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         Burkill John:     more detail
  2. Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations by John Charles Burkill, 1956
  3. Burkill Equations by Burkill,
  4. Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations by J. C. (John Charles) Burkill, 1956

1. The Theory Of Ordinary Differential Equations. First Edition. -
The Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations. First Edition.; BURKILL, JOHN. Offered by Plurabelle Books

2. Ancestors Of Mr. John BURKILL {P31708}
Mr. John BURKILL {P31708} Family History Research in Lincolnshire

3. Directories
Barratt John, Butcher Bell Wm., Victualler, Bay Horse Burkill Chas., Corn Mercht.burkill john and Isaac, Maltsters, and Corn and Coal Merchts.
Extracts from Directories White’s 1842 Directory of Residents
Barratt John, Bricklayer
Barratt John, Butcher
Bell Wm., Victualler, Bay Horse
Burkill Chas., Corn Mercht.
Burkill John and Isaac, Maltsters, and Corn and Coal Merchts.
James Ann, Victualler, Ferry House
Judge Charles, Corn Miller
Kendall William, Wheelwright
Moxon Rev. Wm. Charles, Curate
Ogg Thomas, Victualler, Ship Scarborough Mrs. Mary Sergeant Sarah, Blacksmith Spencer Isaac, Fellmonger Suggett Jefferson, Gentleman Waddingham Geo., Ship and Boat Builder Waddingham John, Beerhouse Walker John, Schoolmaster Westoby John, Gentleman Wigelsworth James, Blacksmith Farmers *are owners Barratt Eward Barratt Hardy Barratt William Brankley Robert Brooks Samuel *Burkill John *Chapman Jph., Grange Legard Joseph, Sluice Robinson George Kelly's 1900 If you have further information that you would like to see added to this page, please click here . All contributions will be acknowledged within the script. Any corrections to the current script may be made on this link too. Damito heads-online vauqueliniere snitterby ...

4. Records For Burkill, J. C. (John Charles), 1900- (in VSCCAT)
Burkill, J. C. (John Charles), 1900 Not found or no more entries match key Click on one of the above listings for more detail

5. References For Burkill
References for the biography of John Burkill

6. Burkill Portrait
Portrait of John Burkill

7. Burkill
John Charles Burkill

8. Burkill
Biography of John Charles Burkill (19001993)

9. BSHM Gazetteer C
St John's College

10. Malting
John Isaac Burkill, Moon Robson, Low Burgage, maltkiln, photograph

11. GENUKI: Haxby Parish, Directory Of Trades And Professions For 1890
Britton Thomas; Brown William, White House farm; burkill john, High grange;Daniel Robert, South view; Dutton J., Haxby and Walbutts farm, Strensall
Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades
for HAXBY in Bulmer's Directory of 1890. Post:
Post, Money Order Office, and Savings Bank , Haxby; Francis Noble, postmaster. Letters arrive via York at 5-40 a.m. and 5-20 p.m., and are despatched at 8-10 p.m. on week-days, and at 7-55 p.m. on Sundays. Delivery at 7-0 a.m.
Miscellany of trades
  • Atkinson John, blacksmith
  • Attwood Frederick, vict., Red Lion
  • Blacker Joseph
  • Bradley Rev.. Richard, Vicarage
  • Braithwaite Maria, grocer
  • Brough Francis, butcher
  • Bulmer Mrs. Elizabeth, brickmaker
  • Carr William, market gardener
  • Clarke Joseph, market gardener
  • Dawson Mrs. Ann, dressmaker
  • Driffield Mrs. Elizabeth, shopkeeper
  • Driffield J. H., thrashing machine proprietor
  • Dudding Henry, vict., Tiger Inn
  • Dyson John, contractor, Wortley house
  • Dyson Mr. Meek, Ash house
  • Grayson Mr. Benjamin, Beet cottage
  • Haxby Board School ; Jonth. Arnold, master
  • Haythorne Mr. William
  • Hodgson Charles, blacksmith
  • Hodgson Mr. William
  • Hopkinson John Robert, butcher
  • Jefferson Tom, joiner and wheelwright
  • Jefferson Mr. William

12. GENUKI: Wakefield Directory Of Trades And Professions For 1834
Armitage Samuel Harrison, Grove house; Binney Thomas Richard, Kirkgate;Briggs Rawdon, South parade; burkill john Isaac, Doncaster rd; Dunn Richard,
Transcript of the entry of "professions and trades"
for WAKEFIELD in Pigot's Directory of 1834. Post:

  • Post Office, Corn market, Rowland Hurst, Post master
  • Alderson Rev. William Thompson, Wood st
  • Amory Miss Eliza, St. John's
  • Archer Mr. Joseph, Ossett st side
  • Armitage John, esq. Heath
  • Atkinson Mrs. Jemima, Woodthorp
  • Atkinson Mrs. Mary, New Miller dam
  • Barker Captain G.D. Chestnut grove, Northgate
  • Barstow William, esq. (magistrate) Barstow sq, King st
  • Black Mr. Noah Robert, New Miller dam
  • Briscoe Mrs. -, Westgate
  • Briscoe Mrs. -, South parade
  • Burrell Mrs. -, South parade
  • Burton Miss Mary, Wrengate
  • Carr Mrs. Hannah Maria, Westgate
  • Carr John Francis, esq. Carr lodge, Horbury
  • Clapham Mrs. Ann, York st
  • Clarkson Mr. John, Westgate
  • Clarkson Rev. Thomas Beyley, New Miller dam
  • Clayton Mr. Thomas, Northgate
  • Coates Miss -, Heath
  • Cope Rev. Richard, L.L.D. Southgate
  • Craven Mr. William, Horbury
  • Daltry Benjamin, esq. (magistrate) Lofthouse hall
  • Dawson Captain Henry, Alverthorpe hall
  • Dawson Rev. Henry, Horbury
  • Dawson Mrs. Sarah, Painthorpe
  • Day Mrs. -, Walton

13. UK Vacancies And UK Company Profiles
burkill john Associates Bullseye Engineering Glasgow Bulpitt Ltd Bulpitts Ltd Bullock Engineering Building Services (Beds) Ltd
C F Dodson Ltd


C F Dodson Ltd


Boldgreen Ltd

14. GSSA - Interesting Articles
burkill john. Bushell John, 85th Reg. 20.11.1857, 7.12.1843, gone to England .Butcher Herbert. Carrick Robert. Chew William, 85th Reg.
Interesting Articles This page contains articles of interest to South African genealogists, taken from the pages of various publications, including Familia Index 1850 British Settlers to the Cape A number of books have been written about the 1820 Settlers, giving the names of the ships and the manner in which they travelled, but very little has been written or is generally known about other groups of British citizens who came as settlers in subsequent years. They appear to have been mostly artisans and members of the working class, although the term 'labourer' in those days could also apply to a clerical worker. It is interesting to note that the names of the married men were together with the number of children each possessed, but there is no mention whatever of the wives who presumably accompanied them.
The Undermentioned Immigrants having arrived in the ZENOBIA, persons desirous of engaging their services are requested to apply at the depot without delay.

