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         Abraham Max:     more books (95)
  1. Clinical Biochemistry by Max Cantarow Abraham and Trumper, 1945-01-01
  2. Essays and Selected Verse of Abraham Cowley with an Introduction John Max Attenborough by Abraham Cowley, 1111
  3. To remember Abraham and Max L. Rosenberg by Ansel Adams, 1931
  4. Classical Theory of Electricity & Magnet by Max Abraham, 1932
  5. Classical Theory of Electricity & Ma 2ND Edition by Max Abraham, 1949-01-01
  6. Classical Theory of Electricity and Magnetism. (SECOND EDITION) by Max and Richard Becker Abraham, 1961
  8. Classical Theory of Electricity & Ma 2ND Edition by Max Abraham, 1950
  9. The Classical Theory of Electricity and Magnetism (The Student's Physics, Volume V) by Max; Becker, Richard Abraham, 1954
  10. The Classical Theory of Electricity and Magnetism by Max Abraham, 1956-01-01
  11. Peeps at Abraham Lincoln, by Max Vivier, 1932
  12. Max Wertheimer's life and background source materials by Abraham S Luchins, 1991
  13. Biochemistry in Internal Medicine. With a forward by Elmer H. Funk. Illustrated. by Max and Abraham CANTAROW. TRUMPER, 1932
  14. Clinical Biochemistry by Abraham; Trumper, Max Cantarow, 1905

41. Quaternion References
abraham, max Ueber einige bei Schwingungsproblemen auftretende abraham, maxGeometrisehe Grundbegriffe. Encykl. d. math, Wiss., 4, p.

Resume Research Travel [ Bibliography ] Photo Archive T his page contains a bibliography of quaternions and their applications. If you have authored or are aware of material written on quaternions and their application that is not contained within this list, please contact me via email with the reference or try my Mail Form . I will be glad to include it the next time I update this list. T. A. Ell A
  • Abbott, Edwin A.: FLATLAND: A Romance of Many Dimensions . Basil Blackwell-Oxford, 1962. Abdel-khalek, Khaled: Quaternion Analysis , Dipartimento di Fisica-Universita di Lecce-Lecce, 73100, Italy, 1996. Abonyi, I.: Quaternion Representation of Lorentz Group for Classical Physics Abraham, Max: Ueber einige bei Schwingungsproblemen auftretende Differentialgleichungen . Math. Ann. 52, p. 81—112, 1899. Abraham, Max: Geometrisehe Grundbegriffe . Encykl. d. math, Wiss., 4, p. 3—47, 1901 Acheson, Paulette Bootz: Multimedia Application Of Quaternions (Object Rotation) , M.Sc. dissertation, University Of Southern California 1997. Aeberli, G.:
  • 42. Flights, Hotels, Holidays - Reviews And Guides | ThisisTravel
    abraham Bay, Bahamas. 5 day forecast, view in °C / view in °F. Saturday, Min,max, Sunrise 074500. 25°c, 32°c, Sunset 204900 GMT. Sunshine hours 6.7

