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         Coates John:     more books (100)
  1. The Watsons; Jane Austen's Fragment Continued and Completed By John Coates by jane austen, 1958
  2. (Like to Love) Like to Sing About Sunshine by Chris Dedrick, arr John Coates, Jr. TTBB and piano octavo. c1973, Almitra music by Arr. John Coates, Jr Chris Dedrick, 1973
  3. I Just Came to Praise the Lord By Wayne Romero, Arr. SAB By John Coates, Jr. With Piano Accomp. 11 Page Octavo by Arr John Coates, Jr Romero, 1976
  4. The Assassination of John F. Kennedy, 1963: The Report of the Warren Commission, September 1964 (Uncovered Ecitions) by Tim Coates, 2002-01
  5. All Christians, Now Rejoice (SATB, Two Optional Flutes and Optional 4 Octave Handbells, Triune Choral Library 10/1344T) by John E Coates, 1995
  6. Spirituality & Social Work: Selected Canadian Readings
  7. Star Wars -- A Musical Journey (Easy Piano) by Williams, John, et all 2007-12-01
  8. Hedwig's Theme & Harry's Wondrous World (From Sorcerer's Stone) - Sheet Music - (Piano Solo - Easy -, Dan Coates) by By John Williams / arr. Dan Coates, 2001
  9. Biggest Pop Hits of 1998 / arranged by Dan Coates and by Coates, Dan, et all 1998-10-05
  10. The Widow's Tale by John Coates, 1958-01-01
  11. A collection of original miscellaneous poems and translations. By the Reverend Mr. Coates, ... by John Coates, 2010-05-30
  12. The Australian Centenary History of Defence: Volume 7: An Atlas of Australia's Wars (v. 7) by Lieutenant-General John Coates, 2002-02-06
  13. Elliptic Curves, Modular Forms and Fermat's Last Theorem, 2nd Edition by various, 1998-01-01
  14. John Cowper Powys in search of a landscape by C. A Coates, 1982

81. Studpeople
Christy, john, Farmer. coates, Charles M. Farmer. coates, Isaac, Farmer. coates, James C. Farmer. coates, James S. Farmer. coates, john N. Farmer
Head of Households in 1865
from Hutchinson's NB Directory
for Studholm Parish, Kings County, NB
Community Names in Studholm Parish in 1865 Fenwick Millstream Mouth of Millstream Smith's Creek ... Sussex Vale Havelock
(Community of Smith's Creek) Almon, James Farmer Arnold, Patrick Farmer Avery, Peter Farmer Baxter, William Farmer Beaty, Samuel Shoemaker Birn, John Farmer Broomhill, Matthew Farmer Crosley, Joseph Farmer Dobson, George G Farmer Dobson, John Farmer Jordan, John Farmer McAllister, Henry Farmer Mace, William Miller Manning, George Farmer Rand, Joseph H. Farmer Reynolds, Francis Farmer Sullivan, John Shoemaker Stafford, Richard Jordan Mountain
(Community of Smith's Creek) Almon, Samuel Farmer Almon, William Farmer Almon William, Jr. Farmer Beggar, James G. Farmer Beggar, Thomas Farmer Chestnut, Robert Farmer Creighton, William Farmer Fennel, Daniel Farmer Gregg Mrs. Farmer Hall, David Farmer Hall, Joseph Farmer Jamieson, William H. Farmer Jordan, Aaron Farmer Jordan, David Farmer Jordan Thomas Shoemaker Jordan, Thomas, Jr. Farmer Marr, Alexander Farmer Marr, James Farmer Marr, James T.

