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         Magnus Wilhelm:     more books (63)
  1. The Mathematical Legacy of Wilhelm Magnus: Groups, Geometry, and Special Functions : Conference on the Legacy of Wilhelm Magnus May 1-3, 1992 Polyte (Contemporary Mathematics) by Conference on the Legacy of Wilhelm Magnus, Joan S. Birman, et all 1994-10
  2. Formulas and Theorems for the Special Functions of Mathematical Physics by wilhelm magnus, 1949-01-01
  3. Formulas and theorems for the functions of mathematical physics by Wilhelm Magnus, 1954
  4. Hill's Equation (Dover Phoenix Editions) by Wilhelm Magnus, Stanley Winkler, 2004-01-26
  5. Hill's Equation. Corrected Republication of the 1966 Ed by Wilhelm Magnus, 1979-06
  6. Combinatorial Group Theory: Presentations of Groups in Terms of Generators and Relations (Dover Books on Mathematics) by Wilhelm Magnus, Abraham Karrass, et all 2004-11-12
  7. Beitrage Zur Kenntniss Der Gattung Najas L. (1870) (German Edition) by Paul Wilhelm Magnus, 2010-05-23
  8. Groups and Their Graphs (New Mathematical Library 14) by Israel Grossman, Wilhelm Magnus, 1975-06
  9. Wilhelm Magnus: Collected Papers. [Subtitle]: Edited by Gilbert Baumslag and Bruce Chandler by Wilhelm. Magnus, 1984-01-01
  11. Formulas and Theorems for the Special Functions of Mathematical Physics by Wilhelm Magnus, Fritz Oberhegtinger, et all 1966-01-01
  12. Combinatorial Group Theory by Wilhelm Magnus, 1966
  13. Finnischer Maler: Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Ferdinand Von Wright, Robert Wilhelm Ekman, Magnus Enckell, Fanny Churberg, Pekka Halonen (German Edition)
  14. Discrete groups by Wilhelm Magnus, 1952

1. Magnus Wilhelm Hellgren
(1813 1896). Carolina Dorotea Olofsdotter (1810 - 1897). magnus wilhelm Hellgren.b. 18 Dec 1843, Gamla Nordsjö d. bur. occ. edu.
Olof Salmonsson
Carolina Dorotea Olofsdotter

Magnus Wilhelm Hellgren b.
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2. Magnus Wilhelm Von Wright
De finlandssvenska br derna Magnus och Wilhelm von Wright anses vara Sveriges genom tiderna fr msta djurtecknare.

3. Magnus Wilhelm Weckelmann, B 1898 - Bochum,
Husband magnus wilhelm Weckelmann Born 24 DEC 1898 Bochum Marr - Died 11 JAN 1967 - Father Friedrich Weckelmann Mother Margarethe Wienand

4. Noneuclidean Tesselations And Their Groups. (in MARION)
Title Noneuclidean tesselations and their groups. Author Magnus, Wilhelm, 1907 Published New York, Academic Press, 1974. Subject

5. Nerpin, Magnus Wilhelm 1857-
Nerpin, Magnus. Wilhelm. F dd 1857 i Vilhelmina (AC). Far Nerpin, Josef L nsman. Mor Hultin, Maria. Karolina F dd 1828 i Vilhelmina (AC).

6. Ansedel F R Magnus Wilhelm Frick
Frick, magnus wilhelm 18361892 Borgm stare i Enk ping. Born 1836-02-14. Died 1892. magnus wilhelm Frick.

7. Carl Magnus Wilhelm Armfelt Ulrika Christina Wilhelmina Bohman
Family Group Sheet Name Carl magnus wilhelm Armfelt. Birth 29 Mar 1797, St Petersburg Russia. Death 17 Dec 1878, Halikko

8. Genealogy Of The Ganslandt Family
Children of Jürgen Ganslandt Souchay number B 4ce/ab. Margaretha Ganslandt *15.2.1954 Stockholm. magnus wilhelm Ganslandt * 30.7.1955 Stockholm

Souchay number B 4ce/a-b
Margaretha Ganslandt
* 15.2.1954 Stockholm
Magnus Wilhelm Ganslandt
* 30.7.1955 Stockholm
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9. Carl Magnus Wilhelm Armfelt Adelaide Sophie Wilhelmina Carolina
Family Group Sheet Name Carl magnus wilhelm Armfelt. Birth 29 Mar 1797, St Petersburg Russia. Death 17 Dec 1878, Halikko

10. Magnus Wilhelm Hellgren
Carolina Dorotea Olofsdotter (1810 1897) magnus wilhelm Hellgren b. 18 Dec 1843, Gamla Nordsj d. bur. occ. edu. Co.