    43. Abraham Had Two Sons - Max R. King
    Central to max King s thinking with regards to eschatology was understanding howPaul uses abraham’s two wives and two sons as an allegory of two covenants
    Abraham Had Two Sons
    by Max R. King
    Understanding the way Paul uses Abraham’s two wives and two sons as an allegory (Gal. 4:24) can take us a long way toward understanding prophecy. Hagar represents the Old Covenant, and Ishmael the children of the Old Covenant – unbelieving Israel. Sarah represents the New Covenant and Isaac the children of that covenant – the Church. In order for Isaac to receive the inheritance, Ishmael – the firstborn – had to be cast out. Likewise the covenants: in order for the New Covenant to be established in fullness, for the “new heavens and new earth” to be in place, the Old Covenant system had to be put away. The heaven and earth that would pass away were not the space-time universe, but the Old Covenant world of the Law and its typology.
    In Galatians 4:21-31, Paul uses Abraham’s two sons as an allegory that will help us a great deal in understanding Bible prophecy. Here we find some important keys, some important ideas and concepts, that will help us make sense of the information we are given. Paul gives us a working demonstration of the new understanding Christ brought to the interpretation of prophecy. Paul himself writes, “For all the promises of God in Him are Yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of God through us” (2 Cor. 1:20). Jesus is important not only to our salvation, but to our study of interpretation or hermeneutics. It is appealing, and seems simple enough, just to take the Bible literally whenever possible, and a great number of Bible teachers advocate just such a method. One well-known rule of thumb is to take a passage literally unless it is obvious that the usage is figurative. This system has a lot to commend it, but it overlooks an important fact: there is a considerable language and cultural barrier between the New Testament and the contemporary reader. Discerning between figurative and literal language is not always so easy. And it really doesn’t help our dilemma any: one person may say, Christ has obviously not returned, so we must take the time statements figuratively; another may say, Christ said his return would be signaled by the destruction of Jerusalem, so we can’t take the descriptions literally.

    44. TV Review - Abraham And Mary Lincoln: A House Divided
    Do a search for abraham and Mary Lincoln and you will encounter transcriptsfor all By max Pemberton. Indie Corner July 2005 By Glenn Andreiev Home/abeandmarylincoln.html
    Columns Film Reviews At Home Review Archives ... About FIR
    tv review
    Abraham and Mary Lincoln: A House Divided
    reviewed by Nicole Potter Airs on the American Experience, PBS, Monday, February 19, Tuesday, February 20, and Wednesday, February 21. Credits:
    Produced and co-written (with Geoff Ward) by David Grubin Cinematography by James Callanan
    Music by Michael Bacon
    Edited by Seth Bomse. Cast:
    Narrated by David McCullogh.
    Voice of Lincoln: David Morse.
    Voice of Mary: Holly Hunter. The first two parts of the program (to be shown on President's Day), tell of the early lives of the twoshe a charming southern belle, and he, a poor, illiterate farmer's son. To me, this was the least interesting part of the series, because it involved a lot of historians making educated guesses about the psychological make-up and childhood scars of its characters. However, I did learn of the extreme ambivalence (on Lincoln's part) with which their partnership began, and also that lawyers in Illinois used to sleep five to a bed! The second and third sections of the film, though, were thoroughly engrossing. Here Lincoln's presidencythe Civil Waris explored. In spite of the controversy that surrounded his choices, his lack of experience, his own depression and self-doubts, Lincoln was transformed by the War, from an untried leader who was just trying to patch up a divided country, to a commander in chief, who ultimately felt that the War was God's just retribution upon the citizen'sboth Southern and Northernfor having allowed slavery to continue for 250 years. Mary, whose grief and isolation grew, as her husband became more and more the country's leader, and less and less her companion and caretaker, found what little solace she could in mediums and furious shopping.

    45. Oxford Physics - Library
    3.4/ABR, abraham, max, The classical theory of electricity and magnetism, 300795116.3.4/ABR, abraham, max, The classical theory of electricity and

    46. Welcome To The World Of Maxwell Abraham Freedman
    Click to enter max Freedman s Gallery.
    Click to enter Max Freedman's Gallery Click to enter Max Freedman's Gallery

    47. Max-Min Fair Rate Control Of ABR Connections With Nonzero MCRs
    SP abraham and A. Kumar. maxmin fair rate control of ABR connections with nonzeroMCRs. In Globecom 97, pages 498502,

    48. - Abraham, Max
    divulgare in Italia le teorie del suo maestro max Planck.

