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  1. Du Calcul Des Dérivations (French Edition) by Louis François Antoine Arbogast, 2010-02-17
  2. 1803 Deaths: Toussaint Louverture, Fermín Lasuén, Louis François Antoine Arbogast, Robert Emmet, Angelo Maria Bandini, Nicolas Baudin
  3. DU CALCUL DES DÉRIVATIONS (DERIVATIONS). by L. F. A (Louis François Antoine). ARBOGAST, 1800-01-01

41. Earliest Uses Of Symbols Of Calculus
Dx y was introduced by louis François Antoine arbogast (17591803) in De Calculdes dérivations et ses usages dans la théorie des suites et dans le calcul
Earliest Uses of Symbols of Calculus
Last revision: Dec. 1, 2004 Derivative. The symbols dx, dy, and dx/dy were introduced by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716) in a manuscript of November 11, 1675 (Cajori vol. 2, page 204). f'(x) for the first derivative, f''(x) for the second derivative, etc., were introduced by Joseph Louis Lagrange (1736-1813). In 1797 in Théorie des fonctions analytiques the symbols f'x and f''x are found; in the Oeuvres, Vol. X , "which purports to be a reprint of the 1806 edition, on p. 15, 17, one finds the corresponding parts given as f(x), f'(x), f''(x), f'''(x) " (Cajori vol. 2, page 207). In 1770 Joseph Louis Lagrange (1736-1813) wrote for in his memoir Nouvelle méthode pour résoudre les équations littérales par le moyen des séries Oeuvres, Vol. III In 1772 Lagrange wrote u' du dx and du u'dx in "Sur une nouvelle espèce de calcul relatif à la différentiation et à l'integration des quantités variables," Nouveaux Memoires de l'Academie royale des Sciences et Belles-Lettres de Berlin Oeuvres, Vol. III

42. TescitizensA
arbogast, Heidi Lynn, Student BA 1988, 19841988. arbogast, James louis, Student?1972-1973. Arbuthnot, Lucie, Staff ?, TBA MS C301, 1981-1982
Information Accuracy is not guaranteed.
Please send corrections to: Name Position or Status Known Affiliation Dates Aarthun, Rosemary Student: BA 1985 Abadi, Marcela Student: BA 1983 Abair, Cynthia Sue Student: BA 1988 Abbate, Catharine [Nee Booth] Student: BA 1974 Abbott, John Newell Student: BA 1987 Abbott, Michael D. Student: BA 1988 Abbott, Tami N. Student: BA 1987 Abdoul,-Shinte, Kenyatta Student: BA 1981 Abo, Ron M. Student:? Abrahamson, Debbie Ellen Student:? Abrams, Sandra Staff: Administrative Secretary, Wa. Center for UnderGraduate Ed.
Absten, Kathryn L. [nee ?] Student: BA 1986 Abts, JoAnn Sue Student: BA 1980 Abuan, Stefan Delano Student: BA 1988 Acker, John Randolph Student:? Acker, Susan Ashton Student: BA 1984 Ackley, Cheryl Staff: Office Assistant, Financial Aid, Enrollment Services, Student Affairs
Staff: Office Assistant, Admissions, Enrollment Services, Student Affairs
Ackley, Kristina Member of the Faculty, Native American Studies, Social Sciences, Academic Affairs Ackley, Susan Leslie

43. VB Easy Archive - Cardinals Off To The World Series!
louis The best team in baseball now gets a chance to prove it in the WorldSeries (news Oct. 21, 2004, in St. louis. (AP Photo/Charles Rex arbogast)
Web Pages:
Cardinals Off to the World Series!
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Posted by: joestedman
Dang, was hoping for the Astros.
Posted by: joestedman
By BEN WALKER, AP Baseball Writer
ST. LOUIS - The best team in baseball now gets a chance to prove it in the World Series (news - web sites). Albert Pujols hit a tying double, Scott Rolen followed with a home run and the St. Louis Cardinals (news) suddenly erupted against Roger Clemens, startling the Houston Astros (news) 5-2 Thursday night to take Game 7 of the NL championship series.
In a matchup where the home team won each time, the Cardinals broke through with two outs in the sixth inning. It came in a span of only two pitches, and Busch Stadium became a roiling sea of red.
Jeff Suppan overcame a leadoff home run by Craig Biggio to win an apparent mismatch against Clemens. The bullpen combined for three scoreless innings, shutting down Carlos Beltran and Co., with Jason Isringhausen working the ninth for his third save.
After posting 105 wins and running away with the NL Central, the Cardinals advanced to their first World Series under manager Tony La Russa, and first overall since 1987.

