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  1. Some Smug Slug by Pamela Duncan Edwards, 1998-05-31
  2. Bug, Slugs, & Other Thugs: Controlling Garden Pests Organically (Down-To-Earth Book) by Rhonda Massingham Hart, 1991-01-07
  3. Slugs by David Greenberg, 1983-05-30
  4. The Secret World of Slugs and Snails: Life in the Very Slow Lane by David George Gordon, 2010-12-01
  5. Rainy Day Slug by Mary Palenick Colborn, 2009-04-07
  6. Field Guide to the Slug by Western Society of Malacologists, 2002-01-10
  7. Slugs and Snails (Minibeasts) by Claire Llewellyn, Barrie Watts, 2002-03
  8. Passionate Slugs & Hollywood Frogs: An Uncommon Field Guide to Northwest Backyards by Patricia K. Lichen, 2001-06-01
  9. The Story of Slug (Bang on the Door Series) by Jackie Robb, Berny Stringle, 2003-12
  10. Seymour Slug Starts School by Carey Armstrong-Ellis, 2005-08-01
  11. Terrestrial slugs by N. W Runham, 1970
  12. Slugs in Love by Susan Pearson, 2006-11
  13. Slimy Sea Slugs (No Backbone! the World of Invertebrates) by Natalie Lunis, 2007-07-31
  14. Under One Rock: Bugs, Slugs, and Other Ughs (Sharing Nature With Children Book) by Anthony D. Fredericks, 2001-09-01

1. Slugs
The most effective means of reducing slug problems is to reduce humidity in a garden. Baits, repellents and barriers can help control slugs, or slugs can be
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no. 5.515
by W.S. Cranshaw
Quick Facts...
  • Slugs can be one of the most damaging pests of vegetable and flower gardens in Colorado.
  • Slugs thrive under high moisture conditions. The most effective way to reduce slug problems is to reduce humidity in a garden.
  • Metaldehyde baits can help control slugs if they are applied correctly and at the proper time.
  • Slugs can be attracted to fermenting materials, such as beer, and trapped.
Slugs are one of the most destructive and difficult pests to control. Seedlings of many vegetables and flowers are favored foods, and high populations of slugs can cause difficulties in establishing a crop. Slugs also feed on many fruits and vegetables prior to harvest. This preharvest feeding results in wounds that allow various fungi and bacteria to enter and spoil the crop. In addition, the slime trails produced by slugs can contaminate garden produce. Slug injury is sometimes difficult to diagnose because slugs hide during the day. Smaller leaves may be eaten entirely, while only the edges of larger leaves may be consumed. Thick leaves often are rasped from the leaf underside. The presence of slime trails often is the best indication of slug activity. Figure 1: Slugs feeding on broccoli.

2. Ugh...Slugs
slugs are hermaphrodites they all have male and female reproductive systems. Yes, they can mate with themselves!!! They can stretch to 20 times their
Supreme Neem Oil 100% Pure Wild-Crafted Neem Oil, 1800 ppm Azadirachtin
Free seed pack with order: Brazilian 4 O'Clocks, Heirloom Tomato or Lemon Basil
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3. SLUGS Welcome Page
The slugs partake in a wide variety of clothingoptional activities year-round. Please explore this web site to understand our philosophy and to see our
Contact Info

