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         Abraham Max:     more books (95)
  1. Clinical Biochemistry by Abraham Cantarow and Max Trumper, 1947
  2. Clinical Biochemistry by Abraham; Trumper, Max Cantarow, 1956
  3. Clinical Biochemistry : 6th Edition by Abraham ; Trumper, Max Cantarow, 1965-01-01
  5. Abraham's Seed by Max Israelite, 2005-05-30
  6. Abraham Lincoln der wiederhersteller der nordamerikanischen union, und der grosse kampf der nord- und südstaaten während der jahre 1861-1865 (German Edition) by Max Lange, 2010-05-12
  7. Popular History of the Jews, Volume 3 by Heinrich Graetz, Max Raisin, et all 2010-03-31
  8. Popular History of the Jews, Volume 2 by Heinrich Graetz, Max Raisin, et all 2010-03-21
  9. Hochschullehrer (Hochschule Für Die Wissenschaft Des Judentums): Abraham Geiger, Leo Baeck, Max Wiener, Hermann Cohen, Julius Guttmann (German Edition)
  10. Technical University of Berlin Faculty: Karl Weierstrass, Gustav Ludwig Hertz, Abraham Esau, Fritz Houtermans, Max Volmer, Hans Kopfermann
  11. Popular History Of The Jews V3: From The Coming Of The Jews Under The Domination Of The Islam, 640 C. E. (1919) by Heinrich Graetz, 2009-12-07
  12. Music Education in the United States: Contemporary Issues
  13. Boxer (Deutschland): Susianna Kentikian, Max Schmeling, Axel Schulz, Arthur Abraham, Henry Maske, Dariusz Michalczewski, Markus Beyer (German Edition)
  14. Boxeur Allemand (Boxe Anglaise): Max Schmeling, Marco Huck, Arthur Abraham, Felix Sturm, Johann Trollman, Markus Beyer, Wilhelm Von Homburg (French Edition)

61. Physiological And X-Ray Studies Of Potential Antisickling Agents -- Abraham Et A
Donald J. abraham, max F. Perutz, and Simon EV Phillips. Several aromatic compoundshave been found to inhibit the gelling of sickle cell hemoglobin.
This Article Full Text (PDF) Alert me when this article is cited Alert me if a correction is posted Services Similar articles in this journal Similar articles in PubMed Alert me to new issues of the journal Add to My File Cabinet ... Cited by other online articles PubMed PubMed Citation Articles by Abraham, D. J. Articles by Phillips, S. E. V. January 15, 1983
Physiological and X-Ray Studies of Potential Antisickling Agents Donald J. Abraham, Max F. Perutz, and Simon E. V. Phillips Several aromatic compounds have been found to inhibit the gelling of sickle cell hemoglobin. We have tried to correlate the antigelling activity of such compounds with the stereochemistry of their binding sites in the hemoglobin molecule. This approach led to the discovery that two known antilipoproteinemia drugs, clofibrate and gemfibrozil, have antigelling activity. X-ray analysis showed that three pairs of molecules of clofibric acid, the active metabolite of clofibrate, bound to the walls of the internal cavity of deoxyhemoglobin A; only one pair bound to a quite different site, between helices A, E, and H of the chains of carbon monoxide hemoglobin A. Unlike other antigelling agents, clofibric acid and related compounds decrease rather than increase the oxygen affinity of hemoglobin.

