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1. Burchnall
Biography of Joseph Langley Burchnall (18921975)

2. OBA - Joseph Langley Burchnall (1892-1975)
Joseph Langley Burchnall (18921975) Joseph Langley Burchnall admitted Christ Church College, Oxford in 1911. He was the son of Henry Walter

3. References For Burchnall
References for the biography of Joseph Burchnall

4. Burchnall Portrait
Portrait of Joseph Burchnall

5. Paul Mould Publishing - Centennial Anthology
Centennial Anthology

6. Biography Of Burchnall, Joseph
Biography of Burchnall, Joseph

7. ONLIPIX - Great Names Pictures BUR
Photo 1. BURCH (Edward)(17301814) Painting 1 (2) BURCHNALL (Joseph) Drawing 1. BURCHULADZE (Paata)(1951-) Photo 1. BURCKEL (Josef)

8. Portraits De Personnages Celebres BUR
Photo 1. BURCH (Edward)(17301814) Peinture 1 (2) BURCHNALL (Joseph) Dessin 1. BURCHULADZE (Paata)(1951-) Photo 1. BURCKEL (Josef)

9. Neue Seite 1
BuraliForti, Cesare (1861 - 1931) Burchnall, Joseph (1892 - 1975) B rgi, Joost (1552 - 1632) Burkhardt, Heinrich (1861 - 1914)

10. Lebensdaten Von Mathematikern
Nicolay (1837 1903) Bunyakovsky, Viktor (1804 - 1889) Burali-Forti, Cesare (1861 - 1931) Burchnall, Joseph (1892 - 1975) B rgi, Joost

11. Burchnall
Biography of joseph burchnall (18921975) joseph burchnall was educated atBoston Grammar School from where he won a scholarship to read mathematics at
Joseph Langley Burchnall
Born: 1892 in Whichford (8 km N of Chipping Norton), Warwickshire, England
Died: 1975 in Durham, England
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Joseph Burchnall was educated at Boston Grammar School from where he won a scholarship to read mathematics at Oxford in 1911. He graduated in 1914. Burchnall joined the army in 1914 serving in France and Belgium and eventually was wounded and lost a leg in 1918. He was awarded the Military Cross for bravery. In fact it is fair to say that not only did he show bravery under military action, but also great bravery with his disability. Nothing seemed more difficult for him and during his whole career he was never heard to complain (or even mention) his disability. Appointed to Durham in 1919 he remained there for the rest of his career. From 1939 he occupied the chair of mathematics at Durham, a position he was to hold for 20 years. He served the university in many major administrative capacities, on Court, Senate and almost all major committees. Almost half of Burchnall's mathematical papers were written with T W Chaundy, with whom he collaborated for 20 years. In both the joint papers and his single author papers he wrote on

12. References For Burchnall
References for the biography of joseph burchnall. EF Baxter, S Holgate andA Erdélyi, joseph Langley burchnall, Bull. London Math. Soc.
References for Joseph Burchnall
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  • Obituary in The Times available on the Web Articles:
  • Bull. London Math. Soc.
  • Obituary, Yearbook of the Royal Society of Edinburgh Session 1974-75 Main index Birthplace Maps Biographies Index
    History Topics
    ... Anniversaries for the year
    JOC/EFR October 2003 School of Mathematics and Statistics
    University of St Andrews, Scotland
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  • 13. Artcite 1988
    Christine burchnall, Carole Conde / Karl Beveridge, Rick Coronado, joseph Karl Beveridge/Carole Conde, Christine burchnall, joseph DeAngelis, folder/1988.html
    JAN (Jan.08-Jan.31) 'Time As A Minute' (group exhibit by students and faculty of visual arts U of W) curated by Sylvie Belanger
    Time As A Minute explores differing concepts of time: time as "movement, moment, witness, measure....." (Jan.15-Jan.17) Industrial Impact: various points of view (symposium) Some of the participants: Stephen Andrews, Anne-Marie Beneteau, Joan Borsa, Jim Brophey + Margaret Keith, Christine Burchnall, Carole Conde / Karl Beveridge, Rick Coronado, Joseph DeAngelis, Stan Denniston, Rosemary Donegan, Robbert Fortin, Michele Goulette, Suzanne Kohyha, Joyce McLean, Clayton Pearce, John Scott, Mary Ellen Scully Mosna, Wayne Tousignant.
    FEB (Feb.05-Feb.28) Deanna Sperka '4 Way Stop' (Michigan, USA): installation In her evocative site works and installation projects, Deanna Sperka pursues an understanding of the inter-related world of nature, ritual, myth, and mysticism. As with the mystical tradition of the Kabbalah in its use of anthropomorphic images to intensify its ideas Sperka seeks to employ those techniques that evoke real objects wihout replicating them; '4 Way Stop' incorporates photogrpahic sculpture, images, natural materials, and sound.
    MAR (Mar.03-Mar.29) Robbert Fortin 'The Majesty of the Elephant as an Earthbound Cloud'

