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         Moore Jonas:     more detail
  1. Sir Jonas Moore: Practical Mathematics and Restoration Science by Frances Willmoth, 1993-04-01
  2. A mathematical compendium; or, useful practices in arithmetick, geometry, and astronomy, ... Explaining the logarithms, with new indices; ... By Sir Jonas Moore ... The fourth edition. by Jonas Moore, 2010-05-28
  3. English Surveyors: David Thompson, William Petty, Charles Sturt, William Dawes, Jonas Moore, William Leybourn, Alexander Thomas Emeric Vidal
  4. England's interest: or, the gentleman and farmer's friend. Shewing, 1 How land may be improved from 20s to 8l. ... 8. A guide for young anglers, ... Lastly, physick for families, ... By Sir J. Moore. by Jonas Moore, 2010-05-28
  5. Englands interest: or the gentleman and farmers friend. ... The second edition, with large additions. By Sir J. More. by Jonas Moore, 2010-05-28
  6. Englands interest: or, the gentleman and farmers friend, shewing, 1. How land may be improv'd ... 7. Instructions for the profitable ordering of fish-ponds, ... The fourth edition. By Sir J. More. by Jonas Moore, 2010-05-27
  7. Jonás Huye Dentro de un Pez by Tracy Harrast, 2002-12-01
  8. A table for critics;: Portrait by Bethuel Moore by Edward Asher Jonas, 1932

1. Moore_Jonas
Biography of Jonas Moore (16271679)

2. References For Moore_Jonas
References for the biography of Jonas Moore

3. Moore_Jonas Portrait
Portrait of Jonas Moore

4. Moore, Jonas/
Family Group Record Husband Jonas Moore 1, 2 Born BEF. 1746 Place Pennsylvania 3

5. New System Of The Mathematicks - MOORE, JONAS
New System of the Mathematicks; MOORE, JONAS. Offered by Heritage Book Shop, Inc.

6. Jonas Preston MOORE/Louverna HICKS
Husband Jonas Preston MOORE (M600) Born 20 OCT 1865 at Married 29 JAN 1889 at Died 14 JUL 1939 at Hickman Co., Kentucky FatherSamuel J

7. California Family Groupsheet For Jonas Paris MOORE Family
California Family Groupsheet for Jonas Paris MOORE Family ***************************************. ..

8. Grindleton
Sir Jonas Moore (162779) Author Mark Pickles

9. Sir Jonas Moore , 0851153216
Sir Jonas Moore (161779) - practical mathematician, teacher, author, surveyor, cartographer, Ordnance Officer, courtier and patron of astronomy -had

10. NDGW Pioneers Project Surname Index Mm
Moore John Clark 42378 Moore John Franklin 62-7 Moore John Gordon 11-96 MooreJohn Thomas 43-236 Moore John Wesley 38-319 moore jonas P. 32-493 Moore
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11. Sir Jonas Moore. Practical Mathematics And Restoration Science. -
Sir Jonas Moore. Practical Mathematics and Restoration Science. Willmoth, Frances Woodbridge Boydell Press, 1993- Biography Moore, Sir Jonas

12. The Official Ami Dolenz Web Page
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13. 1850 Federal Census Blair County, Pennsylvania (Index Surnames Mo
200A 33 Moore John 10 Pa pg0196a.txt Blair Township 200A 30 moore jonas J.23 Pa pg0196a.txt Blair Township 205B 19 Moore Joseph 36 Ireland pg0196a.txt
1850 Federal Census Blair County, Pennsylvania (Index: Surnames Mo thru N, O, P, Q, R) This Census was transcribed by Alan R. Park and proofread by Karen Chappell

14. Keene NH Vital Statistics - Marriagess - 1762 - 1855
Moore Abijah, 1787. moore jonas L. 1850. Moore, Marquis D. 1853. Morgan, Zedekiah,1797. Morrison, EIiza N. 1850. Morse, John H. 1849
Town of Keene, New Hampshire
Vital Statistics
G H I ... P

Fairbank, Barachiah Fairbanks, Madison Fairbanks, Maria Fairchild, Mary, Mrs. Farnsworth, Zacheas Farewell, Emily H. Farewell, Robert Farewell, Roxana Farnum, Eliphalet Farnsworth, Betsey Farnsworth, Charlotte Farnsworth, Isaac Farnsworth, Susan M. Farr, Harriet H. Farrar, Clark Farrar, James S. Farrar, Mary A. Farrer, Deerin Farwell, Betsey Farwell, Harriet G. Fassett, Abel H. Fassett, Nancy J. Faulkner, Charles S. Faulkner, Francis A. Fay, Benjamin Fay, Lucy E. Felt, Mary Felt, Mercy Felt, Samuel Felton, Abina Fessenden, Emily Jane Fessenden, Maria F. Field, Almira Field, George P. Field, Jane A. Field, Moses Field, Prentiss Fields, Betsey Finney, Nathaniel Fisher, Abijah Fisher, Experience Fisher, Harriet C. Fisher, Japheth Fisher, John Riley Fisher, Luther Fisher, Polly Fisher, Rosalinda Fisher, Sally Fisher, Thomas Fisher, William, Jr. Fisk, Jemima Fisk, Joel Fiske, Maria A. Fiske, Mary Fiske, Mary H. Fiske, Phinehas Fiske, Susan F. Fitch, Charles Fitch, Mary Ann Fitch, Olive M. Flagg, Dorothy

