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         Abraham Bar Hiyya:     more books (25)
  1. Arabic-hebrew Translators: Jacob Anatoli, Abraham Bar Hiyya, Reuven Snir, Joseph Kimhi, Kalonymus Ben Kalonymus, Samuel Ibn Tibbon
  2. Catalan Scientists: François Arago, Pere Bosch-Gimpera, Luis González-Mestres, Abraham Bar Hiyya, Ferran Lagarda Mata, Esteban Terradas I Illa
  3. 11th-Century Scientists: 11th-Century Mathematicians, Alhazen, Omar Khayyám, Shen Kuo, Abu Rayhan Biruni, Su Song, Abraham Bar Hiyya, Ibn Yunus
  4. 11th-Century Mathematicians: Alhazen, Omar Khayyám, Shen Kuo, Abu Rayhan Biruni, Su Song, Abraham Bar Hiyya, Ibn Yunus
  5. 12th-Century Scientists: 12th-Century Mathematicians, Omar Khayyám, Adelard of Bath, Abraham Bar Hiyya, Al-Khazini, Bhaskara Ii
  6. 12th-Century Rabbis: Maimonides, Rashi, Eliezer Ben Nathan, Abraham Bar Hiyya, Judah Halevi, Abraham Ibn Daud, Abraham Ben David, Joseph Kimhi
  7. Sefer Megilat ha-megaleh (Hebrew Edition) by Rabbi Abraham bar Hiyya Savasorda, 2007-12-10
  8. La Obra Forma De La Tierra De R. Abraham Bar Hiyya ha-Bargeloni
  9. LA OBRA ENCICLOPEDICA; YESODE HA-TEBUNA U-MIGDAL HA-EMUNA, DE R. ABRAHAM BAR HIYYA HA-BARGELONI. Edicion Critica Con Traduccion, Prologo Y Notas, Por Jose Maria Millas Vallicrosa by Abraham Bar Hiyya Savasorda, 1952-01-01
  10. Studies in Medieval Jewish Philosophy

21. Adventures In Philosophy: A Brief History Of Jewish Philosophy
In his Hegyon Hanefesh (Reflection on the Soul), abraham bar hiyya, while exposinghis ideas on creation and the destiny and conduct of Man, showed a strong
Adventures in Philosophy JEWISH PHILOSOPHY Select a Category... Ancient Philosophy Medieval Philosophy Modern Philosophy Recent Philosophy American Philosophy Islamic Philosophy Jewish Philosophy Political Philosophy Eastern Philosophy Jewish Philosophy Index Academy Resources Glossary of Philosophical Terms Philosophy Search Engine Timeline of Philosophy A Timeline of American Philosophy ... Books about Religion in The Radical Academy Bookstore Shop Amazon Stores in the Radical Academy Bookstore
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for Powell's Books FREE newsletter and you may win $100 worth of books. Select: Philo Judaeus Saadia Al-Mukammas Ibn Gabriol ... Abraham bar Hiyya Philo Judaeus - (c. 25 B.C. - c. 50 A.D.)

22. Centre For Jewish Studies, University Of Manchester, SHLOMO SELA, THE SECULARISA
DR SHLOMO SELA, BARILAN UNIVERSITY From a purely chronological perspective,abraham bar hiyya (ca.1065-ca.1140), should be credited with the title of
T HE S ECULARISATION OF THE H OLY T ONGUE AND THE D EVELOPMENT OF M EDIEVAL H EBREW D R S H LOMO S ELA, B AR- I LAN U NIVERSITY ABSTRACT OF RESEARCH SEMINAR 9 DEC 2004 After the middle of the eighth century, with the completion of the Islamic conquest of the eastern, northern and part of the western shores of the Mediterranean, Jews willingly adopted the Arabic language, spoke Arabic fluently, wrote Arabic in Hebrew letters, and employed Arabic in the composition oftheir literary and scientific works. This phenomenon is especially noticeable in Andalusia, that is, Muslim Spain, where Jewish scientists and intellectual made a very significant contribution. This transition from Arabic to Hebrew was actually the passage from a language which had already proved able to successfully accommodate itself to the reception of Greek science and philosophy, to a language previously used almost exclusively for religious and liturgical purposes. In other words: the transition from Arabic to Hebrew was tantamount to the creation of a new Hebrew vocabulary. In what follows, the linguistic strategy of four outstanding twelfth-century Jewish intellectuals is briefly analyzed.