44. Pulse Listening Station
Pulse St. louis Music Source. Lunasun, Madahoochi, manifestation 836,Mark arbogast, Marty Feldman Eyes, Martyrs and Poets, Martyrs Guild

45. GSC - Faculty - Gary Arbogast
Gary L. arbogast Professor of Economics Office louis Bennett Hall Phone304462-7361ext.7253 Education
Contact the Office of Admissions: Toll Free
email- admissions@glenville Home Academics Departments ... Faculty Department of Business Faculty Gary L. Arbogast
Professor of Economics
Office: Louis Bennett Hall
Phone:304-462-7361 ext.7253
B.S. Davis and Elkins College
M.A. West Virginia University
Ph.D. West Virginia University Available Degrees Courses Faculty Scholarships
200 High Street ~ Glenville, West Virginia 26351 ~ 304.462.7361 Glenville State College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.
30 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2400 Chicago, IL 60602-2504 ~ (312) 263-0456

46. Short Stories: The Certification Of Brandon By Crystal Arbogast
Crystal arbogast The Certification of Brandon On the morning of June 5, Having relatives in St. louis gave him an opportunity to sell his dope in
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Crystal Arbogast

The Certification of Brandon

On the morning of June 5, the sun rose and cast its rays upon the Missouri River. The light spread its way to the banks, across the park, and up to the buildings in Old Towne St. Charles. As the shadows disappeared from the red brick of the Justice Center, a corrections officer made his rounds. He walked past the solitary cells of D-Block, and the first stirrings of morning could be heard within. At the end of the sector, he saw the body. The arms hung loosely at the sides. There had been no fight for life. Death had been freely embraced.
The cord from the mattress had been stripped away and tied to the ventilation register. The tools at hand had been sufficient for the job. The inmate had been of slight build, weighing about 130 lbs. Brandon James had been resolute in the decision to end his life. He was eighteen years old.
Audrey Meyers began her day in the usual way. Another harried morning, rushing around giving instructions to her teenage sons before making her way to the courthouse. Mentally, she wondered how different it would be to be in private practice. No, being a single parent made things difficult enough. Besides, she liked being a Public Defender.
At the stoplight, she thought of Brandon and how she would proceed with his case during the week. He had been sentenced and sent to the correctional facility exactly one year ago. An earlier case needed to be resolved, so the writ to deliver him back to St. Charles County had been drawn up. She had been shocked at his appearance. Brandon was not a big kid to begin with. Audrey had noticed the loss in weight, and the bruises that were visible made her wonder what the rest of his body looked like. The dark circles under his eyes betrayed the lack of sleep and heightened the despair she saw. The eyes were the first thing she had noticed about Brandon.

47. 2002 Award Winners
City of Vinita Park; Kadie VanPelt, Rachel arbogast, Amanda McQueen, St.louis Metropolitan Sewer District Young People s Environmental Excellence
The Champions! Third Annual Environmental Excellence Awards The third annual Environmental Excellence Awards ceremony was held Monday, May 20, 2002 at the St. Louis Science Center James S. McDonnell Planetarium in Forest Park. We received many terrific nominations for the 2002 awards program, making it very difficult to choose the Champions. But after much deliberation, we finally narrowed it down to 20 outstanding environmental champions. They are listed below with a summary of their many accomplishments that helped them capture a 2002 Environmental Excellence Award. In the links below we include detailed information on how others can take similar excellent steps , with contact information for the winners who are willing to share their stories, and information on their service providers. We encourage you or your company to consider copying few of these steps. You can improve your environmental impact, too! And a special thanks to our Sponsors The 2002 Environmental Excellence Awards Champions! Front row, from left:

48. M People - Smith, Staebell, Voegele, Mesker Genealogy
Daughter of Johannes Jacob Mayer and Anna Appollonia arbogast; Wife of Anton Staebell Cared for Xavier louis (Bud) Mesker after the death of his parents
Genealogy of the
Smith, Staebell, Voegele, and Mesker Families
People - M
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49. M-R Families - Smith, Staebell, Voegele, Mesker
Meyerarbogast 17 Jacob Meyer and Apollonia arbogast ·. At least one child Ott-Seabald 1880 louis John Ott and Katherine Sebald ·
Genealogy of the
Smith, Staebell, Voegele, and Mesker Families
Marriages and Families - M-R
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Marriages and Families
Marzolf-Gassert 1719: Anton Marzolf and Anna Margaretha Gassert
  • Married 23-Jan-1719 in Aschbach, Bas-Rhin (Alsace), France
Mathes-Staebell/Pflanz 18/1894: Michael Mathes and (1) Adelaide Staebell , (2) Catherine Pflanz
  • Marriage date of Michael Mathes and Adelaide Staebell is unknown Children of Michael and Adelaide:
    • Katherine, b. 1883 in Germany, d. 08-Dec-1893 at age 10 Michael John, b. 16-Apr-1885 in New York Anna Sophie, b. 24 or 29-Nov-1886 in New York
      • married Frank Claire and they had one son, Ray
      Benjamin (or Bernard), b. 1887 or 1888 in New York
      • married Elizabeth Gehrl and had two sons, Harold and Clarence
      John Mark, b. 04-Jan-1891 in New York Joseph, b. 17-Mar-1893 in New York
    Michael Mathes and Catherine Pflanz married 29-Nov-1894 Children of Michael and Catherine:
    • Edward Joseph, b. 13-Apr-1897

50. THE JOURNAL NEWS: Obituaries
Marion (Pollack, Mittuch) arbogast, 76, died June 7 in St. louis, MO. Survivors included her second husband, Edward P. (Ted) arbogast and her

51. Earliest Uses Of Symbols Of Operation And Grouping
(Please recall that louis François Antoine arbogast died, in Strasbourg (France),in 1803.) In his well known Mémoire sur les facultés numériques,
Earliest Uses of Symbols of Operation and Grouping
Last revision: Aug. 15, 1997
Plus (+) and minus (-). The plus symbol as an abbreviation for the Latin et (and), though appearing with the downward stroke not quite vertical, was found in a manuscript dated 1417 (Cajori).
The + and - symbols first appeared in print in Mercantile Arithmetic or Behende und hubsche Rechenung auff allen Kauffmanschafft , by Johannes Widmann (born c. 1460), published in Leipzig in 1489. However, they referred not to addition or subtraction or to positive or negative numbers, but to surpluses and deficits in business problems (Cajori vol. 1, page 128).
Cajori says, "There is clear evidence that, as a lecturer at the University of Leipzig, Widmann had studied manuscripts in the Dresden library in which + and - signify operations, some of these having been written as early as 1486." Johnson (page 144) says a series of notes from 1481, annotated by Widmann, contain the + and - symbols, and he asks whether Widman could have copied these symbols from some unknown professor at the University of Leipzig. Johnson also says that a student's notes from one of Widmann's 1486 lectures show the + and - signs.
Giel Vander Hoecke used + and - as symbols of operation in Een sonderlinghe boeck in dye edel conste Arithmetica

