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  1. Pi: Formule Bbp, Formule de Leibniz, Formule de Machin, Fabrice Bellard, Journée de Pi, Projet de Loi Pi de L'indiana, William Brouncker (French Edition)
  2. Viscount William Brouncker: An entry from Gale's <i>Science and Its Times</i> by Judson Knight, 2001
  3. William Brouncker, 2nd Viscount Brouncker
  4. Vicomte de La Pairie D'irlande: Henry John Temple, James Caulfeild, John Vereker, John Ligonier, William Lamb, William Howe, William Brouncker (French Edition)

1. Brouncker
Biography of William Brouncker (16201684)

2. Poster Of Brouncker
William Brouncker. lived from 1620 to 1684. Brouncker was a founder and the firstpresident (16621677) of the Royal Society of London.
William Brouncker lived from 1620 to 1684 Brouncker was a founder and the first president (1662-1677) of the Royal Society of London. He worked on continued fractions and calculated logarithms by infinite series. Find out more at

3. Brouncker, William
Brouncker, William Born c. 1620, Castle Lyons, Ireland Died 5 April 1684, Westminster (Oxford ?), England Mathematician

4. The Galileo Project
This catalog is a collection of 631 detailed biographies on members of the scientific community during the 16th and 17th centuries with vital facts

5. William, Viscount Brouncker (c.1620 - 1684)
William, Viscount Brouncker (c.1620 1684) From `A Short Account of the History of Mathematics' (4th edition, 1908) by W. W. Rouse Ball.

6. Science Mathematics Mathematicians Brouncker, William - Open Site
home submit content become an editor Top Science Mathematics Mathematicians Brouncker, William (1) Biography

7. William Brouncker - Anagrams
See this page for more relating to william brouncker william brouncker anagrams page and Archive 1995-2005 William Tunstall-Pedoe

8. William Brouncker
William Brouncker

9. William Brouncker Segundo Visconde De Castelo Lyons
William Brouncker, segundo Visconde Brouncker de Castelo Lyons (1620 1684)

10. William_Brouncker - Investigacion Espanola
William_Brouncker Investigacion espanola Acoplamientos Relacionados Espera por favor Investigar

11. William Brouncker, 2nd Viscount Brouncker - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
(Redirected from William Brouncker). William Brouncker, 2nd Viscount Brouncker (1620–5April 1684) was an English mathematician. Brouncker obtained a PhD at
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William Brouncker, 2nd Viscount Brouncker
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
(Redirected from William Brouncker William Brouncker, 2nd Viscount Brouncker 5 April ) was an English mathematician Brouncker obtained a PhD at the university of Oxford in . He was one of the founders and the first President of the Royal Society . In , he became Chancellor to Queen Catherine , then chief of the Saint Catherine hospital . His mathematical work concerned in particular the calculations of the lengths of the parabola and cycloid , and the quadrature of the hyperbola , which requires approximation of the natural logarithm function by infinite series . He was the first in England to be take interested in generalised continued fractions and, following work of John Wallis , he provided development in the generalised continued fraction of pi edit
Brouncker's formula
This formula provides a development in generalized continued fraction of π: edit
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12. Research On William_Brouncker
Lord William Brouncker (born 1620 Events September 6 English emigrants on the Mayflower depart from Plymouth, England for the future New England

13. William Brouncker - Wikipedia
William Brouncker. William Brouncker (* 1620; † 5.April 1684) war irischer NAME, Brouncker, William. ALTERNATIVNAMEN
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William Brouncker
aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklop¤die
William Brouncker William Brouncker 5. April ) war irischer Mathematiker und war Gr¼nder und erster Pr¤sident der Royal Society in London Brouncker erhielt seine Ausbildung in Oxford . Er ist bekannt f¼r seine Arbeiten der endlosen Br¼che und der Berechnung von Logarithmen durch unendliche Reihen. Er produzierte auch einige L¶sungen der diophantischen Gleichung Am 28. November war er einer von einem Duzend Wissenschaftlern , die sich im Gresham College in London trafen. Dort wurde die Society for the Promoting of Physico-Mathematical Experimental Learning to promote experimental philosophy gegr¼ndet. Am 15. Juli bekam die Gesellschaft eine k¶nigliche Ordnung indem sie das "Great Seal" erhielt und wurde so zur "Royal Society of London". Bearbeiten
Brounckers Formel
Personendaten NAME Brouncker, William

14. William Brouncker - Wikipedia
Lord William Brouncker, angleški matematik, * 1620, Castlelyons, Brouncker jedosegel nekaj pomembnih rezultatov pri raziskovanju verižnih ulomkov in
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William Brouncker
Iz Wikipedije, proste enciklopedije.
Lord William Brouncker angleški matematik Castlelyons , severno od Corka Irska 5. april Westminster ... Anglija O Brounckerjevi mladosti je malo znanega. S šestnajstimi leti je začel študirati na Univerzi v Oxfordu , kjer je študiral matematiko jezike in medicino Brouncker je dosegel nekaj pomembnih rezultatov pri raziskovanju verižnih ulomkov in lastnosti nekaterih elementarnih krivulj. Na podlagi Wallisove enačbe je leta sestavil posplošeni verižni ulomek za To je obratna vrednost razmerja med površino kroga in površino temu krogu očrtanega kvadrata Iz tega verižnega ulomka izhajajo prvi približki za π: Med dopisovanjem z de Fermatom med letoma je odkril postopek reševanja Fermat-Pellove diofantske enačbe x n y Brouncker je prvi pisal za razmerje obsega in premera krožnice π/δ kot začetni črki besed περιμετρoς: perimetros, polmer in διαμετρoς: diametros, premer. Kasneje je Leonhard Euler leta prevzel Jonesov simbol π iz leta Verižne ulomke je uporabil Rafael Bombelli ) leta . Sistematično jih je zapisal Cataldi ) v svoji razpravi o iskanju kvadratnih korenov števil , objavljeni v Bologni leta . Njihove lastnosti in teorijo sta naprej razvila Huygens leta in Euler leta Brouncker je bil od leta do prvi predsednik Kraljeve družbe Vzpostavljeno iz "