23. Webpage
abraham bar hiyya was a Spanish Jewish mathematician and astronomer. Perhaps one of the most important features of abraham bar hiyya s work is the fact
PAGE ONE Abraham bar Hiyya was a Spanish Jewish mathematician and astronomer. In the Hebrew of his
time 'Ha-Nasi' meant 'the leader' but he is also known by the Latin name Savasorda which comes
from his 'job description' showing that he held an official position in the administration in Barcelona. Abraham bar Hiyya is famed for his book Hibbur ha-Meshihah ve-ha-Tishboret (Treatise on
Measurement and Calculation), translated into Latin by Plato of Tivoli as Liber embadorum in
1145. This book is the earliest Arab algebra written in Europe. It contains the complete solution of
the general quadratic and is the first text in Europe to give such a solution. Rather strangely,
however, 1145 was also the year that al-Khwarizmi's algebra book was translated by Robert of
Chester so Abraham bar Hiyya's work was rapidly joined by a second text giving the complete
solution to the general quadratic equation. It is interesting to see the areas of mathematics and the mathematicians with which Abraham was
familiar. Of course he knew geometry through the works of Euclid, but he also knew the

24. Home Page
abraham bar hiyya HaNasi HOME PAGE . This web page is what I haved learned formthe web about the famous mathmetition abraham bar hiyya Ha - Nasi .
Abraham Bar Hiyya Ha-Nasi
This web page is what I haved learned form the web about the famous mathmetition Abraham Bar Hiyya Ha - Nasi . This information was taken from search engines such as google,yahoo,hotbot. If you have any questions comments or suggestions about this web page click on the link below.
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25. Bar Hiyya, Adam
The Philosophy of abraham bar hiyya, NY 1960; C. Sirat, A History of JewishPhilosophy in the Middle Ages, C 1985, 97–104; H. and M. Simon, Geschichte der
BAR HIYYA Adam Megillat ha-Megalleh The book of the revealer , ed. A. Poznanski, B 1924) and Hegyon he- Nefesh ha-Azuvah Meditation of a sad soul knocking on the gate of conversion , ed. G. Wigoder, J 1971; English translation, idem, The Meditation of a Sad Soul The work, The Meditation of a Sad Soul The Meditation begins with a description of the creation of the world according to the account in the Book of Genesis. Bar Hiyya accepts the idea of creation ex nihilo Book of the revealer ). The higher world above the firmament is divided into five worlds of light, and the highest corresponds to the Divine Throne. The first stage of creation consists in the emergence of light from a pure form that is close to God. In the second stage the splendor of closed form illuminates open form so that open form can pour on matter. One part of form is joined inseparably with pure matter, and the other part is joined with dirty matter. In the third stage, the light of sealed form causes the creation of the stars, which on the following day of creation influence the creation of living things. Meditation of the Sad Soul Book of the revealer , bar Hiyya firmly rejects the theory of metempsychosis.

