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1. Professor's Home Page
Dr. Alec E. Aitken Associate Professor. B.Sc., M.Sc.(Queen's), Ph.D.(McMaster) Office Room 283A Arts Building. Telephone number (306)

2. Alec Aitken Master Teacher Award
Master Teacher Award Winner Fall 2003 Alec Aitken

3. Aitken
Biography of Alec Aitken (18951967)

4. Aitken Portraits
Portraits of Alec Aitken

5. References For Aitken
References for the biography of Alec Aitken

6. The New Zealand Edge Heroes Mathematicians Alexander Aitken
New Zealand Mathematicians Alexander Aitken - The Human Computer New Zealander - Alexander Aitken was one of the world's most brilliant

7. Ellis Island Passenger Arrivals American Family Immigration
1. nie Aitken Glasgow, Scotland 1924 3 View View View 2. A. Aitken 1919 21 View View View 3. A. Aitken 1918 27 View View View

8. (UofS) College Of Arts And Science College Directory
Navigation HomeCollege DirectoryAlec Aitken College Directory Information for Alec Aitken

9. Edinburgh Evening News - Sport - Other Sport - Green Jacket
Aitken touched off Alec Allan (Newbridge) 2118 then beat Richard Mark (Deans), 21-12. Sixth West Lothian Masters (Queensferry)

10. ONLIPIX - Great Names Pictures AIT
Photo 1. AITKEN (Alec) Photo 1 (2) AITKEN (Alexander Craig)(18951967) Photo 1/2. AITKEN (Max, Lord BEAVERBROOK)(1910-1985) Photo 1/2/3/4

11. The New Zealand Edge : Heroes : Mathematicians : Alexander Aitken : Www.nzedge.c
Alec Aitken. Alexander Aitken is remembered as a warm and gentle man, and abrilliant lecturer. A student at Edinburgh in the early 1960 s recalls
Heroes Alexander Aitken
Phenomenal Memory and Brain
Legacy of Knowledge Numerical Epiphany Horror of War ... Nancy Wake Alexander Aitken study ideas, questions and activities in one page.
Alexander Aitken
Alexander Aitken was the greatest mathematician of his era and possessed an astonishing computational brain that could complete challenges that today are modestly reserved for the most complex computers. As one of the most remarkable mathematical brains of all time, Aitken could recite Pi to 707 decimal places, multiply two nine digit numbers in his head in 30 seconds, and render fractions to 26 decimal places in under five seconds. Phenomenal Memory and Brain
Almost mystical acts which would appear more at home as part of a magic show were put to use by Aitken to advance mathematical knowledge and impress amazed undergraduates at Edinburgh University, Scotland, where he spent most of his working life. He was born in Dunedin, New Zealand on April 1 1895. Aitken's phenomenal skill in mental arithmetic made him the greatest mental calculator for whom there is any reliable record. In psychological tests in Britain in the 1920s he took thirty seconds to multiply 987,654,321 by 123,456,789 and produce the correct answer: 121,932,631,112,635,269. Asked to render the fraction 4/47 as a decimal, he waited four seconds and answered: "Point 08510638297872340425531914 – and that’s as far as I can carry it."

12. Aitken
Biography of alec aitken (18951967) alec aitken s family on his father sside were from Scotland, and on his mother s side were from England.
Alexander Craig Aitken
Born: 1 April 1895 in Dunedin, New Zealand
Died: 3 Nov 1967 in Edinburgh, Scotland
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Alec Aitken 's family on his father's side were from Scotland, and on his mother's side were from England. Alec's mother, Elizabeth Towers, emigrated with her family to New Zealand from Wolverhampton, England, when she was eight years old. Alexander Aitken, Alec's grandfather on his father's side, had emigrated from Lanarkshire in Scotland to Otago in New Zealand in 1868, and began farming near Dunedin. Alec's father, William Aitken, was one of his fourteen children and William began his working life on his father's farm. However he gave this up and became a grocer in Dunedin. William and Elizabeth had seven children, Alec being the eldest. He attended the Otago Boys' High School in Dunedin, where he was head boy in 1912, winning a scholarship to Otago University which he entered in 1913. Surprisingly, although he had amazed his school friends and teachers with his incredible memory, he had shown no special mathematical abilities at school. He began to study languages and mathematics at university with the intention of becoming a school teacher but his university career was interrupted by World War I. In 1915 he enlisted in the New Zealand Expeditionary Force and served in Gallipoli, Egypt, and France, being wounded at the battle of the Somme. His war experiences were to haunt him for the rest of his life. After three months in hospital in Chelsea, London, he was sent back to New Zealand in 1917. The following year he returned to his university studies, graduating in 1920 with First Class Honours in French and Latin but only Second Class Honours in mathematics in which he had no proper instruction. In the year he graduated, Aitken married Mary Winifred Betts who was a botany lecturer at Otago University. They had two children, a girl and a boy.