62. Famous Danes
Lars von Trier, 760000, Film director (was 2 with 771000 hits, max Per StigMøller, 51200, Politician (was 57 with 47500 hits, max 54700, min 6030).
Famous Danes according to Google
  • Hans Christian Andersen, , Author (was #2 with 979000 hits, max 1530000, min 36000).
  • Viggo Mortensen, , Actor (was #4 with 629000 hits, min 12500).
  • Niels Bohr, , Physicist (was #6 with 556000 hits, max 1120000, min 30300).
  • Michael Heilemann, , Artist (was #1 with 1040000 hits).
  • Lars von Trier, , Film director (was #3 with 760000 hits, max 898000, min 39400).
  • Connie Nielsen, , Actress (was #16 with 185000 hits, min 13100).
  • Ask Bjørn Hansen , Computer scientist (was #5 with 604000 hits, max 650000, min 52800).
  • Jakob Nielsen , Computer scientist (was #7 with 494000 hits, max 552000, min 50200).
  • Katja Kean, , Porn star (was #8 with 365000 hits, max 505000, min 2520).
  • King Diamond, , Musician (had 347000 hits, max 400000, min 19500).
  • Georg Jensen, , Silversmith (was #9 with 353000 hits, min 7500).
  • Søren Kierkegaard, , Philosopher (had 300000 hits, min 8350).
  • Dietrich Buxtehude, , Musician (was #11 with 310000 hits, max 356000, min 10200).
  • Tycho Brahe, , Astronomer (was #13 with 249000 hits, max 264000, min 19500).
  • Brigitte Nielsen
  • 63. Austrian Literature Online - Kataloge
    abraham, max Hrsg. abraham, max Hrsg. - 1918 abraham, max - 1897 abraham, max abraham, max - 1904 abraham, max - 1918

    64. Freedman Catalogue Lookup: Artist Wohlberg, Khazn Max
    On album B033(h) (Moods In Celebration Beth abraham Youth Chorale Orchestra)Composer Wohlberg, Khazn max Vocal/Accompaniment Beth abraham Youth Chorale

    65. Freedman Catalogue Lookup: Artist Helfman, Khazn Max
    On album S074(a) (The Holy Sabbath Cantor abraham Shapiro ? Composer Helfman, Khazn max ?, ? ?

    66. Abraham Canal
    Daily average tabular data for abraham Canal from 200507-23 to 2005-07-29 7 days deg F, max. Panel Temperature deg C, max. Panel Temperature in F.

    67. Mississippi Genealogy & Local History: Merchant Max Abraham Displays Silkworms,
    Merchant max abraham Displays Silkworms Claiborne County, Mississippi News.The TimesDemocrat. New Orleans, Louisiana. September 4, 1911
    Merchant Max ABRAHAM Displays Silkworms
    Claiborne County, Mississippi News The Times-Democrat New Orleans, Louisiana September 4, 1911 Please click here to email this page to a friend, and copy the url for this page into your message. Back to Old Mississippi News Back to the Archives Back to the Front Page
    God Bless America! We appreciate it when you link to this website! Help spread the word about! - Historic Newspapers Online Always FREE!

    68. Abraham Speyer Vs Max Euwe (1923)
    Free, searchable chess game database and community.

    69. Max Euwe Vs Abraham Speyer (1923)
    Free, searchable chess game database and community.

    70. Claire Max
    UCSC astronomer Claire max receives 2004 EO Lawrence Award in Physics parts tobetter ways to see the stars, said Secretary of Energy Spencer abraham.
    Sept. 27-Oct. 3, 2004
    Vol. 9, No. 7 Appointments Six members of ITS management team introduced UCSC in the News Washington Post quotes Lori Kletzer on widening income gap Currents Newspaper is a weekly publication from the UC Santa Cruz Public Information Office.
    Maintained by Claire Max stands next to the Shane Telescope at Lick Observatory on Mt. Hamilton. In the background, the bright straight line at the top of the photo is the laser beam from the laser guide star system Max designed as part of the telescope's adaptive optics system, which corrects for the blurring effect of the atmosphere. Photo by Laurie Hatch, Lick Observatory September 27, 2004 UCSC astronomer Claire Max receives 2004 E. O. Lawrence Award in Physics By Tim Stephens The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded the 2004 E. O. Lawrence Award in Physics to Claire Max, a professor of astronomy and astrophysics at UCSC. Max, who is deputy director of the Center for Adaptive Optics at UCSC and holds a joint appointment at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, received the award for her contributions to the theory of laser guide star adaptive optics and its application in ground-based astronomy. Adaptive optics sharpens the vision of telescopes by correcting for the blurring effects of the atmosphere.

