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  1. Vorlesungen Über Hydrodynamische Fernkräfte Nach C. A. Bjerknes' Theorie, Volume 1 (German Edition) by Vilhelm Bjerknes, Carl Anton Bjerknes, 2010-03-21
  2. Vorlesungen Über Hydrodynamische Fernkräfte Nach C. A. Bjerknes' Theorie, Volume 2 (German Edition) by Vilhelm Bjerknes, Carl Anton Bjerknes, 2010-01-11
  3. Niels Henrik Abel. En skildring af hans liv og videnskabelige virksomhed ... FoÌ?lgeskrift til â?Nordisk tidskrift foÌ?r vetenskap, konst och industri, etc.â. by Carl Anton. Bjerknes, 2010-04-27
  4. Niels-henrik Abel: Tableau De Sa Vie Et De Son Action Scientifique (French Edition)
  5. Hydrodynamische Fernkräfte: fünf Abhandlungen über die Bewegung kugelförmiger Körper in einer inkompressiblen Flüssigkeit (1863-1880) (German Edition) by Carl Anton Bjerknes, 1915-01-01
  6. Niels Henrik Abel. En skildring af hans liv og videnskabelige virksomhed (Swedish Edition) by Carl Anton Bjerknes, 2002-06-18
  7. Niels Henrik Abel. En skildring af hans liv og videnskabelige virksomhed by Carl Anton Bjerknes, 2010
  8. Niels Henrik Abel. En skildring af hans liv og videnskabelige virksomhed by Carl Anton Bjerknes, 1880-01-01
  9. The Bergen School of Dynamic Meteorology and Its Dissemination: An entry from Gale's <i>Science and Its Times</i> by William J. McPeak, 2000

1. Bjerknes_Carl Portraits
Portraits of Carl Bjerknes

2. Bjerknes_Carl
Biography of Carl Bjerknes (18251903)

3. Bjerknes_Carl Portrait
Portrait of Carl Bjerknes

4. Person Carl A. Bjerknes
Person Carl A. Bjerknes Arnold Sommerfeld an Felix Auerbach, 25. Januar 1900 Vilhelm Bjerknes an Arnold Sommerfeld, 1. M rz 1900

5. Biografia De Bjerknes, Carl Anton
Las figuras clave de la historia. Reportajes. Los protagonistas de la actualidad. Bjerknes, Carl Anton (Oslo, 1825 id., 1903) Ingeniero noruego.

6. Ancestors Of Carl Anton BJERKNES
Carl Anton BJERKNES 1. Born 24 Oct 1825, Christiania, Norway. Married 30 Jun 1859, Selje, Norway 1 2. Died 20 Mar 1903, Kristiania, Norway

7. Vilhelm Bjerknes - Definition Of Vilhelm Bjerknes In Encyclopedia
Born in Christiania, Bjerknes enjoyed an early exposure to fluid dynamics, assisting his father, Carl Anton Bjerknes, in his mathematical

8. Bjerknes_Vilhelm
was a son of Carl Bjerknes and Aletta Koren, whose father was a minister in the Church in West Norway. See the biography of Carl Bjerknes for

Bjerknes, Carl Anton bjerknes carl Anton født i Oslo, norsk matematiker og fysiker;far til Vilhelm Bjerknes. Bergkandida… Bjerknes, Vilhelm Friman Koren

10. T1msn Encarta - Resultados De La B Squeda - Vilhelm Bjerknes
Bjerknes_Carl. Biography of Carl Bjerknes (18251903) ..

11. MSN Encarta - Resultados De La B Squeda - Vilhelm Bjerknes
Carl. Biography of Carl Bjerknes (18251903) ..

12. Editions Jacques Gabay - Carl-Anton BJERKNES
Translate this page Reprints Encyclopedie des sciences Mathematiques, Abel, Borel, Fourier, Galois,Gauss, Hilbert, Lagrange, Laplace, Maxwell, Molk, Newton, Poincare, Carl-Anton

13. À§´ëÇѼöÇÐÀÚ ¸ñ·Ï
bjerknes carl, Carl AntonBjerknes Born 24 Oct 1825 in Christiania (now Oslo), Norway

14. Bjerknes_Carl
Biography of carl bjerknes (18251903) carl bjerknes s father was AbrahamIsaksen bjerknes, the youngest son of a farmer from Sandsvär, and his mother
Carl Anton Bjerknes
Born: 24 Oct 1825 in Christiania (now Oslo), Norway
Died: 20 March 1903 in Kristiania (now Oslo), Norway
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Carl Bjerknes In 1844 Bjerknes entered the University of Christiania (now Oslo), where he studied mining. He was awarded a degree in mining engineering in 1848 and for the next four years he worked at the Kongsberg silver mines. Silver was mined at Kongsberg, in southeastern Norway, from the early 17 th century until the mid-20 th century. The oldest school of mines in the world, founded 1757, was in the town and Bjerknes worked there from 1848 until 1852. ... foreign scientific travels were indispensable for anyone in our restricted situation who wishes to develop into a man of science. Dirichlet
In 1859, after returning from his foreign travels, Bjerknes had married Aletta Koren whose father was a minister in the Church in West Norway. Their son Vilhelm Bjerknes was born in 1862 and he played an important role in his father's work both as an assistant to his father when he was young, then later writing up his father's hydrodynamical work for publication. They had two other sons, Carl who became a sailor and died in a tropical cyclone, and Ernst who became an engineer. Perhaps it is worth mentioning just how talented a family Carl and Aletta Bjerknes had. In particular one of their grandsons Jacob Bjerknes

