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         Herschel Caroline:     more books (51)
  1. The Georgian Star: How William and Caroline Herschel Revolutionized Our Understanding of the Cosmos (Great Discoveries) by Michael Lemonick, 2009-12-14
  2. Memoir and Correspondence of Caroline Herschel (Cambridge Library Collection - PhysicalSciences)
  3. Memoir and correspondence of Caroline Herschel by John Herschel, 2010-08-20
  4. Searching the Stars: The Story of Caroline Herschel by Marilyn B. Ogilvie, 2008-12-01
  5. Double Stars: The Story of Caroline Herschel (Profiles in Science) by Padma Venkatraman, 2007-05-15
  6. Memoir and Correspondence of Caroline Herschel by Anonymous, 2010-02-11
  7. Sweeper of the skies;: A story of the life of Caroline Herschel, astronomer by Frances Lowry Higgins, 1967
  8. THE STORY OF THE HERSCHELS - A FAMILY OF THE ASTRONOMERS. Sir William Herschel, Sir John Herschel, Caroline Herschel by Anonymous, 1881
  9. The Herschel Chronicle: The Life-Story of William Herschel and His Sister Caroline Herschel by Constance A. Lubbock, 1933
  10. The romance of woman's influence : St. Monica, Vittoria Colonna, Madame Guyon, Caroline Herschel, Mary Unwin, Dorothy Wordsworth and other mothers, wives, sisters, and friends who have helped great men / by Alice Corkran. Illustrated with portraits by Alice Corkran, 1912-01-01
  11. The Georgian Star: How William and Caroline Herschel Revolutionized Our Understa by Michael D. Lemonick, 2008
  12. Caroline Lucretia Herschel: An entry from Gale's <i>Science and Its Times</i> by J. William Moncrief, 2000
  13. Memoir and Correspondence of Caroline Herschel By Mrs. John Herschel.. by Margaret Brodie Herschel, 1876
  14. People From Slough: William Herschel, Tracey Ullman, John Herschel, Richard, 1st Earl of Cornwall, Caroline Herschel, Anthony Meyer

81. [35.01] Caroline Herschel As An Observer
35.01 caroline herschel as an Observer. MA Hoskin (Churchill College, Cambridge).caroline herschel (17501848) made an immense contribution to astronomy
37th DPS Meeting, 4-9 September 2005
Session 35 Deep Impact I
Invited, HAD Intro., Wednesday, September 7, 2005, 11:45am-12:45pm, Music Concert Hall
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[35.01] Caroline Herschel as an Observer
M. A. Hoskin (Churchill College, Cambridge) [Previous] [Session 35] [Next] Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society

82. Bath Preservation Trust: The William Herschel Museum
of the museum at 19 New King Street, Bath (18th century residence ofWilliam and caroline herschel)......

About the Trust
Group Bookings Education Contact us
William Herschel
Museum Introduction Virtual Tour History Biographies ... Group Bookings
"I have looked further into space than any human being did before me" - William Herschel The William Herschel Museum is dedicated to the many achievements of the Herschels, who were distinguished astronomers as well as talented musicians. It was from this house, using a telescope of his own design that William discovered the planet Uranus in 1781. His observations helped to double the known size of the solar system. Following a tradition of the great astronomers of the Renaissance he pushed forward the science of building telescopes. He was rewarded for his work by King George III, and also received the Copley Medal. Caroline also made a huge contribution to the field of astronomy. The work of the Herschels clearly had an impact on modern science and space exploration. To quote from the patron of the museum Patrick Moore, "William Herschel was the first man to give a reasonably correct picture of the shape of our star-system or galaxy; he was the best telescope-maker of his time, and possibly the greatest observer who ever lived".