13. Aitken Portraits
Portraits of alec aitken. The URL of this page is, © Copyright information.http//
Alec Aitken
At the 1930 EMS colloquium in St Andrews
At the 1938 EMS colloquium in St Andrews
At the 1951 EMS colloquium in St Andrews At the 1955 EMS colloquium in St Andrews JOC/EFR August 2005 The URL of this page is:

14. Author Auteur
BELL, Trevor, Department of Geography, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St.John s, NF A1B 3X9; aitken, alec E., Department of Geography, University of

15. Ss19
B21 Bell *, Trevor, aitken, alec E., and Pollard, Wayne H. Variations inSedimentary Environments and Macrofossil Assemblages during Postglacial Emergence
Organisateurs/Organizers: J.-C. Dionne - B Y. Michaud
Salle/Room: 203
Mardi matin, 19 mai / Tuesday Morning, May 19
    08 h 10 Introduction
    08 h 20 Stea *, Rudolph R., and Fader, Gordon B.,
    Glacier Retreat and Relative Sea-level Changes in Maritime Canada
    08 h 40 Shaw *, John, Courtney, Robert C., Parrott, Russell D., Taylor, Robert B., Fader, Gordon B.J., MacNab, Ronald, and Gareau, Pierre Geomorphological Evidence of Lowered Postglacial Sea-levels off Atlantic Canada
    09 h 00 Bell *, Trevor, Renouf, M.A.P., and Smith, I.
    Holocene Relative Sea Level Change and the Search for a Maritime Archaic Indian Habitation Site at Port au Choix, Western Newfoundland
    09 h 20 Dionne *, Jean-Claude
    09 h 40
    Eastern Hudson Bay: a Natural Laboratory For Studying Forced Regression of Sandy Coastal Environments 10 h 00 10 h 20 England *, John, and O'Cofaigh, Colm, Deglacial Sea Level along Eureka Sound: The Effects of Ice Retreat from a Central Basin to Alpine Margins 14 h 10 Introduction 14 h 20 Bednarski *, Jan M., and Lemmen, Donald S. Sea Levels and Deglaciation of Northern Axel Heiberg Island and Northwest Ellesmere Island, Northwest Territories.

16. The Compassionate Computer Alec Aitken And His Significance For
were great but whose character was more restrained. In this talk I shall reviewAlec aitken s life and work, and consider his importance for statistics.
The Compassionate Computer: Alec Aitken and his significance for statistics. Christopher G. Small Abstract: In most statistics books Alexander Craig Aitken gets only a footnote. This is in keeping with the nature of a man whose talents and influence were great but whose character was more restrained. In this talk I shall review Alec Aitken's life and work, and consider his importance for statistics.

17. Founhistory
Statistics and Actuarial Science, University of Waterloo, The CompassionateComputer. alec aitken and his significance for statistics. abs.
Seminars on Foundation and History of Statistics, Probability, Actuary, and Finance
Spring 2004
No. Date Day Time
Location Speaker
Institution Title Abstract June 10
Thu 2:30 to 3:30 pm MC 5158 Don. L. McLeish
Statistics and Actuarial Science, University of Waterloo From Dice To Diffusions: Probability to the twentieth century (the Reader's Digest version) abs June 15
Tue 2:30 to 3:30 pm MC 5158 David, R. Bellhouse
Dept. of Statistical and Actuarial Sciences, University of Western Ontario Lord Stanhope's Papers on the Doctrine of Chances abs June 24
Thu. 3:30 to 4:30 pm MC 5158 Wayne Oldford Statistics and Actuarial Science, University of Waterloo TBA abs June 29
Tue 3:30 to 4:30 pm MC 5158 Adam Kolkiewicz Statistics and Actuarial Science, University of Waterloo Huber's Formalization of Robust Estimation Methods abs TBA TBA 3:30 to 4:30 pm MC 5158 Mary Hardy
Statistics and Actuarial Science, University of Waterloo TBA abs TBA TBA. 3:30 to 4:30 pm MC 5158 Gordon E. Willmot
Statistics and Actuarial Science, University of Waterloo TBA abs TBA TBA 3:30 to 4:30 pm MC 5158 Harry H. Panjer

