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         Adrain Robert:     more books (17)
  1. Adrian Le Roy & Robert Ballard Volume 1 Pre by Adrain Le Roy, 1977
  2. The Portico, Volume 3 by Anonymous, 2009-08-16
  3. The Portico by Anonymous, 2009-08-12

21. Inventory: General Administration Records, 1820-1930, University Of Pennsylvania
1830 adrain, robert, ALS. 1830 Advertising. 1830 Anatomy. 1830 Bache, Alexander Dollas, ALS. 1830 Biddle, James C. Secretary. 1830 Buildings and Grounds
University Archives and Records Center University of Pennsylvania General Administration Records, 1820 - 1930 UPA 3 40 Cubic ft. Access is granted in accordance with the Protocols for the University Archives and Records Center
For Archives General Administration Records, 1740 to 1820 (#1 - #1105a), see the Guide to the Archives General Collection of the University of Pennsylvania, 1740 -1820 From 1820 to 1930 ("Archives General, 1820-1930") Box 1 1820 (?) Assets, University 1821 Degrees 1821 Grammar School 1821 Mandamus for Degrees 1821 Mason, James Murray (ALS) 1821 Medical School - Bills 1821 Medical School - Faculty 1821 Medical School - Students 1821 Perkasie Manor 1821 Pharmacal School 1821 Philomathean Society 1821 Trustees 1821-1822 Annual Fund Reports to the State of Pennsylvania 1821-1822 Buildings and Grounds 1821-1822 Norristown 1821-1824 City of Philadelphia, Leases with 1821-1825 Trustees 1821-1826 Investments- Benjamin R. Morgan 1821-1827 Perkasie Manor - Carpenter and Heft 1821-1827 University and Methodist Union Church Property - 4th Street 1821-1827 Wiltbank, Rev. James - correspondence

22. American Scientist Online - Robert Adrain An archive of articles covering original scientific research into astronomy, medical science, anthropology, ecology, technology,
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Robert Adrain
B. Adrain published an account of the method—and also of the closely related bell-shaped curve we now know as the normal or Gaussian distribution—at roughly the same time as Carl Friedrich Gauss, but his contributions were little known because he spent his career in the United States, then a developing country isolated from European centers of learning. (" Science on the Farther Shore ," Computing Science, November-December 2002 AS Article Tools printer friendly request classroom permission e-mail this article About American Scientist Site Map Text Archive ... Contact Us

23. American Scientist Online - Science On The Farther Shore
robert adrain, and the beginnings of American mathematics. robert adrain. In Dictionary of Scientific Biography, Charles Coulston Gillispie, ed.,
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Science on the Farther Shore
Birchbark Theorems
Given the recent spate of movies about mathematicians, we should brace ourselves for the big-screen version of the Robert Adrain story. The script is easy to guess: The puffed-up, powdered-wig figures of Gauss and Legendre squabble childishly over credit for a discovery that is actually made by a self-taught genius doing brilliant mathematics deep in the hinterland, scratching theorems onto birchbark with a bit of charcoal. If only it were true. Although Adrain's accomplishments are impressive for their time and place, they do not put him in the first rank of 19th-century mathematicians. Mathematics and other kinds of science are so intensely social that only the most extraordinary talent could overcome the handicap of isolation. It takes more than a village to raise a scientist. It takes a village full of scientists. As it happens, I am writing these words from just such a village: the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, in Trieste, Italy. The center is named for a distinguished scientist who had to choose in youth between his vocation (physics) and his nation (Pakistan). He went to Cambridge. The center he founded has among its explicit aims to spare others that bitter choice, providing scientists from developing countries opportunities for collaboration without forcing them into emigration. Some 80,000 have visited since 1964.