83. Bath Preservation Trust The William Herschel Museum
These modest words are by caroline herschel who was the first woman scientist and Following the discovery of Uranus in 1781 caroline herschel became

84. Caroline Herschel Biography / Biography Of Caroline Herschel Main Biography
caroline herschel Biography profile biographies life history.
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Caroline Herschel Main Biography
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astronomy education sister ... opera theater
Name: Caroline Herschel Birth Date: March 16, 1750 Death Date: January 9, 1848 Place of Birth: Hanover, Germany Nationality: English Gender: Female Occupations: astronomer Caroline Herschel Main Biography Caroline Herschel (1750-1848) is noted for her scientific annals in astronomy more than for her mathematical knowledge. Yet, while her accomplishments were heralded in astronomy, Herschel deserves recognition in both fields. She never received formal mathematical training, which only serves to accent the dimension of her accomplishments and determination. Caroline Lucretia Herschel was born on March 16, 1750 in Hanover, Germany. She was a homely child who received little love and encouragement from her mother. Her father, Isaac Herschel, was a musician in the Hanoverian Guard. He encouraged her to obtain an education. She was, as he kept telling her, so homely and without money, no one would marry her until she was older and had more character. Herschel was a literate young woman, but did not receive a formal education. At the age of 17, her father died and she fell under her mother's domination. Herschel led a harsh life until her brother William, who was eleven years her senio.....

85. Memoirs Of Caroline Herschel
Photograph of the book, the Memoirs of caroline herschel This is a collectionof memoir and correspondence of caroline herschel, the first lady
The William Herschel Society, Bath. UK
Home The Society Joining Events ... Links
Memoirs of Caroline Herschel
This is a collection of memoir and correspondence of Caroline Herschel, the first lady astronomer and sister to Sir William. The work was first published in 1879 by Mrs John Herschel and has been reprinted by the Society in March 2000 in commemoration of Caroline's birth 250 previously in 1750.
250 pages with index
Size 206 x 135 mm
In blue hardback with gold blocking
Price £Sterling 12.00 post and packing charge on request from the bookshop
Herschel House, 19 New King Street, Bath. BA1 2BL UK. Tel:+44(0)1225 446865
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86. Caroline Herschel - First Female Astronomer - Astronomy
Starting out as her brother´s assistant, caroline herschel quickly made a namefor herself at a time when few women even held jobs.
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BellaOnline's Astronomy Editor Caroline Herschel - First Female Astronomer Originally aspiring to a career as a singer, Caroline Lucretia Herschel instead became one of the world’s first female scientists. By herself, and in conjunction with her brother, astronomer William Herschel, Caroline helped to redefine the science of astronomy and bring it into the mainstream.
Caroline and her brother made a number of notable contributions to the still-fledgling science of astronomy, chiefly expanding the field to include not just the solar system, but also the stars, the nebulae and the cosmos. Together, they also discovered the satellites of Saturn and Uranus.
In 1783, Caroline discovered three new nebulae, and from 1786 to 1797, using her own telescope, Caroline discovered eight comets, the first known to have been discovered by a woman. She also compiled a complete index of the star catalogue of John Flamsteed, England’s first Astronomer Royal. Later, she worked with her nephew John Herschel, also an astronomer, and for him compiled a new catalogue of nebulae.

87. Welcome To Judy Chicago's Online Store
Poster The Dinner Party - caroline herschel Runner Click to enlarge. Featuring thecaroline herschel runner from The Dinner Party exhibition at Printer s

88. The Herschel Archive - Royal Astronomical Society
Papers of caroline herschel herschel C. 1. Comets. CH caroline herschel.Dreyer JLE Dreyer, ‘Descriptive Catalogue of a Collection of William

