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         Llull Ramon:     more books (100)
  1. Ramon Llull's New Rhetoric: Text and Translation of Llull's rethorica Nova
  2. 14th-Century Philosophers: William of Ockham, Gersonides, Catherine of Siena, Ramon Llull, Pietro D'abano, Thomas Bradwardine, Jean Buridan
  3. The Evangelical Rhetoric of Ramon Llull: Lay Learning and Piety in the Christian West Around 1300 by Mark D. Johnston, 1996-02-29
  4. Ramon Llull: A Contemporary Life (Textos B) by Ramon Llull, 2010-02-20
  5. Selected Works of Ramon Llull (1232-1316) by Ramon D. Llull, 1985-05
  6. The Spiritual Logic of Ramon Llull by Mark D. Johnston, 1987-06-18
  7. El pensamiento de Ramon Llull (Pensamiento literario espanol) (Spanish Edition) by Miguel Cruz Hernandez, 1977
  8. Doctor Illuminatus by Ramon Llull, 1994-02-18
  9. Ramon Llull and the Secret of Life by Amador Vega, 2003-07-25
  10. L'opera quotidiana (Col·leccio Ramon Llull. Serie Novel·la) (Catalan Edition) by Montserrat Roig, 1982
  11. Les Seduccions de Julia (Ramon Llull) by Marius Carol, 2002-01
  12. Les aventures del cavaller Kosmas (Col·leccio Ramon Llull. Serie Novel·la) (Catalan Edition) by Juan Perucho, 1981
  13. La forja de l'exili (Col·leccio Ramon Llull. Serie novel·la) (Catalan Edition) by Luis Racionero, 1985
  14. Fortuny (Col·leccio Ramon Llull. Serie Novel·la) (Catalan Edition) by Pere Gimferrer, 1983

1. Studies On Ramon Llull Home Page
RAMON LLULL (1232/331316) Majorcan philosopher, layman, married and with two children.

2. Escola Ramon Llull
Ramon Llull. Una escola amb visió de futur. 60 anys d experiència avalen la nostra tasca educativa. 6a promoció ESO. Jornada de Portes Obertes
Navega per l'escola! Ramon Llull Jornada de Portes Obertes L 'escola participa ESO

3. Welcome Universitat Ramon Llull
Castellano English

4. Enginyeria I Arquitectura La Salle
Enginyeria i Arquitectura La Salle pertany a la Universitat Ramon Llull. L'objectiu principal s formar graduats t cnics i superiors amb una mplia

5. Escuela De Dise O, Estudios Multimedia, Master En ESDi
de Sabadell. Amb conveni amb la Universitat Ramon Llull, im rteix disseny t xtil, industrial i gr fic.

6. Institut Ramon Llull
Consorci constitu t la primavera del 2002 per la Generalitat de Catalunya i el Govern de les Illes Balears per tal de promoure la projecci exterior

7. Base De Dades Ramon Llull - Llull DB
The Ramon Llull Database (Llull DB) is an electronic bibliography aimed at systematizing and facilitating a search for all information regarding the

8. Internet Archive Forums View Post
frec023/Taumel_ep_1_01_64kb.mp3 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^. ..

9. Raimundus-Lullus-Institut
Mit einer Datenbank der Handschriften und Bibliographien (Uni Freiburg).

10. L' Amor Div En El De Consolatione Philosophiae De Boeci I En
L' amor div en el De consolatione philosophiae de Boeci i en el Llibre d'Amich e Amat de Ramon Llull