11. Ansedel F R Magnus Wilhelm Ripa
Ripa, Magnus. Wilhelm 18151875

12. Ansedel F R Magnus Wilhelm Tor N
magnus wilhelm Tor n. F dd 185906-26 i Sandhurst, Australien. D d 1936-12-20 i Solna. Tullf rvaltare. f Torsten L. Tor n.

13. Witting Ofen
3 magnus wilhelm Witting, erfgenaam , geboren op 26 juli 1905, volgt onder IXb . Xb Levend persoon Witting, zoon van magnus wilhelm Witting, erfgenaam Genealogie Homepage/Witting Ofen.htm
Terug naar Startpagina Genealogie van Johann Witting. Johann Witting is ook de voorouder van de Familie Witting van de tak Oldenburg-Amsterdam-Steenwijk.Zie bij Jan Gerhard Witting VI-a. I Johann Witting, overleden voor 1670.
Hij was gehuwd met Grete.
Uit dit huwelijk:
1 Johann Witting, zu Ofen, erfgenaam
, geboren voor 1630, volgt onder II.
2 Oltmann Witting.
Hij is getrouwd op 17 oktober 1647 met Anna Hollwegen.
3 Gerd Witting.
Hij is getrouwd op 25 januari 1660 met Margarete Eylers, dochter van Johann Eylers, zu Ofen
4 Kunke Witting. Zij is getrouwd op 11 oktober 1663 met Hinrich Kritte(Kriete). 5 Allmuth(Allmendt) Witting. Zij is getrouwd op 1 december 1660 met Johann Schwarting, zu Wecnloy II Johann Witting, zu Ofen, erfgenaam , geboren voor 1630, overleden in het jaar 1689, minstens 59 jaar oud, zoon van Johann Witting (I) en Grete. Deze tak Witting hebben dezelfde voorouders als de tak Witting Oldenburg/Amsterdam/Steenwijk. Hij is getrouwd in het jaar 1662, op minstens 32-jarige leeftijd (1) met Talke Oltmanns.

14. From Quarterly's Article Collection
His father was captain magnus wilhelm Armfelt, who later became the governor ofthe county of Åbo. His mother was Maria Katarina Wennerstedt.
Gustaf Mauritz Armfelt
Finnish statesman and cosmopolitan Ulf Fagerlund
In accordance with a secret agreement between Czar Alexander I and Napoleon made in Tilsit, Alexander in February 1808 moved his troops against Finland in order to capture the country. King Gustaf Adolf did not concern himself with arming his forces in Finland until the summer and only later made some unsuccessful attempts to help the Finnish troops, who had been left to their own devices. The Finns found it impossible to withstand the Russian advances. In the resulting peace treaty of Fredrikshamn, signed in 1809 Finland was seceded to Russia.
When the war in Finland started Armfelt was offered the position of Commander-in-Chief of the Finnish forces, but ultimately he ended up leading the Swedish forces on the Norwegian border facing the Danish army. This operation did not go well because it was poorly administered by the government in Stockholm.
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15. Estonia
5 Feb 1744 25 Jan 1747 magnus wilhelm von Nieroth 25 Jan 1747 - 15 Feb 1753Otto Magnus von Stackelberg 15 Feb 1753 - Mar 1770 Friedrich Johann von Ulrich
return to World Statesmen Estonia
15 Jun 1561 - 10 Oct 1710 10 Oct 1710 - 24 Feb 1918 24 Feb 1918 - 12 Apr 1918; 12 Nov 1918 - 21 Jul 1940; Sep 1941 - 22 Sep 1944 (unofficial) 12 Apr 1918 - 11 Nov 1918 (unofficial) Baltic State/Duchy 29 Nov 1918 - 5 Jun 1919 Estonian Workers' Commune 6 Aug 1940 - Jul 1941; 22 Sep 1944 - 20 Aug 1991 Re-adopted 7 Aug 1990
Map of Estonia Hear National Anthem
"Mu Isamaa, Mu Onn
Ja Room"
(My Native Land,
My Pride and Joy) Text of National Anthem
Adopted 1920-1940,1990 Constitution
(28 Jun 1992)
Constitution 1938