89. RAS Herschel Archive — Caroline Herschel
The herschel Archive – caroline herschel. herschel C. 1. Letters and papers froma bundle marked by CH ‘This is what I call the Bills Recds of my Comets’
Letters and papers from a bundle marked by CH:
1/1.1. Book of Observations. From Augt 28, 1782 to Feb. 5, 1787. 1/1.2. Book of Observations. From July 7, 1788 to Augt 15, 1797. 1/1.4. Journal. From July 19, 1791 To Jan. 22, 1795. 1/1.5. Index. 1/2. Observations of the Thermometer and Barometer. 3.1. First Comet. 1786. 3.2. Second Comet. 1788. 3.3. Third Comet. 1790. 3.4. Fourth Comet. 1790. 3.6. Sixth Comet. 1794. 3.7. Seventh Comet. 1795. 3.8. Eight Comet. 1797.
2/4.2. 1st Copy of Omitted stars. 2/4.4. No. 1. Calculation. 2/4.5. No. 2. Calculation. 2/5.1. Catalogue of omitted stars in the order of RA. 2/5.2. Another copy of 2/5.1. 2/7.2. Errata 2nd copy. 2/8. A copy of C. L. Herschel, 2/9. Flamsteeds Catalogue of Stars, their places brought to the Year 1790. Arranged in the order of Right ascension in their respective Zones of North Polar Distance. Atlas coelestis (London, 1729), with annotations.

90. AIP International Catalog Of Sources
Among caroline herschel s correspondence are letters from Carl Gauss, John Haygarth, caroline herschel s manuscripts include diaries from 1833 to 1845,
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My List - Help Browse Archival Resources Archival Finding Aids Books Photos Browse FAQs Past Searches History Home Search: Author Subject Title Journal/Newspaper Title Series Computer File (Software) Title Video Title Refine Search AIP Niels Bohr Library
Item Information Holdings More by this author Herschel family. Subjects Astronomers. Astronomical observatories. Astronomy Mathematics. Astronomy Observations. Chemists. Coinage. Geomagnetism. Meteorological instruments. Mints. Optics, Physical. Photographers. Photography Research. Physicists. Stars Charts, diagrams, etc. Weights and measures. Browse Catalog by author: Herschel family. by title: Papers, 1721-1951, (... MARC Display Papers, 1721-1951, (bulk 1810-1871). by Herschel family. Description: 47 boxes (20 linear feet). Use and Reproduction : Owning Repository: University of Texas at Austin. Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center. P.O. Drawer 7219, Austin, TX 78713-7219. Country of Repository: USA Biography/History: Notable Herschel family members include: Sir John F.W. Herschel, an English astronomer, physicist, and chemist best known for discovering the use of thiosulphate, or hypo, as a fixing agent in photography and for coining the photographic terms "negative" and "positive;" his father, Sir William Herschel, an English astronomer and musician (of German birth) who discovered the planet Uranus and pioneered the field of stellar astronomy; his aunt, astronomer Caroline Lucretia Herschel; and his son Sir William James Herschel, who first introduced the use of fingerprints as a means of official identification.

91. Re: (IAAC) Caroline Herschel
I have a question about caroline herschel. I think I would like to observe orreobserve all the objects she discovered. I know NGC 7789, 891,
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Re: (IAAC) Caroline Herschel

92. (IAAC) Caroline Herschel
I have a question about caroline herschel. I think I would like to observe orreobserve all the objects she discovered. I know NGC 7789, 891,
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(IAAC) Caroline Herschel
Hi Lew, etal; A very nice night last night out in the Arizona desert about 50 miles from central Phoenix. Just scanning around with the 6 inch RFT. I did post a few observations. I have a question about Caroline Herschel. I think I would like to observe or re-observe all the objects she discovered. I know NGC 7789, 891, 205 (M110) and some other smaller clusters in CAS are on the list. Does anyone have any others? I am assuming she found these objects while comet hunting, I believe she used a 6 inch made for her by William for that purpose. Does anyone know anything more about that scope? Considering an article and planning to put it together over the next several months and wondering if anyone has done all of her objects? Sounds like fun. Clear Skies all; Steve Coe Follow-Ups