15. Lincolnshire 1841 Pigot S Directory Index Of Names. For The Book
Thomas,039 BURGESS Thomas,073 BURGIN Michael,018 burkill john,064 BURKILLJohn,064 BURKINSHAW Josiah,063 BURKITT Samuel,6 BURKITT Samuel,6 BURKS John
Lincolnshire 1841 Pigot's Directory Index of names. For the book available on CD see AATKIN William,3 ABBOTT Benjamin,042 ABBOTT Benjamin,043 ABBOTT Benjamin,021 ABBOTT John,089 ABBOTT John,026 ABBOTT John,025 ABBOTT Mrs,3 ABBOTT Thomas,3 ABEL Robert,8 ABEY Edward,070 ABEY James,050 ABEY William,049 ABLEWHITE John,016 ABLEWHITE Mary,066 ABLEWHITE Thomas,064 ABLEWHITE Thomas,065 ABRAHAM Frank,6 ABRAHAM Frank,7 ABRAHAM Samuel,090 ABY William,025 ABY William,050 ACKLAND John,075 ACKRILL John,048 ACKRILL John,050 ACKRILL Mary,050 ACKRILL William,042 ACKRILL Wm.,066 ACKWITH Thomas,013 ACRILL Peter,010 ADAMS John,010 ADAMS Samuel,8 ADAMS William Henry,015 ADAMS William Henry,015 ADAMSON John,5 ADAMSON John,5 ADAMSON John,7 ADCOCK Daniel,026 ADCOCK George,034 ADCOCK James,054 ADCOCK Jas.,054 ADCOCK John,048 ADCOCK Samuel Moysey,075 ADCOCK Samuel Moysey,076 ADCOCK Wm.,059 ADDEY Edward,044 ADDEY Thomas,030 ADDINGTON John,084 ADDISON Robert,044 ADDLESEE,049 ADKIN John,016 ADKIN William Andrew,014 ADKINS William,011 ADLARD Overton,013 ADLARD Thomas,013 ADLARD Thomas,066 ADLARD Thomas,062 AFFORD,085 AINSWORTH M,067 AISTROPPE Mary,062 AKERILL John,016 AKEROYD Daniel,021 AKEROYD Hannah,021 AKERS John,037 AKRILL Ann,047 AKRILL George,040 AKRILL William,055 ALBERT,022 ALBIN Ruth,075 ALBIN Thomas,075 ALBON James,6 ALCOCK,025 ALCOCK Edward Preston,7 ALCOCK William,020 ALCOCK William,069 ALCOCK Wm.,023 ALDAM Cornelius,028 ALDAM Jonathan,028 ALDCROFT Thomas,043 ALDERMAN David,067 ALDERMAN Henry,018 ALDERMAN Thomas,084 ALDERSON Edmund,030 ALFORD Sarah,046 Alfred,026 Alfred the Great,032 ALGAR William,067 ALGAR William,068 ALHAM Thomas,075 ALINGTON,079 ALLAM Joseph,068 ALLAM Thomas,068 ALLANSON Lebius,010 ALLBONES John,088 ALLEN,017 ALLEN,085 ALLEN Charles,8 ALLEN Charlotte,058 ALLEN Edward,073 ALLEN Henry,081 ALLEN James,087 ALLEN James,082 ALLEN John,013 ALLEN John,015 ALLEN Jos.,076 ALLEN Joseph,013 ALLEN Michael,013 ALLEN Robert,029 ALLEN Robert,077 ALLEN Robert,052 ALLEN William,088 ALLEN William,049 ALLENBY,059 ALLENBY Ann,062 ALLENBY Everitt,058 ALLENBY John,062 ALLENBY Redmore,086 ALLENBY Richard,048 ALLENBY Samuel,071 ALLENBY Thos.,056 ALLENSON C M,052 ALLENSON T,051 ALLETT George,091 ALLINSON Augustine Gollon,8 ALLIS David,052 ALLISON,012 ALLISON,065 ALLISON,048 ALLISON,063 ALLISON,066 ALLISON,066 ALLISON Edward,048 ALLISON Edward,049 ALLISON George,067 ALLISON John,055 ALLISON John,057 ALLISON John,058 ALLISON Mary,037 ALLISON William,065 ALLISON William,066 ALLISON William Grant,063 ALLISON Wm.,036 ALLISON Wm. Grant,064 ALLISS Thomas,016 ALLITT William,012 ALLIX Charles,037 ALLMONDS John,052 ALLOTT James,058 ALLSEBROOK John,038 ALLSEBROOK John,038 ALMOND Henry,044 ALMOND Mary,073 ALMOND Thomas,044 ALMOND William,044 ALTHORP,082 ALTOFT William,031 AMCOATS Elizabeth,033 AMOS John,038 AMOS John,040 AMOS John,040 ANDERSON Charles,087 ANDERSON Charles,086 ANDERSON Charles,032 ANDERSON Chas. Henry John,032 ANDERSON Eliza,025 ANDERSON Elizabeth,034 ANDERSON Henry,086 ANDERSON John,030 ANDERSON John,034 ANDERSON John,030 ANDERSON Richard,086 ANDERSON Robert,034 ANDERSON Roger,024 ANDERSON Samuel,055 ANDERSON Susannah,086 ANDERSON Timothy,014 ANDERSON William,086 ANDERSON William,086 ANDERSON William,013 ANDERSON Wm.,086 ANDERSON Wm.,031 ANDERTON Benjamin,6 ANDERTON Benjamin,6 ANDERTON Benjamin jun,6 ANDERTON Christopher,021 ANDERTON Jane,6 ANDERTON Joseph,6 ANDERTON William,057 ANDREW Charlotte,019 ANDREW Edward,044 ANDREW James,8 ANDREW James,077 ANDREW John,029 ANDREW John Slater,015 ANDREW John Slater,014 ANDREW Joseph,079 ANDREW Timothy,028 ANDREW William,8 ANDREW William,054 ANDREW William,079 ANDREWS Edward,052 ANDREWS Frow,064 ANDREWS George,026 ANDREWS Gordon,037 ANDREWS Holland,063 ANDREWS Jabez,090 ANDREWS James,012 ANDREWS John,020 ANDREWS John Wood,7 ANDREWS Joseph,079 ANDREWS Robert,044 ANDREWS Thomas,090 ANDREWS Thomas,090 ANDREWS William,077 ANDREWS William Story,059 ANDREWS Wm. Story,055 ANNISON,063 ANSELL,062 ANTCLIFF John,015 ANYAN Geo.,023 APPLEBY Ann,043 APPLEBY Ann,042 APPLEBY Samuel,065 APPLEBY William Barker,013 APTHORPE George Frederick,054 ARCH Benjamin,067 ARCH Fanny,075 ARCHER Elizabeth,073 ARCHER John,084 ARCHER Thomas,059 ARCHER Willaim,011 ARDEN Edwin,018 ARDEN H,019 ARDEN Thomas,091 ARDRON John,056 ARKER William,087 ARKIN William,055 ARKIN Wm.,017 ARKINSON William,055 ARKINSON William,055 ARLIS Matilda,065 ARLISS Edward,063 ARLISS Eliza,054 ARLISS John,065 ARMES Francis,037 ARMITAGE Joseph,6 ARMITAGE Thomas,063 ARMITAGE William,064 ARMSTRONG Elizabeth,015 ARMSTRONG John,048 ARMSTRONG John,049 ARMSTRONG John,076 ARMSTRONG Mark,6 ARMSTRONG Mary Ann,075 ARMSTRONG Robert,8 ARMSTRONG Thomas,048 ARMSTRONG Thomas,048 ARMSTRONG Thomas,048 ARMSTRONG Thomas,049 ARMSTRONG Thos.,050 ARMSTRONG Thos.,048 ARMSTRONG William,075 ARMSTRONG William,079 ARNFIELD Francis,043 ARNOLD Charles,040 ARNOLD Evelyn,058 ARNOLD Frederick,013 ARNOLD John,4 ARNOLD Rebecca,056 ARNOLD Robert,045 ARNOLD Thomas,8 ARNOLD Thomas,6 ARNOLD Thomas,059 ARNOLD Thos. Graham,083 ARNOLD William,5 ARNOLD William,5 ARNSBY John,087 ARTINDALE Eleanor,089 ARTINDALE James,013 ARUALL Ann,012 ASHBY,019 ASHBY,068 ASHBY,061 ASHBY Thos. Woodhouse,083 ASHBY William,032 ASHBY William,057 ASHBY Wm.,085 ASHBY Wm.,074 ASHELY Thomas,070 ASHELY William,083 ASHER John,056 ASHER John,055 ASHER John,057 ASHER Thomas,8 ASHFORD Thomas,032 ASHLEY George,055 ASHLEY Thomas,027 ASHLIN Martha,057 ASHLIN Robert,075 ASHLING Blyth,012 ASHLING William,045 ASHLLING Robert,071 ASHMAN Charles,031 ASHTON,3 ASHTON Benjamin,013 ASHTON Chas.,058 ASHTON Edward,064 ASHTON Edwd,8 ASHTON Elizabeth,047 ASHTON John,063 ASHTON John,064 ASHTON John,079 ASHTON John,059 ASHTON Joseph,021 ASHTON Joseph,070 ASHTON Philip,076 ASHTON Richard,064 ASHTON Thomas,3 ASHTON Ths.,059 ASHTON William,5 ASHTON William,3 ASHTON William,079 ASHTON William,063 ASHTON William,065 ASHTON Wm.,021 ASHWELL Elizabeth,075 ASHWELL Jonathan,8 ASHWELL Jonathan,075 ASHWELL Stephen,058 ASHWELL William,029 ASHWORTH Robert,045 ASKEW Francis,3 ASKEW James Watson,083 ASKEW James Watson,082 ASKEW James Watson,084 ASKEW Jeremiah,027 ASKEW John,043 ASKEW John,045 ASKEW Thomas,091 ASKEY Ann,065 ASKEY Thomas,065 ASKIN Joseph,090 ASLING Edward B,014 ASMAN Francis,059 ASMAN Francis,056 ASMAN John,089 ASPLAND Charles,016 ASPLAND Tunnard,087 ASPLIN Joseph,088 ASPY Thomas,012 ASQUITH Elizabeth,059 ASQUITH Elizbth.,059 ASTHRON Thomas Showler,064 ATCHINSON Thomas,012 ATKIN,3 ATKIN Frederick,052 ATKIN George,015 ATKIN George,3 ATKIN George,014 ATKIN James,058 ATKIN Joseph,064 ATKIN Moses,066 ATKIN Samuel,014 ATKIN Samuel,013 ATKIN Samuel,076 ATKIN Samuel,076 ATKIN Susannah,019 ATKIN Thomas,016 ATKIN Thomas,015 ATKIN Thomas,071 ATKIN William,090 ATKIN William,014 ATKIN Wm.,016 ATKIN Wm. Broom,065 ATKINSON,034 ATKINSON Abraham,021 ATKINSON Ann,3 ATKINSON Eleanor Smith,054 ATKINSON Elizabeth,054 ATKINSON Frederick Horatio,020 ATKINSON George,033 ATKINSON George,066 ATKINSON Hannah Maria,042 ATKINSON J,017 ATKINSON James,056 ATKINSON John,080 ATKINSON John,079 ATKINSON Joseph,024 ATKINSON Joseph,052 ATKINSON Joseph,050 ATKINSON Joseph,046 ATKINSON Joseph Robert,025 ATKINSON Mary,042 ATKINSON Mary,042 ATKINSON Michael,054 ATKINSON Richard,023 ATKINSON Robert,021 ATKINSON Robert,042 ATKINSON Robt.,020 ATKINSON Sarah,077 ATKINSON Susannah,024 ATKINSON Susannah,050 ATKINSON Thomas,055 ATKINSON Thomas,058 ATKINSON Thomas,071 ATKINSON William,031 ATKINSON William,021 ATKINSON William,079 ATKINSON William,076 ATKINSON William,065 ATKINSON Wm.,043 ATKINSON Wm.,020 ATKINSON Wm.,059 ATLAND John,052 ATLAY Henry,081 ATLAY Henry Charles,084 ATLAY Mary,081 ATTER David,082 ATTERTON,085 ATTON James,082 ATTWOOD George,087 AUCKLAND Joseph,034 AUDAS William,090 AUDLIN,076 AUDLIN William,077 AUDLIN William,076 AUKLAND Peter,052 AUTEY Richard,028 AXE George,070 AXE William,030 AYLIFF Thomas,046 AYLIFF Thomas,045 AYRE,040 AYRE Robt.,066 AYSCOUGH George,064 AYSCOUGH Thomas,066 AYSCOUGH Thomas,065 BABB Ann,041 BABB Frances,041 BABB George,042 BABB George,041 BABBINGTON Elizabeth,069 BABINGTON,048 BABINGTON Edward,048 BABINGTON James,089 BABINGTON Richard,049 BABINGTON Richard,048 BABINGTON Richard,047 BABINGTON Thomas,089 BACKHOUSE Ann,030 BACON George,073 BACON John,073 BACON Nathaniel,083 BACON Nathaniel,084 BACON Solomon,073 BACON William,083 BADCOCK J,062 BAGALEY John,058 BAGGE James,054 BAGLEY Robert,082 BAGLEY Robert,083 BAGLINTON John,016 BAGSHAW George,069 BAGSHAW Jane,034 BAGSHAW Thomas Geo.,034 BAILEY Edward,059 BAILEY George,079 BAILEY George,078 BAILEY Jno. Skinner,015 BAILEY Jno. Skinner,014 BAILEY John,029 BAILEY John Sampson,049 BAILEY Joseph,038 BAILEY Thos. Houghton,014 BAILEY William,010 BAILEY William,038 BAILLIE John,091 BAILY George,055 BAILY George,058 BAILY George,057 BAILY Jno.,016 BAILY John S,016 BAINBRIDGE Geo.,082 BAINBRIDGE Harriet,054 BAINBRIDGE Thomas,055 BAINBRIDGE Thomas,057 BAINBRIDGE Thomas,054 BAINES David,035 BAINES George Henry,083 BAINES James,026 BAINES John,077 BAINES John,084 BAINES Jonathan,027 BAINES Joshua,083 BAINES Salome,052 BAINES Thomas,013 BAINES Thomas,5 BAINS John,080 BAINS Joseph,027 BAINS Sarah,027 BAINS Sophia,054 BAINTON Thomas,083 BAIRD Richard,031 BAKER Elizabeth,083 BAKER George,083 BAKER George,016 BAKER Geroge,082 BAKER James,013 BAKER James,017 BAKER John,015 BAKER John,016 BAKER John,073 BAKER John,048 BAKER John,055 BAKER Mary,039 BAKER Matilda,012 BAKER Thomas,058 BAKER Thomas,072 BAKER William,038 BAKER William,013 BAKER William,029 BAKER William,067 BAKES William,039 BALDACK James,079 BALDERSON Robert Chantrey,090 BALDERSTONE John,052 BALDERSTONE William,052 BALDING Joseph,049 BALDOCK John,052 BALDOCK Wm.,065 BALDOCK Wm.,048 BALEY Philip,029 BALL Charles,6 BALL Deborah,037 BALL John,079 BALL John,073 BALL John,073 BALL Philip,059 BALL Richard,016 BALL Thomas,020 BALL Thomas,021 BALL Thomas,020 BALL Wm.,037 BALLAMY Robert,059 BALLANS David,021 BALLANS David,020 BALLARD Thos.,073 BALLIOL Catherine,042 BAMBER,017 BAMBER Eliza,017 BAMBER Rowland,044 BAMBER William,044 BAMPTON Thomas,073 BAMPTON William,073 BANCROFT John,042 BANCROFT John,042 BANCROFT Wm.,041 BANHAM Henry,019 BANKES,044 BANKES,072 BANKS,016 BANKS Edward,078 BANKS Henry,015 BANKS James,083 BANKS John,9 BANKS John,9 BANKS John,9 BANKS John,079 BANKS John Tatam,065 BANKS Langley Langton,089 BANKS Mary,019 BANKS Robert,012 BANKS Roger,015 BANKS Thomas,082 BANKS Thomas,018 BANKS Thomas,077 BANKS William,031 BANKS William,019 BANNISTER William,059 BARBER Chas. Fredk.,016 BARBER Clark,025 BARBER Edward,084 BARBER George,083 BARBER George,083 BARBER John,068 BARBER Mary,028 BARBER Thomas,068 BARBER Thomas,068 BARBER William,076 BAREFIELD Henry,026 BARFIELD James,019 BARFIELD James,018 BARFIELD Joseph,083 BARFOOT Henry,051 BARFOOT Henry,052 BARHOLM,081 BARKER Christopher Robert,086 BARKER Francis,091 BARKER George,059 BARKER Hannah,050 BARKER Humphrey,091 BARKER Hy.,023 BARKER John,025 BARKER John,042 BARKER John Hydes,067 BARKER Rbt.,023 BARKER Thomas,079 BARKER Thos.,025 BARKER William,091 BARKER William,042 BARKER William,081 BARKET James,035 BARKETT William,4 BARKWORTH Joseph,025 BARLEY Edward,028 BARLEY George,030 BARLEY George,030 BARLEY George,034 BARLEY John,7 BARLEY William,084 BARLOW Benjamin,034 BARLOW Ellen,083 BARLOW Mary,081 BARLOW Samuel,043 BARLOW William,084 BARNABY Henry,049 BARNABY Joseph,034 BARNABY Sarah,4 BARNARD,016 BARNARD,013 BARNARD Ann,8 BARNARD John,8 BARNES Cain,035 BARNES Elizabeth,8 BARNES George,035 BARNES Henry,083 BARNES Joseph Warkins,087 BARNES Shadrach,064 BARNES Tempest,055 BARNES Tempest,059 BARNES Thomas,035 BARNES Thomas,064 BARNES Timothy,033 BARNES William,4 BARNES William,044 BARNES Wm.,088 BARNET Thomas,029 BARNETT,085 BARNETT James,089 BARNETT John Elsey,086 BARNETT Mary,084 BARNETT Mary,069 BARNETT Richard Clay,8 BARNETT Thomas,044 BARNS,068 BARON Benjamin,030 Baron Manners of Foston,7 BARR,059 BARR James,079 BARR James,079 BARR John,091 BARRACK James,4 BARRACK James,6 BARRACK Susannah,4 BARRACK William,4 BARRACLOUGH Joshua,020 BARRAND Robt.,073 BARRAND Thomas,029 BARRAND William,075 BARRAT Wm.,059 BARRATT Edwin,015 BARRATT Elizabeth,015 BARRATT Francis,020 BARRATT George,055 BARRATT John,077 BARRATT Thomas,4 BARRATT William,020 BARRELL William,077 BARRET Arthur,017 BARRETT,085 BARRETT Bridget,4 BARRETT Elizabeth,059 BARRETT George,015 BARRETT Richard,028 BARRETT Thomas,059 BARRETT William,020 BARRINGHAM Chs.,031 BARRON Richd. Simmonds,046 BARROW,083 BARROW,059 BARROW eorge,023 BARROW Isaac,036 BARSNIP Richard,011 BARSTED Francis,012 BARSTON George Gregory,039 BARSTON James,073 BARTHORP George,043 BARTLE Ann,021 BARTLE George,021 BARTOL Mary,011 BARTON George,054 BARTON John,090 BARTON John,9 BARTON Joseph,066 BARTON Joseph,063 BARTON Luke,083 BARTON Maurice Searle,070 BARTON Maurice Searle,070 BARTON Thomas,9 BARTON Wm. Borman,049 BARTON Zephaniah,070 BARTON Zepheniah,070 BARWICK Jabez,014 BARWICK John,015 BARWICK John,017 BARWICK Samuel,016 BARWICK Samuel,012 BARWIS George,082 BARWISS Mary,018 BASKER John,037 BASKER John,039 BASKER Joseph,079 BASS Joseph,073 BASSETT Miss,3 BASTOW Thomas,039 BATCHELDER John,040 BATEMAN George,081 BATEMAN Henry,086 BATEMAN John,022 BATEMAN Joseph,058 BATEMAN Joseph,058 BATEMAN Phineas,046 BATEMAN Wm.,080 BATES,085 BATES Benjamin,064 BATES Edward,077 BATES Henry,076 BATES John,026 BATES John,055 BATES Mary,035 BATSON Edmund,4 BATT William,062 BATTERHAM Nathaniel,065 BATTINSON John,035 BATTLE John Richard,056 BAUMBER William,015 BAVIN John,083 BAVIN Thomas,055 BAXTER,066 BAXTER Francis,082 BAXTER Francis,083 BAXTER James,070 BAXTER Samuel,029 BAXTER William,5 BAXTER William,012 BAXTER William,5 BAXTER William,071 BAYLES Slater,057 BAYLES Slater,056 BAYLES Spencer,055 BAYLEY Henry Vincent,059 BAYNES,050 BAYNTON Thomas,5 BEACOCK George,071 BEACOCK George,070 BEACOCK John,023 BEACOCK Matthew,023 BEADALL,085 BEADEL,040 BEADSWORTH John,083 BEADSWORTH Thomas,084 BEAL Edward,084 BEARD Jeremiah,058 BEARD Letitia,056 BEARD Nevil,014 BEARDSALL Enoch,082 BEARMAN William,070 BEATTIE Thirza,029 BEATY Charles,057 BEAUMONT George,031 BEAUMONT Joshua,035 BEAUMONT Mary Ann,079 BEAUMONT William,066 BEAVIN Arthur,055 BECK,077 BECK George,6 BECK George,7 BECK John,7 BECKERING Holton,091 BECKETT George,030 BEDFORD Francis,038 BEDFORD George,029 BEDFORD George,029 BEDFORD John,054 BEDFORD John Rayner,073 BEDFORD Joseph,037 BEDFORD Robert,089 BEDFORD Susannah,073 BEDFORD William,054 BEE James,059 BEE John,057 BEE Mary,081 BEE Matthw. Stephenson,043 BEE Thomas,084 BEE Thomas,066 BEEBY Caesar Jones,089 BEECH James,026 BEECH Jno.,070 BEECH John,070 BEECH Richard,055 BEECH William,059 BEECHAM,017 BEECHAM Jane,018 BEECHAM William,049 BEECRAFT John,029 BEECROFT George,4 BEECROFT John,029 BEEDALL William,026 BEEDZLER David,018 BEEDZLER Dixon,019 BEEKEN Samuel,027 BEEKEN William,026 BEEKEN William,027 BEELS Francis,058 BEELS William,044 BEELS William,055 BEESON,039 BEESON Ann,039 BEESON Ann,038 BEESON John,039 BEESON Stephen,073 BEESTON Brittain,045 BEESTON F Wilson,045 BEESTON Frederick Wilson,045 BEESTON Frederick Wilson,046 BEESTON Thomas,077 BEESTON Thomas,076 BEETON,063 BEETON George,054 BEETON William,068 BELL Charles,033 BELL Curtis,057 BELL Curtis,058 BELL Curtis,058 BELL Dixon,025 BELL Elizabeth,4 BELL Enoch,034 BELL George,4 BELL George,069 BELL George,046 BELL Henry,018 BELL Henry Cecil,081 BELL James,035 BELL John,6 BELL John,3 BELL John,043 BELL Joseph,4 BELL Lawrence,083 BELL Luke,087 BELL Luke,086 BELL Martha,083 BELL Robert,4 BELL Samuel,5 BELL Thomas,043 BELL Thomas,068 BELL William,021 BELL William,4 BELL William,055 BELL William,070 BELL William David,018 BELL William David,019 BELL William David,019 BELL Wm. Curtis,057 BELLAERS Thomas,013 BELLAIRS John,067 BELLAIRS John,068 BELLAIRS Richard,012 BELLAMY,063 BELLAMY Abraham,028 BELLAMY James Pearson,065 BELLAMY John,035 BELLAMY John,010 BELLAMY John,058 BELLAMY John,080 BELLAMY Joseph,043 BELLAMY Mary,073 BELLAMY Robert,089 BELLAMY Robert,056 BELLAMY Samuel,033 BELLAMY Thomas,043 BELLAMY Thomas,042 BELLAMY William,010 BELLAMY William,049 BELLAMY William,063 BELLAMY William Rayner,3 BELLAMY William Rayner,3 BELLINGHAM Francis,019 BELLISS Thomas,040 BELLWOOD Ann,062 BELLWOOD Charles,062 BELLWOOD George Archer,035 BELTON James,077 BELTON John,090 BELTON Samuel,015 BELTON William,029 BELTON William,068 BEMROSE John,8 BEMROSE Thomas,076 BEMROSE william,8 BEMROSE William,7 BEMROSE William,076 BENNER George,084 BENNER William,045 BENNETT,042 BENNETT Francis,020 BENNETT Francis,079 BENNETT George Carter,086 BENNETT George Carter,086 BENNETT Henry,046 BENNETT Henry,045 BENNETT Henry,076 BENNETT Henry,046 BENNETT James,035 BENNETT Jas.,035 BENNETT Jas.,051 BENNETT Jas.,069 BENNETT Joseph,057 BENNETT Lucas,7 BENNETT Lucas Marshall,023 BENNETT Robert,8 BENNETT Robert,8 BENNETT Robert,8 BENNETT Susannah,077 BENNETT T L,085 BENNETT Thomas,043 BENNETT William,021 BENNETT William,042 BENNETT William,080 BENNETT William,042 BENNINGTON Charles,042 BENNINGTON Charles,042 BENNINGTON George,043 BENNINGTON Joseph,043 BENNIWORTH Jno.,079 BENNIWORTH John,4 BENSON James,033 BENSON James,6 BENSON John,038 BENSON Thomas,048 BENSTEAD Mary,073 BENSTEAD Robert Huffton,077 BENSTEAD Simon,019 BENSTEAD William,090 BENTEN William,029 BENTLEY Henry,079 BENTLEY John Flowers,084 BERGNE Samuel Brodribb,054 BERREY Charles,079 BERRIDGE Thomas,082 BERTIE,2 BERTRAM Fanny,050 BERTRAM John,081 BESCOBY,040 BESCOBY Thomas,057 BESCOBY Thomas,055 BESSEY Ann,060 BESSILL John,073 BEST Frances,049 BEST John,049 BEST Thomas,088 BEST Thos.,089 BEST Thos.,047 BESTWICK Samuel,038 BETHAM Edward,058 BETTINSON,017 BETTISON,017 BETTISON George,019 BETTISON John,052 BETTS Charles,015 BETTS Sarah,081 BETTS William,083 BETTS William,091 BETTS William,049 BETTS Wm.,041 BETTY George,043 BEVERLEY Joshua,015 BEVERLEY Joshua,012 BICHENO William,029 BIFLEY Daniel,046 BIGGADIKE Sarah,078 BIGLERY John,031 BIGLEY Daniel,045 BILEY John,087 BILL Thomas,029 BILLYARD John Hiram,034 BILLYARD William,013 BILLYARD William,034 BILTON Henry,4 BILTON John,4 BILTON Lucy,068 BIMROSE William,045 BIMROSE William,046 BINGHAM Charles,084 BINGHAM Chas. H,072 BINGLEY Charles,062 BINKS Edward,066 BINNS,018 BINNS Matthias,050 BIRCH George Wyrley,072 BIRCH William,044 BIRD,014 BIRD,017 BIRD,017 BIRD David,010 BIRD George,059 BIRD Jane,015 BIRD John,038 BIRD Mary,070 BIRD Thomas,087 BIRD Thomas,087 BIRD Thomas,010 BIRD Thomas,046 BIRD William,071 BIRKET Richard,051 BIRKETT George,014 BIRKETT Richard,051 BIRKITT Edward,051 BIRKITT Mary,8 BIRKITT William Henry,035 BIRKITT William Henry,033 BIRTWISTLE William,030 BISHELL Thomas,038 BISHELL Thomas,040 BISHOP James,048 BISHOP James,048 BISHOP John,029 BISHOP John,029 BISHOP John,028 Bishop of Lincoln,069 BISHOP Samuel,017 BISHOP William,083 BISHOP William,012 BISHOP William,014 BLACK,017 BLACK,078 BLACK Jacob,089 BLACK James,077 BLACK Robert,046 BLACK Robt.,046 BLACK Wm.,076 BLACKBOND James,3 BLACKBOURN Richard,088 BLACKBOURN Thomas,059 BLACKBURN Ann,028 BLACKBURN Benjamin,089 BLACKBURN Dorothy,4 BLACKBURN Edward,4 BLACKBURN George,6 BLACKBURN George,6 BLACKBURN George jun,6 BLACKBURN James,031 BLACKBURN James,044 BLACKBURN Jas.,028 BLACKBURN Theophilus,088 BLACKBURN Thomas,033 BLACKWELL,085 BLADES,012 BLADES,013 BLADES,015 BLADES Abel,084 BLADES Charles,089 BLADES Chas.,084 BLADES Sheriff,015 BLADES Sheriff,012 BLAIN George,042 BLAIN George,042 BLAIR James,066 BLAKE James,077 BLAKE William,027 BLAKELOCK Samuel Cook,065 BLAKEY Ann,056 BLAKEY Ann,059 BLAKEY Robert,010 BLAKEY Wm.,092 BLANCH John,074 BLAND Geo. Jameson,069 BLAND George,084 BLAND George,067 BLAND John,088 BLAND John,073 BLAND John,072 BLAND Mary,8 BLAND Matthew,026 BLAND Richard,050 BLAND Rosamond,062 BLAND Sarah,016 BLAND William,031 BLAND William Colley,013 BLAND Wm. Colley,014 BLANSHARD Elizabeth,065 BLANT Edward,091 BLASSON Thomas,8 BLAZE James,073 BLAZE John,073 BLEMENT Richd.,084 BLENKARN William,071 BLINKHORN Thomas,077 BLISSETT William,082 BLLOMFIELD Charles,031 BLOOD,085 BLOOD,078 BLOOD Abraham,027 BLOOD Abraham,026 BLOOD William,027 BLOODWORTH John,049 BLOOM Stanley,015 BLOSSON Joseph,051 BLOW,057 BLOW John,012 BLOW John,016 BLOW John,049 BLOW Lawrence,014 BLOW Robert,043 BLOW William,016 BLOW William,055 BLOWE Robert,042 BLOWER Joseph,086 BLOWER Joseph,086 BLOXHAM William,019 BLOXHAM William,018 BLUNDY Caroline,091 BLUNDY Martha,091 BLUNDY Ths. Foster,091 BLUNSON Richard,044 BLUNT William,028 BLYTH Henry,056 BLYTH Henry,058 BLYTH Richard Thew,058 BLYTHMAN Joseph,033 BOCOCK Thomas,069 BODD,017 BODENS Charles George,054 BOGG,065 BOGIE Lawrence,9 BOLDERSON Charles,016 BOLDERSON William,071 BOLDOCK Charles,051 BOLDOCK Mary,051 BOLLAND Eliza,029 BOLLAND Robt.,040 BOND Charlotte,070 BOND Charlotte,070 BOND Christopher,065 BOND John,064 BOND Joseph,043 BONE Mehetabel,077 BONFIELD Robert,086 BONFIELD Robert,086 BONNER,017 BONNER Charles,075 BONNER George,047 BONNER John,049 BONNETT Francis,016 BONNEY,081 BONNEY Henry Kaye,059 BONNEY T K,081 BONNEY Thos. Kaye,059 BONTOFT,016 BONTOFT Matthew,052 BONTOFT Robert,011 BONTOFT William,012 BONTOFT William,015 BOOKER Grace,016 BOOKER Matthias,016 BOON,081 BOOR Henry,083 BOOR James,084 BOOR John,046 BOOR Sarah,046 BOOR Susannah,027 BOOR Thomas,077 BOOT Jno. Hopkinson,073 BOOT Susannah,054 BOOT Thos.,076 BOOTH,090 BOOTH,020 BOOTH,021 BOOTH Augustus,079 BOOTH Benjamin,013 BOOTH George,090 BOOTH George,077 BOOTH James,023 BOOTH James,038 BOOTH James,038 BOOTH James,037 BOOTH John,090 BOOTH John,071 BOOTH Joseph,043 BOOTH Mary,081 BOOTH Nathaniel,017 BOOTH Robert,090 BOOTH T W,051 BOOTH Thomas,027 BOOTH Thomas,062 BOOTH Thomas Willingham,052 BOOTHBY,063 BOOTHBY,066 BOOTHBY,065 BOOTHBY Charles,051 BOOTHBY Richard,062 BOOTHBY Robert,045 BOOTHBY Thomas,062 BORDASS James,069 BORDASS William,071 BORDER George,074 BORDER Richard,8 BORDERICK Thomas,077 BORLAND John,015 BORMAN,050 BORMAN Mary,065 BORMAN William,069 BORNE Henry Charles,012 BORRILL Mary,058 BORWELL Robert,034 BORWELL Robert,033 BOSANQUET Robert William,9 BOSANQUET Robt William,9 BOSNETT Leonard,5 BOSS Joseph,083 BOSTOCK John,086 BOSWELL Edward,063 BOSWORTH Thomas,087 BOTHAMLEY Benjamin,015 BOTHAMLEY Benjamin,016 BOTHAMLEY Samuel,029 BOTHAMLEY Thomas,8 BOTHAMLEY William,087 BOTHERWAY John,038 BOTHERWAY John,038 BOTHROYD Mary,028 BOTT Elizabeth,019 BOTT Henry,019 BOTT John,019 BOTWELL James Coates,035 BOUCH Allen,035 BOUCHERETT Ayscoghe,024 BOUGHTON John,4 BOUL William,029 BOULDING William,045 BOULE William,029 BOULTON,048 BOULTON Barnard Jas.,049 BOULTON Michael,049 BOULTON William,048 BOULTON William,049 BOURN John Henry,079 BOURN William,034 BOURNE,3 BOURNE George,065 BOURNE John,079 BOURNE Susannah,037 BOURNE Titus,3 BOUSFIELD,047 BOUSFIELD Thomas,057 BOUSFIELD Thomas,055 BOUTLON Mary,081 BOWCOCK William,033 BOWCOCK Wm.,055 BOWEN Simon Maw,032 BOWER Anthony,025 BOWER George,070 BOWER George,069 BOWER John,031 BOWER Josh.,017 BOWER Josh. Daulton,016 BOWER Joshua Daulton,012 BOWER Samuel,017 BOWER Walter,052 BOWERING John,059 BOWERS John,023 BOWING Joseph,022 BOWING Martha,022 BOWKER,084 BOWKER Wm.,083 BOWLES William,011 BOWLES William Petter,012 BOWLING Henry,035 BOWLING Thomas,034 BOWMAN James Wardle,043 BOWMAN Jas. Wardle,042 BOWMAN Jas. Wardle,042 BOWMAN John,068 BOWMAN Thomas,090 BOWMAR,065 BOWMAR,064 BOWMAR,065 BOWMAR,064 BOWN George,033 BOWS Richard,033 BOWS Robert,043 BOWSER Benj.,029 BOWSER John,090 BOWSTEAD John,062 BOX Lydia,016 BOYAL John,046 BOYALL James,083 BOYALL John,083 BOYALL John,068 BOYCE Mary Ann,077 BOYCE William,026 BOYDEN,084 BOYDEN John,067 BOYDEN William,082 BOYENTON Isaac,021 BOYER James,026 BOYER James,027 BOYER John,019 BOYER John,019 BOYER William,026 BOYER William,067 BOYERS,047 BOYERS John,8 BOYERS John,071 BOYES John,030 BOYES Robert,035 BOYES William,030 BOYFIELD James,082 BOYFIELD Thomas,082 BOYNTON,023 BRABENDER John,079 BRACKENBOROUGH William,016 BRACKENBURY,079 BRACKENBURY Bennett,079 BRACKENBURY E,079 BRACKENBURY Eliza,051 BRACKENBURY Geo.,050 BRACKENBURY Hy.,079 BRACKENBURY John,088 BRACKENBURY John,012 BRACKENBURY Thomas,9 BRACKENBURY Thos. Carr,079 BRACKENBURY William,070 BRACKENBURY William,069 BRACKENBURY Wm.,079 BRADBURY William,045 BRADFORD Ann,7 BRADFORD Joseph,7 BRADLEY,3 BRADLEY,021 BRADLEY,3 BRADLEY,021 BRADLEY Bartholomew,012 BRADLEY Frances,020 BRADLEY Frances,020 BRADLEY Gervase,035 BRADLEY Jeremiah,087 BRADLEY Richard,037 BRADLEY William,016 BRADLEY William,026 BRADLEY William,013 BRADSHAW Anthony,066 BRADSHAW Henry,077 BRADSHAW Henry,075 BRAGG George,040 BRAILSFORD Thos.,091 BRAINSBY William,076 BRAINSBY William,077 BRAKENBOROUGH George,066 BRAMHALL Matthew,030 BRAMLEY Henry,023 BRAND Azaria Walker,075 BRAND James,029 BRAND Samuel,029 BRANDHAM John,035 BRANDHAM Seth,058 BRANSTON John,8 BRANSTON John,040 BRANSTON Richard,026 BRASHAM Samuel,017 BRASS Elizabeth,6 BRASS Sarah,6 BRATLEY James,066 BRATLEY James,064 BRATLEY John,091 BRATLEY Smith,066 BRATLEY Smith,064 BRATTAN William,6 BRAWNSLEY E C,031 BRAY,049 BRAY,048 BRAY Benjamin,046 BRAY Benjamin,046 BRAY Chas.,070 BRAY Isaac,8 BRAY Jno.,019 BRAY Sarah,046 BREARS Thomas,030 BREATHWICK Benjamin,071 BRERETON,081 BRETT George,037 BRETT James,064 BRETT James,079 BRETT John,049 BRETT Thomas,087 BRETT William,3 BRETT William,065 BRETT William,064 BRETT William,065 BREWEN Wm.,077 BREWER William,049 BREWIN Richard,039 BREWIN Richard,038 BREWIN Samuel,038 BREWIN Thomas,038 BREWITT Elizabeth,073 BREWITT James Christopher,074 BREWSTER Edward,038 BREWSTER Francis Wilougby,069 BREWSTER Henry,073 BREWSTER Mary Ann,026 BREWSTER Richard,026 BREWSTER Thomas,026 BREWSTER William,038 BREWSTER William,039 BRIAN John Joseph,066 BRICE Geogre,5 BRICE John,044 BRICE Robert,044 BRICE Thomas,5 BRICKELLS Bathsheba,062 BRIDGEMAN Richard,059 BRIGG Robert,049 BRIGGS,035 BRIGGS,040 BRIGGS Ann,038 BRIGGS Ann,038 BRIGGS Elizabeth,038 BRIGGS Elizabeth,038 BRIGGS Henry,025 BRIGGS Henry,026 BRIGGS Henry,026 BRIGGS Henry,045 BRIGGS James,040 BRIGGS Jane,039 BRIGGS Jeremiah,014 BRIGGS Joseph,071 BRIGGS Richard,038 BRIGGS Wiiliam,040 BRIGGS William,6 BRIGGS William,044 BRIGGS William,048 BRIGHT Edmund,084 BRIGHTMAN Thomas,077 BRIGHTMORE Hy.,056 BRIGHTON John,033 BRINKLEY William,018 BRINKLEY William,018 BRISTON John,031 BRISTOW,057 BRISTOW,056 BRISTOW David,016 BRISTOW Robert,4 BRITON Mary,084 BRITTAIN Edward,031 BRITTAIN William,038 BRITTON John,084 BRITTON William,020 BROADBENT,050 BROADBENT John Paul,089 BROADBENT John Paul,089 BROADBENT Joseph,071 BROADBENT Joseph,066 BROADBENT William,030 BROADGATE John,069 BROADGATE John,069 BROADGATE John,070 BROADGATE William,070 BROADGATES Theophilus,049 BROADGATES Theophilus,048 BROADGATES William,048 BROADGATES Wm.,049 BROADHURST Wm.,054 BROADLEY John,063 BROADLEY John,064 BROADLEY John,064 BROCK John,051 BROCKCLIGGE Eliza,054 BROCKELBANK George,015 BROCKELSBY Thomas,016 BROCKELSBY Thomas,013 BROCKELSBY William,013 BROCKLESBY John,010 BROCKLESBY Thomas,012 BROCKLEY William,056 BROCKSOME John,6 BRODDELL Thomas,063 BRODERICK William,087 BROGDEN Charles,056 BROGDEN Charles,055 BROGDEN Thomas John Nathaniel,057 BROKESBY J R,031 BROKKS William,090 BROMEHEAD Benjamin,054 BROMEHEAD Edw. French,054 BROMEHEAD Jno.,054 BROMEHEAD Martha,054 BROMHEAD Edmund ArthuHAYWARD Johnr,060 BROMHEAD Thomas Boyall,083 BROMLEY William,042 BROMLEY William,043 BROOK John,033 BROOKE Benjamin,055 BROOKE Benjn.,057 BROOKE Hny.,056 BROOKE William,084 BROOKE William Henry,058 BROOKE Wm.,057 BROOKES Charles,084 BROOKES Charles,084 BROOKES Ebenezer,072 BROOKES Francis,046 BROOKES John,010 BROOKS,011 BROOKS Charles,089 BROOKS Edward,030 BROOKS George,054 BROOKS Henry,030 BROOKS James,039 BROOKS James,040 BROOKS John,9 BROOKS Mary,031 BROOKS Robert,089 BROOKS Robert,089 BROOKS Thomas,089 BROOKS Thomas,040 BROOKS William,089 BROOKS William,090 BROOKS William,038 BROOKS William,041 BROOME Wm.,084 BROOMFIELD John,4 BROOMHEAD Ann,033 BROOMHEAD J A,047 BROTHILL John,015 BROTHWELL Richard,091 BROTHWELL William,091 BROUGH John,013 BROUGH Joseph,013 BROUGHTON,013 BROUGHTON,016 BROUGHTON,016 BROUGHTON,015 BROUGHTON Banks,070 BROUGHTON Rachel,084 BROUGHTON Richard,086 BROUGHTON Richard,087 BROUGHTON Richard,027 BROUGHTON Sarah,084 BROUGHTON Thos.,039 BROUGHTON William,081 BROUGRTON William,013 BROWN,083 BROWN,017 BROWN,4 BROWN,050 BROWN,061 BROWN Alexander Rozel,083 BROWN Ann,086 BROWN Ann,037 BROWN Benjamin,048 BROWN Charles,089 BROWN Charles,043 BROWN Christopher,042 BROWN Edward,033 BROWN Edward,055 BROWN Edward,059 BROWN Edward,081 BROWN Elias,059 BROWN Eliza,041 BROWN Elizabeth,034 BROWN Elizabeth,4 BROWN Elizabeth,044 BROWN Elizabeth,7 BROWN Elizabeth,077 BROWN Ellen,014 BROWN Elmett,4 BROWN Francis,043 BROWN Francis,084 BROWN Geo.,036 BROWN George,090 BROWN George,035 BROWN George,028 BROWN George,046 BROWN George,068 BROWN George,080 BROWN Henry,043 BROWN Henry Handley,072 BROWN James,026 BROWN James,054 BROWN James Allen,015 BROWN James Dixon,043 BROWN Jane,042 BROWN Jno.,042 BROWN John,088 BROWN John,087 BROWN John,5 BROWN John,015 BROWN John,011 BROWN John,5 BROWN John,8 BROWN John,029 BROWN John,073 BROWN John,064 BROWN John,076 BROWN John,065 BROWN John,071 BROWN John,063 BROWN John,071 BROWN John,079 BROWN John,081 BROWN John Edward,022 BROWN Joseph,039 BROWN Joseph,015 BROWN Joseph,3 BROWN Joseph,3 BROWN Joseph,043 BROWN Joseph,066 BROWN Joseph,075 BROWN Mary,090 BROWN Mary,6 BROWN Mary,057 BROWN Peter,033 BROWN Rbt. Nicholson,023 BROWN Richard,038 BROWN Richard,070 BROWN Richard,057 BROWN Robert,6 BROWN Robert,7 BROWN Robert,6 BROWN Robert,091 BROWN Robert,076 BROWN Robert,092 BROWN Samuel,015 BROWN Samuel,070 BROWN Sarah,017 BROWN Sarah,058 BROWN Seth,018 BROWN Stephen,025 BROWN Stephen,065 BROWN Stephn.,025 BROWN Susan,041 BROWN Susannah,081 BROWN Thomas,020 BROWN Thomas,034 BROWN Thomas,045 BROWN Thomas,034 BROWN Thomas,070 BROWN Thomas,081 BROWN Thomas,070 BROWN Thomas,054 BROWN Timothy,079 BROWN William,089 BROWN William,035 BROWN William,5 BROWN William,033 BROWN William,8 BROWN William,6 BROWN William,023 BROWN William,042 BROWN William,3 BROWN William,8 BROWN William,7 BROWN William,4 BROWN William,029 BROWN William,043 BROWN William,092 BROWN William,065 BROWN William,049 BROWN William,050 BROWN William,077 BROWN William,039 BROWN William,048 BROWN William Akens,040 BROWN William George,035 BROWN William Shipley,049 BROWN Wm.,043 BROWN Wm.,059 BROWN Wm.,049 BROWNE,072 BROWNE Leonard,075 BROWNE William,081 BROWNING Bryan,082 BROWRIGG John,011 BROY Thomas,048 BRUCE Elizabeth,054 BRUCE James,056 BRUGES William,081 BRUMBY John,034 BRUMBY John,021 BRUMBY John,013 BRUMBY John,055 BRUMBY Joseph,034 BRUMBY Joseph,016 BRUMBY Robert,090 BRUMBY Thos. Oxley,057 BRUMBY William,7 BRUMBY William,023 BRUMFIELD Samuel,080 BRUMHEAD John,084 BRUMMETT James,071 BRUMMITT John,013 BRUMMITT John,058 BRUNEBY Thos. Oxley,055 BRUNTLETT Eliz.,079 BRUNYEE John,028 BRUNYEE Jon.,031 BRUNYEE Nathaniel,028 BRYAN Charles,3 BRYAN John,056 BRYAN Samuel,039 BRYAN Thomas,049 BRYAN Thomas,067 BRYAN Thomas,049 BUCHANAN Alfred,016 BUCHANAN Alfred Daniel,015 BUCHANAN Alfred Daniel,080 BUCK Hannah,016 BUCK Hart,039 BUCK James,012 BUCK James,015 BUCK John,068 BUCK Thomas,042 BUCK Thomas,042 BUCK Thomas,043 BUCK William,039 BUCKLES Francis,086 BUCKLEY,066 BUCKLEY Benjamin,013 BUCKLEY Benjamin,013 BUCKLEY James,017 BUCKLEY James,012 BUCKNALL William,052 BUCKNELL John,012 BUCKNELL Thomas,3 BUCKNELL William,9 BUFFAM William,011 BUFFHAM,078 BUFFHAM John,046 BUFFHAM Joseph,3 BUFFHAM Robert,087 BUG Henry,031 BUGG George,075 BUGG Henry,078 BUGG Henry,075 BUGG Henry,076 BULL Benjamin Joseph,022 BULL Henry,076 BULL Isaac,082 BULL James,077 BULL John,067 BULL John,068 BULL John Roberts,015 BULL John Roberts,014 BULL Joseph,022 BULL Robert,019 BULLAR James,046 BULLAR James,046 BULLARD Thomas,6 BULLARD Thomas GIBSON Henry,7 BULLIMORE Edw,8 BULLIVANT Ambrose,010 BULLOWES William,043 BULWER Edward George Earl Lytton,053 BUMBLE William,8 BURBANK Euerdine John,034 BURBANK Euerdine John,033 BURBIDGE,038 BURBRIDGE Ths.,038 BURCHAM John,089 BURCHAM John,089 BURCHBY John,028 BURCHBY Thomas,091 BURCHNALL Henry,090 BURDALL John,068 BURDETT,084 BURDETT Daniel,040 BURDITT William,073 BURGESS Edward,037 BURGESS Jesse,039 BURGESS John,013 BURGESS John,013 BURGESS John,013 BURGESS John,013 BURGESS John,015 BURGESS Joseph,067 BURGESS Joseph,067 BURGESS Joseph,067 BURGESS Thomas,037 BURGESS Thomas,039 BURGESS Thomas,073 BURGIN Michael,018 BURKILL John,064 BURKILL John,064 BURKINSHAW Josiah,063 BURKITT Samuel,6 BURKITT Samuel,6 BURKS John,046 BURLEY Cornelius,058 BURLEY Sarah,015 BURLEY William,043 BURMAN Allen,051 BURMAN John,048 BURMAN Michael,063 BURMAN Thomas,013 BURNETT Charles,083 BURNETT John,6 BURNETT Thomas,048 BURNETT Thomas,063 BURNETT William,089 BURNETT William,038 BURNETT William,040 BURNHAM Edward,043 BURNHAM Fras.,042 BURNHAM Robert,6 BURNHAM Wm.,077 BURR William,033 BURRELL Thomas,032 BURROUGHS Richard,031 BURROWS Charles,049 BURRUS Thomas,019 BURT George,071 BURT John,058 BURT John,055 BURTON,6 BURTON Charles,083 BURTON Charles,010 BURTON Charles,056 BURTON Charles,052 BURTON Edward,045 BURTON Edwin,075 BURTON Edwin,076 BURTON Francis,082 BURTON Francis,083 BURTON Frederick,054 BURTON Henry,048 BURTON James,087 BURTON James,038 BURTON John,082 BURTON John,087 BURTON John,083 BURTON John,6 BURTON John,034 BURTON John,013 BURTON John,084 BURTON John,084 BURTON John,057 BURTON John,084 BURTON Joseph,4 BURTON Joseph,7 BURTON Joseph,084 BURTON Nancy,6 BURTON Robert,014 BURTON Samuel,090 BURTON Samuel,090 BURTON SMITH William Kirkham,090 BURTON Sophia,016 BURTON Stephen,021 BURTON Stephen,014 BURTON Thomas,016 BURTON Thomas,6 BURTON William,6 BURTON William Rayner,091 BURTON Wm.,071 BURTONSHAW William,030 BURWELL Edward,034 BURWELL William,034 BUSHBY John,038 BUSHBY John,040 BUSHBY John Abraham,082 BUSHBY Thos.,037 BUSHELL Phillis,058 BUSHELL Richard,056 BUSTON George,048 BUSTON Joseph,076 BUTCHER George,067 BUTCHER Jonathan,011 BUTCHER Samuel,082 BUTCHER William,037 BUTLER Edward,070 BUTLER Thomas,067 BUTNEY Joseph,8 BUTT Harriet,081 BUTTERFIELD Francis,065 BUTTERFIELD John,029 BUTTERICK William,030 BUTTERWICK,017 BUTTERWICK J,017 BUTTERWICK John,031 BUTTON Henry,013 BUTTON Hy.,014 BUTTON James,025 BUTTON Joseph,3 BUTTON Thomas,070 BUTTON William,071 BUTTON William,079 BUTTRESS John,075 BUXTON Felix,076 BUXTON Kenrick,017 BUXTON Thomas,048 BYFORD Jacob,075 BYFORD Jacob,076 BYGOTT James,7 BYGOTT James,7 BYGOTT Mary,5 BYGOTT Thomas,7 BYRON Ann,083 BYRON Ann,082 BYRON Mary,062 BYRON Saul,011 BYRON William,044 BYWATER,078 BYWORTH Thomas,027 CABORN George,016 CADNEY Henry,3 CAIN Elizabeth,032 CAISTER John,016 CAISTER John,013 CAISTER John,015 CAISTER Mary Ann,016 CAISTOR Henry,034 CAISTOR Isabella,050 CAISTOR John,013 CAISTOR Wm.,050 CALCRAFT John Charles Lucas,037 CALDER Elizabeth,058 CALDER George,058 CALEY,069 CALEY,082 CALL Thoas,020 CALLINGHAM,057 CALRK Marcha,021 CALTHORP John George,012 CALTHROP Jane,028 CALTHROP Richard,087 CALVERT John,091 CALVERT John,058 CALVERT John Joseph,048 CALVERT John Joseph,048 CALVERT Thomas,057 CAMBRIDGE Nathaniel Levi Brown,6 CAMERON Findlater,062 CAMM,075 CAMM George,4 CAMM Thomas,040 CAMMACK Mary,045 CAMMACK Richard,052 CAMMACK Thomas,077 CAMMERON William,035 CAMOMILE Joseph,073 CAMOMILE Robert,020 CAMPBELL,064 CAMPBELL,065 CAMPBELL,065 CAMPBELL James,070 CAMPBELL John,030 CAMPBELL John,091 CAMPBELL Joseph,014 CAMPBELL Mary,043 CAMPION Henry,064 CANT Stephen,010 CANTHORP James,071 CANTY Charles,6 CANWELL William,077 CAPAM John,047 CAPARN,011 CAPARN Daniel,048 CAPARN John,048 CAPE Charles,075 CAPE Thomas,057 CAPENDALL Ann,068 CAPES Ann,025 CAPES Charles Hawkesly,021 CAPES Geo. Hawksley,030 CAPES George,024 CAPES George Hawksley,030 CAPES George Tesh,024 CAPES Hannah,021 CAPES James,6 CAPES Robert,032 CAPES William,079 CAPES Wm.,035 CAPITER Ann,043 CAPITER Thomas,041 CAPITER William,042 CAPP Ann,091 CAPP Leeson,073 CAPP Sarah,054 CAPPS Daniel,029 CAPPS Lydia,075 CAPPS William Thomas,078 CARBETTY,081 CARBUTT David,086 CARBUTT David,086 CARBUTT John,086 CARBUTT Robert,086 CAREY Richard,071 CAREY Richard,071 CAREY Saml.,077 CARGILL Robert,056 CARGILL Robert,055 CARLILE James,7 CARLILE William,6 CARLILL William,058 CARLINE Richard,054 CARNALL Mary,038 CARNARD Jonas,030 CARNES Cain,033 CARNETT Ann,044 CARPENTER,043 CARPENTER Thomas,019 CARR,3 CARR John,042 CARR John,042 CARR John Walesby,025 CARRAND,017 CARRATT Henry,058 CARRATT John,016 CARRATT John,014 CARRATT John,023 CARRATT John,065 CARRATT Sophia,015 CARRE Robert,072 CARRINGTON Benjamin,055 CARRINGTON Jonathan,068 CARRITT Edmund Hewson,043 CARRITT Edward,010 CARROTT Robert,055 CARROTT Thomas,075 CART John,7 CARTER,019 CARTER,045 CARTER,075 CARTER,046 CARTER Abigail,019 CARTER Abigail,018 CARTER James,048 CARTER John,026 CARTER John,013 CARTER John,046 CARTER John Richd.,076 CARTER Robert,044 CARTER Robert,048 CARTER Robert,049 CARTER Thomas,052 CARTER Ths.,035 CARTER William,035 CARTER William,059 CARTER Wm.,054 CARTLEDGE Page,059 CARTLEDGE Page,056 CARTLEDGE Silvanus,056 CARTLEY William,3 CARTNER John,051 CARTWRIGHT,065 CARTWRIGHT Ann,065 CARTWRIGHT Bryan,022 CARTWRIGHT Charles,4 CARTWRIGHT Edward,064 CARTWRIGHT Edward,048 CARTWRIGHT Edwin,012 CARTWRIGHT Edwin,015 CARTWRIGHT Elizabeth,015 CARTWRIGHT George,048 CARTWRIGHT George,050 CARTWRIGHT Harriet,079 CARTWRIGHT Jane,079 CARTWRIGHT John,086 CARTWRIGHT John,027 CARTWRIGHT John,075 CARTWRIGHT Mary,075 CARTWRIGHT Thomas,055 CARTWRIGHT Thomas,072 CARTWRIGHT Thomas,073 CARTWRIGHT Thos.,086 CARTWRIGHT Titus,022 CARTWRIGHT William,064 CARTWRIGHT Wm.,065 CASE Matthew,016 CASH,043 CASH Edward,3 CASH Elizabeth,3 CASH John,080 CASH Joseph,066 CASH William,062 CASHE,050 CASLAKE John,082 CASS William,031 CASSWELL John,031 CASSWELL Thomas,8 CASSWELL Thomas,031 CASTERTON John,070 CASTERTON John,069 CASTERTON John,070 CASTERTON Susannah,069 CASTLE Joseph,058 CASTLE Martha,040 CASTLE Richard,087 CASTLE Thomas,038 CASTLEDINE,041 CATER Gervas,058 CATLETT William Todkill,037 CATLEY John,7 CATLEY John,063 CATLEY Joseph,091 CATLEY William,024 CATLIN John,038 CATLING Joseph,016 CATTON Henry,058 CATTON Mary,058 CAULTON John,076 CAULTON William,026 CAULTON William,076 CAULTON William,075 CAUNT Edward,055 CAUNT Thomas,061 CAUSEBROOK Thomas,048 CAUSEBROOK Thomas,048 CAVE Charles,011 CAVE Charlotte,077 CAVE Chas.,012 CAVE John,033 CAVE John,076 CAVE Joseph,076 CAVE William,077 CAVE William,077 CAVENDISH,032 CAVIE Wharton Amcotts,3 CAVIL James,5 CAVIL William,4 CAVIL William,4 CAVILL Jas.,025 CAWDON,074 CAWKWELL Carles,020 CAWKWELL Mary,021 CAWKWELL Thomas,021 CAWTHORN William,048 CAWTHORNE William,040 CAYGER Charles,041 CAZWELL Elizabeth,011 CHADDERTON Jmaes,013 CHADDERTON Thomas,052 CHADWICK,081 CHAfER Joseph,023 CHALLINS Jane,011 CHALLONS Sarah,016 CHALONER John,058 CHALONER Letitia,058 CHALONER Wm.,058 CHALONER Wm.,056 CHALONET Wm.,056 CHAMBERLAIN,039 CHAMBERLAIN,9 CHAMBERLAIN Thomas,019 CHAMBERS Henry,091 CHAMBERS Isaac,075 CHAMBERS John,037 CHAMBERS John,013 CHAMBERS John,084 CHAMBERS John,063 CHAMBERS John,066 CHAMBERS Jonathon,013 CHAMBERS Richard,016 CHAMBERS Sarah,015 CHAMBERS Thomas,038 CHAMBERS William,082 CHAMPION Geo.,023 CHAMPION George,023 CHANT Ann,025 CHANT James Thomas,024 CHANTRY Edward,067 CHANTRY John,067 CHANTRY John,048 CHANTRY Thomas,031 CHAPLIN Charles,072 CHAPLIN Henry,072 CHAPMAN,010 CHAPMAN,017 CHAPMAN,064 CHAPMAN,064 CHAPMAN,063 CHAPMAN,061 CHAPMAN,040 CHAPMAN,050 CHAPMAN Ann,024 CHAPMAN Christopher,070 CHAPMAN Christopher,069 CHAPMAN Daniel,021 CHAPMAN Daniel,021 CHAPMAN Edward,023 CHAPMAN Edward,6 CHAPMAN Edward,064 CHAPMAN Edward,070 CHAPMAN Edwd.,065 CHAPMAN Elizabeth,059 CHAPMAN Ezekiel,010 CHAPMAN Garmston,083 CHAPMAN George,6 CHAPMAN George,022 CHAPMAN George,049 CHAPMAN H E,018 CHAPMAN James,8 CHAPMAN James,015 CHAPMAN James,043 CHAPMAN James,050 CHAPMAN John,6 CHAPMAN John,044 CHAPMAN Joseph,020 CHAPMAN Joshua,042 CHAPMAN Mary,027 CHAPMAN Mary,047 CHAPMAN Mary Ann,049 CHAPMAN Matthew,024 CHAPMAN Nathan,043 CHAPMAN Neville,042 CHAPMAN Neville,043 CHAPMAN Richard,055 CHAPMAN Robert,6 CHAPMAN Robert,014 CHAPMAN Robert,016 CHAPMAN Robert,049 CHAPMAN Saml. Palmer,089 CHAPMAN Thomas,082 CHAPMAN Thomas,086 CHAPMAN Thomas,023 CHAPMAN William,087 CHAPMAN William,033 CHAPMAN William,028 CHAPMAN William,029 CHAPMAN William,029 CHAPMAN William,066 CHAPMAN William,057 CHAPMAN William,059 CHAPMAN Wm.,055 CHAPMEN William,9 CHAPPELL Abraham,058 CHAPPILL John,050 CHARITY John,013 CHARITY William,3 CHARITY William,3 CHARITY William,084 CHARLES,037 Charles I,1 Charles I,9 CHARLES John,026 CHARLES Robert,037 CHARLESWORTH Edward Parker,057 CHARLTON Edward,022 CHARLTON Wm. H,082 CHATTERTON Mary,030 CHATTERTON Richard,010 CHATTERTON Thomas,9 CHATTERTON Thomas,075 CHEAVIN George,029 CHEAVIN Squier,029 CHEENEY Edward,017 CHEESEMAN Benjamin,088 CHEESEMAN John,048 CHEESMAN John,021 CHEESMAN Toft,021 CHEESMAN William,023 CHEESMAN William,023 CHEESMAN William,015 CHEETHAM Susannah,062 CHEFFINS Ann,073 CHEFFINS Anson,073 CHENEY Jemima,037 CHERRINGTON Richard,026 CHERRINGTON Stephen,076 CHERRY Charlotte,059 CHERRY Ths.,068 CHESTER Enoch,069 CHESTER John,034 CHESTER Richard,056 CHESTER Robert,026 CHESTER William Christmas,039 CHETTLE Henry,054 CHETTLE Thomas,076 CHICKEN,048 CHILD Benjamin,055 CHILD John,059 CHILD John,057 CHILD John,056 CHILD Robt.,071 CHILDS Robert,046 CHOLES James,084 CHOLMELEY M J,036 CHOLMELEY M J,037 CHOLMELEY Montague,025 CHOLMELEY Robert,090 CHRISTIAN,085 CHRISTIAN Brewster,4 CHRISTIAN Jno.,068 CHRISTIAN Matthew,089 CHRISTIAN Nathaniel,045 CHRISTIAN Nathl.,046 CHRISTIAN Richard,075 CHRISTIAN Robt.,077 CHRISTISON William Crow,049 CHRISTMAS Thomas,8 CHRISTOPHER Robert,2 CHRISTOPHER Robert Adam,2 CHRISTOPHER Robt. Adam,072 CHRISTOPHER William,019 CHRISTOPHER William,067 CHURCH William,037 CHURCHILL Chas.,040 CHURCHMAN Joseph,068 CLABROUGH Jane,056 CLAPHAM John,055 CLAPHAM Samuel,071 CLAPONS,048 CLAPSON George,7 CLAPSON James,6 CLAPTON Jeremiah,083 CLAPTON William,084 CLARE Ann,046 CLARICOATES Thomas,048 CLARK Charles,017 CLARK Daniel,9 CLARK David,055 CLARK David,058 CLARK Edward,021 CLARK Edward,020 CLARK Edward,091 CLARK Eliza,034 CLARK George,077 CLARK George,076 CLARK George,064 CLARK Hannah,034 CLARK Henry,045 CLARK Henry,046 CLARK James,016 CLARK James,057 CLARK James,052 CLARK John,089 CLARK John,036 CLARK John,030 CLARK John,076 CLARK John,077 CLARK John,070 CLARK John,051 CLARK Joseph,090 CLARK Joseph,033 CLARK Joseph,091 CLARK Joseph,049 CLARK Martha,021 CLARK Martha,020 CLARK Matthew,045 CLARK Richard,020 CLARK Robin,066 CLARK Samuel,031 CLARK Susannah,021 CLARK Thoams,040 CLARK Thomas,013 CLARK Thomas,014 CLARK Thomas,031 CLARK William,026 CLARK William,020 CLARK William,045 CLARK William,082 CLARK William,079 CLARKE,017 CLARKE Alice,086 CLARKE Ann,011 CLARKE Henry,011 CLARKE Henry,054 CLARKE James,052 CLARKE John,050 CLARKE John,076 CLARKE John,050 CLARKE John,076 CLARKE Joseph,015 CLARKE Joseph,012 CLARKE Joseph,073 CLARKE Mary,082 CLARKE Nathaniel,068 CLARKE Robert,024 CLARKE Thomas,022 CLARKE Thomas William,087 CLARKE William,016 CLARKE William,048 CLARKE William Housley,013 CLARKSON Henry,038 CLARKSON Luke,012 CLARKSON Mark,016 CLARKSON Robert,010 CLARKSON Robert,012 CLARKSON Thomas Chas.,064 CLAY Charles,035 CLAY Edward,055 CLAY Elizabeth,059 CLAY Henry,045 CLAY Henry,046 CLAY John,016 CLAY John,013 CLAY Joseph,055 CLAY Martha,034 CLAY Richard,081 CLAY Richard,073 CLAY Thomas,039 CLAYPONS,012 CLAYPONS,063 CLAYTON,011 CLAYTON,014 CLAYTON,014 CLAYTON Ann,014 CLAYTON Daniel,073 CLAYTON Jonathan,7 CLAYTON Mary Ann,015 CLAYTON Nathaniel,059 CLAYTON Robert,024 CLAYTON Robert,022 CLAYTON Robert,5 CLAYTON Robert,5 CLAYTON Robert Challons,013 CLAYTON Robert Challons,014 CLAYTON Thomas,049 CLAYTON William,6 CLAYTON Wm.,072 CLAYWORTH Joseph,080 CLEEVE Sarah,054 CLEMENT,017 CLEMENT Ann,077 CLEMENT George,046 CLEMENT Hannah,012 CLEMENT Hannah,016 CLERK George,080 CLEVELAND Henry,037 CLEVELAND Reuben,037 CLIFF Arnold,082 CLIFF William,086 CLIFF William,082 CLIFFORD C J,018 CLIFFORD T C,025 CLIFTON,019 CLIFTON,018 CLIFTON,019 CLIFTON,029 CLIFTON,072 CLIFTON John,014 CLIFTON John,018 CLIFTON Joseph,072 CLIFTON Robert,029 CLIFTON Thomas,029 CLIFTON Thomas,015 CLIFTON Thomas,031 CLIFTON Thomas,015 CLIFTON William,029 CLIGG Elizabeth,025 CLIMENSON Jas.,027 CLIPSHAM Elizabeth,073 CLIPSHAM John,073 CLIPSHAM John,073 CLIPSHAM Joseph,038 CLIPSHAM William,079 CLITHEROW Richd.,048 CLITHEROW Robt.,048 CLITHEROW Robt.,048 CLIXBY Aaron,050 CLIXBY William,033 CLOSE,085 CLOSE John Christopher,064 CLOSE Valentine Mantz,017 CLOUGH James,035 CLOUGH James,033 CLOVER John,091 COATES,042 COATES,042 COATES Edward,087 COATES Nathaniel,010 COATES Robert,010 COATES William Henry,035 COATTS Thomas,071 COBB Edward,044 COBB John,035 COCK John,029 COCK John,8 COCKIN Thomas,023 COCKING George,028 COCKING John,4 COCKING Joseph,073 COCKING Richard,065 COCKING Thomas,070 COCKING William,065 COCKRILL Richard,050 COCKRILL Thomas,056 COCKS,040 COCKS John,073 COCKS Jonathan,029 COCKS Wm. Shepperson,014 CODD,017 CODD,033 CODD,017 CODD,050 CODD Ann,058 CODD Ann,056 CODD Benjamin,073 CODD John,010 CODD Rebecca,024 CODD Robert,070 CODD William,055 CODD William,050 CODD William George,020 CODLING James,8 CODLING John,039 COE Frances,059 COHEN Daniel,058 COHEN Solomon,058 COHEN Solomon,056 COLAM William,063 COLBECK Matthew,056 COLBECK William,4 COLDRON John,8 COLDWELL John,033 COLE,087 COLE,021 COLE Carey,078 COLE Daniel,027 COLE Edward,086 COLE Jno.,079 COLE John,086 COLE John,013 COLE John,070 COLE John,069 COLE Lucy,084 COLE Mary,077 COLE Thomas,015 COLE Thos.,089 COLE Thos.,066 COLE William,082 COLEMAN Richard,088 COLEMAN Susan,056 COLEMAND Henry,080 COLES,037 COLES Sarah,075 COLES William,068 COLLEY,017 COLLEY Christie,015 COLLEY Christie,013 COLLEY John,050 COLLIER Anthony,013 COLLINGWOOD James Henry,038 COLLINGWOOD James Henry,039 COLLINGWOOD James Henry,038 COLLINGWOOD Jas. Hy.,038 COLLINGWOOD John,038 COLLINGWOOD John,039 COLLINGWOOD Mary,040 COLLINGWOOD Thomas,056 COLLINGWOOD Thos.,058 COLLINGWORTH Thomas,026 COLLINGWORTH Wm.,026 COLLINS Charles,082 COLLINS Charles,083 COLLINS Charles,019 COLLINS Charles,082 COLLINS John,058 COLLINS John,067 COLLINSON Francis,073 COLLINSON Robert,048 COLLINSON Timothy,048 COLLINSON William,034 COLLINSON Wm.,025 COLLIS Charles,066 COLLIS Charles,065 COLLIS Charles,064 COLLIS Robert,016 COLLIS Thomas,011 COLLISON Thomas,038 COLLS George,083 COLLS Wm.,083 COLSTON Mary,083 COLTAM Francis,070 COLTINGHAM Richard,037 COLTMAN Thos.,010 COLTON Catherine,020 COLTON Catherine,020 COLTON Edward,070 COLTON Elizabeth,021 COLTON Elizaveth,020 COLTON John,048 COLTON Mary,028 COLTON Mary,056 COLTON Philip,086 COLTON Rebecca,040 COLTON Richard,024 COLTON Richard,024 COLTON Richard,025 COLTON Richard,070 COLTON Samuel,049 COLTON Samuel,050 COLTON Samuel,049 COLTON Sarah,021 COLTON Sarah,054 COLTON William,021 COMBLEY William,027 COMINS Joseph,080 COMMINS George,055 COMPTON Richard,010 CONEY Hannah,070 CONEY John,069 CONEY John,069 CONGREVE John,084 CONGREVE Nelson,046 CONNEY Simon,017 CONNINGHAM Rd.,043 CONNINGTON,047 CONNINGTON Edward,082 CONNINGTON Elizabeth,011 CONNINGTON Henry,047 CONNINGTON R,011 CONNINGTON Richard,011 CONT Hannah,034 CONYARD Joseph,017 COOK,034 COOK Barnabas,028 COOK Francis,065 COOK George,066 COOK Henry,035 COOK Henry,045 COOK Jane,021 COOK Jarvis,046 COOK John,058 COOK John,056 COOK John,059 COOK Joseph,7 COOK Joseph,073 COOK Misses,5 COOK Robert,088 COOK Robert,034 COOK Samuel,034 COOK Thomas,086 COOK Thomas,015 COOK Thomas,021 COOK Thomas,021 COOK Thomas,7 COOK William,088 COOK William,6 COOK William,030 COOK William,014 COOK William,049 COOK William,052 COOK William,055 COOK William,049 COOK William,049 COOK William James,027 COOKE,017 COOKE,013 COOKE,054 COOKE Chas.,042 COOKE Frederick,012 COOKE Geo.,061 COOKE George,070 COOKE Hannah,081 COOKE Jane,083 COOKE John,077 COOKE Jos.,060 COOKE Joseph,073 COOKE Joseph,060 COOKE Joseph William,3 COOKE Mary,051 COOKE Robert,043 COOKE Robert,054 COOKE Robert,056 COOKE Robt.,060 COOKE Thomas,042 COOKE Thomas Smalley,013 COOKE Thos. Draper,079 COOKE Thos. Smalley,014 COOKE Wiliam,022 COOKE William,088 COOKE William,016 COOKSON,031 COOKSON Christopher,084 COOKSON Harriet,054 COOKSON John,031 COOKSON William,057 COOLEY James,045 COOLEY Mary,077 COOLEY Thomas,075 COOLEY William,046 COOLEY William,046 COOLING,017 COOLING,017 COOLING,074 COOLING,049 COOLING Elizabeth,058 COOLING John,089 COOLING John,055 COOP Charles,045 COOP John,045 COOPER,034 COOPER,014 COOPER,016 COOPER,031 COOPER Benjamin,084 COOPER Brittain,038 COOPER Charles,031 COOPER Charles,042 COOPER Esther,021 COOPER George,065 COOPER George,070 COOPER George,050 COOPER Jno.,026 COOPER John,038 COOPER John,074 COOPER John Manby,067 COOPER Joseph,010 COOPER Lawson,4 COOPER Mary,057 COOPER Sarah,6 COOPER Sarah,015 COOPER Thomas,087 COOPER Thomas,021 COOPER Thomas,069 COOPER William,4 COOPER William,070 COOPER William,050 COOPER William,059 COOPER William,069 COOPLAND Elizabeth,043 COOPLAND Mary E,023 COOPLAND Thomas,6 COPE John,045 COPE Saml.,073 COPE William,075 COPELAND John,052 COPELAND Robert,073 COPELAND William,046 COPEMAN Philip,086 COPLEY Thomas,030 COPPI,039 COPPI Dazzio,039 COPPIN Charles,045 COPPING Eliza,037 COPPING James,089 COPPING James,089 COPPING John,012 COPPING Thomas Cooley,076 COPSON William,038 CORBET Andrew,069 CORBETT Andrew,091 CORBISHLEY Joseph,014 CORDEN John,043 CORDEN Robert Robinson,7 CORDLEY Wm. Boyes,075 CORLEY Wm. Hardwick,045 CORTHORN Sarah,056 CORTIS,043 CORVELY Sarah,081 COSTALL John,015 COSWORTH Thomas,034 COTCHIEFOR,062 COTCHIFER,043 COTT William,045 COTTAM,078 COTTAM Charles,033 COTTAM Francis,069 COTTAM George,057 COTTAM John,029 COTTAM John,056 COTTAM Samuel Wilson,014 COTTAM William,031 COTTAMM Thomas,012 COTTEN George,063 COTTERILL Chas.,020 COTTON Ann,048 COTTON William,027 COTTON William,077 COTTRILL Eliz.,059 COTTRILL Richard,076 COTTRON John,086 COTTRON John,087 COUCH Robert,070 COULAM Henry,064 COULAM Henry,064 COULAM Jane,065 COULAM William,064 COULAM William,062 COULAM William,064 COULBEC John,066 COULBEC Joseph,065 COULBECK John,043 COULDWELL Charles,058 COULSON George Norton,055 COULSON Susannah,049 COULSON William,082 COULTAN Thomas,064 COULTAN Thos.,066 COULTAS James,039 COULTAS James,037 COULTAS James,040 COULTAS James,040 Countess Lindsey,081 COUPLAND Edward,016 COUPLAND John,090 COUPLAND John,090 COUPLAND Joseph,023 COUPLAND Mary,047 COUSINS John,023 COUSINS Jonathan,022 COUSINS Joseph,038 COUSINS Thomas,038 COUTAS James,039 COVERLEY,085 COVILLER Ann,065 COVILLER Ann,064 COVILLER James,048 COWHAM Ashlin,052 COWHAM William,052 COWHERD John,037 COWLAM Robert,070 COWLEY,028 COWLEY Abhm.,046 COWLEY Thomas,087 COWLIN James,028 COWLING James,028 COWLING John William,033 COWLING Thomas,028 COX,082 COX,039 COX Ann,030 COX Ann,7 COX Edward,040 COX George,073 COX John,017 COX Jonathan,026 COX William,8 COY Francis,082 COY John,031 COY Sarah,073 CRABTREE Samuel,034 CRABTREE Wm.,035 CRADDOCK William,049 CRADOCK Ferdinand Robert,081 CRADOCK William,6 CRAFT Henry,048 CRAFT Jane,049 CRAFT John,025 CRAFT John,080 CRAGG John,7 CRAM Thomas,044 CRAM Thomas,044 CRAMPTON Mildred,065 CRAMPTON Robt.,025 CRAMPTON William,065 CRAMPTON Wm.,036 CRAMPTON Wm. Green,037 CRAMPTON Wm. Green,038 CRANE Thomas,034 CRANE Thos.,071 CRANE William,033 CRANES Robert,031 CRANES Robert,030 CRANIDGE Jos. M,028 CRANWELL Benjamin,038 CRAPLEY William,012 CRAPLEY William,015 CRAPS John,054 CRASHLEY John,052 CRAUFURD George William,022 CRAVEN Ann,073 CRAVEN Charles,073 CRAVEN Jas.,073 CRAVEN John,073 CRAVEN John,045 CRAVEN Mary,8 CRAVEN Thomas,090 CRAVEN Thomas,073 CRAVEN William,015 CRAWFORD Charles,038 CRAWFORD David,016 CRAWFORD George,079 CRAWFORD William,079 CRAWSHAW William,039 CREADLAND John,071 CREASEY James,073 CREASEY Sarah,011 CREASEY Sarah,013 CREDLAND Thomas,6 CREDLAND William,070 CREET James,067 CREET Lucy,068 CREIGHTON Archibald,041 CRESSEY John,020 CRESSEY Mary,021 CRESSEY Thomas,021 CRESSWELL J,072 CRESWELL,044 CRIBB James,066 CRISP Ann,087 CROFT,017 CROFT Gregory,010 CROFT Isaac,043 CROFT Jane,042 CROFT Joseph,042 CROFT Joseph,9 CROFT Joseph,043 CROFT Joseph,042 CROFT Margaret,010 CROFT Matthew Edward,067 CROFT Matthew Edward,067 CROFT Michael,042 CROFT Michael,042 CROFT Robert,042 CROFT William,013 CROFT William,072 CROFTS John,046 CROFTS Martha,079 CROFTS William,018 CROFTS William,063 CROMWELL,036 CROMWELL,031 CROMWELL,032 CROMWELL George,062 CROMWELL Margaret,088 CROMWELL Ralph,088 CROOK John,074 CROOKE William,055 CROOKS Aaron,055 CROPLEY Richard,086 CROPLEY Samuel,031 CROPPER George,071 CROPPER Hannah,054 CROPPER James,086 CROPPER Robert,062 CROPPER Robert,065 CROPPER Samuel,069 CROPPET John,056 CROSBY Joseph,045 CROSS,085 CROSS Charles,3 CROSS Richard,048 CROSS Sarah,039 CROSS Thomas Leach,062 CROSS William,023 CROSSBY Benjamin,018 CROSSLEY John,8 CROW,090 CROW Isaac,065 CROW William,090 CROW William,063 CROW William,065 CROWDER Anderson,048 CROWDER James,4 CROWDER James,6 CROWDER Joseph,033 CROWDER Joseph,033 CROWDER William,031 CROWDER William,034 CROWDER William,030 CROWN Ann,050 CROWN Martin,088 CROWSON,050 CROWSON John,066 CROWSTON,043 CROXEN Thomas,027 CROXFORD William,029 CRUST Eleanor,087 CRUST John,077 CRUST Richard,086 CRUST Richard,076 CUBLEY J,072 CUCKOW,012 CUCKSON Thos.,036 CUCKSON Thos.,035 CULLEN Ann,055 CULLEN John,073 CULY Benjamin,075 CUMBERWORTH Mary,023 CUMLEY Isaac,045 CUMMINGS,078 CUMPSTONE John,070 CUNDALL Joseph,028 CUNDALL William,028 CUNNINGHAM,066 CUNNINGTON,085 CUNNINGTON David,077 CUNNINGTON Henry,018 CUNNINGTON Henry,076 CUNNINGTON Henry,077 CUNNINGTON John,076 CUNNINGTON John Vesey,069 CUNNINGTON William,086 CUNNINGTON William,086 CUNNINGTON William,077 CUNNINGTON Wm.,087 CUPID Joseph,018 CUPIT James,035 CUPITT Thomas,059 CURGESS Thomas,038 CURRINGTON Mary,011 CURSON Thomas,077 CURSON Thomas,077 CURTIS,045 CURTIS,046 CURTIS,066 CURTIS,045 CURTIS David,010 CURTIS John,059 CURTIS John,041 CURTIS John,055 CURTIS Mary,059 CURTIS Peregrine,054 CURTIS Thomas,7 CURTIS Thomas,043 CURTIS Thomas West,046 CURTIS William,033 CURTIS William,055 CUSA Chas.,035 CUSSON,022 CUSSONS David,048 CUSSONS David,048 CUSSONS John,048 CUSSONS John,049 CUSSONS Joseph,090 CUSSONS Mary Ann,090 CUST Richd.,037 CUSTARD John,077 CUSWORTH Joseph,034 CUTFORTH John,010 CUTFORTH Thomas,048 CUTHBERT Robert,088 CUTHBERT Thomas,089 CUTHBERT Thomas,089 CUTHBERT Thomas,089 CUTHBERT Thomas,035 CUTHBERT William,4 CUTLER Mary Ann,081 CUTTON Abraham,075 CUTTS George,031 D'EYNCOURT,069 D'EYNCOURT Charles Tennyson,069 DABB Joseph,043 DADDY Ann,020 DAFFORN Thomas,083 DAKIN,061 DAKIN William,036 DALE Henry,048 DALE Mary,029 DALE Thomas A,063 DALE Thos. Aquilla,062 DALES,065 DALES Benjamin,064 DALES Charles,3 DALES Charles,076 DALES Charles,077 DALES Joseph,042 DALES Joseph,064 DALES William,042 DALLAWATERS Sarah,086 DALLICOAT George,075 DALTON James,088 DALTON John,076 DALTON John,076 DALTON John,084 DALTON Mary,084 DALTON Robert,063 DALTON William,082 DALTON William,046 DALTON William Garner,014 DANBY John William,054 DANBY Mary,043 DANBY Samuel,059 DANIELL Walter,019 DANIELL William,018 DANIELL William,019 DANIELL William,018 DANIELL William,019 DANN Daniel,076 DANN Matthew,042 DANN Matthew,042 DANNATT Robert,069 DANNATT Thomas,033 DARBY Thomas,066 DARBY William,048 DARKINS William,050 DARKINS William,051 DARLEY Ann,020 DARLEY Thomas,069 DARLEY William,021 DARLEY William,020 DARWIN Henry,015 DARWIN William,020 DASOM John,086 DAUBNER Geo.,035 DAUBNER John,036 DAUBNEY Elizabeth,3 DAUBNEY John,043 DAUBNEY Joseph Headford,024 DAUBNEY Joseph Headford,024 DAUBNEY Robert Heaford,070 DAUBNEY Robert Heaford,069 DAUBNEY William Heaford,041 DAUBNEY Wm. Heaford,042 DAULTON Isaac,013 DAVEY Charlotte,4 DAVEY James,7 DAVEY James,5 DAVEY James,5 DAVEY Robert,5 DAVEY Robert,022 DAVIDSON John Cawkwell Farrow,018 DAVIDSON William,014 DAVIES Moses,013 DAVIES Owen,072 DAVIES Thos.,068 DAVINSON Thomas,038 DAVIS Abraham,018 DAVIS Abraham,019 DAVIS Abraham,019 DAVIS Caroline,083 DAVIS Charles,016 DAVIS James William,6 DAVIS John,081 DAVIS Mary,083 DAVIS Thos.,085 DAVIS Thos.,078 DAVIS William,6 DAVISON Jonth.,059 DAVISON Mary Ann,077 DAVISON William,046 DAVISON William,075 DAVY,043 DAVY,066 DAVY