82. Amherst College Biographical Record: Class Of 1913
Prepared Oak Park (Ill.) HS Northwestern, 191316; taught john Marshall LS, coates, john Locke. 5251. Cobb, Samuel Henry. S. of Dr. George Henry (AC
Home Genealogy Amherst College Biographical Record
Amherst College Class of 1913
(from the Amherst College Biographical Record, Centennial Edition (1821-1921) Previous Class... Menu Index ... Allen , Harold Gates . S. of Rev. Edward P. (A. C. 1880) and Celia J. (Gates), b. Stacyville, Ia., N. 19, 1890. Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Tau Delta. Prepared Newton H. S. Taught Milton Acad., 1913-17; salesman Babson Statistical Organization, Wellesley Hills, Mch.-N. 1919; Firestone Tire and Rubber Co., 1919-. Amherst Unit Sect. 539, U. S. A. A. S.; Corp., Sergt., 2nd Lieut. C. A. C. Married Miss Gray, Hartland, Me. Bro. Frederick C. (A. C. 1915) Address, Box 83, Hartland, Me. Allen , Herbert Charles Atkinson , Geoffroy Averill , Otis . S. of Joseph O. and Julia C. (Blake), b. Yokohama, Japan, Jan. 15, 1891. Alpha Delta Phi. Prepared Mr. Leal's School, Plainfield, N. J. and Flushing (N. Y.) H. S.; B. S. With the Lawyer's Mortgage Co., N. Y. City, 1913-17. D. Greenwich, Conn., Je. 26, 1917. Bro. Norman W. (A. C. ex 1914) Babbott , Frank Lusk Bailey , Charles Fifield Bassett , Preston Rogers Beckwith , Kenneth Burwell Belden , Horace Potter . S. of Edgar A. and Elisa (Potter), b. Hamilton, O., D. 26, 1890. Beta Theta Pi.

83. The Reasons For Christmas Project - John Coates, Jr.
His first road gig was with Charlie Ventura with whom he also recorded two albums. He then returned to the Deer Head in the summer of 1962 and played there
The Artists
  • Bob Dorough Bobby Syvarth David Liebman Gary Dillon ... The Water Gap Brass
  • John Coates, Jr.
    Born In Trenton, NJ, Coates graduated from Ewing High School. In 1962 he graduated magna cum laude from Rutgers Univ. where he holds a degree in romance languages. He began playing in local clubs when he was 14, played summers at the Deer Head Inn when he was 16, and recorded his first LP for Savoy Records while still a senior in high school. He performed on the Steve Allen, Mike Douglas and Merv Griffin TV shows in support of that LP. John now resides in New York City. His first road gig was with Charlie Ventura with whom he also recorded two albums. He then returned to the Deer Head in the summer of 1962 and played there for almost 30 years. He was employed by Shawnee Press as an arranger and editor from 1964 until 1976. He recorded eight albums for Omnisound Records under the direction of Yoshio Inomota. He also began playing across America, Europe, Japan and Canada promoting his albums. In 1993 John recorded the first of 5 CD's for PACIFIC ST RECORDS

    84. Euler Characteristics And Elliptic Curves II, By John H. Coates And Susan Howson
    Euler Characteristics and Elliptic Curves II, by john H. coates and Susan Howson. This paper has now appeared in J. Math. Soc. Japan vol. 53, no.
    Euler Characteristics and Elliptic Curves II, by John H. Coates and Susan Howson
    John H. Coates and Susan Howson

    85. Chinese Mathematics Is Catching Up, Says Professor John Coates
    Professor of Pure Mathematics at Cambridge University john coates is not only a mania for Chinese culture, he said he is also deeply impressed by Chinese

    86. Conference In Honour Of John Coates
    Conference in honour of john H. coates on the occasion of his 60th birthday Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge UK, January 1314 2005. Participants
    Conference in honour of John H. Coates on the occasion of his 60th birthday
    Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge UK, January 13-14 2005
    Participants Programme: Thursday 13 January Registration Stephen Lichtenbaum (Brown) "The Weil-etale topology for number rings" Jacques Tilouine (Paris) "Low weight rank four Galois representations and Siegel modular forms" Lunch "The p-adic Satake isomorphism" Kazuya Kato (Kyoto) "Iwasawa theory for units and Iwasawa theory for elliptic curves (a plan)" 19:00 for 19:30 Conference dinner at Emmanuel College Friday 14 January Matthias Flach (Pasadena) "Some new cases of the Tamagawa number conjecture" Ralph Greenberg (Seattle) "The Structure of Galois Cohomology Groups" Lunch Robert Coleman (Berkeley) "Woods Hole, fake CM, near logarithma, too supersingular curves and stable models" Pierre Colmez (Paris) "On the p-adic local Langlands correspondance for GL_2(Q_p)" Organisers: I. Fesenko (Nottingham), A. Scholl (Cambridge), R. Taylor (Harvard), J. Tilouine (Paris), A. Wiles (Princeton) Supported by a grant from London Mathematical Society with additional support from the Pure mathematics division of University of Nottingham DPMMS, Cambridge

