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         Ornithology:     more books (102)
  1. Manual of Ornithology: Avian Structure and Function by Noble S. Proctor, Mr. Patrick J. Lynch, 1998-10-11
  2. Ornithology by Frank B. Gill, 2006-10-06
  3. Cambridge Encyclopedia of Ornithology (A Cambridge Reference Book) by Michael Brooke, Tim Birkhead, 1991-09-27
  4. Bird Songs From Around the World: Featuring Songs of 200 Birds from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology (Push and Listen) by Les Beletsky, 2007-09-20
  5. Ornithology, Evolution, and Philosophy: The Life and Science of Ernst Mayr 1904-2005 by Jürgen Haffer, 2007-12-20
  6. Essential Ornithology by Graham Scott, 2010-07-22
  7. Ethno-Ornithology: Birds and Indigenous Peoples, Culture and Society
  8. Birds: The Art of Ornithology by Jonathan Elphick, 2005-05-03
  9. A Concise History of Ornithology by Mr. Michael Walters, 2005-10-12
  10. Cornell Lab of Ornithology Handbook of Bird Biology by Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, 2004-11-01
  11. Birds: Mini Edition: The Art of Ornithology by Jonathan Elphick, 2008-05-13
  12. Ornithology: An Ecological Approach (Spectrum Book) by John Raynor Faaborg, Susan B. Chaplin, 1988-04
  13. Discovering Birds: The Emergence of Ornithology as a Scientific Discipline, 1760-1850 by Paul Lawrence Farber, 1996-12-05
  14. The Complete Guide to Birds of Britain & Europe (British Trust for Ornithology) by Paul Sterry, 2009-02-01

1. Index To Ornithology
Includes data on the science of wild birds, with an emphasis on conservation and education.
Accurate and complete information about wild birds by a professional ornithologist SITE MAP FAQs A Celebration of Birds Aviaries and Zoos ... Chat
CHECKLISTS Africa Antarctica Asia Australia Central America Europe Indonesia/Malaysia Middle East North America United States World South America
Extinct ...
LECTURES Preface Avian Ecology Communities Development Evolution Feathers Flight Foraging and Nutrition Geography Metabolism Migration and Navigation Reproduction Respiration and Circulation Senses Songs and Calls Territoriality
Names Organizations
... E-mail the Ornithologist with your questions about WILD birds.. Can you identify this bird? ANSWER has been consulted by BBC, National Geographic, Weather Notebook, Organic Gardening, National Public Radio, National Canadian Television, Vanity Fair Magazine, the Guinness Book of World Records, The Weakest Link, Real Simple Magazine, the Detroit Free Press, Voice of America, Columbia News Service and many other publications, programs, agencies, and individuals for authoritative information on wild birds . Photo courtesy

2. Ornithology - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Several aspects of the study of ornithology differ from closely related disciplines, possibly due to the high visibility and the aesthetic appeal of birds.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search This article is about the field of zoology. For the song, see Ornithology (composition) Part of a Series on Zoology
Branches of Zoology
Anthrozoology Apiology
Cetology ...
Notable Zoologists Georges Cuvier Charles Darwin
William Kirby
Carolus Linnaeus ... more...
History pre-Darwin post-Darwin view talk ... edit Ornithology (from Greek: ορνις, ornis , "bird"; and λόγος, logos , "knowledge") is the branch of zoology concerned with the study of birds . Several aspects of the study of ornithology differ from closely related disciplines, possibly due to the high visibility and the aesthetic appeal of birds. Most marked among these is the extent of field studies undertaken by amateur volunteers working within the parameters of strict scientific methodology. The science of ornithology has a long history and studies on birds aided the introduction and refinement of key concepts in biology and ecology such as those of species speciation instinct learning ... island biogeography and phylogeography . While early ornithology was principally concerned with descriptions and distributions of species, modern ornithologists concern themselves with answering specific questions, using birds as models to test hypotheses and predictions based on theory. A wide range of tools and techniques are used in ornithology and new innovations in other fields are constantly incorporated.