Jn.,016 DAVY Joseph,090 DAW Charles,010 DAWBER John,020 DAWBER Robert,059 DAWBER Robert,057 DAWBER William,057 DAWBER William,059 DAWBER William,056 DAWBERY,055 DAWBNEY Thos.,071 DAWES William,058 DAWES William,059 DAWKINS William,038 DAWSON,017 DAWSON Adam,038 DAWSON Benjamin,024 DAWSON Clarke,064 DAWSON Edmund,2 DAWSON Edmund,3 DAWSON Edwin,090 DAWSON George,038 DAWSON George,052 DAWSON Henry,010 DAWSON James,029 DAWSON John,019 DAWSON John,022 DAWSON John,013 DAWSON John,063 DAWSON John Wood,064 DAWSON Joseph,017 DAWSON Joseph,052 DAWSON Lawrence,070 DAWSON Mary,051 DAWSON Richard,030 DAWSON Richard,030 DAWSON Samuel,088 DAWSON Samuel,052 DAWSON Stephen,076 DAWSON Thomas,082 DAWSON Thomas,020 DAWSON Thos.,016 DAWSON William,087 DAWSON William,090 DAWSON William,082 DAWSON William,013 DAWSON William,8 DAWSON William,049 DAWSON William,073 DAWSON Wm.,082 DAWSON Wm. Thompson,052 DAY,016 DAY Charlotte,050 DAY David,084 DAY James,6 DAY John,010 DAY John H,025 DAY Letty,012 DAY Mary,089 DAY Mary,027 DAY Robert,064 DAY Thomas,012 DAY Thos.,087 DAY William,029 DAY William,059 DAY William,055 DAYDY John,073 DE BOUDRY Daniel,041 DE LA COUR Charles,043 DE MERVEILLEUX,084 DE RULOS Richard,067 DEACON,041 DEACON,085 DEACON,061 DEACON,040 DEACON William,026 DEAN John,070 DEAN John,069 DEAN Richard,070 DEAN Richard,069 DEAN Seth Ellis,8 DEAN William,015 DEAN William,8 DEE,050 DEE Ann,048 DEE William,7 DEINCOURT,088 DELAHOY Isaac,086 DELAMORE Richard,086 DELBY Daniel,8 DENBY William,025 DENNIS John,045 DENNIS John,075 DENNIS Robert,047 DENNIS Thomas,055 DENNISON Frederick,016 DENNISON George,043 DENSHIRE Geo.,018 DENT James,069 DENT Jervis,020 DENT Jonathan,023 DENT Joseph,023 DENT Thomas,039 DENTON Nesfield,5 DENTON William,038 DERRY Mary,039 DERRY Mary,039 DERRY Thomas,086 DES FORGES Thomas Taylor,023 DESBOROUGH James,082 DESBOROUGH James,084 DESFORGES Abraham,3 DESFORGES Samuel,010 DESFORGES Samuel,080 DESFOYES John,052 DETHICK Edward John,059 DEWEY Henry,018 DEWEY William,018 DEWICK Henry,016 DEWICK John,071 DEWICK William,033 DEWICK William,033 DEWICK Wm.,035 DEXTER Frances,070 DEXTER John,089 DEXTER John,089 DEXTER Thomas,016 DICKENSON,078 DICKENSON John,084 DICKENSON John,068 DICKINS Alfred,045 DICKINS Alfred,046 DICKINSON Caroline,065 DICKINSON Charles,090 DICKINSON David,013 DICKINSON Edward,013 DICKINSON Elizabeth,071 DICKINSON John,083 DICKINSON John,090 DICKINSON John,017 DICKINSON John,013 DICKINSON John,085 DICKINSON John,059 DICKINSON Joseph,044 DICKINSON Joseph,063 DICKINSON Joseph,056 DICKINSON Robert,048 DICKINSON Robert,048 DICKINSON Robert,048 DICKINSON Thomas,017 DICKINSON Thomas,070 DICKINSON William,057 DICKINSON William,048 DICKSON David,9 DICKSON George Stephens,054 DICKSON James,052 DIGBY James,078 DING Cox,029 DINGLEY Joseph,039 DINHAM Elizabeth,075 DINNIS John,022 DINNIS Richard,3 DINNIS William,3 DION Benj.,071 DITCHETT,065 DIXON Ann,084 DIXON Charles,084 DIXON David,038 DIXON Elijah,082 DIXON Francis,054 DIXON Francis,084 DIXON Horatio,084 DIXON James,083 DIXON James,084 DIXON James Green,024 DIXON Jas. Green,025 DIXON Joseph,054 DIXON Moses,013 DIXON Richard,057 DIXON Richard,076 DIXON Richard,058 DIXON Richard,056 DIXON Richard,056 DIXON Robert,6 DIXON Saml.,046 DIXON Samuel,083 DIXON Samuel,045 DIXON Susan,047 DIXON Thomas,038 DIXON Thomas,054 DIXON William,039 DIXON William,059 DIXON William,048 DOBNEY James,079 DOBSON Charles,086 DOBSON Isaac,086 DOBSON James,031 DOBSON Joseph,091 DOBSON Robert,046 DODD,018 DODD Hannah,029 DODD Joseph,029 DODD Samuel,052 DODDS George,032 DODDS Joseph,050 DODS Anne,028 DODS Isaac,076 DODS Joseph,028 DODS Richard,045 DODSLEY Sarah,054 DODSON Edmund,063 DODSON Edward,064 DODSON George,017 DODSON William,3 DODSWORTH Joseph,018 DOLBY Ann,037 DOLBY George,029 DOLBY George,076 DOLBY John,077 DOLBY William,076 DOLMAN Samuel,076 DOLTON David,075 DOLTON John,086 DOLTON Wm.,087 DONELL Mary,015 DOODING William,7 DOOLEY David,041 DORR Charles,039 DOUBLEDAY Ann,026 DOUBLEDAY Richard,073 DOUBLEDAY Thos.,029 DOUGHTY Ann,039 DOUGHTY Elizabeth,6 DOUGHTY Henry,055 DOUGHTY James,040 DOUGHTY Joseph George,058 DOUGHTY Samuel,039 DOUGHTY Samuel,079 DOUGHTY Thomas,022 DOUGHTY Thomas,059 DOUGHTY William,079 DOUGLAS Thomas,034 DOVE,045 DOVE Ann,089 DOVE Thomas,070 DOVE William,091 DOWLMAN Madan,012 DOWLMAN Richard,015 DOWLMAN William,050 DOWLMAN Wm.,050 DOWMAN Joseph,058 DOWNING James,022 DOWNS George,034 DOWSE Dandison,015 DOWSE Edward,063 DOWSE Francis,065 DOWSE Joseph,052 DOWSE Joshua,051 DRACOTT Edward,046 DRAKARD John,027 DRAKARD John,027 DRAKE Henry,046 DRAKES Sara,070 DRAKET James,074 DRAPE Isaac,3 DRAPER,039 DRAPER Benj.,070 DRAPER Benjamin,056 DRAPER William,038 DRAYCOTT Benjn.,073 DRAYTON Ann,049 DREW Sarah,065 DREW Sarah,066 DREWRY John,071 DREWRY Martha,031 DREWRY Matthew,043 DRIFFIELD Thomas,079 DRIFFILL John,021 DRIFFILL Samuel,023 DRIFFILL Thomas,023 DRIFFILL Thomas,077 DRIFFILL William,023 DRING John,016 DRING Thos.,078 DRINKALL Edward,022 DRINKALL Edward,025 DRINKALL Richard,021 DRINKELL Edward,7 DRIUG William,8 DRIVER Joseph,051 DRIVER Joseph,065 DRIVER Robert,035 DRURY Benjamin,028 DRURY James,057 DRURY James,055 DRURY John,028 DRURY John Wold,057 DRURY John Wold,055 DRURY John Wold,054 DRURY Robert,054 DRURY Samuel,8 DRURY William,049 DUCK John,073 DUCKER Julia,030 DUCKERING Philip,091 DUCKMANTON Wm.,035 DUCKWORTH Samuel,028 DUDDING,054 DUDDINGTON Thomas,035 DUFFIELD,038 DUFFIELD,039 DUFFIELD Christopher,039 DUGGAN Augustus,011 DUKE James,011 Duke of Rutland,037 Duke of Rutland,036 Duke of Rutland,025 Duke of Rutland,080 DUNCAN Ann,032 DUNCAN James,014 DUNCAN Thomas,033 DUNCAN William,033 DUNCOMBE John,082 DUNCOMBE John,082 DUNHAM John,087 DUNHAM John,071 DUNHAM Robert,052 DUNHAM Thomas,066 DUNKERLEY Henry,035 DUNKIN John,069 DUNKLEY Richard,9 DUNN,014 DUNN,016 DUNN Elizabeth,063 DUNN John,4 DUNN William Knott,037 DUNN Wm. Allison,063 DUNSHIRE,067 DUPRE,079 DUPRE William,3 DURANCE Joseph,058 DURANCE Sarah,054 DURANCE William,044 DYAS Geroge,065 DYAS Richard,065 DYAS Robert,063 DYER,088 DYER Reuben,046 DYER Thomas,039 DYMOKE Henry,047 DYMOKE John,047 DYMOKE Lionel,047 DYSON Richd.,084 EABY William,4 EALAND John,013 EALHAM James,027 Ealswitha,032 EAMES George,084 Earl Brownlow,037 Earl Brownlow,036 EARL Everatt,077 EARL Evrit,077 Earl of Berkshire,9 Earl of Darlington,037 Earl of Darlington,036 Earl of Lincoln,9 Earl of Lindsey,081 Earl of Manchester,1 Earl of Pomfret,018 Earl of Westmoreland,081 Earl of Winchilsea,072 EARL William,065 EARL William,091 EARL William,077 EASOM Susannah,027 EASOM Thomas,045 EASON James,023 EAST,065 EAST,064 EAST,066 EAST Elizabeth,058 EAST John,054 EAST Joseph,015 EAST Joshua,089 EAST William,015 EAST William,077 EAST William,063 EAST William,065 EAST William,076 EAST William,059 EASTON Francis,021 EASTON Francis,7 EASTON Francis,7 EASTON John,8 EASTON Susan,042 EASTWELL Wm.,017 EATON,082 EATON Michael,016 EATON William,039 EAYRS Thomas,082 ECCLES John,020 ECCLES John,021 ECCLESHALL James,035 ECCLESHALL John,035 ECCLESTON William,075 EDDIE Richard,7 EDEN William,040 EDIS Edward,029 EDIS Newell,015 EDIS Thomas,012 EDIS Thomas,015 EDLINGTON John,034 EDMAN,056 EDMAN Edward,056 EDMAN Edward,059 EDMAN John,055 EDMAN Joseph,063 EDMONDS Elizabeth,042 EDMONDS George M,075 EDMONDS Orlando,082 Edmund the Elder,1 Edward I,5 Edward II,9 Edward III,8 EDWARDS,039 EDWARDS,038 EDWARDS,065 EDWARDS,065 EDWARDS,050 EDWARDS,063 EDWARDS Ann,075 EDWARDS Elizabeth,063 EDWARDS George,065 EDWARDS James,044 EDWARDS John,063 EDWARDS Mark,055 EDWARDS Robert,4 EDWARDS Samuel,075 EDWARDS Sarah,026 EDWARDS Thomas,058 EDWARDS William,027 EDWARDS William,027 EDWARDS William,078 EDWARDS William,059 EDWARDS William,063 EDWARDS William,074 EDWARDS William Brown,083 EDWARDS William Brown,084 EDWARDS William Howett,027 EDWARDS Wm.,039 EDWARDS Wm.,075 EDWARDS Wm. Brown,082 EFFIELD,078 EGGLESTON Ann,019 EGGLESTON Eliz.,037 EGGLESTON Elizabeth,073 EGGLESTON John,019 EGREMONT G G,4 EGREMONT Godfrey,091 EGREMONT Godfrey,027 EGREMONT Godfrey George,4 EKIN Thomas,038 ELDERKIN William,077 ELDIN Joseph,044 ELDRED,085 ELDRED John,046 ELEY Charlotte,089 ELEY Holland,048 ELEY Samuel,089 ELEY William,089 ELEY William,029 ELGER Edward,065 ELGER Wm.,091 ELKINGTON Richard,044 ELLER Irvin,037 ELLERBY Joseph,050 ELLERBY Richard,033 ELLERSHAY Ann,031 ELLIS,021 ELLIS,020 ELLIS,025 ELLIS,020 ELLIS Ann,068 ELLIS Anthony,040 ELLIS Elizabeth,040 ELLIS George,042 ELLIS Henry William Thomas,028 ELLIS James,027 ELLIS John,029 ELLIS Joseph,045 ELLIS Matthew,067 ELLIS Phineas Samuel,028 ELLIS Robert,012 ELLIS Robert,045 ELLIS Robert,046 ELLIS Thomas,026 ELLIS Thomas,055 ELLIS Thos.,040 ELLIS William,029 ELLIS William,024 ELLIS William,058 ELLIS William,055 ELLISON,020 ELLISON,033 ELLISON,024 ELLISON Richard,054 ELLMORE James,044 ELLMORE William,073 ELLSUM William,077 ELLWOOD John,088 ELMHIRST Richard,057 ELMHURST William,047 ELMSHORST Wm.,071 ELSAM James,030 ELSAM John,014 ELSAM John,014 ELSDALE,075 ELSDALE Robert,046 ELSEY Elizabeth,029 ELSEY Mary Anne,015 ELSEY Samueal,014 ELSOM George,017 ELSOM John,017 ELSOM John,013 ELSOM John,055 ELSOM Thomas,049 ELSTON Thos.,059 ELVERSON John,029 ELVIDGE William,054 ELVIN,4 ELVIN,4 ELVIN,055 ELVIN James,064 ELWES Dudley Christopher Cary,020 ELWES Robert Carey,019 ELWOOD,063 ELWOOD Thomas Gaby,8 ELWOOD William,043 ELY James,071 EMBERSON William,086 EMBLEY Anthony,036 EMBLEY Anthony,035 EMBLOW William,037 EMERIS,063 EMERIS Frances,063 EMERSON,034 EMERSON Ann,042 EMERSON George,064 EMERSON John,3 EMERSON John,056 EMERSON Maria,065 EMERSON William,042 EMERSON William,042 EMERSON Wm.,059 EMERY George Cracy,052 EMINSON Richard,037 EMMERSON,013 EMMERSON,016 EMMERSON George,043 EMMERSON Thomas,043 EMMINGHAM Geo.,036 EMMINGHAM George,035 EMMITT Charles,046 EMMITT Peregrine,049 EMMITT Peregrine,048 EMMITT William,019 EMMONDS Richard,8 EMPRINGHAM Elizbth,3 ENDERBY George,079 ENDERBY Thomas,079 ENDERBY Thos.,090 ENGLADN Elizabeth,026 ENGLAND Charles,4 ENGLAND Edw.,023 ENGLAND Henry,027 ENGLAND Mary,051 ENGLAND William,063 ENGLISH Bery,016 ENGLISH John,048 ENO Jno.,017 ENO Robert,015 ENO Robt.,017 EPTON Robert,091 EPTON William,090 EPTON Wm.,090 EPWORTH Ann,041 ESBERGER,064 ESCOTT Thos. Sweet,086 Ethelbald,026 Ethelbald,074 ETOUGH Elizabeth,081 EVANS James,064 EVANS John,051 EVANS Thomas,059 EVANS William,018 EVE Alexander,6 EVERARD John,058 EVEREARD Henry,075 EVERETT Ann,050 EVERETT Elizabeth,025 EVERETT Harriet,023 EVERINGHAM William,075 EVERINGTON Joseph,034 EVERINGTON Thos,8 EVERINGTON William,034 EVERITT,059 EVERITT Mary,075 EVERITT Richard,073 EVERITT Robert,075 EVISON Charles,048 EVISON Charles,049 EVISON Edward,015 EVISON Eleanor,015 EVISON John,022 EVISON John,010 EVISON Richard,052 EVISON Thomas,091 EVISON William,049 EWEN Henry,087 EWEN Thomas,076 EXLEY Thomas Motherley,045 EYRE Henry,028 EYRE John,028 EYRE Robert,021 EYRE Robert,025 EYRE Robt.,025 EYRE Thomas,033 EYRE Thomas,030 EYRE Thomas,031 EYRE Thomas,035 EYRES Charlotte Sarah,065 EYRES Charlotte Sarah,065 EYRES Sarah,070 FACON Ann,075 FACON John,075 FAIRFOOT John,016 FAIRWEATHER Christopher,050 FAIRWEATHER John,065 FALKNER Pink,088 FALKNER Wm.,019 FALKNET Richard,040 FALLOON John,075 FANCOURT Samuel,083 FANE Ann,037 FANE Edward,037 FANE Francis,1 FANT William,016 FANT William,014 FANTHORP John,064 FARBON Levi,048 FARBON William,048 FARBON William,049 FARDELL Edward,068 FARDELL John,054 FARDELL Thomas,037 FARMER,072 FARMER George,044 FARMER John,013 FARMER Thos. Adwick,034 FARMER Thos. Adwick,034 FARMERY William,055 FARNDON Manning,015 FARNSWORTH Robert,039 FARNSWORTH Robt.,039 FARNSWORTH William,014 FARR Mary,042 FARRANT Nathaniel,082 FARRANT Nathaniel,084 FARROW George,082 FARROW Robinson,3 FARROW Robinson,3 FARROW Robinson,3 FARROW William,016 FARROW William,070 FARROW William,070 FARROW William,070 FARROW Wm.,069 FARROW Wm.,070 FARROW Wm.,065 FASSEN Henry,023 FASSON Henry,023 FATCHETT Nathaniel,035 FAULKNER Mary,051 FAUNT John,015 FAVIL Thomas,088 FAVIL Thomas,088 FAWCETT John,056 FAWCETT William,073 FAWN John,029 FAWSSETT Charlotte,047 FAWSSETT Thomas,048 FAWSSETT Thomas,047 FEATHERBY,061 FEATHERBY Susannah,054 FELL George,064 FELL Sarah,023 FELL Valentine,038 FELLOWES John,065 FELTON William,011 FENBY George,013 FENDALL John,047 FENDELLOW John,014 FENTON,066 FENTON Ann,081 FENTON Jonathan,086 FENWICK Robt.,077 FERNELEY Thomas,026 FERRABY Benj.,019 FERRIBY Thomas,021 FEVRE John,067 FEWSTER John,069 FIDELL Jabez,035 FIELD William,064 FIELD Woolley Jolland,025 FIELDING James,016 FIELDING Robert,031 FIELDING William,030 FIELDS Cotnam,046 FIELDS Cotnam,046 FIELDS Edward,063 FIELDS Eleanor,071 FIELDS Elias,064 FIELDS Frederick,046 FIELDS Jane,063 FIELDS John,065 FIELDS Joseph,046 FIELDS Peter,087 FIELDS Peter,086 FIELDS Peter,086 FIELDSEND John,055 FIELDSON John,059 FILD William,058 FILDES Charles,052 FILLINGHAM Abraham,026 FILLINGHAM Thomas,027 FILLINGHAM Thomas,027 FILLINGHAM Thomas,027 FINCH Ann,087 FINLEY Mark,060 FINLEY Robert,060 FINNER,017 FINNEY Mary,065 FINNEY Simon,043 FIRTH George,050 FISH Charles,055 FISH John,030 FISH John,056 FISH Joseph,018 FISH Joseph,019 FISH William,058 FISHER,063 FISHER Ann,037 FISHER George,056 FISHER George,061 FISHER George,059 FISHER James,069 FISHER John,8 FISHER William,030 FISHER William,056 FISHER William,073 FISHER William,072 FITCHETT William,039 FITCHETT William,038 FITCHETT William,040 FITZWILLIAM,091 FITZWILLIAM Lister,091 FITZWILLIAM Mary,091 FLACK Frederick William,035 FLACK Frederick William,034 FLATTERS Thomas,029 FLETCHER Christopher,042 FLETCHER David,049 FLETCHER Elizabeth,010 FLETCHER Henry,038 FLETCHER Hook,031 FLETCHER John,010 FLETCHER John Robert,040 FLETCHER Joseph,048 FLETCHER Levi,055 FLETCHER Mercy,058 FLETCHER Prudence,014 FLETCHER Richard,015 FLETCHER Richard,030 FLETCHER Robert,046 FLETCHER William,086 FLETCHER William,086 FLETCHER William,073 FLETCHER Wm.,059 FLINDERS Charlte.,079 FLINDOWS Elizabeth,028 FLINT Charles,079 FLOWER Henry,087 FLOWER John,056 FLOWER R,036 FLOWER Robert,034 FLOWER Robert,034 FLOWER Robert,035 FLOWER William,070 FLOWER William,070 FLOWERS,061 FLOWERS Field,069 FLOWERS John,029 FLOYER John G,063 FODDARD Edward,046 FORBES,072 FORBES William,072 FOREMAN Christopher,016 FOREMAN Robert,016 FOREMAND Josiah,016 FORMAN Major,064 FORMAN Samuel,089 FORMAN Thomas,063 FORMAN William,3 FORREST William,033 FORREST William,035 FORRINTON William,016 FORSTER Charles,024 FORSTER John,024 FORSTER Joshua,025 FORWARD Mary,3 FOSTER,050 FOSTER Ann,039 FOSTER Anthony,047 FOSTER Charles,034 FOSTER Charles,057 FOSTER Charles,040 FOSTER Edward,076 FOSTER Edward,073 FOSTER Frances,066 FOSTER James,030 FOSTER Jane Dorothy,050 FOSTER Job,071 FOSTER John,037 FOSTER John,039 FOSTER John,011 FOSTER John,5 FOSTER Joseph,015 FOSTER King,018 FOSTER Rebecca,6 FOSTER Richard,030 FOSTER Robert,028 FOSTER Robert,028 FOSTER Robert,040 FOSTER Thomas,045 FOSTER Thomas,035 FOSTER Thomas,7 FOSTER Thomas,055 FOSTER Thomas,055 FOSTER Thomas,055 FOSTER Thomas,058 FOSTER William,089 FOSTER William,011 FOSTER William,072 FOSTER William,058 FOSTER William,064 FOSTER William,059 FOSTER William,064 FOSTER William Edwd.,045 FOSTON John,070 FOTHERBY George,056 FOTHERBY Sarah,058 FOTHERBY Wm.,058 FOUNTAIN Charles,010 FOUNTAIN Edward,086 FOUNTAIN Lewis,019 FOUNTAIN William,6 FOUNTIAN John,013 FOVARGUE James,026 FOVARGUE John,027 FOWLER,023 FOWLER,085 FOWLER David,010 FOWLER Edward,054 FOWLER Elizabeth,089 FOWLER Elizabeth,023 FOWLER Jane,089 FOWLER John,089 FOWLER John,039 FOWLER John,068 FOWLER Mary Ann,089 FOWLER William,050 FOWLER Wm,8 FOWLET Thomas,050 FOX,036 FOX,4 FOX,2 FOX C,050 FOX Charles,073 FOX Charles,081 FOX Charlotte,5 FOX Edward,079 FOX Elizabeth,083 FOX Elizabeth,034 FOX George,050 FOX James,029 FOX James,014 FOX Jane,050 FOX John,089 FOX John,030 FOX John,011 FOX John,031 FOX John,068 FOX John,050 FOX John,064 FOX John Charles,6 FOX Mary Ann,015 FOX Richard,8 FOX Richard,050 FOX Richard Ruxton,050 FOX Robert,059 FOX S,029 FOX Samuel,029 FOX Susannah,011 FOX Theophilus,071 FOX Thomas,013 FOX Thomas,077 FOX William,088 FOX William,089 FOX William Burton,029 FOYSTER Thomas,059 FOYSTER Thomas,056 FRANCIS,078 FRANCIS Cornelius,057 FRANCIS Edward,089 FRANCIS Henry,013 FRANCIS John,035 FRANCIS Mary Ann,089 FRANCIS Richd.,026 FRANCIS Samuel,068 FRANCIS Thomas,029 FRANCIS William,026 FRANCIS William,039 FRANIS,085 FRANK John,4 FRANKISH Elizabeth,065 FRANKISH William,030 FRANKLYN,058 FRANKS Abraham,044 FRANKS Misses,4 FREEMAN,079 FREEMAN Charles,027 FREEMAN Danl,7 FREEMAN Jane,084 FREEMAN Mary,058 FREEMAN Robert,043 FREEMAN William,065 FREEMAN Wm.,084 FREEMANTLE Samuel,029 FREER James,024 FREER Susannah,070 FREER Thomas,069 FREESTON Thomas,026 FREISTON,012 FRENCH Elizabeth,065 FRENCH William,083 FRENCH William,082 FRETWELL Elizabeth,028 FRETWELL George,028 FRETWELL John,033 FRETWELL John,034 FRICKER Thomas,083 FRIDLINGTON,065 FRIESTON Thomas,010 FRISBY,027 FRISBY,078 FRITH Benjamin,049 FRITH Edward,043 FRITH Francis,043 FROOM James,046 FROST James,077 FROST William,056 FROW John Jackson,050 FROW Mary,023 FROW Samuel,023 FROW Samuel,050 FROW Thomas,034 FULLER,065 FULLER,066 FULLER Richard,065 FULLER Thomas,065 FURLEY,032 FURLEY R,036 FURLEY Richard,034 FURLEY Richard,035 FURLEY Richd.,034 FURLEY William,034 FURLEY William,034 FURNISH William,063 FUSSEY John,6 FYLETT Richard,029 FYSH Elizabeth,081 FYSH Jas. Henry,081 FYTCHE John,063 GABITES Richard,030 GABITES Robert,030 GABITES Robert,031 GACE,063 GADD George Hart,091 GADSBY George,058 GADSBY Gervase,058 GADSDUN Robert,029 GAINSBOROUGH John,013 GAINSLEY Hy. Drewry,037 GAITSKELL John,052 GALE John,014 GALE William,015 GALL Matthew,069 GAMBLE,032 GAMBLE Francis,034 GAMBLE Francis,035 GAMBLE Francis,034 GAMBLE Francis,033 GAMBLE George,034 GAMBLE George,035 GAMBLE George,034 GAMBLEW Edward,055 GANDY William,056 GANT Jno.,026 GAPE Charles,071 GARBUTT William,050 GARDINER John,054 GARFIT,012 GARFIT,048 GARFIT,063 GARFIT Frederick,020 GARFIT John,059 GARFIT Mark,067 GARLAND Catherine,087 GARLAND Emma,086 GARLAND John,035 GARLAND John,033 GARLAND Thomas,025 GARLAND William,034 GARNAR John,040 GARNER James,013 GARNER Thos.,035 GARNHAM Ann,014 GARRAT George,045 GARRETT,074 GARRETT John,077 GARRETT John,076 GARRETT Robert,040 GARTHWAITE John,021 GARTHWAITE Mary,4 GARTHWAITE William,086 GARTHWAITE William,086 GARTON Charlotte,087 GARTON Richard,059 GARTON Thomas,059 GARTON William,029 GARVEY Richard,054 GASCOIGNE George,071 GASK John,014 GATLIFFE Towns,019 GAY Elizabeth,087 GAZARD William,059 GAZARD William,059 GEE Henry,012 GEE Nathaniel,068 GEE Thomas,012 GEE Thomas,079 GEESON Mary,8 GELDER Edward,023 GELL William,091 GELSTHORP John,065 GELSTRAP Ann,065 GENN Denton,029 GENNEY Christopher,043 GENT Richard,016 GENT Richard,014 GENTLE Jos.,019 GENTLE Joseph,019 GENTLE William,075 GEORGE Harvey,046 George III,9 GEORGE William,031 GERVAS Thomas,030 GETHING Edward,040 GIARDHAM John,030 GIARDHAM William,031 GIARDHAM Wm.,031 GIBBESON Edward,054 GIBBINS Benjamin,6 GIBBINS Benjamin,6 GIBBINS George,033 GIBBINS James,018 GIBBINS John,086 GIBBINS Joseph,070 GIBBINS Joseph,070 GIBBINS Joseph,070 GIBBON George,039 GIBBONS,017 GIBBONS Edward,046 GIBBONS James,087 GIBBONS James,017 GIBBONS James,046 GIBBONS John,086 GIBBONS Joseph,070 GIBBONS Rebecca,3 GIBBONS Rebecca,3 GIBBONS Thomas,067 GIBBONS Thomas,070 GIBBONS Thomas,068 GIBBONS Thomas,070 GIBBONS William,076 GIBBS George,087 GIBBS William,044 GIBSON,088 GIBSON,085 GIBSON,074 GIBSON,040 GIBSON Abraham,063 GIBSON Bryan,5 GIBSON Frederick,013 GIBSON James,4 GIBSON James,021 GIBSON Job,050 GIBSON John,023 GIBSON John,035 GIBSON John,021 GIBSON Joseph,6 GIBSON Mary,055 GIBSON Robert,6 GIBSON Thomasson,9 GIBSON Thomasson,9 GIBSON William,038 GIBSON William,017 GIBSON Wm.,017 GIDMAN Henry,083 GILBERT Charles,086 Gilbert de Gaunt,031 GILBERT Francis,075 GILBERT Henry,082 GILBERT Henry,084 GILBERT John,027 GILBERT John,038 GILBERT Samuel,082 GILBERT Samuel,083 GILBERT William,027 GILBERT William,051 GILBY Ann,3 GILBY Ann,4 GILBY Eliza,3 GILBY John,3 GILCHRIST Horatio Ts.,083 GILDER Thomas,046 GILDING George,023 GILDING Henry,022 GILDING Henry,023 GILDING Henry,023 GILES John,055 GILL Baxter,073 GILL Mary,088 GILLETT George,064 GILLIAT A J,047 GILLIAT George,049 GILLIAT George,048 GILLIAT George,048 GILLIAT William,047 GILLIATT Hannah,025 GILLIATT John,024 GILLIATT Susannah,083 GILLIES George,017 GILLOT John,066 GILLYATT Wm.,043 GINNEY Charles,042 GINNEY William,042 GIRDHAM Geo.,084 GIRDLESTONE Henry,026 GIRDLEY James,6 GIRDLEY William,023 GIRDLEY Wm.,023 GLADSTONE George,054 GLADWIN Benjamin,021 GLADWIN Benjamin,020 GLADWIN Joseph,020 GLASIER George,057 GLASSON James,087 GLAZIER James,048 GLAZIER Jemima,063 GLAZIER Joseph,048 GLEADELL Thomas,035 GLEADELL Thos.,036 GLEADOW Henry Readers,016 GLEED Joseph,028 GLEED Richard,028 GLENN Demetrius,059 GLENN Sarah,054 GLEW Cook Chapman,037 GLEW William,037 GLINT Thomas,059 GLOSSOP Peter,028 GLOVER Elizabeth,7 GLOvER John,055 GLOVER John,059 GLOVER William,059 GOATES Geo.,025 GOATES William,069 GODBEHERE Isaac,014 GODBEHERE William,088 GODDACRE Cecilia,039 GODDARD,062 GODDARD,054 GODDARD Charles,059 GODDARD Robert,046 GODDARD Robert,046 GODLEY John,077 GODRON Robt.,054 GODSMITH Chas.,041 GODSON,044 GODSON Joseph,6 GODSON Richard,044 GODSON Richard,044 GODSWORTH James,028 GODWIN Benjamin,068 GODWIN Susan,027 Godwinus,031 GOE,063 GOE Bartholomw.,011 GOETZE Frederick,034 GOLLING John,084 GOLSWORTH James,016 GOOCH George,078 GOOD Cathrne.,042 GOOD Martin,015 GOOD Thomas,7 GOOD William,012 GOOD William,042 GOODACRE James,8 GOODACRE Robert,8 GOODACRE Robert,084 GOODACRE William,029 GOODACRE William,8 GOODALE William,068 GOODALL Thomas,030 GOODBARN John,088 GOODBY John,050 GOODE Elizabeth,022 GOODE Titus,3 GOODENOUGH,047 GOODFELLOW Shepherd,027 GOODLEY Wm.,068 GOODLIFF James,074 GOODLIFF Samuel,082 GOODLIFFE,085 GOODLIFFE William,050 GOODMAN Nathaniel,086 GOODMAN William,091 GOODRICK,017 GOODRICK,017 GOODRICK Francis,022 GOODRICK J,017 GOODSON William,014 GOODSON William,073 GOODWIN,011 GOODWIN,075 GOODWIN Cornelius,079 GOODWIN Eliz.,047 GOODWIN Frances,4 GOODWIN Jane,073 GOODWIN John,023 GOODWIN John,075 GOODWIN Mary,020 GOODWIN Robert,010 GOODWIN Robert,010 GOODWIN Thomas,045 GOODWIN Thomas,046 GOODWORTH Elizabeth,058 GOODYEAR William,070 GOODYER Richard,083 GOORE John,026 GOOSE Robert,3 GOOSE Robert,3 GOOSEMAN,042 GOOSEMAN Elizabeth,042 GOOSEMAN Geo.,043 GOOSEMAN Richard,043 GOOSEMAN Thomas,042 GOOSEMAN William,042 GOOUD James,084 GORBUTT Isaac,024 GORBUTT Thomas,024 GORBUTT Thomas,057 GORDON George,037 GORDON George,059 GOSLING Edward,087 GOSLING John,8 GOTHARD William,090 GOTT Charles,042 GOULD James,8 GOULD James,8 GOULDEN Mary,086 GOULDING John,055 GOULDING Richard,059 GOULSON William,077 GOULTON John Harneis,043 GOULTON John Harneis,041 GOURLEY John,055 GOUSSIOUME,073 GOUTHORPE Lucy,091 GOWEN Timothy,090 GOWTHORP Joseph,064 GOWTHORP William,064 GOWTHORPE William Gowthorpe,065 GOY Matthew,057 GOY Sarah,5 GOY William Hilliard,6 GOY William Hilliard,6 GOZNA,037 GOZNA Thomas,037 GRABOURN R S,072 GRABURN Alice,063 GRABURN Jenny,063 GRABURN William,6 GRABURN William,6 GRABURN Wm,6 GRAHAM Henry,064 GRAHAM James,038 GRAHAM James,040 GRAHAM Joseph,029 GRAHAM Joseph,058 GRAHAM Richard,069 GRAINGER Mary Ann,5 GRANGE,043 GRANT Ann,063 GRANT C,065 GRANT Charles,046 GRANT Francis,087 GRANT Francis,086 GRANT Joseph Cooke,083 GRANT Joseph Cooke,082 GRANT Joseph Cooke,082 GRANT M S,063 GRANT Richard,063 GRANT Thomas,063 GRANT Thomas,064 GRANT Thomas,063 GRANTHAM Elizbth.,011 GRANTHAM Francis,014 GRANTHAM Francis,016 GRANTHAM Payne,022 GRANTHAM Valentne.,054 GRANTHAM William,064 GRANTHAM William,066 GRANTHAM Wm.,059 GRASBY Edw.,025 GRASBY J,017 GRASBY John,017 GRASBY Richard,049 GRASHLEY Mary,066 GRASON Benjn.,057 GRASSAM,077 GRASSBY,087 GRASSBY,068 GRASSBY,085 GRASSBY,046 GRASSBY John,6 GRASSBY Thomas,078 GRASSBY Thos.,078 GRASSBY William,7 GRASSBY Wm. Blackburn,055 GRASSBY Wm. Blackburn,059 GRAUDY William,065 GRAVENOR John,058 GRAVES,063 GRAVES Frederick,048 GRAVES Joseph,079 GRAVES Robert,064 GRAVES Robert,064 GRAVES Robert,066 GRAVES Thomas,076 GRAVES William,048 GRAWCOCK Thos.,059 GRAY,072 GRAY,063 GRAY Elizbth. Maria,041 GRAY George,039 GRAY Henry,068 GRAY Henry,067 GRAY James,089 GRAY Jane,8 GRAY John,063 GRAY Rebecca,063 GRAY Robert,022 GRAY Robert,013 GRAY Robt.,014 GRAY Samuel,016 GRAY Stephen,066 GRAY Stephen,066 GRAY Stephen,064 GRAY Thomas,034 GRAY Thomas,067 GRAY William,038 GRAY William,071 GRAY William Henry,063 GRAYHAM William,046 GREAVES Henry,063 GREAVES Thomas,9 GREEN,085 GREEN,048 GREEN,079 GREEN Betsy,032 GREEN Charles,075 GREEN Diana,020 GREEN Elizabeth,063 GREEN George,010 GREEN George,016 GREEN James,048 GREEN James,068 GREEN James,078 GREEN James,059 GREEN John,6 GREEN John,029 GREEN John,016 GREEN John,077 GREEN John,075 GREEN John,039 GREEN John,065 GREEN John,079 GREEN John S,027 GREEN Joseph,032 GREEN Joseph,091 GREEN Lucy,016 GREEN Margaret,047 GREEN Rebecca,079 GREEN Robert,064 GREEN Robert,063 GREEN Robert,064 GREEN Saml.,017 GREEN Theophilus,4 GREEN Thomas,047 GREEN William,055 GREEN William,040 GREEN William,076 GREEN William,055 GREEN William,066 GREEN William,082 GREENFIELD Thomas,033 GREENFIELD William,052 GREENWOOD Charles,039 GREENWOOD Chas.,040 GREENWOOD Cornelius,073 GREENWOOD Elizabeth,065 GREENWOOD Horatio,070 GREENWOOD James,018 GREENWOOD John,049 GREENWOOD Thomas,056 GREENWOOD Wm.,065 GREETHAM John,038 GREETHAM Richard,027 GREETHAM Richard,027 GREETHAM Thos.,091 GREEVES John Williams,076 GREGG Thomas,040 GREGORY,085 GREGORY Betsy,020 GREGORY Betsy,021 GREGORY Daniel,016 GREGORY Francis,082 GREGORY Francis,083 GREGORY G,036 GREGORY Gregory,037 GREGORY John Lewis,035 GREGORY William,082 GRESHAM Christopher,038 GRESHAM Christopher,039 GRESHAM William,056 GRESHAM William,058 GRESSHAM William,015 GRESSWELL Thomas,077 GRESSWELL William,091 GRETTON Francis,082 GRETWELL John,035 GREWCOCK George,031 GREWELL John,035 GREY,080 GRICE,017 GRIERSON William,039 GRIERSON William,040 GRIFFIN,065 GRIFFIN George,027 GRIFFIN John,063 GRIGG John,027 GRIGGS John,027 GRIGGS Samuel,045 GRIGGS Samuel,046 GRIMBLE Robert,014 GRIME William,022 GRIMSTEAD,087 GRINOLD John,035 GRINOLD John,033 GRIST Henry,076 GROOM Farndon,015 GROOM George,082 GROOM James,045 GROOSE Joseph,036 GROOSE Joseph,035 GROSS Thos.,049 GROSVENOR Farmer Francis,048 GROSVENOR Robert,023 GROTE George,7 GROUNSELL William,063 GROUNSELL William,049 GROUNSELL William,049 GROUNSELL William,065 GROVES Charlotte,015 GROVES George,073 GROVES John,083 GROVES Peter,013 GRUBB Ann,057 GRUMPELL John,051 GRUNDY Joseph,086 GRUNDY Samuel,068 GRUNDY William,059 GUBBINS William,037 GUGERI Dominic,015 GULLER,063 GUMMERSON William,020 GUNBY Daniel,015 GUNBY William,014 GUNBY William,012 GUNHILL James,034 GUNN John,029 GUNN Samuel,089 GUNNEL Ann,070 GUNNELL,021 GUNNESS,049 GUNNILL William,024 GUNNING Jacob,051 GUNNISS Jackson,079 GUNNISS William,079 GUNSON John,090 GUNTHORP James,057 GUNTHORP James,055 GURNELL,021 GURNEY Thomas,014 GURNEY William,014 GURNHILL,034 GURNHILL James,033 GUTTERIDGE John,086 GUY Danl,8 GUY John,8 GUY Joseph,042 GUY Robert,6 GUY William,050 HACKETT John,073 HACKETT William,084 HACKFORD Edward,065 HACKFORD Edward,063 HACKFORD Joseph,048 HACKNEY Robert,016 HACKWORTH John,027 HACKWORTH John,027 HACKWORTH Pinder,046 HADDAN,040 HADDELSEY Charles Robert,024 HADDICK John,039 HADDING,074 HADDOCK James,013 HADDOX Thomas,084 HADWEN,058 HAGGARD John,060 HAINWORTH John,058 HAIR William,016 HAIRBY James,079 HAIRBY James,079 HAIRBY William,016 HAKEMAN Edward,046 HALDENBY John,033 HALE John,091 HALES George,083 HALES Thomas,027 HALFORD Edward,018 HALL,6 HALL,031 HALL,017 HALL,016 HALL,063 HALL Benjamin Snookes,033 HALL Benjamin Snookes,033 HALL Bennett,3 HALL Cornelius,077 HALL Edward,034 HALL Edward,058 HALL George,089 HALL George,039 HALL George,040 HALL Henry,066 HALL Henry,059 HALL John,016 HALL John,6 HALL John,015 HALL John,014 HALL John,043 HALL John,016 HALL John,012 HALL John,074 HALL Jonas,030 HALL Joseph,034 HALL Joseph,035 HALL Joseph,4 HALL Joseph,043 HALL Joseph,013 HALL Joseph,033 HALL Joseph,050 HALL Martha,010 HALL Mary,079 HALL Miles,054 HALL Richard,031 HALL Richard,058 HALL Richard,056 HALL Richard,056 HALL Robert,079 HALL Robert,056 HALL Samuel,023 HALL Samuel,058 HALL Samuel,050 HALL Smith,031 HALL Thomas,016 HALL Thomas,038 HALL Thomas,027 HALL Thomas,6 HALL Thomas,057 HALL Ursulla,041 HALL William,021 HALL William,050 HALL William,056 HALL William,056 HALL William,050 HALL William,058 HALLAM Edward,029 HALLAM Edward,029 HALLAM John,064 HALLAM John,064 HALLAM John,065 HALLAM Phillis,089 HALLIFAX Edmund,046 HALLIFAX George,055 HALMAN Enoch,040 HALTON Dennis,022 HAM Absalom,077 HAM Thos.,077 HAMBROUGH John,6 HAMERY John,028 HAMERY John,031 HAMES Francis,078 HAMES William,077 HAMES William,077 HAMILTON Ann,6 hAMILTON John,6 HAMMER Ishmael,031 HAMMERSLEY William,049 HAMMERTON John,091 HAMMOND John,052 HAMMOND Mary Ann,070 HAMNETT Joseph,039 HAMSPON Kenrick,064 HANCOCK,037 HANCOCK,039 HANCOCK,038 HANCOCK Ann,063 HANCOCK Edward,010 HANCOCK Joseph,038 HANCOCK Joseph,039 HANCOCK Susan,049 HANCOCK Susannah,049 HANCOCK William,035 HANCROGT John,043 HAND Francis,039 HAND Henry,037 HAND Henry,039 HAND John,084 HAND Thomas,040 HAND William,040 HAND William,068 HANDLEY,018 HANDLEY,018 HANDLEY,040 HANDLEY Charles,077 HANDLEY George,013 HANDLEY Henry,2 HANDLEY Henry,026 HANDLEY Henry,026 HANDLEY Hny.,072 HANDLEY James,019 HANDLEY Mary,012 HANDLEY Rutter,022 HANDSLEY Charles,090 HANDSLEY Chas.,090 HANDSLEY Thomas Simcotes,3 HANDSON Henry,6 HANDSON Henry Chas.,082 HANDWORTH Edward,010 HANES Jonathan,046 HANKS George,051 HANKS Thomas,016 HANNAH John,046 HANNAH Richd.,025 HANNAH William,025 HANNAM Charles,026 HANNATH Edward,089 HANNATH William,024 HANNETT John,069 HANNETT Robert,070 HANSARD William,024 HANSON Abraham,049 HANSON John,086 HANSON John,086 HANSON Thomas,025 HANSON Thomas,025 HANSON William,076 HANSORD Charles,052 HANWELL Hannah,058 HANWELL John,054 HANWELL Sarah,058 HARBOROW William,017 HARBOROW William,015 HARBY Henry,077 HARBY John,8 HARBY Richard,077 HARDEN John,033 HARDEY Robert,4 HARDIE Richard,062 HARDING Edward,040 HARDING Edwd.,039 HARDISTY John,035 HARDMAN Robert,054 HARDWICK Ann,011 HARDWICK John,037 HARDWICK Mary,018 HARDWICK Thos.,067 HARDWICK William,018 HARDWICKE Mary,018 HARDY,037 HARDY,065 HARDY,066 HARDY,066 HARDY Charles,087 HARDY Charles Penford,076 HARDY Elizabeth,063 HARDY George,014 HARDY George,016 HARDY John,4 HARDY John,039 HARDY John,033 HARDY John,4 HARDY John,037 HARDY John,075 HARDY Joseph,4 HARDY Mary,077 HARDY Rebecca,039 HARDY Reuben,075 HARDY Richard,058 HARDY Robert,040 HARDY Thomas,012 HARDY Thomas,040 HARDY Thomas,076 HARDY Thomas Arch,076 HARDY William,010 HARDY William,034 HARDY William,7 HARDY William,045 HARDY William,058 HARDY William,056 HARDY William,077 HARDY William,056 HARE Charles,035 HARE Charles,033 HARE Daniel,067 HARE Edward,026 HARE John,010 HARE John,016 HARE John,014 HARE John,056 HARE Mary,087 HARE Mary,040 HARE Matthew,8 HARE Ruial,059 HARE Thomas,083 HARE William,012 HARE William,016 HARE Wm.,079 HARGRAVE,025 HARGRAVE Joshua,051 HARGRAVE Mary,015 HARGRAVE Wm.,025 HARGREAVE James,035 HARGREAVE John,051 HARGREAVES James,036 HARISON John,077 HARISSON Alfred,045 HARKER Edward,087 HARKER Robert,027 HARKER Thomas,027 HARKER Thomas,029 HARKER William,068 HARKER William H,027 HARKER William H,027 HARLAND Thomas,7 HARLESS Jas.,089 HARLEY John,061 HARLEY Joseph,055 HARMOND William,076 HARMOND William,077 HARMSTON John,031 HARMSTON John,031 HARMSTON John,059 HARMSTON John,056 HARMSTON Watson,058 HARMSTON William,031 HARMSTON William,055 HARMSTON Wm.,055 HARNAGE Jane,054 HARNEIS,043 HARNESS,066 HARNESS Benjamin,052 HARNESS David,079 HARNESS George,090 HARNESS Thomas,090 HARNESS Tobias,022 HARNISTON Henry,073 HARPER Benjamin,6 HARPER Harriet,081 HARPER William,084 HARPHAM Martin,090 HARPMAN Phoebe,3 HARPMAN Thomas,035 HARRAD Joseph,012 HARRAP Henry Thomas,014 HARRIS George,068 HARRIS Samuel,049 HARRIS William,088 HARRIS William,026 HARRIS William Horner,084 HARRISON,016 HARRISON,028 HARRISON,010 HARRISON,039 HARRISON,063 HARRISON A M,037 HARRISON Ann,060 HARRISON Benjamin,029 HARRISON Bransby,042 HARRISON Charles,071 HARRISON Charles,055 HARRISON Charles,055 HARRISON Daniel,014 HARRISON Edward,073 HARRISON Everson,081 HARRISON James,089 HARRISON James,9 HARRISON James,048 HARRISON James,066 HARRISON John,082 HARRISON John,089 HARRISON John,076 HARRISON John,076 HARRISON John,042 HARRISON John Ashley,058 HARRISON John Hewitt,067 HARRISON Jos.,042 HARRISON Jos.,042 HARRISON Joseph,012 HARRISON Joseph,052 HARRISON Mark,048 HARRISON Martha,016 HARRISON Mary,011 HARRISON Richard,035 HARRISON Richard,048 HARRISON Richard,049 HARRISON Richard,048 HARRISON Robert,013 HARRISON Robert,042 HARRISON Samuel,037 HARRISON Stephen,059 HARRISON Thomas,028 HARRISON Thomas,014 HARRISON Thomas,064 HARRISON Thomas,063 HARRISON William,086 HARRISON William,037 HARRISON William,9 HARRISON William,033 HARRISON William,042 HARRISON William,039 HARRISON William,055 HARRISON William,079 HARRISON William,075 HARRISON William,052 HARRISON William,070 HARRISON Wm.,043 HARRISON Wm.,050 HARRISSON Frederick Adolphus,046 HARROLD,063 HARSLEY Mary,032 HARSTON Dorothy,039 HART Coxe,088 HART James,021 HART James,025 HART James,021 HART John,084 HART Robert,015 HART William Henry,063 HARTLEY George,017 HARTLEY HOLLIDAY William,013 HARTLEY James Armitage,012 HARTLEY John,057 HARTLEY John,059 HARTLEY John,056 HARTLEY John,059 HARTSTONE Frederick,046 HARVEY,045 HARVEY,057 HARVEY Charles,075 HARVEY George,056 HARVEY George,056 HARVEY John,083 HARVEY John,073 HARVEY John Penford,076 HARVEY John Penford,077 HARVEY John Pinford,076 HARVEY Mary,015 HARVEY Matthew,037 HARVEY Nichs.,059 HARVEY Richard Sutton,058 HARVEY Samuel,075 HARVEY Thomas,016 HARVEY Thomas,039 HARVEY William,016 HARVEY William,039 HARWOOD,024 HARWOOD,012 HARWOOD Ann,011 HARWOOD Henry,014 HARWOOD John,056 HARWOOD John Wilson,014 HARWOOD John WM.,013 HARWOOD Robert,014 HASLEWOOD Wm.,032 HASNIP William,3 HASNIP William,3 HASTEN John,087 HASTEN John,087 HASTINGS James,040 HASTINGS Samuel,035 HASTINGS William,035 HATCLIFF,049 HATCLIFFE Geo.,066 HATFIELD,085 HATFIELD Edward,084 HATHER,035 HATHER William,050 HATHER Wm.,051 HATTERSLEY John,6 HATTERSLEY John,6 HATTERSLEY John,6 HATTERSLEY Joseph,031 HAUDLEY Robert,6 HAUDSLEY Mrs,3 HAVERCROFT William,021 HAW Joseph,080 HAW William,029 HAW William,029 HAWKES Henry,077 HAWKES Henry,075 HAWKESWORTH Thomas,065 HAWKINS Dorothea,056 HAWKINS Dorothea,056 HAWKINS Joseph,038 HAWKINS Mary,057 HAWKINS Mary,058 HAWKS Timothy,091 HAWKSWORTH John,034 HAWLEY George,026 HAWLING Thomas,080 HAY Thomas,064 HAY Thomas,064 HAYCOCK Charles,081 HAYCOCK William,084 HAYCOCK William,081 HAYCOCK Wm.,083 HAYDEN Hannah,065 HAYES,7 HAYES Henry,084 HAYES Jane,023 HAYES Mary,046 HAYES William,013 HAYMES John,089 HAYNES Alice,040 HAYNES John,039 HAYNES Robert Boughton,084 HAYNES Robt. Boughton,084 HAYNES Thomas,011 HAYNES Thomas,040 HAYNES William Benjamin,057 HAYTON Thomas,020 HAYWARD John,054 HAYWOOD Richard,035 HAYWOOD Thomas,065 HAZEL James,086 HAZEL Sarah,086 HAZELBY John,084 HAZELDEN George,037 HAZELDINE Benjamin,057 HAZELGRAVE George,063 HAZELWOOD Samuel,072 HEAD John,051 HEADLAND William,065 HEADLEY Robert,035 HEADLEY William Chess,031 HEALD,049 HEALD,049 HEALD,048 HEALD Richard,075 HEALD Susanna,075 HEALD William,073 HEALEY,086 HEALEY Anthony,037 HEALEY William,086 HEALY George,037 HEANLEY Elizabeth,054 HEARSON Sophia,029 HEATHCOTE Gilbert,031 HEATHCOTE Gilbert,081 HEATHCOTE Gilbert John,2 HEATHCOTE Jno. Gilbert,081 HEATHER George,035 HEATLEY Jane,083 HEATON,033 HEATON Henry,048 HEATON James,028 HEATON John,042 HEATON Joseph,091 HEATON Robert,028 HEATON Robert,028 HEATON Sarah,030 HEATON William Barnard,033 HEBARD Sarah,012 HEBARD Sarah,011 HEBB DanieL,012 HEBB George Wriglesworth,055 HEBB John,090 HEBB Thomas,052 HEBBLEWHITE Henry,013 HEDGEMAND Edwin,012 HEDGES William,6 HEMBROUGH William,043 HEMINGBROUGH William,028 HEMINGWAY Abraham,032 HEMINGWAY Mary,024 HEMPSTOCK Benjamin,065 HEMPSTOCK Charles,016 HEMSTOCK Benjamin,070 HENDERSON John,021 HENDERSON William,020 HENEAGE G F,041 HENEAGE Geo. F,091 Hengist,024 HENLEY Francis,046 HENLEY Wm. Blackwell,046 Henry de Bellamont,031 Henry IV,9 Henry of Bolloingbroke,9 HENSAM John,077 HENSHAW Mary,084 HENSLEY Charles,032 HENSON,7 HENSON Chiseldon,081 HENSON Jonathan,013 HENSON Mary,8 HENSON Mary,082 HENSON Thomas,3 HENSON William,021 HERBERT,085 HERBERT John James,038 Hereward of Brun,018 HERITAGE William,026 HERRATT John,035 HERRING George,071 HERRING William,072 HERRING William,052 HERRINGSHAW Joshua,019 HERRINGSHAW Ts.,050 HESKETH Charles,013 HESLEDEN Bryan,6 HESLEDEN Bryan,6 HESLEDEN William Snith,6 HETT,020 HETT,054 HEWERDINE,050 HEWERDINE John,083 HEWERDINE John,044 HEWERDINE Matthew,083 HEWERDINE Thomas,083 HEWERDINE Thomas,039 HEWERDINE Thomas,084 HEWES Mary,6 HEWETT Thomas,4 HEWITSON,022 HEWITT,010 HEWITT,050 HEWITT Charles Geary,033 HEWITT John,015 HEWITT John,033 HEWITT John,014 HEWITT John,045 HEWITT John,046 HEWITT John,055 HEWITT Richard,077 HEWITT Richard,076 HEWITT Richd,4 HEWSON,063 HEWSON Ann,015 HEWSON Charles,071 HEWSON George,6 HEWSON Jane,015 HEWSON John,4 HEWSON John,058 HEWSON John,048 HEWSON Joseph,043 HEWSON Joseph,059 HEWSON Maria,021 HEWSON Thos.,058 HEWSON William,087 HEWSON William,3 HEWSON William,6 HEWSON William,059 HIBBARD Thomas,013 HIBBERD John,034 HIBBERT Henry,063 HIBBERT Thomas,055 HIBBERT Wm.,059 HIBBETT William,082 HIBBINS Catherine,083 HIBBINS Edward,084 HIBBINS George,083 HIBBINS George,083 HICKINBOTHAM William,055 HICKINGBOTHAM John,057 HICKINGBOTHAM John,055 HICKINGBOTHAM Robert,055 HICKINGBOTHAM Robert,057 HICKINGBOTHAM William,057 HICKLING Charles,027 HICKLING John,063 HICKLING Wm.,084 HICKMAN,015 HICKMAN H B,032 HICKMAN Henry Bacon,032 HICKMAN William,038 HICKMAN William,015 HICKS John,087 HICKS John,017 HICKS Robert,075 HICKSON Abraham,049 HICKSON Elizabeth,054 HICKSON John,055 HICKSON Rebecca,054 HICKSON Sarah,054 HICKSON Thomas,056 HIDES James,073 HIDES Richard,087 HIGDON Charles,051 HIGGINS John,4 HIGGINS William,058 HIGGINS William,059 HIGGS Wm.,081 HIGHAM William,039 HIGHFIELD Robert,034 HILDRED Benj.,015 HILDRED James,070 HILDRED John,016 HILDRED John,071 HILDRED Jos.,090 HILDYARD Henry,020 HILDYARD Henry,021 HILDYARD Henry,020 HILDYARD Ile Grant,065 HILDYARD Richd.,041 HILDYARD William,067 HILDYARD William,067 HILEY Roger,056 HILEY Thomas,033 HILEY Thomas,076 HILL,087 HILL,017 HILL,012 HILL,021 HILL,085 HILL,085 HILL,066 HILL Asaph,070 HILL David,028 HILL David,028 HILL David,049 HILL Edward,030 HILL George,7 HILL George,046 HILL George,078 HILL Hardwick,077 HILL Hardwick,075 HILL James,031 HILL James,031 HILL Jane,073 HILL Jas.,031 HILL John,4 HILL John,031 HILL John,017 HILL John,033 HILL John,058 HILL John,063 HILL John,069 HILL John,050 HILL John,058 HILL John,050 HILL Joseph,031 HILL Justly,059 HILL Maria,015 HILL Mary,6 HILL Mary,068 HILL Mary,092 HILL Mary,069 HILL Richard,028 HILL Richard,028 HILL Richard,030 HILL Richard,080 HILL Robert,044 HILL Robert,029 HILL Samuel,059 HILL Samuel,069 HILL Sarah,063 HILL Simon,090 HILL Simon,090 HILL Thomas,7 HILL Thomas,016 HILL William,7 HILL William,021 HILL William,012 HILL William,033 HILL William,057 HILL Wm,4 HILL Wm. Harrison,035 HILLDRED Alexander,080 HILLESS James,019 HILLIAM John,082 HILLS George,8 HILLYARD Samuel,089 HILSTRIP Edward,045 HILSTRIP Robert,045 HINCHCLIFF Charlotte,065 HIND Anderson,028 HIND James,028 HIND John,028 HIND John,028 HIND John,028 HIND Joseph,039 HIND Joseph,038 HIND Joseph,038 HIND Joseph,040 HIND William,033 HIND William Maltby,082 HINDLEY Ann,011 HINDS Sarah,012 HINSE Charles,016 HINSE Charles,046 HINSON John,019 HINSON John,018 HIPWORTH Elizabeth,046 HIPWORTH Mary,046 HIRCOCK William,046 HITCHENS James,060 HITCHINS James,057 HITCHINS Jas.,055 HIX William,080 HOBBIN Thomas,064 HOBOURN James,027 HOBSON Charles,011 HOBSON Henry,079 HOBSON John,015 HOBSON John,042 HOBSON John,014 HOBSON John,042 HOBSON John,074 HOBSON John,059 HOBSON John,042 HOBSON Richard,9 HOBSON Richard,9 HOBSON Richard,9 HOBSON Robert,052 HOBSON Timothy R,076 HOBSON William,076 HOBSON William,075 HOCKFORD,066 HOCKLEY Jacob,013 HOCKNEY Jane,069 HOCKNEY Thomas,030 HODGE Matthew,054 HODGE Thomas,5 HODGES Boughton,083 HODGES Boughton,082 HODGET William,073 HODGKIN John,019 HODGSON,045 HODGSON Ann,011 HODGSON Anne,087 HODGSON Grantham,063 HODGSON John,011 HODGSON Rebecca,010 HODGSON Sarah,011 HODGSON Thomas,6 HODGSON Thomas,6 HODGSON Thomas Brough,015 HODING Thomas,012 HODSON Elizabeth,081 HODSON John,038 HODSON Mark,088 HODSON Mary,057 HOE William,026 HOFF Edward,046 HOFF Elizabeth,079 HOFF Robert Boothby,046 HOFF William,080 HOGARTH Arthur George,044 HOGG George,048 HOGG Robert,046 HOGGARD,043 HOGGARD,044 HOGGARD,4 HOGGARD,4 HOGGARD John,4 HOGGETT Thomas,049 HOLDEN,022 HOLDEN George Peace,079 HOLDEN William,015 HOLDERNESS John,070 HOLDERNESS Matt.,074 HOLDERNESS William,079 HOLDICH,075 HOLDICH,072 HOLDRIDGE Wilfred,023 HOLDSWORTH David,6 HOLDSWORTH George,020 HOLDSWORTH Mark,048 HOLDWSORTH Mark,048 HOLE Samuel,039 HOLEYWELL Edward,076 HOLEYWELL Edward,077 HOLGATE Charles Henry,050 HOLGATE Isabella,5 HOLGATE Paterson,020 HOLGATE Wm.,036 HOLLAND,017 HOLLAND,068 HOLLAND Amy,057 HOLLAND Ann,058 HOLLAND Ann,057 HOLLAND Charles,056 HOLLAND Geo.,010 HOLLAND Geo.,063 HOLLAND Geo. Thos.,069 HOLLAND George,087 HOLLAND Henry,079 HOLLAND Jane,057 HOLLAND Jane,058 HOLLAND John,042 HOLLAND John,014 HOLLAND John,055 HOLLAND Joseph,011 HOLLAND Maria,063 HOLLAND Richd.,072 HOLLAND Thomas,046 HOLLAND Thomas,079 HOLLAND Thomas,068 HOLLAND Thomas,068 HOLLAND Wm. Charles,056 HOLLES Mary,037 HOLLIDAY Seth,045 HOLLIDAY Thomas,045 HOLLINGSHEAD,065 HOLLINGSWORTH David,089 HOLLINGSWORTH John,050 HOLLINGWORTH J B,059 HOLLINSHEAD,074 HOLLINWORTH Wm.,042 HOLLIS Thomas,8 HOLLIS Thomas,079 HOLLIS Thomas,079 HOLLISS William,040 HOLLOWAY,012 HOLLOWAY Thomas,078 HOLLWAY Jno. Hardwick,079 HOLLWAY John Hardwick,079 HOLLWAY John P,011 HOLLWAY Thomas,079 HOLME William,7 HOLMES,056 HOLMES,055 HOLMES Daniel,059 HOLMES Edward,064 HOLMES Edward,057 HOLMES Elijah,028 HOLMES Geo.,026 HOLMES George,016 HOLMES George,014 HOLMES George,080 HOLMES Grimmer,013 HOLMES James,044 HOLMES John,9 HOLMES John,9 HOLMES John,9 HOLMES John,049 HOLMES Mary,058 HOLMES Robt.,039 HOLMES Sarah,049 HOLMES Thomas,087 HOLMES William,087 HOLMES William,013 HOLMES William,057 HOLMES Wm.,021 HOLROYD Wm. Henry,064 HOLT George,038 HOLT George,039 HOLT George William,7 HOLT Jno. Henry,026 HOLT John,086 HOLT Mary,037 HOLT William,038 HOLT William,039 HOLT William,040 HOLT William James,038 HOLT William James,039 HOLT William James,040 HOLT Wm,8 HOLTON John,075 HOMER Thomas,012 HOMER Thomas,011 HOMER Thos.,012 HOOD John,054 HOODLESS,066 HOODLESS Israel,5 HOODLESS Israel,5 HOODLESS Israel,7 HOOK William,027 HOOKER Robert,070 HOOKER William,069 HOOKER Wm.,070 HOOLE,022 HOOLE Edward,044 HOOTON John,033 HOOTON William,045 HOPE John Wright,012 HOPE Samuel,090 HOPEWELL Robert,016 HOPKIN Elizabeth,4 HOPKINS John,042 HOPKINS John,043 HOPKINS Samuel,015 HOPKINS Thomas,012 HOPKINSON S E,018 HOPKINSON Thos.,041 HOPKINSON William,083 HOPKINSON William,082 HOPKINSON William L,083 HORBY Jane,065 HORD William,033 HORD William,033 HORD William,032 HORDEN John,084 HORDEN William Andrew,083 HORDEN William Andrew,084 HORDEN William Andrew,084 HORDERN,047 HORDERN William,029 HORN Jane,079 HORN Joseph,079 HORN Robert,013 HORN William,076 HORNBUCKLE George,012 HORNBY Mary,015 HORNCASTLE Joseph,020 HORNE James,029 HORNER Bursell,042 HORNER Edmund,015 HORNER Jane,083 HORNER Joseph,088 HORNER Mary Ann,082 HORNER Samuel,056 HORNESS,017 HORNSBY Eliz.,021 HORNSBY Elizabeth,020 HORNSBY Joseph,023 HORNSBY Richard,039 HORNSBY Richard,039 HORNSBY William,037 HORNSBY William,039 HORROX John,045 HORRY William,036 HORSEPOOL,040 HORSFALL John Pearson,7 HORTON Edward,049 HORTON Elias,064 HORTON George,052 HORTON William,013 HORWELL Thomas E,063 HOSTLAY Mrs,5 HOTCHIN John,029 HOTCHIN Robert,089 HOTCHIN William,048 HOTCHKIN Robert,047 HOTCHKINS Thomas,081 HOUGH Edward Lynch,038 HOUGHTON George,038 HOUGHTON John,038 HOUGHTON Mary,038 HOUGHTON Mary,012 HOUGHTON Sarah,013 HOUGHTON William,038 HOUGHTON William,039 HOUGHTON William,072 HOUGHTON William,040 HOULDSWORTH John,082 HOUSEHAM Mary,070 HOUSEMAN Harriet,026 HOUSHAM John,4 HOUSHAM Lot,077 HOUSMAN Charles,039 HOWARD,030 HOWARD,074 HOWARD,040 HOWARD Adderley,087 HOWARD Adderley,086 HOWARD Christopher,088 HOWARD Henry,9 HOWARD Henry,032 HOWARD Henry,012 HOWARD Henry,055 HOWARD John,087 HOWARD John,8 HOWARD John,034 HOWARD John,3 HOWARD John,017 HOWARD Mary,039 HOWARD Thomas,027 HOWARD William,034 HOWARD William,035 HOWDEN William,014 HOWDEN Wm.,014 HOWDEN Wm.,015 HOWE,085 HOWE James,064 HOWE Richard Pendrell,070 HOWE Richard Pendrell,070 HOWE Richard Pendrell,070 HOWE Robert,019 HOWE William,015 HOWELL Thomas,035 HOWELL William,065 HOWES,086 HOWES,086 HOWES Roden,083 HOWES Roden,084 HOWETT Richard,031 HOWITT Edward,056 HOWITT Edward,056 HOWITT Edward,055 HOWITT George,055 HOWITT Ralph,058 HOWITT Thos.,040 HOWLETT Charles,042 HOWLETT Elisha,064 HOWLETT Elisha,065 HOWLETT John,065 HOWLETT Joseph,050 HOWLETT Joseph,050 HOWLETT Mary Ann,065 HOWSON John Cozen,040 HOYES John Thomas,034 HOYLAND,063 HOYLAND Robert,025 HOYLAND Robert,024 HOYLAND Wm.,066 HOYLE John,033 HOYLE John,033 HOYLE Richard,070 HOYLE Robert,064 HOYLE Thomas Frederick,035 HOYLE Thos. Frederick,033 HOYLES Robert,052 HOYTE Kelham,086 HUBBARD,085 HUBBARD Charles,065 HUBBARD George,026 HUBBARD John,038 HUBBARD John,039 HUBBARD John,065 HUBBARD John,064 HUBBARD Matthew Barton Pollard,064 HUBBARD Thomas,038 HUBBARD William,8 HUBBARD William,073 HUBBARD Wm.,041 HUBBERT Edwin,064 HUBBERT Robert,014 HUBBERT William,014 HUCKBODY Isabella,045 HUCKNELL,074 HUDDLESTON Cath.,028 HUDDLESTON Gent,055 HUDDLESTON John,082 HUDDLESTONE Alfred,050 HUDSON David,015 HUDSON Hannah,063 HUDSON Hunter,087 HUDSON Joseph,9 HUDSON Maria,034 HUDSON Mary,088 HUDSON Mary Ann,065 HUDSON Thomas,065 HUDSON Thomas,063 HUDSON Wm.,031 HUFFER William,088 HUGELL Richard,8 HUGGINS William Henry,090 HUGHES Charles,054 HUGHES Dionysius,089 HUGHES John,033 HUGHES John,055 HUGHES Sarah,033 HUGHES Thomas,058 HUGHES William,084 HULL John,9 Humber,4 HUMPHREY Samuel,012 HUMPHREYS Wm.,071 HUNN Allen,016 HUNT,040 HUNT,072 HUNT Amos,045 HUNT Franchis,013 HUNT Frederick,033 HUNT Fredk.,085 HUNT George,084 HUNT James,029 HUNT James,059 HUNT James,064 HUNT James,066 HUNT James,065 HUNT John,035 HUNT John,038 HUNT John,069 HUNT Richard,059 HUNT Robert,082 HUNT Robert,085 HUNT Robert,081 HUNT Robt.,082 HUNT William,083 HUNT William,073 HUNT William,073 HUNT William Wright,031 HUNTER,045 HUNTER Ann,083 HUNTER Edward,4 HUNTER Isaac,6 HUNTER James,069 HUNTER John,4 HUNTER Mary,049 HUNTER Thomas Orby,026 HUNTINGTOWER,025 HUNTINGTOWER,037 HURREY John,076 HURST Benjamin,5 HURST Elizabeth,091 HURST Elizabeth,081 HURST Harriet,081 HURST James,081 HURST John,033 HURST John,3 HURST Thomas,064 HURST William,016 HURST William,065 HURTON Henry,063 HUSBAND John,069 HUTCHESSON John,087 HUTCHIN Samuel,029 HUTCHINSON,014 HUTCHINSON Henry,070 HUTCHINSON Jno.,050 HUTCHINSON John,025 HUTCHINSON John,050 HUTCHINSON John,076 HUTCHINSON Joseph,027 HUTCHINSON Joseph,091 HUTCHINSON Samuel,027 HUTCHINSON Simon,037 HUTCHINSON Thomas,012 HUTCHINSON Thos.,065 HUTCHINSON Ths.,050 HUTCHINSON William,027 HUTSON Ann,079 HUTSON Curtis,080 HUTSON Martha,5 HUTSON St. Barnabas,029 HUTTEY John,075 HUTTON Ann,031 HUTTON Ann,030 HUTTON Robert,4 HUTTON Susannah,054 HUTTON Thomas,028 HUTTON Thomas,028 HUTTON William,032 HUTTON William,4 HYDE,065 HYDE Benjn.,063 HYDE John,074 HYDE Joseph,089 HYDE Richard,012 HYDE William,063 HYLTON Edward,056 HYLTON Edward,059 ILES Rachael,063 ILLINGWORTH Frances,054 IMBOCY James,012 INGALL Caswell,087 INGALL Elizabeth,022 INGALL Robert,088 INGALL Wm.,036 INGEMELLS John,052 INGHAM Joseph,4 INGHAM William,049 INGHAM Zebulon,049 INGILBY,043 INGILBY Edward,070 INGILBY Edward,070 INGILBY John,079 INGLE Edward,026 INGLE John,032 INGLEBY John,010 INGLEBY John,010 INGMAN,068 INGOLDBY,066 INGOLDBY Christopher,063 INGOLDBY James,064 INGOLDBY John,6 INGOLDBY Nicholas,6 INGRAM Edward,016 INGRAM James,012 INGRAM Jesse,025 INGRAM Laceby,058 INGRAM Laceby,059 INGRAM Thomas,071 INMAN James,055 INMAN James,048 INMAN James Williams,037 INMAN Jas. Williams,037 INMAN John,057 INMAN William,048 INMAN William Charles,022 INN George,7 IRBY,011 IRELAND James,084 IRESON Thomas,026 IRVINE John,041 ISLE James,028 ISLE William,030 ISLIP Elizabeth,059 ISLIP Robert,082 ISLIP Robert,084 ISLIP Thomas,081 ISSOTT Thomas,055 ISSOTT Thomas,057 JACK Alexander,082 JACK Alexander,083 JACKLIN Joseph,056 JACKLIN Miles,016 JACKSON,010 JACKSON,028 JACKSON,014 JACKSON,017 JACKSON,068 JACKSON,078 JACKSON,046 JACKSON,051 JACKSON,063 JACKSON,085 JACKSON Ann,012 JACKSON Charles,029 JACKSON Charles,4 JACKSON Daniel,016 JACKSON Daniel,014 JACKSON David,046 JACKSON Edward,039 JACKSON Edward,056 JACKSON Elizabeth,021 JACKSON Enoch,052 JACKSON Everett,021 JACKSON Francis,039 JACKSON George,9 JACKSON George,025 JACKSON George,8 JACKSON George,071 JACKSON Harriet,077 JACKSON Henry,034 JACKSON Henry,058 JACKSON Henry Thomas,020 JACKSON James,090 JACKSON James,056 JACKSON James,059 JACKSON Jas.,056 JACKSON Jas.,057 JACKSON John,087 JACKSON John,089 JACKSON John,4 JACKSON John,014 JACKSON John,016 JACKSON John,038 JACKSON John,026 JACKSON John,016 JACKSON John,9 JACKSON John,4 JACKSON John,052 JACKSON John,064 JACKSON John,063 JACKSON John,065 JACKSON John,052 JACKSON John,063 JACKSON Kezia,048 JACKSON Mahaleth Priscilla,034 JACKSON Mark Wilson,084 JACKSON Mary,073 JACKSON Michael,046 JACKSON Richard,013 JACKSON Richard Baguley,027 JACKSON Richard Baguley,027 JACKSON Robert,8 JACKSON Robert,015 JACKSON Robert,058 JACKSON Robert,075 JACKSON Sarah,050 JACKSON Thoams Hippisley,082 JACKSON Thomas,088 JACKSON Thomas,035 JACKSON Thomas,014 JACKSON Thomas,063 JACKSON Thomas Maiden,049 JACKSON Ths.,033 JACKSON Wilfred,6 JACKSON William,012 JACKSON William,6 JACKSON William,027 JACKSON William,7 JACKSON William,021 JACKSON William,064 JACKSON William,079 JACKSON William,056 JACKSON William,073 JACKSON William,040 JACOBSON Thomas,073 JACQUES John,088 JACSON John,029 JAFFRESON Samuel,039 JALLANDS,047 JAMES Charles,090 JAMES John,042 JAMES Joseph,087 JAMES Susannah,063 JAMES William,077 JAMESON William,059 JAMIESON James,016 JAMSON Wm.,039 JANNEY George,028 JAQUES Elkanah,012 JAQUES James,071 JARVIS Benjamin,033 JARVIS Benjamin,033 JARVIS James,020 JARVIS James,021 JARVIS John,045 JARVIS Mary,046 JAWSON John William,058 JAY Charles,048 JAY Charles,049 JAY Joseph Tillett,077 JAY William,048 JEANS James William,039 JEBB Samuel Henry,012 JEE John,4 JEE Sarah,079 JEE Wm.,048 JEFFERY,085 JEFFERY John,048 JEFFERY Wm.,017 JEFFREY,017 JELLEY Francis,083 JELLEY John,057 JENKINS,061 JENKINS,072 JENKINS,050 JENKINS Harriet,031 JENKINS Thomas,071 JENKINS Thomas,092 JENKINS Thos.,092 JENKINSON Francis,010 JENKINSON Francis,010 JENKINSON George,030 JENKINSON Michael,040 JENKINSON Robert,030 JENKINSON Thos.,017 JENNINGS,079 JENNINGS Ann,7 JENNINGS George,077 JENNINGS Octavius,076 JENNINGS Robert,029 JENNINGS Sarah,077 JEPSON George,034 JEPSON William Noah,058 JEPSON William Noah,057 JERREMS William,034 JESSAP Ann,024 JESSOP Jabez,022 JESSOP James,088 JESSOP John,088 JESSOP John,088 JESSOP Mary,088 JESSOP Thomas,022 JESSOP Zebedee,088 JESSOP Zebedee,088 JEVONS Sarah,056 JEVONS Sarah,057 JEWITT George,056 JEWITT George,059 JIBB Ann,9 JIBB Jane,045 JICKINS Elizabeth,6 JIGGS Daniel,049 JIGGS Daniel,048 JILLOTT James,041 JINKINSON Alfred,033 JINKS,085 JOB Charles,074 JOBSON James,035 JOBSON John,058 John of Gaunt,032 John of Gaunt,053 JOHNSON,090 JOHNSON,017 JOHNSON,017 JOHNSON,064 JOHNSON,045 JOHNSON,081 JOHNSON,065 JOHNSON,047 JOHNSON,064 JOHNSON Aaron,7 JOHNSON Ann,081 JOHNSON Charles,077 JOHNSON Chas.,036 JOHNSON Cook,089 JOHNSON Danl.,035 JOHNSON Edward,7 JOHNSON Edward,6 JOHNSON Eliza,075 JOHNSON Elizabeth,039 JOHNSON Geo.,071 JOHNSON George,070 JOHNSON George,069 JOHNSON George,077 JOHNSON Henry,082 JOHNSON Henry,082 JOHNSON Henry,083 JOHNSON Henry,082 JOHNSON Henry,018 JOHNSON James,010 JOHNSON James,027 JOHNSON Jeremiah,016 JOHNSON Jeremiah,3 JOHNSON Jeremiah,3 JOHNSON John,023 JOHNSON John,023 JOHNSON John,3 JOHNSON John,028 JOHNSON John,031 JOHNSON John,029 JOHNSON John,063 JOHNSON John,076 JOHNSON John,059 JOHNSON John,081 JOHNSON John,077 JOHNSON John,045 JOHNSON John,057 JOHNSON John,065 JOHNSON Jonathan,015 JOHNSON Joseph,077 JOHNSON Joseph,048 JOHNSON Joseph,049 JOHNSON Joseph,048 JOHNSON Joseph,050 JOHNSON Lucy,016 JOHNSON Mary,083 JOHNSON Mary,7 JOHNSON Maurice,075 JOHNSON Peter,010 JOHNSON Peter,035 JOHNSON Rebecca,058 JOHNSON Rebecca,057 JOHNSON Richard,082 JOHNSON Richard,020 JOHNSON Richard,076 JOHNSON Richard,076 JOHNSON Robert,7 JOHNSON Robert,033 JOHNSON Samuel,073 JOHNSON Sarah,8 JOHNSON Theophilus Fairfax,075 JOHNSON Thomas,044 JOHNSON Thomas,033 JOHNSON Thomas,033 JOHNSON Thomas,033 JOHNSON Thomas,048 JOHNSON Thomas,049 JOHNSON Thomas,066 JOHNSON Thomas,080 JOHNSON Thomas,048 JOHNSON Thomas,048 JOHNSON Thomas,048 JOHNSON Thomas Houseman,3 JOHNSON Thomas Mason,082 JOHNSON Thos.,052 JOHNSON Thos.,061 JOHNSON Tyrer,075 JOHNSON Wiiliam Hny.,057 JOHNSON William,087 JOHNSON William,033 JOHNSON William,024 JOHNSON William,075 JOHNSON William,046 JOHNSON William Henry,056 JOHNSON William Henry,058 JOHNSTON,037 JOHNSTON John,083 JOHNSTON John,083 JOHNSTON Robt. Henry,037 JOHNSTON William,014 JOHSON Henry,083 JOLLAND Charles,025 JOLLANDS Anthony,038 JONES Daniel,4 JONES David,012 JONES Edmund,046 JONES Francis,039 JONES George,084 JONES Henry Welburn,057 JONES Henry Welburn,056 JONES John,076 JONES Mary Ann,4 JONES Morgan,064 JONES Thomas C,081 JONES William,091 JONES William,039 JONES William Anwyle,021 JORDAN William,025 JOURDAN,082 JOYCE William,014 JOYES Anthony,075 JOYS Daniel,043 JOYS Mary,041 JOYS Richard,042 JOYS Richard,042 JUDD George,089 JUDD James,076 JULIAN Ann,015 JULIAN Henry,013 JULIAN John,072 JULIN James,013 KALE Ann,066 KAYE,044 KAYE John,059 KEAL James,014 KEAL James,014 KEAL James,015 KEAL William,090 KEAL William Dixon,014 KEALEY Joseph,057 KEALEY Joseph,058 KEALL John,023 KEELING John,049 KEENE William,077 KEENE William,077 KEETHLEY,043 KEIGHTLEY Matthew,048 KEIGHTLEY William,017 KEIGHTLEY William,013 KEITHLEY Reuben,3 KELK Jacob,075 KELK Mary,020 KELK William,090 KELK William,022 KELLAM William,068 KELLAM Wm.,068 KELLY James,068 KELLY Mary,026 KELLY Thomas,077 KELLY Thomas,077 KELLY William,018 KELSEY Benjamin B,012 KELSEY Joshua,031 KELSEY Robert,030 KELSEY Robert,018 KELSEY Samuel,034 KELSEY Thomas,028 KELSEY Thomas,058 KELSEY William,030 KELVEY Charles Grant,035 KEMM Henry,038 KEMP,065 KEMP Daniel,9 KEMP Henry,079 KEMP James,089 KEMP John,010 KEMP John,042 KEMP Noah Hurton,046 KEMP Thomas,047 KEMP William,067 KEMPTON Joshua,051 KENDAL,035 KENDAL John,037 KENDAL Joseph,023 KENDALL Jane,069 KENDALL Joseph,069 KENDALL Lawrence,079 KENDALL Mary,069 KENDALL Thos.,021 KENNEDY Francis,057 KENNEDY Francis,054 KENNEWELL Thos.,031 KENNEY Mark,067 KENNINGRON,042 KENNINGTON,043 KENNINGTON Ann,6 KENNINGTON Charles,048 KENNINGTON James,042 KENNINGTON John,025 KENNINGTON John,034 KENNINGTON John,069 KENNINGTON John,065 KENNINGTON John,070 KENNINGTON Kezia,049 KENNINGTON Mary,070 KENNINGTON Rebecca,070 KENNINGTON Thomas,025 KENNINGTON Thomas,043 KENNINGTON Thomas,025 KENNINGTON William,021 KENNINGTON William,013 KENNINGTON William,021 KENRICK,012 KENRICK Buxton,014 KENRICK Frederick William,048 KENT,033 KENT,049 KENT Frederick,058 KENT George David,054 KENT John,051 KENT John,054 KENT Mary,051 KENT Thomas,018 KENT Thomas,033 KENT Thomas,055 KENT William,048 KERMAN Thomas,072 KERR Alexander,016 KERR James,076 KETTLE,085 KETTON Francis,035 KEW John,089 KEW Jonathan,064 KEW William,064 KEWNEY,037 KEWNEY,037 KEWNEY,031 KEY,045 KEY,045 KEY Ann,068 KEY Charlotte,070 KEY Edward,045 KEY John,013 KEY John,059 KEY John,057 KEY Joseph,028 KEY William,030 KEYSTON James,084 KEYWORTH Charles,055 KEYWORTH Charles,058 KEYWORTH Chas.,056 KEYWORTH George,035 KEYWORTH Henry,058 KEYWORTH John,013 KEYWORTH John,033 KEYWORTH Robert,059 KEYWORTH Thomas,054 KEYWORTH Thomas Michael,056 KEYWORTH William,034 KEYWORTHS,057 KIDD David,066 KIDD Thomas,064 KIDDALL