24. Local History Book Index Our Priceless Heritage - History Of
ADAMS, Emma Marie ADAMS, John ADAMS, Sherwood B adrain, Elizabeth adrain, Elizabeth adrain, robert adrain, robert AHLSTROM, Coral AHLSTROM, Garth AHLSTROM,
Local History Book Index: Our Priceless Heritage - history of Alhambra, Arbutus, Beaver Flat, Bingley, Horseguard, Oras, Sleepy Valley and Taimi - Clearwater Contributed for use in Alberta Digital Archives by Arlene Halme For "LOOKUPS" please visit the Alberta GenWeb lookup page for this county. *************************************************************************** ALBERTA DIGITAL ARCHIVES NOTICE: These electronic pages may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other organization or persons. Persons or organizations desiring to use this material, must obtain the written consent of the contributor, or the legal representative of the submitter, and contact the listed Alberta Digital archivist with proof of this consent. The submitter has given permission to the Alberta Digital Archives to store the file permanently for free access. *************************************************************************** ADAMS, Emma Marie ADAMS, John ADAMS, Sherwood B ADRAIN, Elizabeth ADRAIN, Elizabeth ADRAIN, Robert ADRAIN, Robert AHLSTROM, Coral AHLSTROM, Garth AHLSTROM, Hazel AHLSTROM, Ida AHLSTROM, Joyce AHLSTROM, Lavern AHLSTROM, Raymond AHLSTROM, Victor AHLSTROM, Vivian AHLSTROM, Wayne ALANEN, Sam ALANEN, Sofia ALBERT, Charles Wesley ALBERT, Viole ALLEN, Mavis ALLEN, Ron ANDERSON, Adolph ANDERSON, Carl ANDERSON, Fred ANDERSON, Helen ANDERSON, Walter ANDERSON, Mike ANDERSON, Winnie ANTRIM, Edna ANTRIM, Grant ARMSTRONG, Delores ARMSTRONG, Donald ARYCHUK, Dave ARYCHUK, Shirley (Pulay) AUNE, George BALZER, Alfred BALZER, Maxine BALZER, Phyllis BARNES, William BEACH, Elaine BEACH, Wayne BECK, Edward BECK, Rita BENJAMENSEN, Emma BERTAGNOILI, Donald BERTAGNOLLI, Garry BERTAGNOLLI, Jean BERTAGNOLLI, Vicki BERTAGNOLLIE, Louisa BERTAGNOLLIE, Vernon BICKFORD, Thomas Fredrick BIGNOLD, Fred BIGNOLD, Herbert BIGNOLD, Hilda BILLINGS, Leonard BILLINGS, Magda (Sande) BISWANGER, Nettle BISWANGER, Steve BLACKHURST, Annie BLACKHURST, Robert BLAIR, Blanch BLAIR, William BOULTON, Betty (Thompson) BOULTON, Dave BOWHAY, Charles L. BOWHAY, Lorraine BOWNESS, Elton BOWNESS, Mildred BRADEN, Berthe BRADEN, Harry BRADLEY, Arthur BRADLEY, Minnie (Phillips) BRADSHAW, Alice BRADSHAW, Emilie BRADSHAW, Franklin BRADSHAW, Franklin Glenwood Sr BRADSHAW, Franklin Jr BRADSHAW, Glen BRADSHAW, Harold BRADSHAW, Ida BRATTBERG, Audrey (Sunde) BRATTBERG, Elmer BRODERICK, Annie BRODERICK, Thomas BROWN, Grace BUNCH, Vivian BUNCH, Walter BURROUGHS, Dilys BURROUGHS, George BUTTERWICK, Jim CAMPBELL, Temple (Crawford) CATLING, Jack CATLING, Lily CERMAK, George CERMAK, Pearl CHAPMAN, Isabel CHAPMAN, James CHATWOOD, Emily (Diggins) CHATWOOD, Melvin CHENERY, Alfred CHENERY, Ben CHEVALLIER, Fernand CHEVALLIER, Francois CHEVALLIER, Frank CHEVALLIER, Joe CHEVALLIER, Katie CHEVALLIER, Virgine CHEVALLIER, Vivian CHEVALLIER, Winnie CHRISTIAN, Emily CHRISTIAN, John William CLEMONT, Calvin COCHRANE, Gloria COCHRANE, Hattie COCHRANE, John Angus COOK, Charles COOMBES, George COOMBES, Pearl CRITCHLEY, Agnes CRITCHLEY, Ian CUMMERFORD, Dr. P DAVIES, Jack DAVIES, Marie DEMONTIER, Tony DICKSON, Alma DICKSON, Bobby DICKSON, Brian DICKSON, Bruce DICKSON, David DICKSON, Jim DICKSON, Judy DICKSON, Samuel DICKSON, Susan DOYLE, Donevon DOYLE, Valerie ELLIS, Hughena (MacDonald) EMMERSON, Sam ENGLAND, Daryld ENGLAND, Kerrilee ERICKSON, Margaret ERICKSON, Rae ERITSLAND, Emma ERITSLAND, Lars FARQUHARSON, Charles FARQUHARSON, George FARQUHARSON, William FARRINGTON, Albert FARRINGTON, Family FESER, Brenda FESER, Dick FILLIP, Joe FILLIP, Mary