15. Brouncker
Biography of william brouncker (16201684) At this time william brouncker,his mathematician son, succeeded him to the title becoming the Second
William Brouncker
Born: 1620 in Castlelyons (N of Cork), Ireland
Died: 5 April 1684 in Westminster. London, England
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William Brouncker was the elder son of Sir William Brouncker, a man of high importance who was closely associated with the kings of England and had fought against the Scots in 1639. He served Charles I as one of his privy chamber and acted as vice-chamberlain to his son Charles, Prince of Wales. William Brouncker's mother was Winifred Leigh who came from Newenhan in Warwickshire. In a time in England when King and Parliament would fight the Civil War, the Brouncker family were staunch Royalist supporters. We know little of Brouncker's early life. We have given 1620 as his date of birth but this is a guess made by historians rather than coming from any specific evidence. His place of birth is also a guess. Whether he was born in Ireland or England is even a matter of debate with no firm evidence to support either hypothesis. About the first we know for certain of Brouncker is that he entered Oxford University when he was sixteen years old and there he studied mathematics, languages and medicine. It is doubtful whether Brouncker learned more than arithmetic at Oxford, for Wallis , giving the status of mathematics at this time, wrote:- ... mathematics, at that time with us, were scarce looked on as academical studies, but rather mechanical - as the business of traders, merchants, seamen, carpenters, surveyors of lands and the like.

16. Brouncker, William Viscount (ca. 1620-1684) -- From Eric Weisstein's World Of Sc
brouncker, william Viscount (ca. 16201684). English mathematician. Additionalbiographies Dublin Trinity College. © Eric W. Weisstein. header
Branch of Science Mathematicians Nationality English
Brouncker, William Viscount (ca. 1620-1684)

English mathematician.
Additional biographies: Dublin Trinity College

17. Science: Mathematics: Mathematicians: Brouncker, William - Open Site
Science Mathematics Mathematicians brouncker, william Open Site.,_William/
Open Site The Open Encyclopedia Project home submit content become an editor the entire directory only in Mathematicians/Brouncker,_William Top Science Mathematics Mathematicians : Brouncker, William
Biography William, Viscount Brouncker, one of the founders of the Royal Society of London, born about 1620, and died on April 5, 1684, was among the most brilliant mathematicians of this time, and was in intimate relations with Wallis, Fermat, and other leading mathematicians. I mentioned above his curious reproduction of Brahmagupta's solution of a certain indeterminate equation. Brouncker proved that the area enclosed between the equilateral hyperbola xy = 1, the axis of x, and the ordinates x = 1 and x = 2, is equal either to
or to
He also worked out other similar expressions for different areas bounded by the hyperbola and straight lines. He wrote on the rectification of the parabola and of the cycloid. It is noticeable that he used infinite series to express quantities whose values he could not otherwise determine.
Continued fractions had been employed by Bombelli in 1572, and had been systematically used by Cataldi in his treatise on finding the square roots of numbers, published at Bologna in 1613. Their properties and theory were given by Huygens, 1703 and Euler, 1744.

18. Brouncker, William
brouncker, william. Born c. 1620, Castle Lyons, Ireland Died 5 April 1684,Westminster (Oxford ?), England. Mathematician
History of Astronomy Persons Persons (B)
Brouncker, William
Born: c. 1620, Castle Lyons, Ireland
Died: 5 April 1684, Westminster (Oxford ?), England Mathematician Relation to astronomy: Member of a committee for the longitude problem (see English attack on the Longitude Problem
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19. History Of Astronomy: Roughly Sorted Links - Biographies (1)
Google Search Chladni Ernst Famous Astronomers and Astrophysicists Famous Physicists brouncker, william Viscount (ca.
History of Astronomy Unsorted and roughly sorted links
Roughly sorted links - Biographies (1)
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Alexander Friedmann
Jahrbuch fuer die Fortschritte der Mathematik
Dirk Frimout (in German)
Dirk Frimout (in French) ...
? Raleigh, Sir Walter
Ramsden, Jesse
Reber, Grote
Reichenbach, Georg von ...
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20. Pepys' Diary: Brouncker, William (2nd Viscount)
The diaries of Samuel Pepys from London, UK in the 17th century.
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The Diary of Samuel Pepys
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Brouncker, William (2nd Viscount)
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new Nix Link Brouncker was the first president of the Royal Society. Though he was trained as a physician, he was best noted for his work in mathematics. An extensive biography appears at new Cumgranissalis Link Brouncher [Brounchar] second Vicount, excellent Mathematitian [per J. Evelyn]
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