26. Shemaria Judaica: Judaism As A Philosophy: The Philosophy Of Abraham Bar Hiyya (
Brooklyn Bloch, 1960, Good.......Title Judaism as a Philosophy The Philosophy of abraham bar hiyya (10651143)Author Stitskin, Leon.
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27. Mathématiques Hébraïques Au Moyen-Age
abraham bar hiyya (connu en latin sous le
CNRS-CHSPAM (Villejuif)

Novembre 1998
retour aux enseignants-chercheurs

- Euclide et la tradition euclidienne
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28. Jewish Astronomy In Sefarad (Spain)
abraham bar hiyya of Barcelona (d. 1136) 11 is the first important Jewishastronomer in Spain. His books The Shape of the Earth , Calculation of the
Astronomy in Sefarad
Yuval Ne'eman Mortimer and Raymond Sackler Institute of Advanced Studies Tel Aviv University , Israel

    1. Greeks and Hebrews: two intertwining intellectual progressions In very broad lines, Western culture is the outcome of two independent intellectual progressions: Greek philosophy and science, centered on a rational understanding of the world - and Hebrew ethics, worrying about the condition of man and his interaction with other men. On the Greek side, we note that at the beginning of the first Century AD, Eratosthenes (250 BC) had already computed the diameter of the earth with an error of less than 1/2 %, Hipparchus (150 BC) had evaluated the distance to the Moon with a 1/3 % precision, Hero (100 BC) had invented the steam engine [1]. On the Jewish side, Abraham (1800 BC) had put an end to human sacrifice, Moses (1300 BC) had codified the day of rest, to be applied even to slaves and house animals, Amos (800 BC) had preached social justice and Isaiah (700 BC) had already conceived the idea of universal peace - in a world where war remained the explicit ideal "manly" activity for another thousand years [2]. Note that in this ethical voyage of discovery, Jewish society had evolved "schools" as early as 1000 BC [3], the earliest foundations of what was later to become a learning-oriented culture. In parallel, we have, of course, the Athens Academy ( ~ 500 BC). With the destruction of the Second Temple (70 AD), the Jewish cult and rites centre on learning much more than before. Judaism, as remodeled for a countryless nation by Yokhanan Ben Zakkay (Ist Century AD) became a study-oriented religion. Note that 1000 years later, in medieval Europe, all male Jews were literate, at a time when in most of Europe, only churchmen could read.

29. Biblioteca De Ciències I D'Enginyeries
Translate this page abraham bar hiyya Ha-nasi Llibre de geometria = hibbur hameixihà uehatixbòret /Abraam La obra Forma de la tierra / de R. abraham bar hiyya Ha-Bargeloni
Podeu consultar la seva bibliografia en el recull:
Vernet, Joan

Humanitats- 1a planta 001(46)"09/14" Ver 1500044393
Humanitats- 1a planta 22=499 Bib 1500452546 V.1 Humanitats- 1a planta 22=499 Bib 1500452545 V.2 Humanitats- 1a planta 22=499 Bib 1500452586 V.8 Graf, Pablo
Abadal i de Vinyals, Ramon d'
Humanitats- 1a planta 51(467.1)"04/14" Mil 1500248457 From Humanitats- 1a planta 51(=927) Fro 1500723795 V.2 Bar Hiyya, Abraham
Llull, Ramon
Abraham Bar Hiyya Ha-nasi
Ibn Ezra, Abraham ben Meir Ochava Bar Hiyya, Abraham Ibn Asim
Humanitats- 1a planta 521 Ibn 1500078825 De Humanitats- 1a planta 523.1"12" De 1500044380 Bar Hiyya, Abraham Ibn al-Raqqam, Muhammad ibn Ibrahim al-Awsi Humanitats- 1a planta 1500724191 Mas i Solench, Josep M. Humanitats- 2a planta 860.5.09"04/14" Mil 1500067334 Humanitats- 2a planta 892.4"10" Ibn 1500537383 Al-Zayyat, Ishaq ibn al-Hasan

30. Biblioteca De Ciències I D'Enginyeries
Translate this page abraham bar hiyya Ha-nasi Llibre de geometria = hibbur hameixihà Bar Hiyya,Abraham La Obra enciclopédica = yésodé ha tébuná u-migdal ha-émuná / de
Llista d'obres exposades:
Abraham Bar Hiyya Ha-nasi
Al-Din Al-Kashi, Jamshid Ghiyath