    49. Abraham Lincoln Biglow
    abraham Lincoln Biglow Born April 27, 1861 at Farmer, Defiance, OH. Crague Chester, abraham Lincoln Jr.., Terry King, max Merril, Dee Anne (Dea),
    Abraham Lincoln Biglow Biography
    Contributed by
    Lisa Christiansen

    Abraham Lincoln Biglow: Born April 27, 1861 at Farmer, Defiance, OH. Died March 15, 1923 at Hicksville, OH, while visiting friends. He married Laura Willard (nicknamed "Loll") on August 26, 1883 at Milo, OH. They had 9 children - Kemp Vere, Crague Chester, Abraham Lincoln Jr.., Terry King, Max Merril, Dee Anne (Dea), Thelma Iris, Marvel, and a little son named Jute, who died young.
    Great-great-grandpa Biglow (as Abe is referred to) and his family moved to Ashland, Wisconsin around 1910, to head up the Ashland Home Telephone Company. Abe and his son Craigue, went around to prospective customers, to encourage people to install the new device (telephone)! G-g-grandpa and G-g-grandma Loll are buried in Ashland, WI. Abe Biglow also served one term in the Wisconsin State Legislature, representing the Ashland district in the Assembly.
    Obituary of Abe Lincoln Biglow as appeared in the Bryan Democrat, March 23, 1923, page 7
    A. L. Biglow

    50. Historical Papers Of Physics
    max abraham, Albert Einstein. Niels Bohr, J. Frenkel, Hermann Minkowski,Erwin Schrödinger. max Born, S. Goudsmit, Wolfgang Pauli, Arnold Sommerfeld Papers.html
    Project Papers
    Historic Papers
    Max Abraham Albert Einstein Niels Bohr J. Frenkel ... G. E. Uhlenbeck
    Click on the icon on the right to open the paper.
    Max Abraham, Zur elektromagnetischen Mechanik, Phys. Zeit. , p. 737-741, (1909). Zur Frage der Symmetrie des Elektromagnetischen Spannungstensor, Ann. Phys. , p. 537-544, (1914).
    Niels Bohr, On the Constitution of Atoms and Molecules, Phil. Mag. On the Spectrum of Hydrogen, Fysisk Tidsskrift On the Quantum Theory of Line-Spectra., D. Kgl. Danske Vidensk. Selsk. Skrifter, Naturvidensk. og Mathem. Afd. 8. Række, IV.1 Atomic Structure, Nature , March 24 (1921). The Structure of the Atom and the Physical and Chemical Properties of the Elements Fysisk Tidsskrift Can quantum-mechanical description of physical reality be considered complete?, Phys. Rev.
    Max Born, On Quantum Mechanics, Z. Phys. On Quantum Mechanics II, Z. Phys. and Leopold Infeld, Foundations of the New Field Theory, Proc. Roy. Soc. A , p. 425-451, (1934)
    Louis de Broglie, Waves and Quanta, Comptes rendus , p. 507-510, (1923).

    51. Brooklyn Museum: Search
    Artist, max Weber. Title, Portrait of abraham Walkowitz max Weber s portraitof his fellow artist abraham Walkowitz was painted in Paris at a crucial
    Luce Center: Search
    Portrait of Abraham Walkowitz
    Accession # Artist Max Weber Title Portrait of Abraham Walkowitz Date Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions Credit Line Gift of Abraham Walkowitz Location Luce Center: Unit 15, SCR A, Painting screen, Modernism Max Weber's portrait of his fellow artist Abraham Walkowitz was painted in Paris at a crucial time in the careers of both men. Although both were Russian-born and raised in New York, they met in Paris in 1906 at the Acad©mie Julian, where they were receiving traditional art training. The dark outlines and broadly applied paint that Weber used to portray Walkowitz, however, show that by 1907 he had already rejected academic styles and had fallen under the spell of the great modernist Paul C©zanne.
    • Location: 200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, New York 11238-6052 Telephone: (718) 638-5000; TTY: (718) 399-8440

    52. Untitled Document
    max Brightman, abraham’s son, was elected President of the group. The otherofficers were Victor Miller, Treasurer, and Robert Gordon, Secretary.