(1938-21 Jul 1940) Capital: Tallinn
(to 1917 Revel) Currency: Estonian Kroon (EEK) National Holiday: 24 Feb (1918) Independence Day Population: 1,341,664 (2004) GDP: $17.35 billion (2003) Exports: $4.0 billion (2003) Imports: $5.5 billion (2003) Ethnic groups: Estonian 65.3%, Russian 28.1%, Ukrainian 2.5%, Belarusian 1.5%, Finnish 0.9%, other 1.7% (2000)

16. Finland Provinces
22 Dec 1781 11 Oct 1790 magnus wilhelm Armfelt (b. 1725 - d. 1795) 11 Oct 1790 -8 Aug 1806 Ernst Gustaf von Willebrand (b. 1751 - d. 1809)
return to World Statesmen to Finland Provinces of Finland
: Names of provinces are given in both official languages (Finnish/Swedish). The governor of a province ( ) is called Finland
Adopted 1997 1 Sep 1997 Created from the former provinces of Kymi , and Uusimaa Governors
1 Sep 1997 - 1 Jan 2004 Tuula Linnainmaa (f) (b. 1942)
1 Jan 2004 - Anneli Taina (f) (b. 1951)
1831 Created from
1 Sep 1997 Part of Governors
9 May 1831 - 31 May 1831 Carl Klick (b. 1792 - d. 1837)
31 May 1831 - 24 Mar 1841 Johan Fredrik Stichaeus (b. 1778 - d. 1853)
4 May 1841 - 14 Jan 1863 Carl Otto Rehbinder (b. 1797 - d. 1873)
22 Jan 1863 - 27 Aug 1865 Samuel Werner von Troil (b. 1798 - d. 1865) 29 Sep 1865 - 27 Nov 1869 Carl Herman Molander (b. 1817 - d. 1897) 6 Feb 1870 - 29 Dec 1875 Hjalmar Sebastian Nordenstreng (b. 1826 - d. 1890) (acting to 11 Sep 1872) 29 Dec 1875 - 28 Oct 1887 Edvard Reinhold von Ammondt (b. 1832 - d. 1887)

17. Wiurilan Kartano, Wiurila Minor
Vuonna 1787 vapaaherra, kenraalimajuri magnus wilhelm Armfelt osti Wiurilan säterin.Hänen poikansa Gustaf Mauritz peri Joensuun kartanon, toinen poika
Etusivulle Kartanohostelli Kartanoravintolat Kokoustilat ... Yhteystiedot
Wiurilan historia Wiurilan kartano mainitaan historiankirjoissa jo 1400-luvulla. Omistajana oli tuolloin Magnus Johansson till Wiorela. Hänen tyttärensä Elseby avioitui Henrik Flemmingin kanssa ja peri Wiurilan. Tästä lähtien Wiurila periytyi äidiltä tyttärelle 300 vuoden ajan. Vuonna 1787 vapaaherra, kenraalimajuri Magnus Wilhelm Armfelt osti Wiurilan säterin. Hänen poikansa Gustaf Mauritz peri Joensuun kartanon, toinen poika August Philip Wiurilan ja Vuorentaan kartanot. August Philip antoi Suomen ensimmäisen valtionarkkitehdin, italialaisen Carlos Bassin tehtäväksi piirtää Wiurilaan uusi päärakennus. Työ saatiin päätöseen vuonna 1811, jolloin uusklassismia edustava kartanorakennus oli valmis.August Philipin poika Magnus Reinhold rakennutti talouskeskuksen 1835-45. Sen julkisivun luojana oli toisena valtionarkkitehtinä toiminut C.L.Engel. Kreivi Magnus Reinholdin poika August Armfelt oli aikansa huomattava vaikuttaja sekä tarmokas maanviljelijä. Hänen aikanaan Wiurilassa oli tiilitehdas, saha, myllyjä, meijeri, viinantislaamo ja vanhin tiedetty suomalainen olutpanimo.