    71. Gunnar Nordström (1991-1923)
    phenomena as it was formulated by max abraham in his Theory of Electricity . force by max abraham was in contradiction with conservation of energy.
    ON GRAVITATION AND RELATIVITY Eva Isaksson Observatory
    University of Helsinki
    Presented at the XVIIth International Congress of History of Science
    University of California, Berkeley, July 31 - August 8, 1985.

    Gunnar Nordström
    Theory of Electricity . The Minkowskiian electrodynamics, along with the theories of Maxwell and Hertz and the theory of Cohn were discussed at a separate chapter, with no reference yet to Einstein. Physikalische Zeitschrift Abraham was soon to engage in another debate. In 1911, Einstein began to publish on gravitation after a four-year-long silence. His early papers on scalar gravitation with a variable velocity of light inspired Abraham both to attack relativity and to believe that even Einstein himself had now abandoned his own basic principles. Abraham designed a scalar theory of gravitation which was neither relativistic nor consistent. Einstein abandoned scalar theories altogether and began his long struggle with tensor theory. Physikalische Zeitschrift in October 1912. The theory was notably imperfect in its definition of the source of the gravitational field, which had to be later defined as the trace of the energy-momentum tensor as pointed out by Max von Laue in his
    The equations of motion can be derived from this line element with a variational principle
    The field equations are found by equating the curvature scalar R with the trace of the energy-momentum tensor, multiplied by a constant:

    72. : Book Search Reiter's Scientific And Professional Bookstore
    abraham, max; Becker, Richard. 1937. Hardback bk. $65.00 Color Atlas of UrologicSurgery. Cockett, abraham T.; Koshiba, Ken, K;&stype=author

    73. Hi
    Review of Gary abraham, max Weber and the Jewish Question. Pp. 87981 in ContemporarySociology (November, 1993). Reply to abraham (November, 1994).


    faculty and staff



    Stephen Kalberg
    Associate Professor
    Ph.D., SUNY at Stony Brook, 1978
    BIO AND RESEARCH Stephen Kalberg is Associate Professor of Sociology and affiliate of the Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies at Harvard University. He teaches sociological theory and comparative political cultures. He recently completed an edited selection of Max Weber s writings on modernity, Max Weber Other recent publications include a translation of The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism (2002) and the article, "The Past and Present Influence of World Views," in Journal of Classical Sociology (2004). Kalberg has also published widely on German and American societies, including, "The Influence of Political Culture upon Cross-Cultural Misperceptions," in German Politics and Society (2003). Ongoing work includes an investigation of the cultural foundations of citizenship and a work on Max Weber's Sociology of Civilizations. SELECT PUBLICATIONS Books: Max Weber's Comparative-Historical Sociology . Polity Press and The University of Chicago Press, 1994 Japanese translation (Minerva Publishers, Kyoto; June, 1999) German translation (Westdeutsche Publ.; Jan., 2001) French translation (Bibliothek du MAUSS; Sept., 2002) Turkish translation in progress