FITCH, Clara FITCH, Lewis John FJALLMAN, Carl FOREMAN, Alma FOREMAN, Everett FORRESTER, Janet FORRESTER, John FORSYTH, Edith FORSYTH, Stewart FRASIER, Alice FRASIER, Charles FREDINE, Harry FREDINE, Harry Sr FREDINE, Lettie FRITH, Gwendoline FRITH, James R S FROST, Joseph GEE, Margaret (Barrett) GERVAIS, Mae (Pulay) GERVAIS, Wilfred GODKIN, Jeanette GODKIN, Leonard GOOD, Frances GOOD, Harvey GRANLUND, Bertha GRANLUND, Eino GREENWOOD, Dessie GREENWOOD, Elmer GREGORASH, Jerry GREGORASH, Meryl GUENTHER, Bertha GUENTHER, George GUENTHER, Marie GUENTHER, Norman HARRIS, Duane HARRIS, Evelyn HARRIS, Jay HARRIS, Jessie HARRIS, Larry HARRIS, Ray HARRY, Blanche HAUGEN, GayLe (Murray) HAUGEN, Steiner HEIKKINEN, Henry HEIKKINEN, Hilda HELLA, Elms (Saarela) HELLA, Laurie HICKS, Hiram P HICKS, Jenny HILBERT , Bert HILBERT, Mary HILBERT, Mildred HILL, Sylvester HJORTASS, A. J. Pastor HUBERT, Ronald HYVONEN, John HYVONEN, Miriam JAHRAUS, Christine JAHRAUS, William JOBS, Art JOBS, Carol (Sunde) JOHNSON, Ernie JOHNSON, Evelyn JONES, Helen JONES, John KAUPPILA, Hilda KAUTZ, Carl KAUTZ, Irene KAUTZ, Marty KEEGSTRA, Anna KEEGSTRA, Klaas KENNEDY, Robert KERBES, Alma Peral KERR, John R KIRBY, Eva KIRBY, Huston KIRBY, Mary KIRBY, Tim KIRBY, Tom KIRBY, Willard M KIRBY, William N KIRKHAM, Edith KIRKHAM, William KITTLER, Alice KITTLER, Walter KOHTALA, Hilda KOHTALA, John KOHTALA, Nick KOHTALA, Richard KOHTALA, Verner KOHTALA, Wenni KROGH, Louis KUBIK, Ken KUBIK, Susan LAITURI, Arvi LAITURI, John LAITURI, Leonard LAITURI, Tekla LANGLEY, Helen (Krogh) LANGLEY, Noel LANOI, Adam LANOI, Noel LARSGARD, Annie Muriel LARSGARD, Francis Anthony LARSGARD, Francis Samuel LARSGARD, George Stanley LARSGARD, John David LARSGARD, Mary Agnes LARSGARD, Ole Elias LARSGARD, Samuel Andrew LATHAM, Hannah LATHAM, Jack LATHAM, Johnny LATHAM, Lettie LATHAM, Lois LEITCH, Glenda LEITCH, Hugh LESSING, Ferdinan Ernst LESSING, Minnie LEWIS, Robert Captain LIEBIG, Edna LIEBIG, Jake LIGHTBOUWN, Katherine (Biswanger) LIGHTBOWN, Kames E LITCHFIELD, Ocscar LITTLEFIELD, Gregory Bryce LITTLEFIELD, Nayda Kay LOOMER, Alena (Dutch) LOOMER, C.A. (Ted) LOOMER, George LOOMER, Heather LOWEN, Jack LOWEN, Mary LUDWIG, Henry LUDWIG, Kate (Patterson) LUND, Alice LUND, Anna LUND, Bertha LUND, Edward LUND, Iver LUND, Lizzie LUND, M LUND, Martin LUND, Martin LUND, Tom LYNN, George LYNN, Roberta MACDONALD, Donald MACDONALD, Margart MACONOCHIE, Annie MACONOCHIE, Robert MAIM, Lois (Latham) MAKELA, Arthur MAKELA, Henry MAKELA, Ole MAKELA, Tela (Tihonen) MALCOLM, David MALCOLM, Isabella (Leonard) MALCOLM, William Fairweather MARCINEK, Mary MARCINEK, Stan MARTIN, Angus I (Bud) MARTIN, Irene MARTIN, Ken MARTIN, Svanhild MASON, Andy MASON, Lucy (Diggins) MASON, Mary Amelia (Diggins) MCCALLMN, George MCCALLUM, Lorraine MCDONELL, Charlotte MCDONELL, Cliff MCGOWAN, James MCGOWAN, Maryann Cameron MCLELLAN, Mary MCLELLAN, Thomas MCLELLAN, Thomas G MCLELLAN, Tom MCLEOD, Charlie MCLEOD, Irene MCMILLAN, Betty (deGraw) MCMILLAN, Sam MESTON, George MESTON, Violet METCALFE, Pearl METCALFE, Stephen MIKKILA, Elina MIKKILA, Sam MITCHELL, Jim MORRISON, William J MORTIMER, Alice MORTIMER, John McBride MORTIMER, Margaret Ann (Campbell) MORTIMER, Marshall MURRAY, Andy MURRAY, Selma (Pykalainen) MUSHKA, Fred MUSHKA, Zena NEWMAN, Albert John NEWMAN, Mable Francis NIELSEN, Emil NIELSEN, Esther NIELSEN, James P NIELSEN, Karen NIELSEN, Niels NIELSEN, Niels Jakob NIKKINEN, Aune NIKKINEN, George NIKOLA, Eli NIKOLA, Frank NYLANDER, Gus ODENBACH, Gladys ODENBACH, Ruben ODLAND, Jake ODLAND, Lena OJA, John OJA, Teckia OLSEN, Emma OLSEN, Menus OLSON, Carl Olaf OLSON, Ede B OLSON, Edwin OLSON, Hazel OLSON, John Norman OLSON, Mildred (Mickey) OVERGAARD, Mads Peter Jensen PARKER, Alvin PARKER, Ellen PARKER, Gerald