Solstice Parade - 2006

Membership Information
Late Breaking News

Updated 10/22/2007 Nudes In The News
Live Scroll
Membership Info

Updated 10/22/2006 Links to Other Sites Updated 3/28/2005 Email Discussion Groups Updated 7/14/2004 Enter Members Only Area (Password Required) Washington Fraternity Snoqualmie (Issaquah, WA) Lake Associates Recreation Club (LARC) (Mt Vernon, WA) Lake Bronson Club (Sultan, WA) Kaniksu Ranch (Spokane, WA) Squaw Mountain Ranch (SMR) (Estacada, OR) Mountaindale Sun Resort (North Plains, OR) The Willamettans (Marcola, OR) We recommend the following organizations for your support: Naturist Action Committee Naturist Education Foundation T.E.R.A (Topfree Equal Rights Association) Wreck Beach Preservation Society Vancouver, B.C. Body Freedom Collaborative Seattle, WA Oregon Clothing Optional Beach Alliance ORCOBA Welcome to the SLUGS The SLUGS partake in a wide variety of clothing-optional activities year-round. Please explore this web site to understand our philosophy and to see our activity calendar. Our beloved mascot above is retiring as the new mascot below is being introduced - we're looking for a name for this new energetic SLUGS member: The SLUGS is a Naturist Events club located in the Puget Sound area in the State of Washington. Most of our members live in the greater Seattle area, but we have members from the Olympic Peninsula to Ellensburg, the Tri-Cities, and as far away as Pullman and Walla Walla in eastern Washington, and from Vancouver, B.C. to Oregon.

4. Slugs Slugs Slugs (and Snails Too)
Layman s introduction to slugs, including how to keep one as a pet.
    All About Slugs The gastropod we gawk at, the mollusk behind the movement slug n. 1. Any of various small, snaillike, chiefly terrestrial gastropod mollusks of the genus Limax and related genera, having a slow-moving elongated body with no shell or only a flat rudimentary shell on or under the skin.
    ~~ The American Heritage Dictionary Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language adds:
    "feeding on plants and a pest of leafy garden crops" Adopt a CyberSlug Keeping Slugs and Snails as Pets I've always been fascinated with slugs. Well, that's not entirely true. When I was two years old, my family was camping in the Coast Range, which we did all the time. I was playing on a log near the campsite when I started screaming bloody murder and scared the heck out of my mom, who thought I had encountered a bear (black bears were still common around there), when really I had spotted a large banana slug sliming its way along the decaying wood. That was the only time I ever feared slugs. Love of slugs is often considered odd. Frankly, though, slugs are fascinating. The most common slug around here and where I go camping is the banana slug. They are aptly named, long, olive green creatures. Some of them are more yellow or more green, and some sport varying amounts of black spots. They can grow to be very large. The CyberSlugs are based on this species.

5. Slugs, Muerte Viscosa (1988)
Directed by Juan Piquer Simón. With Michael Garfield, Kim Terry, Philip MacHale. Killer slugs on the rampage in a rural community. Visit IMDb for Photos,
Now Playing Movie/TV News My Movies DVD New Releases ... search All Titles TV Episodes My Movies Names Companies Keywords Characters Quotes Bios Plots more tips SHOP SLUGS... ... IMDb Slugs, muerte viscosa (1988) Quicklinks main details combined details full cast and crew company credits user comments external reviews awards user ratings recommendations message board plot summary plot keywords memorable quotes trivia goofs alternate versions movie connections merchandising links release dates filming locations technical specs DVD details taglines posters miscellaneous Top Links trailers and videos full cast and crew trivia official sites ... memorable quotes Overview main details combined details full cast and crew company credits ... memorable quotes Fun Stuff trivia goofs soundtrack listing crazy credits ... FAQ Other Info merchandising links box office/business release dates filming locations ... news articles Promotional taglines trailers and videos posters photo gallery External Links showtimes official sites miscellaneous photographs ... video clips
Slugs, muerte viscosa
advertisement photos board trailer details Register or login to rate this title User Rating: 676 votes more
Director: Writers: (writer) Ron Gantman (screenplay) more Release Date: February 1988 (USA) more Genre: Horror more Tagline: No-one is safe!