    74. Congregation Beth Abraham History
    If you have information to share about the history of Beth abraham— Among themen prominently active in the erection of the synagogue were max Goldberg,
    Congregation Beth Abraham
    Since 1916
    Congregation Beth Abraham was established in 1916. There was a rapid growth period in the middle 20th century, during which the current building, with its large main sanctuary and school building, was built.
    Please note: this page is under construction.
    History Recovered: The history of Congregation Beth Abraham as presented in 1971, at the dedication of the “New Sanctuary.” Congregation Beth Abraham’s HISTORY RECALLED It was about the turn of the century when the Jewish community in Bridgeton was composed of about 30 families. There was no synagogue in Bridgeton and religious services were held for a time on the third floor of what was then the Horner Building and now is the Steinbrook Building. Later, the religious services were held on the third floor of the building on North Laurel Street then occupied by the Cohen Cigar buisiness.
    The Jewish community was showing some growth and a need for some permanent place of worship became apparent. In 1915 the cornerstone was laid at the North Laurel Street site where the synagogue was previously located. On June 26, 1916 at a special dedication ceremony, Sylvia Feinstein Kolman, as a very, very small child officially opened the doors with a traditional gold key.
    Among the men prominently active in the erection of the synagogue were Max Goldberg, Benjamin Pollock, Isaac Serata, David Garfield, Moses Cohen, Max J. Horuvitz, Jacob Fisher, Philip Rovner and Max Feinstein.

    75. Igumener Benevolent Association
    Chadash, Moshe. Charin, abraham. Charnea, Sam. Charnea, max. Chopin, Moshe Cohen, Aaron. Draygen, abraham. Edelman, Isaac. Elentuck, max. Elinik, Meyer
    Belarus SIG All Belarus Database Belarus Static Index Grodno ... Contact us
    Igumener Benevolent Association
    contributed by Jerry Seligsohn
    Thanks to the excellence and diligence of the YIVO librarians I was able to locate the following names found at the end of a very small bound booklet containing, in Yiddish, the constitution of the society. I would suggest that from inferences from style, oxidation, its necessity for ordering the proceedings of a large group, and its complete reliance on Yiddish that it was printed no later than 1920. I transliterated the great majority of the names. Where first names used the Hebrew spelling I translated into English [yussef to Joseph, yaakov to Jacob, yitzchok to Isaac]. All things commendable about this lists must be assigned to the YIVO librarians. All mistakes in transliteration must ascribed to the poor work of J Seligsohn. I would suggest that where common names are clearly stated the work is fairly good. Where names appear to be atypical I would infer that I am at fault. Jerome Seligsohn
    May, 2001

    76. A New Approach For Asynchronous Distributed Rate Control Of Elastic Sessions In
    2 SP abraham and A. Kumar, maxMin fair rate control of ABR connections withnonzero MCRs, in Proc. IEEE Globecom, 1997, pp. 498-502.

    77. UNM Physics And Astronomy Department Web Site
    abraham, max, Classical Electricity and Magnetism, In, EM 2014. abraham, Ralph,Dynamics, the Geometry of Behavior Periodic Behavior, In
    Search PandA Library Loans , contains items available for loan.
    Contact the Main Office
    A B C D E ... Title Status Due Call # Aaron, Ronald Improve Your Physics Grade In
    GP 2307 AAS-NASA Symposium The Magnetic and Related Stars: the Proceedings In
    AS 4028 Abell, George O. Realm of the Universe In
    AS 6532 Abell, George O. Exploration of the Universe (Saunders Golden Sunburst Series) In
    AS 6542 Abell, George O. Exploration of the Universe In
    AS 6530 Abell, George O. Exploration of the Universe In
    AS 6511 Abell, George O. Exploration of the Universe [by] George Abell In
    AS 6510 Abetti, Giorgio Nebulae and Galaxies, by Giorgio Abetti and Marghe In
    AS 7514 Abraha, Ralph Dynamics, the Geometry of Behavior, Part 2: Chaotic Behavior In
    ME 4301 b Abraham, Max Classical Electricity and Magnetism In EM 2014 Abraham, Ralph Dynamics, the Geometry of Behavior: Periodic Behavior In ME 4301 Abraham, Ralph Foundations of Mechanics; a Mathematical Expositio In ME 2001 Abraham, Ralph Manifolds, Tensor Analysis, and Applications In ME 4504 Abramowitz, Milton Handbook of Mathematical Functions with Formulas

    78. German And NS Terminology
    Heinz abraham, max Blumenthal, Albert Bohn, Leo Ehrlich, Siegfried Feldheim,Walter Freund, Berthold Freundlich, Walter Goldberg, Julius Goldschmidt,
    German and NS Terminology
    The use of quotation marks denotes nazified or nazi words.