15. Moore_Jonas
Biography of jonas moore (16271679) jonas moore became clerk to the Chancellorof Durham. In 1640, at the age of 13, he took up the study of
Jonas Moore
Born: 8 Feb 1627 in Whitelee, Pendle Forest, Lancashire, England
Died: 25 Aug 1679 in Godalming, England
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Version for printing
Jonas Moore became clerk to the Chancellor of Durham. In 1640, at the age of 13, he took up the study of mathematics. Moore was greatly influenced by Oughtred in his mathematical studies. In 1647 he became mathematics tutor to the Duke of York, brother of the future King Charles II, but he did not hold this job for very long since he was removed from the post by political intrigue. Indeed this was a time of political turmoil in England with battles and religious argument. Only two years later Charles I was executed and his son proclaimed Charles II by the Scots in defiance of the English. Charles II was defeated by Cromwell in 1650 and by 1651 was in exile in France. After loosing his post as tutor to the Duke of York (whose father Charles I was still King at this time) Moore went to London where he hoped to make a living as a teacher of mathematics. However, he found it difficult to find sufficiently many pupils so Moore was happy to be appointed as a surveyor in 1649. His task was to work on the draining of the Fens, a natural region of about 40,100 sq km of reclaimed marshland in eastern England between Lincoln and Cambridge. Around the same time as he took up this post as a surveyor, he published a mathematical textbook

16. References For Moore_Jonas
References for the biography of jonas moore. F Willmoth, Sir jonas moorePractical Mathematics and Restoration Science (Woodbridge, 1993). Articles
References for Jonas Moore
Version for printing Books:
  • J Aubrey, Jonas Moore, Brief lives (Oxford, 1898).
  • F Willmoth, Sir Jonas Moore: Practical Mathematics and Restoration Science (Woodbridge, 1993). Articles:
  • Jonas Moore, Dictionary of National Biography XIII (London, 1897), 820-821.
  • F Willmoth, 'The genius of all arts' and the use of instruments : Jonas Moore (1617-1679) as a mathematician, surveyor, and astronomer, Ann. of Sci. Main index Birthplace Maps Biographies Index
    History Topics
    ... Anniversaries for the year
    JOC/EFR April 1997 School of Mathematics and Statistics
    University of St Andrews, Scotland
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  • 17. Pepys' Diary: Moore, Jonas
    The diaries of Samuel Pepys from London, UK in the 17th century.
    @import url(/style/default/global_non_ns4.css);
    The Diary of Samuel Pepys
    The diary Background info Recent annotations About this site ... In-depth articles Search: Help
    Moore, Jonas
    Top People Jonas Moore was born at Whitley, Lancashire, February 8th, 1617, and was appointed by Charles I. tutor to the Duke of York . Soon after the Restoration he was knighted and made Surveyor-General of the Ordnance. He was famous as a mathematician, and was one of the founders of the Royal Society. He died August 27th, 1679, and at his funeral sixty pieces of ordnance were discharged at the Tower References in the diary
    new Pedro. Link For more details see; new dirk Link More on Moore He will also help to survey the city after the great fire of 1666.
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    18. Pepys' Diary: Thursday 23 May 1661
    jonas moore…. did by discourse make us fully believe that England and France wereonce the same continent I would have enjoyed talking with jonas moore.
    @import url(/style/default/global_non_ns4.css);
    The Diary of Samuel Pepys
    The diary Background info Recent annotations About this site ... Archive for May 1661 Search: Help
    Thursday 23 May 1661
    This day I went to my Lord , and about many other things at Whitehall , and there made even my accounts with Mr. Shepley Mr. Moore and John Bowles to the Rhenish wine house , and there came Jonas Moore , the mathematician, to us, and there he did by discourse make us fully believe that England and France were once the same continent, by very good arguments, and spoke very many things, not so much to prove the Scripture false as that the time therein is not well computed nor understood. From thence home by water, and there shifted myself into my black silk suit (the first day I have put it on this year), and so to my by coach, with a great deal of honourable company, and great entertainment. At table I had very good discourse with Mr. Ashmole , wherein he did assure me that frogs and many insects do often fall from the sky, ready formed. singularity in not rising up nor drinking nor other healths at the table was very much observed. From thence we all took coach, and to

    19. Encyclopedia Of Astronomy And Astrophysics » Moore, Jonas (1627–79)
    moore, jonas (1627–79). DOI 10.1888/0333750888/3875; Published November 2000.Icon Full text (PDF, 16K). Article summary

    20. Encyclopedia Of Astronomy And Astrophysics » Browse By Title
    Article moore, jonas (1627–79); Published November 2000; Summary Born inWhitelee in Pendle Forest, Lancashire, became mathematics tutor to the Duke of

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