6. Snails And Slugs Management Guidelines--UC IPM
UC home and landscape guidelines for control of Snails and slugs.
UC IPM Home Search How to Manage Pests


Educational Resources
Workshops and events

PCA exam helper

Pesticide Information
Research and IPM Grants programs
Funded-project results
  • What's new
  • In the news ... Printer-friendly version
    How to Manage Pests
    Pests in Gardens and Landscapes
    Snails and Slugs
    Published In this Guideline:
    Snails and slugs are among the most bothersome pests in many garden and landscape situations. The brown garden snail (Helix aspersa) is the most common snail causing problems in California gardens; it was introduced from France during the 1850s for use as food. Several species of slugs are frequently damaging, including the gray garden slug (Agriolimax reticulatus), the banded slug (Limax marginatusi), the tawny slug (Limax flavus), and the greenhouse slug (Milax gagates).
    Snails and slugs move by gliding along on a muscular "foot." This muscle constantly secretes mucus, which later dries to form the silvery "slime trail" that signals the presence of either pest. Slugs and snails are hermaphrodites, so all have the potential to lay eggs. Adult brown garden snails lay about 80 spherical, pearly white

7. The Slug Site
Devoted to the study of Opisthobranch Molluscs (ie Nudibranchs).

8. Slugs And Their Management, HYG-2010-95
slugs are simply snails (mollusks) without shells. They frequently cause damage to glasshouse (greenhouse) and garden plants, and may be espec.
Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet
1991 Kenny Road, Columbus, Ohio 43210-1090
Slugs and Their Management
David J. Shetlar Slugs are simply snails (mollusks) without shells. These slimy creatures live in and on the ground and have big appetites for a wide variety of plants found around the home. Young seedling plants are eaten as well as mature plants. They frequently cause damage to glasshouse (greenhouse) and garden plants, and may be especially injurious in mushroom houses. Occasionally, they may congregate in large numbers in basements, on walls, doorways, and along walkways, making these areas unsightly. Slugs may be found when the ground thaws in the spring until it freezes in the fall. Wet conditions are ideal for slug development.
Description of Slugs
Probably the best description of a slug is that it is a snail without a shell. They vary in size depending upon the species and measure from 1/4 to seven inches long. They secrete a characteristic slime (mucus) which they leave behind as they move around. These slime trails are silvery in appearance upon drying and is a common diagnostic character used to identify the presence of slugs. The color of slugs also varies with species, ranging from a dark black-brown to an orange color. When an actual slug is found their soft slimy bodies and extensible eye stalks give the creature its characteristic appearance. The most common slugs found in Ohio landscapes are the gray garden slug, the leopard slug, and the dusky slug. The gray garden slug is the most common and is generally a mottled gray to black in color. It is usually less than one inch long. The leopard slug is the largest, commonly reaching four to five inches in length. It has characteristic black spots on its upper surface. The dusky slug is intermediate in size, being one to three inches long, and can range from a gray to a bright orange in color.

9. Snails Slugs sl.htm Similar pages slugs University of Kentucky EntomologySlug slugs are common pests during wet weather and can damage many types of plants in the garden. slugs are fleshy, slimy animals that feed mainly at night.
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Please update your link. The new address is

10. The Slugs Official Website - Pop Music From Chicago
Music site featuring Chicago pop rock favorites The slugs.
welcome to official website Meet The Slugs Slugs Music Show Calendar Features ... Order Slugs Music Hello friends, It was 20 years ago...March 6, 1983... Dag, Gregg, Mike and Al (Paulson) joined together for the first time to make beautiful racket in a cozy Park Ridge, Illinois basement. Mike was probably late, Dag was probably too loud, Gregg drove a LeCar (no kidding) and Al wore a muscle t-shirt with a giant eagle emblazoned on it. These slugs were destined join together as a band. Not to get too nostalgic, or too "inside," but here are links to the story of the Slugs, as told/remembered/created by Gregg: History Part 1 History Part 2 Share your story! Share your Slugs story here Unseasonably yours, Van Keise® Latest update:

11. The Sea Slug Forum - Home Page
This is a site where you can ask questions and post information on nudibranchs and related sea slugs such as bubbleshells, sea hares and side-gilled slugs.
Sea Slug Forum site navigation
Forum search:
Welcome to the Sea Slug Forum
On the Sea Slug Forum you can ask questions, post information and find out more about nudibranchs, bubble-shells, sea hares and other sea slugs. This site aims to generate more interest in these fascinating animals by sharing information with a worldwide audience. The Forum is a useful tool for anyone with an interest in sea slugs from scientists and students to divers and aquarists.
Read and post messages on the Forum. Have your questions answered and your observations discussed by international experts in the field.
Species list
Find out more about sea slug species discussed on the Forum.
General topics
Everything you ever wanted to know about sea slugs including behaviour, anatomy, aquarium FAQs and associated marine animals and plants.
Australian Museum Online sections

12. The Okinawa Slug Site
This is a site featuring Okinawan Opisthobranch Molluscs (nudibranchs and related sea slugs such as bubbleshells, sea hares and side-gilled slugs).
Chromodoris roboi
If your browser does not support the jump feature,
please see the non-jump link at the bottom of this page.
Welcome to the OKINAWA SLUG SITE!
This is a home page dedicated to the study of the Opisthobranch Molluscs of Okinawa’s subtropical Western Pacific waters. Hopefully the site will be one which will facilitate the study and understanding of this diverse group of molluscs. I've placed access to Okinawan images and island information, as well as a series of links to various opisthobranch resources by way of the Jump Buttons located on each page; should you have trouble with the buttons, please use the non-jump link at the bottom of this page which will duplicate the URLs found on the jump page. There are currently several first rate web sites which are providing opisthobranch researchers with a wealth of utility and information. Notable of these are Steve Long’s Opisthobranch Site , Gary McDonald’s Bibliographia Nudibranchia Check List of European Marine Mollusca ; all three of these feature a searchable database. On line opisthobranch newsletters are available from both Steve Long and Wayne Ellis . Erwin Koehler's Opisthobranchs of the World has an alphabetical listing of links to opisthobranch photographs found on the entire web. A relatively recent, but excellent presentation and dialogue site has been initiated by Bill Rudman with the establishment of the

13. St. Louis Ultrarunners Group
If you have a desire to volunteer, please contact the SLUG RD mailbox. The slugs are by far the friendliest group of ultra folks in the Midwest.


Double Chubb



EMUS Series Info
2008 SLUG Race Events
Below you will find links to our four races as well as information on the Eastern Missouri Ultra Series.
Double Chubb 25K/50K Trail Runs
- Saturday, April 19, 2008 The Double Chubb entry limit has been reached! Berryman Marathon/50 mile Trail Runs - Saturday, May 17, 2008 Flatlanders 6/12 Hour Runs - Sunday, August 31, 2008 Frankenstein Marathon and Spirit of the Osage 50K - Sunday, October 26, 2008 Questions on any of our races? Email our race directors at: The Eastern Missouri Ultra Series click for details 2007 Final Results are Posted!
2008 Other SLUG Events
We have several fun runs each year and all are welcome to attend. Also, we're always looking for volunteers to help out at our races and we're co-adopting a section of the Berryman Trail to maintain. If you have a desire to volunteer, please contact the SLUG RD mailbox . Your volunteer efforts help us put on premier events, as well as giving a bit back to the running and trail community. Thanks!!! Fun Run /Event Schedule: March 15, Middle Fork, Ozark Trail

14. Sea Slugs! Anime Blog
Daily summaries and reviews of the newest anime series.
Sea Slugs! Anime Blog
Horo vs. The Three Little Pigs Older posts ...
He Is My Master
Yeah, pics so it did happen Given that she describes herself as a human pet – and is happy to walk around on a lead – Tasha Maltby is used to odd looks and even odder remarks. See, this anime stuff really happens! More importantly, what if he was blind? Would Tasha be allowed on then, as a seeing eye girl By Kabitzin Posted in Random Stuff Share This Comments (8)
I Know What You Did Last Summary
From Bateszi I like recommending anime, telling people when something is worth watching; it’s taken me nearly two years to understand that about myself and this site, but I can only say “this is good” so many times. Much like web forums, episodic blogs are more about in-depth commentary and discussion; simultaneously, they attract hardcore fans, but alienate those like me, people looking for broader and opinionated reviews that draw on more than a measly 20 minutes worth of stilted animation. Episode reviews are great from a fans perspective, but they sure make the anime blogging community insular and inaccessible to outsiders. May be they are better off being discarded as things of the past and placed where they belong, on series-specific forums, instead? I have to admit that I am so easily baited by these ES vs. E debates, because bloggers that focus on episode summaries usually do not respond to the criticisms leveled by bloggers that focus on editorials. Here are a few things I would like to point out:

15. Science And Conservation With The Banana Slug String Band
The Banana Slug String Band bring science and conservation to audiences using music, humor and imagination.
This site was updated October 16, 2007
River Song
We announce our debut book, River Song , a beautifully illustrated tale that sings to a riverâs journey from mountain top to sea. This vibrantly illustrated childrenâs book, with CD, is layered with creative currents, as delightful music ripples and resounds its way across the pages, speaking to science, conservation, humor, and imagination. We are looking for a million friends to declare their support for New Orleans and surrounding parishes. Please join Friends of New Orleans! Check our out NEW DVD!! "Dancing with the Earth" is now on DVD, featuring 10 minutes of fresh Slug music video footage and our 20 year retrospective Slide show. Visit our products page to order! Support Slug Music! Order Slug merchandise online at our "products" page Or, by phone 888-32-SLUGS (888-327-5847). We accept credit cards. The Banana Slug String Band is a group of lovable musicians and educators from the coastal redwoods of Northern California. The Slugs are "Airy" Larry Graff Doug "Dirt" Greenfield "Solar" Steve Van Zandt
and "Marine" Mark Nolan With vocals, guitars, mandolin, bass, harmonica, banjo and percussion, Slug songs range from rockin' boogies to sensitive ballads; folk songs to reggae and rap. Music, theater, puppetry and audience participation create a fun-filled learning experience.

16. - Main Page
Official site of the Banana slugs with news items, player highlights, rosters, profiles and coaches.
Choose a Team M. Basketball W. Basketball W. Cross Country W. Golf M. Soccer W. Soccer Swimming/Diving M. Tennis W. Tennis M. Volleyball W. Volleyball M. Water Polo W. Water Polo About Alumni Awards Athletic Trainers ... UCSC Home SPONSORS
DATE UCSC OPPONENT Jan 21 WBasketball Cal Lutheran Jan 20 MVolleyball Fontbonne Jan 20 MBasketball La Sierra The 5th Annual Rita Walker Scramble
Friday, June 6, 2008

$135 - Registration begins February 1st
January 22, 2008 Shires Receives AVCA Division III Men's National Player of the Week for Men's Volleyball Bryan Shires, a 6-3 outside hitter for then-No. 3. UC Santa Cruz, has been named the Sports Imports/AVCA Division III Men’s National Player of the Week. He earned the award after leading his team to a 4-0 record at the Wisconsin Invitational, which included wins over three nationally ranked teams. In the Banana Slugs’ sweep of then-No. 15 Milwaukee School of Engineering, Shires scored seven kills, five digs and a block, then followed that up with eight kills, one ace and two digs in a 3-0 win over then-No. 11 Rivier. (more) January 19, 2008

17. Twists, Slugs And Roscoes: A Glossary Of Hardboiled Slang
A glossary of hardboiled slang as used by Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, Mickey Spillane, and others.
Miskatonic University Press Burton and Gordon Fictional Footnotes FRBR Blog ... Twists, Slugs and Roscoes
Twists, Slugs and Roscoes: A Glossary of Hardboiled Slang Edition 3.9.2. Version 4.0 is planned. Originally published as a pamphlet by Miskatonic University Press, 1993. This glossary may not be reproduced on the World Wide Web in any form. You can link to it using this URL: . This glossary may be reproduced for public consumption as long as it is copied as is and in its entirety and no extra charge beyond copying or printing costs is made. Other arrangements may be made by contacting me. If you've ever read a hardboiled detective story, you may have come across a sentence like, "I jammed the roscoe in his button and said, 'Close your yap, bo, or I squirt metal.'" Something like this isn't too hard to decipher. But what if you encounter, "The flim-flammer jumped in the flivver and faded." "You dumb mug, get your mitts off the marbles before I stuff that mud-pipe down your mushand tell your moll to hand over the mazuma." "The sucker with the schnozzle poured a slug but before he could scram out two shamuses showed him the shiv and said they could send him over."