15. References For Bjerknes_Carl
References for the biography of carl bjerknes. Books. V bjerknes, carl Antonbjerknes. Sein Leben und seine Arbeit (Berlin, 1933).
References for Carl Bjerknes
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  • Biography in Dictionary of Scientific Biography (New York 1970-1990). Books:
  • V Bjerknes, Carl Anton Bjerknes. Sein Leben und seine Arbeit (Berlin, 1933). Main index Birthplace Maps Biographies Index
    History Topics
    ... Anniversaries for the year
    JOC/EFR October 2003 School of Mathematics and Statistics
    University of St Andrews, Scotland
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  • 16. AIP International Catalog Of Sources
    Papers, 18571903. by bjerknes, carl Anton, 1825-1903. Correspondents includeVilhelm bjerknes, 1877-1903; NO Hesselberg, 1902; M. Kierulf, 1880;
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    Item Information Holdings More by this author Bjerknes, Carl Anton, 1825-1903. Subjects Bjerknes, V. (Vilhelm), 1862- Planck, Max, 1858-1947. Hydrodynamics Research. Mathematics. Physics. Browse Catalog by author: Bjerknes, Carl Anton, 1825-1903. by title: Papers, 1857-1903.... MARC Display Papers, 1857-1903. by Bjerknes, Carl Anton, 1825-1903. Owning Repository: Universitetsbiblioteket i Oslo. Drammensveien 42, 0243 Oslo, Country of Repository: Norway Biography/History: Professor in Oslo, Norway. Scope of Material: Correspondence, 1857-1903. Posthumous manuscripts, in bindings, nos. 1-364. Lecture notes, etc. in 9 cardboard files. Biographical and scientific description of hydrodynamic research by Vilhelm and C. A. Bjerknes. Material and drafts of [Niels Henrik] Abel biography. Subjects covered: mathematics and physics. Correspondents include: Vilhelm Bjerknes, 1877-1903; N. O. Hesselberg, 1902; M. Kierulf, 1880; W. F. og Aletta Koren, 1857-1877; Max Planck, 1899; Hanna Smith, 1883-1884; Ludvig Sylow, 1867-1882. Notes: In Norwegian.

    17. Content Frame For The Finding Aid To The Jule Gregory Charney Papers, 1936-1981
    Prominent correspondents include Jacob bjerknes, Arnt Eliassen, carlGustafRossby, and mathematician John von Neumann. Correspondence with von Neumann
    Home/New Search Help Locate term in finding aid
    Finding Aid to the Jule Gregory Charney Papers, 1936-1981
    Location of collection:
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Institute Archives and Special Collections. Cambridge, MA 02139
    This finding aid has been encoded by the Center for History of Physics, American Institute of Physics as part of a collaborative project supported by a grant from the National Endowment of the Humanities, an independent federal agency. Collaboration members in 1999 consisted of: American Institute of Physics, California Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northwestern University, Rice University, University of Alaska, University of Illinois, and University of Texas.
    American Institute of Physics. Center for History of Physics. One Physics Ellipse College Park, MD 20740
    Published in 2000
    Machine-readable finding aid encoded in EAD v.1.0 by Clay Redding on October 23, 2000 from an existing finding aid using NoteTab Pro and C++ scripts created by James P. Tranowski (provided by Elizabeth Dow, Special Collections, University of Vermont). Any revisions made to this finding aid occurred as part of the editing and encoding process. Finding aid written in English.

    18. The Mathematics Genealogy Project - Carl Bjerknes
    According to our current online database, carl bjerknes has 1 students and 508descendants. We welcome any additional information.

    19. The Mathematics Genealogy Project - Update Data For Carl Bjerknes
    If you have Mathematics Subject Classifications to submit for an entire group ofindividuals (for instance all those that worked under a particular advisor)

    20. EO Library: Vilhelm Bjerknes
    As a young boy, bjerknes assisted his father, carl bjerknes (a professor ofmathematics at the University of Christiania), in carrying out experiments to
    Vilhelm Bjerknes is considered by many to be one of the founders of modern meteorology and weather forecasting. Born on March 14, 1862, in the Norwegian town of Christiania, Bjerknes was destined for a career in science. As a young boy, Bjerknes assisted his father, Carl Bjerknes (a professor of mathematics at the University of Christiania), in carrying out experiments to verify the theoretical predictions that resulted from his father's hydrodynamic research. He continued this collaboration during his undergraduate studies at the University of Kristiania in 1880 (the city was renamed Kristiania in 1877). After studying mathematics and physics, Bjerknes received his Master's Degree from Kristiania in 1888. During this time, he decided to cut all collaborative ties with his father, as he showed an increasing tendency toward professional isolation and a fear of publishing the results of his research. Young Vilhelm believed that continuing work with his father would be detrimental to his career, a tough decision for a son who was devoted to his father. Soon after graduation, Bjerknes was awarded a state scholarship that enabled him to continue his studies abroad. Arriving in Paris in 1889, he attended lectures on electrodynamics given by Jules Henri Poincare. Then, in 1890, he moved to Bonn, Germany, and became an assistant to, and eventually a scientific collaborator with, the German physicist Heinrich Hertz. Together, Hertz and Bjerknes conducted a comprehensive study of electrical resonance (an effect in which the resistance to the flow of an electrical current becomes very small over a narrow frequency range) that was influential in the development of radio. In 1892, Bjerknes returned to Norway and completed his doctoral thesis on the work that he did in Bonn.

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