93. Experimentarium • The Great Sexperiment • Exhibits • Caroline Herschel
Tom blok, The Great Sexperiment caroline herschel caroline herschel (17501848)stayed all her life in the shadow of her brother William (1738-1822).
The Great Sexperiment Caroline Herschel Caroline Herschel
Caroline Herschel (1750-1848) stayed all her life in the shadow of her brother William (1738-1822). They did their astronomical work together, but he received the patent of nobility and the royal favours. They were born in Hannover, Germany, and received a musical formation. They emigrated to England, where their hobby, astronomy, soon became more important than their profession as musicians.
In 1781 they discovered the planet Uranus. William proposed to name it George, for the reigning English king George III. The astronomical community disapproved, but it yielded William a royal pension of 200 pounds a year. This made it possible for them to become full-time astronomers. William did the observations, Caroline the spherical trigonometry. When William was absent, she observed herself.
With royal funds, they built the largest telescope in the world, with a forty feet mirror. With it, they doubled the dimensions of the known universe.
Caroline has eight comets on her own name, the first one in 1786. She edited two important star catalogues. Six year after William, she too received a royal pension, a quarter of her brother’s.

94. Caroline Herschel
caroline Herschelnacque in Germania nel 1750. Era una di sei fratelli.
Caroline Herschel Caroline Herschel era una cantante, una matematica e un' astronoma Caroline Herschel nacque in Germania nel 1750. Era una di sei fratelli. Suo padre era un musicista. Voleva che tutti i suoi figli studiassero il francese, la matematica e la musica. La madre di Caroline pensava invece che l'educazione fosse una perdita di tempo per una ragazza. Faceva fare a Caroline la maggior parte dei lavori domestici. Quando aveva dieci anni, Caroline si ammalò di una malattia chiamata tifo. Questa malattia bloccò la sua crescita. Non diventò mai più alta di 1 metro e 30 centimetri. Quando aveva ventidue anni, Caroline andò a vivere con suo fratello in Inghilterra. Il fratello di Caroline, William, le insegnò il canto e la matematica. William era molto interessato all'astronomia e insegnò a Caroline anche questa scienza. Caroline Herschel aiutava il fratello nel suo lavoro. Imparò perfino come levigare il vetro per costruire un telescopio . Cominciò a usare i telescopi anche per fare lei stessa delle osservazioni e delle scoperte. Caroline Herschel scoprì tre nuove nebulose dove si formano stelle. Fu anche la prima donna a scoprire una

95. City Of Bath
William and caroline herschel. in Bath, England city that we see today, andit is the city that William and caroline herschel set up residence in 1766.
William and Caroline Herschel in Bath, England Royal Crescent Sunrise from Parade Park Roman Globe ca. 150 A.D. The area now occupied by the city of Bath has been known from prehistoric times for its natural hot springs. These were believed to have curative properties and were considered sacred by the ancient Celtic tribes. When the Romans conquered Britain in the first century A.D. they established an elaborate bath and spa complex at the site. Many Roman ruins remain, the most extensive in Britain. After the fall of Rome the building complex fell into disarray, although the springs continued to attract people seeking cures for various physical ailments throughout the Middle Ages. At the end of the eighteenth century, the springs were "discovered" by the English upper class, and a handsome city designed around the then current ideas of neo-classical (or Georgian ) architecture came into being. This is largely the city that we see today, and it is the city that William and Caroline Herschel set up residence in 1766. Herschel's Home
19 New King Street, Bath