    A Nazi euphemism for deportation for so-called racial reasons. The term was used, without quotation marks, by the representatives of the Jewish community, on instructions from the "Aufsichtsbehörde"/ "supervisory authority", a euphemism for the Gestapo. This and other terminology was intentionally used to deceive the deportees. Aktion "Arbeitsscheu Reich":
    In June 1938 Jews with previous convictions, which included the most trifling offences, were transported to concentration camps. The total number of such individuals arrested in Hamburg is unknown. At least 41 of these were murdered in connection with the internment in concentration camps or with the later deportation and extermination measures. These 41 individuals are here named:
    Heinz Abraham, Max Blumenthal, Albert Bohn, Leo Ehrlich, Siegfried Feldheim, Walter Freund, Berthold Freundlich, Walter Goldberg, Julius Goldschmidt, Alfons von Halle, Felix von Halle, Jacob Hecht, Martin Heynemann, Gustav Holstein, Hugo Horwitz, Max Karfunkel, Arthur Krebs, Leo Lazarus, Dr. Leonard Lazarus, David Levy, Alfons Liebenthal, Siegfried Liebreich, Sally Loeb, Joseph Ludwig, Fritz Mainzer, Max Mendel, Hugo Moses, Nathan Neumann, Siegfried Neumann, Alfred Oppenheim, Alfred Pein, Theodor Reiss, Bruno Rosenbaum, Siegfried Rosenblum, John Salomon, Isidor Selig, Leo Silberstein, Hermann Sonn, Lippmann Weinberg, Max Wolf, Adolf Wolff.

    79. VCU News
    abraham shares his memories of Nobel Laureate max Perutz These are Dr.abraham s memories of his 30year relationship with max Perutz
    Abraham shares his memories of Nobel Laureate Max Perutz
    Donald J. Abraham, Ph.D., professor of medicinal chemistry and director of the Institute for Structural Biology and Drug Discovery.
    Photo by A. Jones, VCU Creative Services. Dec. 3, 2002
    VCU's Donald J. Abraham was honored recently with a special invitation. Abraham, Ph.D., professor of medicinal chemistry and director of the Institute for Structural Biology and Drug Discovery, traveled to Cambridge, England, at the personal invitation of Vivien Perutz to give the closing remarks at a September memorial for Ms. Perutz's father and Abraham's friend and colleague - Nobel Laureate Max Ferdinand Perutz. Perutz, who shared the 1962 Nobel Prize for chemistry for his work on the structure of proteins, died in February of cancer. He was 87. Shortly after Perutz's death, Abraham sat down at his computer at 4 a.m. one sleepless night to jot down a few thoughts about his mentor. The "few thoughts" became a career-full of reflections. These are Dr. Abraham's memories of his 30-year relationship with Max Perutz: BACKGROUND: A TALE OF TWO VIENNESE
    My wife and I hosted the professor and Mrs. Burger (she was 94, married to the professor for around 70 years and a very southern Virginia lady) at a pre-Christmas luncheon just before the millenium at their favorite restaurant overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains near their retirement complex. The professor died a week after our luncheon. One of the professor's last words to me was that he wished that he had gotten to meet Max. Max's last note to me came on a Christmas card last December. It read, "Don: Hope your work is flourishing. By a quirk of fate I have solved the amyloid structure and have sent it off to PNAS. Yours, Max." Like Max's last note, Professor Burger was a scientist until the end. At the end of the luncheon, Professor Burger said, "Don, do we have enough chapters on computational chemistry? It is important now."

    80. Career Corner Resume Display - Aby Abraham
    Aby abraham is looking for a job as actor/voiceover artist, animator, Alias Wavefront Maya, Kinetix 3D Studio max, OtherDitector, Avid,

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