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         Philosophy:     more books (88)
  1. The Problems of Philosophy by Bertrand Russell, 2010-03-31
  2. An Introduction To Philosophy by George Stuart Fullerton, 2010-09-10
  3. The Religion of the Samurai A Study of Zen Philosophy and Discipline in China and Japan by Kaiten Nukariya, 2009-10-04
  4. A Short History of Greek Philosophy by John Marshall, 2010-07-12
  5. Introduction to the Philosophy and Writings of Plato by Thomas Taylor, 2010-07-06
  6. A History of Western Philosophy by Bertrand Russell, 1967
  7. The Sunday Philosophy Club: An Isabel Dalhousie Novel (1) (Isabel Dalhousie Mysteries) by Alexander Mccall Smith, 2005-07-12
  8. Philosophy and religion: six lectures delivered at Cambridge by Hastings Rashdall, 2010-08-06
  9. The Elements of Moral Philosophy by James Rachels, Stuart Rachels, 2009-02-27
  10. Some Turns of Thought in Modern Philosophy Five Essays by George Santayana, 2009-10-04
  11. The Story of Philosophy: The Lives and Opinions of the World's Greatest Philosophers by Will Durant, 1991-01-01
  12. The Perennial Philosophy: An Interpretation of the Great Mystics, East and West (P.S.) by Aldous Huxley, 2009-08-01
  13. House and Philosophy: Everybody Lies (The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series) by Henry Jacoby, 2008-12-03
  14. Meditations on First Philosophy by Rene Descartes, 2010-06-13

1. Philosophy : The Best Cosmetic Is Great Looking Skin
the best skin of your life is at your fingertips. cristina carlino is the creator and founder of philosophy. she was also the founder and former ceo of
philosophy is a lifestyle brand that celebrates feeling well and living joyously. we want to inspire you to live a better life by being better to yourself.
learn more about philosophy


2. Philosophy - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
The entrance page to all articles in the philosophy section of the free encyclopedia.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search For other uses, see Philosophy (disambiguation) The philosopher Socrates about to take poison hemlock as ordered by the court. Philosophy is the discipline concerned with questions of how one should live ( ethics ); what sorts of things exist and what are their essential natures ( metaphysics ); what counts as genuine knowledge ( epistemology ); and what are the correct principles of reasoning ( logic The word is of Greek origin philosoph­a ), meaning love of wisdom.
  • Definition of philosophy Philosophical doctrines
    edit Definition of philosophy
    Main article: Definition of philosophy
    Though no single definition of philosophy is uncontroversial, and the field has historically expanded and changed depending upon what kinds of questions were interesting or relevant in a given era, it is generally agreed that philosophy is a method, rather than a set of claims, propositions, or theories. Its investigations are based upon rational thinking, striving to make no unexamined assumptions and no leaps based on faith or pure analogy. Different philosophers have had varied ideas about the nature of reason, and there is also disagreement about the subject matter of philosophy. Some think that philosophy examines the process of inquiry itself. Others, that there are essentially philosophical propositions which it is the task of philosophy to prove.

3. The Internet Encyclopedia Of Philosophy
Nonprofit organization that collects and makes available original articles about philosophy topics. University of Tennessee at Martin.
Alphabetical Index (choose a letter):
A B C D ...
James Fieser, Ph.D.
, founder and general editor Bradley Dowden, Ph.D. , general editor Call for Submissions and Volunteers IEP Editors About the IEP
A Peer-Reviewed Resource