The Planetary equatorium / of Jamshid Ghiyath Al-Din Al-Kashi ; with translation and commentary by E.S. Kennedy. Princenton : Princenton University Press, 1960 Al-Khuwarizmi, Muhammad ibn Musa
The Astronomical tables of Al-Khwarizmi / translation with commentaries of the latin version edited by H. Suter supplemented by Corpus Christie MS 283 by O. Neugebauer. Kobenhavn : Ejnar Munksgaard, 1962 Al-Zayyat, Ishaq ibn al-Hasan
Baldi, Bernardino

Vite di matematici arabi / tratte da un'opera inedita di Bernardino Baldi ; con note di M. Steinschneider. Roma : Tipografia delle Scienze Matematiche e Fisique, 1874 Bar Hiyya, Abraham
Bensaude, Joaquim
Cantor, Moritz
Critchlow, Keith

Islamic patterns : an analytical and cosmological approach / Keith Critchlow. Repr. London : Thames and Hudson, 1989 D'Hollander, Raymond Encyclopedia of the history of Arabic science / edited by Roshdi Rashed. London : Routledge, 1996 Glick, Thomas F.

31. Jewish Astronomy
The scene now shifts to Spain, where abraham bar hiyya Hanasi ( The Prince ) of abraham bar hiyya was a prominent mathematician and astronomer,
Prehistoric astronomical activity is represented by a Stonehenge-like megalithic circle and "Observatory" at Rujm-el-Hiri, near Yonathan in the Golan, the Westernmost sector of the historical Bashan plateau dating from the IIIrd Millenium BC.
Star worship is mentioned in the Old Testament as being common among the Canaanites, but the Bashan inhabitants who built that Golan megalithic circle antedate the Canaanites. Very little is known about them and the presumably religous role of their edifice.
To the IIIth Century B.C. Israelitis, they appeared as the work of giants (Refa'im, also Anakim, Emim, Zuzim), and this is probably the source of the legends about races of giants that had lived in Eretz-Israel prior to the Israelite conquest — including the characterization "a remnant of the giants" for Og, King of Bashan, in Deuteronomy and Joshua. Indeed, the Rujm-el-Hiri circle is just one among many megalithic remains in the Bashan, probably at the origin in Greece and England (the "Giant's Dance" = Stonehenge).
The Israelitis' abstract monotheism and their centering of intellectual creativity on ethical issues were detrimental to a natural development of observational science, as did happen in Sumeria or Greece. However, the requirements of agriculture induced a cycle of holidays that were incorporated in time into Judaism and were given Ethnical or National religious significance. There thus developed a need for an understanding of the recurrence of seasons and for a synchronized calendar fitted to Solar, Lunar and Sidereal time . Several of the Mishnaic scholars were versed in Astronomy, such as the "Tannaim" Yehoshua ben Zakkai, the Patriarch Gamliel II and in particular Yehoshua (

32. Arzobispo Raimundo De Toledo Escuela De Traductores [1130-1187]
He was assisted by abraham bar hiyya (or Chijja). Translated either from 11161138or 1134-45. Interested in Astrology. Contemporary of Juan Hispano.
Arzobispo Raimundo de Toledo Escuela de Traductores [1130-1187] The three greatest translators whose activities are supported by Raimundo:
Iohannes Avendehut Hispanus . Hispanic Jew, translator and compiler-author ( also called Iohannes Hyspalensis, Johannes Hispanicus, Johannes Toletanus, Avendeuth, Juan Hispano
. With Juan Hispano and their patron, the Archbishop, he is one of the founders of the Toledan School. His activity extends from 1130 to 1180. Unlike his friend, he limits he focusses exclusively on philosophy, translating Greek and Arabic works and the commentaries of the earlier Moslem thinkers in the peninsula. Less faithful to the original texts, he frequently eliminated passages and added his own commentary. Gundisalvo depended on Juan Hispano for the translations from Arabic until late in his career when he controlled Arabic sufficiently to translate for himself (ex. Avicenas Metaphysics Al-sifa ). As an author he, but not his Jewish co-worker, avoided neoplatonism and even attacked it.
Gherardus Cremonensis According to his disciples, he came to Toledo en 1167 in search of Ptolemy's

