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         Geminus:     more books (19)
  1. The Anatomy of Thomas Geminus. A Notable Acquisition for the Library. by Geoffrey Keynes, 1959
  2. Papyrii Gemini Eleatis Hermathena, Sev De Eloquentiae Victoria: Reproduced in Exact Facsimile from the Copy in St. John's College Library. with an Appendix ... in Different States (Latin Edition) by Papyrius Geminus, 2010-02-13
  3. RAD and the Quest for Geminus by Julius Kohanyi, 2006-01
  4. Lq05 Quadrangle: Posidonius, Cassini, Endymion, Messala, Aristillus, de La Rue, Maury, Atlas, Aristoteles, Geminus, Hercules, Archytas
  5. The Copper Plates in Raynalde and Geminus. Offprint from the Proccedings of the Royal Society of Medicine, 1926. by LeRoy Crummer, 1926
  6. Roman-Era Rhodians: Geminus, Castor of Rhodes, Agesimbrotus, Agepolis, Agesilochus, Apollonius Molon, Alexander of Rhodes, Agathagetus
  7. Ancient Rhodian Scientists: Hipparchus, Posidonius, Geminus, Dinocrates, Attalus of Rhodes
  8. Geminu Eisagog? eis ta phainomena: Graece et Latine (German Edition)
  9. Characters in Mystery Novel Series of the 21st Century: Bernie Rhodenbarr, Marcus and Gaius Geminus, Dermot Michael Coyne, Nuala Anne Mcgrail
  10. Geminus: An entry from Gale's <i>Science and Its Times</i> by Judson Knight, 2001
  11. Gestorben 216 V. Chr.: Marcus Minucius Rufus, Gnaeus Servilius Geminus, Lucius Aemilius Paullus (German Edition)
  12. Papyrii Gemini Eleatis Hermathena, Sev De Eloquentiae Victoria. Ad Lectorem Non mihi Musa pares, genitor no dulcis Apollo, Ruraq, Cecropidum, nec moenia celsa Quirini, Barbarus ast rauco resonabo classica cornu, Quodq, tulere nesas diuumq, hoimq, parentes by Papyrius Geminus, 1886
  13. Gemini Elementa Astronomiae by Geminus, 2010-03-01
  14. PAPYRII GEMINI ELEATIS HERMATHENA, SEV De Eloquenti¾ Victoria. by Papyrius. Geminus, 1522-01-01

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  • 3. Geminus
    Biography of geminus (10BC60)

    4. Geminus Corporation - About Geminus
    geminus Corporation is a management group that offers innovative The nonfor-profitgeminus provides these services for the Tri-City Comprehensive

    5. Geminus Corporation
    L.E.A.D. Initiative Prevention Services geminus Corporation 8400 Louisiana St. Merrillville, Indiana 464106353 NEWSLETTER

    6. Geminus
    Biography of geminus (10BC60) geminus is believed by many historians to haveworked in Rhodes. Certainly his astronomy text uses mountains on Rhodes to
    Born: about 10 BC in (possibly) Rhodes, Greece
    Died: about 60 AD
    Show birthplace location Previous (Chronologically) Next Biographies Index Previous (Alphabetically) Next Main index
    Version for printing
    It may be surprising that Geminus 's name seems to be Latin rather than Greek but as Heath writes [3]:- The occurrence of a Latin name in a centre of Greek culture need not surprise us, since Romans settled in such centres in large numbers during the last century BC. Geminus, however, in spite of his name, was thoroughly Greek. Geminus is believed by many historians to have worked in Rhodes. Certainly his astronomy text uses mountains on Rhodes to make specific points but, as Dicks points out in [1], this is not proof that he worked there. For example, Geminus refers to Mt Atabyrius (today called Mt Attaviros) without giving any indication of where it is but when he refers to Mt Cyllene he is careful to indicate that it is the Peloponnesus. However, since Rhodes was at this time the centre for astronomical research, and was taken as the reference point for latitude in astronomical observations, it is quite possible that Geminus would assume his reader were familiar with the reference points of Rhodes such as Mt Atabyrius without further comment. Geminus was a Stoic philosopher and either a pupil, or perhaps a later follower, of

