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         Germain Sophie:     more books (34)
  1. Profiles in Mathematics: Sophie Germain by Stephen Ornes, 2008-08
  2. Biology and Control Theory: Current Challenges (Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences)
  3. Sophie's Diary: A Historical Fiction by Dora Musielak, 2004-04-16
  4. Considérations Générales Sur l'état des Sciences et des Lettres Aux Différentes Époques de Leur Culture (French Edition) by Sophie Germain, 2009-04-27
  5. ?uvres philosophiques de Sophie Germain suivies de pensées et de lettres inédites (French Edition) by Sophie Germain, 2001-01-29
  6. Advanced Strategies in Control Systems with Input and Output Constraints (Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences) by Sophie Tarbouriech, 2006-11-14
  7. Memoire Sur L'Emploi De L'Epaisseur Dans La Theorie Des Surfaces Elastiques (1880) (French Edition) by Sophie Germain, 2010-05-23
  8. Considerations Generales Sur L'Etat Des Sciences Et Des Lettres, Aux Differentes Epoques De Leur Culture (1833) (French Edition) by Sophie Germain, 2010-09-10
  9. Classes of Prime Numbers: Twin Prime, Mersenne Prime, Fermat Number, Sophie Germain Prime, List of Prime Numbers, Wieferich Prime
  10. Women Mathematicians: Ada Lovelace, Maria Gaetana Agnesi, Sophie Germain, Grace Hopper, Hypatia, Emmy Noether, Sofia Kovalevskaya
  11. Sophie Germain: An Essay in the History of the Theory of Elasticity (Studies in the History of Modern Science) by L.L. Bucciarelli, N. Dworsky, 1980-10-31
  12. Sophie Germain: An entry from Gale's <i>Science and Its Times</i> by Judson Knight, 2000
  13. ?uvres philosophiques de Sophie Germain suivies de pens?es et de lettres in?dites by Sophie Germain, 2010
  14. uvres philosophiques de Sophie Germain suivies de pensèes et de lettres inèdites by Sophie Germain, 1879-01-01

1. Sophie Germain
Sophie Germain was born in Paris on April 1, 1776 to AmbroiseFrancois and Sophie Germain died at the age of 55, on June 27, 1831, after a battle with
Sophie Germain
April 1, 1776 - June 27, 1831
Written by Amanda Swift, Class of 1995 (Agnes Scott College)
Sophie Germain was born in an era of revolution. In the year of her birth, the American Revolution began. Thirteen years later the French Revolution began in her own country. In many ways Sophie embodied the spirit of revolution into which she was born. She was a middle class female who went against the wishes of her family and the social prejudices of the time to become a highly recognized mathematician. Like the member of a revolution, her life was full of perseverance and hard work. It took a long time for her to be recognized and appreciated for her contributions to the field of mathematics, but she did not give up. Even today, it is felt that she was never given as much credit as she was due for the contributions she made in number theory and mathematical physics because she was a woman. Sophie Germain was born in Paris on April 1, 1776 to Ambroise-Francois and Marie Germain. Her family was quite wealthy. Her father was a merchant and later became a director of the Bank of France. Sophie's interest in mathematics began during the French Revolution when she was 13 years old and confined to her home due to the danger caused by revolts in Paris. She spent a great deal of time in her father's library, and one day she ran across a book in which the legend of Archimede's death was recounted. Legend has it that "during the invasion of his city by the Romans Archimedes was so engrossed in the study of a geometric figure in the sand that he failed to respond to the questioning of a Roman soldier. As a result he was speared to death" (Perl 64). This sparked Sophie's interest. If someone could be so engrossed in a problem as to ignore a soldier and then die for it, the subject must be interesting! Thus she began her study of mathematics.

2. Sophie Germain
Sophie Germain and Fermat's Last Theorem

3. Sophie Germain Revolutionary Mathematician
Sophie Germain was a somewhat withdrawn child. She was the second of three daughters of a Parisian silk merchant, AmbroiseFran ois Germain.

4. NOVA Online The Proof Math's Hidden Woman
Following is the true story of Sophie Germain, an 18thcentury woman who assumed a man's identity in order to pursue her passion

5. Sophie Germain
Br¨ve biographie de la math©maticienne fran§aise.

6. Sophie Germain
The Best of mathNEWS Sophie Germain

7. Biograpy Of Sophie Germain
Biographies of Mathematicians Sophie Germain

8. The Largest Known Primes
The Ten Largest Known Sophie Germain Primes See also the page The top 20 Sophie Germain, and the glossary entry Sophie Germain Prime.