33. Abraham Bar Hiyya - Viquipèdia
Translate this page abraham bar hiyya (o Abraham Iudaeus Savasorda) (Barcelona, segle XII), fou unMatemàtic, astrònom i filòsof hebreu. És autor de diversos tractats i de
Wikimedia necessita el teu ajut en la seva campanya per recaptar USD 200.000 . Vegeu la nostra p gina de recaptaci³ de fons per m©s detalls.
Abraham Bar Hiyya
De Viquip¨dia
Abraham Bar Hiyya (o Abraham Iudaeus Savasorda Barcelona segle XII ), fou un Matem tic astr²nom i fil²sof hebreu . ‰s autor de diversos tractats i de nombroses obres matem tiques i astron²miques que contribu¯ren a la difusi³ de la ci¨ncia ar biga en el m³n occidental. Destaca la seva obra Geometria pr ctica ), escrita en hebreu A§² ©s un esborrany , ajudeu a fer-lo cr©ixer fins a convertir-lo en un article Obtingut de " Categories Matem tics Astr²noms ... Catalans Views Eines personals Navegaci³ Cerca Eines Altres idiomes

Translation Plato of Tivoli with the help of abraham bar hiyya, 1136. Significancethe Capitula (or Iudicia) Almansoris are preserved in over forty
Guide Action Orientation Word ... Home
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Notices by David Juste
Haly Abenragel,
De iudiciis astrorum Albumasar, Flores ... De electionibus
(click the ball, next to the title to access the notice - click the title to access the text) Haly Abenragel, De iudiciis astrorum Author
Original title
the Latin text was translated from the Old Castilian version made by Yehuda ben Moshe for Alfonso X in 1254.
Significance: one of the most extensive astrological compilation of the Middle Ages. At least 25 extant manuscripts and 7 printed editions from 1485 to 1571.
Contents: eight books, covering all branches of astrology: Books I-III (pp. 1-114) deal with interrogations; Books IV-VI (pp. 144-296) with nativities; Book VII (pp. 296-351) with elections; and Book VIII (pp. 352-410) with revolutions and general astrology. Book I opens with some general considerations on the zodiac signs, terms, decans, planets, etc. The work is preceded by a table of contents (sig. b2-b5). Reproduction: Basel, Henrichus Petrus, 1551 [Warburg FAH 890], 410 pp.

35. V
Translate this page abraham bar hiyya Ha-Nasi, Llibre revelador Meguillat Hamegallè, éd. J. Guttman,trad. de l’hébreu J. Millas Vallicrosa, Barcelona, 1929, 252 pp. de sources
V. Editions de sources (sélection) V. 1. Antiquité Catalogus Codicum Astrologorum Graecorum , éd. F. Cumont, F. Boll, e.a., Bruxelles, 1898-1953, 12 tomes en 20 vols. Dorotheus de Sidon, Carmen astrologicum , éd. D. Pingree, Leipzig, 1976, 444 pp. (texte arabe -avec trad. anglaise- et fragments grecs et latins) Firmicus Maternus, Matheseos libri VIII , éd. W. Kroll, F. Skutsch, K. Ziegler, Leipzig, 1897-1913, 3 vols. (réimpr. Stuttgart, 1968, 2 vols.) Mathesis , éd.-trad. P. Monat, Paris, 1992-1997, 3 vols. Heliodoros, In Paulum Alexandrinum Commentarium , éd. E. Boer, Leipzig, 1962 Hephestion de Thèbes, Apotelesmatica libri III , éd. D. Pingree, Leipzig, 1973-1974, 2 vols. Hermes [voir V.2] Manilius, Astronomica , éd.-trad. G.P. Goold, Cambridge (Mass.)-London, 1977 (rééd. sans la trad., Leipzig, 1985 et 1998) Astronomiques , éd.-trad. A.G. Pingre, in Nisard. Collection des auteurs latins , 18, Paris, 1851, pp. 633-736 Les « Astrologiques » ou la science sacrée du ciel , trad. R. Alleau, Paris, 1970 Néchepso-Pétosiris, Fragmenta magica , éd.