11. Llibre D'Amic E Amat
Ramon Llull Translated by Jordi Miralda Escud

12. Ramon Llull - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Ramon Llull (1235 June 29, 1315) (in Latin Raimundus or Raymundus Lullus) was a Llull was well educated, and became the tutor of James II of Aragon.
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Ramon Llull
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Ramon Llull. Ramon Llull June 29 ) (in Latin Raimundus or Raymundus Lullus ) was a writer and philosopher born into a wealthy family in Palma Majorca , in the Balearic Islands , now part of Spain
Early life
Llull was well educated, and became the tutor of James II of Aragon . He wrote in Arabic , Latin and Catalan . In he had a religious epiphany, and became a tertiary Franciscan. His first major work Art Abreujada d 'Atrobar Veritat The Art of Finding Truth ) was written in Catalan and then translated into Latin. He wrote treatises on alchemy and botany Ars Magna , and Llibre de meravelles . He wrote the romantic novel Blanquerna , the first major work of literature written in Catalan, and perhaps the first European novel. Llull pressed for the study of Arabic and other then-insufficiently studied languages in Spain for the purpose of the conversion of Muslims to Christianity.

13. Ramon Llull: Ramon Llull: Artwork - No Type

14. Ramon Llull: Ramon Llull: Couverture - No Type

15. Ramon Llull: Information From
Lull, Ramón ( rämon lul ) , or Raymond Lully, c.1232–1316?, Catalan philosopher, b. Palma, Majorca.
showHide_TellMeAbout2('false'); Business Entertainment Games Health ... More... On this page: Encyclopedia Wikipedia Mentioned In Or search: - The Web - Images - News - Blogs - Shopping Ramon Llull Encyclopedia Lull, Ram³n r¤mōn lÅ«l ) , or Raymond Lully, c.1232–1316?, Catalan philosopher, b. Palma, Majorca. Of a wealthy family, he lived in ease until c.1263, when he had a religious experience and was fired with ambition to convert Muslims to Christianity. He studied Arabic language and literature and founded (1276) a college in Majorca for the study of Arabic. In 1292 he went to Tunis and challenged Muslim scholars to public debates. He was forcibly deported but made a second trip to North Africa in 1307 to combat the teachings of Averro«s and again was banished. The tradition that he was stoned to death on a third trip that began in 1315 cannot be substantiated. Lull's chief work— Ars magna [the great art]—was a defense of Christianity against the teachings of Averro«s. Lull maintained that philosophy (including science) was not divorced from theology and that every article of faith could be demonstrated perfectly by logic. Bibliography See biographies by E. A. Peers (1946, repr. 1969) and L. Brophy (1960); study by J. N. Hillgarth (1971).

16. Atlantis, General Index Of Bookss, Book
Translate this page Ramon Llull. Text per Marçal Olivar, intriduccio i notes per Salvador Galmes . N, CAT1404, llull ramon - Tasis Rafael, Antologia de la Poesia Catalana
Ancient Book - By Author Esparreguera - Barcelona - Spain
General Index of Books
Author's Index, letter L (100 Items maximum.) Page 4 T =Theme: M =Medicine L = Literatura N =Narrative NU =Nautical H =History B =Botany VI =Travelling - Explorations E =Esoteric R =Religion T =Text G =Gastronomy V =Various T Ref. Author Heading Description Euros T Llorens Ebrat Julio Gramatica inglesa practica Julio Llorens Ebrat. Edit Casa de Provincial de Caridad 1947. Con ilustraciones.917pags. 22x16cm. H Llorens Gari Jaume Iglesia y Claustro de San Francisco V Llorens Gassiot Jose Jose Gassiot Llorens. Edit Alma Mater 1942. 248pags. 18x13cm. M Llorens i Terol, Josep Antibiotics en Pediatria Edt. Edicions 62. 1972. Monografies mediques 6. 157 pag. 12,5x19,5 H Llorens i Vila Jordi La Unio Catalanista (1891-1904) Jordi Llorens i Vila. Episodis de la Historia. Rafael Dalmau Editor, 1991. 107 pgs. 17 x 12,1 cm. H Llorens i Vila Jordi Catalanisme i Moviments Nacionalistes Contemporanis 1885 - 1901 V Llorente Daniel Curso teorico-practico de pedagogia Daniel Llorente. Edit. Casa Martin. 495pags. 22x16cm. M Llorente Instituto Elementos de Terapeutica y Diagnostico Biologicos Inmunoterapia, inmunodiagnostico, opoterapia y analisis clinicos. Publicacion del Instituto Llorente, 1935. 676 pgs. 24 x 17 cms.