4. Philosophy Collection
Links to canonical philosophic texts available for viewing.
Welcome to Philosophy on the EServer This collection contains canonical philosophic texts and links to scholarly philosophic organizations. The English Server has other collections in addition, however, in critical theory history , and in eighteenth century studies , which also address philosophical interests and concerns; feel free to examine those as well, if interested. Volunteer or Contribute Philosophy is currently inviting people to participate in the development of the collection. If you are interested in working with the Philosophy Collection, please contact the Collection Editor . We are looking for people to help with any of the following projects:
  • Original critical article contribution .txt to XHTML text conversion
  • Currently most of our canonical texts are in .txt format. While this is an effective way to easily distribute the content, we would like to provide a more readable and engaging alternative. Reencoding these .txt files in XHTML will allow us to more effectively distinguish visual features of the texts such as headings and section titles. Transferring these texts into XHTML will also allow us to include links to additional related content on the same page as the essay itself. The basic reencoding is a very simple and straightforward process; it's just very time-consuming given the large amount of .txt format.
Up to EServer Canonical Texts Critical Articles Philosophy Humor ... Search Philosophy Contact Collection Editor

5. Philosophy Pages
Aids to the study of philosophy, including study guide, dictionary, timeline, discussion of major philosophers, and links to etexts.
Philosophy Pages
Dictionary Study Guide ... Locke
Philosophy Pages
. . . from Garth Kemerling
This site offers helpful information for students of the Western philosophical tradition. The elements you will find on this site include:
The Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names
A survey of the History of Western Philosophy
A Timeline for the intellectual figures discussed here.
Detailed discussion of several major Philosophers
Summary treatment of the elementary principles of Logic
A generic Study Guide for students of philosophy.
Links to other philosophy Sites on the Internet.
An opportunity to download the entire site for personal use.
A simple menu appears at the top of each page of this site, and since all of these documents are heavily interlinked with each other, it should be easy to pursue alternate paths through their content. Material from other Internet sites will always appear in a different browser window, so you won't lose your place in Philosophy Pages
Visitors are welcome to browse and to make fair use excellent comments complete citation in an appropriate form, and remember to check out the

6. Philosophy Of The GNU Project - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
This directory describes the philosophy of the Free Software Movement, which is the motivation for our development of the free software operating system GNU
@import url('/style.css'); @import url('/print.css'); Skip to content Translations of this page Search:
The GNU Operating System
Support the FSF var fsf_widget_text = "Help protect your freedom!"; var fsf_widget_d_btn = "Donate"; var fsf_widget_share = "Share this widget."; var fsf_widget_size = "normal"; var fsf_associate_id = "2442"; // already a member? change this to your own associate ID and refer people - earn gifts from the FSF, see Join today and make a difference
Philosophy of the GNU Project
This directory describes the philosophy of the Free Software Movement, which is the motivation for our development of the free software operating system GNU. We also keep a list of Organizations that Work for Freedom in Computer Development and Electronic Communications
About Free Software

7. Stanford Encyclopedia Of Philosophy
Stanford Encyclopedia of philosophy. Principal Editor Edward N. Zalta The Canadian Philosophical Association, and the philosophy Documentation Center.
Search the SEP Advanced Search Tools RSS Feed ... Stanford University Principal Editor: Edward N. Zalta Table of Contents U.S.A. Main Site: Stanford University
Center for the Study of Language and Information
... University of Leeds
Current Operations Are Supported By: The SEP gratefully acknowledges founding support from the National Endowment for the Humanities , the National Science Foundation The American Philosophical Association /Pacific Division, The Canadian Philosophical Association , and the Philosophy Documentation Center . Current fundraising efforts are being supported with a grant from The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Library of Congress Catalog Data: ISSN 1095-5054
by The Metaphysics Research Lab
Center for the Study of Language and Information
Stanford University , Stanford, CA 94305

8. Intute: Arts And Humanities - Philosophy
Search or browse the database of philosophy resources which have been selected, evaluated and described by subject specialists.
Quick links - Intute home Intute arts and humanities - A-Z of services - Articles and presentations - Contacts - Feedback / helpdesk - History - New resources - Search Home Arts and Humanities > Philosophy
Search or browse the database of Philosophy resources which have been selected, evaluated and described by subject specialists. Our target audience is lecturers, researchers and students within UK higher and further education. Search in Philosophy All Arts and Humanities records Advanced search New resources Help Browse by heading List general resources for this subject
Browse by time period

Browse by resource type
Editors: Intute: Arts and Humanities with contribution from Kathy Behrendt, Kartina Choong, University of Reading, and Meriel Patrick, St Hilda's College, University of Oxford