3. Birds - Cornell Lab Of Ornithology
Institute whose mission is to interpret and conserve the earth s biodiversity through research and education focused on birds.
@import url(;
What We Do
Building and Sanctuary Virtual Tour How to Reach Us ...
Make a difference for birds and science

Count birds at your feeders and join Project FeederWatch this season, beginning in November. Everyone welcome!
Saving birds and habitat through cooperative conservation

President Bush announces a strategy for restoring North America's migratory birds, adopting recommendations from a report by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and partners.
Great Backyard Bird Count

Join us for the next Great Backyard Bird Count, Feb. 15-18. Learn how taking part in this fun, free event can help the birds.
Bank Swallow

All About Birds

Check out the All About Birds Online Bird Guide - the best online guide of its kind! Spring Field Ornithology Now Enrolling Join our popular course, including lectures by Dr. Stephen W. Kress and field trips in the Ithaca, New York area. Keep track of your bird sightings Use eBird to maintain your own lists and help scientists track bird movements. One million checklists and counting! Read more.

4. BIRDNET :: All About Ornithology, The Scientific Study Of Birds
Ornithological Council s website with comprehensive data about North American ornithological resources.
BIRDNET provides information for and about ornithology , the scientific study of birds. The site serves professional ornithologists and the general public. BIRDNET is provided by the Ornithological Council , a public information organization established and supported by eleven Western Hemisphere ornithological societies.
Union Association
of Field
Mexicana del Consejo
Internacional para la
Society Neotropical Ornithological Society Pacific Seabird Group Raptor Research Foundation Society of Canadian Ornithologistes du Canada Society for the Conservation and Study of Caribbean Birds Waterbird Society Wilson Ornithological Society BIRDNET Ornithological Council Ornithology Birds visits to date Our thanks to our server host, the National Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian Institution), which is not responsible in any way for content on BIRDNET or related pages. Send your comments about this site's content or presentation BIRDNET in the subject line. Please direct your specific questions about birds to the appropriate institutions and groups , not to the BIRDNET webmaster.

5. Electronic Resources On Ornithology
Annotated links and ornithological articles by Christopher Majka.
Back to [Natural History Resources]
Electronic Resources on Ornithology
This site a winner of a by LynxOfTheWeek (tm) Here are on-line versions of some publications on birds written by Christopher Majka. We hope you find them of interest. The following websites contain information pertaining to ornithology and the study of wild birds. [General] [Canada] [United States] [Latin America] ... [Various]

6. Marine Ornithology
This journal is published biannually both as a hard copy, obtainable by subscription, and as a free electronic version.
Home Marine Ornithology presents peer reviewed contributions concerning international seabird science and conservation. Marine Ornithology is supported and published biannually through a partnership between global seabird societies including the African Seabird Group, the Pacific Seabird Group (PSG), the Australasian Seabird Group, the Seabird Group (U.K.), the Dutch Seabird Group, and the Japan Seabird Group.
Front-cover picture: Razorbill with chick, August 1997, Gannet Islands, Labrador (Courtesy Mark Hipfner) SPONSORS:
© Marine Ornithology 2006

7. The Ornithology WebSite
The complete website for bird lovers, gardeners, teachers, students, and farmers.
Welcome to The Ornithology WebSite, dedicated to the education of bird ecology and conservation. Our intent is to have the best library of information and best line of supportive products available. We appreciate suggestions and comments in our guest book . If you have any questions, please post them in our chat room/discussion area . Happy birding! Sponsors


Photo Gallery
... Attention Avian Researchers
Share your project with our visitors. Award program for sites which are well designed, safe for children, and contribute to the appreciation of nature on the web (click the image to view the list).

to win this Singing Bird Clock!
Thank you for visiting. Since this site is constantly growing, we encourage you to visit often.
Check out our Butterfly WebSite , providing information on butterfly gardening, conservation, education, and a large selection of specimens, supplies, and educational tools.