James,064 KIDDALL James,063 KIDINGTON Charles,082 KIDNEY John,6 KIDSON George,034 KIDSON Jane,034 KIDWARD William,8 KIGHTLEY Eliza,012 KILBURN Robert,084 KILHAM Alexander,030 KILHAM Simon,046 KILHAM Thomas,028 KILHAM Thos.,028 KILHAM William,031 KILLINGLEY Martin,082 KILLINGWORTH Benjamin,013 KILLINGWORTH Benjamin,014 KILLINGWORTH Benjn.,017 KILMISTER Geo.,035 KILMISTER George,033 KIME,063 KIME Joseph,064 KIME William,014 KING,037 KING,031 KING,037 KING,072 KING Ann,019 King Charles I,088 King Charles I,032 King Charles I,031 King Charles I,018 King Charles I,053 King Charles I,052 King Edred,026 KING Edward,037 King Edward I,018 King Edward I,031 King Edward I,080 King Edward I,041 King Edward III,010 King Edward III,041 King Edward IV,036 King Edward IV,081 King Edward IV,080 King Edward VI,062 KING Eliz.,059 KING George,077 King George I,053 King George IV,047 KING Henry,013 King Henry II,053 King Henry VI,088 King Henry VI,090 King Henry VII,047 King Henry VIII,026 King Henry VIII,011 King James I,036 King John,087 King John,010 King John,2 King John,041 King John,072 KING John Poore,037 KING John Poore,038 KING Nathaniel,082 KING Richard,045 KING Richard,046 King Richard III,081 KING Robert,039 KING Robert,045 KING Robert,046 KING Samuel,038 KING Samuel,039 KING Stephen,082 KING Thomas,086 KING Thomas,021 KING Thomas,014 KING Thomas,029 KING Thomas,078 KING Thomas,077 KING William,034 KING William,034 KING William,035 KING William,046 King William I,031 King William I,067 KING William Rose,089 KING William Rose,089 KINGSTON Jemima,078 KINGSTON William,019 KINNERSLEY Caroline,012 KINNERSLEY Clara,012 KINNERSLEY Henry,046 KIPLING Elizabeth,057 KIRBY Ann,068 KIRBY Edward,082 KIRBY John,027 KIRBY John,068 KIRBY Richard,072 KIRBY Thomas,068 KIRK Benj.,057 KIRK Benjamin,063 KIRK Charles,016 KIRK Charles,074 KIRK Charles,073 KIRK Francis,4 KIRK Frederick,059 KIRK Frederick,056 KIRK Fredk. Adolphus,075 KIRK George,021 KIRK George,030 KIRK Henry,016 KIRK John,089 KIRK John,089 KIRK John,030 KIRK John,065 KIRK John,049 KIRK Robert,043 KIRK Theophilus,4 KIRK Thomas,029 KIRK Thomas,031 KIRK Thomas,055 KIRK William,065 KIRK William,056 KIRK Wm. Farmery,037 KIRKBY Henry,015 KIRKBY Henry,012 KIRKBY Michael,071 KIRKBY William,090 KIRKBY William,025 KIRKHAM,065 KIRKHAM John,010 KIRKHAM Thomas,3 KIRKNS Rebecca,7 KIRKPATRICK James,058 KIRMAN Tobias,070 KIRTON,057 KIRTON Ellen,059 KIRTON Henry,010 KIRTON John,058 KIRTON William,087 KIRTON William,046 KITCHEN Elizabeth,054 KITCHEN Joseph,068 KITCHEN Matthew,012 KITCHEN Samuel,029 KITCHEN Samuel,075 KITCHEN Samuel,077 KITCHEN Thos.,021 KITCHING Jesse,052 KITCHING Maria,059 KITCHING William,035 KITCHING William,034 KNAPTON Thomas,025 KNEAVE John,070 KNIGHT John,088 KNIGHT John,088 KNIGHT John,078 KNIGHT Richard,083 KNIGHT Richard,073 KNIGHT Richard,084 KNIGHT Sarah,078 KNIGHT Thos.,051 KNIGHTEN Stephen,083 KNIPE,085 KNOTT J,063 KNOTT Sarah,019 KNOTT William,020 KNOTT William,055 KNOWLES John,071 KNOWLES Richard,029 KNOWLES Samuel,051 KNOWLES Thomas,014 KNOWLES Thos.,036 KNOWLES Timothy,058 KREUZ Gregory,016 KRYSTALLER Isaac,058 KYME George,052 KYME William,052 KYNMAN James,025 L'OSTE J,063 L'OSTE J B,063 L'OSTE Naomi,063 LACEY Ann,032 LACEY Rebecca,070 LACEY T,017 LACEY Thomas,017 LACEY Thos.,074 LAD Ann,051 LADD George,029 LADD Thomas,077 LADD William,048 LADD William,049 LAFARGUE Robert Augustus,069 LAISTER John,028 LAISTER Thomas,031 LAKE,4 LAKE,066 LAKE Benjamin,090 LAKE Charles,068 LAKE Christopher,089 LAKE Jonathan,067 LAKE Thomas,010 LAKE William,068 LAKE William,068 LAKIN John,071 LAKIN Thomas,066 LAKING Richard,071 LAMB Benjamin,9 LAMB Henry,058 LAMB Jeremiah,044 LAMB Richard,092 LAMB Thomas,056 LAMB Thos.,059 LAMB William,026 LAMBDEN Abraham,089 LAMBDEN James,043 LAMBDEN William,089 LAMBERT George,034 LAMBERT Mary,026 LAMBERT Richard,033 LAMBERT Samuel,075 LAMBERT Thos.,067 LAMBLEY William,015 LAMING Joseph,043 LAMMING Jno.,043 LANCASTER Edward,019 LANCASTER John,025 LANCASTER John,024 LANCASTER Toft,069 LANCASTER Toft,070 LANE Chas. Newton,025 LANE Edward,071 LANE Edwd.,073 LANE Francis,082 LANE John,9 LANE Samuel,089 LANGA Burman,043 LANGA Burman,041 LANGHAM James,089 LANGHORNE My,3 LANGLEY James,082 LANGLEY John,082 LANGSTAFF Robert,040 LANGSTON John,039 LANGSTON John,038 LANGTON Geo. Bennett,079 LANGTON Robert,030 LANGTON William,030 LANGWITH Joseph,037 LANGWITH Joseph Silvester,038 LANGWITH Joseph Silvester,037 LANKESTER,066 LANREMEN Jane,016 LANSDAL Edrie,033 LANSDALL John,089 LANSDALL Robert,079 LARDER Joseph,064 LARDER Joseph,064 LARDER Joseph,065 LARDER Robert,070 LARDER Robert,069 LARGE Elizabeth,037 LARGE Mary,081 LARK John,056 LARKING Edmund R,8 LASEGUE Claudius Ludovicus,083 LATHAM Thomas,8 LATHAM Thos,8 LAUGHTON William,022 LAUGHTON William,030 LAURENCE,064 LAURENCE Charles,064 LAURENT Felix,3 LAURENT Felix,3 LAUSDALL Hamerton,075 LAVENDER Richard Brand,076 LAVENDER Richard Brand,077 LAW William Farmer,082 LAWRENCE John,029 LAWRENCE John,051 LAWRENCE John,052 LAWRENCE John,040 LAWRENCE Thomas Stanser,037 LAWRENCE Thomas Stanton,040 LAWRENCE Thos.,051 LAWRENCE Thos.,067 LAWRENCE William,033 LAWSON,025 LAWSON Charles,049 LAWSON Elizabeth,057 LAWSON John,073 LAWSON Joseph,045 LAWSON Mary Ann,023 LAWTEY Philip,023 LAXTON,084 LAXTON Elizabeth,067 LAXTON John,068 LAXTON Mary Ann,083 LAXTON Robert,082 LAXTON Thomas,076 LAXTON Thomas,081 LAYARD Brownlow Villiers,081 LAYBOURN John,6 LAYNE Thomas,035 LAYNES Jane,034 LAYTON Elizabeth,016 LAYTON Thos.,077 LAYTON William,019 LAZARUS Jonas,056 LEA James,038 LEA James,038 LEA James,039 LEA John,010 LEABERRY Robert,020 LEACH Elijah,029 LEACH Henry,076 LEACH John,075 LEACHMAN John Gresswell,3 LEADER Samuel,086 LEADER William,086 LEAF Barnes,052 LEAF Joseph,065 LEAF Thomas,052 LEAFE John,055 LEAFE Thomas,016 LEAGRASS William,057 LEAK,063 LEAK Daniel,015 LEAK Daniel,039 LEAK Edward,064 LEAK James,013 LEAK Simeon,038 LEAK Thomas,014 LEAK Thomas,040 LEAK William,015 LEAK William,064 LEAKE,017 LEAKE J,017 LEAKE John,3 LEAKE John,3 LEAKE John,017 LEAKE Richard,3 LEAKE Susannah,3 LEAKE Thomas,073 LEALAND John,072 LEALAND Rd.,077 LEANING John,7 LEANING John,6 LEANING John,6 LEARBY Elizabeth,063 LEARY Robert Ely,058 LEASTER Richard,035 LEATHERLAND Drove,078 LEAVER Mary,046 LEDGER Thomas,033 LEE,038 LEE,039 LEE,050 LEE,069 LEE Elizabeth,039 LEE Elizabeth,8 LEE Isaac,086 LEE John,089 LEE John,089 LEE John,015 LEE John,039 LEE John,052 LEE John,050 LEE Levi,043 LEE Levi,042 LEE Louisa,050 LEE Mary,054 LEE Mary,077 LEE Robert,039 LEE Samuel,050 LEE William,075 LEECH William,077 LEEDAM William,012 LEEDAM William,015 LEEDHAM John,033 LEEK,074 LEEK John,074 LEEK John Buxton,9 LEEMAN Edward,076 LEES John Bailey,064 LEFEVER John,027 LEFEVRE,044 LEGARD Joseph,025 LEGG Henry,032 LEGG Mary Ann,032 LEGGOTT David,020 LEGGOTT David Hatfield,020 LEGGOTT John,030 LEGGOTT Thomas,031 LEGGOTT William,031 LEIGH Hewlett James,090 LEIGH Thomas,042 LEIGH Thos.,042 LEIGHTON Andrew,049 LENG Caroline,015 LENG John,015 LENHAM James,6 LENNELL,067 LENTON,040 LENTON,085 LENTON Jas.,041 LENTON John,018 LENTON John,049 LENTON John,048 LENTON Levi,049 LENTON Sarah,018 LENTON Susannah,077 LENTON Susannah,078 LEO Henry Lewis,017 LEPPINGTON Hildyard Marshall,043 LETTICE Thomas,9 LEVERSEDGE Benjamin,056 LEVICK Mary,070 LEVY Isaiah Lee,035 LEVY Isaiah Lee,035 LEWIN Henry,017 LEWIN William,016 LEWING William,014 LEWIS Charles,042 LEWIS John,048 LEWIS Thomas,059 LIDDALL John,014 LIDGET Joseph,043 LIDGETT John,024 LIDGETT John,025 LIEVESLEY Ann,033 LIGHT Henry,033 LIGHTFOOT Samuel,083 LIGHTFOOT Samuel,083 LIGHTFOOT Thomas,030 LIGHTFOOT Thomas,028 LIGHTON Wm.,035 LIGO Moses,086 LILBURTN Edwd.,059 LILL,4 LILL Edward,013 LILL Edwards,012 LILL John,030 LILL Joseph,072 LILL Margaret,070 LILL Mary,065 LILL Michael,063 LILL Thomas,012 LILL Thomas,049 LILL William,063 LILL William,057 LILLEY,017 LILLEY,050 LILLEY Elizabeth,9 LILLEY James,036 LILLEY John,9 LILLEY Joseph,013 LILLEY Joseph,9 LILLEY Richard,039 LILLEY Richard,052 LILLEY Richd.,080 LILLY Issachar,056 LILLY Issachar,057 LILLYMAN John,033 LILLYMAN John,033 LIMON George,069 LIMON James,092 LIMON Thomas,049 LINCOLN,017 LINCOLN John,017 LINCOLN Joshua,019 LINCOLN Timothy,083 LINCOLN William,068 LINDSEY,081 LINEKER William,8 LING,015 LING Hrriet,065 LING Mary,090 LING West,090 LINGARD Francis,070 LINGARD Joseph,030 LINLEY William,039 LINNELL George,067 LINOM George,035 LINTON Mary,081 LISTER,074 LISTER Amos,092 LISTER Francis,042 LISTER James John,031 LISTER John,3 LISTER William,042 LITCHFIELD,079 LITCHFORD John,037 LITCHFORD Robert,037 LITTLE Benjamin,077 LITTLE George,068 LITTLE William,086 LITTLEDYKE James,082 LITTLEDYKE Robert,083 LITTLEDYKE Thomas,084 LITTLEWOOD Edward,036 LIVERSIDGE John,034 LIVESAY Joseph,091 LIVESEY John,047 LIVESLEY Will,057 LIVESLEY William,055 LIVING Thomas,084 LLOYD,026 LLOYD Thomas,068 LOBLEY Ann,032 LOCK Alexander,046 LOCK Thomas,075 LOCKING John,074 LOCKWOOD,074 LOCKWOOD,040 LOCKWOOD Elizabeth,4 LOCKWOOD James,023 LOCKWOOD John,4 LOCKWOOD Joseph,048 LOCKWOOD Robert,049 LOCKWOOD Thomas,036 LOCKWOOD ThoMas,022 LOFLY John,021 LOFT Charles Percival,043 LOFT John,063 LOMAS Joseph,033 LOMAS Samuel,049 LONG,040 LONG John,061 LONG Joseph Toynbee,6 LONG Mehetabel,029 LONG Rose,086 LONG William,033 LONGBOTTOM Barnard,065 LONGBOTTOM Henry,076 LONGBOTTOM Michael C,064 LONGDEN Jno.,056 LONGDEN William,017 LONGLAND Samuel,018 LONGLANDS Joseph,087 LONGSTAFF Frederick Jno.,055 LONGSTAFF William,049 LONGSTAFF William,048 LONSDALE James,3 LORD,039 Lord Burleigh,018 Lord Fortescue,8 Lord Gwydir,078 LORD Thomas,072 Lord Wedrington,1 LORD William,045 Lord Worsley,2 Lord Worsley,041 LOTE Daniel,012 LOTE Richard,012 LOUCH John,058 LOUGHLIN Thomas,029 LOUGHRIN Terence,059 LOUTH James,9 LOVE Charles,031 LOVE George,076 LOVE George,077 LOVE James,075 LOVE Thomas,084 LOVERSIDGE Francis,013 LOVLEY John,077 LOVLEY John,075 LOWCOCK Charles,043 LOWCOCK Frances,035 LOWCOCK Robert,033 LOWCOCK Robert,033 LOWDEN George,077 LOWE,012 LOWE Ann,082 LOWE Charles,083 LOWE Charles,083 LOWE Charles,084 LOWE Francis Armishaw,034 LOWE John,083 LOWE John,083 LOWE Ralph,073 LOWIS John Walker,076 LOWIS John Walker,076 LOWIS Robert,079 LOWISS,066 LOWRIE Charles,054 LOWSON John,082 LOWTH Martha,081 LOWTHER Richard,012 LOWTHER Thomas,063 LOXTON David,032 LOYAL Peter,020 LOYAL Peter,021 LOYD William,077 LUCAS Charles,077 LUCAS Frederick,063 LUCAS Frederick,064 LUCAS Henry,3 LUCAS Henry,3 LUCAS Henry,3 LUCAS Henry,3 LUCAS Henry,065 LUCAS Henry,064 LUCAS Henry,063 LUCAS Henry,066 LUCAS Henry,066 LUCAS Henry,063 LUCAS Henry D,079 LUCAS John Watson,016 LUCAS Lucy,063 LUCAS Richard,081 LUCK Richard,063 LUDLAM James,083 LUDLOW John,029 LUDLOW Mary,029 LUFF Joseph,019 LUGGITT William,043 LUMBY Frederick,082 LUMBY Isaac,082 LUMBY James,083 LUMBY John,082 LUMBY John,035 LUMBY John,029 LUMBY John,029 LUMBY Joshua,082 LUMBY William,017 LUMLEY George,023 LUMLEY Henry,058 LUMLEY Thomas,042 LUND Mary,058 LUNDIE Thmas,042 LUNDIE Thomas,042 LUNDIE William,065 LUNDY John,033 LUNN Jno.,083 LUNN John,083 LUNN John,7 LUNN Robert Markham,059 LUNN William,076 LUNN William,058 LUPTON Edmund,084 LUPTON John,073 LUPTON Robert,088 LUSBY John,041 LUSLOW Samuel,075 LYALL Joseph,079 LYMON John,059 LYNE,017 LYNE,017 LYNE James,039 LYNE John,021 LYNE Nathan,066 LYNE Thoams,037 LYNE William,9 LYNN,037 LYNN,040 LYNN John,015 LYNN Joseph,7 LYNN Sarah,8 LYON,017 LYON Elizabeth,087 MABBOTT John,055 MABELSON Nicholas,012 MAC GIRR Douglas,014 MACCAM Hilham,076 MACDONALD John Charles,045 MACHIN George,029 MACINTOSH Elizabeth,080 MACINTOSH Robert,080 MACKERELL William,3 MACKINDER,057 MACKINDER Charles,065 MACKINDER Maurice,059 MACKINDER Thomas,079 MACKINDER William,080 MACKINNON J,072 MACKLIN John,031 MACKRILL John,6 MACKRILL John Benjamin,6 MACKRILL Joseph,6 MACKRILL Joseph,6 MACKRILL Joseph,6 MACKRILL Joseph,6 MACKRILL Mary,5 MACKRILL William,5 MADDISON Charles,064 MADDISON Daniel,055 MADDISON Daniel,059 MADDISON Geo. Wilson,079 MADDISON George Wilson,080 MADDISON Henry,089 MADDISON Herny,089 MADDISON Hy.,016 MADDISON Jospeh,010 MADDISON Paul,013 MADDISON William,072 MADDISON William,048 MADELEY Clement,047 MADGHAM John,015 MAGER,065 MAGER Francis,065 MAGER Oliver,052 MAGER William,064 MAGNUS Sarah,014 MAGUIRE Thomas,063 MAIDEN John,3 MAIDENS Ann,090 MAIDENS Howith,052 MAIDENS Thomas,010 MAIDENS Thos.,012 MAIL Matthew,031 MAILE Joseph,052 MAIN,069 MAINE,079 MAINWARING Charles,054 MAIR Francis Henry,076 MAIR Francis Henry,078 MAJOR Ezra,031 MAJOR Jesse,044 MAJOR John,9 MAJOR William,029 MAKEY William,071 MALAM George,076 MALAM George,046 MALAM George,078 MALAM Robert,049 MALCOLM J,012 MALCOLM J,012 MALES Sarah,081 MALIM Frederick,038 MALIM Frederick,037 MALKINSON Henry,012 MALKINSON Henry,015 MALKINSON Henry,017 MALT Robert,077 MALTBY James,075 MALTBY John,051 MALTMAN Elizabeth,084 MAN Francis,014 MANBY John,018 MANN Elizabeth,051 MANN James,014 MANN James,013 MANN James,067 MANN John,067 MANN John P,082 MANN William,012 MANNERS,037 MANNERS Diana,037 MANNERS Thomas,037 MANNING,017 MANNING,016 MANNING,040 MANNING George,012 MANSELL John,029 MANSELL R,2 MANSELL Robert,3 MANSFIELD John,9 MANSFORD John,055 MANSFORD William,055 MANTELL E R,062 MANTELL Edward Reginald,063 MANTON Henry,045 MANTON Henry,072 MANTON William,026 MANWARING Charles,072 MAPLES Ashley,076 MAPLES Ashley,075 MAPLES Cornelius,055 MAPLES Edward Palmer,077 MAPLES Henry,078 MAPLES John,055 MAPLES Phoebe,075 MAPLES Thomas,075 MAPLESTON Mary,058 MAPLESTON Robert,058 MAPLETOFT,062 MARCHANT George,013 MARFLED Mary,052 MARFLEET Jos.,090 MARFLEET Joseph,090 MARFLEET Joseph,027 MARFLETT Thomas,056 MARGERUM William,075 MARGERUM William,076 MARGESON George,012 MARGESON Mary,016 MARGLEET John,043 MARGRAVE Thos.,023 MARGRAVE William Dawson,028 MARKHAM,032 MARKHAM Charles,035 MARKHAM George,065 MARKHAM John,063 MARKHAM John,066 MARKHAM Richard,059 MARKHAM Thomas,033 MARKHAM Thomas,065 MARKHAM Ths.,064 MARKHAM William,068 MARKHAM Wm. Knapton,035 MARKILLIE Jacob,087 MARKILLIE Jacob,086 MARKLAND John,9 MARKSHALL Mary,020 MARKWELL Wm.,049 Marquess of Exeter,088 Marquess of Exeter,018 Marquess of Exeter,026 Marquess of Exeter,080 Marquess of Granby,080 Marquess of Newcastle,1 MARR Henry,021 MARRATT George,055 MARRIOTT Isaac,037 MARRIOTT John Thomas,077 MARRIOTT Joseph,067 MARRIOTT Robert,5 MARRIOTT William Strong,086 MARRIS,024 MARRIS Albert,065 MARRIS Ann,042 MARRIS Ann,043 MARRIS George,025 MARRIS George,6 MARRIS George,025 MARRIS James,043 MARRIS John,050 MARRIS Rebecca,050 MARRIS Sarah,063 MARRIS William,023 MARRIS William,023 MARRIS William,036 MARRIS William,050 MARRISN,022 MARSDEN Stephen,041 MARSDEN W D,063 MARSHALL,042 MARSHALL,043 MARSHALL,057 MARSHALL,072 MARSHALL Abraham,065 MARSHALL Abraham,063 MARSHALL Beaumont,013 MARSHALL Benjamin,056 MARSHALL Betsy,6 MARSHALL Christopher,065 MARSHALL Eleanor Hall,039 MARSHALL Francis,049 MARSHALL Francis,049 MARSHALL George,035 MARSHALL Henry,016 MARSHALL Henry,013 MARSHALL Henry,017 MARSHALL Henry,012 MARSHALL Isaiah,076 MARSHALL Isaiah,076 MARSHALL James,071 MARSHALL Jno.,039 MARSHALL John,012 MARSHALL John,023 MARSHALL John,012 MARSHALL John,023 MARSHALL John,013 MARSHALL John,015 MARSHALL John,030 MARSHALL John,013 MARSHALL John,033 MARSHALL John,048 MARSHALL John,040 MARSHALL John,055 MARSHALL John,057 MARSHALL John Ferris,034 MARSHALL Joseph,059 MARSHALL Mary Ann,089 MARSHALL Michael,042 MARSHALL Richard,016 MARSHALL Robert,7 MARSHALL Samuel,013 MARSHALL Thomas,091 MARSHALL Thomas,038 MARSHALL Thomas,038 MARSHALL Thomas,043 MARSHALL Thomas,034 MARSHALL Thomas,080 MARSHALL Thomas,079 MARSHALL Thos.,026 MARSHALL William,089 MARSHALL William,089 MARSHALL William,030 MARSHALL William,020 MARSHALL William,042 MARSHALL William,057 MARSHALL William,042 MARSHALL William,055 MARSHALL William,041 MARSHALL William,040 MARSHALL Wm.,040 MARSTON,021 MARSTON John,073 MARSTON John,073 MARSTON John,074 MARSTON John William,020 MARTELL Moses,075 MARTIN,086 MARTIN,086 MARTIN,074 MARTIN,049 MARTIN,061 MARTIN Ann,082 MARTIN George,035 MARTIN George,013 MARTIN George,073 MARTIN John,082 MARTIN John,087 MARTIN John,087 MARTIN John,012 MARTIN John,023 MARTIN John,056 MARTIN John,081 MARTIN Mary,7 MARTIN Mary,7 MARTIN Richard,089 MARTIN Richard,089 MARTIN Richard,042 MARTIN Richard,079 MARTIN Richard,056 MARTIN Thomas,033 MARTIN Thos.,035 MARTIN William,7 MARTIN William,038 MARTIN William,055 MARTIN William,073 MARTIN William,080 MARTINDALE Hector,038 MARTINDALE Hector,040 MARWOOD William,9 MASAON George,036 MASH,045 MASH Valentine,045 MASKIELL Chrisopher,046 MASON,085 MASON,063 MASON Edward,021 MASON Edward,020 MASON Elizabeth,015 MASON George,3 MASON George,065 MASON George,058 MASON George,079 MASON Jane,052 MASON John,013 MASON Joseph,045 MASON Richard,055 MASON Richard,042 MASON Robert,087 MASON Robert,4 MASON Robert,3 MASON Robert,076 MASON Thomas,4 MASON Thomas,070 MASON Thomas,070 MASON William,087 MASON William,038 MASON William,039 MASON William,039 MASON William,075 MASON Wm,4 MASON Wright,089 MASSEY John,045 MASSEY John,075 MASSEY William,075 MASSINGBERD Algernon Langton,079 MASSINGBERD F C,047 MASTIN Charles,017 MASTIN Chas.,012 MASTIN Waters,073 MATHER,039 MATHEWS Thomas W,012 MATKING Joseph,057 MAUDSON Richard,030 MAUGHAM Francis,078 MAULKINSON,090 MAW Cornelius,028 MAW Edmund,030 MAW Fredk.,030 MAW George,021 MAW John,028 MAW John,030 MAW Margaret,030 MAW Richard,028 MAW Samuel,028 MAW Thomas,030 MAWBY Jos. Beecraft,067 MAWBY Joseph Beecraft,068 MAWBY Thomas,019 MAWBY Thomas Turnell,018 MAWER,4 MAWER,049 MAWER,066 MAWER,049 MAWER,054 MAWER,057 MAWER,050 MAWER Charles,013 MAWER Frederick,054 MAWER Jasper,048 MAWER John,010 MAWER John,3 MAWER John,3 MAWER John,4 MAWER John,064 MAWER Joseph,057 MAWER Joseph,072 MAWER Nicholas,013 MAWER Roger,029 MAWER Theophilus,088 MAWER Thomas,064 MAWER Thomas,065 MAWER Thomas,064 MAWER William,079 MAWN Thomas,059 MAXEY William,084 MAXTED Edward,056 MAXTED Edward,058 MAXTED George,023 MAXTED George,023 MAXTED William,055 MAXTED Wm.,059 MAXWELL William,027 MAXWELL William,027 MAY Dewick,034 MAY Geo.,031 MAY Geo.,017 MAY George,030 MAY George,031 MAY John,084 MAY Samuel,8 MAYO Job,054 MAYSON James,045 MCARTHUR Francis,049 MCDOUGAL Mary,043 McGOLDRICK Maria,019 McGOLDRICK Patrick,019 McLEAN,017 McLEAN John Jenkin,015 McNARRIN Peter,021 MEADOWS Mary,084 MEADOWS Richd. Roberts,064 MEADOWS Richd. Roberts,064 MEANWELL Hewson,057 MEANWELL John,089 MEANWELL John,059 MEANWELL Thomas,089 MEANWELL Wright,089 MEARS George,012 MEARS Robt.,016 MEASURE Mary,075 MEASURES Mary,086 MEASURES Richard,076 MEDBERRY William,9 MEDCALF Samuel,067 MEDLEY Michael,063 MEDLEY Sml.,092 MEE William,084 MEEDS Sophia,016 MEES,085 MEESON John,033 MEGGETT Ann,080 MEGGETT William,015 MEGGITT Betsy,6 MEGGITT Cornelius,044 MEGGITT Enoch,036 MEGGITT Enoch,014 MEGGITT George,013 MEGGITT Thomas,014 MEGGITT William Tong,6 MELBOURN,050 MELBOURN John,014 MELL James,028 MELLERS Joseph,030 MELLERS Joseph,030 MELLORS Paul,070 MELLORS Thomas,039 MELLS John,042 MELLS Thomas,052 MELTON Edward,070 MELTON Thomas,057 MELVILLE Alexander Leslie,054 MENTEITH G W S,063 MERCER,034 MEREDITH Mary,029 MEREDITH Thomas,048 MEREDITH Thos.,049 MERRIFIELD Thomas Seare,090 MERRIFIELD Ths. Seare,090 MERRILL Ann,033 MERRILL John,057 MERRILL Joseph,035 MERRYWEATHER Samuel,056 MERRYWEATHER Sarah,058 METCALF John,056 METCALF Moses,015 METCALFE Charles,057 METCALFE Martin,056 METCALFE Martin,058 METCALK James,031 METHAM George,8 METHERELL Richard,077 METHURST Samuel,043 METTAM James,4 MICHAL Thomas,071 MICHELSON Robert,083 MICHELSON William,084 MICHOLL,043 MICKLEWAITE Richard,023 MIDDLECOTT Thomas,051 MIDDLETON,072 MIDDLETON George,6 MIDDLETON George,064 MIDDLETON James,021 MIDDLETON Robert,084 MIDDLETON Robert,084 MIDDLETON Thomas,076 MILES Stephen,015 MILLAR Charles,037 MILLER Charles,039 MILLER Devereaux,065 MILLER Devereaux,064 MILLER George,086 MILLER George,033 MILLER George,013 MILLER George,012 MILLER George,015 MILLER Jesse,7 MILLER John Kitchen,067 MILLER Joseph,039 MILLER Joseph,039 MILLER Joseph,038 MILLER Joseph,039 MILLER Mary,039 MILLER Moses,026 MILLER Robert,082 MILLER Robert,7 MILLER William,016 MILLER William,038 MILLER Wm.,064 MILLGATE John,044 MILLHOUSE Ann,051 MILLHOUSE John,051 MILLHOUSE Richard,077 MILLIGAN Alexander,015 MILLINGTON Edward,087 MILLINGTON John Byfield,012 MILLINGTON Wm.,043 MILLNER,080 MILLNER William,034 MILLNS Francis,076 MILLNS Hanh.,046 MILLNS John,046 MILLNS Robert,087 MILLNS Robert,086 MILLS Alfred,046 MILLS Alfred,046 MILLS Alred,045 MILLS John,084 MILLS John,084 MILLS John,084 MILLS Mary,081 MILLS Richard,058 MILLS Susannah,046 MILLS William,8 MILLS William,8 MILLS William,8 MILLS William,071 MILLS Wm.,040 MILLSON John,044 MILNE Jane,015 MILNER Abraham,080 MILNER William,033 MILNES John,3 MILSON Enoch,029 MILSON Isle,069 MILSON Laurence,064 MILSON Lawrence,065 MILSON Richard Audley,088 MILSON Thomas,7 MILSON William,029 MILSON Wright,064 MIMMACK John,013 MIMMACK Joseph,056 MIMMACK William,057 MINNETT William,055 MINTO John,7 MINTO John,7 MINTO Robert,7 MISSON William,7 MITCHELL Ann,069 MITCHELL George,021 MITCHELL Henry,070 MITCHELL James,028 MITCHELL Jeremiah,065 MITCHELL Jeremiah,066 MITCHELL John,7 MITCHELL Rhodes,036 MITCHELL Richard,064 MITCHELL Richard,064 MITCHELL Thomas,042 MITCHELL Thomas,031 MITCHELL William,014 MITCHELL William,074 MITCHELL William,084 MITCHELL William,065 MITCHELL William,081 MITCHELSON John,018 MITCHINSON Thomas,010 MITER Betsy Taylor,016 MITHINSON Wilhelmina,6 MITT Henry,028 MITTEN Samuel,059 MITTON William,081 MOATS John,076 MODD James,029 MOLECEY,067 MOLECEY John Molecey Twigge,067 MONCK Thos. Bingham,083 MONCKTON John,081 MONDAY Ann,081 MONDAY John,024 MONKS George,088 MONY Wm.,077 MOODY,021 MOODY,050 MOODY,049 MOODY Charles Bartholomew,043 MOODY Charlotte,023 MOODY Enos,091 MOODY Girdlay,035 MOODY John,022 MOODY John,048 MOODY John James Paul,041 MOODY Munro,017 MOODY Paul,042 MOODY William,024 MOORE,4 MOORE,049 MOORE,072 MOORE Ann,018 MOORE Charles,045 MOORE Edward,073 MOORE Edwd.,075 MOORE Eliza,049 MOORE George,4 MOORE George,054 MOORE Henry,082 MOORE John,059 MOORE John,077 MOORE Joseph,055 MOORE Lemuel,088 MOORE Richard,083 MOORE Thomas,090 MOORE William,075 MOORE William,074 MOORE William,049 MOREHEAD John,058 MOREHEAD Mary Ann,058 MORELAND Sarah,077 MORELEE Henry,015 MORFIT William,087 MORGAN Ann,057 MORGAN Hugh William,3 MORGAN Hugh William,3 MORGAN J,072 MORGAN Sarah,037 MORGAN Thomas,012 MORLEY,020 MORLEY Ann,063 MORLEY George,036 MORLEY George,033 MORLEY J,079 MORLEY John,7 MORLEY John,7 MORLEY John,070 MORLEY John,070 MORLEY John Wharrie,049 MORLEY William,5 MORLEY William,6 MORLEY William,034 MORLEY William,7 MORLEY William Lawson,7 MORRINSON Thomas,042 MORRIS,022 MORRIS,074 MORRIS Edward,031 MORRIS Elizabeth,039 MORRIS Henry,029 MORRIS James,6 MORRIS James,048 MORRIS Jno.,068 MORRIS John,083 MORRIS John,044 MORRIS John,019 MORRIS John,084 MORRIS John,064 MORRIS John,065 MORRIS Kilvard,016 MORRIS Mary,032 MORRIS Thomas,088 MORRIS Thomas,3 MORRIS William,044 MORRIS William,6 MORRIS William,6 MORRIS William,6 MORRIS Wm.,035 MORRISON Hannah,043 MORRISS Shem Hockerston,075 MORTLOCK Henry,082 MORTLOCK Henry,083 MORTLOCK Herny,082 MORTON Benjamin,016 MORTON Edward,076 MORTON Henry,013 MORTON James,044 MORTON James,045 MORTON John,012 MORTON Joseph,061 MORTON Joseph,061 MORTON Joseph,063 MORTON Joseph,064 MORTON Joseph,071 MORTON Robert,034 MORTON Robert,016 MORTON Robert,016 MORTON Robert,013 MORTON T N,015 MORTON T N,012 MORTON T N,017 MORTON William,4 MORTON William,3 MORTON William,3 MORTON William,3 MORTON William,3 MORTON Wm.,065 MORVINSON,043 MOSES William,029 MOSON Richard,033 MOSS Henry,057 MOSS John,050 MOSS John,058 MOSS John,059 MOSS Joshua,013 MOSS Maria,066 MOSS Thomas,050 MOSS Thos.,035 MOSS William,046 MOSS William Barker,082 MOSSOP Mary,081 MOSSOP Robert,086 MOTLEY John Erastus,016 MOTLEY Thomas,087 MOTLEY Thomas,050 MOTTRAM John,068 MOTTRAM John,068 MOULD Benjamin,020 MOULDING Richard,057 MOULDS John,038 MOULSON Mary Ann,075 MOUNTAIN Chs.,066 MOUNTAIN John,016 MOUNTAIN John,013 MOUNTAIN Robert,015 MOUNTAIN William,3 MOUNTAIN William,3 MOUNTAIN William,058 MOUNTENEY Bartholomew,076 MOUNTENEY George,076 MOUSIR Alfred,039 MOUSIR John,037 MOVENS Elisha,8 MOVLEY William,028 MOWBRAY,038 MOWBRAY John,052 MOWBRAY Robert,013 MOWBRAY William,025 MOWER,050 MOWER Giles,044 MOWSON Susannah,013 MOXON Francis,034 MOXON Thomas,031 MOYER Samuel,076 MOYSES John,029 MOZLEY Matilda,034 MUDEY George,021 MUGGLETON Peter,083 MUGGLETON Peter,084 MUGLESTON John,060 MULLETT William,018 MUMBY James,057 MUMBY James,059 MUMBY John,013 MUMFORD James,014 MUMFORD John,013 MUMFORD Robert,014 MUNDEY John,020 MUNDY Ann,021 MUNDY George,5 MUNDY George,020 MUNDY George,7 MUNDY George,5 MUNDY Thomas,020 MUNDY William,4 MUNFORD Samuel,016 MUNKMAN Ann,016 MUNKS Richard,038 MUNKS William,038 MUNTON,082 MUNTON,083 MUNTON George Octavius,019 MUNTON Robert Nicholls,018 MUNTON Robert Nicholls,018 MUNTON Rorbert Nicholls,019 MURGATROYD John,042 MURLOW John,058 MURLOW John,058 MURPHY Terence,016 MURR George,039 MURR George,037 MURR John,033 MURR John,069 MURR Thomas,064 MURR Wm. Skepper,057 MURR Wm. Skepper,055 MURRAY John,033 MUSCHAMP Lucy,016 MUSCHAMP William,013 MUSE John,051 MUSSON,085 MUSSON Balthasar,066 MUSSON Benjamin,034 MUSSON Benjamin,035 MUSSON Francis,037 MUSSON Francis,040 MUSSON George,029 MUSSON John,026 MUSSON William,026 MUSTON Samuel,073 MYERS James,9 MYERS Maria,037 NAINBY,020 NAINBY Arthur,087 NAINBY Charles,041 NAINBY Charles Manby,042 NAIRNE C,054 NASH John,069 NASH John,069 NASH Sleighton,044 NASSAU George,023 NASSAU Thomas,023 NAUGHTON Fs.,016 NAYLOR Caroline,015 NAYLOR John,033 NAYLOR John,063 NAYLOR John,065 NAYLOR Joseph,023 NAYLOR Owen,077 NAYLOR Richard,048 NAYLOR Sarah,057 NAYLOR Stephen,055 NAYLOR Thomas,058 NAYLOR William,051 NAYLOR Wm.,070 NEAL,043 NEAL,075 NEAL,066 NEAL William Jesson,076 NEALE,037 NEALE,038 NEALE,037 NEALE,040 NEALE Andrew,040 NEAVE James,076 NEAVE William,070 NEAVE William,069 NEEDHAM,021 NEEDHAM Mary,4 NEEDHAM William,086 NEEDHAM Wm.,071 NEEDS Sarah,034 NEEVE Benjamin,017 NELL William,066 NELL William,064 NELSEY Dennis,016 NELSEY Elizh.,016 NELSEY Emma,015 NELSEY Isabella,015 NELSEY Mary,012 NELSEY Mary,013 NELSEY Sarah,015 NELSON Amelia,054 NELSON E,017 NELSON John,054 NELSON Robt,9 NELSON T,017 NELTHORPE John,020 NELTHORPE Wm. Tweed,055 NELTORPE Wm. Tweed,058 NESBITT John,063 NESBITT John,064 NETTLESHIP George,035 NETTLESHIP John,034 NETTLESHIP Thomas,069 NETTLESHIP Thomas,070 NETTLESHIP Thomas,056 NETTLESHIP Thomas,056 NEVETT William,063 NEVILE Christopher,091 NEVILLE Henry,081 NEVINSON,037 NEVITT Joseph,040 NEWBATT William,038 NEWBOLD John,069 NEWBOLD John,059 NEWBOTT John,038 NEWBY Caroline,6 NEWBY Samuel,043 NEWBY Samuel,041 NEWBY Samuel,042 NEWCARE H Sidney,072 NEWCOMB,040 NEWCOMB Francis,019 NEWCOMB Francis,026 NEWCOMB Richard,083 NEWCOMB Richard,081 NEWCOMB Thomas,087 NEWCOME Frederick Penn,038 NEWCOME Frederick Pern,037 NEWHAM,050 NEWHAM Robert,4 NEWHAM Thomas,010 NEWHAM Thomas,010 NEWILL John,060 NEWLAND James,084 NEWLING,076 NEWMAN,038 NEWMAN,064 NEWMAN,065 NEWMAN James,087 NEWMAN James,086 NEWMAN James,087 NEWMAN Thos. Martin,010 NEWMARCH Henry,043 NEWMARCH Henry,043 NEWSTEAD,035 NEWTON Christopher,073 NEWTON Elizabeth,026 NEWTON George,038 NEWTON Isaac,036 NEWTON Isaac,025 NEWTON Isaac,029 NEWTON John,088 NEWTON John,029 NEWTON John,6 NEWTON John,7 NEWTON John,026 NEWTON John,059 NEWTON Launcelot,035 NEWTON Mary,056 NEWTON Mary,055 NEWTON Millicent,035 NEWTON Richard,8 NEWTON Richard,026 NEWTON Robert,8 NEWTON Saml.,016 NEWTON Samuel,013 NEWTON Thomas,055 NEWTON Thomas,056 NEWTON Thomas,046 NEWTON Wm.,055 NEWZAM,082 NICHOLLS GEORGE,019 NICHOLLS John,026 NICHOLLS Johnson,027 NICHOLLS Rebecca,027 NICHOLLS Robert,019 NICHOLLS William,026 NICHOLLS William,067 NICHOLS Mary Ann,077 NICHOLSON,020 NICHOLSON,020 NICHOLSON,043 NICHOLSON,054 NICHOLSON Elizabeth,047 NICHOLSON Fras.,050 NICHOLSON Gervase,028 NICHOLSON Hannah,020 NICHOLSON Jane,023 NICHOLSON John,021 NICHOLSON John,020 NICHOLSON John,023 NICHOLSON John,3 NICHOLSON John,060 NICHOLSON Richard,049 NICHOLSON Richard,056 NICHOLSON Richard,049 NICHOLSON Samuel,033 NICHOLSON Sarah,6 NICHOLSON Susnh.,054 NICHOLSON Thomas,066 NICHOLSON W A,053 NICHOLSON William,8 NICHOLSON William,6 NICHOLSON William,6 NICHOLSON William,023 NICHOLSON William,044 NICKERSON Thomas,038 NICKINSON Rebecca,032 NICKOLLS John,074 NICKOLLS John,073 NICKOLS William,076 NIDD John,068 NIGHTSCALES William,074 NIX Thomas,8 NIXON Ann,071 NIXON Joseph,044 NIXON Robert,056 NIXON Sarah,041 NIXON Thomas,071 NIXON William,014 NOBLE Benjamin,088 NOBLE George,024 NOBLE George,5 NOBLE John,015 NOBLE John,012 NOBLE John,012 NOEL,072 NORFOLK Richard,9 NORFOLK Robert,065 NORFOLK Robt.,065 NORFOLK Thomas,016 NORFOLK William,012 NORMAN Ann,039 NORRIS,037 NORRIS Edward,012 NORRIS Elizbth.,012 NORRIS frederick,051 NORRIS George,056 NORRIS John,039 NORRIS Mary,055 NORTH Ann,077 NORTH Ann,077 NORTH Ann,058 NORTH Eliza,083 NORTH Francis,025 NORTH Jane,083 NORTH John,050 NORTH John,065 NORTH Mary,049 NORTH Samuel,079 NORTH Samuel,079 NORTH Thomas,036 NORTH Thomas,075 NORTH Thomas,077 NORTH Thomas,051 NORTH William,3 NORTH William,050 NORTH William,070 NORTHEDGE George,039 NORTHEND Joseph,066 NORTHGRAVES Jas.,042 NORTHING Henry,071 NORTHRIDGE Ann,032 NORTON Branceby,063 NORTON Branceby,064 NORTON Charlotte,3 NORTON Geo.,080 NORTON Hugh,065 NORTON Hugh,066 NORTON John,015 NORTON Noah,084 NORTON Robert,084 NORTON Thomas,057 NORTON Thomas,056 NORTON William,057 NORTON William,056 NORTON William,059 NORTON William,058 NORTON William,057 NORTON William,056 NORTON William Cooke,057 NORTON Wm. Cooke,056 NOTTINGHAM John,4 NOWELL William,075 NUNBY Mary,043 NUNNELEY John,016 NUNNELEY John,014 NUNNERY Penelope,087 NURSE Thomas,068 NUTT,085 NUTT James,068 NUTTELL Benjamin,043 NUTTING Ann,039 NUTTING John,082 NUTTING John,084 NUTTING John,081 NUTTING Mary,039 O'BRIEN John,054 O'BRIEN Stafford,081 OAKES John,049 OATES Christopher,021 OATES Christopher,021 OATES John,034 OATES John,035 OATES Stephen,043 OATS Elizabeth,012 OBBINSON Samuel,073 ODLIN Charles,083 ODLIN Charles,084 ODLIN John,065 ODLING Anselm,057 ODLING Edward,063 ODLING John,025 ODOM John,088 OFFORD Ann,065 OGDEN James,076 OGDEN Thomas,039 OGELSBY Samuel,6 OGLE Elizabeth,4 OGLE J F,011 OGLE John Furniss,012 OGLE Thomas,4 OGLESBY Elizabeth,032 OGLESBY Thomas,036 OLD Joseph,034 OLD Thomas,056 OLDERSHAW George,029 OLDFIELD Henry,029 OLDFIELD James,014 OLDFIELD Matthew,086 OLDFIELD Matthew,087 OLDFIELD William,023 OLDHAM Edward,045 OLDHAM Henry,039 OLDHAM John,014 OLDHAM Joseph,019 OLDHAM Thomas,071 OLDHAM William,046 OLDHAM William,084 OLDING Mary,063 OLDMAN,033 OLDMAN Thomas,035 OLDMAN Thos.,033 OLDRID John,012 OLDRID John,014 OLIFF,029 OLIFF Henry,029 OLIVER Abraham,086 OLIVER Ann,039 OLIVER George,038 OLIVER George,038 OLIVER Jemima,077 OLIVER Mercy,077 OLIVER Samuel,045 OLIVER Stephen,040 OLIVER William,087 ONN Arnel,013 ONYON John,058 ORAM Bennett,035 ORAM Elizabeth,034 ORME C,072 ORME Charles,065 ORME Edward,081 ORME Edwd.,071 ORME Henry,064 ORME Henry,063 ORME Marianne,063 ORMROD Daniel,018 ORREY Enoch,052 ORREY Saml.,090 ORREY Samuel,090 OSBORN,085 OSBORN Catherine,018 OSBORN Charles,019 OSBORN James,076 OSBORN James Dent,077 OSBORN John,019 OSBORN William,026 OSBORN William,049 OSBORNE David,087 OSBORNE James,046 OSTLER Catharine,041 OSTLER Drewry,014 OSTLER Drewry,048 OSTLER Edward,058 OSTLER Edward,057 OSTLER Richard,063 OSTLER William,037 OSTLER William,057 OSTLER William,076 OSWIN John,082 OSWIN John,083 OTTER,033 OTTER Edwd.,057 OTTER Jno.,057 OTTER John,029 OTTER Thomas,034 OTTER William,021 OTTER William,021 OTTER William,020 OTTER William,034 OUSBY Robert,050 OUZMAN William,090 OVERTON,065 OVERTON,064 OVERTON,065 OVERTON,066 OVERTON Ann,090 OVERTON Edwd.,071 OVERTON Eliza,044 OVERTON Francis,065 OVERTON George,021 OVERTON George,051 OVERTON John,047 OVERTON Samuel,052 OVERTON Thomas,066 OVERTON Timothy,049 OVERTON Timothy,048 OVERTON William,052 OVERTON Wm.,049 OWEN Forman,038 OWEN Forman,039 OWEN George,010 OWEN Richard,055 OWEN Richard,059 OWEN Susan,058 OWSTON Ann,020 OWSTON Robert,020 OWSTON Robert,020 OWSTON Robt.,021 OXLEY,036 OXLEY John,4 OXTOBEY Henry,021 OXTOBY Henry,021 OXTOBY John,021 OXTOBY John,021 PACEY Ann,3 PACEY Henry Butler,012 PACK,014 PACK,014 PACY George,059 PADDISON Ann E,063 PADDISON Charles,064 PADDISON Richard,063 PADDISON Richd.,064 PADDISON William,063 PADLEY James Sandby,058 PADMAN,024 PAETCHALL William,044 PAGDIN William,033 PAGDIN William,034 PAGE,068 PAGE John,033 PAGE John,051 PAGE John,070 PAGE Thomas,037 PAGE Thomas,070 PAGE William,068 PAGE William,068 PAILTHORPE William,042 PAILTHORPE William,042 PAIN,047 PAIN Graves,079 PAIN John,047 PALETHORPE,014 PALETHORPE,014 PALETHORPE Thomas,038 PALETHORPE Thomas,040 PALETHORPE William,057 PALIAN John,015 PALIAN Thomas,032 PALIAN William,034 PALIN William Ayscough,033 PALLETT Susannah,081 PALLISER James,089 PALMER,022 PALMER,049 PALMER Ann,5 PALMER Ann,019 PALMER Charles Lewis,042 PALMER Charlotte,054 PALMER Chas.,042 PALMER Edmund,047 PALMER Edward,077 PALMER Fanny,054 PALMER George,015 PALMER George Thomas,071 PALMER Henry,020 PALMER Hilton,015 PALMER James,012 PALMER James,013 PALMER James,015 PALMER James,046 PALMER Jane,022 PALMER John,083 PALMER John,026 PALMER Mary Ann Abbot,012 PALMER Moffatt,047 PALMER Richard,035 PALMER Robert,083 PALMER Robert,067 PALMER Robert,050 PALMER Robert,050 PALMER Robert,068 PALMER Sarah,077 PALMER William,040 PALMER Wm. Goode,039 PANNELL John,075 PANTON James,055 PANTON Thomas,059 PAPE,016 PAPE,014 PAPE Clarkson,021 PAPE George,049 PAPE James,3 PAPE James,014 PAPE John,038 PAPE John,039 PAPE Thomas,3 PAPPRILL Daniel,043 PARCHETT John,019 PARISH Elizabeth,071 PARISH Joseph,090 PARISH Samuel,071 PARK Godfrey,091 PARKER,034 PARKER,074 PARKER,074 PARKER,063 PARKER,040 PARKER,078 PARKER Abraham,016 PARKER Ann,043 PARKER Ann,066 PARKER Ann,041 PARKER Ann,046 PARKER Anthony,016 PARKER Chs.,034 PARKER Cornelius,063 PARKER David,029 PARKER Edman,065 PARKER Elizabeth,084 PARKER Geo.,027 PARKER George,027 PARKER George,052 PARKER George,052 PARKER Grace,038 PARKER Henry,019 PARKER Henry,066 PARKER Henry Harris,015 PARKER James,013 PARKER James,021 PARKER James,016 PARKER James,034 PARKER James,033 PARKER James,021 PARKER James,065 PARKER James,042 PARKER John,038 PARKER John,027 PARKER John,074 PARKER John,068 PARKER John Brough,015 PARKER Joseph,021 PARKER Joseph,020 PARKER Joseph,021 PARKER Lacy,077 PARKER Lysimachus,063 PARKER Mary,046 PARKER Mordecai,042 PARKER Philip,035 PARKER Richard,058 PARKER Richard,056 PARKER Richard,076 PARKER Richard,079 PARKER Thomas,087 PARKER William,019 PARKER William,081 PARKER William,070 PARKER Wm.,018 PARKER Wm. Barton,083 PARKET Hannah,025 PARKET Joseph,020 PARKIN George,050 PARKIN Luke,014 PARKIN W,063 PARKIN William,066 PARKIN William,064 PARKING George,030 PARKINS Rebecca,030 PARKINSON A D,047 PARKINSON Benjamin,030 PARKINSON David,055 PARKINSON Elizabeth,025 PARKINSON Harriet,063 PARKINSON Henry,072 PARKINSON John,9 PARKINSON John,070 PARKINSON John H,048 PARKINSON Thomas,029 PARKINSON Thomas,076 PARNELL Charles,083 PARNELL John,076 PARNELL Samuel,046 PARNHAM Francis,027 PARNHAM Francis,026 PARNHAM George,083 PARR John,082 PARRATT Harriet,012 PARRISH Griffin,056 PARRISH John,058 PARRISH John,056 PARROTT Samuel Dixon,068 PARRY Thomas,059 PARRY Wm.,059 PARSIBLE John,013 PARSONS Benjamin,077 PARSONS George,087 PARSONS Henry,016 PARSONS Richard,045 PARSONS Samuel,040 PARSONS Sophia,084 PARSONS Stephen,045 PARTRIDGE,074 PARTRIDGE Charles,014 PARTRIDGE Charles,017 PARTRIDGE John,034 PARTRIDGE Joseph,034 PARTRIDGE Joseph,034 PASCHOUD Charlotte,073 PASHLER Levi Ostler,059 PASHLEY John William,035 PASHLEY John William,035 PASHLEY John Wm.,033 PASS John,016 PASS John,017 PATCHET John,026 PATCHETT,089 PATERSON Robt. Haldane,021 PATERSON Robt. Haldane,020 PATRICK Charles,034 PATRICK Robert,087 PATRICK Samuel,083 PATRICK Samuel,082 PATRICK Sophia,087 PATRICK Susannah,054 PATRICK William,086 PATRICK William,087 PATRICK William,034 PATTEN William,090 PATTERSON Jane,058 PATTERSON William,046 PATTINSON John,014 PATTINSON John Essington,013 PATTINSON Mary,039 PATTINSON Rbt.,074 PATTINSON Robert,019 PATTISON Ann,034 PAWLETT John,3 PAWLSON John,051 PAWSON George,039 PAYLING Richard,087 PAYNE Jno.,074 PAYNE John,073 PAYNE Thomas,3 PAYNE Thomas,044 PAYNE William,073 PAYNE William,074 PEACH Samuel,083 PEACH Thomas,029 PEACOCK,018 PEACOCK,072 PEACOCK Anthony Taylor,072 PEACOCK Cornelius,028 PEACOCK David,7 PEACOCK David,7 PEACOCK John Anthony,072 PEACOCK William Burn,034 PEAL Moses,082 PEAL Moses,084 PEAR Thomas,076 PEAR Thomas,077 PEARCE Geo.,019 PEARCE Hy.,040 PEARCE Thos.,019 PEARCE William Stevenson,025 PEARS Joseph,076 PEARS Thomas,084 PEARSON,065 PEARSON,064 PEARSON,064 PEARSON,072 PEARSON Alexander,066 PEARSON Archer,015 PEARSON Augustin,045 PEARSON Benjamin,084 PEARSON Fountain,042 PEARSON Frederick,059 PEARSON Henry Jackson,065 PEARSON John,028 PEARSON John,013 PEARSON John,031 PEARSON John,064 PEARSON John,082 PEARSON John,071 PEARSON John,066 PEARSON John,076 PEARSON John,069 PEARSON Jonathan,084 PEARSON Joseph,075 PEARSON Joseph,078 PEARSON Joseph,076 PEARSON Robert,082 PEARSON Rochard,7 PEARSON Samuel,063 PEARSON Thirza,065 PEARSON Thomas,031 PEARSON Thomas,031 PEARSON Thomas Bayley,030 PEARSON Thomas Turner,028 PEARSON Thos. Turner,028 PEARSON Thurston,016 PEARSON William,033 PEARSON William,063 PEARSON William,075 PEART Michael,088 PEASGOOD Elizabeth,068 PEASGOOD Francis,084 PEASGOOD George,083 PEASGOOD John,082 PEAT John,023 PEAT Thomas,025 PEATE David,041 PEATFIELD Robert,036 PEATLING,078 PEATLING John,016 PEATLING William,045 PECK Ann,016 PECK Ann,068 PECK Elizabeth,030 PECK Elizabeth,030 PECK William,013 PECK William,073 PECK William,068 PECK Wm.,059 PECK Wm.,055 PEEK Isaac,087 PEEK James,087 PEEL Isaac,056 PEEL Isaace,057 PEELE John,086 PEELE Richard,086 PEELE Thomas,086 PEERS John,082 PEERS Martin,043 PEET Major Flintham,046 PEET Thomas,086 PEGG Francis,068 PEGG John,059 PEGGINS William,086 PEGGS James,018 PEGUS P W,081 PELL,063 PELL,078 PELL,074 PELL Joseph,019 PELL Joseph,019 PELL Samuel,044 PEMSTAN Thomas,054 PENESTON Joseph,059 PENINGTON Samuel,070 PENISTAN John,049 PENISTAN Michael,056 PENN John,9 PENN Thomas,050 PENNELL Charles,056 PENNELL Elizabeth,032 PENNELL Richard,057 PENNEY William,055 PENNINGTON,046 PENNINGTON Ann,077 PENNINGTON Charles,077 PENNINGTON Edward,070 PENNINGTON Edward,070 PENNINGTON Edward,069 PENNINGTON Joseph,075 PENNINGTON Robert,077 PENNINGTON Robert,077 PENNY,055 PENNYSTON William,019 PENNYTHORNE William,021 PENNYTHORNE William,020 PENROSE John,091 PENTLOW William,067 PEPPER Henry,016 PEPPER Mrs,8 PEPPER Thomas,8 PEPPER Thomas,076 PEPPER Thos.,014 PEPPER William,8 PEPPER William,016 PEPPERDINE Joseph,059 PEPPERDINE Samuel,059 PEPPERDINE Sophia,059 PERCIVAL John,058 PERFECT John,082 PERKINS,083 PERKINS John,034 PERKINS John,068 PERKINS John,067 PERKINS Matthew,086 PERKINS Robert,077 PERKINS Sophia,016 PERRING John,015 PETCH Andrew,050 PETCH Ann,050 PETCH George,050 PETCH John,050 PETCH Peter,4 PETCHELL Daniel,029 PETERS Robert,063 PETTENER,063 PETTIFER,022 PETTIFER,021 PETTIFER William,061 PETTINGER,065 PETTINGER Francis,035 PETTINGER James,033 PETTINGER Thos. Blanchard,063 PETTY Jane,3 PHILBRICK,065 PHILIPS John,071 PHILLIPS,085 PHILLIPS Isaac,027 PHILLIPS James,058 PHILLIPS John,019 PHILLIPS John,084 PHILLIPS John,071 PHILLIPS Joseph,082 PHILLIPS Joseph,083 PHILLIPS Joseph,012 PHILLIPS Mary Ann,027 PHILLIPS Philip,027 PHILLIPS Philip,027 PHILLIPS Thomas,015 PHILLIPS William,037 PHILLIPS William,019 PHILLIPS William Henry,018 PHILLIPS William L,019 PHILLIPSON Dinah,6 PHILLIPSON Eleanor,063 PHILLIPSON Jno.,043 PHILLIPSON John,083 PHILLIPSON John,084 PHILLIPSON Thomas,044 PHILLIPSON Thomas,071 PHILLIPSON William,064 PHILPOT Jos. C,081 PHIPP Edward,019 PHIPP George,038 PHIPP William,039 PHIPPS Constantine,057 PHIPPS Constantine,058 PHIPPS John,045 PICK William,038 PICK William,038 PICKARD David,6 PICKELL Thomas,9 PICKENGILL Benjamin,090 PICKERING Anthony,013 PICKERING Charles,092 PICKERING John,068 PICKERING Thomas,039 PICKERING William,092 PICKERING William,091 PICKERING William,055 PICKERSGILL Benjamin,090 PICKERSGILL Eliza,090 PICKETT Ann,015 PICKSLEY Samuel,050 PICKWELL William,016 PICKWELL Wm.,071 PICKWORTH,075 PICKWORTH James,8 PICKWORTH John,090 PICKWORTH John,090 PICKWORTH John,090 PICKWORTH John,9 PICKWORTH Matthew,058 PICKWORTH Mrs,8 PICKWORTH Robert,025 PICKWORTH William,077 PICKWORTH William,076 PIDDUCK John,027 PIERCE W M,047 PIERREPONT William,059 PIGGOTT G C,012 PIGOTT Elizabeth Lucy,077 PIGOTT George,055 PIKE Asher,075 PIKE John,077 PIKE William,090 PIKET William,9 PILCHER John,8 PILGRIM Samuel,057 PILKINGTON John,073 PILKINGTON Thoams,082 PILKINTON Elizabeth,068 PILKINTON Jonathan,068 PILKINTON Thomas,082 PILKINTON Thomas,082 PILLEY,039 PILLEY George,069 PILLING Joseph,034 PINCH David,087 PINCHBECK Thomas,072 PINCHES George,014 PINCHES George,015 PINDAR Sarah,034 PINDAR William,050 PINDAR William,050 PINDARD James,039 PINDER Alice,086 PINDER Charles,076 PINDER Isaac,078 PINDER John,013 PINDER Mary,087 PINDER Thomas,073 PINDER Thomas,073 PINDER Thomas,078 PINDER William,013 PING Fanny Ann,6 PINION William,072 PINNEY Charles,082 PINNEY John,3 PINNEY Thomas,044 PITCHFORD Sarah,073 PITTS George,027 PITTS Isaac,027 PITTS Robert,031 PITTS William,027 PLACE George,022 PLANT James,052 PLANT James,072 PLANT James,071 PLANT John,080 PLANT Peter,013 PLANT Richard,013 PLANT Richard,014 PLANT Robert,015 PLASKETT Jane,041 PLASKETT Mary,041 PLASKETT Thomas,037 PLASKITT Henry,043 PLASKITT Michael,065 PLASKITT William,033 PLATTS,083 PLATTS Thomas,016 PLINCKE Augustus,018 PLOWRIGHT James,068 PLOWRIGHT William,088 PLOWRIGHT William,077 PLOWRIGHT Wm.,077 PLUMB John,058 PLUMB John,058 PLUMMER,040 PLUMNER Thomas,016 PLUMPTON William,048 PLUMPTRE Mary,043 POCHIN George,018 POCKLINGRON John,015 POCKLINGTON Harriet,049 POCKLINGTON Henry,013 POCKLINGTON Henry,014 POCKLINGTON Margaret,012 POCKLINGTON Robert,3 POCKLINGTON Thomas,046 POCKLINTON William,086 POCOCK John,076 POGSON Charlotte,049 POGSON Elizabeth,072 POGSON Thomas,048 POGSON William,089 POLLARD James,082 POLLARD James Addleshaw,076 POLLARD Jeremiah,082 POLLARD John,082 POLLARD Joseph,083 POLLARD Richard,083 POLLARD Zaccheus,083 POOLE,059 POOLE Edward,035 POOLE John,052 POOLE Winter Cuppage,8 POOLE Wm.,035 POOLER John,027 POOLES Isaac,017 POOLES James,014 POOLES John,015 Pope Boniface VIII,032 POPPLE Charlotte,050 POPPLE James,073 POPPLE John,024 POPPLE John,029 POPPLE John,035 POPPLE John,029 POPPLE Samuel,082 POPPLETON Frederick,016 PORSON William,043 PORTAS Lucy,065 PORTENS Edward,065 PORTER,085 PORTER,065 PORTER Charles,081 PORTER Edmund Henry,056 PORTER George Markham,025 PORTER James,086 PORTER James,012 PORTER James,015 PORTER James,014 PORTER James,070 PORTER John,038 PORTER John,024 PORTER Richard,056 PORTER Richard Casswell,075 PORTER Thomas,014 PORTER William,088 PORTER William,058 PORTER William,073 PORTEUS Henry,064 PORTINGTON,3 PORTINGTON Robert,3 PORTINGTON Robt,4 POSTLEWAITE,9 POTCHETT Brownlow,037 POTCHETT William,036 POTCHETT William,037 POTTEER William,021 POTTER Fanny,057 POTTER Thomas,021 POTTER Thoms,035 POTTER William,065 POTTER William,064 POTTER Winifred,057 POTTS George,070 POTTS George,069 POTTS William,028 POTTS Wilson,028 POULSON George,4 POWELL John,055 POWELL Robert,057 POWELL Thomas,070 POWERS James,082 POWLETT John,067 POXON Robert,043 POYNTON John,051 PRATT,057 PRATT,059 PRATT Joseph Brown,075 PRESGRAVE,018 PRESGRAVE Thomas,019 PREST George,086 PREST George,086 PREST Mary,086 PRESTON,037 PRESTON Anthy.,084 PRESTON John,5 PRESTON Rebecca,5 PRESTON Stephen,063 PRESTON Thos.,063 PRETTY Freeman,084 PRETYMAN J,060 PRETYMAN Richard,059 PRETYMAN Ths.,059 PRICE Edward,073 PRIDGEON ELizabeth,037 PRIDGEON Robert,059 PRIDGEON William,089 PRIDGEON William,3 PRIDMORE,040 PRIDMORE John,026 PRIDMORE John,026 PRIDMORE John,084 PRIDMORE Thomas,083 PRIDMORE Thomas,019 PRIDMORE William,086 PRIEST William,025 PRIESTLEY George,057 PRIESTLEY John,074 PRIESTLEY Richard,077 PRIESTLEY William,073 PRINCE John,019 PRINCE Sarah,015 PROCTER Joseph,090 PROCTER Joseph,092 PROCTER Mary,075 PROCTER Thomas,058 PROCTER William,064 PROCTER William,063 PROCTOR Mary Ann,045 PROCTOR Richard,034 PROUDLEY Thomas,075 PROUDLOVE John,050 PROUDLOVE John,050 PROUT Richard,084 PUE Ann,039 PUGMORE,085 PULFORD Fanny,087 PULFORD Thomas,086 PULFORD William,086 PULLAN Richard,031 PULLY Elizabeth,081 PUNDISON Elizabeth,4 PUTTERGILL Henry,069 PYBUS Henry,024 PYBUS William,025 PYBUS Wm.,025 PYCOCK John,033 PYCOCK Lanes Coddington,035 PYE,063 PYE,064 PYE Henry,063 PYWELL Ann,081 QUANBOROUGH Thomas,075 QUARM Jno.,056 QUARM John,057 QUARMBY James,3 QUARMBY John,021 Queen Elizabeth,011 Queen Elizabeth,062 QUEENBOROUGH John,013 QUIBELL James,055 QUICKFALL Christopher,6 QUICKFALL John,025 QUICKFALL John,025 QUICKFALL John,024 QUILTER George,054 QUILTER James,055 QUIN Richard,9 QUIPP John,020 QUIPP Johnathan,020 QUIPP Jonathan,021 RABY Charles,037 RABY George,024 RABY James,5 RABY James,6 RABY William,065 RAE John,033 RAE Peter,074 RAE William,033 RAINER Edward,090 RAINES Jarvis,076 RAINEY Charles,076 RAINEY Edward,079 RAINEY Edward,079 RAINEY Jarvis,079 RAINEY Titus,079 RAINEY William,080 RAINEY William,079 RAINFORTH John,035 RAINFORTH John,034 RAINFORTH John,034 RAINFORTH Robert,015 RAINFORTH Robert,012 RAINFORTH William,058 RAINFORTH William,059 RAINTHORPE Charlotte,065 RAITHBY Mary,063 RAITHBY Tobert,044 RAMPLEN Stephen,048 RANBY William,029 RANBY William,029 RANDERSON John,023 RANDS Henry,045 RANNARD Richard,033 RANSHAW,065 RANSHAW,065 RANSHAW,064 RANSHAW,064 RANSOM,078 RANSON George,016 RANSON William,076 RANYELL Robert,014 RANYELL Thomas,089 RASON George Robert,016 RASON John,012 RASTALL Sophia,088 RASTALL Thomas,088 RATCLIFFE George,082 RATCLIFFE Joseph,014 RATCLIFFE Thomas,014 RATE John,019 RATENBURY William,079 RATTENBURY,079 RAVEL,040 RAVELL Richard,045 RAVELL Richard,046 RAVELL Sarah,046 RAVEN Elizabeth,058 RAWDON John,3 RAWLINS William,026 RAWLINSON Charles,069 RAWLINSON Edward,073 RAWLINSON Emily Sarah,077 RAWLINSON Francis,024 RAWLINSON John,039 RAWLINSON John,038 RAWLINSON John,077 RAWLINSON Thomas,026 RAWLINSON William,073 RAWLINSON Wm. Parker,074 RAWNSLEY Thomas Hardwick,079 RAWSON,085 RAWSON Martin,4 RAWSON William,069 RAWSON William,071 RAWSON William,070 RAWSON William,069 RAWSON William,070 RAWSON Wm,7 RAWSON Wm.,071 RAYMENT Samuel Elsdale,012 RAYNER George,090 RAYNER George,044 RAYNER George,080 RAYNER John,029 RAYNER Thomas,054 RAYNER William,050 RAYSON,049 RAYSON,048 RAYSON Christr.,040 RAYSON John,088 RAYSON John,049 RAYSON Wm. Atkin,048 RAYTON John,025 READ,050 READ Charles,042 READ James,030 READ James,031 READ James,023 READ John,086 READ John,086 READ Mildred,030 READ Richard,030 READ Richard,077 READ Richd. Atkinson,023 READ Robert,055 READ Robert,056 READ Sarah,014 READ Susannah,055 READ Thomas,013 READ Thomas,015 READ William,083 READ William,030 READ William,030 READ William,031 READ William,050 READETT Mary,054 REAM,086 REAR John,3 REAR Richard,8 REASON William,052 REAST John,088 REDDISH,035 REDDISH John,012 REDDISH William,088 REDFERN Martha,042 REDIFER Jane,081 REDIN James Watson,086 REDMAIR John,075 REDMAN Charles,088 REDMILE,078 REDMILL John,077 REDSHAW John,031 REDSHAW Thomas,044 REDSHAW Thomas,019 REED,017 REED,049 REED Matthias,064 REED Rosamond,6 REED Thomas,030 REED William,084 REEDMAN John,029 REESBY George,083 REESBY George,082 REESBY William,082 REEVE Hannah,016 REEVE Johm Walker,055 REEVE John,037 REEVE Thomas,089 REEVE William,089 REEVES William,084 REID John,4 RENISON Charles,063 RENNIE John,012 RENSHAW,017 REVELL George,016 REVELL Wm.,035 REVILL Charles,054 REVILL Charles,059 REYNARDSON B,081 REYNER Thomas,021 REYNOLDS,015 REYNOLDS,013 REYNOLDS,012 REYNOLDS James,013 REYNOLDS John,077 REYNOLDS Joseph,075 REYNOLDS Richard,046 REYNOLDS Richard,081 REYNOLDS William,045 REYNOLDS William,045 REYNOLDSON John,080 RHOADES Elizaveth,012 RHOADES John,089 RHOADES John,079 RHOADES Robert,082 RHODES Cawthorne,034 RHODES John,024 RHODES John,078 RHODES John,079 RHODES Thos.,069 RHODES Thos.,070 RHODES William,046 RICE Charles,013 RICE Charles,015 RICE Charles,012 Richard II,7 RICHARD Rollett,033 RICHARD Rollett,035 RICHARD Rollett,034 RICHARDS,037 RICHARDS James,8 RICHARDS Martha,054 RICHARDS William,082 RICHARDS William,048 RICHARDSON,080 RICHARDSON Andw. Young,016 RICHARDSON Bankes,063 RICHARDSON Benj.,031 RICHARDSON Benjamin,012 RICHARDSON Edward,049 RICHARDSON Francis,9 RICHARDSON Frederick,038 RICHARDSON Geo. Boness,056 RICHARDSON George,084 RICHARDSON Gervis Bowis,9 RICHARDSON James,082 RICHARDSON James,9 RICHARDSON James,082 RICHARDSON James,077 RICHARDSON Jane,077 RICHARDSON Jno,3 RICHARDSON John,023 RICHARDSON John,9 RICHARDSON John,010 RICHARDSON John,050 RICHARDSON John,049 RICHARDSON John Stephens,6 RICHARDSON Joseph,038 RICHARDSON Mary Ann,084 RICHARDSON Michael,033 RICHARDSON Nathan,046 RICHARDSON Robert,015 RICHARDSON Sharp,064 RICHARDSON Thomas,079 RICHARDSON Thomas,079 RICHARDSON Thos.,068 RICHARDSON Thos.,080 RICHARDSON Thos.,049 RICHARDSON Ts.,047 RICHARDSON Walter,059 RICHARDSON William,034 RICHARDSON William,037 RICHARDSON William,028 RICHARDSON William,4 RICHARDSON William,052 RICHARDSON William,084 RICHARDSON Wm.,052 RICHARDSON Wm.,057 RICHES Robert,047 RICHMOND,074 RICHTER Henry William,050 RICKETT,012 RICKETTS William,068 RICKIT Elizabeth,015 RICKIT Stephen,065 RICKIT William,064 RIDDINGTON Frederick,027 RIDDINGTON Frederick,027 RIDDINGTON Jas.,068 RIDGE Saml.,037 RIDLEY Hannah,043 RIGG George,054 RIGGALL,049 RILETT John,075 RILEY,065 RILEY Catherine,083 RILEY James,084 RIMINGTON Daniel,8 RIMINGTON William,8 RINDER Ann,012 RINES Thomas,013 RINGHAM William,084 RINGROSE,025 RINGROSE John,024 RINSHAW Thos.,078 RIPPIN Ambrose,012 RIPPIN James,029 RIPPIN John,037 RIPPIN Joseph,012 RIPPIN William,046 RIPPON Edwin,029 RIPPON James,077 RIPPON Martha,056 RIPPON William,067 RISDALE William,071 RIVETT Thomas,034 ROADLEY John,038 ROBBS William,039 ROBERT Darcey,020 ROBERT Darcey,021 ROBERT Darcey,020 ROBERTS,078 ROBERTS,073 ROBERTS Alfred,020 ROBERTS Anthony,015 ROBERTS Charles,019 ROBERTS Charlotte,022 ROBERTS G,047 ROBERTS George,3 ROBERTS James,021 ROBERTS James,020 ROBERTS James,040 ROBERTS Jemima,073 ROBERTS Jno.,014 ROBERTS John,082 ROBERTS John,016 ROBERTS John,040 ROBERTS Jonathan,083 ROBERTS Jonathan,084 ROBERTS Joseph,037 ROBERTS Mary,021 ROBERTS Miles,043 ROBERTS Nathan,044 ROBERTS Sarah,073 ROBERTS Stephen,044 ROBERTS Thomas,023 ROBERTS Thomas,023 ROBERTS Thomas,013 ROBERTS Thomas,023 ROBERTS Thos.,077 ROBERTS Wm.,084 ROBERTSON,038 ROBERTSON Chas. James,082 ROBERTSON Frdk.,040 ROBERTSON James,083 ROBERTSON Johanna,086 ROBERTSON William,082 ROBINSN Isaac,058 ROBINSON,043 ROBINSON,035 ROBINSON,012 ROBINSON,022 ROBINSON,055 ROBINSON,076 ROBINSON Ann,081 ROBINSON Anthony,071 ROBINSON Benj,3 ROBINSON charles,044 ROBINSON Christopher,023 ROBINSON Christopher,069 ROBINSON Edward,037 ROBINSON Edward,038 ROBINSON Elizabth.,012 ROBINSON Frank,020 ROBINSON Geo. Moore,015 ROBINSON George,029 ROBINSON George,7 ROBINSON George,3 ROBINSON George,028 ROBINSON George,028 ROBINSON George,072 ROBINSON George,073 ROBINSON Henry,035 ROBINSON Isaac,092 ROBINSON James,031 ROBINSON James,031 ROBINSON James,043 ROBINSON James,070 ROBINSON John,090 ROBINSON John,088 ROBINSON John,090 ROBINSON John,023 ROBINSON John,025 ROBINSON John,4 ROBINSON John,4 ROBINSON John,012 ROBINSON John,075 ROBINSON John,079 ROBINSON John,069 ROBINSON Johnathan,064 ROBINSON Jos.,046 ROBINSON Joseph,033 ROBINSON Luke,066 ROBINSON M,011 ROBINSON Mary,034 ROBINSON Mary,078 ROBINSON Mary,076 ROBINSON Matthew,012 ROBINSON Richard,048 ROBINSON Richd.,049 ROBINSON Robert,042 ROBINSON Robert,042 ROBINSON Robert,068 ROBINSON Samuel,020 ROBINSON Sarah,058 ROBINSON Sarah,076 ROBINSON Steph.,031 ROBINSON Thomas,010 ROBINSON Thomas,042 ROBINSON Thomas,023 ROBINSON THomas,042 ROBINSON Thomas,013 ROBINSON Thomas,035 ROBINSON Thomas,016 ROBINSON Thomas,043 ROBINSON Thos.,031 ROBINSON Thos. Wilkinson,083 ROBINSON William,090 ROBINSON William,7 ROBINSON William,021 ROBINSON William,6 ROBINSON William,3 ROBINSON William,033 ROBINSON William,039 ROBINSON William,071 ROBINSON William,047 ROBINSON Wm. Elwood,042 ROBSON Benjamin,015 ROBSON Charles,015 ROBSON Henry,019 ROBSON John,057 ROBSON Thomas,075 ROCKLIFFE Thomas,047 RODEN Howes,083 RODGERS Ann,063 RODGERS William M,063 ROE Jas.,085 ROE Thomas,039 ROEBUCK Ann,031 ROGERS,022 ROGERS Alexdr.,063 ROGERS Christopher,035 ROGERS Christr.,033 ROGERS Eliza,087 ROGERS Elizabeth,012 ROGERS George,084 ROGERS Henry,012 ROGERS James,077 ROGERS James,049 ROGERS James,077 ROGERS Jno. Robt.,012 ROGERS John,038 ROGERS John,039 ROGERS John,040 ROGERS Joseph,034 ROGERS Micah,049 ROGERS Silvester,039 ROGERS Silvester,038 ROGERS William,013 ROGERS Wm.,083 ROLFE Zachariah,067 ROLLETT Richard,033 ROLLETT William,035 ROLLETT William,033 ROLLINSON Henry,022 ROLLINSON William,090 ROLLINSON Wm.,090 ROLLISON John,058 ROLLITT,056 ROLTON Ann,047 ROMARA William de,9 ROMLINSON,049 ROOE John,083 ROOE Matthew,082 ROOE Matthew,083 ROOK Charles,034 ROOK John,016 ROOK Joseph,055 ROOK Thomas,055 ROOKE Thomas,057 ROOKSBY Ann,039 ROOKSBY Ann,040 ROOKSBY Morris,014 ROOKSBY Morris,012 ROPER Richard,015 ROSAMOND France,049 ROSE,016 ROSE,014 ROSE Benjamin,055 ROSE Charles,033 ROSE James,033 ROSE Joseph,076 ROSE Thomas,065 ROSE Thomas,063 ROSE William,033 ROSE William,033 ROSE William,080 ROSE William,079 ROSE William,077 ROSE William Wilders,079 ROSS,056 ROSS Charles,014 ROSS George,023 ROSS James,030 ROSS John,031 ROSS Samuel,030 ROSS Walter,9 ROUGHTON Jane,9 ROUGHTON William,077 ROUSE John,038 ROUTEN Henry,016 ROUTEN Sarah,040 ROUTEN William,015 ROUTTON Joseph,090 ROW George,035 ROW George,070 ROW Mary,072 ROWBOTHAM Amos,049 ROWBOTHAM Amos,049 ROWBOTHAM Edmund,8 ROWBOTHAM Thomas,091 ROWBOTHAM Thos.,092 ROWBOTTOM John,020 ROWE Mary Ann,058 ROWE Thomas,071 ROWELL,017 ROWELL William,067 Rowena,024 ROWLAND George,034 ROWLEY Andrew,073 ROWLEY Edward,073 ROWLEY Henry,073 ROWLEY James,050 ROWLEY Rebecca,050 ROWLING Francis,043 ROWSON John,065 ROWSON Robert,010 ROWSON Robert,010 ROWTON Joseph,040 ROY Wm.,012 ROYCE William,016 ROYLE James,015 ROYLE John,052 ROYSON John,049 RUBBINS Esther,086 RUBINS Jarvis,026 RUDD,037 RUDD John,038 RUDDOCK William,070 RUDDOM Ann,016 RUDGARD John,056 RUDGARD John,057 RUDGARD John,055 RUDGARD William,057 RUDGARD William,057 RUDKIN,021 RUDKIN,085 RUDKIN Ann,026 RUDSDALE Johnathan,032 RUDSTON George,5 RUGLEY John,9 RUMBLE George,059 RUSHBY Elizabeth,043 RUSHBY Geo.,043 RUSHBY George,040 RUSLING Ann,034 RUSLING Mark,031 RUSSEL Christopher,040 RUSSELL,018 RUSSELL,081 RUSSELL Abraham,010 RUSSELL George,082 RUSSELL Isaac,079 RUSSELL John,010 RUSSELL John,068 RUSSELL John,068 RUSSELL John,068 RUSSELL John,055 RUSSELL John,067 RUSSELL Matthew,052 RUSSELL Thomas,029 RUSSELL Wm.,018 RUSSELL Wm.,073 RUTHERFORD William,033 RUTLAND Simon,044 RWLINSON John,038 RYAL Joseph,023 RYALL Elisha,065 RYALL Richard,056 RYALL Richard,063 RYALL William,065 RYALL William,052 RYCE William,026 RYDE Elizabeth Mary,082 RYLATT Matthew,029 RYLEY Charles Hunter,065 RYLOT,016 RYLOT Thomas,013 RYSDALE William,063 SACKETT Ann,034 SADLER Joseph,023 SADLER Joseph,023 SAFFERY George,069 SAFTON,039 SAINT PAUL George,069 SAINTY Barnard,086 SALE Mary,081 SALES Fanny,028 SALES John,028 SALMON George,044 SALMON Richard,073 SALT Samuel,055 SALTBY Thomas,040 SALTER William,057 SALTER William Thos.,015 SALVIDGE George,7 SALVIDGE George,5 SAMMON Jane,089 SAMMONS,049 SAMMONS,048 SAMMONS John C,047 SAMPSON David,054 SAMPSON James,030 SAMPSON John,030 SAMPSON Thomas,030 SAMUELS Samuel,066 SAMUELS William,070 SANBY Kemp,086 SANBY Kemp,087 SANDALL John Stannit,088 SANDARS Edward,034 SANDARS Edward,033 SANDARS Samuel,032 SANDERS Charles,084 SANDERS Elizabeth,032 SANDERS Frances,030 SANDERS Jas. Silk,072 SANDERSON David,3 SANDERSON Jane,026 SANDERSON John,035 SANDERSON Rebecca,071 SANDERSON William,027 SANDERSON William,6 SANDON Thomas,054 SANDS Elinor,046 SANDS Geo.,072 SANDS Henry,045 SANDS John,052 SANDS Thomas,010 SANDS Thomas,041 SANDS William,055 SANDY John,038 SANDY John,040 SANSOM Mary,077 SANSON Thomas,015 SANSUM Mary,076 SAPCOTE,085 SARDESON