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         Todd John:     more books (100)
  1. The poetical works of John Milton: with notes of various authors by John Milton, Henry John Todd, 2010-08-30
  2. Travels in Georgian Devon: v. 4: The Illustrated Journals of the Reverend John Swete (1789-1800) by John Swete, 2000-06-01
  3. The Poetical Works Of John Milton V7: With Notes Of Various Authors (1809) by John Milton, 2008-10-27
  4. Beyond City Limits: Urban Policy and Economic Reconstructuring in Comparative Perspective (Conflicts In Urban & Regional Development)
  5. Self improvement; chiefly addressed to the young by John Todd, 2010-09-13
  6. Early Scottish poetry: Thomas the rhymer; John Barbour; Androw of Wyntoun; Henry the minstrel by George Eyre-Todd, John Barbour, 2010-09-04
  7. The Critical Response to John Irving (Critical Responses in Arts and Letters) by Todd F. Davis, Kenneth Womack, 2004-07-30
  8. Texas Politics by John R. Todd, 1996-02
  9. The Value Sphere: The Corporate Executivesæ Handbook for Creating and Retaining Shareholder Wealth by John Boquist, Todd Milbourn, et all 2009-08-07
  10. Justice For All by Todd Nettleton, P. Todd Nettleton, 2010-05-28
  11. Natural Attenuation of Fuels and Chlorinated Solvents in the Subsurface by Todd H. Wiedemeier, Hanadi S. Rifai, et all 1999-03-08
  12. The Mammoth Book of Awesome Comic Fantasy by John Cleese, Connie Booth, et all 2001-06-09
  13. Modern Perspectives on John B. Watson and Classical Behaviorism (Contributions in Psychology) by James Thomas Todd, 1994-03
  14. In Adam's Garden: Study of John Clare's Pre-asylum Poetry (University of Florida humanities monograph no. 39) by Janet Todd, 1989-03

41. Catholic Authors Press: John Wesley By John M Todd
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Title: John Wesley, and the Catholic Church Author: Todd, John M. Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton Place Published: London Date Published: Description: 195 p., 19 cm., index Book Condition: Fair in Good DJ. Foxing on edges, endpapers and some interior; otherwise good. Category: Biography Price: $12.95 Buy Now This site is powered by
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42. Durham Mining Museum - Memorial Roll - Names [To*]
todd, john, 24, 08 Jun 1899, Cragwood, Whinstone quarry, DUR. todd, john, 48, 29 Jun 1900, Woodend (Iron Ore), CUL. todd, john, 1916, Burradon, NBL
Name Index Name Index Please note: not all of the sufferers listed here are shown in the other tables - the disaster index only shows those accidents where 5 or more lives were lost. This page is a summary of the information we have in our database - check the listing for the specific colliery (click on the colliery link) - this may provide further information e.g. burial place, family information, cause of death. Quick Links Link to web page on the accident Link to Mines Inspectors Report Link to Memorial page Link to Individual page see bottom of page for details Name Age Date Colliery Cnty Toase, Richard 16 Jul 1905 Westerton DUR Todd, Adam 22 Jun 1898 Brandon DUR Todd, Alexander 08 Feb 1883 Lady Ann DUR Todd, Ambrose 16 May 1934 Deaf Hill DUR Todd, Benjamin 06 Oct 1902 South Derwent DUR Todd, Bertram 21 Dec 1924 Ryhope DUR Todd, Charles 09 Dec 1890 North Biddick DUR Todd, David 06 Oct 1805 Hebburn DUR Todd, Edwin 22 Aug 1927 DUR Todd, F. 09 Nov 1944 New Herrington DUR Todd, G. 11 Dec 1943 Kimblesworth DUR Todd, G. 08 Sep 1947 Tanfield DUR Todd, George 04 Apr 1868 Backsyke Todd, George

43. Honoring John Todd: Body Of Work
A Celebration of the 90th Birthday of john todd todd, john A problem on arc tangent relations. Amer. Math. Monthly 56, (1949). 517528. 11,14d 10.0X
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A Celebration of the 90th Birthday of John Todd

