out, Amazon bought the book as part of its new Amazon Shorts project. O Great Rosenfeld! You can pick up your copy here Filed under: News Permalink Comments (3)
Corpse Bride article in Script magazine
Script magazine has a long-ish article about Corpse Bride , interviewing both Pamela Pettler and yours truly about the story and process. Pamela, Caroline Thompson and I share writing credit on the movie, but I was never really clear who wrote what and when. From the article, it appears that Caroline wrote a detailed outline, while Pamela wrote the first real script. I was the in-production guy, who did tweaks and fixes, smoothing out rough spots and writing lyrics for a few new songs.

86. Genealogy Data
todd, Arthur john Birth 9 SEP 1899 OH Death 1961 Miami Co., OH Gender Male todd, john Arthur Birth 1924 Death 1957 Gender Male todd, Vincent R
Genealogy Data
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RHOADES, Sarah Ann
Birth : 26 NOV 1863 Shelby Co., OH
Death : 18 FEB 1949
Gender: Female
Parents: Father: RHOADES, George Washington II
Mother: ERISMAN, Matilda
Family: Marriage: 7 AUG 1880 in Newberry Twp., Miami Co., OH
Spouse: APPLE, Henry David
Birth : 23 JUN 1860 Darke Co., OH
Death : 1942
Gender: Male Parents: Father: APPLE, Solomon Mother: GEBHART, Eva Lavina Children: APPLE, Walter Monroe
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ROUTSON, David Jefferson Birth : 13 FEB 1867 OH Gender: Male Parents: Father: ROUTSON, Reuben Mother: RODEHEFFER, Catherine Family: Spouse: APPLE, Sarah Alice Birth : 26 OCT 1869 Death : 27 DEC 1955 Gender: Female Parents: Father: APPLE, Solomon Mother: GEBHART, Eva Lavina Children: ROUTSON, Meda A Birth : ABT 1892 OH Gender: Female ROUTSON, Inez M Birth : ABT 1895 OH Gender: Female ROUTSON, Norma I Birth : ABT 1902 OH Gender: Female ROUTSON, Vesta E Birth : ABT 1907 OH Gender: Female
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RHOADES, Charles David Birth : 24 AUG 1871 Newberry Twp., Miami Co., OH

87. Genealogy Data
todd, john Boian Birth APR 1876 KY Gender Male Parents todd, john Clifford Birth 1908 OH Death 23 FEB 1967 Gender Male Parents
Genealogy Data
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BASSLER, Daniel Lee
Gender: Male
Family: Spouse: LINDLOFF, Paula Jean
Gender: Female
Parents: Father: LINDLOFF, Lysle Eugene
Mother: SCHELL, Jo Ellen
Children: BASSLER, Ryan John
Gender: Male
BASSLER, Jacob Daniel
Gender: Male
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Birth : 16 OCT 1881 Death : DEC 1975 Mt. Vernon, Knox Co., OH Gender: Male Family: Spouse: BREWER, Agnes Pearl Birth : 22 JAN 1901 OH Death : DEC 1976 Mt. Vernon, Knox Co., OH Gender: Female Parents: Father: BREWER, John Milton Mother: MAHAN, Margaret Elizabeth
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TEMPLE, William W Birth : 17 AUG 1909 OH Death : 14 APR 2003 Vance, Orangeburg Co., SC Gender: Male Parents: Father: TEMPLE, Edward L Mother: UNKNOWN, Della L Family: Spouse: BREWER, Grace Opal Birth : 23 NOV 1903 OH Death : 5 JUN 1978 Vance, Orangeburg Co., SC Gender: Female Parents: Father: BREWER, John Milton Mother: MAHAN, Margaret Elizabeth
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HUTCHINSON, Fern Marie Birth : Ashland, Boyd Co., KY Gender: Female Parents: Father: HUTCHINSON, UNKNOWN

88. UKBiobank - Professor John Todd
The UK Biobank project will be the world s biggest resource for the study of the role of nature and nurture in health and disease.
Skip to Main Content Accessibility Home Contacts ... Site map
improving the health of future generations
The UK Biobank is funded by the Wellcome Trust, Medical Research Council, Department of Health, Scottish Executive
The UK Biobank is hosted by University of Manchester
Supporters of the project give their views The following charities have expressed support
British Heart Foundation,
Cancer Research UK, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Parkinson's Disease Society ... Newsroom
Professor John Todd
Prior to joining Cambridge University, Todd was Professor of Human genetics at Oxford University and Wellcome Trust Principal Research Fellow. He has pioneered genetic analysis of common diseases and has been awarded several major prizes for his research. He received his BSc from Edinburgh University and PhD from Cambridge University.
Glossary About this site This site is optimised for browsers that support Web Standards