PARKER, Jessie (MacDonald) PATTERSON, Elizabeth PATTERSON, Frank PATTON, Albert PATTON, Alma PATTON, Eleane PATTON, Francis PATTON, John PATTON, Sophronia PEACE, Basil PEACE, Mabel PELL, John H PETERSON, Edythe PETERSON, Norman PETTEPHER, Frank P PHILIPS, Arthur PHILIPS, Dawn PHILIPS, George PHILIPS, Laura PHILLIPS, Adele PHILLIPS, Donald PHILLIPS, Edgar PHILLIPS, Emily PHILLIPS, Lucille PHILLIPS, Marion PHILLIPS, Murray PHILLIPS, William POLLITT, Alex POLLITT, Donald Samuel POLLITT, Donna POLLITT, Ella POLLITT, Faye POLLITT, Gary Kenneth POLLITT, Jack POLLITT, James Alexander POLLITT, Jessie POLLITT, Jessie Mcpherson POLLITT, John McGowan POLLITT, John William POLLITT, Patricia POLLITT, Rena POLLITT, Robert John POLLITT, Sharon PRICE, Ada PRICE, George PULAY, Chris PULAY, George PULAY , Joan PULAY, Rosie PURNELL, George PURNELL, Maude PYHKALAINEN, John PYHKALAINEN, Serifina QUANTRILLE, Carolyn Angie (Schlien) QUANTRILLE, Walter Allen RANDALL, F. P RANDALL, Grace REDMOND, Catherine REDMOND, Harry REID, Edith REID, John REID, Mary REID, Robert Cassie SANDE, Ada SANDE, Andrew Dennis SANDE, Astrid SANDE, Barbara SANDE, Chris SANDE, Clifford Martin SANDE, Constance Maria SANDE, Diana SANDE, Donald Brian SANDE, Harold SANDE, Janet SANDE, John D SANDE, Mildred SANDE, Samuel SANDE, Sigurd SANDE, Stephen SANDE, Susan SAVORY, August SAVORY, Zeline SAWYER, William SCHIFFNER, Connie SCHIFFNER, Steve SCHLAHS, Albert SCHLAHS, Mable SCHLAHS, Marie SCHLIEN, Angie SCHLIEN, Chester Karl SCHRODERUS, Alex SCHRODERUS, Hilda SCOTT, Beatrice SCOTT, Bob SCOTT, Bud SCOTT, Eller SCOTT, Elsie SCOTT, Eugene SCOTT, Flora SCOTT, Mae SCOTT, William Henry SHAW, Bill SHAW, Edith SIMS, Anna SIMS, Claude SIMS, Emmauel SIMS, Lewis Edward SIMS, Mary SIMS, Rose May SININGER, Augustus SLOAN, Havelock SLOAN, Hazel (Krogh) SMITH, Barbara SMITH, Charles SMITH, George SMITH, Lillian SMITH, Mabel SMITH, Mary SMITH, Robert SMITH, Robert Sr SMITH, Sam SOPITT, Becky SOPPITT, Dale SOROCHAN, Dorothy SORVISTO, Andrew SORVISTO, Lempi SPEARS, Ellen SPEARS, James Albert SPEARS, Roanald STEWART, Carol STEWART, Edith STEWART, Esther STEWART, Gail STEWART, George STEWART, James STEWART, Keith STEWART, Ken STEWART, Lester Steven STEWART, Maggie STEWART, Maggie (Begg) STEWART, Myrtle STEWART, Pearl STEWART, Verona STOLLINGS, Agnes STOLLINGS, Victor STOLTE, Aaltje STOLTE, Herman STOLTE, Leona STOTLE, Albert SUNDE, Alma SUNDE, Knut SUTHERLAND, Amanda SUTHERLAND, Johanus SWAILE, Ken SWAILE, Sabina Josephine TAYLOR, Wilma (Clark) TERPSMA, Sharyn TERPSMA, Wayne THOMAS, Olive (Jones) THOMAS, Richard THOMPSON, Ellen THOMPSON, Patricia THOMPSON, Tommy THORKMAN, Jacob Richard THORKMAN, William Thomas TINK, Gordon TOEWS, Abe TOEWS, Elisabeth VON HOLLEN, Arelin VON HOLLEN, Elizabeth VON HOLLEN, Fay VON HOLLEN, Fred VON HOLLEN, Henry VON HOLLEN, Herman VON HOLLEN, Karl VON HOLLEN, Lawrence VON HOLLEN, Lily WADDELL, Jeannie WADMAN, Barbara WADMAN, Egbert WALLACE, Chester WATERFIELD, Florence WATERFIELD, William WELLER, Mabel WELTER, Harry WHALEY, Ed WHALEY, Ethel WHEELER, Fred WHEELER, Thelma WICKENS, Frank WICKENS, Harry Sr WICKENS, Marjorie WILLIAMS, Kirk Charles WILLIAMS, Marlys Loree WILSON, Alice WILSON, Carrie WILSON, Frank WILSON, James WILSTSHIRE, Jim WILTSHIRE, June WINCHESTER, Glen WINCHESTER, Laurel Dean WIRDA, Ate WIRDA, Fiina WIRDA, George WIRDA, lsola WJALLMAN, Evelyn WOOLDRIDGE, Laura WOOLDRIDGE, Lindsay WRIGHT, Aubrey WRIGHT, John WRIGHT, Olga WULFF, Barry Peter WULFF, Betty WULFF, Gina Denise WULFF, John WULFF, Rodney Veron WULFF, Stanley Ralph WULFF, Violet WULFF, Vivien Delona WYZYKOSKI, Anthony WYZYKOSKI, Florence YOUING, Alma YOUNG, James ZAETZ, Lupka ZAETZ, Steve ZIEGLER, Linda Anne ZIELGLER, Royce Larry ZIRK, Joyce ZIRK, Milton