    53. Children Of Abraham : :
    Children of abraham seeks to break down barriers between young Muslims and Jewsaround the world through Children of abraham Interns, max Rechenmacher

    54. Max Bruch - Kol Nidrei, Kol Nidre
    abraham Katz Nusach Recorded Rosenblatt max Bruch Lichtenstein max Bruchhimself wrote the following on Kol Nidrei, in a letter to cantor and




    Abraham Katz

    Max Bruch


    Read More

    ... news bulletin Last update 19 October 2004 Editor Chazzanut Online
    Max Bruch, Kol Nidrei
    Op. 47, Adagio on Hebrew Melodies for Violoncello and Orchestra . [Listen to a midi This page contains some background information concerning Max Bruch's arrangement of Kol Nidrei. "There is hardly any other traditional Jewish tune that attracted so much attention from the composers of the last century. Innumerable are the arrangements for voice with piano, organ or violin accompaniment and violoncello obligato. We have the exalted melody prepared for choir and small orchestra. And last but not least is the concerto by Max Bruch. In the first bars of Beethoven's C# minor quartet, the opening theme of Kol Nidrei is recognizable. Thus has the music world come to consider this the most characteristic tune of the synagogue." (Idelsohn, The Kol Nidrei Tune, in: HUC Annual, Vol VIII-IX, 1931/2, p.493) Max Bruch himself wrote the following on Kol Nidrei, in a letter to cantor and musicologist Eduard Birnbaum (4 December 1889): "...I became acquainted with Kol Nidre and a few other songs (among others, 'Arabian Camel') in Berlin through the Lichtenstein family, who befriended me. Even though I am a Protestant, as an artist I deeply felt the outstanding beauty of these melodies and therefore I gladly spread them through my arrangement.

    55. Society For Innovation & Development - Indian Institute Of Science, SID - IISc
    Santosh P. abraham and Anurag kumar, maxMin Fair Rate Control of ABR Trafficwith M Nonzero MCRs , IEEE GLOBECOM 97, Phoenix, Arizona, November 1997.
    Control of ABR Traffic in ATM Networks Time Frame 01-04-97 to 30-06-98 Sponsoring Organization Northern Telecom NORTEL 2305, mission College Bld, Santa Clara, California, USA Project Executive Prof. Anurag Kumar Dept. of ECE.
    To develop switch algorithms for explicit rate control of elastic traffic in packet networks. The approach should support minimum guaranteed rates for each flow. The algorithm should be simple, distributed, asynchronous, and should permit simple and efficient implementation. The approach should also take care of the higher priority stream traffic being carried by the network links.
    Developed a new class of asynchronous distributed algorithms for the explicit rate control of elastic sessions in an integrated packet network. Sessions can request for minimum guaranteed rate allocation (Eg., MCR's in the ATM context), and., under this constraint, the algorithm seeks to allocate max-min fair rates to the sessions. The integrated network context is captured by permitting the link bandwidths available to elastic sessions to be stochastically time varying. The available capacity of each link is viewed as some statistic of this stochastic process (Eg., a fraction of the mean, or a large deviations based Equivalent Service Capacity (ESC)).
    The ESC is obtained so as to satisfy an overflow probability constraint on the buffer length. For fixed available capacity at each link, it is shown that the vector of the max-min fair rates can be computed from the root of a certain vector equation. A distributed asynchronous stochastic approximation technique is then used to develop a provably convergent distributed algorithm for obtaining the root of the equation, even when the link flows and the available capacities are obtained from on-line measurements. The switch algorithm does not require per connection and monitoring, nor does it require per connection marking of control packets. A virtual buffer based approach for online estimation of the ESC is utilized.