52. WebGED: Klinger Database Data Page
Amarine, louis (1868 1954) - male b. 23 JAN 1868 in West Mansfield, Logan Co., OH arbogast, William Charles 1St (1928 - 1984) - male
previous go to surnames Adams, George A. - male
b. ABT 1916 in Williamstown, Dauphin Co., PA
Kauderman, Ethel H. (~1918 - )
- m. ABT 1935 in PA Adams, George David - male
b. 08 JAN 1921 in PA
d. 18 AUG 2001 in Holy Spirit Hospital, Camp Hill, Cumberland Co., PA Burial - [place: Calvary Methodist Cemetery, Wiconisco, Dauphin Co., PA] Event Milit-Ser - He served in the US Navy during World War II and was a Pearl
Harbor survivor. spouse:
Klinger, Dorothy Anna (1923 - )
- m. 29 AUG 1943 in PA
Adams, Connie Lee (private)
Adams, David Earl (private) Adams, Harold Edward (private) - male
... Additional Data Private ...
Adams, Harriet Elizabeth - female b. 27 FEB 1894 in Northumberland Co., PA father: Adams, Clarence Tappen (1864 - 1915) mother: Eister, Louisa (1868 - 1958) Birth Note near Elysburg spouse: Snyder, Walter Albert (~1893 - ) - m. 09 NOV 1922 in PA child: Snyder, Vera Eloise (1926 - ) child: Snyder, Nina Elizabeth (private) Adams, Helen - female b. ABT 1924 in PA spouse: Wiest, Harry Alvin (1922 - ) - m. ABT 1941 in PA child: Wiest, Rojean

53. PSIgate - Physical Sciences Information Gateway Search/Browse Results
louis François Antoine arbogast Born 4 Oct 1759 in Mutzig, Alsace Died 18 April1803 in Strasbourg, France Show birthplace location Previous

54. RedNova News - General - Munro, Morris Face Off In NLCS Game 2
(AP Photo/Charles Rex arbogast). ST. louis The Houston Astros put their hopesin a pitcher untested in the postseason when they give Pete Munro the ball
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Space Science Technology Health ... Video News
RedNova E-Mail My RedNova Join RedNova RSS Feeds ... Tell A Friend, Win $500 Ads by Google Posted on: Thursday, 14 October 2004, 06:00 CDT E-mail this to a friend Printable version Discuss this story in the forum Change Font Size: A A A
Munro, Morris Face Off in NLCS Game 2
Houston Astros pitcher Pete Munro, right, scheduled to start in Game 2 of the National League Championship Series against the St. Louis Cardinals, loosens up under the watchful eye of pitching coach Jim Hickey at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2004. Astros' pitcher Brandon Backe will start for the Astros in Game 1 on Wednesday night. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast) ST. LOUIS - The Houston Astros put their hopes in a pitcher untested in the postseason when they give Pete Munro the ball to start Game 2 of the NL Championship series on Thursday, one night after dropping the opener to the St. Louis Cardinals 10-7. Munro (4-7) will face Cardinals' hurler Matt Morris (15-10).

55. California Biographies - Summaries 5
arbogast, John Peter Page 594 History of Placer Nevada Cos. 1924 SOLARI,louis F. Page 1051 History of Contra Costa County - 1926
The following consists of Sandra Harris' extractions from the published biography. These summaries are not meant to replace the actual text. For actual copies see the instructions on the particular web page as to what Sandra needs to get you copies. History of Orange County - 1921 - page 418 Frank SHANLEY was born in Ireland. When he was two years of age his family located in Edinburgh, Scotland. He crossed the oceanto America and went to New York. In 1896 he came west to CA and located in Anaheim. May 17, 1864 he had married Miss Marie C. McCABE a native of England but of Irish parentage. He was married in the old Quaker town of Darlington, England on the Skerne. He and his wife loved children and in his will he bequeathed a third of his estate to the St. Catherine Orphanage of Anaheim. He died July 10 1918. From CADI there is a possible dod for his wife as Mary SHANLEY age 75 died Los Angeles July 16 1930. History of Kern County - 1914 - page 533 A. Y. MEUDELL was the son of George MEUDELL who came to America from Edinburgh and Mary YOEMAN MEUDELL. He was born in 1872 in Chicago IL. At three he moved with his family to Belleville Ontario. He married in Los Angeles to Miss Bessie HANNAM, a native of Witby, Ontario. They had two daughters: Mary and Myrtle. From CADI Cynthia A. MEUDELL (spouse G.H.) age 75 died Los Angeles Jun 27 1937. I don't know what the connection may be but the name is so unusual I thought you'd be interested.