    87. Oxford American Magazine
    As Marc Smirnoff says in his editorial, Those Yankees have john Updike, including Lisa Tucker, TaNehisi coates, john McManus, David Stricklin,
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    88. Mann Creek Landowners
    coates, Alvin H76. coates, Geroge - H122. coates, john - P117, P79. coates, Tom - P80. Cole, Joe - 11147. Connally, Ed - 1128, P85
    Back to Washington County These are the original landowners as shown in the book Memoirs of Mann Creek . If you find an ancestor listed I can look up the name in the index of this book. There may or may not be a listing for any given name. 1111 - Homestead P - Purchase L - Land Grant CHAPTER 2 T - Timber Claim ALPHABETICAL INDEX OF LANDOWNERS Abricrombrie, Walter - P24 Ackley, Samuel E. - Hill Adams, Andrew Wilson Adams, Dudley W. - H69, P88 Adams, Earl - H83, P88 Adams, Elias - H32, P33 Adams, Elvin - H72 Adams, George W. - H88,P85, P86 Adams, W. Edward - H59 Adams, Willoughby - H60, T57 Alderson, Clarence - H70, P66 Alderson, Richard - P65, P68 Alderson, Roy - 110 Anderson, John C. - L37 Applegate, John P, Applegate, Samuel W. - P12 Applegate, William Argo, Clarence E. Attebery, Ernest - H137, P23 Attebery, Henry - P88 Attebery, Tom - P15 Austin, C.L. - P112 Babb, Caleb W. - H47 Babbit, Fred Bagley, Lawrence - H Bagley, Walter - P49, P41 Bain, Benjamin E. - H9 Bain, Benjamin F, - H42, P36, P79 Bain, Prank Bain, James - H Bainbridge, Benjamin T.-H77, P115 Barton, Greenberry B. - P17, H133

    89. Bibliography: The Mariner's Mirror, Vol. 81 (1995)
    coates, john Trireme Reconstructions Some Comments in Response to Ewan Corlett. coates, john Morrison, john Rankov, Boris Shaw, Tomothy The
    The Mariner's Mirror, Vol. 81 (1995)
    Published by the Society for Nautical Research , London.
    Issue 1, January.
    • Appleby, John C.: 'A Business of Much Difficulty': A London Slaving Venture 1651-1654.
      The Mariner's Mirror, Vol. 81, London, 1995. pp 3-14.
    • King, P.W.: Iron Ballast for the Georgian Navy and Its Producers.
      The Mariner's Mirror, Vol. 81, London, 1995. pp 15-20;
    • Leach, Nicholas: Early Life-Boats in Liverpool Bay.
      The Mariner's Mirror, Vol. 81, London, 1995. pp 21-31.
    • Quarm, Roger: An Album of Drawings by Gabriel Bray RN, HMS Pallas
      The Mariner's Mirror, Vol. 81, London, 1995. pp 32-44, ill.
    • Barton, Peter: The First Blockage Runner and 'Another Alabama '. Some Tees and Hartlepools Ships that Worried the Union.
      The Mariner's Mirror, Vol. 81, London, 1995. pp 45-64, ill.
    • Allen, Matthew: The Foreign Intelligence Committee and the Origins of the Naval Intelligence Department of the Admiralty.
      The Mariner's Mirror, Vol. 81, London, 1995. pp 65-78.
    • Corlett, Ewan C.B.: The Operation of the Trireme Reconstruction Olympias : Some Comments.

