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         Pell John:     more books (70)
  1. John Pell (1611-1685) and His Correspondence with Sir Charles Cavendish: The Mental World of an Early Modern Mathematician by Noel Malcolm, Jacqueline Stedall, 2005-02-10
  2. Ethan Allen by John Pell, Jo Pell, 1972-06
  3. Metal-Gitarrist: Devin Townsend, Chuck Schuldiner, Jon Nödtveidt, Øystein Aarseth, Chris Caffery, Axel Rudi Pell, John Petrucci, James Hetfield (German Edition)
  4. People From Southwick, West Sussex: John Pell, Attila the Stockbroker, Clara Butt, Frank New
  5. People From Fobbing: John Pell, Rohan by Nightfall, Thomas Baker
  6. The Canada Doctor by Clay & John L E Pell Perry, 1933
  7. 1777: The Political Revolution and New York's First Constitution. by William. Foreword by John H. G. Pell. Polf, 1977
  8. Hell's Acres, a Historical Novel of the Wild East in the '50's by Clay and John L. E. Pell Perry, 1938-01-01
  9. John Winthrop: Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony (Let Freedom Ring Biographies) by Ed Pell, 2003-12
  10. 5th Annual Report 1973-1974 New York State American Revolution Bicentennial Comm by John H. G. (Chairman) Pell, 1974
  11. D-Dorian Mode, The: A Raga-like Approach to Modal Improvisation for Solo Guitar by John Pell, 1974-01-01
  13. Over's Hill; and other poems by John Pell, 2010-08-16
  14. New York in the Bicentennial 1976-1977 Annual Report of the New York State Ameri by John H. G. Pell, 1977

1. Pell, John (1611-1685)
Worked on algebra and number theory, gave a table of factors of all integers up to 100000 in 1668. Pell's equation is y^2 = ax^2 + 1, where a is a

2. Mathematicians Of The Seventeenth And Eighteenth Centuries
John Collins (1625 1683) John Pell (1610 - 1685) Fran ois Walther de Sluze (1622 - 1685) Vincenzo Viviani (1622 - 1703)

3. Pell
Biography of John Pell (16111685)

4. Section 13.4 "Pell's Equation"
is known as Pell's Equation, and is named after John Pell, a mathematician who searched for integer solutions to equations of this type in

5. The Galileo Project
This catalog is a collection of 631 detailed biographies on members of the scientific community during the 16th and 17th centuries with vital facts

6. Bryan Drayton Staffin Of Baroda, Michigan, USAInformation About
John Pell (d. August 10, 1882) John Pell died August 10, 1882 in Coleby Lincolnshire, England.

7. Pell's Equation
Large fundamental solutions of Pell's equation. Introduction Results References Links Contact Up

8. Brewer, E. Cobham. Dictionary Of Phrase Fable. Division.
1898. Division. The sign for division was invented by John Pell of Cambridge in 1668. 1 Divi'no Lodovi'co. Divorcement.

9. Ethan Allen - PELL, JOHN
Ethan Allen; PELL, JOHN. Offered by All the King's Books

10. 1784 - List Of Indentured Servants In Shelburne
pell john, age 28 William Hill pell john, age 14 William Hill PELL Judah William Hill WARNER Ella William Hill WARNER Peter William Hill
Home Documents Official : Indentured Servants List
Those who gave their names for Sierra Leone, ~ Those who petitioned to stay and not go to Sierra Leone
KIPP Henry owner: Alexander Fraser
DUNN John Simon Fraser
SMITH John John Graham
PERS Terry Casper Grasman
CARTER Henry Edward Green
JACKSON Edward Edward Green
DURHAM In Nathaniel Hannah
SIMMS Cato Charles Hart GRAY Dick William Hill PELL John, age 28 William Hill PELL John, age 14 William Hill PELL Judah William Hill WARNER Ella William Hill WARNER Peter William Hill SHEPARD Benjamin Richard Jolly SYDAEN Fanny John Kingston SYDAEN Lucy John Kingston WELLS Mary George Lowe WELLS William George Lowe JONES Charlotte George Lowe JONES John George Lowe LYNCH Sally Peter Lynch SKINNER Stephen Peter Lynch ALBERT Sam Samuel Mann CUTHBERT John James Moffat CUTHBERT Sam James Moffat CUTHBERT Susan James Moffat RAMSEY Peggy RAMSEY Joseph DIXON Charles DIXON Dick DIXON Dolly ~DIXON Luke owner: John McLeod John McLeod William McLeod ~ widowed, 2 boys,6 girls, from Virginia. Occ: Carpenter, 3 town lots, imp, house on 10 acre lots.