18. Portraits De Personnages Celebres : AIT
aitken (alec). Photo 1 (2). aitken (Alexander Craig)(18951967). Photo 1/2.aitken (Max, Lord BEAVERBROOK)(1910-1985). Photo 1/2/3/4
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  • AITKEN (Alexander Craig)(1895-1967)
  • AITKEN (Max, Lord BEAVERBROOK)(1910-1985)
  • AITKEN (Robert G.)(1864-1951)
      Photo (en 1923)
  • AITKEN (William)
  • AITKIN (Spottiswoode)

19. IML
alec E. aitken. aitken, AE, R. GILBERT, 1989. Holocene nearshore environmentsand sealevel history in Pangnirtung Fiord, Baffin Island, NWT, Canada.
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Maurice Lamontagne Institute
Alec E. AITKEN AITKEN, A.E. , R. GILBERT, 1989. Holocene nearshore environments and sea-level history in Pangnirtung Fiord, Baffin Island, N.W.T., Canada. Arctic Alp. Res., 21(1): 34-44 . AITKEN, A.E. , M.J. RISK, J.D. HOWARD, 1988. Animal-sediment relationships on a subarctic intertidal flat, Pangnirtung Fiord, Baffin Island, Canada. J. Sediment. Petrol., 58: 969-978 . AITKEN, A.E. , M.J. RISK, 1988. Biotic interactions revealied by macroborings in arctic bibalve molluscs. Lethaia, 21: 339-350 . Last Updated : 2004-07-21 Important Notices

20. Alec Aitken: Master Teacher Award
Master Teacher Award Winner. Fall 2003 alec aitken. Photo of alec aitken.The Master Teacher Award was established to emphasize the importance of teaching
Master Teacher Award Winner
Fall 2003
Alec Aitken
The Master Teacher Award was established to emphasize the importance of teaching at the University of Saskatchewan, to recognize and to honour those faculty members who excel in teaching. The Selection Committee has named Professor Alec Aitken of the Department of Geography to be the recipient of this prestigious award at this Convocation. Professor Aitken earned his Bachelor of Science in Geography and Biology at Queen's University in 1980 and his Ph.D. at McMaster University in 1987, joining the Department of Geography at this university in 1994; he was promoted to Associate Professor the following year. Professor Aitken has a comprehensive knowledge of his discipline and has demonstrated excellence in research, publishing regularly in the leading journals in physical geography, geology, and earth sciences. More significantly for this award, Professor Aitken has demonstrated superior teaching at a variety of levels and to many groups. As measured by student evaluations, Alec is consistently assessed as the best professor in his department. An exhaustive evaluation by one of his peers concludes: "My teaching evaluation and review of course materials confirmed a clear sense I had gained in my conversations with students over the years - Professor Aitken is an excellent instructor with a great commitment both to his area of research and to teaching." "Professors like Alec are an asset to this university," writes one of his students. Other students support this judgement in their written comments: "It has been a pleasure being in this class." "I appreciated that the instructor would volunteer his time to take the class on field trips." "It's nice to get a prof every once in a while who loves what he's teaching." "He gets excited about what he teaches which is rare lately." "I give Dr. Aitken and the course top marks!" "He is the best professor the Geography Department has to offer, and one of the best I have ever had." "It was refreshing to have a professor who displayed such dynamism while teaching." Added to these commendations, students consistently call Alec's classes "important." "This class was the best, most interesting class that I have ever taken."

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