    90. Bibliography: The Mariner's Mirror, Vol. 82 (1996)
    coates, john F. Brown, David K. The Liao and the displacement of ships in the Ming Navy. The Mariner s Mirror Vol. 82, London, 1996. p 484.
    The Mariner's Mirror, Vol. 82 (1996)
    Published by the Society for Nautical Research , London.
    • The Liao and the Displacement of Ships in the Ming Navy
      The Mariner's Mirror, Vol. 82, London, 1996. pp 3-13, ill.
    • Williams, Glyn: 'To Make Discoveries of Countries Hitherto Unknown'. The Admiralty and Pacific Exploration in the Eighteenth Century
      The Mariner's Mirror, Vol. 82, London, 1996. pp 14-27.
      This article as The Caird Lecture, devlivered at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, on 24 May 1995.
    • Webb, Paul: The Frigate Situation of the Royal Navy 1793-1815
      The Mariner's Mirror, Vol. 82, London, 1996. pp 28-40.
    • Lambert, Andrew D.: Preparing for the Long Peace: The Reconstruction of the Royal Navy 1815-1830
      The Mariner's Mirror, Vol. 82, London, 1996. pp 41-54.
    • Buxton, Ian: Mauretania and Her Builders
      The Mariner's Mirror, Vol. 82, London, 1996. pp 55-73, ill.
    • Christides, Vassilios: Once again the Ram
      The Mariner's Mirror, Vol. 82, London, 1996. pp 74-75, ill.
    • Weski, Timm: Cargo Handling and the Bremen Cog
      The Mariner's Mirror, Vol. 82, London, 1996. pp 75-76.

    91. Coates
    Observation by john coates. john observes from Burnley in Lancashire, northwest England. He uses a variety of instruments, including a 175 mm and 300 mm
    Observation by John Coates John observes from Burnley in Lancashire, northwest England. He uses a variety of instruments, including a 175 mm and 300 mm Newtonian, and a 75 mm refractor. He has contributed a great many observations to the Lunar Section since 1994, including many that were secured from video images with a CCD device. Plinius 2 February 1998 300 mm reflector Plinius is 43 km in diameter. It is a magnificent formation. Under a low Sun angle the sight is spectacular! Note the two hills outside the northwest wall. Under high lighting the crater displays bands up the inner walls. The central peak was not illuminated at the time of observation. Return to Lunar Section Archive

    92. Staff Profile - Dr Michael John Coates
    Name Dr Michael john coates. Staff name. Qualifications B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc., Ph.D. Position(s) Lecturer (in physical limnology and physical oceanography)

    93. Campus Page
    Camden Campus john B. Pye, Wolverton and coates Park Farm Large Map of Camden Campus - john B Pye, Wolverton and coates Park, A to I
    Directories Home Directories Maps Home ... Visitors
    Camden Campus - John B. Pye, Wolverton and Coates Park Farm Camden Campus - John B. Pye, Wolverton and Coates Park Farms (Veterinary Science, Agriculture) Camden Campus is located south-west of Sydney. Other Camden maps:
    ABN: 15 211 513 464 CRICOS Number: 00026A
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    94. The New York Review Of Books: John Coates
    Bibliography of books and articles by john coates, from The New York Review of Books.
    @import "/css/default.css"; Home Your account Current issue Archives ... NYR Books
    John Coates
    From the Review
    June 13, 1991 'The Greatest American Shambles': An Exchange
    Your account Current issue ... NYR Books with any questions about this site. The cover date of the next issue of The New York Review of Books will be September 22, 2005.

    95. John COATES (ca. 1659-1729) - Lynn, Essex Co., MA
    john coates. (ca. 16591729) - Lynn, Essex co., MA Aherin, Evelyn (coates). The Genealogy of Robert coates of Lynn, Mass. and Some of his Descendants. 5
    John COATES
    John was born ca.1659 in Lynn, Essex co., MA. John¹s birth date is based on the fact that he was age 23 in June 1682 DEATH John died in Lynn, Essex co., MA [probably] on 17 April 1729; he was 70. Broderick claims that John died in 1726 or 1727 . Torrey says 1727 . Regardless, John's Probate was filed on 17 April 1729 and names John, Jr. as his executor RESIDENCE John lived in Lynn all his life and had his home near Groves End He was a member of the military squadron of Mr. Laughton and Francis Burrill and took the Oath of Allegiance on 26 February 1677/8 at Lynn [sworn to by Cap't. Thomas Marshall of Lynn.]. MARRIAGE #1 On 14 April 1681, when John was 22, he first married Mary WITHERDIN , in Lynn, Essex co., MA . Mary died on 18 June 1682 in Lynn, Essex co., MA
    CHILDREN i. Mary1 COATES [twin] Born on 14 January 1682 in Lynn, Essex co., MA and died in Lynn, Essex co., MA on 17 April 1695; she was 13. ii.

