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1. Biograf A Bramer, Benjamin
Biograf a del matem tico alem n del siglo XVI Benjamin Bramer

2. Bramer
Benjamin Bramer (15881652) was born in Germany near the end of the sixteenth century. Not long after his birth, BramerÕs father, a minister,
Biographical Information: Benjamin Bramer (1588-1652) was born in Germany near the end of the sixteenth century. Not long after his birth, BramerÕs father, a minister, passed away and Bramer was sent to live with his sister and her husband, Joost BŸrgi, a mathematician and instrument maker who was the court clockmaker in Kassel. BŸrgi served as BramerÕs only source of education, tutoring him in many subjects including mathematics. He took Bramer, at the age of sixteen, to Prague, where Bramer remained for roughly five years. Though he had an interest in mathematics, Bramer was also fascinated by architecture. He combined the two disciplines and spent a majority of his career as a director of constructions of fortifications and castles within Hesse-Kassel, just north of Bavaria. By the time Bramer was twenty-four, he was appointed master builder in Marburg by Landgrave Moritz, and over the next twenty years built fortifications in Marburg (1629), Rheinfels (1625), Kassel (1634), and in 1635 was appointed the master builder of Ziegenhain fortress. Though he did not belong to any scientific societies, Bramer did publish works on the calculation of sines and also on the question of the vacuum. When not engaged in construction, Bramer followed the examples of men like Alberti (1435), DŸrer (1525) and his foster-father/brother-in-law BŸrgi (1604) by building devices that enabled one to draw accurate geometric perspectives as well as curves.

3. I21489 Marie L (Oct 1858 - UNKNOWN)
Marie L (Oct 1858 UNKNOWN)

4. I60460 Elza Robin BEATTY (1870 - 1924)
Benjamin BRAMER

5. I1064 Benjamin Arnold BRAMER (Private - )
Benjamin Arnold BRAMER (Private )

6. (Janice Lynn BOWERS - Jeffry Arnold BRAMER )
Index of Persons Janice Lynn BOWERS Jeffry Arnold BRAMER 5685 individuals, 1878 families from file D\FTW\Machia\machia.GED ( Apr 2000)

7. Bramer
Biography of Benjamin Bramer (15881652)

8. References For Bramer
References for the biography of Benjamin Bramer

9. K-MODDL Resources
Bramer, Benjamin (Biography) View this resource Related models Exact Slider Crank Ellipse and Straightline Linkage Double Slider Trammel

10. NSDL Metadata Record Bramer, Benjamin
Bramer, Benjamin Metadata title Bramer, Benjamin publisher Cornell University contributor Caruso, David type Biography

11. Bramer
Source for Further Information on Bramer M. Cantor, in Allgemeine deutsche Biographie, 3 234. Dictionary of Scientific Biography

12. KMODDL - Kinematic Models For Design Digital Library
bramer, benjamin (Biography). full metadata View this resource. Models . Reuleaux Exact Slider Crank Ellipse and Straightline Linkage

13. Bramer
Biography of benjamin bramer (15881652) benjamin bramer was fostered by his sister and her husband Bürgi after the death of his father.
Benjamin Bramer
Born: 15 Feb 1588 in Felsberg, Germany
Died: 17 March 1652 in Ziegenhain, Germany
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Benjamin Bramer was fostered by his sister and her husband after the death of his father. tutored Bramer in mathematics and Bramer became interested in combining mathematics with architecture. He went with to Prague when he was 16 years old and remained there for about five years. Bramer directed constructions of fortifications and castles within the district of Hesse-Kassel north of Bavaria. He was appointed master builder to the court in Marburg in 1612. In 1629 he directed the construction of fortifications of Marburg castle and fortifications of the town. He also directed the construction of a fortress at Rheinfels (1625) and fortifications in Kassel (1630-1634). In 1635 Bramer was appointed master builder of the fortress of Ziegenhain. His first publication was on the calculation of sines. He also published on the vacuum, holding similar views to Galileo . He followed Alberti (1525) and (1604) when in 1630 he constructed a device that enabled one to draw accurate geometric perspective. The instrument had been described in a 1617 publication. Bramer designed several other mathematical instruments.