    7. Http//

    8. References For Geminus
    References for the biography of geminus. AC Bowen and BR Goldstein, geminusand the concept of mean motion in GrecoLatin astronomy, Arch. Hist.
    References for Geminus
    Version for printing
  • Biography in Dictionary of Scientific Biography (New York 1970-1990). Books:
  • E J Dijksterhuis, Gemini Elementorum astronomiae (Leiden, 1957).
  • T L Heath, A History of Greek Mathematics (2 Vols.) (Oxford, 1921).
  • O Neugebauer, A history of ancient mathematical astronomy (New York, 1975). Articles:
  • A C Bowen and B R Goldstein, Geminus and the concept of mean motion in Greco-Latin astronomy, Arch. Hist. Exact Sci.
  • S Drake, Hipparchus- Geminus- Galileo, Stud. Hist. Philos. Sci.
  • B L van der Waerden, Greek astronomical calendars. V. The motion of the Sun in the Parapegma of Geminos and in the Romaka-Siddhanta, Arch. Hist. Exact Sci. Main index Birthplace Maps Biographies Index
    History Topics
    ... Anniversaries for the year
    JOC/EFR April 1999 School of Mathematics and Statistics
    University of St Andrews, Scotland
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  • 9. The Sea Slug Forum - Chromodoris Geminus
    Chromodoris geminus Rudman, 1987 Order NUDIBRANCHIA Suborder DORIDINA Family Chromodorididae

    10. Geminus

    11. The Sea Slug Forum - Chromodoris Cf. Geminus
    p This looks quite like a href="chrogemi.htm" Chromodoris geminus which has also been reported from South Africa. However it is deeper in colour

    12. Geminus
    © 20042005

    13. THE GEMiiNUS SECT (formerly The Geminus Sect) Official Website
    NOISE DATES BIOMECHANICS PICS MERCH updated 03/12/05 webmaster KT Bley

    14. Patron Saints Index: Saint Geminus
    Patron Saint Index profile of Saint geminus. geminus. Memorial 9 October;Profile Monk at Sanpaterniano de Fano, Narni, Umbria.
    9 October
    Monk at Sanpaterniano de Fano, Narni, Umbria. Claimed by both the Basilians and Benedictines
    San Gemini
    Saints Index Page Catholic Community Forum Contact Author ... Message Board

    15. Skoki Spadochronowe kliknij na adres i wyslij go swoim znajomym! Napisz do nas! Wszelkie prawa zastrzezone.

    16. Patron Saints Index: Saint Geminus
    Patron Saint Index profile of Saint geminus. geminus. Memorial 4 January;Profile Martyred with Saint Aquilinus, Saint Eugene, Saint Marcian,
    4 January
    Martyred with Saint Aquilinus, Saint Eugene, Saint Marcian, Saint Quintus, Saint Theodotus, and Saint Tryphon. by the Arian Hunneric, king of the Vandals. Blessed Bede had access to records about them, and wrote of their heroic deaths, but his sources have not survived.
    martyred in
    deutsch italiano
    Saints Index Page Catholic Community Forum ... Message Board

    17. Chromodoris Geminus
    Zwillings Prachtsternschnecke. Name Latein. Chromodoris geminus. Vorkommen Iris Chromodoris geminus unterscheidet sich durch vier B nder

    18. Geminus (pro, 01-02)
    I want to know where the geminus family are hiding and now. With Voldemort swords the Death Hermione and Ron, this is Kara and Jenna geminus.
    Back to Author Page Next Chapter Title: Geminus (pro, 01-02)
    Author name: KaraGandShaddy
    Author email:
    Category: General
    Sub Category: Humor
    Keywords: sirius twins harry draco
    Rating: PG-13
    Spoilers: SS/PS, CoS, PoA, GoF, OoTP
    Summary: What if there was a way that Sirius Black could return? What if two sisters knew the answer? How much trouble can two sisters get upto at Hogwarts anyway? H/OC Oliver/OC D/OC R/Hr.
    Author notes: This is a joint fic by myself (KaraG) and Shaddy, all chapters are a mixture of both our ideas. Any comments then please feel free to email me (KaraG)
    Prologue Crucio As the screams echoed around the room the few remaining Death Eaters cringed inwardly from the anger radiating from Voldemort. "What are you trying to tell me Wormtail; there is a way that Black can return?" The limp figure on the floor struggled to stand and finally settled on sitting up. "Yes, my lord. And if he does...." "I am fully aware of the implications Wormtail but I was led to believe that the Geminus family were no more." As Voldemort said this, the Death Eater who supplied this information looked for an escape route and, realising there was none, fell to Voldemort's feet.

    19. Geminus, Inc.
    You've come to the right place! We are promotional products experts, committed to your success

    20. :: THE GEMiiNUS SECT (formerly The Geminus Sect) Official Website::

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