    14. Arcite 1985
    Featured Artists Gari Bernardi, Evelyn Broy, Christine burchnall, joseph DeAngelis,Clarke Ellis, Suzanne Konyha, Susan O Neil, Christopher McNamara, folder/1985.html
    JAN (Jan.16-Feb.10) Mark Buckner and Alida Biasutti 'Little Girls Holding Dogs/ Politics' (Windsor)
    FEB (Feb.13-Mar.10) Sylvie Belanger A multi-media, site-specific installation combining photographic assemblage, slide projection, video, and neon sculpture in a series of intriguing allegorical tableaus "Photo Montage", "Spectres", "Apocalypse", and "Les Monolithes". "For me art cannot be a form empty of social meaning, history or humanity, nor a pure aestheticism... Art is inseperable from and contingent with life as written gestures, moments, manifestations and things constituting a history... Art is social because it resuscitates again and again, fears, desires, hopes, anxieties, beliefs and the struggle of beings acting at once in relationships to each other and in a world that has its own relationships... Art is inseperable from its context..." Sylvie Belanger.
    MAR (Mar.13-Apr.07) Patrick Thibert : sculpture Large scale steel sculpture and maquettes of works in progress by the London, Ontario, artist.
    APR (Apr.10-May.05) Lee Bale, Lyn Carter and Bernice Hune 'Clothing As Image'

    15. Portraits De Personnages Celebres : BUR
    burchnall (joseph). Dessin 1. BURCHULADZE (Paata)(1951). Photo 1. BURCKEL (Josef).Photo 1. BURCKHALTER (joseph H.)(1912-)
    BUR A B C D ... Z
    • BURBANK (Luther)(1849-1926)
    • BURBRIDGE (Eleanor Margaret)(1919-)
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    • BURBRIDGE (Stephen Gano)(1831-1894)
    • BURBULIS (Gennady Eduardovitch)(1945-)
    • BURCH (Edward)(1730-1814)
    • BURCHNALL (Joseph)
    • BURCHULADZE (Paata)(1951-)
    • BURCKEL (Josef)
    • BURCKHALTER (Joseph H.)(1912-)
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      • BURDICK (Howard R.)
      • BURDON-SANDERSON (Sir John Scott, Bt)(1828-1905)
      • BURETS (T. E.)
      • BURG (Abraham, fils de Joseph BURG
        • Abraham BURG
        • BURGER (Warren E.)
            Photo (en 1971)
        • BURGERS (Jean)
        • BURGES (George)(1916-1990)
        • BURGES (William)(1827-1881)
        • BURGESS (Anthony)(1917-1993)
        • BURGESS (George H.)(1819-1886)

    16. Kalamazoo Public Library - Local History - Joesph B. Westnedge: War Hero
    Colonel joseph burchnall Westnedge faced these deadly challenges daily as hedefended our country in the first World War. Born on 16 August 1872 of an old
    Joseph B. Westnedge: War Hero
    Barbed wire. Mustard gas. Machine-gun fire. No man's land. Colonel Joseph Burchnall Westnedge faced these deadly challenges daily as he defended our country in the first World War. Born on 16 August 1872 of an old Kalamazoo family, Westnedge first entered military life when he joined the Michigan National Guard in 1894. He later attended Kalamazoo College where, as the star halfback, he led the football team to an undefeated season in 1895. During his subsequent military career, Westnedge steadily climbed the military hierarchy: first as a captain during the Spanish-American War in 1898, then as a lieutenant-colonel during the Jackson prison riot of 1911, and finally as a colonel after his service on the Mexican border in 1916. When the United States declared war on Germany on 6 April 1917, "Colonel Joe" was a manager at a Kalamazoo paper company. Answering the nation's call to arms, Westnedge remarked: "We are going, perhaps never to return, and the parting is hard, but a call greater than any other summons us away." Westnedge was one of the few National Guard officers to retain his command in the National Army, a tribute to his competence as a commander. Enormously popular with his troops, Westnedge was always concerned with their well-being. He commanded the 126th Infantry, an integral part of the famous 32nd "