96. Herschel Partnership
Book on caroline herschel. “The ragsto-riches story of caroline herschel,from household drudge in Hanover to gold-medal-winning astronomer,
as viewed by Caroline
Michael Hoskin
Owen Gingerich, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Pp. viii + 182, with 21 illustrations, hard bound.
$40 plus $10 air mail postage outside Europe
ISBN 905193 05 9
Michael Hoskin
The first complete and annotated edition of two sources fundamental for the understanding of the Herschel partnership. Pp. viii +147, with 10 illustrations, hardbound. $40 plus $10 air mail postage outside Europe ISBN 905193 06 7 Science History Publications Ltd 16 Rutherford Road Cambridge UK Tel. +44 (0)1638 605464 Fax: +44 (0)1638 605465 Payment can be by cheque to the address above or Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard/American Express) for which we need the card number, expiry date and the address known to the card issuer. Michael Hoskin HOME SCIENCE ASTRONOMY ARCHAEOASTRONOMY ... E-MAIL

97. History Today: The Educational Archive Of Articles, News And Study Aids For Teac
Birth of caroline herschel Birth of caroline herschel Arthur Evans beginsto dig in Crete A Life in Art Benjamin Franklin An American In London

Translate this page caroline LUCRETIA herschel PortraitCLherschel.gif (11452 octets). 1750-1848.Sœur de William herschel, caroline est la cinquième enfant de cette famille de
Sœur de William Herschel, Caroline est la cinquième enfant de cette famille de musiciens. En 1767, lorsque son père meurt, elle est obligée de tenir maison; elle travaille littéralement comme une esclave. En 1772, William, émigré en Angleterre depuis quelques années, l'invite à venir le rejoindre à Bath. Elle accepte immédiatement et, une fois installée là-bas, elle entreprend une carrière de chanteuse. Cependant, son frère devenu obsédé par l'astronomie réclame constamment son assistance, oubliant les torts qu'il cause à sa carrière. En 1782, William se consacre désormais uniquement à l'astronomie. Il déménage au voisinage de Windsor Castle, où Caroline l'accompagne, mettant ainsi fin à sa carrière musicale. En 1788, William se marie et Caroline est obligée d'aller habiter ailleurs. Cette épreuve est dure à accepter, mais elle n'en continue pas moins sa collaboration au travail astronomique de son frère. Lorsque celui-ci meurt en 1822, elle retourne à Hanovre, où elle habite jusqu'à sa mort. Jusqu'à la fin de ses jours, elle est alerte et bien portante. En 1828, la Royal Society lui décerne sa médaille d'or.

99. Die Literaturdatenbank Des Österreichischen Bibliothekswerks
Translate this page Belletristische Darstellung* / herschel, William* / Belletristische Darstellung* /herschel, caroline Lucretia*, (KAT-sbg-), C

100. Caroline Herschel's Deep Sky Objects
Unless otherwise noted, the caroline herschel findings were looked up in John caroline herschel was honored lately by the astronomical community by
Caroline Herschel's Deep Sky Objects
Besides and before assisting her brother, William Herschel, in his great Deep Sky survey starting in late 1782, Caroline Herschel herself was an avid astronomical observer, and discoverer of comets (she originally found 8 of them) and deepsky objects. William Herschel has included her discoveries in his catalog , and assigned numbers to them. M NGC Herschel RA Dec Con Type Discovery Date NGC 205 H V.18 00:40.4 +41:41 And G E5p 1783 Aug 27 NGC 225 H VIII.78 00:43.4 +61:47 Cas OC 1784 NGC 253 H V.1 00:47.6 -25:17 Scl G Sc 1783 Sep 23 NGC 381 H VIII.64 01:08.3 +61:35 Cas OC 1783 NGC 659 H VIII.65 01:44.2 +60:42 Cas OC 1783 NGC 891 H V.19 02:22.6 +42:21 And G Sb 1783 Aug 27 (according to W.H. Smyth) NGC 2204 H VII.13 06:15.7 -18:39 CMa OC 1783 Feb 26 (appendix to W.H.'s 1st catalog) NGC 2349 H VII.27 07:10.0 -08:37 Mon non-ex 1783 NGC 2360 H VII.12 07:17.8 -15:37 CMa OC 1785 (1983 Feb 26?) M 48 NGC 2548 H VI.22 08:13.8 -05:48 Hya OC 1783

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