California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, California
May 16-17, 2001
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CMP 1 733 522 26-XX (15A45) Todd, John (1-CAIT) Varga, Richard S. (1-KNTS-CM) Hardy's inequality and ultrametric matrices. (English. English summary) Special issue dedicated to Hans Schneider (Madison, WI, 1998). Linear Algebra Appl. Todd, John (1-CAIT) G. H. Hardy as an editor. Math. Intelligencer no. 2, Taussky, Olga (1-CAIT) Todd, John (1-CAIT) Another look at a matrix of Mark Kac. Proceedings of the First Conference of the International Linear Algebra Society (Provo, UT, 1989). Linear Algebra Appl. Todd, John (1-CAIT) Numer. Math. no. 8, Todd, John (1-CAIT) The many limits of mixed means. II. The Carlson sequences. Numer. Math. no. 1, Todd, John (1-CAIT) A legacy from E. I. Zolotarev (18471878). Math. Intelligencer

44. NALAC: Honoring John Todd

45. Ocean Arks International - Welcome
Ocean Arks International, founded in 1981 by visionary Ecological Designer Dr. john todd, is a global leader in the field of ecological water purification.
Ocean Arks International, founded in 1981 by visionary Ecological Designer Dr. John Todd, is a global leader in the field of ecological water purification. In response to the alarming rate of natural resource exploitation and depletion, our mission is to disseminate the ideas and practices of ecological sustainability throughout the world. read more about OAI..
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All photographs, illustrations and diagrams contained in this site are property of Ocean Arks International and may not be used without permission.
Ocean Arks International
10 Shanks Pond Road, Falmouth, MA 02540
Tel: 508-548-8161

46. Colonial Secretary Index, 1788-1825 - Tindall, John (Per "Indian") To Todd, John
todd, john. 1821 Sep 8. Harness maker. On list of all persons victualled from todd, john. 1823 Aug 9. On return of fines imposed by the Court at Appin
Colonial Secretary Index, 1788-1825
Tindall, John (Per "Indian") to Todd, John (Per "Elizabeth")
TINDALL, John . Per "Indian", 1810; of Evan 1824 Sep Memorial (Fiche 3114; 4/1839B No.986 pp.1235-8) 1825 May 31 Convict assigned to by the Bench of Magistrates, Penrith (Reel 6063; 4/1786 p.101a) 1825 Oct 17 Memorial (Fiche 3159; 4/1844C No.805 pp.991-4) 1825 Nov 18 On list of lands granted and reserved by Sir Thomas Brisbane (Fiche 3269; 9/2740 p.29) TINDALL, Joseph 1818 Apr 25 TINDALL, Mary 1814 Jan 12 Daughter of convict. Disembarked from "Kangaroo" at Sydney (Reel 6044; 4/1729 p.10) TINDALL, Robert 1808 Jun 14 Disbursements to from account of Gregory Blaxland; John Spurden and Michael Boyle, trustees (Reel 6043; 4/1727 p.224) TINDALL, Susan . Of Pitt Street 1824 Nov 20 On list of persons receiving an assigned convict (Fiche 3290; 4/4570D p.75) TINDALL, Susannah . Of Sydney 1815 Apr 1 On list of persons licensed as publicans for 1815; at Sydney (Reel 6038; SZ759 p.54) TINDALL, William 1816 Oct 30 Juror at inquest on John Donahoo held at Sydney (Reel 6021; 4/1819 p.171)

47. Colonial Secretary Index, 1788-1825 - Todd, John (Per "Lord Eldon") To Tomkins,
todd, john. Per Lord Eldon , 1817. 1821 Aug 30. On list of prisoners transported to Newcastle per Elizabeth Henrietta (Reel 6008; 4/3504 p.286). 1823 Feb
Colonial Secretary Index, 1788-1825
Todd, John (Per "Lord Eldon") to Tomkins, J
TODD, John . Per "Lord Eldon", 1817 1821 Aug 30 On list of prisoners transported to Newcastle per "Elizabeth Henrietta" (Reel 6008; 4/3504 p.286) 1823 Feb On monthly return of prisoners punished at Newcastle (Reel 6023; 4/1718 p.163) TODD, Matthew 1822 Jun 22 On return of proceedings of the Bench of Magistrates, Parramatta (Fiche 3297; X643 p.17) TODD, Matthew . Per "Hadlow", 1818 1819 Jan 4 On list of convicts disembarked from the "Hadlow" and forwarded to Parramatta for distribution (Reel 6006; 4/3499 p.245) 1823 Jun 13 On list of prisoners assigned (Fiche 3291; 4/4570D p.125) TODD, Matthew . Per "Isabella", 1822 1824 Apr 28 Shoemaker. On return of bonded mechanics (Fiche 3293; 5/3821.1 p.8) 1824 Oct 8 Taylor. Assigned convict tradesman whose master was a defaulter in payment for (Fiche 3293; 5/3821.1 p.3) TODD, Nicholas . Per "Atlas", 1819 1819 Nov 9 On list of prisoners to be sent to Newcastle per "Princess Charlotte" (Reel 6007; 4/3501 p.23) 1822 Jul 12, Nov 15