    96. Booklist - Criticism
    coates, john, The Day s Work Kipling and the Idea of Sacrifice, Fairleigh Dickinson University Pr. 1997. Colley, Terry, Rudyard Kipling Poet of the People
    (under development)
    Biographies and Letters
    Kipling's Reading and Sources
    United Services College
    Freemasonry ... Criticism
    [November 25 2003]
    Amalric, J.C. (Ed.) Cahiers Victoriens et Edouardiens (No.33) Université Paul Valéry Montpellier
    Devoir et Liberté: The Ship That Found Herself by E Hanquart-Turner. Amis, Kingsley Rudyard Kipling London
    A brief illustrated introduction, very well reviewed. Anon. ABC: Role-playing in Kipling;s Airship Utopia Games Review Magazine Swanage
    Article in magazine. Anon. Giants of Literature - Kipling Sampson Lowe Marsden London
    Bauer, Helen Pike Rudyard Kipling - A Study of the Short Fiction Twayne Publishers New York City A valuable work with useful chronology and bibliography. Bayley, John The Uses of Division Chatto and Windus London Bayley, John The Short Story in English Harvester Press Brighton Bratton, Jacqueline S. Kipling's Magic Art Oxford University Press Text of Chatterton Lecture at the British Academy, 1978. Pamphlet. Bodelsen, C.A

    97. Funding Factfile - John Coates Charitable Trust
    john coates Charitable Trust. Address. Crockmore House Fawley Henley on Thames Oxon, RG9 6HY. Telephone. 01491 573367. Fax. 01491 411641. Applicant Criteria

    Adults / Families


    Children's Work

    Community Organisations
    Home Page
    Funding Factfile
    Funder John Coates Charitable Trust Address Crockmore House
    Henley on Thames
    Oxon, RG9 6HY Telephone Fax Applicant Criteria Groups must be registered charities. No individuals may apply. Funding Criteria Health, Community, Environment, Arts. Amounts Awarded Up to £15,000. Largest grant to local organisation - £2,000

    98. Academic Staff Profile: Bruce Coates
    In 2003, the Bruce coates/john Edwards/David Ryan Trio received funding for a short tour of the United Kingdom from Jazz Services and the Musician’s Union.
    Academic Staff Profile
    Bruce Coates

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    Bruce Coates MA
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    99. John Coates, B: 1919 - Bury,
    john coates Born 1919 Bury Marr - Died - Other Spouses, Edith Born 1920 - Bury Died 1994 - Bury Other Spouses. 1. Beryl coates Born 1958 -
    Father: Tom Coates
    Born: 1885 Marr: Died: 1959
    Mother: Annie Redford
    Born: 1886 Died: 1953
    John Coates
    Born: 1919 - Bury
    Marr: -
    Died: -
    Other Spouses: Edith
    Born: 1920 - Bury
    Died: 1994 - Bury Other Spouses: 1. Beryl Coates Born: 1958 - Marr: - Died: - 2. Sheila Coates Born: 1960 - Marr: - Died: - INDEX HOME EMAIL Generated on Monday, Feb 11 2002 by GedHTree Version 2.08 Father: Tom Coates Born: 1885 Marr: Died: 1959 Mother: Annie Redford Born: 1886 Died: 1953 Alfred Coates Born: 1921 - Bury Marr: - Died: - Other Spouses: Helen Greenhalgh Born: 1921 - Bury Died: 1975 - Longridge (near Preston) Other Spouses: 1. Terence Coates Born: 1950 - Bury Marr: - Diana Died: - 2. Helen Coates Born: 1958 - Bury Marr: - Died: 1995 - Blackburn 3. Stuart Coates

    100. Sheet Music Plus - Michael Peterson Search Results 1-10 Of 13
    Arranged by Dan coates, john Brimhall. Piano arrangement mixed folio (Easy piano). Level easy piano. 192 pages. Published by Warner Brothers. (AF9801)
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