Our Family of Nature WebSites are dedicated to our beloved son and brother Neil Weininger, who truly brightened the lives of all who were lucky enough to have known him.

8. Ornithological Jobs On-Line
The Science Editor plays a key role in furthering the mission of......SCIENCE EDITOR 07867, Lab of ornithology, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.
Ornithological Societies of North America
ORNITHOLOGICAL JOBS: Positions and Opportunities Available, On-line
Editor: Cheryl L. Trine Last updated 22 January 2008 Return to Ornithological Newsletter main page
Return to BIRDNET main page This service is provided by the Ornithological Societies of North America (OSNA) To submit an announcement of a position available, please send it in the body of an email message (not as an attachment) to Cheryl Trine, It would be appreciated if announcements initially be sent at least one-to-two months before the start date to give prospective employees time to arrange their affairs for their new position. Announcements will be published on-line within 1-2 weeks of receipt. There is no fee for this service. INDEX 21 Jan 2008
26 Dec 2007

23 Nov 2007

1 Nov 2007

BIRDJOBS-L LISTSERVICE AN E-LIST SERVICE is available. Subscribers to this list will receive lists of new job announcements in their email. These are the same announcements as will appear on-line.To join the Birdjobs-L e-list, send the following e-mail message to join Birdjobs-L "your name" . Where your name (include the quotation marks) is the name you want to be available to the list's administrators. Leave the subject line blank. Send this message from the e-mail address where you want to receive the e-list's messages. The message must be sent in plain text, that is, no formatting, font styles, or HTML code. Your name must appear in double quotes. You leave the e-list by sending message "leave BirdJobs-L" to

9. Ornithology Syllabus
Course objectives To learn the basic principles of ornithology to learn how to identify most of the birds found in Kentucky the eastern United States
BIO 554/754
3 credit hours Instructor: Gary Ritchison
Office: Moore 237
Office phone: 622-1541
E-mail: Text: Ornithology, 2nd edition
by Frank B. Gill Field Guide:
A Field Guide to the Birds of Eastern and Central North America by Roger Tory Peterson is available at the bookstore (but other guides can also be used).
Lecture Notes:
I - Introduction to Birds II - Bird Flight I III - Bird Flight II and Other Means of Locomotion IV - The Geography of Birds I V - The Geography of Birds II VI - VII - Circulatory System VIII - Respiratory System IX -
X - XI - XII - Vocal Communication XIII - XIV - Mating Systems XV - XVI - Avian Reproduction II: Nests XVII - XVIII - Parental Care Course objectives: Course requirements: 1) Exams.
There will be four 75-point lecture exams, three lab exams worth a total of 225 pts, and three lab quizzes worth a total of 75 pts. Lecture exams will be based on lecture material plus material from the text. Review questions, based on material in the text, will be provided for each exam ( Exam 1 Exam 2 Exam 3 Exam 4 2) Bird Vocalizations (75 pts) AND/OR Research Project (75 pts). Graduate students will be required to learn the vocalizations/songs of several species of birds AND conduct an independent research project. Undergraduate students must choose one of these options. The list of species and the vocalizations you'll need to know is available on the '

10. BTO Home Page
Bird research charity in the United Kingdom. Research investigating the populations, movements and ecology of wild birds.
Main features

Nest Box Challenge

Avian Influenza

State of the UK's Birds

Interested in Garden Birds?
Then take a look at the Garden BirdWatch Survey and see how you can take part in this exciting project. Get involved with surveys...
The British Trust for Ornithology promotes bird conservation through volunteer-based surveys Avian Influenza - Dorset Tests from the VLA have confirmed that highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza has been found in Mute Swans in Dorset. A 3km Control Area and 10km Monitoring Area have been established. Click here to view a map of the area.
All bird ringing is therefore suspended in the Monitoring Area (which encompasses the control area). If ringers are unsure whether or not their site falls in the Monitoring Area, they should contact BTO HQ to check. All surveyors working in the Monitoring Area should respect any access restrictions and reconfirm permission to enter private land before carrying out surveys.
Click here
to find out more.