48. Todd, John Peter
Search in. WPORG, AOG, USMA, USMA.ARMY.MIL. Search Tips. 618359 todd, john Peter August 12, 1964 - January 01, 1984. usma1986. Personal Eulogy. deceased
Search in WP-ORG AOG USMA USMA.ARMY.MIL Search Tips 618359 Todd, John Peter
August 12, 1964 - January 01, 1984 Personal Eulogy deceased

49. Todd
Biography of john todd (19081994) john todd was educated at Liverpool Collegiate School and, having sat the scholarship examination for Cambridge,
John Arthur Todd
Born: 23 Aug 1908 in Liverpool, England
Died: 22 Dec 1994 in Croydon, England
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John Todd was educated at Liverpool Collegiate School and, having sat the scholarship examination for Cambridge, he was awarded an entrance scholarship to Trinity College. Entering Trinity in October 1925 he achieved distinction in an undergraduate career which ended with his graduation in 1928. After graduation Todd remained at Trinity to study for his doctorate in geometry under H F Baker 's supervision. He was supported by a research scholarship and, in 1930, he was awarded the highly prestigious Smith's Prize. Among his fellow students at Cambridge at this time were a number of others studying geometry including P du Val H S M Coxeter and W L Edge After an impressive prize winning record Todd hoped for a Research Fellowship at Trinity but he failed in three attempts, on one occasion losing out to Coxeter who won the Fellowship.

50. Rev. Thomas Todd's New Grove, Wright Co., Missouri 1891 Church Of Christ Members
41 todd, James H. 113 todd, James N. 70 todd, john. 60 todd, john M. 75 todd, Mahaly. 36 todd, Margret. 19 todd, Mary. 18 todd, Mary E.
New Grove Church Of Christ
1891 Church Membership List
from the Journals of Rev. Thomas Todd

The number in [Brackets] shows the order that the person's name was listed on the original document.
Names are spelled as they appeared in the original document. Mist = Mister ?
ALCORN , R.E. ALCORN , R.H. ARMSTRONG , Lucy J. BAGBY , Nancy C. BAGBY , Rebecca J. BAGBY , Sarie K. BAGBY , Wm. J. BAGBY , Ws. BOLINE , Mary J. BROWN , Oley CALHOON , Albert CALHOON , Unas E. COLE , Sarah E. GORGE , Jacob HONEYCUT , Mand HONEYCUT , Rufas HONEYCUTT , James HONEYCUTT , Mist HURST , Calvin JOHNSON , Ida F. JOHNSON , Jenny I. JOHNSON , L.P. JOHNSON , R.O. JOHNSON , Rebecca J. JOHNSON , S.C. KENDER , Emeretta KENDER , Gorge KENDER , J.P. KENDER , Treace KNOST , Oliver KOLER , Frank KOLER , Martha LITLE , Enorinthy LITLE , Gorge LORD , Sarah J. MARRS , Frank MARRS , Vety MARS , Wiliam H. MATLOCK , Nancy A. MATLOCK , Thos. J. (Deac.) NEWTON , Barney NEWTON , Jerry NEWTON , Poley OSBERN , Isac OSBERN , Mary PEARSON , Sary J. PILHINGTON , Catherine PROCK , Anna H. PROCK , Elizabeth PROCK , Ellen PROCK , G.W.