56. October 2004
louis arbogast, 5 Philip Franklin, 6 Richard Dedekind, 7 Florimond de Beaune,8 Hans Arnold Heilbronn, 9 Claude Gaspar Bachet. 10 Heinrich Burkhardt, 11
October 2004
Can you identify the pictured Mathematicians? Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Louis Arbogast
Philip Franklin
Richard Dedekind
Florimond de Beaune
Hans Arnold Heilbronn
Claude Gaspar Bachet
Heinrich Burkhardt
Ernests Fogels
Kurt Reidemeister
Robert Simson Peter Barlow Philip Jourdain Paul Isaac Bernays Margaret Dusa McDuff Doris Schattschneider William Henry Young William Leonard Ferrar Rolf Herman Nevanlinna Piers Bohl Aleksandr Gelfond Shiing-shen Chern Antoine Deparcieux Klaus Friedrich Roth Harold Davenport Karl Weierstrass A quotation for October: Evariste Galois (1811 - 1832) Unfortunately what is little recognized is that the most worthwhile scientific books are those in which the author clearly indicates what he does not know; for an author most hurts his readers by concealing difficulties. Quoted in N Rose, Mathematical Maxims and Minims (Raleigh N C 1988) This calendar is available in a printable PDF format.

57. Missouri Lodge Information | The International Association Of Machinists And Aer
BREllen arbogast BR-Marvin L. Gray BR-Michael H. louis BR-Dennis E. Pearson BR-LarryA. Smith BR-David Weaver BR-Dennis W. Williams BR-Mark Conner

58. Lecture
louis Francois Antoine arbogast, Du Calcul des Derivations, Strasbourg Levrault,1800. 5. Thomas Knight, On the Expansion of any Functions of Multinomials.
21st Century COE Lectures
Alex D.D. Craik
    Date : November 20 (Thu), 2003, 11:00-12:00 Place : Room 115, RIMS Lecturer: Alex D.D. Craik
    e-mail: Title : Abstract:
    2. Henry W. Gould, The Generalized Chain Rule of Differentiation with Historical Notes. Utilitatis Mathematica 61 (2002), 97-106.
    4. Louis Francois Antoine Arbogast, Du Calcul des Derivations, Strasbourg: Levrault, 1800.
    5. Thomas Knight, On the Expansion of any Functions of Multinomials. Philos. Trans. R. Soc. London, (1811: Pt.1), 49-88.
    7. Augustus De Morgan, On Arbogast's Formulae of Expansion. Cambridge and Dublin Math. J., 1 (1846) ( Camb. Math. J. 5), 238-255.

What's new Postdoctoral Fellows COE Lectures and
Workshops Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences Department of Mathematics
Kyoto University

Last modified: December 5, 2003

59. The First Experiments
A few days later a third observer, louis arbogast, was added. As it turned out,Joseph Lakanal, a wellrespected scientist at the time, was also a strong

60. From Anthropomorphic Units To Units Taken From Nature
project of the 1793 decree 14 in which citoyen louis arbogast requires theattention of the National Assembly on a ``subject of universal beneficence,
Next: The seconds pendulum Up: Why does the meter Previous: Introduction

From anthropomorphic units to units taken from nature
It is universally accepted that the first important stage in the development of metrological concepts related to measures of length is the anthropomorphic one, in which the main units of measurement are the parts of the human body [ ]. As the sociologist and historian of metrology Witold Kula puts it, ``man measures the world with himself'' ] a variation of Protagoras' ``man is the measure of all things'' . It is a very ancient and primitive approach. Certainly, even the first people who adopted such units must have been aware that the length of their own feet or fingers was different from their neighbor's ones. But initially such personal differences did not seem important, given the low degree of accuracy required in measurements in that social context. Later the anthropomorphic approach reached a first level of abstraction, characterized by ``the shift from concrete representations to abstract ones, from `my or your finger' to `finger in general' '' ]. Nevertheless, even when the stage was reached of conceiving measurement units as abstract concepts, differences in establishing the value of these units remained, depending on region or time [

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