18. Post-Inspectorer - Postal Inspectors. 1840
Tammerfors, Do Hr magnus wilhelm Uggla. Tavastehus, Do Hr Ernst Tihlman.Capitaine, PostInspector. Contoirs-Skrifvare Hr Ivan Nagajeff.
Post-Inspectorer. Hr Ernst Fredric Tihlman. Capitaine. Hr Johan Nickanen. Collegii-Assessor. Hr Ludvig Henric Lojander. Collegii-Assessor. Hr Eric Wilhelm Fabritius.
Brahestad, D:o Hr Henric Johan Peron. Post-Inspector.
  • Contoirs-Skrifvare: Hr Hans Henr. Nyberg.
  • Expediteurer:
  • Hr Fredric August Fontell.
  • Contoirs-Skrifvare:
  • Hr Reinhold Ferdinand Ekestubbe. Under-Lieutenant.
  • Hr Geord August Sirelius.
    Jorois, D:o Hr Carl Reinhold Lode. Capitaine.
    Karis, D:o Hr P. Edvard Wickman.
    Kastelholm, D:o Hr Johan Fredric Lundeqvist.
    Kexholm, D:o Hr Anders Norring.
    Kuopio, D:o Hr Ludvig Henric Lojander. Collegii-Assessor, Post-Inspector.
  • Contoirs-Skrifvare: Hr Gustaf Alexander Lojander.
    Nyslott, D:o Hr Carl Gustaf Enebom.
    Raumo, D:o Hr Petter Malcke.
    Sordavala, D:o Hr Carl Nygren. Ordningsman.
    Tammerfors, D:o Hr Magnus Wilhelm Uggla.
    Tavastehus, D:o Hr Ernst Tihlman. Capitaine, Post-Inspector.
  • Contoirs-Skrifvare: Hr Ivan Nagajeff.
  • Contoirs-Skrifvare: Hr Gustaf Fredric Jalander.
  • Contoirs-Skrifvare: Hr Fredric Leonhard Hildebrandt.
  • Expediteur: Hr Anders Keldan. Collegii-Secreterare.
    Bodo Brandts 1*, Borchard Rolf 1, Regina Macianskiene 2, Victoria Gendviliene 3,Daniel Dirkmann 1, Marc Van Bracht 1, magnus wilhelm Prull 1, Mathias Meine
    QUICK SEARCH: [advanced] Author:
    Year: Vol: Page:
    Journal of Pharmacology And Experimental Therapeutics Fast Forward
    First published on October 20, 2003; DOI: 10.1124/jpet.103.057646
    This Article Full Text (PDF) All Versions of this Article:
    most recent Submit a response Alert me when this article is cited Alert me when eLetters are posted Alert me if a correction is posted Services Similar articles in this journal Similar articles in PubMed Alert me to new issues of the journal Download to citation manager PubMed PubMed Citation Articles by Brandts, B. Articles by Trappe, H.-J.
    Received for publication August 6, 2003.
    Revised August 27, 2003.
    Accepted for publication September 29, 2003.
    Bodo Brandts Borchard Rolf Regina Macianskiene Victoria Gendviliene Daniel Dirkmann Marc Van Bracht Magnus Wilhelm Prull Mathias Meine Ingo Wickenbrock Kani Mubagwa Hans-Joachim Trappe Department of Cardiology, Marienhospital Herne, University of Bochum, Herne, Germany

    20. Iamslic_log0504: [IAMSLIC:5030] Re: Reference Help Please
    Düben, magnus wilhelm von, friherre, 18141845. Title 131b356.jpg Ofversigt afSkandinaviens echinodermer. Locations/Orders
    [IAMSLIC:5030] Re: Reference help please
    From: Ernst Mayr Library (
    Date: Wed Apr 13 2005 - 11:26:50 PDT
  • Next message: Jeri Pharis: "[IAMSLIC:5031] duplicates" Hi Sandra,
    Could be:
    Author :
    Düben, Magnus Wilhelm von, friherre, 1814-1845.
    Title :
    Ofversigt af Skandinaviens echinodermer.
    Locations/Orders :
    Location : Museum Comp Zoology 131b385.jpg E-D [With Düben och Koren. Om holothuriernas hudskelett. In : K. Vetsk. Akad. Handl. 1844(1846). 229-328. pl. 6-11. Authors : 131b356.jpg Koren, Johan. HOLLIS Number : 005137887 journal abbrev. is: Kungliga Vetenskaps-Akademiens. Handlingar. Dan. Dan Belich Ernst Mayr Library, MCZ At 01:15 PM 4/13/2005, Sandra Abbott-Stout wrote: This archive was generated by hypermail 2b29 Wed Apr 13 2005 - 11:28:13 PDT
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