James,077 SARDESON James,077 SARDESON Robert,039 SARGEANT Edw.,083 SARGEANT Edward,5 SARGEANT George,7 SARGEANT George,5 SARGEANT George,5 SARGEANT George,4 SARGEANT John,5 SARGEANT John,5 SARGEANT John,5 SARGEANT Joseph,5 SARGEANT Richard,7 SARGEANT Richard,5 SARGEANT William,7 SARGEANT William,5 SARGEANT William,049 SARGENT,4 SARGENT,4 SARGENT Robert,080 SARGENT Robert,080 SARGENTSON Henry,044 SATCHELL Cavie,033 SATCHELL Cavie,034 SAUBY Jane,042 SAUL Richard,033 SAUL Robert,084 SAUL Seth,074 SAUL Seth,073 SAUL Stephen,078 SAUNDERS Thos.,080 SAUNDERSON John,066 SAUNDERSON Mary,065 SAVAGE Fredk. Bellamy,056 SAVAGE John,028 SAVAGE Thomas,028 SAWYER Sarah,028 SAWYER William,042 SAXE George,056 SAXE George,056 SAXE George,059 SAXON,049 SAXTON Hannah,031 SAXTON Thomas,030 SAXTON Thomas,031 SAYLES Frederick Alban,059 SCARBER Anthony,080 SCARBOROUGH,6 SCARBOROUGH,017 SCARBOROUGH,078 SCARBOROUGH Charles,029 SCARBOROUGH Edward,5 SCARBOROUGH Edward,5 SCARBOROUGH Edward,7 SCARBOROUGH Edward,6 SCARBOROUGH Mary Ann,038 SCARBOROUGH Mary Ann,038 SCARBOROUGH Robert,089 SCARBOROUGH Thomas,039 SCARBOROUGH Thomas Beetham,075 SCARBOROUGH Thomas Beetham,076 SCARBOROUGH Thos.,078 SCARBOROUGH Wilson,039 SCARBOROUGH Wm.,078 SCARCLIFF Eleanor,050 SCARCLIFF John,050 SCARFE James Robert,014 SCARGILL John,091 SCATTERGOOD Robert,046 SCAWTHORPE George,4 SCAWTHORPE John,3 SCAWTHORPE William,090 SCELLANS Richard,071 SCHOEFIELD Robt.,049 SCHOFIELD Samuel,5 SCHOFIELD William,021 SCHOFIELD William,043 SCHOLES Edward,027 SCHOLES Sarah,084 SCHOLEY G,011 SCHOLEY Samuel,028 SCHOLEY Thomas,028 SCOTNEY John,082 SCOTNEY John,084 SCOTNEY Mary Ann,067 SCOTT,048 SCOTT,049 SCOTT,049 SCOTT Ann,031 SCOTT Anne,069 SCOTT Benjamin,048 SCOTT Benjamin Reynaldson,049 SCOTT Benjamin Reynaldson,048 SCOTT Benjamin Reynoldson,048 SCOTT David,065 SCOTT David,066 SCOTT Edward,030 SCOTT Edward Augustus,033 SCOTT George,065 SCOTT Henry,064 SCOTT John,012 SCOTT John,027 SCOTT Joseph,068 SCOTT Matthew,079 SCOTT Smuel,033 SCOTT Thomas,035 SCOTT Thomas,055 SCOTT William,050 SCOTT Wm.,038 SCOTT Wm.,084 SCRAFIELD,045 SCRIMSHAW Joseph,9 SCRIMSHAW Thos.,066 SCRIVENER Edward,056 SCRIVENGER John,058 SCRUTON Robert,6 SCRUTON Robert,6 SCULTHORPE William,082 SEALY Robert,056 SEAMAN,037 SEAMAN Matthew,026 SEARBY George,9 SEARBY Jonathan,044 SEARBY William,042 SEARLE Elizabeth,3 SEARLE George,063 SEARLE James,3 SEARLE James,3 SEARLE John,014 SEARLE William,3 SEARLE William,3 SEARLES William,010 SEATON Samuel,075 SEBRIGHT Geo.,083 SEELEY Charles,013 SEELEY Charles,015 SEELY,057 SEELY Ann,055 SEELY Ann,057 SEELY Eliz.,059 SEELY Robert,056 SELBY,039 SELBY Robert,039 SELBY Robert,038 SELLARS Richard,070 SELLERS Joseph,9 SELLERS William,069 SELLORS George,064 SELLWOOD Henry,048 SEMPER John,056 SENESCAL Thos.,036 SENESCALL Robert,025 SENIOR Edward,037 SENIOUR Mary,9 SENISCALL Richard,026 SENISCALL William,026 SENTANCE Daniel,029 SENTANCE Elizabath,039 SENTANCE Wm.,026 SENYARD Mary,020 SENYARD William,021 SERDESON Mary,056 SERDESON William,057 SERGEANT,6 SERGEANT,7 SERGEANT Ann,066 SERGEANT Anthony,025 SERGEANT Antonio Middlemore,021 SERGEANT Catherine,4 SERGEANT Frances,020 SERGEANT George,4 SERGEANT James Clement,082 SERGEANT Jane,4 SERGEANT Thomas,020 SERGEANT Thoms,066 SERJEANT,017 SERJEANT,017 SERJEANT,066 SETCHELL John,013 SETTLE,049 SEWARD Allen,073 SEWARD Christus,037 SEWARD George,8 SEWARD Jeremiah,072 SEWARD Matthew,073 SEWARDS John,016 SEWARDS Samuel,077 SEWARDS Samuel,077 SEWEL Christopher,013 SEWEL George,013 SEWEL Henry,013 SEWEL Robert,013 SEWELL,078 SEWELL Ann,023 SEWELL Ann,029 SEWELL John,088 SEWELL John,076 SEWELL Joseph,017 SEWELL Maurice,016 SEWELL William,029 SEXTON William,038 SEXTON William,040 SEYMOUR Joshua,052 SHACKLOCK Joseph,074 SHADFORD Jane,014 SHADFORD Major,076 SHADFORD Richard,025 SHARMAN Charles,077 SHARMAN Elizabeth,016 SHARMAN Isaac,076 SHARMAN Joseph,029 SHARMAN Mary Ann,077 SHARMAN Matthew,055 SHARMAN William,089 SHARMAN William,076 SHARMAN William,077 SHARP,031 SHARP,016 SHARP,017 SHARP,017 SHARP,013 SHARP,013 SHARP Adam,084 SHARP Ann,073 SHARP Charles,025 SHARP Charles,024 SHARP Charles,026 SHARP Charles,049 SHARP Geo.,057 SHARP Geo.,057 SHARP George,031 SHARP George,058 SHARP George,059 SHARP James,014 SHARP James,049 SHARP Jno.,061 SHARP Joel,075 SHARP John,016 SHARP John,9 SHARP John,061 SHARP John,076 SHARP John,059 SHARP John,051 SHARP John Newmarch,020 SHARP Jonathan,058 SHARP Joseph,028 SHARP Mary,073 SHARP Robert,016 SHARP Thomas,030 SHARP Thomas Ashton,046 SHARP Thomas Ashton,046 SHARP William,026 SHARP William,019 SHARP William,057 SHARP William,077 SHARP William,057 SHARP William,059 SHARP William,058 SHARP William,059 SHARP William,056 SHARP William Heneage,049 SHARP William Lister,034 SHARP William Lister,035 SHARP William Lister,034 SHARPE,046 SHARPE,074 SHARPE,066 SHARPE Edwin,090 SHARPE Elizabeth,082 SHARPE George,058 SHARPE Harrison,059 SHARPE Joel,076 SHARPE John,021 SHARPE John,073 SHARPE John,074 SHARPE John Wilby,029 SHARPE Nathan,057 SHARPE S J,067 SHARPE Samuel,067 SHARPE Sarah,046 SHARPE Thomas Henry,068 SHARPE Thomas Henry,067 SHARPIN John,033 SHARPLES,049 SHARPLEY,064 SHARPLEY Ann,063 SHARROTT Charles,035 SHAW Ann,010 SHAW Ann,010 SHAW Ann,063 SHAW Ann Julia,059 SHAW Barnabas,030 SHAW Charles,042 SHAW Daniel,052 SHAW John,010 SHAW John,048 SHAW Mary,021 SHAW Richard,038 SHAW Richard,035 SHAW Robert,3 SHAW Saml,9 SHAW Samuel,019 SHAW Thomas,3 SHAW Thomas,9 SHAW Thomas,058 SHAW Thomas,063 SHAW William,034 SHAW William,019 SHAW William,055 SHAW William,058 SHEARCROFT John,086 SHEARCROFT John,087 SHEARMAN Edward,6 SHEARMAN GeorgeCATLET John,7 SHEARMAN John,7 SHEARMAN John,069 SHEARMAN Mary,090 SHEARMAN Nathaniel,9 SHEARMAN Saml. Ts.,083 SHEARMAN Thomas,071 SHEARMAN William,039 SHEARSMITH John,058 SHEARSMITH Rd,5 SHEATH Challis,017 SHEATH Challis,012 SHEFFIELD Charles,023 SHEFFIELD Charles,022 SHEFFIELD Robert,023 SHEFFIELD Robert,022 SHELBOURN,039 SHELBOURN Cornelius,038 SHELBOURN Cornelius,040 SHELFORD Thomas,037 SHELLEY,045 SHELTON Benjamin,043 SHELTON H,089 SHELTON John,034 SHENSTON,087 SHEPHARD Frederick,069 SHEPHERD,047 SHEPHERD George,042 SHEPHERD George,043 SHEPHERD George,063 SHEPHERD John,064 SHEPHERD John,065 SHEPHERD Joseph,014 SHEPHERD Thomas,025 SHEPHERD William,063 SHEPPARD Mary,069 SHEPPARD Robert,013 SHEPPERD Abraham,070 SHERLOCK George,043 SHERRATT Charles,033 SHERRIF Edwd.,049 SHERWIN Dix,015 SHERWIN Dix,015 SHERWIN Dix,015 SHERWIN John,019 SHERWOOD William Hiram,4 SHILCOCK John,8 SHILCOCK John,029 SHILLAKER William,068 SHILLAKER William,068 SHILLAKER William,067 SHIMELS William,071 SHIPHAM John,033 SHIPLEY Matthew,019 SHIPLEY Samuel,015 SHIPLEY Thomas,018 SHIPLEY William,031 SHIPMAN,039 SHIPMAND,085 SHIPPEY Thomas,019 SHIRLEY William,040 SHORT,017 SHORT Henry,010 SHORT J H,047 SHORT John,089 SHORT Joseph,089 SHORT Richard,038 SHORT Richd.,039 SHORT William,010 SHORTER Stephen,025 SHOWLER John,090 SHOWLER John,052 SHOWLER Robert,079 SHOWLER Thomas,022 SHOWLER William,079 SHREEVE Geo.,042 SHREEVE George,043 SHUTTLEWORTH Henry,059 SHUTTLEWORTH Jos.,055 SIBSEY William,012 SIBSEY William,013 SIBSEY William,012 SIBTHORPE C D Waldo,053 SIBTHORPE Charles Delaet Waldo,054 SILLS Judith Turner,037 SILVESTER,4 SILVESTER Thomas,017 SILVESTER Thomas,056 SILVESTER Thomas,057 SIMKISS James,069 SIMMONDS William,075 SIMMONITE Thos.,047 SIMMONS Joseph,030 SIMMONS William,9 SIMONS,063 SIMONS,064 SIMONS,064 SIMONS Ann,010 SIMONS Thomas,062 SIMONS Thomas,066 SIMPSON,083 SIMPSON,017 SIMPSON,076 SIMPSON,074 SIMPSON,049 SIMPSON,084 SIMPSON Ann,063 SIMPSON Aquila Thomas,077 SIMPSON Bolton,022 SIMPSON Charles,084 SIMPSON Charles,055 SIMPSON David,041 SIMPSON Edward,055 SIMPSON Edward,049 SIMPSON Felix,010 SIMPSON George,038 SIMPSON George,8 SIMPSON George,039 SIMPSON George,056 SIMPSON George,055 SIMPSON George,040 SIMPSON Henry,5 SIMPSON J B,012 SIMPSON James,083 SIMPSON James,083 SIMPSON John,083 SIMPSON John,034 SIMPSON John Henry,064 SIMPSON Joseph,027 SIMPSON Joseph,065 SIMPSON Joseph,055 SIMPSON Joseph,057 SIMPSON Nicholas,091 SIMPSON Richard,045 SIMPSON Samuel,020 SIMPSON Susan,082 SIMPSON Susannah,056 SIMPSON Theophilus,083 SIMPSON Theophilus,084 SIMPSON Thomas,013 SIMPSON W H,063 SIMPSON William,090 SIMPSON William,034 SIMPSON William,034 SIMPSON William,013 SIMPSON William,073 SIMPSON William,079 SIMPSON William,080 SIMPSON Wm.,078 SIMS James,050 SINCLAIR Geo.,017 SINCLAIR George,015 SINCLAIR William,075 SINDALL Edward,016 SINDALL Edward,015 SINDALL Thomas,040 SINDALL Zachariah,075 SINGLETON Benjamin,058 SINGLETON Dickinson Boys,071 SINGLETON Henry,024 SINGLETON Thomas,073 SINGLETON Thomas,072 SINYARD,3 SISSON Joseph,034 SISSON Michael,075 SISSON Michl.,075 SISSON Moses,077 SISSON Robert,087 SISSONS William,048 SIVERS Thomams,077 SIZER Janes,044 SIZER Solomon,042 SKEATH Benjamin,046 SKEATH Thomas,077 SKELTON,042 SKELTON George,042 SKELTON George,058 SKELTON John,043 SKELTON Justice,010 SKELTON Justice,010 SKELTON Richard,022 SKELTON Samuel,022 SKELTON Spencer,086 SKELTON Thomas,086 SKELTON William,086 SKELTON William,042 SKELTON William,041 SKELTON Wright,087 SKELTON Wright,086 SKENE John,039 SKEPPER Sarah,054 SKEPPER Thomas,054 SKERMAN Matthew,010 SKERRETT Sarah,068 SKETCHER James,045 SKILL Thomas,090 SKILLINGTON George,040 SKILLINGTON William,026 SKINN Mary,034 SKINNER Charles,014 SKINNER William,042 SKINNER William,048 SKIPWITH Wm.,030 SLACK,050 SLACK,061 SLACK Jno.,061 SLACK John,059 SLACK John,061 SLACK Thomas,8 SLACK William,013 SLATER,040 SLATER Henry,045 SLATER James,077 SLATER John,048 SLATER John,069 SLATER John,070 SLATER John,070 SLATER John,071 SLATER Wm.,064 SLATOR Charlotte,081 SLATOR Luke,087 SLATOR Thomas,015 SLATOR Thomas,015 SLATOR William,086 SLEIGHT George,065 SLEIGHT William,064 SLEITH Charles,018 SLEITH Charles,018 SLIGHT,021 SLIGHT,016 SLIGHT,013 SLIGHT Edward,021 SLIGHT Henry,050 SLIGHT John,059 SLIGHT Joseph,021 SLIGHT William Cotton,3 SLINGSBY Charles,023 SLOCOMBE Mary,063 SMALL Thomas,016 SMALL Thos.,012 SMALL Wm.,012 SMALL Wm.,016 SMALLEY John,016 SMALLEY Robert,044 SMALLEY Thomas,015 SMALLEY Thomas,014 SMALLEY Wm.,049 SMART,078 SMEDLEY Lee,6 SMEETON Joseph,9 SMEETON Saml.,051 SMITH,020 SMITH,029 SMITH,8 SMITH,043 SMITH,033 SMITH,024 SMITH,016 SMITH,013 SMITH,037 SMITH,059 SMITH,085 SMITH,073 SMITH,078 SMITH,067 SMITH Adam,021 SMITH Andw.,055 SMITH Ann,065 SMITH Arabella,073 SMITH Arden,077 SMITH Benj.,068 SMITH Benjamin,014 SMITH Benjamin,015 SMITH Benjamin,8 SMITH Benjamin,025 SMITH Bernards,037 SMITH Boole,034 SMITH Bryan,049 SMITH Charles,023 SMITH Charles,039 SMITH Charles,058 SMITH Charles,072 SMITH Chas.,051 SMITH Clithrow,063 SMITH David,063 SMITH Edward,021 SMITH Edward,020 SMITH Edward,7 SMITH Edward,066 SMITH Edward,084 SMITH Eliza,050 SMITH Eliza,072 SMITH Elizabeth,016 SMITH Francis,019 SMITH Francis,042 SMITH Francis,018 SMITH Frederick O,088 SMITH Geo.,043 SMITH Geo.,072 SMITH George,034 SMITH George,039 SMITH George,033 SMITH George,033 SMITH George,013 SMITH George,042 SMITH George,033 SMITH George,056 SMITH George,057 SMITH George,080 SMITH George,055 SMITH George,056 SMITH H,032 SMITH H,036 SMITH Hannah,054 SMITH Harriet,050 SMITH Henry,088 SMITH Henry,034 SMITH Henry,025 SMITH Henry,013 SMITH Henry,035 SMITH Henry,034 SMITH Henry,067 SMITH Henry,048 SMITH Henry,084 SMITH Isaac,064 SMITH Isaac,045 SMITH James,090 SMITH James,090 SMITH James,6 SMITH James,014 SMITH James,015 SMITH James,039 SMITH James,059 SMITH James,057 SMITH James,077 SMITH James,064 SMITH James,056 SMITH Jane,029 SMITH Jane,029 SMITH Jno. Binbridge,047 SMITH John,082 SMITH John,016 SMITH John,022 SMITH John,019 SMITH John,7 SMITH John,9 SMITH John,039 SMITH John,034 SMITH John,039 SMITH John,7 SMITH John,013 SMITH John,043 SMITH John,014 SMITH John,017 SMITH John,010 SMITH John,010 SMITH John,025 SMITH John,017 SMITH John,043 SMITH John,022 SMITH John,073 SMITH John,084 SMITH John,073 SMITH John,050 SMITH John,052 SMITH John,076 SMITH John,074 SMITH John,074 SMITH John,070 SMITH John,057 SMITH John,072 SMITH John,064 SMITH John,068 SMITH John,077 SMITH John Bainbridge,047 SMITH Johnson,046 SMITH Joseph,016 SMITH Joseph,014 SMITH Joseph,052 SMITH Joseph,079 SMITH Joseph,076 SMITH Joshua,071 SMITH Josiah,039 SMITH Leonard,5 SMITH Mary,026 SMITH Mary,6 SMITH Mary Ann,065 SMITH Matthew,013 SMITH Matthew,057 SMITH Matthew,056 SMITH Matthew,059 SMITH Middleton,075 SMITH Middleton,077 SMITH Rebecca,082 SMITH Richard,054 SMITH Richard,053 SMITH Robert,012 SMITH Robert,015 SMITH Robert,071 SMITH Robert,055 SMITH Robert Winby,6 SMITH Rossiter,3 SMITH Samuel,020 SMITH Samuel,077 SMITH Sarah,019 SMITH Sarah,079 SMITH Sarah,084 SMITH Sarah,077 SMITH Sarah Ann,077 SMITH Susannah,072 SMITH Susannah,065 SMITH Thomas,082 SMITH Thomas,087 SMITH Thomas,013 SMITH Thomas,023 SMITH Thomas,030 SMITH Thomas,023 SMITH Thomas,020 SMITH Thomas,015 SMITH Thomas,020 SMITH Thomas,070 SMITH Thomas,050 SMITH Thomas,084 SMITH Thomas,092 SMITH Thomas,063 SMITH Thomas,069 SMITH Thomas,068 SMITH Thomas,076 SMITH Thomas,056 SMITH Thomas,077 SMITH Thomas Wright,050 SMITH Thos.,017 SMITH Thos.,070 SMITH William,087 SMITH William,087 SMITH William,089 SMITH William,083 SMITH William,013 SMITH William,8 SMITH William,042 SMITH William,013 SMITH William,021 SMITH William,015 SMITH William,027 SMITH William,043 SMITH William,020 SMITH William,5 SMITH William,3 SMITH William,057 SMITH William,068 SMITH William,077 SMITH William,046 SMITH William,070 SMITH William,040 SMITH William,071 SMITH William,050 SMITH William,071 SMITH William,059 SMITH William,069 SMITH William,046 SMITH William,046 SMITH William,084 SMITH William Henry,015 SMITH William Marshall,038 SMITH William Marshall,039 SMITH William Nutt,045 SMITH Wm,9 SMITH Wm.,044 SMITH Wm.,066 SMITH Wm.,071 SMITH Wm. Lawson,010 SMITHSON,056 SMITHSON Robert,049 SMYTH Anna,088 SMYTH John Field,013 SNAITH,049 SNAITH Francis,016 SNAITH Francis,015 SNAITH Frederick,046 SNAITH Geo.,014 SNAITH George,012 SNAITH Richard,4 SNAITH Thomas,075 SNART Henry,055 SNEATH John,092 SNEATH Mary,083 SNELL James,024 SNELL John,4 SNOW Benjamin,073 SNOW Cyprian,042 SNOW George,060 SNOW James,058 SNOW James,059 SNOWDEN,080 SNOWDEN,073 SNOWDEN Benjamin,028 SNOWDEN Robert,015 SNOWDEN Susannah,041 SOOBY Elizabeth,041 SOOBY Matthew,032 SOPER Richard,037 SOULBY Anthony,089 SOULBY Edward Harding,010 SOULBY Edwd. Harding,010 SOULBY Frances,089 SOULBY Henry,089 SOULBY John,079 SOURTH James,038 SOUTH,026 SOUTH Mary,048 SOUTH Simon,039 SOUTHERN William,8 SOUTHWELL Arnold,013 SOUTHWELL Charles,076 SOUTHWELL Christopher,027 SOUTHWELL Christopher,027 SOUTHWELL George,027 SOUTHWELL James,027 SOUTHWELL Robert,052 SOUTHWELL Thomas,076 SOUTHWELL Thos.,017 SOUTHWELL William,076 SOWDEN William,042 SOWDEN William John,064 SOWERBY,042 SOWERBY,042 SOWERBY,081 SOWERBY James,7 SPACIE John,059 SPADEMAND William,082 SPAFFORD,034 SPAFFORD Thomas,032 SPAIN Wm.,056 SPALDING Stephen,044 SPALDING Thos.,044 SPALDING Thos.,055 SPANNING Francis,2 SPARKE John,020 SPARLING Thomas,049 SPARROW Charles,039 SPARROW George,039 SPARROW George,038 SPARROW Henry,039 SPARROW Henry,055 SPARROW Henry William,4 SPARROW John,039 SPARROW William,088 SPEECHLY James,076 SPEED John,8 SPEED William,8 SPEED William,042 SPEIGHT,029 SPEIGHT,046 SPEIGHT Oakley,068 SPEIGHT William,087 SPENCE,4 SPENCE,066 SPENCE John,079 SPENCER Charles Francis,082 SPENCER George,056 SPENCER Jane,012 SPENCER John,092 SPENCER Mary,029 SPENCER Thomas,055 SPENCER William,083 SPENCER William,042 SPENCER William,080 SPENCER William,070 SPENCER Woolley,081 SPENCLEY Robert,042 SPENLUFFE John,2 SPIKIN James,010 SPIKIN James,010 SPIKINS Edward,013 SPIKINS Edward,013 SPIKINS Joseph,077 SPILLMAN John,021 SPINKS Robert,088 SPITE Robert,077 SPITTLEHOUSE James,024 SPIVEY Reuben,065 SPOONER H,075 SPOUNCER Thomas,033 SPOUNCER Thomas,034 SPRANGER Robert,047 SPRATT Joseph,048 SPRAY Samuel,033 SPRAY Samuel,035 SPRAY William,059 SPRAY William,056 SPRECKLEY Charles,018 SPRECKLEY William,018 SPRECKLEY William,076 SPRIDGEONS,085 SPRING Charles,023 SPRING Charlotte,021 SPRING Christopher,021 SPRING Edward,050 SPRING Elizabeth,090 SPRING Henry,070 SPRING John,020 SPRING John,082 SPRING Jonathan,021 SPRING Mary,087 SPRING Redshaw,051 SPRING Redshaw,050 SPRING Thomas,020 SPRING Thomas,020 SPRING Thomas,021 SPRING William,088 SPURR Anne,012 SPURR Geo.,014 SPURR George,013 SPURR Henry,033 SPURR William,065 SQUIRE Elizbth.,076 SQUIRE James Paddison,041 SQUIRE Jas. Paddison,042 SQUIRE John,041 SQUIRE John,055 SQUIRE William,020 SQUIRE William,076 SQUIRES Thomas,068 SQUIRES Thomas,067 ST JOHN,9 STABLEFORTH Jno.,076 STABLEFORTH John,076 STABLEY Edward,088 STAFFORD,063 STAFFORD Mary,8 STAFFORD William,8 STAINBANK Robert,016 STAINBANK Robert,013 STAINBANK Robert William,016 STAINBANK Robert William,013 STAINBANK T D,012 STAINTHORPE John,048 STAINTON Dinah,5 STAINTON Edward,050 STAINTON Jane,3 STAINTON John,4 STAINTON John,016 STAINTON John,013 STAINTON John,3 STAINTON John,013 STAINTON John,058 STAINTON John,055 STAINTON Thomas,079 STAINTON Thomas,079 STAINTON Thomas,079 STAINTON Thos.,031 STAMP Christopher,042 STAMP Thomas,5 STAMWELL William,023 STANDALAND James,064 STANDRING Thomas,030 STANDRING Thomas,030 STANDWELL Thomas,083 STANEWELL John,023 STANEWELL William,023 STANEWELL William,033 STANGER Francis,013 STANGER George,082 STANGER Thomas,077 STANGER William,045 STANGER William,077 STANIFORTH John,028 STANILAND George,040 STANILAND Mary,012 STANILAND Meaburn,012 STANILAND William,012 STANILAND William,015 STANLEY Edward,059 STANLEY Edwd.,057 STANLEY Henry,058 STANNIFORTH George,028 STANNILAND John,034 STANTON Baxter,029 STANTON Edwin,076 STANTON George,012 STANTON John,5 STANTON Mary,012 STANTON William,045 STANTON William,046 STANWELL Elizabeth,023 STANWELL William,017 STAPLES John,016 STAPLES Wm.,059 STAPLETON Harvey,067 STAPLETON Harvey,067 STAPLETON Harvey,068 STAPLETON Harvey,067 STARBUCK Francis,086 STARK Adam,034 STARK Adam,032 STARK Adam,035 STARK Adam,033 STARKE Martha,5 STARKEY Richard,5 STARKEY Thomas,5 STARKIE John,025 START Emanuel,089 STAUNTON Isabella,054 STEADMAN Elizabeth,6 STEEL Charles,072 STEEL George,058 STEEL Joseph,3 STEEVENSON Thomas,029 STEEVENSON William,039 STEEVENSON William,038 STEEVENSON William,039 STEHENSON Thomas,070 STENNETT David,010 STENNETT Mary,059 STENNETT Thomas,013 STEPHENSON,091 STEPHENSON Ann,043 STEPHENSON Ann,055 STEPHENSON Brookes,037 STEPHENSON Christophr,3 STEPHENSON James,032 STEPHENSON Jno.,057 STEPHENSON John,6 STEPHENSON John,035 STEPHENSON John,3 STEPHENSON John,028 STEPHENSON John,091 STEPHENSON Lesley,3 STEPHENSON Robert,7 STEPHENSON Saml,3 STEPHENSON Samuel,3 STEPHENSON Samuel,3 STEPHENSON Samuel,069 STEPHENSON Thomas,042 STEPHENSON Thomas,041 STEPHENSON William,034 STEPHENSON William,070 STEPNALL John,055 STEPNALL John,059 STEVENSON,014 STEVENSON,059 STEVENSON,057 STEVENSON George,088 STEVENSON John,3 STEVENSON John,052 STEVENSON John,057 STEVENSON John,064 STEVENSON John,069 STEVENSON John,056 STEVENSON John,057 STEVENSON Joseph,049 STEVENSON Lesley,3 STEVENSON Nicholas,084 STEVENSON Samuel,3 STEVENSON William,048 STEVENSON William,084 STEVENSON William,071 STEVENSON William,048 STEVENSON William,046 STEWART Thomas,034 STEWART William John,017 STILES Thos.,077 STIMSON John,086 STIMSON Wm.,068 STINSON Phillis,083 STOAKES John,025 STOBIE Barbara,088 STOBIE George,088 STOCKDALE William,090 STOCKDALE William,052 STOCKDALE Wm.,090 STOCKS Thomas,022 STOCKTON John,043 STOCKTON Joseph,3 STOCKTON William,064 STOKES Henry,022 STOKES Jeffrey,039 STOKES Jeffrey,038 STOKES Jeffrey,040 STOKES Rachael,022 STONEHOUSE W B,030 STONEHOUSE William Brocklehurst,060 STONEHOUSE William Brocklesby,030 STONES Robert,063 STONES Robert,064 STONES William Brownlow,034 STONES William Brownlow,034 STOREY,037 STOREY,046 STOREY John,030 STOREY Joseph,018 STOREY Joseph,091 STOREY May,077 STOREY Parker,048 STOREY Samuel,017 STOREY Samuel,073 STOREY Sarah,019 STOREY Thomas,021 STOREY William,6 STOREY William,030 STOREY William,073 STORR James,035 STORR John,3 STORR John,029 STORR Robert,037 STORR Robert,016 STORR Thomas,012 STORR Thomas,066 STORR William,059 STORRY John Leith,022 STOTHARD Barnabas,6 STOTHARD John,050 STOTHARD Maria,035 STOTHARD William,029 STOUT Charles,043 STOUT Charles,043 STOVEN Jonathan,065 STOVIN Cornelius,051 STOVIN George,091 STOW,043 STOW Anthony,6 STOW George,6 STOW John,5 STOW John,6 STOW John,073 STOW Matthew,6 STOW William,6 STRABAN William,7 STRADDER Edmund,031 STRAPS John,017 STRAW Frances,054 STRAWSON,070 STRAWSON,064 STRAWSON,069 STRAWSON Charles,065 STRAWSON Edward,070 STRAWSON Henry,015 STRAWSON John,035 STRAWSON John,070 STRAWSON Mary,071 STRAWSON Paul,066 STRAWSON Paul,070 STRAWSON Paul,064 STRAWSON Paul,064 STREET George,079 STREETON William,040 STRICKSON,068 STRICKSON Henry,068 STRINGER John,021 STRINGER Mary,021 STRUGGLES George,044 STRUGGLES John,044 STRUGGLES William,044 STUBBING Amelia Emma,070 STUBBINS Mary,020 STUBBINS Tamar,021 STUBBS Frederick,024 STUBBS Frederick,025 STUBBS Frederick,025 STUKELEY William,045 STURDY John,014 STURDY John,012 STURGESS Jno. Wm.,054 STURGESS John,086 STURTON,045 STURTON Sarah,045 STURTON Thomas,045 STUTELEY Richard,088 SUDBURY John,065 SUGDEN Edmund,058 SUGGITT Robert,043 SUMMERBY Richard,040 SUMMERFIELD John,068 SUMMERS Robert,016 SUMMERSBY Richard,039 SUMMERSCALES John,057 SUMMERSCALES John,055 SUMNER Sarah,073 SUMNERS Henry,031 SUMNERS William,031 SUNDERLAND Charles,051 SURFLEET John,042 SURFLEET John,048 SURFLEET William,025 SURFLEET William,070 SURGLEET Francis,042 SUTCLIFF Joshua,087 SUTTON,021 SUTTON,049 SUTTON,066 SUTTON,065 SUTTON Ann,013 SUTTON Ann,014 SUTTON Charles,091 SUTTON Charles Frederick,091 SUTTON Charles Frederick,092 SUTTON Eliza,054 SUTTON Frederick,034 SUTTON George,064 SUTTON George Wm.,064 SUTTON James,021 SUTTON John,027 SUTTON John,023 SUTTON John,068 SUTTON John,068 SUTTON Joseph,027 SUTTON Joseph,026 SUTTON Richard,055 SUTTON Richd.,054 SUTTON Robert,019 SUTTON Rovert,026 SUTTON Sarah,063 SUTTON Sidney,3 SUTTON Thomas,032 SUTTON Thomas Manners,7 SUTTON Ths. Manners,059 SWABY,4 SWABY,050 SWABY George,065 SWABY John,066 SWAIN Fanny,039 SWAIN John,086 SWAIN John,086 SWAIN John,070 SWAIN John,042 SWAIN Rd.,059 SWAIN Richard,059 SWAIN William,039 SWALES William,056 SWALLOW Benjamin,048 SWALLOW George,058 SWALLOW John,089 SWALLOW Richard,056 SWAN Ann,054 SWAN Geo.,052 SWAN George,060 SWAN Grank,054 SWAN John,084 SWAN Mary,024 SWAN R,051 SWAN Robert,060 SWAN Robert,056 SWAN Robert,052 SWAN Robt.,055 SWAN Sarah,054 SWAN Thomas,068 SWANN Francis,079 SWANN Francis,051 Sweyne,032 SWIFT Ann,034 SWIFT Ann,067 SWIFT Anthony,016 SWIFT Daniel,067 SWIFT Dean,075 SWIFT Dean,077 SWIFT Gad,052 SWIFT George,019 SWIFT Jane,034 SWIFT John,035 SWIFT John,033 SWIFT Richard,052 SWIFT William,018 SWIFT William,018 SWINDELL,085 SWINN John,016 SWINSCOW,020 SWINTON John,034 SYERS James,048 SYKES Robert,028 SYLVESTER William,3 SYMPSON Elizabeth,056 SYMPSON Jane,039 SYMPSON Thomas Chas.,058 TABOR Thomas,018 TABOR Thomas,067 TAFFINDER William,028 TAGG John,046 TAGG John,046 TAGG William,076 TAIT William,015 TALBOT Elizabeth,058 TALBOT Samuel,058 TALLANT Mary Elizabeth,054 TANFIELD William,039 TANKERSLEY Robert,033 TANSLEY Robert,068 TANSLEY William,068 TAPSTER Stephen,073 TARVIS Joseph,034 TASKER Charles,025 TASKER Edward,077 TASKER Francis,049 TASKER John,048 TASKER Robert,048 TASKER William,9 TATAM George,065 TATAM George,064 TATAM Henry,045 TATAM John,045 TATAM William Hardy,075 TATAM Wm. Hardy,076 TATE,065 TATE Bryan,064 TATE David,065 TATE Richard,064 TATESON John,069 TATESON John,070 TATHAM B,031 TATHAM Joseph,038 TATHAM Rebecca,012 TATHAM W,031 TATTERSHALL,088 TATTERSHALL Charles,065 TATTERSHALL Charles,064 TAVENDER Samuel,5 TAYLAR,013 TAYLAR,013 TAYLER William,9 TAYLOR,017 TAYLOR,034 TAYLOR,056 TAYLOR,066 TAYLOR,071 TAYLOR Ann,026 TAYLOR Ann,063 TAYLOR Charles,086 TAYLOR Charles,079 TAYLOR Edward,044 TAYLOR Edward,033 TAYLOR Edward,034 TAYLOR Elizabeth,069 TAYLOR Elizabeth,070 TAYLOR Frances,063 TAYLOR Francis,070 TAYLOR George,022 TAYLOR George,038 TAYLOR George,4 TAYLOR George,039 TAYLOR George,069 TAYLOR George,070 TAYLOR Hannah,022 TAYLOR Hannah,056 TAYLOR Henry,025 TAYLOR Henry,9 TAYLOR Henry,037 TAYLOR Henry,084 TAYLOR Henry,084 TAYLOR J,017 TAYLOR James,038 TAYLOR James,017 TAYLOR James,044 TAYLOR James,070 TAYLOR James,074 TAYLOR Jeremish,013 TAYLOR John,087 TAYLOR John,019 TAYLOR John,033 TAYLOR John,6 TAYLOR John,016 TAYLOR John,055 TAYLOR John,049 TAYLOR John,064 TAYLOR John,076 TAYLOR John,040 TAYLOR Joseph,086 TAYLOR Joseph,034 TAYLOR Joseph,016 TAYLOR Joseph,019 TAYLOR Joseph,071 TAYLOR Mary,3 TAYLOR Mary,049 TAYLOR Rd.,059 TAYLOR Richard,090 TAYLOR Richard,3 TAYLOR Richard,016 TAYLOR Richard,042 TAYLOR Robert,033 TAYLOR Robert,027 TAYLOR Robert,035 TAYLOR Samuel,067 TAYLOR Susan,049 TAYLOR Thomas,014 TAYLOR Thomas,014 TAYLOR Thomas,035 TAYLOR Thomas,021 TAYLOR Thomas,014 TAYLOR Thomas,010 TAYLOR Thomas,013 TAYLOR Thomas,9 TAYLOR Thomas,077 TAYLOR Thomas,040 TAYLOR Thos.,051 TAYLOR William,8 TAYLOR William,037 TAYLOR William,023 TAYLOR William,8 TAYLOR William,033 TAYLOR William,3 TAYLOR William,033 TAYLOR William,010 TAYLOR William,013 TAYLOR William,046 TAYLOR William,054 TAYLOR William,052 TAYLOR William,056 TAYLOR William,069 TAYLOR Willim,046 TAYLOR Wm.,036 TEANBY Agnes,023 TEANBY Elizabeth,092 TEANBY John,023 TEANBY Wellington Waterloo,030 TEANBY William,6 TEASDALE Elizabeth,017 TEAT John,019 TEBB William,076 TEBBUTT Henry,083 TEE Ann,034 TEESDALE Edward,088 TEESDALE William,054 TEMILE,085 TEMPERTON Edward,030 TEMPLE Daniel,089 TEMPLE James,021 TEMPLE Robert,6 TEMPLE William,6 TEMPLEMAN,085 TEMPLEMAN Geo.,067 TEMPLEMAN George,068 TEMPLEMAN Jno.,067 TENNAND Daniel,015 TENNANT John,045 TENNEY Rebecca,086 TERREWEST James Tomlinson,054 TERRY Ann,074 TERRY Thomas,082 TESH Anna,024 TESTER Ann,015 TESTER Thomas,015 TEWSON Edward,014 TEWSON Edward,012 TEWSON Joshua,083 TEWSON Joshua,082 THACKER John,079 THACKRAY George,050 THACKRAY William,050 THARRATT Nathaniel,064 THEW Richard,063 THIMBLEBY Ann,045 THIMBLEBY Frances,045 THIMBLEBY John,086 THIMBLEBY Thomas,079 THIMBLEBY William,010 THIMES Stanford,027 THISTLETON Robert,5 THISTLEWOOD John,071 THISTLEWOOD William,059 THODES Joshua,075 THOMAS Abraham,059 THOMAS Ann,046 THOMAS Ann,046 THOMAS George,035 THOMAS John Holliday,013 THOMAS John Holliday,014 THOMAS William,056 THOMAS William,059 THOMAS William,059 THOMAS William Gifford,070 THOMPSON,083 THOMPSON,013 THOMPSON,016 THOMPSON,019 THOMPSON,018 THOMPSON,082 THOMPSON,061 THOMPSON Charles,020 THOMPSON Charles,059 THOMPSON Edward,013 THOMPSON Edward,038 THOMPSON Edward,077 THOMPSON Edward,076 THOMPSON Edward,045 THOMPSON Edward,046 THOMPSON Edwd.,025 THOMPSON Francis,4 THOMPSON George,014 THOMPSON George,6 THOMPSON George,043 THOMPSON George,015 THOMPSON George,042 THOMPSON George,063 THOMPSON George,066 THOMPSON HENRY,037 THOMPSON Henry,038 THOMPSON Jabez,038 THOMPSON Jabez,038 THOMPSON James,070 THOMPSON Jas.,026 THOMPSON Jno,5 THOMPSON John,023 THOMPSON John,015 THOMPSON John,025 THOMPSON John,034 THOMPSON John,7 THOMPSON John,024 THOMPSON John,058 THOMPSON John,071 THOMPSON John,066 THOMPSON John,063 THOMPSON Julian,082 THOMPSON Lawrence,016 THOMPSON Leonora,012 THOMPSON Mary,080 THOMPSON My.,066 THOMPSON Philip,079 THOMPSON Rebecca,7 THOMPSON Richard,034 THOMPSON Richard,034 THOMPSON Richard,035 THOMPSON Richard,033 THOMPSON Richard T,076 THOMPSON Sarah,015 THOMPSON Thomas,021 THOMPSON Thomas,010 THOMPSON Thos.,010 THOMPSON William,086 THOMPSON William,5 THOMPSON William,084 THOMPSON William,055 THOMPSON William,073 THOMPSON William,064 THOMPSON William John,021 THOMPSON Wm.,080 THOMSON Anthony,064 THORLBY Joseph,029 THORLEY Ann,015 THORNELOW Thomas,022 THORNHILL Edward,035 THORNHILL Edward,033 THORNHILL Joseph,033 THORNHILL Robert,073 THORNHILL Wm.,058 THORNLEY George,080 THORNLEY Joseph,016 THORNLEY Joseph,014 THORNLEY Samuel,090 THORNS James,014 THORNTON James,077 THORNTON John Lawrence,070 THORNTON John Lawrence,069 THORNTON Joseph,058 THORNTON Samuel,077 THORNTON Samuel,076 THORNTON Thos.,058 THORNTON William,052 THOROLD Benjamin Hart,054 THOROLD Edw. Baugh,037 THOROLD J C,036 THOROLD John Chas,037 THOROLD Richd.,041 THOROTON Chas. Roose,037 THORP James,028 THORP Joseph,019 THORP Joseph,070 THORP Thomas,031 THORP William,045 THORPE,056 THORPE,057 THORPE Ann,034 THORPE Elizabeth,018 THORPE Frances,082 THORPE George,034 THORPE George,050 THORPE John,016 THORPE John,068 THORPE Mary,018 THORPE Mary,050 THORPE Richard,076 THORPE Robert,046 THORPE Robert,045 THORPE Samuel,044 THORPE William,046 THORROLD,063 THORY John,077 THRAVES John,039 THREADGILL Elizabeth,087 THREADGILL John,086 THREADGILL John,087 THROPP John,058 THROWER,086 TICKLER Ann,091 TICKLER Edwin,090 TICKLER Robert,090 TICKLER Robert,050 TICKLER William,091 TIDD,034 TIDD,034 TIDD John,033 TIDD John,026 TIDD John,084 TIDSWELL James,076 TIGHE Patricek,016 TILLEY,085 TILLEY,078 TILLEY John,052 TILLSON Mary Elizabeth,082 TILSON John,084 TILSON William,084 TIMM Charlotte,010 TIMM Charlotte,010 TIMMINGHAM John,5 TIMMS Edward,057 TINDALE Thomas,073 TINDALL,055 TINKER James,026 TINKLER Thomas,026 TITLEY John,065 TODD,019 TODD,085 TODD Edward,067 TODD James,015 TODD James,076 TODD John,035 TODD John,024 TODD John,067 TODD John,070 TODD John,067 TODD Joseph,013 TODD Joseph,023 TODD Ruth,059 TODD William,019 TODD William,076 TODD William,048 TODD William Goodlad,7 TODE George,066 TODMAN William,063 TOFT Joseph,021 TOIN John,079 TOINE,017 TOLLEMACHE F J,036 TOLLIDAY Christphr.,016 TOMBLESON Joel,5 TOMISMAN,040 TOMLIN Tobias,067 TOMLIN William,067 TOMLINSON Elizabeth,034 TOMLINSON Frederick,034 TOMLINSON George,033 TOMLINSON Jane,063 TOMLINSON John,7 TOMLINSON John,049 TOMLINSON Joseph,082 TOMLINSON Needham,082 TOMLINSON Richard,035 TOMLINSON Thomas,033 TOMLINSON Thos.,041 TOMLINSON William,027 TOMLINSON William,033 TOMLINSON William,065 TOMLINSON Wm.,082 TOMLINSON Wm.,035 TOMPSON Elizabeth,043 TONG David,020 TONG David,021 TONG Thomas,032 TONGE,028 TONGE Daniel,028 TONGE George,052 TONGE John,013 TONGE John,073 TONGE Mary,028 TONGE Robert,031 TONGE Thomas,036 TONGE Thos. Wright,079 TONGE William,028 TOOKE Thomas,057 TOOLEY Hannah,056 TOOMS Henry,029 TOOMS John,9 TOOMS William,029 TOPHAM J B,079 TOPHAM Thomas,065 TOPHAM Thomas,063 TOPHAM Timothy,065 TOPHAM Timothy,063 TOPPS John,040 TORKINGTON James,026 TORKINGTON James,082 TORKINGTON Jas.,081 TORKINGTON John,082 TORLLEY Isaac,016 TORR,032 TORR Thomas,034 TORR Thomas,034 TORRINGTON Edward,031 TORRY James,5 TORRY James,5 TORRY John,069 TORRY Parkinson,014 TORRY Samuel Robinson,069 TORRY Thomas,033 TORRY Thomas,015 TORRY Thomas,069 TORY George,076 TORY George,075 TORY Thomas,077 TOW William,8 TOWE Thomas,026 TOWELL William,013 TOWELL Wm.,014 TOWL Joseph,014 TOWL Joseph,016 TOWL Thomas,022 TOWLE Allan,070 TOWLE John,066 TOWLE John,066 TOWLER Edward,070 TOWLER George,090 TOWNDROW Mary,057 TOWNDROW Mary,055 TOWNEND Wm.,069 TOWNHILL William,056 TOWNS Thomas,045 TOWNSEND Charles,046 TOWNSEND Charles,045 TOWNSEND Christopher,086 TOWNSEND John,046 TOWNSEND Nathaniel,087 TOWNSEND William,086 TOXWORTH Ann,047 TOYNBEE George,088 TOYNE John Holloday,051 TOYNTON George,052 TRAFFORD Jane,3 TRAFFORD John,057 TRAFFORD Thos.,058 TRAFFORD William,070 TRAVES Thos.,066 TRAVES William,065 TRAVIS Robert,050 TRAVIS Thomas,033 TRAVIS Thomas,033 TRAVIS Thomas,010 TREVER William,069 TREVETHICK John,035 TREVOR Robert,064 TREW Jas.,029 TRIFFIT Charles,086 TRIFFITT Charles,086 TRIMMINGHAM,043 TRIMMINGHAM James,022 TRIMNELL Mary Lamb,029 TROGAN Thomas,068 TROLLEY John,016 TROLLOP Thomas,018 TROLLOPE John,081 TROLLOPE John,080 TROLLOPE William,018 TROTT,085 TROTTER Ann,054 TROTTER Mary,056 TROUGHT Samuel,065 TROUGHT William,042 TROWAN John,033 TROWAN William,033 TROWELL John,027 TROWER Edwin,021 TROWER John,021 TROWER William,021 TRUE Robert,067 TRUESDALE Thomas,081 TRYON Ann,081 TRYON Sarah,081 TRYON Thomas,081 TUBBS Wilkinson,045 TUKE Samuel,058 TUKE Samuel,056 TUKE Samuel,057 TUMMAN Richd.,020 TUNE Peter,028 TUNNARD Jno.,051 TUNNARD Mary,051 TUNNICLIFFE Thomas,084 TUNNICLIFFE Thos.,074 TUPHOLME John,080 TUPHOLME John,079 TUPHOLME John,079 TUPHOLME Thomas,048 TUPHOLME Thomas,048 TUPPER,7 TURGOOSE Wm.,035 TURNER,041 TURNER Algernon,091 TURNER Ann,054 TURNER Benjamin,030 TURNER Catherin,076 TURNER Catherine,075 TURNER Charles,025 TURNER Christopher,010 TURNER Christopher,036 TURNER Christopher,025 TURNER Edward,017 TURNER Edward,013 TURNER Eleanor,054 TURNER Esther,054 TURNER George,031 TURNER George Freelove,042 TURNER Henry,049 TURNER Henry,048 TURNER Henry,048 TURNER Henry,077 TURNER Henry,078 TURNER James,066 TURNER James,066 TURNER John,034 TURNER John,023 TURNER John,034 TURNER John,059 TURNER John,057 TURNER John,058 TURNER John,055 TURNER John,056 TURNER Mary Ann,057 TURNER Philip,069 TURNER Robert,037 TURNER Robert,024 TURNER Robert,025 TURNER Samuel,056 TURNER Samuel,059 TURNER William,039 TURNER William,076 TURNOR C,091 TURNOR Christopher,037 TURPIN Frederick,012 TURTON,057 TUXFORD,014 TUXFORD,015 TUXFORD,014 TUXFORD,014 TUXFORD George,050 TUXFORD Hanh.,012 TUXFORD Hannah,014 TUXFORD James,017 TUXFORD James Edwd.,016 TUXFORD John,057 TUXFORD Lydia,016 TUXFORD Peter,014 TUXFORD Peter,012 TUXFORD Weston Ingram,016 TUXFORD Wm.,058 TUXWORTH William,066 TWELL,078 TWELL Joseph,067 TWELL William,075 TWELVES,017 TWIFF John,067 TWILLEY Ann,084 TWILLEY Henry,082 TWOPENNY Richd.,081 TWYFORD John,035 TYALL Elisha,065 TYE John,067 TYE Joseph,075 TYE Joseph,077 TYLAR Joshua,032 TYLER Andrew,9 TYLER Francis,088 TYLER Holderness,9 TYLER John,044 TYLER John,084 TYLER Josiah,084 TYLER Nightingale,9 UFFINDELL William,016 ULLETT Abraham,044 ULLETT John,067 ULVET Mary,051 UNWIN George,033 UNWIN John,032 UPPLEBY Charles,4 UPPLEBY George,5 UPPLEBY George,5 UPTON George,069 UPTON John,072 UPTON William,071 URREY James,042 URRY Edward,091 URRY Thomas,043 USHER Henry,070 USHER James,058 USHER James,059 UTTERBY John,024 UVEDALE Robert,044 UVEDALE Robert,063 VALENTINE William,013 VARLEY John,089 VARLOW William,024 VAUSE John,028 VAZIN James,031 VEAL Charles Marfleet Barrow,041 VEAL Questor,042 VEAL Questor,041 VEEL Samuel,014 VEITCH A,047 VELLAM William,027 VENNEY Elizabeth,028 VENT Thomas,012 VESSEY Erasmus,051 VESSEY George,013 VESSEY Jane,015 VESSEY Jesse,051 VESSEY Samuel,079 VESSEY William,087 VICARS James,035 VICKERS James,064 VICKERS John,055 VICKERS Joseph,056 VICKERS Samuel,025 VICKERS William,065 VICKERS William,055 VICKERS Wm.,043 VICKERTS Thomas,065 VICKETS Thomas,051 VIE Thomas,031 VINCENT Thomas,038 VINCENT Thomas,039 VINE John,077 VINE Newton,077 VINE Thomas,075 VINER William Phillips,091 VINES Rosa,015 VINTNER James,052 VINTNER John,052 VINTNER Mary,010 VINTNER Thomas,052 Viscount Goderich,051 VISE Charles,077 VISE Edward Blithe,046 VISE Francis,029 VIVASH Daniel,076 Vortigern,024 Vortigern,080 VYNER Robert,047 WADD Edward,023 WADDINGTON Wm,9 WADE,061 WADE John,082 WADE John,8 WADE Richd.,085 WADE Robert,084 WADE Thomas,082 WADE William,067 WADESON James,046 WADKIN Mary,8 WADKIN Thomas,074 WADSLEY John,029 WADSLEY Thomas,076 WADSLEY Thomas,077 WAGGOTT John,6 WAGSTAFFE John Stoope,037 WAGSTAFFE William Goodwin,037 WAINWRIGHT Wm.,028 WAITE,043 WAITE,063 WAITE,064 WAITE Amelia,013 WAITE Edmund Brown,071 WAITE Edward,066 WAITE George,012 WAITE John,012 WAITE John,012 WAITE John,079 WAITE John,063 WAITE John Dean,063 WAITE Joseph,015 WAITE Robert,065 WAITE Robert,080 WAITE Thomas Philips,063 WAITES George,028 WAKE,4 WAKE John,5 WAKE Jonathon,012 WAKE Parkin,014 WAKE Sarah,012 WAKEFIELD Jane,071 WAKEFIELD John,035 WAKEFIELD Palmer,037 WAKEFIELD Rowland,016 WAKEFIELD Thomas Hawkins,039 WAKELIN Charles,063 WAKELIN Elizabeth,065 WAKELIN James,065 WAKELIN John,088 WAKELIN John Scargall,052 WAKELIN Joseph,022 WAKELIN Maria,064 WAKELIN Maria,066 WAKELIN Thomas,064 WAKELIN William,3 WAKELIN William,044 WAKELIN William,071 WAKELINE Mary Ann,015 WALDEN Thomas,073 WALDING Charles,082 WALESBY,063 WALESBY Anna Maria,054 WALESBY Joshua,048 WALFORD John,084 WALKDEN Sarah,5 WALKEN Mark,075 WALKER,017 WALKER,080 WALKER,079 WALKER Charles,044 WALKER Charles,059 WALKER Charles,064 WALKER Eliz.,037 WALKER George,018 WALKER George,019 WALKER George,016 WALKER George,056 WALKER George,079 WALKER Harding,049 WALKER Henry,054 WALKER Henry,059 WALKER James,025 WALKER James,024 WALKER James,075 WALKER John,043 WALKER John,015 WALKER John,012 WALKER John,018 WALKER John,039 WALKER John,056 WALKER John,046 WALKER John,092 WALKER John,046 WALKER Joseph,046 WALKER Joseph,046 WALKER Joshua,033 WALKER Leedham,023 WALKER Marmaduke,043 WALKER Richard,071 WALKER Robert,043 WALKER Robert,3 WALKER Sampson,049 WALKER Samuel,048 WALKER Samuel,052 WALKER T,079 WALKER Thomas,019 WALKER Thos.,056 WALKER William,033 WALKER William,056 WALKER William,052 WALKER William,058 WALKER William,058 WALKER William,059 WALKER William,059 WALKER William,079 WALKER William G,072 WALKER Wm.,056 WALKINGTON,037 WALL Benjamin,059 WALLACE Joseph,043 WALLACE William,056 WALLER John,3 WALLER John,032 WALLER Richard,058 WALLER Richard,055 WALLER Robert,090 WALLER Robert,021 WALLER William,027 WALLET Thomas,044 WALLIN,083 WALLIS James,070 WALLIS James,069 WALLIS Robert,078 WALLIS William,076 WALLIS Wm.,033 WALLS,079 WALLS Christopher,024 WALLS John,024 WALLS Joseph,079 WALMSLEY Ann,010 WALSHA,016 WALSHAW William,070 WALSTER George,055 WALTAM Henry,071 WALTER Edward,047 WALTER Edward,069 WALTER James,069 WALTER John,049 WALTERS Nicholas,081 WALTHAM Hannah,015 WALTHAM John,068 WALTHAM Richard,046 WALTHAM William,027 WALTON,040 WALTON Henry,026 WALTON Henry,027 WALTON Henry,027 WALTON Henry,027 WALTON John,026 WALTON Matthew,026 WALTON William,039 WALTON William,075 WAND Charles,038 WAND William,038 WAND William,040 WANDBY George,039 WANDBY George,038 WANN,085 WARBURTON Elizabeth,043 WARBURTON Geo.,043 WARBURTON George,043 WARBURTON Mary Ann,042 WARBURTON Mary Ann,042 WARD,066 WARD Ann,042 WARD Cecil,070 WARD Edmund,070 WARD Edmund,069 WARD Edward,038 WARD Edward,043 WARD Edward,079 WARD Esther,059 WARD George,014 WARD Harrison,016 WARD Henry,054 WARD James,031 WARD John,088 WARD John,3 WARD John,042 WARD John,015 WARD John,057 WARD John,057 WARD John,055 WARD John,059 WARD John,058 WARD Marian,049 WARD Mark,039 WARD Mary,074 WARD Matthew,036 WARD Richard,055 WARD Richard,058 WARD Richard,074 WARD Robert,031 WARD Thomas,027 WARD Thomas,027 WARD William,043 WARD William,018 WARD William,031 WARD William,055 WARD William,049 WARD William,055 WARD William,052 WARD William,078 WARD Wm.,078 WARD Wm. Hunter,066 WARDAKE Thomas,069 WARDALE Ann,070 WARDALE Thomas,070 WARDEN Alexander,086 WARDLEY John Shaw,019 WARE Foyter,057 WARE Foyter,056 WARE Henry,055 WARE William,016 WARN,085 WARNER,078 WARNER Charles,051 WARNER Elizabeth,077 WARNER Geo.,049 WARNER Samuel,087 WARNER Samuel,087 WARNER Thomas,086 WARNER Thomas,086 WARNER William,086 WARNER William,039 WARREM Thomas,082 WARREN John,026 WARREN Robert,082 WARRICK Anthony,6 WARRINER Caroline,016 WARRINGTON,050 WARRINGTON Robert,044 WARRINOR William,056 WARSON Edward,075 WARSON Robert,046 WARSON Samuel,082 WARSOP William,027 WARWICK Geo. Maxwell,027 WARWICK George Maxwell,027 WARWICK George Maxwell,027 WARWICK William,013 WATCHMAN Thomas,026 WATERFIELD Andrew,051 WATERFIELD Wright,083 WATERHOUSE John,034 WATERHOUSE John,034 WATERHOUSE John,030 WATERHOUSE Jos.,031 WATERHOUSE Joseph,031 WATERLAND Elizabeth,023 WATERLAND Thomas,042 WATERLAND Thomas,043 WATERS John,021 WATERS John,019 WATERS William,018 WATKIN,040 WATKINS Thomas,089 WATKINSON Ann,056 WATKINSON Catherine,065 WATKINSON Elizabeth,033 WATKINSON John,043 WATKINSON John,034 WATKINSON Joseph Wm.,016 WATKINSON William,065 WATMOUGH Charles,024 WATMOUGH Chas.,024 WATMOUGH George,6 WATMOUGH John,025 WATMOUGH John,050 WATMOUGH Jon.,024 WATMOUGH Jonathan,069 WATMOUGH Sarah,025 WATMOUGH William,013 WATSON,040 WATSON,072 WATSON Abraham,039 WATSON Ann,035 WATSON Edward,033 WATSON George,024 WATSON Henry Thomas,034 WATSON James,059 WATSON Jarvis,7 WATSON Jas.,059 WATSON John,3 WATSON John,013 WATSON John,026 WATSON John,028 WATSON John,6 WATSON John,057 WATSON John,069 WATSON John,040 WATSON John,045 WATSON Jonathan Richard,016 WATSON Joseph,070 WATSON Maria,046 WATSON Marmaduke,5 WATSON Mary,081 WATSON Mary Ann,077 WATSON Richard,044 WATSON Richard,047 WATSON Robert,083 WATSON Robert,024 WATSON Robert,059 WATSON Robert,058 WATSON Robert,067 WATSON Sarah,021 WATSON Sarah,057 WATSON Sarah,056 WATSON Sarah,055 WATSON Seth,045 WATSON Susannah,032 WATSON Thomas,8 WATSON Thomas,034 WATSON Thomas,034 WATSON Thomas,058 WATSON Thomas,046 WATSON Thos.,036 WATSON William,043 WATSON William,038 WATSON Wm.,069 WATT Henry David,068 WATTAM Jno.,061 WATTON George,9 WATTS Cornelius,040 WATTS John,013 WATTS Mary,015 WAUDBY George,039 WAUMSLEY John,065 WAYET West,075 WAYLAND D S,050 WEATHERALL James,086 WEATHERALL James,087 WEATHERHEAD William,057 WEATHERS James,029 WEBB Geo. Glossop,010 WEBBER William,058 WEBSTER Ann,090 WEBSTER George,064 WEBSTER Jabez,040 WEBSTER John,064 WEBSTER Mary Ann,084 WEBSTER Thomas,073 WEBSTER William,090 WEBSTER William,057 WEDD Samuel,013 WEDD Samuel,016 WEEKES Mary,075 WEIGHTMAN Lucy,074 WEIGHTMAN William,042 WEIGHTMAN William,073 WEIR Geo.,048 WEIR Geo.,048 WEIR George,049 WEIR George,049 WELBORN Benj.,040 WELBORN Benjamin,037 WELBORN Benjamin,040 WELBORN Edward,076 WELBOURN John,056 WELBOURN John,057 WELBY Charles Earle,037 WELBY Glynne Earle,036 WELBY M E,7 WELBY Montague Earle,8 WELBY Richard,072 WELBY W E,036 WELCH Ann,025 WELCH Boucher,086 WELCH John,046 WELDALE Ann,064 WELDEN William,048 WELDON Henry,083 WELDON Henry,084 WELLER Emanuel,087 WELLS Ayscough,048 WELLS Cook,089 WELLS George,031 WELLS George,016 WELLS Isaac,029 WELLS Jacob,029 WELLS John,089 WELLS John,016 WELLS John,013 WELLS John,025 WELLS John,066 WELLS Joseph,032 WELLS Joseph,080 WELLS Joseph,063 WELLS Mary,013 WELLS Mary,013 WELLS Richard,021 WELLS Richard,077 WELLS Sarah,029 WELLS Thomas,7 WELLS Thomas,023 WELLS Thomas,069 WELLS Thos.,023 WELLS Thos.,022 WELLS William,089 WELLS Wilson,049 WELSH,063 WELSON Francis,092 WELTON William,058 WENBY John,051 WESLEY John,030 WEST Edward,064 WEST Edward Parker,082 WEST Edward Parker,083 WEST George,010 WEST George,022 WEST Hannah,016 WEST John,5 WEST John,010 WEST John,049 WEST John,058 WEST John,075 WEST John,040 WEST John,052 WEST John Rowland,020 WEST John W,077 WEST Judith,044 WEST Mary,033 WEST Mary,054 WEST Michael,043 WEST Rebecca,063 WEST Robert Uvedale,044 WEST Simpson,029 WEST Susannah,012 WEST Thomas,022 WEST Ths.,040 WEST William Barnett,043 WEST William Woolley,014 WESTERN Elizabeth,092 WESTERN Joseph,092 WESTERN Joshua,092 WESTLAND Richard,013 WESTLAND Richard,014 WESTLAND Richard,017 WESTLAND Richd.,016 WESTMORELAND John,029 WESTMORELAND Robt,8 WESTMORELAND Samuel,051 WESTMORELAND William,9 WESTOBY Francis,5 WESTOBY George Abraham,023 WESTOBY John,5 WESTOBY Joseph,5 WESTOBY Thomas,5 WESTOBY William,5 WESTON Ann,057 WESTON Jno.,073 WESTON John,073 WESTON Thomas,067 WETHERELL Thomas,058 WETHERINGTON John,9 WHAITE,4 WHALEY Henry,064 WHALEY Henry,065 WHALEY John,038 WHARRIE Joseph,052 WHARRIE Thomas,052 WHARRY James,090 WHARTON Mary,043 WHATMOUGH Charles,025 WHATMOUGH Geo.,025 WHATMOUGH George,021 WHATMOUGH George,7 WHATMOUGH George,7 WHATMOUGH James Luke,043 WHATMOUGH James Luke,042 WHATMUFF James,021 WHATMUFF James,020 WHATMUFF Jane,021 WHATTAM John,022 WHEAT James,029 WHEATCROFT Absalom,016 WHEATCROFT Robt.,012 WHEATCROFT Thomas,055 WHEATCROFT Thos.,058 WHEATLEY Benjamin,055 WHEATLEY John,070 WHEATLEY Jonathan,063 WHEATLEY Mary,012 WHEELDON Thomas,033 WHEELER John Graves,042 WHELBOURN Benj.,015 WHELBOURN John,013 WHELDALE Francis,012 WHELDALE John,014 WHELDALE John,022 WHELPTON James,033 WHELPTON Robert,048 WHERRY,019 WHERRY,019 WHERRY John,067 WHERRY John,068 WHERRY John,067 WHESTERBY Ann,086 WHESTERBY Jno.,086 WHESTERBY John,087 WHESTERBY John,086 WHICHCOT Thomas,067 WHILEY Betsy,052 WHILEY Francis,090 WHILEY John,059 WHINCUP Henry,083 WHITAKER Frank,064 WHITAKER John,8 WHITAKER John,8 WHITAN Robt.,049 WHITAN William,049 WHITAN William,048 WHITBY George,045 WHITBY Joseph,8 WHITE,037 WHITE Andrew,014 WHITE Ann,058 WHITE Anthy.,074 WHITE Chamberlain,082 WHITE Charles,039 WHITE Charles,042 WHITE Charles,057 WHITE Edward,025 WHITE Edward,025 WHITE Eliza,046 WHITE Elizabeth,092 WHITE Francis,010 WHITE Francis,010 WHITE GEO.,037 WHITE Henry,064 WHITE Henry,066 WHITE Henry,065 WHITE Hugh,016 WHITE Jno. Chamberlain,082 WHITE Jno. Chamberlain,082 WHITE John,045 WHITE John,050 WHITE Joseph,037 WHITE Joseph,077 WHITE M,059 WHITE Robert,057 WHITE Samuel,046 WHITE Thomas,018 WHITE Thomas,018 WHITE Thomas,7 WHITE Thomas,091 WHITE Thomas,049 WHITE Thos.,065 WHITE W S,047 WHITE Walter,076 WHITE Walter,075 WHITE Walter,077 WHITE Walter,077 WHITE William,082 WHITE William,044 WHITE William,060 WHITE William,076 WHITEHEAD,083 WHITEHEAD George Davenport,054 WHITEHEAD George Davenport,057 WHITEHEAD Hannah,6 WHITEHEAD Jemima,082 WHITEHEAD William,015 WHITEHOUSE Joseph,054 WHITELAM Isaac,086 WHITFIELD John,029 WHITFIELD Mary,077 WHITFIELD William,086 WHITHAM John,024 WHITIN George,015 WHITING George,016 WHITING John,064 WHITING Samuel,052 WHITING Thomas,013 WHITING Wm.,071 WHITLEY John,092 WHITMORE Ainslie,072 WHITSED Mary,026 WHITTAKER,074 WHITTAKER John,042 WHITTAKER Thos.,036 WHITTLE Harriet,026 WHITTLE William,027 WHITTOME,084 WHITTON,057 WHITTON George,048 WHITTON Richard,059 WHITTON Richard,057 WHITTON Richard,056 WHITWELL Walter,077 WHITWORTH Charles,013 WHITWORTH Elizabeth,022 WHITWORTH James,010 WHITWORTH John,020 WHITWORTH Mary,015 WHOLEY Thomas Crossley,033 WHOLEY William,058 WHYDLE Mary,079 WHYERS William,088 WICKES John B,5 WIDDOWSON Robert,070 WIDDOWSON William,055 WIDLE,050 WIDLE John,079 WIGELSWORTH,065 WIGELSWORTH Parkin,025 WIGELSWORTH Robert,024 WIGELSWORTH Thomas,025 WIGELSWORTH Thomas,024 WIGELSWORTH Thomas,025 WIGGLESWORTH Edward,050 WIGHTON Nehemiah,016 WIGMORE Sarah,082 WILBAR Jane,6 WILBAR Jane,7 WILCOCKS Edwards,014 WILCOX,039 WILCOX George,038 WILCOX George,039 WILCOX George,040 WILCOX Simon William,090 WILD Martha,026 WILDBORE John,051 WILDBORE William,033 WILDERS Gervase William,018 WILDMORE Christopher,059 WILEMAN William,051 WILES,074 WILES Henry,073 WILES James Jarvis,046 WILES Richd.,059 WILES Thomas,073 WILES William,052 WILES Wm.,078 WILFORD John,052 WILFORD William,6 WILFORD William,6 WILKINS John William Burton,040 WILKINSON,086 WILKINSON,8 WILKINSON,035 WILKINSON,029 WILKINSON Ann,046 WILKINSON Daniel,069 WILKINSON David,063 WILKINSON Edward,038 WILKINSON Elizabeth,038 WILKINSON Elizabeth,040 WILKINSON John,030 WILKINSON John,038 WILKINSON John,5 WILKINSON John,6 WILKINSON John,3 WILKINSON John,020 WILKINSON John,046 WILKINSON John,055 WILKINSON John,057 WILKINSON John,045 WILKINSON John,060 WILKINSON Margaret,5 WILKINSON Mary,5 WILKINSON Samuel,074 WILKINSON Thomas,6 WILKINSON Thomas,041 WILKINSON Thomas,063 WILKINSON William,033 WILKINSON William,034 WILKINSON William,073 WILKINSON Wm. Dracock,077 WILKS Edward,039 WILLAN James,026 WILLAN Thomas,026 WILLCOCKS J,017 WILLCOX Elizabeth,019 WILLCOX William,089 WILLDERS Samuel,067 WILLERTON George,010 WILLERTON George,010 WILLERTON John,088 WILLERTON John,088 WILLERTON Robt. Taylor,014 WILLERTON Robt. Taylor,014 WILLERTON William,029 WILLEY Charles,065 WILLEY Elizabeth,090 WILLEY John,090 WILLEY Robert,3 WILLEY Robert,021 WILLEY Robert,022 WILLEY Thomas,048 WILLEY William,033 William de Gainsborough,032 William of Wainfleet,088 WILLIAMS Benjamin,074 WILLIAMS Benjamin,073 WILLIAMS Dinah,052 WILLIAMS Ellen,6 WILLIAMS Henry,055 WILLIAMS Henry,060 WILLIAMS John,049 WILLIAMS Mary,077 WILLIAMS Matilda,054 WILLIAMS Richard,052 WILLIAMS Robert,052 WILLIAMS Saml. Benjamin,073 WILLIAMS Samuel,073 WILLIAMS Samuel,074 WILLIAMS William,090 WILLIAMSON,017 WILLIAMSON Barzillai,033 WILLIAMSON Benj.,013 WILLIAMSON Christopher,068 WILLIAMSON Jno. Cowie,035 WILLIAMSON John,010 WILLIAMSON John,033 WILLIAMSON John,077 WILLIAMSON John,059 WILLIAMSON John Cowie,034 WILLIAMSON Jos.,013 WILLIAMSON Jos. Booth,013 WILLIAMSON Joseph,017 WILLIAMSON Samuel,091 WILLIAMSON Thomas,084 WILLIAMSON Thomas,085 WILLIAMSON Thomas,068 WILLIAMSON Thos.,054 WILLIAMSON Thos.,078 WILLIAMSON William,8 WILLIAMSON William,018 WILLIAMSON Wm. Curtis,039 WILLINGHAM John,7 WILLINGHAM John,6 WILLIS Francis,081 WILLMER Charles,038 WILLMOTT John,077 WILLOUGHBY DE ERESBY,018 Willoughby de Eresby,078 WILLOUGHBY Geo. Rivis,064 WILLOUGHBY Geo. Rivis,064 WILLOUGHBY George,029 WILLOUGHBY James,056 WILLOUGHBY Jno.,055 WILLOUGHBY Joseph,027 WILLOUGHBY William,087 WILLOUGHBY William,087 WILLOUGHBY William,015 WILLOWS,017 WILLOWS Thomas,086 WILLOWS Wm.,043 WILLSON Edwd. Jas.,054 WILLSON Eliz.,054 WILLSON Geo.,052 WILLSON George,032 WILLSON Henry,042 WILLSON Henry,043 WILLSON Jakel,014 WILLSON John,042 WILLSON John,043 WILLSON John,054 WILLSON John,057 WILLSON John,059 WILLSON John,055 WILLSON Mary,054 WILLSON Samuel,058 WILLSON Thomas,075 WILLSON Thomas,076 WILLSON Thomas,077 WILLSON William,3 WILLSON William,3 WILLSON Wm.,3 WILMORE Robert,076 WILSBY Thomas,074 WILSON,021 WILSON,012 WILSON,037 WILSON,038 WILSON,037 WILSON,3 WILSON,022 WILSON,040 WILSON,063 WILSON,061 WILSON,061 WILSON A,012 WILSON A,079 WILSON Abraham,051 WILSON Abraham,050 WILSON Benjamin,055 WILSON Benjamin,072 WILSON Catherine,063 WILSON Charles,3 WILSON Charles,070 WILSON Diana,065 WILSON Ebenezer,9 WILSON Edward,014 WILSON Edward,9 WILSON Elisha,045 WILSON Elizabeth,039 WILSON Elizabeth,084 WILSON Elizabeth,063 WILSON Frances,045 WILSON Frances,075 WILSON Francis,030 WILSON George,039 WILSON George,039 WILSON George,037 WILSON George,044 WILSON George,056 WILSON George,040 WILSON George,063 WILSON Gilbert,4 WILSON Gilbert,3 WILSON Henry,3 WILSON Hny. Smith,041 WILSON James,033 WILSON James,048 WILSON James,076 WILSON James,077 WILSON James,040 WILSON Jno. Manby,010 WILSON Job,055 WILSON John,088 WILSON John,028 WILSON John,031 WILSON John,019 WILSON John,039 WILSON John,010 WILSON John,029 WILSON John,073 WILSON John,077 WILSON John,065 WILSON John,067 WILSON John,075 WILSON John Martin,070 WILSON Joseph,8 WILSON Joseph,013 WILSON Joseph,084 WILSON Joseph,084 WILSON Manby,072 WILSON Mary,012 WILSON Mary Ann,015 WILSON Maximilian,058 WILSON Moses,088 WILSON Richard,059 WILSON Richard,055 WILSON Robert,020 WILSON Samuel,042 WILSON Samuel,035 WILSON Thomas,088 WILSON Thomas,022 WILSON Thomas,9 WILSON Thomas,7 WILSON Thomas,7 WILSON Thomas,7 WILSON Thomas,7 WILSON Thomas,7 WILSON Thomas,065 WILSON Thomas,065 WILSON Thomas Angel,014 WILSON William,088 WILSON William,021 WILSON William,029 WILSON William,077 WILSON William,057 WILSON William,055 WILSON Wm.,059 WINDOVER Charles James,038 WINDOVER Chas. Jas.,039 WINFREY Marham,046 WINFREY Richard,087 WINFREY Richard,087 WINFREY Richard,086 WING Elizabeth,016 WING Robert,086 WINGATE George,3 WINGATE Robert,049 WINGATE William,010 WINGATE William,070 WINGFIELD,081 WINGFIELD Henrietta,081 WINKLEY Jeremiah,087 WINLOW J,089 WINN,057 WINN Chas.,055 WINN Chas.,057 WINN Elizabeth,034 WINN Fredk.,055 WINN Fredk.,057 WINN John,057 WINN Robert,070 WINN William,023 WINN William,044 WINN William,055 WINSHIP John,6 WINSHIP John,6 WINSHIP Robert,7 WINTER,049 WINTER Elizabeth,070 WINTER George,069 WINTER George William,012 WINTER John,033 WINTER John,072 WINTER Letitia,039 WINTER Richard,069 WINTER Richard,071 WINTER Thomas,038 WINTER Thomas,037 WINTER Thomas,040 WINTER William,035 WINTER William,039 WINTER William,012 WINTER Wm,8 WINTER Wm.,039 WINTERBOTTOM John,5 WINTERINGHAM Thomas,043 WINTERS Francis,087 WINTERS Wiliam,029 WINTON John,013 WINTRINGHAM John,042 WISE,013 WISE James Martin,046 WISE Mary,052 WISE Thomas,012 WISE Thomas,012 WISEMAN Henry,038 WISEMAN Richard,031 WISHER Thomas,015 WITCHCOTE Thos.,026 WITHAM John,051 WITHAM Robert,025 WITHER Elizabeth,021 WITHERS John,055 WITHNOE Thomas,086 WIUG John,039 WOFFENDEN John,051 WOGDON John,039 WOOD,050 WOOD Augustine P,076 WOOD Augustine Pridmore,077 WOOD Elizabeth,010 WOOD Elizabeth,077 WOOD John,034 WOOD John,038 WOOD John,014 WOOD John,037 WOOD John,6 WOOD John,070 WOOD John,070 WOOD Martha,5 WOOD Pleasance,5 WOOD Thomas,035 WOOD Thomas Neal,023 WOOD William,5 WOOD William,013 WOOD William,037 WOOD William,037 WOOD William,016 WOOD William,010 WOOD William,010 WOOD William,049 WOOD Wm.,059 WOODCOCK George,037 WOODCOCK James,044 WOODCOCK Thomas,079 WOODCOCK William,083 WOODCOCK William,012 WOODCOCK William,016 WOODCOCK William,076 WOODHALL Thomas,050 WOODHEAD,033 WOODHOUSE John,016 WOODHOUSE John,033 WOODLIFFE Henry,057 WOODROFFE Robert,082 WOODRUFF Francis,055 WOODS Geo.,032 WOODS George,088 WOODS George,032 WOODS George,015 WOODS John,088 WOODS John,016 WOODS Mary,083 WOODS Thomas,017 WOODS Thomas,075 WOODS Walter Edward,030 WOODS William,029 WOODS William,072 WOODS Zachary,072 WOODTHORPE Jas. Solomon,012 WOODTHORPE Solomon,012 WOODWARD James,082 WOODWARD James,083 WOODWARD John,052 WOODWARD Joseph,046 WOODWARD Joseph,045 WOODWARD Thomas,082 WOODWARD Thomas,084 WOODWARD William,083 WOOLDRIDGE Edward,059 WOOLDRIDGE James,058 WOOLLARD Harriet,016 WOOLLEY,083 WOOLLEY Hardy,046 WOOLLEY John,019 WOOLLEY Morton,077 WOOLLEY Stephen,064 WOOLMER Henry,038 WOOLMER Jas.,043 WOOLMER Susannah,041 WOOLSEY John,042 WOOLSEY Joshua,043 WOOLSEY Thomas,034 WOOLSTON Robert,082 WOOLVINE George,048 WOOLVINE William,048 WOOTTON Daniel,034 WOOTTON Richard,075 WOPLE William,049 WORLEY Samuel,038 WORLEY William,036 WORLEY Wm.,078 WORMAL Henry,039 WORMSLEY John,010 WORSDALE Elizabeth,084 WORSDALE Elizabeth,084 WORSLEY J P,018 WORSLEY Pennyman,037 WORSLEY William,032 WORTH,037 WORTLEY John,052 WOTHERINGTON George,074 WOULDS John,019 WOULDS John,018 WRACK John,058 WRANGHAM William,091 WRANGLE,012 WRANGLE Ann,015 WRATHER Robert,034 WRATTEN Wm.,043 WRAY Ann,049 WRAY Benjamin,057 WRAY Benjamin,058 WRAY Edward,020 WRAY John,021 WRAY John,023 WRAY Joseph,020 WRAY Thomas,046 WRAY Thomas,065 WRAY William,023 WRAY William,020 WRAY William,023 WRAY William,064 WRAY Wm.,065 WRIGHT,089 WRIGHT,089 WRIGHT,066 WRIGHT Amelia,063 WRIGHT Ann,077 WRIGHT Benjamin,022 WRIGHT Charles,014 WRIGHT Charles,014 WRIGHT Charles,024 WRIGHT Charles,014 WRIGHT Charles,065 WRIGHT Charles,059 WRIGHT Eliza.,037 WRIGHT Elizabeth,058 WRIGHT Elizb.,058 WRIGHT Geo.,035 WRIGHT George,049 WRIGHT Horace,082 WRIGHT Isaac,063 WRIGHT James,052 WRIGHT Jno.,057 WRIGHT John,035 WRIGHT John,033 WRIGHT John,010 WRIGHT John,043 WRIGHT John,034 WRIGHT Joseph,063 WRIGHT Richard,086 WRIGHT Richard,3 WRIGHT Richard,068 WRIGHT Robert,088 WRIGHT Robert,088 WRIGHT Samuel,090 WRIGHT Samuel,090 WRIGHT Samuel,034 WRIGHT Samuel,055 WRIGHT Solomon,068 WRIGHT Stephen,069 WRIGHT T B,051 WRIGHT T Bailey,052 WRIGHT Thomas,090 WRIGHT Thomas,6 WRIGHT Thomas,014 WRIGHT Thomas,023 WRIGHT Thomas,033 WRIGHT Thomas,013 WRIGHT Thomas,071 WRIGHT Thos.,090 WRIGHT Thos.,040 WRIGHT Turfitt,079 WRIGHT William,090 WRIGHT William,083 WRIGHT William,083 WRIGHT William,014 WRIGHT William,043 WRIGHT William,043 WRIGHT William,041 WRIGHT William,077 WRIGHT William,052 WRIGHT Wm.,031 WRIGHT Wm.,071 WRIGHTSON Peter,028 WRIGLESWORTH William,057 WRIGLESWORTH William,058 WRIGLEY Hannah,018 WROOT Henry W,056 WROUT Charles,086 WROUT John,086 Wulphere,4 WYATT John,059 WYCHE Charles,027 WYCHE Charles,027 WYER Daniel,032 WYER James,032 WYER John,026 WYKES James,087 WYLES,068 WYLES,085 WYLES George,019 WYLES John,084 WYLES Joseph,039 WYLES Joseph,038 WYLES Joseph,039 WYLES L,038 WYLES L,039 WYLES L,039 WYLES William,019 WYLES Wm.,019 YARD George Becket,091 YARNELL Thomas,016 YARRAD John,077 YARRARD John,076 YATES Catherine,073 YATES John,014 YATES Maria,084 YEADON William,054 YEARS Joseph,033 YEATMAN Francis Fane,015 YEATMAN Francis Fane,017 YERBURGH Richard,072 YOMANS Thomas,039 YORK Charles Frederick,038 YORK Geo.,014 YORK George,012 YORK Joseph,023 YOULE Luke Harrison,065 YOUNG,064 YOUNG,070 YOUNG,069 YOUNG,085 YOUNG Adam,029 YOUNG Charles,083 YOUNG Charles,3 YOUNG Charles James,084 YOUNG Edward,8 YOUNG Edward,020 YOUNG Elizabeth,054 YOUNG George,025 YOUNG Gilbert,076 YOUNG Gilbert,078 YOUNG Henry,075 YOUNG John,022 YOUNG John,016 YOUNG John,022 YOUNG John,063 YOUNG John,071 YOUNG John,084 YOUNG John,054 YOUNG Joseph,4 YOUNG Joseph,3 YOUNG Matthew,6 YOUNG Richard,091 YOUNG Robert,7 YOUNG Robert,6 YOUNG Thomas,020 YOUNG Thomas,066 YOUNG Thomas Drake,086 YOUNG Thomas Marmaduke,071 YOUNG William,066 YULE George,057