9. About Sophie Germain
Sophie Germain a biography, with links to more carefully selected web resourcesand to print resources.
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mathematician, number theorist, mathematical physicist

Marie-Sophie Germain, Sophia Germain, Sophie Germaine
  • first woman not related to a member by marriage to attend Academie des Sciences meetings first woman invited to attend sessions at the Institut de France
Sophie Germain's father was Ambroise-Francois Germain, a wealthy middle class silk merchant and a French politician who served in the Estates Général and later in the Constituent Assembly. He later became a director of the Bank of France. Her mother was Marie-Madeleine Gruguelu, and her sisters, one older and one younger, were named Marie-Madeleine and Angelique-Ambroise. She was known simply as Sophie to avoid confusion with all the Maries in the household. When Sophie Germain was 13, her parents kept her isolated from the turmoil of the French Revolution by keeping her in the house. She fought boredom by reading from her father's extensive library. She may also have had private tutors during this time.

10. The Top Twenty Sophie Germain (p)
Sophie Germain (p) Home Search Index This Page definition(s) records references related pages The Primes Pages

11. Palindromic Sophie Germain Primes
Palindromic Sophie Germain Primes HARVEY DUBNER Dubner Computer Systems, Inc. 6 Forest Avenue Paramus, NJ 076525214

12. Women Scientists
Fossey, Dian, primatologist Freud, Anna, British psychoanalyst Germain, Sophie, French mathematician Goodall, Jane, English ethologist

13. Sophie Germain Hotel, Paris, France From HotelBook Your Gateway
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14. Sophie Germain: Information From
Germain, Sophie ( sôfe zhermaN ) , 1776–1831, French mathematician.Although selftaught, she mastered mathematics and corresponded with J.
showHide_TellMeAbout2('false'); Business Entertainment Games Health ... More... On this page: Encyclopedia Wikipedia Mentioned In Or search: - The Web - Images - News - Blogs - Shopping Sophie Germain Encyclopedia Germain, Sophie s´fē zhĕrmăN ) , 1776–1831, French mathematician. Although self-taught, she mastered mathematics and corresponded with J. L. Lagrange and C. F. Gauss. She is known especially for her study of the vibrations of elastic surfaces. Wikipedia @import url(; @import url(; Sophie Germain Sophie Germain Marie-Sophie Germain April 1 June 27 ) was a French mathematician She was born to a middle-class merchant family in Paris France , and began studying mathematics at age thirteen, despite her parents' strong attempts to dissuade her from engaging in a 'men's profession'. Several years later, she managed to get some lecture notes from several courses at ‰cole Polytechnique , a school which did not admit women. Germain was particularly interested in Joseph-Louis Lagrange 's teachings and submitted papers and assignments under the pseudonym "Monsieur Le Blanc", a former student of Lagrange's. Lagrange was so impressed by the paper that he asked to meet Le Blanc, and Germain was forced to reveal her identity to him. Lagrange apparently considered her a talented mathematician and became her mentor.

15. Sophie Germain
Sophie Germain. April 1, 1776 June 27, 1831. by Cathy Anderson. What doArchimedes, Monsieur LeBlanc, Lagrange, Gauss, and Fermat have in common?
The 4 C's Corey's home page Interesting Mathematicians
Sophie Germain
April 1, 1776 - June 27, 1831
by Cathy Anderson What do Archimedes, Monsieur LeBlanc, Lagrange, Gauss, and Fermat have in common? What or more precisely, who is the common factor for all these names is Sophie Germain, a French mathematician of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Archimedes: When Sophie was 13, she read about the legend of Archimedes' death: how he was so absorbed in the geometric figure he was drawing in the sand that he ignored the Roman soldier asking him a question and was thus speared to death. This story piqued Sophie's curiosity: to be so involved in a problem that you would die for it mathematics must be an interesting subject! Monsieur LeBlanc: Because she was female, Sophie was not allowed to attend the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris. She was, however, able to study at the Ecole by assuming the identity of Antoine-August LeBlanc, a former student who had left Paris, an d getting his lecture notes and problems. In this way, Sophie was able to continue her mathematics education, even though she could not attend the lectures. Lagrange: Joseph-Louis Lagrange was the supervisor of the course in which Sophie was secretly participating. Lagrange was so impressed by the turn-around of "Monsieur LaBlanc," a student originally of only mediocre skills, that he wanted to meet LaBlanc. Sophie was forced to reveal her identity, but Lagrange was impressed by this young woman and became her mentor and friend.

16. Biograpy Of Sophie Germain
Sophie Germain grew up with the revolutions. Not only the American and French MarieSophie Germain was born on April 1, 1776 in Paris, France.
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Biographies of Mathematicians -
Sophie Germain
Sophie Germain grew up with the revolutions. Not only the American and French Revolutions, but with the revolution in herself. She wanted to be seen as a great mathematician. It took a lot of hard work and going against her family, but she never gave up. She is recognized today for her great work, but credit for number theory, acoustics, and elasticity was never given in her lifetime because of one reason. She was a woman. Germain did great contributations to the Number Theory, acoustics and elasticity.
Sophie was not really interested in the study of mathematics until the age of 13 when the French Revolution started. She was confined to her home and spent all her time in her father's libraries. There she learned about the death of Archimedes. Legend was that Archimedes was so engrosed in studing mathematics that he didn't respond to a Roman soldier and was killed. This made Sophia interested, if a guy would die for mathematics than there must be much to learn and study. Thus began her road down the study of mathematics. It was the death of Archimedes that made her want to become a mathematician.