89. Todd P
Matt Lucas, Brian Bloody Panda, Drew / Andy / Andrew Westphal, Thiago, Nick, BJ Rubin, BJ Warshaw, Mike House, todd Polenberg, john Pugh Gorman !
Todd P Time Out NY recently profiled me in their music scenemakers issue. Thanks Mike Wolf! The Village Voice named me in the 2004 Best Of New York. and the New York Times just name dropped my new art space in an article about Off Off Off Broadway theater in Williamsburg To subscribe or to unsubscribe to my mailing list, enter your email address here: Subscribe
in the 2004 Best of Manhattan. Free Williamsburg just wrote a nice article about the new space. Hipster porno website recently did a write up on my 2004 Halloween Party Asterisk Art Project Japanther show awhile back. *WARNING*: the links above contain wry assessments and possible boobies. Deli magazine published an interview with me in April. I got myself some press a while back too - click here to indulge me. or here. or here. But what we need for getting off the ground is investment. If you or anyone you know has nest egg you want to put towards a good thing, please get in touch with me. You will be instrumental and involved in creating something important and great (and profitable.) Ariel , thanks Sean Neil, thanks Rop , thanks Spencer, thanks Heather , thanks BJ R FOR HELP WITH THE LLANO ESTACADO - thanks Ariel Herrera, Heather Haddon, Warren Ng, Stewart Popejoy, Mio, Chris, Janice, Sharp, Liz Bustamante, Josh, Joel, Roberto, Bret, Sean, Tom Boardman, Thomas, Monica

90. 800-CEO-READ PODCASTS: Interview With John Eliot
john studied performance in worldclass athletes and is now applying those same principles of Posted by todd S. at March 10, 2005 0854 AM. Comments
March 10, 2005
Interview with John Eliot
This was a really fun interview. John studied performance in world-class athletes and is now applying those same principles of success to the business world. Some of his ideas are very counterintuitive. His book is called Overachievement: The New Model for Exceptional Performance We talk about butterflies in your stomach, Brett Favre, Blink , goal-setting, and Dave Matthews. , 44:53 min, 20.6 MB Point of Interest: At 8:10, John complements Malcolm Gladwell as a writer, but questions his credentials on the subject of physiology and decision making. In the interview, I refer to this interview with Galdwell. Find the Brett Favre question about halfway down the page. Posted by Todd S. at March 10, 2005 08:54 AM
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91. John Todd - The New Alchemists, From "Design Outlaws"
john todd is President of Ocean Arks International, a nonprofit An interview with john and Nancy Jack todd, by Robert Gilman, In Context, Summer 1990.
back to co-globalize rat haus Index Search ... ASCII text formats ) John Todd is President of Ocean Arks International , "a non-profit ecological research, education, and technological development organization founded in 1981 by John and Nancy Todd. Our mission is to purify the waters of the earth, develop strategies for living more lightly on the planet, and foster the emergence of a lasting planetary culture." See Also: The Restoration Of Waters . John and Nancy Todd have been pioneering in sustainability for twenty years and their most exciting work is happening right now. An interview with John and Nancy Jack Todd, by Robert Gilman, In Context , Summer 1990. The following is reproduced with permission from Chris Zelov, Executive Editor of Design Outlaws on the Ecological Frontier , "Chapter 4. The Galactic Explorer Perspective", pp.164-175. A Companion Book to the Award Winning Film: Ecological Design: Inventing the Future John Todd T h e N e w A l c h e m i s t s
There is another underlying
theme, which was borrowed from