    17. OBA - Joseph Langley Burchnall (1892-1975)
    joseph Langley burchnall admitted Christ Church College, Oxford in 1911. He wasthe son of Henry Walter burchnall, School House, Butterwick.
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    Joseph Langley Burchnall (1892-1975)
    Joseph Langley Burchnall admitted Christ Church College, Oxford in 1911. He was the son of Henry Walter Burchnall, School House, Butterwick. Joseph Langley Burchnall graduated and became secretary to the council of Durham colleges from 1926 to 1938, when he became professor of mathematics. A photograph and a framed letter on display at B.G.S. were presented by Professor Burchnall, as a memento of his school days. The photograph, taken in 1908, shows him in the school gateway with friends: Clifford Ingram, W.D. (Banty) Newton, B.J. (Pickles) Merritt, who died with T.B. in 1914 and S.M. Despicht, later a Sutterton schoolteacher. When the letter was written in 1956, Prof. Burchnall was the sole survivor. He retired in 1958, two years after receiving an O.B.E.. He was president of the Old Bostonian Association from 1967 to 1969. He won the Parry Gold Medal in 1908. He was decorated with the Military Cross, during World War 1.

    18. OBA - Links
    George Allen Stan Meeds Simon Meeds Paul Ledbury Dr. Peter J. King Martyn T. Smith joseph Langley burchnall Simon Patrick Colin John Hilton
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    19. DELTA's Early History
    particularly Daniel Grim s Ph.D. dissertation and the masters theses of EricNystrom, Henry B. Rick burchnall and joseph Mattioni.
    DELTA's Early History
    Back to the History of Project Delta
    Author's note:
    This document was originally an appendix to the "unofficial history" of DELTA that I wrote in the summer of 1980. As I was writing down my own memories, I realized that I knew very little of what had happened before I became involved in the project. So I did a bit of research, in which I obtained some records of Delta's earliest days from Teresa Green (then at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania) and from the DSAA. This paper, written in August 1980, is based largely on that documentary record. Because of that, it underplays the role of Mrs. Green, the founder, who was Delta to many people involved in those days, but who played down her personal role in her reports to DSAA. The establishment of the Delta Web site and list server in 1998 prompted an outpouring of memories from many of DELTA's earliest veterans. It is my intention to draw on this material to supplement the history of DELTA in a future work. In addition, Mrs. Green is writing a memoir of her involvement with the project, which will stand by itself as a valuable part of the historical record. Read it and remember.

    20. Quorndon Parish Records Marriages - 1796 To 1810
    joseph Buckerfield, of Ashbyde-la-Zouch, Elizabeth Savidge, lic. Richard burchnall, of Swithiand, Betsey Sarson, lic.
    Enter Query:
    Quorndon Parish Records of Marriages 1796 to 1810 The following marriages have been transcribed from the Quorndon parish records and whilst every effort has been made to make an accurate copy, this list must never the less be treated as a secondary source. Many thanks to Guy Etchells for the use of this information.
    23 May 1796
    06 Jun 1796
    12 Jun 1796
    19 Jul 1796
    07 Aug 1796
    16 Aug 1796
    11 Sep 1796
    16 Oct 1796
    31 Oct 1796 23 Nov 1796 27 Dec 1796 03 Jan 1797 08 Feb 1797 20 Feb 1797 28 Feb 1797 21 Mar 1797 11 Jun 1797 20 Jun 1797 29 Jun 1797 10 Sep 1797 26 Nov 1797 28 Nov 1797 22 Jan 1798 26 Feb 1798 08 Mar 1798 25 Jun 1798 06 Jul 1798 20 Aug 1798 09 Sep 1798 25 Sep 1798 08 Oct 1798 23 Oct 1798 28 Oct 1798 25 Nov 1798 16 Dec 1798 23 Dec 1798 03 Feb 1799 01 Mar 1799 07 Apr 1799 15 Apr 1799 21 Apr 1799 27 May 1799

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