17. No. 223: Sophie Germain
Sophie Germain and French applied mechanics. Sophie Germain belongs on thatlist, but she isn t there no women are.
No. 223:
by John H. Lienhard
Click here for audio of Episode 223. Today, we meet a lady whose name isn't inscribed in the Eiffel Tower. The University of Houston's College of Engineering presents this series about the machines that make our civilization run, and the people whose ingenuity created them. T he names of 72 important scholars who founded the science and mathematics of structures are written in the Eiffel Tower. Sophie Germain belongs on that list, but she isn't there no women are. Sophie Germain was born into a well-to-do Parisian family in 1776 born into a world that was still hostile to bright women. And she was bright. She was 13 when the French stormed the Bastille, and her parents put her under virtual house arrest to keep her from the dangers of those stormy times. She went off into the large family library and began to teach herself mathematics much to her parents' alarm. They tried to keep her from it by removing the heat and clothing from her bedroom. When they found her asleep and wrapped in bedclothes, among stolen candles, calculations, and a frozen inkwell, they were wise enough to give in. Sophie spent the Reign of Terror studying calculus.

18. Germain Sophie
Liste de Mathématiciens Al Khwarizmi Apollonius de Perge Archimède Argand Jean Bezout Etienne Bombelli Rafaele Boole George Cardano Girolamo Cauchy Augustin Chasles Michel De Moivre Abraham De Morgan Augustus Del Ferro Scipione Descartes René Eratosthene Euclide Fermat Pierre Ferrari Ludovico Fibonacci Leonardo Galois Evariste Gauss Carl Germain Sophie Huygens Christiaan Leibniz Gottfried Pascal Blaise Peano Guiseppe Pythagore Tartaglia Nicolo Viete François Zenon d Elée Germain Sophie
1er avril 1776 - 27 juin 1831
Sophie Germain, issue d'une famille aisée, est née de Ambroise-François Germain, qui était alors un commerçant, mais devint plus tard directeur de la Banque de France, et de Marie Germain.
Son intéret pour les mathématiques s'éveilla lors de la Révolution Française: agée alors de 13 ans, elle se trouvait cloitrée avec sa famille dans leur maison à cause des menaces révolutionnaires. Elle en profita pour découvrir les nombreux livres de la bibliothèque de son père et s'interessa tout particulièrement à la légende de la mort d'Archimède: celui-ci, lors de l'invasion de la ville par les romains, était si profondément plongé dans l'étude d'une figure géométrique qu'il avait dessinée sur le sable, qu'il ne répondit pas aux questions poséees par un soldat romain; pour celà il fut condamné à mort. Cet intéret pour les mathématiques d'Archimède fascina tant la jeune fille qu'elle se mit aussitot à étudier cette science.
Elle mourut à l'age de 55 ans, après une longue lutte contre le cancer du sein.

19. Sophie Germain
Sophie Germain was one of the few women mathematicians of her time. Her story isboth interesting and inspiring for many an aspiring mathematician.
Sophie Germain
Sophie Germain was one of the few women mathematicians of her time. Her story is both interesting and inspiring for many an aspiring mathematician.
Unfortunately for Germain, most universities were not very open to women who wanted to study mathematics. Fortunately for Germain, she was very clever. Through a creative move, Germain was able to receive the lecture notes and assignments from a former student of a prestigious academy. Even though he had moved away, Germain assumed the identity of Monsieur Antoine-August Le Blanc. "Monsieur Le Blanc" soon became the source of some very brilliant mathematics, and this caught the attention of Joseph-Louis Lagrange, a professor at the academy. Germain soon revealed her true identity to Lagrange, and Germain began to study under the supervision of Lagrange.
Soon after, Germain began to work on Fermat's Last Theorem. She developed an ingenious idea to address a certain class of prime numbers for the values of n in the equation x^n + y^n = z^n. These primes, which are now named Germain primes, have the property that if n is prime, then 2n + 1 is also prime. For example, 5 is a Germain prime (2*5 + 1 = 11), and so are 11, 23, and 29. Germain began a correspondence with one of the greatest mathematicians that has ever lived, Carl Friedrich Gauss. In her letters, Germain retained the pseudonym of Monsieur Le Blanc, and she gave a plausibility argument that Fermat's Last Theorem held for her class of primes. Gauss was impressed by her work and continued to correspond with Monsieur Le Blanc. Gauss only learned of Germain's true identity when he found out that his life had been spared from Napoleon's onslaught of Prussia by the request of the lady Sophie Germain.

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