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  1. Paradoxin des Unendlichen by Bernhard Bolzanos, 2006-11-30
  2. PRECURSORS OF MODERN LOGIC: BOLZANO: An entry from Gale's <i>Encyclopedia of Philosophy</i> by Yehoshua Bar-Hillel, 2006
  3. BOLZANO, BERNARD(17811848): An entry from Gale's <i>Encyclopedia of Philosophy</i> by Yehoshua Bar-Hillel, 2006
  4. Journal of the History of Philosophy: Vol. 45, No. 4, October 2007.(PHILOSOPHICAL ABSTRACTS): An article from: The Review of Metaphysics by Gale Reference Team, 2007-09-01

1. Bernhard Bolzano
Bernhard Bolzano Storia della Matematica Bernhard (Placidus Johann Nepomuk) Bolzano nacque il 5 ottobre 1781, a Praga e vi mor il 18 dicembre

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3. Bolzano, Bernhard.
Bolzano, Bernhard. Bernhard Bolzano, b. Oct. 5, 1781, d. Dec. 18, 1848, was a Czech philosopher, mathematician, and theologian who made

4. Bolzano, Bernhard Encyclop Dia Britannica
Bolzano, Bernhard Bohemian mathematician and theologian who provided a more detailed proof for the binomial theorem in 1816 and suggested the means

5. 10.4. Bolzano, Bernhard (1781-1848)
10.4. Bolzano, Bernhard (17811848) IRA

6. Web Directory
PlanetOut Search Society Philosophy Philosophers Bolzano, Bernhard

7. Bolzano, Bernard
Bernard Bolzano

8. Bolzano, Bernhard (1781-1848) - MavicaNET
spa Bolzano English URL http// ..

9. New Catholic Dictionary Bolzano, Bernhard
New Catholic Dictionary Bolzano, Bernhard

10. The New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia Of Religious Knowledge, Vol .
BOLZANO, belts no, BERNHARD German Roman Catholic theologian, and noted mathematician; b. at Prague Oct. 5, 1781;

11. Bernhard Placidus Johann Nepomuk Bolzano
Bernhard Bolzano entered the Philosophy Faculty of the University of Prague in1796, studying philosophy and mathematics. In 1800 he began 3 years of
Bernhard Placidus Johann Nepomuk Bolzano
Bernhard Bolzano entered the Philosophy Faculty of the University of Prague in 1796, studying philosophy and mathematics. In 1800 he began 3 years of theological study. While pursuing his theological studies he prepared a doctoral thesis on geometry. He received his doctorate in 1804 writing a thesis giving his view of mathematics, and what constitutes a correct mathematical proof. Two days after receiving his doctorate Bolzano was ordained a Roman Catholic priest. But he soon realized that teaching and not ministering defined his true vocation. He was appointed to the chair of philosophy and religion at the University of Prague. Because of his pacifist beliefs and his concern for economic justice, Bolzano was suspended from his position in 1819. Although some of his books had to be published outside Austria because of government censorship, he continued to write and to play an important role in the intellectual life of his country. In 1810, Bolzano wrote the first of an intended series of papers on the foundations of mathematics. Bolzano wrote the second of his series but did not publish it. He did however write a pair of papers which attempted to free calculus from the concept of the infinitesimal. Although Bolzano did achieve exactly what he set out to achieve, he did not do this in the short term, his ideas only becoming well known after his death. It is in a 1817 paper that Bolzano gives a proof of the intermediate value theorem with his new approach, and in this work he defined what is now called a Cauchy sequence.

12. New Links For Continental Philosophy
bolzano bernhard Placidus Johann Nepomuk Bolzano (Univ. of St. Andrews, Scotland);Czech Philosophy in the Twentieth Century Herman Dooyeweerd
The Notebook
for Contemporary Continental Philosophy
What's New in The Notebook Return to the Notebook November 2002 August 2002 September 2001 July 2001

13. MSN Encarta - Risultati Della Ricerca - Bolzano Bernhard
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14. La Galerie De Portraits Des Mathématiciens
bolzano bernhard 17811848, BOOLE George 1815-1864, BOREL Emile 1871-1956.BOURBAKI Nicolas 1935-, BROUNKER William 1620-1684
La galerie de portraits des mathématiciens "Les mathématiciens ne meurent pas.
Ils perdent juste certaines de leurs fonctions."