KAPITALKA Poznanska Ksiegarnia Naukowa oferuje KSIEGA PRZYJACIELA I UMILOWANEGO BREWIARZ MISTYCZNY autora llull ramon wydane przez Ksiegarnia Akademicka o
Ksiêga Przyjaciela I Umi³owanego Brewiarz Mistyczny
Llull Ramon
Ksiêgarnia Akademicka
Religia teologia ISBN: rok: cena: 22.00 z³ cena z rabatem: zamów powrót
Ksiêga Przyjaciela I Umi³owanego Brewiarz Mistyczny
Llull Ramon
Ksiêgarnia Akademicka
powrót zamów Wyszukiwanie: Strona g³ówna Archiwum Regulamin Informacje dla wydawnictw ... pozycjonowanie

18. Ramon Llull
RAMON LLULL, ciència i acció. La vida de Ramon Lull (1232?1316? Fins al punt que podem dir que Ramon Llull és, d entre els homes que han parlat i

Gent i paisatge

El Teatre

Viure i escriure


Cultura popular i tradicional
Natura, territori i medi ambient
  • Durada:47 minuts FULL DE COMANDA
  • 19. Llull
    Biography, major works, importance in mathematics.
    Ramon Llull
    Born: 1235 in Majorca, Spain
    Died: 1316 in (probably) Tunis, Tunisia
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    Ramon Llull was brought up at the royal court of Majorca. There he learnt Arabic from the Moorish population. Llull left Majorca in about 1265 after he experienced mystical visions of Christ on the Cross. He then undertook missionary work in North Africa and Asia Minor where he taught the pacifist doctrines on St Francis of Assisi. Llull's main work is the Ars magna (1305-08), comprising of a number of treatises including The Tree of Knowledge and The Book of the Ascent and Descent of the Intellect. This work was inspired by another mystical experience related in [1]:- About , after another mystical experience on Majorca's Mount Randa in which Llull related seeing the whole universe reflecting the divine attributes, he conceived of reducing all knowledge to first principles and determining their convergent point of unity. Llull used logic and mechanical methods involving symbolic notation and combinatorial diagrams to relate all forms of knowledge. This work makes him a precursor of combinatorics and this aspect is fully discussed in [3].

    20. Ramon Llull (1232-1316)
    Illustrated biographical essay. Includes short bibliography.
    Ramon Llull (1232-1316)
    Johnston, Mark D.
    The spiritual logic of Ramon Llull. - Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1987.
    Ramon Llull was born on the island of Majorca, probably in 1232. He was the only child of a wealthy French-descended merchant from Barcelona who settled on Majorca with James I of Aragon after the king conquered the island from the Moors in 1229. Llull was raised and educated at Court during the latter part of his early years, about which little is known. He was eventually appointed seneschal to the young James II of Majorca, who received the island from his father in 1253. Traditional accounts have left colourful stories about Llull's gay life at court, especially his amorous exploits and cultivation of the troubadour lyric. He married one Blanca Picany in 1257, and had two children. Sometime in 1263 or 1264, however, Llull underwent a profound religious conversion, induced by repeated visions of Christ crucified. At this time Llull is said to have conceived the three great goals of his life's work as a missionary and procelyte; these form the indispensable context for any understanding of his doctrines and activities. They were: (1) the founding of schools to teach missionaries the oriental languages, (2) the writing of a book to prove Christian doctrine, and (3) the propagation of the Faith among the infidels. Inspired by a Franciscan sermon, Llull renounced his life at court, sold all his goods, and went on pilgrimages to Rocamadour, Compostela, and other shrines.

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