36. Abraham Ben Meir Ibn Ezra - Columbia Encyclopedia® Article About Abraham Ben Me
Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College abraham bar hiyya abraham bar hiyyaHaNasi Abraham Beame Abraham ben Abraham Abraham ben David ben Meir ibn Ezra
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Abraham ben Meir ibn Ezra
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37. Abraham - Columbia Encyclopedia® Article About Abraham
Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College abraham bar hiyya HaNasi Abraham benMeir ibn Ezra Abraham ben Meir ibn Ezra Abraham Berge
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Cite / link Email Feedback Abraham [according to the Book of Genesis, Heb.,=father of many nations] or Abram [Heb.,=exalted father], in the Bible, progenitor of the Hebrews; in the Qur'an, ancestor of the Arabs. As the founder of Judaism Judaism (j , the religious beliefs and practices and the way of life of the Jews . Click the link for more information. , he is said to have instituted the rite of circumcision as a sign of the covenant between God and the Jews, who are descended from Isaac Isaac [Heb.,=laughter], according to the patriarchal narratives of the Book of Genesis, Isaac was the only son of Abraham and Sara . He married Rebecca , and their sons were Esau and Jacob . Click the link for more information.

38. History Of Astronomy: What's New At This Site On March 25, 1999
abraham bar hiyya HaNasi Abraham Ben Chaja Chija; Abraham Judaeus (c.1070-1136(?)) Short biography and references. Abraham Ben Dior Ben David,
History of Astronomy What's new
History of Astronomy:
What's new at this site on March 25, 1999
Some URLs have been updated.
Welcome / About
History of astronomy

39. History Of Astronomy: Persons (A)
870950); abraham bar hiyya Ha-Nasi Abraham Ben Chaja Chija; AbrahamJudaeus (c.1065-c.1136). Short biography and references (MacTutor Hist. Math.
History of Astronomy Persons
History of Astronomy: Persons (A)
Deutsche Fassung

40. Quadratic Equation -- Facts, Info, And Encyclopedia Article
(Click link for more info and facts about abraham bar hiyya HaNasi) Abraham barHiyya Ha-Nasi (also known by the (Any dialect of the language of ancient
Quadratic equation
[Categories: Equations, Elementary algebra]
In (A science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement) mathematics , a quadratic equation is a (A mathematical expression that is the sum of a number of terms) polynomial (A mathematical statement that two expressions are equal) equation of the second (A specific identifiable position in a continuum or series or especially in a process) degree . The generalized form is
The numbers a b and c are called coefficients a is the coefficient of x b is the coefficient of x , and c is the free term or constant.
A quadratic equation with (An old small silver Spanish coin) real or ((psychoanalysis) a combination of emotions and impulses that have been rejected from awareness but still influence a person's behavior) complex coefficients has two complex roots (i.e., solutions for x when y = 0) usually denoted as and , although the two roots may be equal. These roots can be computed using the quadratic formula
Higher-degree equations may be quadratic in form , such as:
Note that the highest exponent is twice the value of the exponent of the middle term. This equation may be resolved directly or with a simple substitution, using the methods that are available for the quadratic, such as factoring (also called factorising), the quadratic formula, or completing the square.

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