9. Bristol University - Department Of Philosophy - Home
With 13 permanent members of staff, we are larger than many philosophy departments in the UK. Our interests cover a wide range of topics within the Analytic
skip menus contact us help DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY Prospective Students Undergraduates Postgraduates Continuing Education Current Students Undergraduates Postgraduates Staff Student Committee Resources About the Department Staff/Faculty Susan Hurley Events Research and Projects ... Philosophy Society Other links British Society for the Philosophy of Science Institute of Philosophy University home
Department of Philosophy
BA in Medical Humanities
We are now recruiting for our October 2008 intake of the Intercalated BA in Medical Humanities. This innovative one-year degree programme, designed for medical students, includes core modules with medical perspectives in philosophy, history and literature. Elective modules include poetry, critical theory and the philosophy of science. There is also a dissertation. More information on the course, including the application procedure, can be attained from the poster and the webpage
Recent appointments
From September/October 2007 Leon Horsten (Leuven) and Giles Pearson (Cambridge and Birkbeck) have been appointed to permanent lectureships. Ulrich Stegmann (Cambridge) and Michael Bresalier (Cambridge) have been appointed to teaching fellowships. Markus Schlosser (St Andrews) will be joining the Department as an Erwin Schroedinger Fellow.
About the Department
We are a friendly, active department, with an established reputation for excellence in teaching and research. With 13 permanent

10. Guide To Philosophy On The Internet (Suber)
A regularly updated collection of online philosophy resources by Peter Suber of Earlham College.
Guide to Philosophy on the Internet Peter Suber Philosophy Department Earlham College
I stopped updating this guide in February 2003, after eight years online. I plan to leave it online for the foreseeable future and hope that enough links are still alive to make it useful. I know that the guide contains many dead links and omits many valuable new sites. For a comprehensive, well-organized, and up-to-date guide to philosophy on the internet, I can recommend Tom Stone's EpistemeLinks
  • This the single-file edition of the guide. It is large and loads slowly, but once loaded is easy to browse and search.
  • The guide is also available in a multiple-file edition , whose sections load more quickly. Details
Table of Contents Guides Philosophers Topics Associations ... About These links will only work when the corresponding section of the file has loaded, which may take a while. Welcome to my collection of online philosophy resources. If you are stuck in a frame, click here to escape. If you are a frequent visitor, press reload or refresh on occasion to be sure that you are viewing the most recent version of the page, not the version cached on your hard drive from your last visit.

11. Cambridge Journals Online - Philosophy
philosophy is the journal of the Royal Institute of philosophy, which was founded in 1925 to build bridges between specialist philosophers and a wider

12. Philosophy
philosophy Fashion show SS 08 Dinner - New Alberta Ferretti Fashion show SS 08 - Milano Prometej Party per Richard Gere 2007 - Venezia .

13. MIT Philosophy Home Page
Department of Linguistics and philosophy Cambridge, Massachusetts - BA, PhD.
department of linguistics and philosophy
the stata center massachusetts institute of technology, department of linguistics
77 massachusetts avenue, 32-d808, cambridge, ma 02139-4307, usa
tel 617.253.4141 fax 617.253.5017 directions
comments and questions
URL:; updated: 29 October 2007

14. Philosophy
Printable handout from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill that “discusses several common types of philosophy assignments and various strategies

The Writing Center
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
What this handout is about
This handout discusses common types of philosophy assignments and strategies and resources that will help you write your philosophy papers.
What is philosophy, and why do we study it?
Philosophy is the practice of making and assessing arguments. An argument is a set of statements (called premises) that work together to support another statement (the conclusion). Making and assessing arguments can help us get closer to understanding the truth. At the very least, the process helps make us aware of our reasons for believing what we believe, and it enables us to use reason when we discuss our beliefs with other people. Your philosophy teacher wants to help you learn to make strong arguments and to assess the arguments other people make. top
Elements of philosophy papers
A philosophy paper may require several kinds of tasks, including:
  • Argument reconstruction Objections and replies Application Original argument Thought experiments
Let's examine these elements one at a time.