16. Genealogy Data
Richards, john D Birth ABT 1860 Llangathen Death UNKNOWN Gender Male burkill, john Death UNKNOWN Gender Male Family. Children
Geoff's Genealogy
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Genealogy Data
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Clutten, Sarah
Birth : ABT 1787 Ilketshall St Michaels
Death : DEC 1860 Mettingham
Gender: Female
Parents: Father: Clutten, William
Mother: Savage, Elizabeth
Family: Spouse: Start, William
Gender: Male
Children: Clutten, Harriet Start
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Savage, Elizabeth Death : UNKNOWN Gender: Female Family: Spouse: Clutten, William Birth : ABT 1744 Fressingfield Death : ABT MAR 1823 Ilketshall St Michaels Gender: Male Parents: Father: Clutten, William Mother: Reeve, Deborah Children: Clutten, Sarah
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Reeve, Deborah Birth : ABT 1716 Death : 1804 St Michaels South Elham Gender: Female Family: Marriage: 26 OCT 1740 Spouse: Clutten, William

17. Genealogy Data
burkill, john Albert Birth ABT 1841 Southwark, Surrey Death ABT 1913 Father burkill, john. Family. Marriage 31 MAY 1863 in St.Mary, Lambeth
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Rickard, Thomas William
Birth : 1805
Death : BEF 22 AUG 1840
Gender: Male
Parents: Father: Rickard, Thomas
Mother: Atkinson, Sarah (Sally)
Family: Spouse: Aheir, Jane
Death : AFT 22 AUG 1840
Gender: Female
Children: Rickard, Catherine Death : UNKNOWN Gender: Female Rickard, Thomas Edwin Death : UNKNOWN Gender: Male Rickard, Jane Death : UNKNOWN Gender: Female Rickard, Emma Death : UNKNOWN Gender: Female
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Rand, John Birth : ABT 1684 Death : BEF 1741 Gender: Male Parents: Father: Rand, John Family: Marriage: ABT 5 JUL 1707 in St.Michael Bassishaw, London