25. USA Volume 1 Contents
Adobe Walls, First Battle of Charles E. Brooks; Adobe Walls, Second Battle of Charles E. Brooks; adrain, robert; Adult Bookstores Frederick W. Zuercher
Academic International Press
The Encyclopedia of the United States of America, Past and Present
Edited by R. Alton Lee Contents of Volumes 124, Supplement Volume 1

26. Descendants Of Ann Nancy Pollock And Robert Adrain
+robert adrain (rarely spelled as Adrian) b Sept. 30, 1775 in Carrickfergus, I found Margaret in a biographical piece on ancestor, robert adrain.
Descendants of Ann "Nancy" Pollock and Robert Adrain
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Some ADRAIN census information

  • .2 Ann "Nancy" Pollock
  • ..+Robert Adrain (rarely spelled as Adrian) b Sept. 30, 1775 in
    Carrickfergus, Ire. d Aug. 10, 1843 in New Brunswick, NJ.
    Participated in Irish Rebellion. Wounded in battle in 1798. Fled to
    America. Mathematician. Taught at Queens College (Rutgers Univ.)
    1809-1812, 1826 Columbia College (i.e. University) 1813-1825,
    1834-1843, and Univ. of Penn. 1827-1834. Vice-Provost of Univ. of
    Pennsylvania 1828-1834.
  • ..3 Margaret Adrain b March 17, 1799 in Ireland. d July 6, 1859.
    buried in VanLiew Cemetery, New Brunswick, NJ. (Proprietor of
    Seton Hall School, Jamaica, NY.)
  • ..3 John Adrain b March 17, 1801 in New York City, NY. d June 5,
    1883 in Springfield Township, Richland County, OH. buried in
    Springmill-Leppo Cem., Springfield Township, Richland County, OH. census info
  • ...+Asenath Taylor b Oct. 14, 1808 in PA. m Nov. 16, 1826 in
    Springfield Tp., Richland County, OH. d Feb. 13, 1854. buried in
  • 27. ADRAIN
    1850 NJ - MIDDLESEX - NORTH BRUNSWICK - p.30 adrain, robert 40 NJ Mary 40 NJ Mary R. 13 NJ Anna A. 11 NJ Lynch,