15. VoS: Philosophy
Tom Bridges (Montclair State U.), philosophy and Civil Society (topicallyorganized brief essays devoted to the philosophical examination of the nature of

16. Philosophy Now
Bimonthly, non-academic publication with news, articles, and columns aimed at those with an interest in philosophy. Site features select full-text articles
Current Issue Contents Editorial News Dear Socrates ... Moral Moments Resources Archive Bookstore Calendar Links ... Search Information About Us Shop Back Issues Subscriptions ... Contact Us Back Issues CD Volume 3 is now in the shop.
The "Pop Culture" Issue Issue 64
November/December 2007
by Tim Madigan
Philosophy Day Utopia, Krishna and Frede Dead, Half-Human/Half-Rabbit Embryos Given Green Light for Research
Pop Culture: An Overview
Tim Delaney sets the scene for our philosophical consideration of popular stuff.
Operation Rebirth: Captain America and the Ethics of Enhancement
Major Todd A. Burkhardt considers under what circumstances it would be morally right to bioengineer super-soldiers.
The Pop Culture Manifesto
William Irwin on philosophy as/and/of popular culture.
We Get To Carry Each Other: U2 and Kierkegaard on Authentic Love
Mike Austin listens to Bono while reading Kierkegaard, and discovers that they have the same soul.
The Piratical Philosophy of Freedom
David White hoists his mainbrace and shivers his timbers.
Presidential Decision-Making: Utilitarianism vs Duty Ethics
Michael Rockler compares two ethics of statemanship for two American presidents.

17. Subject: Philosophy - Cogprints
A repository of online papers in various subject areas of philosophy.
@import url(; @import url(; @import url(; Cogprints

18. Philosophy At Oxford.
Faculty of philosophy, University of Oxford. This website is intended as a major information resource for philosophers.
10 Merton St
Oxford OX1 4JJ
Tel: +44 1865 276926
Fax: +44 1865 276932

19. Philosophy Department - UCSD
Department of philosophy La Jolla, California - BA, PhD (and joint PhD with Cognitive Science), PhD (Science Studies)

Department Newsletter
Click here for the Fall Newsletter.
Upcoming Events
  • Philosophy Colloquium: February 22nd
    Speaker: Rolf-Peter Horstmann (Humboldt University Berlin and UC Berkeley)
    Title: TBA
    More info.
Areas of Study

20. Oxford Scholarship Online: Subject Area, Philosophy
Oxford University Press is the world s leading philosophy publisher, publishing outstanding original work across all areas of contemporary philosophy and
  • About OSO What's New Subscriber Services Help ... AUTHORS Quick Search Form Quick Search search entire site
    search subject only Advanced Search Bibliography Search Philosophy SUBSCRIBER If you are not logged into OSO, please log in Home Subject index Philosophy
    document.write(getAccessRights('philosophy')) Access rights unknown Oxford University Press is the world's leading philosophy publisher, publishing outstanding original work across all areas of contemporary philosophy and the history of philosophy. Our list of famous philosophy books stretches back through the twentieth century and beyond and includes work by eminent philosophers and leading scholars, including: J. L. Austin, Donald Davidson, Michael Dummett, Jerry A. Fodor, Philippa Foot, Thomas Nagel, Joseph Raz, P. F. Strawson, Righard Swinburne and Christopher Peacocke. See What's New in Oxford Scholarship Online from the January 2008 content update Tip: Oxford Scholarship Online has been designed so that all users can view book and chapter abstracts freely. Subscribers will be able to view full text. Additional Resources Complete list of books in the Philosophy Collection (PDF)
    Complete list of books in OSO - Authors/Titles/ISBNs/Subjects/URLs (Microsoft Excel format)
    - new title information and functionality updates
    Institutional Free Trials
    - online form
    NEW Recommend to your Librarian - online form
    to Oxford Scholarship Online - online form
    NEW Tutorial - online step-by-step guide

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