18. Naylor & Burkill
burkill Patience Edward Ann john ? Edward Frances Joseph Edmund Amos Elizabeth Thomas burkill, born 1841 john burkill, born 1844 Emma burkill
In this section:


... Convicts To contact people who are researching Burkill genealogy, please click a link: Rose Oglesby Gillian Reddish June Swain writes: Rose Oglesby writes Thought I would let you know that I have now found my great grandparents, Thomas and Elizabeth Burkill, on the 1871 Census in York. However their mothers, Mary Burkill and Elizabeth Everitt should still be in Winteringham so I would still be interested if anyone has the 1871 Census for the village. Ann Godden writes Thomas and E P Burkill were at 43, Skeldergate, York, in 1871. With them were Christopher (8), Emma (4), Alfred (2) and Herbert (9 months) All the households which included at least one Burkill in the 1851 Census:
West End
West End
West End
West End
West End
West End West End West End West End West End West End West End West End West End Manor House Manor House Manor House Manor House Manor House Manor House Manor House Manor House Manor House Manor House Manor House Manor House Manor House Ferry Lane Ferry Lane Ferry Lane Ferry Lane Ferry Lane Low Burgage Low Burgage Low Burgage Low Burgage Low Burgage Low Burgage Low Burgage Low Burgage Low Burgage Low Burgage Low Burgage Low Burgage Low Burgage Low Burgage Low Burgage High Burgage High Burgage High Burgage High Burgage High Burgage