    28. Ancestry Message Boards [ Adrain ]
    Re robert J. adrain, born in Minnesota, lived and died in Montana cheryl robert William adrain born apr.12,1868 married Margaret (Maggie) Moggy
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    29. The William Adrain Walsh Family
    six boys named James adrain, Mark Anthony, John Joesph, robert Gregory, Thomas Clare, robert Gregory Walsh, Sept 4, 1932 in Armour, South Dakota
    The William Adrain Walsh Family
    There is no known family picture of William Adrain Walsh at this time Life In America Wiliam Andrain Walsh was born in Vail, Iowa on April 12, 1899 to parents John J. Walsh and Elizabeth Lane. Sometime during 1902 William and his family moved near Armour, South Dakota where he met and married a woman named Ellen Theresa O'Brien. Together, William and Ellen had nine children, six boys named James Adrain, Mark Anthony, John Joesph, Robert Gregory, Thomas Clare, and Roland Aurther and three girls named Mary Genevieve, Katherine Elizabeth, and Patricia Ann. Family Dates To Remember The table below contains as much birth, marriage, and decease information as we could find for the family of William Adrain Walsh. Husband and Wife Name Birthdate/Place Marriage Date/Information Decease Date/Place William Adrain Walsh April 12, 1899 in Vail, Iowa Vail, Iowa on Sept 23, 1878 Unknown Ellen Theresa O'Brien Oct 22, 1899 in Elma Prairie , Iowa Unknown Children of William Adrain Walsh and Ellen Theresa O'Brien Name Birthdate/Place Marriage Date/Information Decease Date/Place James Adrain Walsh March 1, 1924 in Armour, South Dakota

    30. The Ellen Theresa O'Brien Family
    six boys named James adrain, Mark Anthony, John Joesph, robert Gregory, Thomas Clare, Children of Ellen Theresa O Brien and William adrain Walsh'Brien.htm
    The Ellen Theresa O'Brien Family
    There is no known family picture of Ellen Theresa O'Brien at this time Life In America Ellen Theresa O'Brien was born in a farm house near the small town of Elma Prairie, Iowa on October 22, 1899 to parents James Francis O'Brien and Maria Canty. Her family moved to Howard County, Iowa and lived there until 1910. After her father died the family moved to South Dakota, settling west of Armour. Together, Ellen and William had nine children, six boys named James Adrain, Mark Anthony, John Joesph, Robert Gregory, Thomas Clare, and Roland Aurther and three girls named Mary Genevieve, Katherine Elizabeth, and Patricia Ann. Family Dates To Remember The table below contains as much birth, marriage, and decease information as we could find for the family of Ellen Theresa O'Brien. Husband and Wife Name Birthdate/Place Marriage Date/Information Decease Date/Place Ellen Theresa O'Brien Oct 22, 1899 in Elma Prairie , Iowa Vail, Iowa on Sept 23, 1878 Unknown William Adrain Walsh April 12, 1899 in Vail, Iowa

    31. The Political Graveyard: Index To Politicians: Adamske To Aernam
    adrain, robert — of Middlesex County, NJ Member of New Jersey state senate from Middlesex County, 188994. Burial location unknown.
    Questions? Return to The Political Graveyard main page
    Index to Politicians: Adamske to Aernam