11. Ornithology
ornithology is a zoological science that studies those creatures belonging to the Class Aves, much better known as birds. Birds, the only vertebrates that
Ornithology is a zoological science that studies those creatures belonging to the Class Aves, much better known as birds. Birds, the only vertebrates that have feathers, are generally divided into two major groups. Ostriches, Emus, Dodos and Kiwis are ratites, birds that lack that conspicuous keel-like extension on the breast bone and lack the ability to fly. The vast majority of the birds, however, are non-ratites and possess the keel to which the powerful muscles that power the wings are attached. All-in-all, there are over 9200 extant species of birds divided into 30 orders and 174 families. Their ability to fly has allowed them to colonize every land mass on earth including the Arctic and Antarctic and some, like the Penguins, have adapted an aquatic lifestyle coming to shore only to breed and raise young. Fossil evidence of the ancestors of modern birds indicates that they were contemporaneous with dinosaurs. Indeed, evidence is mounting that these feathered creatures are in fact the highly evolved living incarnation of the terrible lizards. This long evolutionary history has allowed for the development of the many unique morphological, physical and behavioral attributes in birds that make the science of ornithology such an interesting vocation. List of Illinois Birds Illinois Endangered and Threatened Birds - Illinois Endangered Species Protection Board Guide to Illinois Birds - Species profiles and distribution maps INHS bird-related research and projects are listed in our

12. Ornithology - Definition From The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
Definition of ornithology from the MerriamWebster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games.
Home Visit Our Sites Unabridged Dictionary Learner's Dictionary ... Contact Us
Dictionary Thesaurus Spanish/English Medical
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ornithology ornith-
Main Entry: Pronunciation: Function:
Inflected Form(s):
New Latin ornithologia, from ornith- -logia -logy
 a treatise on ornithology  a branch of zoology dealing with birds also adjective adverb noun Learn more about "ornithology" and related topics at See a map of "ornithology" in the Visual Thesaurus Pronunciation Symbols

13. FLMNH - Ornithology
Florida bird songs and photo gallery of Southeastern US birds.
Florida Museum of Natural History
Florida Bird Songs
Photo Gallery of Southeastern U.S. Birds Join the FLMNH Ornithology Club ... Search the Collection Database NEW!
The egg collection, consisting of 10,400 sets representing 733 species, is 11th largest in North America in number of sets and 15th largest in number of species. It represents approximately 90% of the species and subspecies of North American birds. The egg collection has grown by 1% in the last five years. It is cataloged in a card file that includes original collectors' data slips or page references to the collector's field notes. Especially well represented are sets from New England and Florida. The collection is rich in sets of raptor eggs, including Bald Eagles, Ospreys, Broad-winged Hawks, Red-shouldered Hawks, Crested Caracaras, and American Kestrels, and the Florida races of Seaside Sparrows and Clapper Rails. Rarities include sets of Passenger Pigeon, Carolina Parakeet, and Bachman's Warbler eggs. The bird sound collection, in the FLMNH Bioacoustic Archives, with 20,500 cataloged recordings representing about 3,000 species, is perhaps third or fourth largest in the world in number of species. In the western hemisphere it is the second largest in number of species and third largest in number of recordings. We are now processing one of our largest accessions ever, the collection of Ben B. Coffey, Jr., with thousands of high-quality recordings from the southeastern USA and the Neotropics. The sound collection has grown by 20% in the last five years, not counting the Coffey accession. It is cataloged entirely on computer. Geographical strengths include North America, especially Florida, and the Neotropics, with smaller but notable numbers of recordings from Africa, Australia, and Southeast Asia. Some taxonomic groups especially well represented are tinamous, trogons, woodpeckers, antbirds, New World flycatchers, wrens, New World wood warblers, and corvids.