11. John Pell/?
Husband John Pell. Born 1792 at Married at Died at Father Mother Other Spouses

12. George Pell - Catholics Archbishop--16/09/2001: Sunday Nights With John Cleary
John Cleary interview Catholic Archbishop George Pell. Archbishop George pell john CLEARY Archbishop George Pell, thanks for joining us on Sunday evening.
ABC Home Radio Television News ... Library Wed 7 Sep, 2005
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Sunday Nights With John Cleary
George Pell - Catholics Archbishop
Produced By John Cleary interview Catholic Archbishop George Pell JOHN CLEARY: Archbishop George Pell, thanks for joining us on Sunday evening.
GEORGE PELL: Very happy to do so, John.
JOHN CLEARY: Last week you hit the headlines with a statement on divorce. A number of people also picked up that you were implying that fault should be introduced back into divorce proceedings. Why that issue, and why couched in that particular way?
GEORGE PELL: I gave a talk to the Quadrant Society on The Family Today, and it basically looked at the way society was impinging on the family, especially the economic side of things. My principal concern was to emphasise the cost to society financially and socially, of dysfunctional families, and also to highlight the comparatively new evidence that disproved the theory that it's better for the children if the parents divorce. Now the evidence shows that generally (there are always exceptions) it's much better for the parents to stay together for the children; if the parents stay together, with the exception of physical violence.
And so I was encouraging them to think of ways to give some small financial inducement for people to stay together and I floated the possibility of penalties for those or for the guilty party who broke up. And I never suggested the reintroduction of fault in the actual granting or withholding of a divorce, but suggested that fault might be one of the factors considered in the division of the assets, and in the allocation of custody.

13. Heaven, Hell And George Pell
JOHN LYONS, REPORTER When George Pell was installed this week as JOHN LYONS, REPORTER George Pell was born in Ballarat in 1941 and grew up in country
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Heaven, Hell and George Pell
* SONG: Lord have mercy *
JOHN LYONS, REPORTER: For someone who describes himself as a man of peace Archbishop George Pell is often surrounded by the trappings of war. Security guards, walkie talkies, placards cards, high security doors and protests.
* SONG: Hallelujah *
JOHN LYONS, REPORTER: The Archbishop of Melbourne is moving to Sydney and leaving behind him a deeply-divided Catholic community. (all chant) George Pell, go to hell. The most powerful Catholic in Australia is about to become even more powerful. Dr George Pell, the Pope's enforcer in Australia, will influence who replaces him in Melbourne - Australia's largest Catholic diocese. This means George Pell will have an unprecedented influence over the direction of the Catholic Church in Australia. Both supporters and detractors agree Sydney is in for a very interesting time. (all chant) George Pell, go to hell.

14. John Pell - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
The most recent study of Pell is by Noel Malcolm and Jacqueline Stedall, John Pell (16111685) and His Correspondence with Sir Charles Cavendish The Mental
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John Pell
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
John Pell March 1 December 12 ), was an English mathematician He was born at Southwick in Sussex , where his father was minister. He was educated at Steyning , and entered Trinity College, Cambridge , at the age of thirteen. During his university career he became an accomplished linguist, and even before he took his M.A. degree (in 1630) corresponded with Henry Briggs and other mathematicians. His great reputation and the influence of Sir William Boswell , the English resident, with the states-general procured his election in 1643 to the chair of mathematics in Amsterdam , whence be removed in , on the invitation of Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange , to Breda , where he remained till 1652. From to Pell acted as Oliver Cromwell 's political agent to the Protestant cantons of Switzerland . On his return to England he took orders and was appointed by King Charles II of England to the rectory of Fobbing in Essex . In he was presented by Bishop Gilbert Sheldon to the rectory of Laindon in the same county.

15. 1850 Census Of Clay County, IN P.295A
40 pell john 59 M Farmer 2000 Ky 8 40 40 Pell Rebecca 46 F Ky 9 40 40 Pell 40 40 Pell Lucinda 10 F In X 13 40 40 pell john, Jr 8 M In 14 40 40 Pell
1850 Census of Clay County, IN p.295A
Continued from Page 294B

Continued on Page 295B

NOTE: This transcription is meant to be a guide only. It is the transcribers interpretation and subject to human error. Always refer to the original document (or microfilm) for your own interpretation. The USGenWeb Archives provide genealogical and historical data to the general public without fee or charge of any kind. It is intended that this material not be used in a commercial manner.
Abstracted by Lana Magiera
Submitted by Lana Magiera, Jan.1999. Both above notices must remain when copied or downloaded.
This is the 1850 federal census for Clay County, IN.
LN = Line Number Family appeared on
HN = Dwelling houses numbered in the order of visitation
FN = Families numbered in the order of visitation LAST NAME, FIRST NAME = The Name of every Person whose usual place of abode on the 1st day of June, 1850, was in this family RACE = Color (white, black or mulatto) OCCUP. = Profession, Occupation,or Trade of each Male over 15 years of age VAL. = Value of Real Estate owned