18. Redirect Old Slugs [ Tempus Fugit | ]
If you are using “fancy permalinks” in WordPress, part of that permalink will be a “slug,” an alllowercase dashed version of your post title… like
tempus fyOOjit), [Latin]: Time Flies
Redirect Old Slugs Code Wordpress Redirect Old Slugs
Redirect Old Slugs
this-is-a-slug want This plugin was created to fill that need. Now you can change your post or page slugs with impunity. The plugin will notice when you change the slug of a published post or page, and it will save the old slug as a custom field (the key is Redirect Old Slugs has been tested on WordPress 1.5.2 and the in-development WordPress 2.0.
  • Download and unzip Upload redirect-old-slugs.php to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Activate it from within the WordPress admin interface. From now on, you can edit slugs without worry! If you have an old post whose slug you changed (prior to installing the plugin), you can manually add an Custom Field for that entry, and it will be forwarded.
  • Plays better with other plugins, creates post_meta entries more intelligently Initial release

way. Thanks! I have received this month for my coding efforts.

19. Slugs With Armor :: Astrobiology Magazine - Earth Science - Evolution Distributi
Astrobiology is study of earth science evolution distribution Origin of life in universe terrestrial.
@import url("themes/OneNASA/style/style.css");
+ Astrobiology Portal

+ NASA Home

News flash! is getting a makeover!

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Great Debates
Should We Terraform?

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Random Page ... Europe Features Great Debates Table Talk Expeditions Perspectives ... Espanol Hot Topics Titan Europa Moon to Mars Terrestrial Origins ... Stellar Evolution Image Galleries Studio Panoramas Terrafirma Now Find-It Monthlies Advanced Search Syndication Spread the Word ... About Today's Story Today's most read story is: Calcium Carbonate Fingerprints Slugs with Armor Summary (Jan 12, 2008): A new fossil specimen has helped solve an evolutionary puzzle about the origins of an extinct group of slug-like animals. The finding is providing insights into annelid evolution on Earth, and highlights how the study of paleobiology can help scientists understand the evolution of our planet’s biosphere. Display Options:
Slugs with Armor
Based on a Yale University news release Fossil (left) and depiction (right) of extinct armored machaeridian worm. Colors indicate the trunk (yellow), limb (red), bristles (gray), attachment of shell plates (green), gut (purple) and dorsal linear structure (blue). Credit: Vinther, et al Nature

20. SLUGS (St. Louis Underground Gamers Society)
Section of the St. Louis Underground Gaming Society. Holds vampire/mage games at conventions in and around St. Louis, Missouri, United States.
SLUGS (St. Louis Underground Gamers Society)
This is the home to the live action arm of SLUGS.
(the St. Louis Underground Gamers Society) Welcome to the webquarters of SLUGS. This site deals with all aspects of SLUGS activities. Please visit our message board at
We will be at Archon 32! The game that was run at Archon 30 will continue at Archon 32 by request of the players who were not able to attend Archon 31 (NASFiC). This game will be the end of our 15+ year storyline! It is not necessary for you to have played before of course. We enjoy new and return players alike! Game FAQ updated, December 11th 2007.
If you have any concerns please contact the people this page The areas defined on the Navigation bar to the left contain: Who - Information on the staff and some regular players What - An explanation of Live Action Role Playing and our rules Where - A list of Conventions that we have staged events at When - A schedule of where we will be staging games and having meetings Why - Past games, motivations, and miscellaneous items.

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