14. SpringerLink Home - Main asp?genre=journal issn=00218375 - Similar pages Los Angeles County Natural History Museum - ornithologyornithology, the study of birds, is one of the founding disciplines of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. At the core of the program is a

15. Wisconsin Society For Ornithology
Birding news, rare bird alerts, events, publications, programs and projects, checklist, and bookstore.
The WSO website has moved to The new WSO website administrator is Lennie Lichter; he can be contacted at

16. Virginia Society Of Ornithology Home Page
Local chapters, newsletters, publications, events, bird records committee, and links.
Home Chapters Contacts Membership ... Links Check out the new Virginia Ebird and enter your sightings. VSO Newsletter Winter 2007 Recent discussions on the state listserve involved chickadee identification and referenced papers written by Gene Sattler and published in The Auk. Both the morphology paper and the song paper are posted here with the kind permission of Gene Sattler, the American Ornithologists Union, and The Auk.
morphology paper
pdf 1MB
song paper
pdf 403KB VSO Newsletter Fall 2007 VSO Newsletter Summer 2007 Outer Banks Field Trip February 15-17, 2008 . See VSO Newsletter Winter 2007-2008 VSO Annual Meeting May 16-18 2008 , in conjunction with Mountain Lake Birding Festival. See VSO Summer Newsletter (above) for preview information.
Note that the Dinner with keynote speaker Ian Sinclair is Friday this year, and VSO business meeting and awards is Saturday Evening. Piney Grove Field Trip June 7-9, 2008 High Knob Field trip June 27-29, 2008 CCB and VSO put all Raven issues online Statewide Listserve (VA-BIRD) has changed. Click here for new instructions.

17. Journal Of Oregon Ornithology (JOO)
Journal of Oregon ornithology documents the biology of birds in Oregon.
Journal of Oregon Ornithology (JOO)
Journal of Oregon Ornithology ISSN for Online Version: 1092-3845; Journal of Oregon Ornithology ISSN for Print Version: 1066-9450 Last modified: 12 July 2003 Journal of Oregon Ornithology is published by Gahmken (pronounced gahm' ken) Press, which is owned by Range Bayer of Bayer Research
The most recent Journal of Oregon Ornithology is No. 6, November 1996
Journal of Oregon Ornithology Table of Contents
Major subject matter (e.g., site of observations) of papers is in parentheses.
  • Introduction to JOO . (Introduction, library, map, and photo availability; acknowledgments; large file sizes.)
  • JOO #1 . (JOO purpose and goals, estuarine ponds in Lincoln Co., misc.)
  • JOO #2 . (Siletz/Logsden area in Lincoln Co.)
  • JOO #3 . (Harlequin Duck, Mt. in Coast Range, Great Blue Heron, subspecies.)
  • JOO #4 . (Lincoln Co. semimonthly records through 1992.)
  • JOO #5
  • JOO #6 . (Newton Hill [Lincoln Co.], unpublished coastal Christmas Bird Counts, Brant.)
  • Index for JOO Nos. 1-6

18. Beautiful Birds: Masterpieces From The Hill Ornithology Collection
Beautiful Birds; Masterpieces from the Hill ornithology Collection; Cornell University Library. Belted Kingfisher, by Wilson

no frames version of site

no frames version of site

19. BIRD PICTURES VIREO - Visual Resources For Ornithology - The Academy Of Natural
Bird images. VIREO, the world s most comprehensive collection of stock bird photography. Searchable database of bird photos includes more than 40000 bird
VIREO - 145,000 bird photos - 55,000 now online in a searchable database

Common Name Scientific Name Image Code Location
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Enter the Site

Bird photographs from around the world. Images of all North American birds and half of the world's bird species. Pictures from some of the best bird photographers worldwide.

20. BIOONE Online Journals - Journal - Select A Volume
(Previously known as The Wilson Bulletin ). Select a Volume Open Access Denotes open access content. The Wilson Journal of ornithology Volume 119 Issue 4

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