92. The Volokh Conspiracy - -
todd Zywicki, August 9, 2005 at 525pm 1 Trackbacks / Possibly More Trackbacks john Roberts Internal Memo on the Role of the Courts and DOJ
The Volokh Conspiracy
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Wednesday, September 7, 2005
Puzzleblogger Kevan Choset September 7, 2005 at 12:27pm 0 Trackbacks Possibly More Trackbacks The Castle Wall: This is probably my favorite math problem. The solution requires no complex mathematics, but rather several separate, elegant insights. If you can't solve it, but think you have some insights to add, post them. There is an irregularly shaped castle wall with 12 irregularly spaced guard towers around the perimeter. The towers may be evenly spaced; they may all be clustered together; they may be somewhere in between those two options. There is a guard at each tower. Each guard patrols the castle perimeter, walking at a pace that allows him to make a complete loop around the perimeter in exactly one hour. (Thus, all 12 guards walk at the same pace as each other.) At noon, each guard starts at his own station and begins to walk either clockwise or counterclockwise (to be determined randomly). Whenever two guards meet each other, they immediately each turn around and start walking back in the direction from which they came. Their turnaround is immediate and they lose no time in switching directions. Prove that at midnight each guard is back at his original tower.

93. The Volokh Conspiracy - -
john Roberts Does Not Belong To The Federalist Society The Washington Post reports If my sense of things is right, though, todd s quite reasonable
The Volokh Conspiracy
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Saturday, July 23, 2005
Jim Lindgren July 23, 2005 at 6:20pm 6 Trackbacks Possibly More Trackbacks Is there a vacancy on the Court until Justice O'Connor's resignation is effective? At Bench Memos, there is an interesting discussion of whether the Senate can confirm Justice O'Connor's replacement until her resignation is effective. Matthew Franck writes Ed Whelan speculates about the effects of a delay in Judge Roberts's confirmation, and along the way he notes that Justice O'Connor's "resignation is effective only upon her successor's confirmation." I'm not sure that is altogether true. It may be what O'Connor said, but that doesn't make it so. Some legal scholars I know had an e-mail discussion of this a while back, and here's what I conclude from it. O'Connor's July 1 letter to President Bush declared that it was "to inform you of my decision to retire from my position as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States effective upon the nomination and confirmation of my successor." If those last nine words are understood as setting a condition on her retirement, such that she continues in office and would take part in the next October Term of the Court if Roberts' confirmation were delayed or defeated —- or even if Bush gave Roberts a recess appointment, since that would lack "confirmation" —- then O'Connor has created a classic Catch-22. Here's why. Title 28 of the United States Code, section 1, reads: "The Supreme Court of the United States shall consist of a Chief Justice of the United States and eight associate justices, any six of whom shall constitute a quorum." Article II, section 2 of the Constitution tells us that the president "shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint . . . Judges of the supreme Court." For the president to appoint, there must be a vacant seat, whether just vacated or newly created. No tenth seat has been created. If Justice O'Connor remains in her seat today, then there is no vacancy among the nine available seats, and President Bush's nomination of Roberts is a legal nullity. And since there is no legally cognizable nomination for the Senate to act upon, there is no possibility of a confirmation, and Justice O'Connor has been pulling our legs and isn't leaving the Court after all. What a fun three weeks we've all had for nothing!

94. The Corner On National Review Online
todd, CHRIS KJ Lopez An email. KJLo, As a scientist, the recent cloning With all due respect, I think john Pod made a mistake in his review of ROTS.
cddcodebase = "/";cddcodebase454632 = "/";


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Saturday, May 21, 2005
Mark Krikorian
Warren: Georgetown used to be a lot more interesting before the chain stores came in and turned it into an open-air shopping mall. And you’re right about the left coast not having anything like it – I remember going on a tour of someplace in Sonoma, I think, and the guide remarked with awe on the antiquity of some building – that was built in 1897.
Posted at 08:06 PM
REVENGE OF THE SITH [John Derbyshire] I can't see the point of light sabers. Wouldn't a regular saber do just as well? If you have a light saber and I have my SIG 9mm, don't I... have the edge on you, actually? (According to the movie: Yes, sometimes. Several Jedi knights got shot by guards wielding projectile-firing weapons. But then, other Jedi knights from an assault by hundreds of same. Huh? What happened to ray guns, anyway? And how come a transgalactic civilization hasn't developed the epidural? Etc., etc., et bloody ectera.)) Posted at 08:05 PM MAGICAL THINKING Andrew Stuttaford I’m late to pick up on this aspect of the fiasco in Kansas: "TOPEKA, Kan. The Kansas school board's hearings on evolution weren't limited to how the theory should be taught in public schools. The board is considering redefining science itself. Advocates of "intelligent design" are pushing the board to reject a definition limiting science to natural explanations for what's observed in the world. Instead, they want to define it as "a systematic method of continuing investigation," without specifying what kind of answer is being sought. The definition would appear in the introduction to the state's science standards.The proposed definition has outraged many scientists, who are frustrated that students could be discussing supernatural explanations for natural phenomena in their science classes."