19. Burkill
Biography of JC burkill (19001993) john Charles burkill His father wasHugh Roberson burkill, known as Rob, a schoolmaster who came from a farming
John Charles Burkill
Born: 1 Feb 1900 in Holt, Norfolk, England
Died: 6 April 1993 in Sheffield, England
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J C Burkill was an only child who was called Charlie by members of his family but John by those outside his family until he was twenty-four years of age. His mother was Bertha Bourne from a family of farmers and builders based in Woodchurch, Kent. His father was Hugh Roberson Burkill, known as Rob, a schoolmaster who came from a farming family from Winteringham in Lincolnshire. To avoid the problem of different names, we will refer to the subject of this biography as Burkill throughout. Burkill began his secondary education at Richmond county school which he entered in 1911. Three years later he entered St Paul's School, London, where he was an outstanding scholar of classical Greek and Latin as well as showing considerable talent for mathematics. After winning a scholarship to Trinity College, Cambridge in 1917 he spend a short time in the Royal Engineers as World War I had not ended. However he was soon commissioned but then demobbed after the war ended. He continued with his education entering Trinity College, Cambridge in January 1919. After taking his first degree in 1921 he remained at Cambridge as a research student being elected to a fellowship in the following year after submitting a dissertation on surface areas. He then won a Smith's prize in 1923 for

20. References For Burkill
HR Pitt, john Charles burkill, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the RoyalSociety of Obituary john Charles burkill, The Independent (24 April 1993).
References for J C Burkill
Version for printing
  • Biography by E J Kenney, in Dictionary of National Biography (Oxford, 2004). Articles:
  • H R Pitt, John Charles Burkill, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society of London
  • Obituary : John Charles Burkill, The Independent (24 April 1993).
  • Obituary : John Charles Burkill, The Times (13 April 1993).
  • Obituary : John Charles Burkill, Daily Telegraph (14 April 1993).
  • H R Pitt, Obituary : John Charles Burkill, Bull. London Math. Soc. Main index Birthplace Maps Biographies Index
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