51. Toddj.htm
todd, john Sr. W 1250 will dated 5 March 1678 proved 26 march 1678. In the name of God, Amen, I john todd Sen r of Southampton Tribe Bermudas,
W 1:250
will dated 5 March 1678
proved 26 march 1678
In the name of God, Amen, I John Todd
2ly. I give unto my daughter Marie my two negroes called by the name of Rasmus and Forlier?
3ly. My will is that my bedding be divided equally betweene my sonn Amos Todd and my daughter Marie Todd and Marie shall have her choyce of the best bedd and curtaines belonging to it. And Amos is to have the other bedding.
4ly. I give my daughter Marie
5ly. And as for all other goods in my house excepting my monie, my will is that my daughter Marie Todd
6ly. I give unto all my grandchildren ffive shillings apiece that is the children of my sonn John Todd and Joseph Todd and Benjamin Todd and of Amos Todd and the children of Elizabeth Wethersbie George Palmer ffive shillings.
7ly. I give to my sonn Joseph Todd , and my daughter three pounds in monie to each of them. 9ly. My will is that after my decease, my daughter Marie Todd John and Henry Todd Thomas Richards and Mr Henry Durham to be my executors that this is my last will and testament I have hereunto sett my hand and seale this ffirst daie of March 1678. witnessed by William Keele March the 26th 1678 Memorand that the daie and yeare above said the within saide William Keele and Henry John Heydon Knight and Govern'r and Ordinarie, that they did see

52. The Political Graveyard: Index To Politicians: Todd
todd, john — of Pennsylvania. Democrat. Delegate to Democratic National Convention todd, john Blair Smith (18141872) — also known as john BS todd — of
Questions? Return to The Political Graveyard main page
Index to Politicians: Todd

53. Oh Boy
Oh Boy Records Founded by john Prine and Al Bunetta, this record company and Steve Goodman, as well as rising stars todd Snider, Slick Ballinger,
Select Artist Roy Acuff Bill Anderson Slick Ballinger The Bis-Quits Bros. Figaro Shawn Camp Jimmie Crawford Dr. John Pete Drake Dan Dugmore Heather Eatman Don Everly Fairfield Four Maura Fogarty Donnie Fritts Don Gibson Steve Goodman Merle Haggard George Hamilton IV Jamie Hartford Band John Hartford Jan Howard Ferlin Husky Stonewall Jackson The Kendalls Kris Kristofferson Live From Mtn Stage Rusty/Doug Kershaw Charlie Louvin Del McCoury Roger Miller Thelonious Monk Bill Monroe Lorrie Morgan R.B. Morris Mountain Heart Willie Nelson Aaron Neville NRBQ Laura Nyro Tom Paxton Ray Pillow John Prine Dan Reeder Riders in the Sky Roomful of Blues Jim Rooney Billy Joe Shaver Jean Shepard Ricky Skaggs Cal Smith Todd Snider Jennie Stearns Joe Tex Ernest Tubb Justin Tubb Conway Twitty James Blood Ulmer Porter Wagoner Billy Walker Doc Watson/David Holt Dottie West The Whites Jason Wilber The Wilburn Brothers The Vic Willis Trio Jesse Winchester
John Prine
Slick Ballinger

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Please join us in contributing to this worthy cause. Donations to the Red Cross can be made directly at

54. John Todd, Jr. Experiences Around Veracruz, Mexico
john todd Jr. has lived in Veracruz for the past 20 years and enjoys exploring out of the way places in Mexico. Here are some of his stories
John Todd Jr. has lived in Veracruz for the past 20 years and enjoys exploring out of the way places in Mexico. Here are some of his stories: New Since July 2005 Chucho el Roto: El Héroe Popular de San Juan de Ulua Una Leyenda del Siglo IXX Vive Aún en San Juan de Ulua en Veracruz. 6. Images of Mexico: Life in Veracruz. A Foggy Morning. 7. Images of Mexico: Life in Veracruz. Beaches and Restaurants. Let´s Get together on Saturday ... It´s Hector´s Birthday : A Convivio is like a Family Reunion John Hawkins and Francis Drake in Veracruz: Tragedy for the English Buccaneers in 1568. Some of the Survivors Walked From Tampico to Canada. How to Get to Quiahuiztlán/Villa Rica, Cempoala, and Antigua, Veracruz: If You Come to Veracruz You Shouldn´t Miss These Places. How to Get There On Your Own. Fossils of Elephants, Flamingos, and Camels Tracks at 6,000 ft. Prehistoric Mexico in Tepexi de Rodriguez, Puebla. La China Poblana The Slave Girl from India Who Brought Color to Mexico. Peter Ellis Bean in Banderilla, Veracruz