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v.770-840 (ou 790-850 ou 800-847)
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bolzano bernhard böhmisk filosof, teolog, logiker og matematiker av italiensktyskavstamning, prest… calculus ratiocinator

17. Einige Der Bedeutenden Mathematiker
Translate this page bolzano bernhard, 1781-1848. Boole George, 1815-1864. Borel Emile, 1871-1956.Briggs Henry, 1561-1631. Brouwer LEJ, 1881-1966
Einige der bedeutenden Mathematiker
Abel Niels Hendrik Appolonius von Perga ~230 v.Chr. Archimedes von Syrakus 287-212 v.Chr. Babbage Charles Banach Stefan Bayes Thomas Bernoulli Daniel Bernoulli Jakob Bernoulli Johann Bernoulli Nicolaus Bessel Friedrich Wilhelm Bieberbach Ludwig Birkhoff Georg David Bolyai János Bolzano Bernhard Boole George Borel Emile Briggs Henry Brouwer L.E.J. Cantor Georg Ferdinand Carroll Lewis Cassini Giovanni Domenico Cardano Girolamo Cauchy Augustin Louis Cayley Arthur Ceulen, Ludolph van Chomsky Noel Chwarismi Muhammed Ibn Musa Al Church Alonzo Cohen Paul Joseph Conway John Horton Courant Richard D'Alembert Jean Le Rond De Morgan Augustus Dedekind Julius Wilhelm Richard Descartes René Dieudonné Jean Diophantos von Alexandria ~250 v. Chr. Dirac Paul Adrien Maurice Dirichlet Peter Gustav Lejeune Eratosthenes von Kyrene 276-194 v.Chr. Euklid von Alexandria ~300 v.Chr. Euler Leonhard Fatou Pierre Fermat Pierre de Fischer Ronald A Sir Fourier Jean-Baptiste-Joseph Fraenkel Adolf Frege Gottlob Frobenius Ferdinand Georg Galois Evariste Galton Francis Sir Gauß Carl Friedrich Germain Marie-Sophie Gödel Kurt Goldbach Christian Hadamard Jacques Hamilton William Rowan Hausdorff Felix Hermite Charles Heawood Percy Heron von Alexandrien ~60 n.Chr.

18. System Analysis - Cross Over Research - Metaphysics - Philosophy By Jörg Lenau
Translate this page Berkeley George, Bernhard von Clairvaux, Boëthius, bolzano bernhard, Brentano,Bruno Giordano, Cassierer Ernst, Clausius Auguste, Cohen Hermann, Comte.
Revolutionär kann nur sein, wer revolutionär war! A strologische C harakteranalyse ... mail

19. 1100 1200 1300 1400 1500 1600 1700 1800 1900 Abruzzi Abruzzi
Translate this page Matteo Maria - Opere Boito Arrigo Bologna Bolzano Bolzano - Toponomasticabolzano bernhard Bonaventura da Bagnoregio Bonechi Lorenzo Borghini Vincenzo

bolzano bernhard del Dizionario interdisciplinare discienza e fede, Urbaniana University Press, Citta del Vaticano, in preparazione.
Vincenzo Fano Problemi di filosofia della fisica (relatori Alberto Pasquinelli ed Enzo Melandri). Ha quindi conseguito il titolo di Dottore di ricerca in Filosofia il 19 luglio 1989 discutendo una dissertazione dal titolo La filosofia dell'evidenza. Una discussione critica del pensiero di Franz Brentano Filosofia della scienza e di Epistemologia (negli anni accademici 1993/94, 1994/95), e successivamente come titolare dell'insegnamento di Storia del pensiero scientifico (anno accademico 1995/96) e di Epistemologia PUBBLICAZIONI Epistemologia "Un tentativo di applicazione dell'ennesima logica della scoperta scientifica", Annali di discipline filosofiche , 3 (1981/82) pp. 81-102. In collaborazione con Alessandro Bardi. All'interno del testo viene esplicitato il contributo personale di Vincenzo Fano. Atti e memorie dell'Accademia delle Scienze, Lettere Arti , serie VII, vol. XII, Anno Accademico 1994/95, in collaborazione con G. Tarozzi. Cura del volume, Prospettive della Logica e della Filosofia della scienza , ETS, Pisa 1998; in collaborazione con Vito Michele Abrusci, Carlo Cellucci, Roberto Cordeschi.

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