95. John And Nancy Jack Todd - The Restoration Of Waters
john and Nancy todd have been pioneering in sustainability for twenty years Well, we have - or rather, john todd has, and a few others like him.
The Restoration Of Waters
John and Nancy Todd have been pioneering in sustainability
for twenty years -
and their most exciting work is happening right now
An Interview with John and Nancy Jack Todd, by Robert Gilman
One of the articles in Sustainability (IC#25)
Late Spring 1990, Page 42
To order this issue ...

Waste is a horrendous concept. Only humans, of all the Earth's species, seem to have mastered the trick of producing leftovers that cannot easily be reused somewhere else in the ecosystem. You would think that with our inventiveness, we could come up with a better way to handle our waste than burying it, burning it, or flushing it out to sea. Well, we have - or rather, John Todd has, and a few others like him. John and his wife and partner Nancy have been among the sustainability movement's most effective and creative innovators for more than two decades. Here they tell their story, from the founding of New Alchemy Institute - a research and education center focusing on organic agriculture and sustainable living - through John's current state-of-the-art work in artificial ecosystem design. Nancy is a writer and the editor of one of our favorite periodicals,
Annals of Earth , a quarterly cousin to IC. (Subscriptions are only $10/year from 10 Shanks Pond Road, Falmouth, MA 02540). John and Nancy also founded Ocean Arks International, their current organizational base of operations. For more information on their groundbreaking work, write Ocean Arks at One Locust Street, Falmouth, MA 02540. New Alchemy Institute is at 237 Hatchville Road, West Falmouth, MA 02536.

96. The National Archives | Search The Archives | National Register Of Archives | De
todd, john Lancelot (18761949) Physician. 1 record noted. Scope, 1902-20 diaries and notes rel to Gambia, Congo, Senegal, Western Canada and Poland

97. No Bush, No Chicago '68
No Bush, No Chicago 68. todd Gitlin john Passacantando todd Gitlin. MIA News of Prison Toll. todd Gitlin The media has ignored prisoner deaths

98. - Search John Todd, The Sunset Land Or The Great
john todd, a Congregationalist clergyman in Pittsfield, Massachuesetts, wrote widely and published several religious magazines.

99. Lawrie_Todd_text
Wherein I spoke of most disastrous chances,
Of moving accidents by flood and field,
Collation: 12mo : 3 vols.: Vol. 1: [*] , B ([1]) - N (265), O (289). Vol. 2: [*] , B ([1]) - P (313). Vol. 3: [*] , B ([1]) - O (289), P Pagination: Vol. 1; e.p., t.p., [iii] - v p., 1 l(div.t.p.), [1] - 300 p., e.p. Vol. 2; e.p., t.p., 1 l(div.t.p.), [3] - 336 p., e.p. Vol. 3; e.p., t.p., 1 l(div.t.p.), [3] - 323 p., e.p. No half titles called for.
Divisional title pages: LAWRIE TODD. / PART I. (IV. VII.)
Verso of the divisional title pages are blank.
Verso of the title page: LONDON : / PRINTED BY SAMUEL BENTLEY, / Dorset Street , Fleet Street. At the bottom of vol. 1, p. 300: LONDON : / PRINTED BY S. AND R. BENTLEY, / Dorset Street , Fleet Street. Issue state (19.8x12.4 cm.) untrimmed in paper covered bds. Full text and images, and Word document, available as: Full text ad images : vol. 1

100. Todd House -- Philadelphia Architects And Buildings
todd, john, House Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission Cultural Resources Database. Overview. Building Type dwelling; Client todd, john
Todd House
Overview Chronology References Images
printer-friendly version
[Todd, John, House]
Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission Cultural Resources Database
  • Building Type: dwelling Client: Todd, John
(S. Meadow Ln.)
Dauphin County, PA (Hummelstown (vicinity))
Historic Registrations
  • National Register: 88002371 (11/3/1988)
Links to Other Databases
Philadelphia Architects and Buildings About Participating Institutions ... Login

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