    56. Abraham Geiger And Liberal Judaism - The Challenge Of The Nineteenth Century - M
    max Wiener, abraham Geiger gave the Reform Movement in Judaism its intellectualstature and theoretical justification. His struggle against the
    Book Information About the book Table of Contents
    The Challenge of the Nineteenth Century
    Max Wiener Abraham Geiger gave the Reform Movement in Judaism its intellectual stature and theoretical justification. His struggle against the traditionalists forms an interesting chapter in the history of German Jewry, yet is now of even greater interest to American Jews, for ultimately Geiger found more convinced and ardent followers on this side of the Atlantic than he had had in Europe.
    1. Biography of Abraham Geiger
    2. Letters
    to Joseph Naftali Dernburg
    to Various Correspondents
    to Leopold Zunz: Reminiscences of Days Gone By
    3. Excerpts from Geiger's Works
    A General Introduction to the Science of Judaism
    Reports of the Jewish Institute of Religious Instruction Judaism and its History The Original Text and Translations of the Bible 4. Sermons and Lead Articles Sermons Lead Articles An Open Letter: On Renouncing Judaism Published by Hebrew Union College Press $16.95s paper / ISBN 0-87820-800-3

    57. ABRAHAM'S SEED By MAX ISRAELITE From Pickabook Books
    Book Title, abraham S SEED. Author, max ISRAELITE. Publisher, BOOKLOCKER INC.,US abraham S SEED by max ISRAELITE view basket at Pickabook view basket.

    58. Morris Atlas Interview
    MJ Next came max. SJ Okay, abraham came once, you said, after stealing somemoney from your father, then returned to Poland, and then came back to the
    Home Shtetl Life Holocaust Landsmanshaftn ... Contact Interview of Moshe Atlasowicz (Morris Josephson "M.J." Atlas)
    Conducted By: Scott J. Atlas, July 5, 1982, Houston, Texas Interview with M.J. Atlas: SJ: Uncle Morris, one of the first questions I wanted to ask you was based on a conversation we had once before in which I asked you about the origin of the name "Atlas." I had always heard that the name originally was "Atlasowicz," but you told me that before that it was actually "Atlas"; so why don't you tell me about that. MJ: That's correct. The original name was "Atlas." It stems from the German, which means that our family originally came from Germany. In Germany, satin silk is called "atlas." The name indicated that one of our ancestors, perhaps my great-great grandfather, was engaged in the silk business. We came from Germany, which was near Poland. Our town, Radzilowo, was only a few miles from the German border at that time. SJ: Do you know how to spell the name of the town, Radzilowo?

    59. Browse By Author: M - Project Gutenberg
    Müller, F. max (Friedrich max) (18231900) Myerson, abraham (1881-1948).The Foundations of Personality (English); The Nervous Housewife (English)
    Project Gutenberg Online Book Catalog Quick Search Author: Title Word(s): EText-No.: Advanced Search Recent Books Top 100 Offline Catalogs ... In Depth Information
    Browse By Author: M
    Authors: A B C D ... other Titles: A B C D ... other Languages with more than 50 books: Chinese Dutch English Finnish ... Spanish Languages with up to 50 books: Afrikaans Aleut Bulgarian Catalan ... Yiddish Categories: Audio Book, computer-generated Audio Book, human-read Data Music, recorded ... Pictures, still Recent: last 24 hours last 7 days last 30 days
    Maag, Carl
    Mabie, Hamilton Wright, 1845-1916

    60. AAS Database - Browse - List
    2, abraham, Farid Fadlow. 1, abraham, Frederick David. 1, abrahamFrois, Gilbert.1, abraham, KM. 1, abraham, max. 1, abraham, NB. 1, abraham, R.
    AAS database - Browse - AUTHOR list - ALL DOCUMENTS
    The numbers in the list below indicate the number of documents listed under a term.
    To display the documents, click on an eye . To move up or down the list, click on the arrow. Abraham, Farid Fadlow Abraham, Frederick David Abraham-Frois, Gilbert Abraham, K. M. Abraham, Max Abraham, N. B. Abraham, R. Abraham, R. J. Abraham, Ralph Abraham, Ralph H. Abrahams, K. Abrahams, Marc

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