55. Todd, John & Whall, W.B.: "Practical Seamanship For Use In The Merchant Service"
todd, john Whall, WB Practical Seamanship for Use in the Merchant Service George Philip Son, London, 1904 (5th). pp 277279.
We are not about to open out on the different systems of towage in ordinary, but intend offering up a few remarks on sea towage in cases of breakdown of steamers, as it may be of service to the young officer in a case of emergency. It is not generally known how useful a common rocket may be in establishing communication between two vessels in a heavy sea. A common 1-lb. rocket will carry athwart the wind a small fishing line over 200 feet. In cases where a steamer has run close to a disabled ship to take her in tow, rockets have been found very serviceable. When firing the rocket, have the fishing line flaked down on the deck, with one end fast on deck, the other hitched to the end of the rocket staff, a few inches from its lower end; now give the rocket a good elevation and fire it, and if it is a good ordinary ship's rocket it will carry the line over 200 feet. On to this line bend a ball of amberline, then a small rope, and lastly the hawser, as occasion may require. Of course if it is fine weather when you pick up a disabled vessel, out boat at once and effect communication, but in bad weather nothing is so valuable to effect communication without risk to life as a common ship's rocket. The writer was once broken down in the North Sea, during the prevalence of a heavy N.E. gale, and although the towing hawsers carried away six times, communication was easily effected each time the hawsers parted by the use of the ship's rockets.

56. Thomas Todd -- John Davis Autograph Collection Of United States Supreme Court Ju
Autograph and facts about Justice Thomas todd. Justice Thomas todd. john Davis Autograph Collection Washburn Law School Library

57. Dr. John Todd - Ecological Design - - Environmental Programs
The Environmental Education Directory. has the fastest direct links to environmental education related web sites and email worldwide.

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January 30, 2003
Interview with Dr. John Todd: Dr. John Todd is an internationally-recognized biologist and a visionary leader in the field of ecological design who was named a "Hero of the Earth" by Time magazine in 1999 and one of the 20th Century's top thirty-five inventors by the Lemelson-MIT Program for Invention and Innovation. He holds four patents and is the inventor of Living Machines, or ecological engines, for the treatment of wastes, production of foods, generation of fuels and the restoration of damaged aquatic environments. Author of over two hundred technical and popular articles on biology and planetary stewardship, Dr. Todd is the Founder and President of

58. AIM Reprint Library:
Listing for todd, john. Viewing Page 1 110 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 7. A legacy from EI Zolotarev (1847-1878) todd, john;mode=display;BrowseT

59. Wiley-VCH - March, Raymond E. / Todd, John F. - Quadrupole Ion Trap Mass Spectro
WileyVCH Verlag GmbH Co. KGaA, Weinheim - A passion for publishing.

60. Heroes For The Planet: Heroes Galleries
john todd MARCH 22, 1999 Living Machines That Make Water Out of Sewage Stepping into one of john todd s living machines, as he calls them,,2967,todd,00

Heroes Home

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ALAN JAKUBEK FOR TIME JOHN TODD MARCH 22, 1999 'Living Machines' That Make Water Out of Sewage BY CHRISTOPHER HALLOWELL Stepping into one of John Todd's living machines, as he calls them, is something like emerging from a time warp into a tropical forest. Or it seems that way on a January day in Vermont that threatens snow. There's gurgling water. Cala lily blossoms explode in bundles of red. Warm moist air undulates the leaves of taro and elephant ear plants. "When I feel disconsolate, I sometimes come here to relax," says Todd, 59, a ruddy-faced bear of a man, as he extract snails from some plant roots to examine the tiny mollusks' health. His company, Living Technologies, has installed sixteen systems in the U.S. and eight other countries. Another handful are in the planning stages. Some treat municipal waste, others industrial. The largest, for a food processing plant in Australia, can handle 100,000 gallons of waste per day, about as much as a town of 2,000 people would produce. These creations are just a one blueprint in a grand plan Todd has been designing and redesigning for more than 30 years to bring people and ecology together in a working relationship. "We have spent 99% of our history in the wild," he says "Sky, water, and trees are embedded in us. Sever that and we've severed what it is to be human." He wants us to embrace nature rather than ignore or overrun it.

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