    32. The Political Graveyard: Middlesex County, N.J.
    robert Wood Johnson, Jr. (18931968) — also known as The General — of Highland Garnett Bowditch adrain (1815-1878) — of New Jersey. Born in New York,
    Questions? Return to The Political Graveyard main page
    Middlesex County
    New Jersey
    Middlesex County information: Neighboring areas: The Political Graveyard: Important Notes: Please Read!
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  • 33. Adrian Family Genealogy Forum
    robert adrain,d.1843, b.Carrickfergus Linde Lunney 2/19/99. Re robert adrain,d.1843, b.Carrickfergus - Bill Sowers 1/11/02. Re robert adrain,d.1843, b.
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    34. Burchett Family Genealogy Forum
    robert adrain Burchett ~ son of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Burchett Deborah Brownfield-Stanley 10/01/02. Vallie Florence Burchett - Susan Hall 8/21/02
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    35. Class Of 1965's 40th Reunion - 2005 Stevens Institute Of Technology
    III, Richard J. Curtis, Jeffrey A. Fenton, adrain E. Ferraris, robert J. Fillinich, Gabriel M. GarciaMenocal, Alexander Goodman, James K. Griffin,
    1965 Class Project:
    Class of 1965 Scholarship
    Total Class Giving as of 6/4/05
    Pledges: GIfts Received:
    Class Pages:
    Stevens Alumni Association
    Annual Support Programs
    Stevens News Service
    Make a Gift Online
    Stevens Institute of Technology
    Office of Development and External Affairs
    Howe Center - 13th Floor
    Castle Point on Hudson
    Hoboken, NJ 07030
    phone: 201.216.5241
    fax: 201.216.8247
    email: Home
    Congratulations Class of 1965!
    Alumni Weekend has come and gone, and it was great to see so many return to Castle Point for a variety of activities! For those of you who were unable to join us, we missed you and we hope to see you soon!
    Class Reunion Volunteers
    • Frank Semcer John Schepisi, Esq.
    Our sincere appreciation goes to the following classmates who are participating as Reunion Volunteers:
    • John Abom (Pi Lambda Phi) Al Bentley (Chi Phi) Steve Cochran Ralph Fariello (Phi Sigma Kappa) Charles Fauroat (Chi Psi) Al Gottlieb George Greene (Delta Tau Delta) John Higgins Ken Madonia (Theta Xi) Hal Rappoport Greg Reinhardt (Sigma Phi Epsilon) Tom Russell Norm Samurin Gerry Stocker (Alpha Sigma Phi) Sig Stockinger (Alpha Sigma Phi) Hank Troy Lee Whitmore
    Class Project - Class of 1965 Scholarship
    Class of 1965 - Reunion Personal Profile
    Gentlemen, it's been FORTY years and we heard from many of you! The Class of 1965 Reunion Booklet is in production, and more details will be available shortly.

    36. American Scientist Online
    robert adrain helped to pioneer what commonly used mathematical technique? A. polynomialspline interpolation; B. least-squares minimization
    Home Current Issue Archives Bookshelf ... Subscribe Site Search Advanced Search Visitor Login Username Password Help with login Forgot your password? Change your username FEATURE ARTICLE Fighting Cancer Through the Study of Sarcomas Cancers of the muscle, bone or fat are ideal subjects for the discovery of new therapies Read More ALSO IN THE CURRENT ISSUE Computing Science: Group Theory in the Bedroom An insomniac's guide to the curious mathematics of mattress flipping Macroscope: Better Collision Insurance Asteroids smaller than those now being actively catalogued constitute a largely neglected natural hazard Book Review: The Whole Megillah A review of The Road to Reality: A Complete Guide to the Laws of the Universe . Penrose amazes, infuriates and soars to great heights as he makes the case that we are surrounded by a sea of inviting mystery. go to current issue ONLINE FEATURES Site of the Week Join a discussion of health-related visual design at The Eyes Have It Author Interview Philosopher of science Michael Ruse on the common roots of creationism and evolution Scientists' Nightstand Novelist Madison Smartt Bell shares his recent reading and favorite authors Sign Up Now for Free E-Newsletters!