14. References For Bramer
References for the biography of benjamin bramer. References for benjamin bramer. Version for printing. Biography in Dictionary of Scientific Biography
References for Benjamin Bramer
Version for printing
  • Biography in Dictionary of Scientific Biography (New York 1970-1990). Articles:
  • W Medding, Das Projekt einer Zentalkirche des hessischen Hofbaumeisters Benjamin Bramer, (Marburg, 1938), 82-.
  • F W Strieder, (Paris, 1858), 75-. Main index Birthplace Maps Biographies Index
    History Topics
    ... Anniversaries for the year
    JOC/EFR December 1996 School of Mathematics and Statistics
    University of St Andrews, Scotland
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  • 15. The Galileo Project
    bramer, benjamin. 1. Dates Born Felsberg, Germany ca. Feb 1588 Died Ziegenhain, Germany 17 Mar 1652 Dateinfo Birth Uncertain Lifespan 64; 2.
    Bramer, Benjamin
    1. Dates
    Born: Felsberg, Germany ca. Feb 1588
    Died: Ziegenhain, Germany 17 Mar 1652
    Dateinfo: Birth Uncertain
    2. Father
    Occupation: Cleric, Scientist
    His father was a minister; his foster father, Joost Bürgi, was an instrument maker and mathematician (who is also in this catalogue).
    No clear information on financial status.
    3. Nationality
    Birth: German
    Career: German
    Death: German
    4. Education
    Schooling: No University
    Secondary: Joost Bürgi directed Bramer's education, incl. tutoring him in mathematics.
    University: none.
    5. Religion
    Affiliation: Protestant (unclear whether Lutheran or Reformed)
    6. Scientific Disciplines
    Primary: Mathematics, Military Engineering
    7. Means of Support
    Primary: Engineering, Patronage
    1603 or 1604, Bramer accompanied Buergi to the imperial court at Prague.
    1609, he returned to Kassel.
    1612, Landgrave Moritz of Hesse-Kassel appointed Bramer the master builder of the court in Marburg.
    1618, advised Count Christian von Waldeck on building a church (war prevented its being built).
    1620, began directing the construction of fortifications of Marburg castle and in the town.

    16. 1930 Sardis ED 34 Census Index, Harrison Co, WV
    Pigott, Russel L, Page 8B Allen, Ivan C Strother, French bramer, benjamin S Linville, T Tomas? bramer, Henry Swiger, Tillman Hardman, Arthur Bennly?, John E
    Index to the 1930 Census of Sardis District (south)
    ED #34 Taken April 1930 by Arwin F Harbert
    Use your “find” or “search” options to find the surnames you are looking for.
    I’ve done the best I can in reading the handwriting. If I couldn’t be sure
    of the initial, I put a ) ~ Mariana
    Heads of Household only Page 1A
    Rittenhouse, Willis
    Gerrard, Thomas
    Swiger, Edmund J
    Swiger, Lester O
    Southern, Albert
    Gerrard, Will Hammond, Joseph Southern, Homer E Bissett, William M Drummond, John Page 7A Hurst, Ira Ash, James A McDonald, Otis Maxwell, Nathan Ash, Andrew Hurst, Edward W Kyle, Harvey Fittro, Charles Hurst, Thomas W Howel, Clarence J Page 13A Bachus, Thomas E Stout, Amanda Smith, Charley Flanigan, David A Dye, William E Campbell, Luther Nuzum, Alstorphis J Hurst, Randolph D Orr, Edmund D Wetzel, Wheller Dean, Fred H Page 1B Ash, Clarence Lindsy, James R Griffin, James G Hammond, Delbert McVicker, Joy W (male) Rittenhouse, Ashby Allen, Loyd M Hammond, Cecil Ash, Ai P Robey, Frank Fortney, Archie Page 7B Fittro, Mathew Estlack, McKinley Kyle, Benjamin F