16. RomanRite - NCR Interview Of Cardinal Pell
John Allen s Interview of Cardinal Pell. National Catholic Reporter have published an interesting interview with Cardinal Pell.
Home About John Lilburne Journal
John Allen's Interview of Cardinal Pell
National Catholic Reporter have published an interesting interview with Cardinal Pell. I think the most important revelation was from John Allen's question: "Is the plan for the Order of Mass to be issued separately from the rest of the Missal, so that it could go into immediate use?" Cardinal Pell replied: "I think that's the ambition and the expectation of Vox Clara." That is not the expectation in the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, n. 387, published in 2002. "The Roman Missal, whether in Latin or in lawfully approved vernacular translations, is to be published in its entirety." This has already been breached by Cardinal Arinze approving the separate publication of one part of the Roman Missal, the General Instruction, in 2003. Now Cardinal Pell seems to be advising him to publish another part, the Order of Mass. How does Cardinal Pell envisage things working in early 2005? Will every English speaking priest have two Roman Missals? One with the new translation of the Order of Mass, another with the old proper parts of the Mass. I also see problems with the mechanism for approving the changes to translation he is talking about. Cardinal Pell wants a change from "And also with you" to "And with your spirit." Does he only want this change for the Mass? What about other ceremonies? In baptisms, the liturgy of the hours and blessings does he want the new words or old? Changing the words for these requires changing lots of books.

17. The Official Loops & Samples Website - John Pell
John Pell is currently the director of Basstech in New Zealand. John was bitten by the music bug back in the late eighties before spending 199394 managing
: Basstech - John Pell.
John Pell is currently the director of Basstech in New Zealand.
John was bitten by the music bug back in the late eighties before spending 1993-94 managing the Vox Club in Brixton, London. John had been a bar manager of various legendary venues in Wellington prior to 1993, and has promoted acts like Linton Kwesi Johnson, Rockers Hi-Fi, Andy Weatherall, Gary Clail, Moody boys, etc while in London in the early Nineties. Since then he has toured a large number of high profile artists through Australisia such as Lee "Scratch" Perry, African Head Charge, Renegade Soundwave, Audio Active, the Mad Professor, Alex Patterson and Spring Heel Jack. Locally, John has toured Wellington's Roots Foundation Sound System along with live acts such as Trinity and the Crackheads. John is a firm believer in creating lasting quality, whether it is the unique local sound or an International Touring Artist.
Contact : John Pell

The Film Artists ...
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George Bowne b 1735 Flushing spouse Abigail Smith Gilbert Bowne b 1739 New Rochelle spouse Rachel pell john Bowne b 1742 Flushing spouse Ann Feild James
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19. Pell
Translate this page pell john, anglais, 1611-1685 IUFM, CNRS), Du caillou à la puce Ch. 8, Equation de Pell-Fermat. Ed. Belin - Collection Regards sur la science - 1993
PELL John, anglais, 1611-1685 Euler
Brouncker x - Ay (e) Wallis Fermat Euler - mais ce sera Lagrange A en fraction continue (on dit aussi continuée ) sur une idée de Brouncker Brahmagupta et Bhaskara Cas de l'équation x - Ay l'entier A étant entier, non carré, sa racine est irrationnel et algébrique de degré 2. Par suite, son développement en fraction continue est périodique ; notons p sa période. Si a k /b k désigne les réduites de A, les solutions positives de l'équation sont de la forme :
  • x = a kp - 1 , y = b kp , k = 1, 2, ... si p est pair x = a , y = b , k = 1, 2, ... si p est impair
si A = 5, on a p = 1; on obtient les réduites 9/4 , 38/17, ... Deux solutions de l'équation x sont donc : (x,y) = ( a ,b = (9,4) avec k = ; (x,y) = (161,72) = ( a ,b avec k = 1 Autre résolution de ce cas simple : A l'aide de l'ordinateur :
while (1)
n++; xn=x+y; yn=y+a*x; p=yn*yn-2*xn*xn;
Ce petit programme donne des solutions de l'équation x La raison vous en sera exposée en cliquant ci-dessous : Théon de Smyrne et racine carrée : Pour en savoir plus :
  • ABRÉGÉ D'HISTOIRE DES MATHÉMATIQUES , Jean Dieudonné et une équipe de mathématiciens
    Ed. Hermann - 1978 ,1992.

20. Solving General Pell Equations
john Robertson's treatise on how to solve Diophantine equations of the form x^2 dy^2 = N.
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Solving the generalized Pell equation x - Dy =N
John Robertson
An improved version of what used to be here is now a PDF file at my homepage . Look for the PDF file titled ``Solving the generalized Pell equation.''
The old HTML page (uncorrected, un-enhanced, on some browsers some math symbols do not display correctly) is at old HTML page. This page is best viewed using Microsoft Internet Explorer (MS IE).
Last Modified August 3, 2002 John P. Robertson JPR2718@AOL.COM This page has been visited times.

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