    37. Contents Of The Mathematical Correspondent
    By robert adrain. Pp. 103114. ARTICLE XVI. NEW QUESTIONS to be solved in the By robert adrain. Pp. 212-241. This was the first article published on
    Contents of The Mathematical Correspondent Karpinski, p. 580-581 indicates that this was likely published May 1804 through February 1806. Volume I. 1804. Number 1 , pages i-iv and 1-20. Title Page. Page [i]. Preface. Pp. [iii]-iv. ARTICLE I. A New elucidation of the principles of the Rule of Proportion, in arithmetic; applied to the resolution of practical questions, and to the invention of general rules for making in the neatest and shortestt manner possible, many of the most useful calculations that daily occur in the counting-house. By G. Baron. Pp 1-15 and 30- ARTICLE II. A PROBLEM, by Wm. Elliot, printer, N. York. P 15. ARTICLE III. A Curious and useful proposition in Geometry, with its application to a certain subject in Geography and Navigation. By R. Tagart. Pp 16-19. ARTICLE IV. NEW QUESTIONS, to be answered in the next number. Pp. 19-20. Number 2 , pp. 21-44. ARTICLE V. ANSWERS to the Questions proposed in ARTICLE IV. Pp. 21-29. ARTICLE I. Continuted from page 15. Pp 30-40. The ARTICLE ends with the date (or submission?) April 20, 1804. ARTICLE VI. A PROBLEM, by James Temple, New-York. Pp. 41-42.

    38. American University Rare Book Room
    By robert adrain. New York, 1822. AU Special Collections Martin QA37 . This edition was edited by robert adrain (17751843) the most important American
    Rare Books in the Classroom
    American University, Special Collections, August 12, 2002. The learning of mathematics can be enhanced by the introduction of historical materials, for it lets the student see so many things that would not otherwise occur in the classroom. On this visit to the Rare Book Room at American University, we will look at a number of items and will discuss how you teachers can use this experience to enliven your own classrooms. The heart of the mathematics collection in the Special Collections section of The American University Library is the Artemas Martin Collection of Mathematical Texts. Artemas Martin (1835-1918) was an inveterate problem solver and book collector. He founded two early mathematics periodicals, The Mathematical Visitor (1878-1894) and The Mathematical Magazine (1882-1884). For information about him see Patricia R. Allaire and Antonella Cupillari, "Artemas Martin: An Amateur Mathematician of the Nineteenth Century and His Contribution to Mathematics," College Mathematics Journal , Volume 31, Number 1, Pages: 22-34.

    39. University Of Colorado Fine Arts Department
    Jack Goldstein, Dennis adrain, Jackie Windsor, Gene Youndblood, robert Brady, Juan Sanchez, John Roloff, Peter Saul, Janis Provisor, Richard Gordon,
    Visiting Artist Visiting Scholar What Follows Interviews Commencement WHAT FOLLOWS... INTERVIEW SERIES WHAT an ongoing series of videotaped interviews with artists, critics and curators who have participated in the Visiting Artist Program of the Department of Fine Arts. What Follows...provides an accessible and inexpensive opportunity for colleges, shools and museums to become aware of the individuals currently active in today's art world. Produced at the University of Colorado at Boulder, each tape is approximately thirty minutes long and is available for sale from the Department of Fine Arts.
    A partial list of titles available from the What Follows series include: Alyson Shotz, Colleen Cutschall.

    40. American Contributions To Mathematical Statistics
    E L. DeForest; MJ Babb, robert adrain Man and Mathematician; JL Coolidge, robert adrain and the beginnings of American mathematics; EL DeForest,
    Edited by S M Stigler and I M Cohen (SF STI)
    Volume I
    • C Abbe, A historical note on the method of least squares
    • R J Adcock, Note on the method of least squares
    • R Adrain, Research concerning the probabilities of the errors which happen in making observations
    • R Adrain, Investigation of the figure of the earth, and of the gravity in different latitudes
    • R Adrain, Research concerning the mean diameter of the earth
    • G B Airy, Letter from Professor Airy, Astronomer Royal to the Editor
    • J Anderson (ed.), E L. DeForest
    • M J Babb, Robert Adrain Man and Mathematician
    • J L Coolidge, Robert Adrain and the beginnings of American mathematics
    • E L DeForest, Interpolation and adjustment of series
    • E L DeForest, On an unsymmetrical probability curve
    • E L DeForest, On an unsymmetrical law of error in the position of a point in space
    • E L DeForest, On the law of error in target shooting
    • L A Goodman and W H Kruskal, Measures of association for cross classifications II: Further discussions and references
    • C H Kummel, Reduction of observation equations which contain more than one observed quantity

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