    17. Evergreen Cemetery
    bramer, Augusta Averell 1 Apr. 183431 Mar. 1899, w/o Frank bramer, B. Edward 1876-1932 bramer, benjamin W. 1844-1912 bramer, Byron D. 1834-1907
    Town of Fabius
    Located in the village of Fabius, in the town of Fabius, Onondaga Co. N.Y. Original records copied 25 Aug. 1958 by Leon M. Peters, Dorothy Marcy, Lillian Turner, Zell Darden, Arnold Jameson,Olivia Jameson, Linda Constantine. Includes 1985 survey by Candace Svendsen; also revisions and additions by Virginia Cameron, Fabius Village Historian. Courtesy of Virginia Cameron.
    Transcribed by Kathy Crowell, September 1999.
    Abbott, Addie A. 1873-1950, w/o Fred L.
    Abbott, Fred L. 1868-1951
    Abbott, Leon A. 1890-1905
    Acker, Emily, infant, NW corner of lot I-5
    Adams, Benjamin W.
    Adams, Emily R. Exford d. 16 Mar 1874, ae. 66, w/o Hiram
    Adams, Eunice, w/o Benjamin
    Adams, Georgianna Gee 1864-1955, w/o Rev. Walter
    Adams, Hiram, M.D. d. 9 Mar 1865 ae. 61y
    Adams, Rev. Walter S. 1863-1908
    Adams, Thomas Adsitt, Evelina Ellis 1881-1935, w/o Herbert J. Adsitt, Florence 1892-1919 Adsitt, Herbert J. 1879-_ Ainsworth, Emery Neff, s/o William Ainsworth, Jay d. 1973 Ainsworth, Mary, w/o Emery Neff Ainsworth Ainsworth, Polly 1857-1896

    18. Civil War Veterans Buried In Evergreen Cemetery, Fabius, New York
    H23, bramer, benjamin W.—1844-1912, private, Co. H, 1st NYV Engineers. H-23, bramer, Lewis, Jr.—1840-1927, musician, 12th NYV Infantry See diary
    Civil War Veterans Buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Fabius, New York
    For the core data on which the following table is based, I am indebted to Virginia Cameron, the Village Historian of Fabius, (P.O. Box #117, Fabius, NY, 13063, 315-683-9446), and to Sandra K. Walling . Virginia compiled the original list, and Sandra thoughtfully made a copy available to me. Sandra and I have made (and are still working on) several additions and corrections. Virginia's data is in black font, while our additions/corrections are presented in a light gray color and enclosed in square brackets. Sandra's information has been taken from the AGO muster rolls on My material has come mostly from the AGO muster rolls on a CD that is part of Sierra's Generations Family Tree, version 5.2. I have attempted to identify and appropriately credit data not from either of these two sources. If you detect any obvious errors or have any information to add, please drop me a note Sec-Lot Soldier Notes O-10 His grave has a government-issue monument.

    19. Galileo Project Scientists:
    bramer, benjamin. http// Briggs, Henry. http//
    Scientists of the Christian Faith: From the Era of Galileo The Galileo Project is a hypertext source of information on the life and work of Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) and the science of his time. The project, whose homepage is here: , is supported by the Office of the Vice President of Computing of Rice University. The initial stages were made possible by a grant from the Council on Library Resources to Fondren Library. Contributors to the Project are noted here: Albert Van Helden, Lynette Autrey Professor of History at Rice University, is responsible for the written text in the Project (except where otherwise noted). The Project features a Catalog of the Scientific Community of the 16th and 17th Centuries at This is a searchable database of detailed histories of over 600 individuals who made significant contributions to Western science. These histories have been compiled by Richard S. Westfall, Department of History and Philosophy of Science at Indiana University. From this I’ve compiled a list of 522 Galileo-era scientists known to be Christians, with links to biographies from the Galileo Project.

    20. Lawrence County, Ohio Genealogy And History
    bramer (Brammer), Henry, McCorkle (McCorcheal), Robert. bramer (Brammer), John, McCoy, Benj (benjamin). Brammer, Joseph, McCoy, Charles
    Home Contact Us Search What's New ...
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    1818 Lawrence County Tax Index
    Lawrence County, Ohio
    Tax listing was transcribed from original Lawrence County, Ohio tax records by John L. E. Jones for the Lawrence County, Ohio Genealogical Society. Transcribed for the Lawrence Register on January 4, 2000 by the late Ken Clark. Adams - Kingrey Knarer - Yingling Adams, Phillip Knarer, Rachel Adams, Richd (Richard) Knarer, Jacob Adams, Robert Koons (Coons,Kouns), Christian Adams, Solomon Koons (Coontz,Coons), Henry Alford, John Koons (Koonce), Saml (Samuel) Anderson, Henry Koons (Kounce), Jacob Ankrim, Henry Koons (Koonce), Philip Ankrim, Saml Koons (Koonce, Kouns), Geo Ashley, Holt (Hall) Kreily, Micheal Austin, Geo Laffoon, Danl (Daniel) Baker, George Lambert, Johnathan Ballard, Stephen Lambert, Tho

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