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         Measurement:     more books (100)
  1. Liquidity Risk Measurement and Management: A Practitioner's Guide to Global Best Practices (Wiley Finance)
  2. The Measurement of Moral Judgment (Volume 1) by Anne Colby, Lawrence Kohlberg, 2010-09-09
  3. Management Control Systems: Performance Measurement, Evaluation and Incentives (2nd Edition) by Kenneth Merchant, Wim Van der Stede, 2007-04-27
  4. Performance Measurement: Getting Results by Harry P. Hatry, 2007-01-30
  5. Investment Performance Measurement: Evaluating and Presenting Results (CFA Institute Investment Perspectives)
  6. An Introduction to Error Analysis: The Study of Uncertainties in Physical Measurements by John R. Taylor, 1996-08-01
  7. Fair Value Measurements: Practical Guidance and Implementation by Mark L. Zyla, 2009-12-02
  8. Measurement Tools in Patient Education, Second Edition by Barbara K. Redman PhDRNFAAN, 2002-11-13
  9. Using and Developing Measurement Instruments in Science Education: A Rasch Modeling Approach (PB) (Science & Engineering Education Sources) by Xiufeng Liu, 2010-04-01
  10. Measurement and Evaluation of Health Education by Mark B. Dignan, Allan B. Steckler, et all 1997-03
  11. Practical Portfolio Performance Measurement and Attribution, with CD-ROM (The Wiley Finance Series) by Carl R. Bacon, 2008-07-08
  12. Elements of Effective Governance: Measurement, Accountability and Participation (Public Administration and Public Policy) by Kathe Callahan, 2006-09-29
  13. Social Support Measurement and Intervention: A Guide for Health and Social Scientists
  14. Most Work Measurement Systems: Basic Most, Mini Most, Maxi Most (Industrial Engineering) by Kjell B. Zandin, 1990-07-27

61. The Water Measurement Manual
symbol include external resources. Additional Information sections are not part of the printed Water measurement Manual.)
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62. Global Precipitation Measurement
Global Precipitation measurement Developing International Partnerships to Understand Global Precipitation and Its Impact on Humankind.

NASA Homepage

Goddard Homepage

GPM Brochure
+ View PDF

The 6th GPM International Workshop
6 - 8 November 2006
Annapolis, Maryland

Like the preceding five Workshops, this event promises to be an excellent forum for participants to exchange information and promote partnership opportunities.
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+ View All TRMM Mission ... NASA's Life on Earth The Science of Measuring Precipitation: Why It Matters One of the critical components of the Earth's hydrological cycle is precipitation. Rainfall is essential for providing the fresh water that sustains life. Water cycling and the future availability of fresh water resources are immense societal concerns that impact every nation on Earth. It affects virtually every environmental issue. Solid forms of precipitation, such as snow and ice, frequently create hazardous conditions during winter storms. Heavy snowfalls severely disrupt transportation networks and temporarily paralyze local economies. Snowfall is also beneficial to many, as it provides the major source of fresh water during arid summer months in many mountainous regions. In the atmosphere, the condensation of water vapor into rain, and then rain or snow, releases vast quantities of heat. The heat energy drives the wind systems of Earth's atmosphere, and powers violent storms such as hurricanes. In many respects, precipitation is truly the centerpiece of our planet's hydrological cycle, and understanding it is crucial to unraveling many of the uncertainties about Earth's climate.

63. Measurement Incorporated
measurement Incorporated (MI) is an employeeowned corporation that contracts with state and local departments of education, other educational agencies,
radDesigner523544("/", "Default");
Measurement Incorporated (MI) is an employee-owned corporation that contracts with state and local departments of education, other educational agencies, and private businesses to develop and score educational tests.
MI continues to be recognized as the nation’s leading provider of professional handscoring services for essays and open-ended exams. We have also developed a full range of capabilities to support all facets of assessment of students in kindergarten through college and at the professional level.
MI was established in 1980 by Dr. Henry Scherich in Durham, North Carolina, which is still the home of its headquarters . The company now maintains 12 other offices in eight states and employs over 340 full-time staff in addition to thousands of seasonal employees who assist in assessment scoring, item development, and materials handling. The company is organized into seven main departments: Test Development; Scoring; Information Technology; Evaluation Services; Software Products; Materials Management; and Administration.
MI has provided state departments of education with more handscoring services than any other company. Under stringent security guidelines and demanding deadlines, we have developed and scored tests in writing, reading, mathematics, science/technology, social studies, fine arts, health, and other subjects and have accommodated students with limited English proficiency and special needs. We have also assessed the skills of teachers, translators, and other professionals.

64. Measurement And Assessment
The measurement and Assessment program on the International Institute for Sustainable Development works to develop, enhance and apply measurement and
Search IISD Search Publications
  • IISD Home Our Knowledge About IISD Media Room ...
    Key Message
    IISD contributes to the sustainability transition by helping societies define, chart, assess and ultimately navigate the way forward.
    Director - Measurement and Assessment
    Project Officer
    Senior Researcher
    Project Manager
    Associate Associate Senior Fellow Project Officer
    Measurement and Assessment
    Navigating the sustainability transition
    What's New in Measurement and Assessment?
    • Jane Barr and David Runnalls also participated in a panel at the launch of the report in Ottawa and Dale Rothman attended the launch in Washington, DC. On 19 November 2007, Jane Barr presented GEO-4's findings in a keynote speech she delivered to the Association of Canadian Community Colleges at its Symposium on Environmental Sustainability in Ottawa.
    Navigating the sustainability transition requires good instruments that orient us and tell us where we are, where we may be headed and what our options are. There are instruments that can help set goals and targets, others can be used to monitor and report on progress, while some are useful in exploring alternative futures. All of them are essential for effective sustainable development strategies and adaptive management, and inform political discourse about economic, social and environmental goals. IISD has been working to develop, enhance and apply measurement and assessment tools and processes for navigating the path to sustainable development since 1995. Our aim is to make significant local, national and international contributions, and to build the institute into a world centre of expertise in this field.

65. Measurement Unit - North Canton City Schools
hotlist of links and ideas for teaching measurement to elementary school students.
AAA Marh Measurement
Facts about measurements illustrated by using online interactive lessons, exercises, practice and games for grades K-8 Measurement
Teach-Nology Portal Measurment Theme

Links to Hands-On Activities, Webquests, Clipart, Interactive Sites, Worksheets, Downloads and more...all pertaining to teaching measurement. ONLINE INTERACTIVE ACTIVITIES. Measure It!
Interactive activity. The Measurement Game teaches kids how to read a English or Metric measurement using a ruler or scal e. Send in the Trolls
Students play a fun on-line game to develop measurement skills and visual size recognition for a troll beauty contest. Can You Fill It?
Use 3 different size pots to measure the perfect amount of water needed to fill a large container. Use the fewest pours possible, and don't spill! Spaceship Builder
Experiment with making different shaped spaceships for Dr. Marbles. Use an online geoboard to construct your enclosed creations while learning about perimeter and area. Star Gazing
Help Digit find planets in the night sky using angles, measurement and estimation via a telescope.

66. Performance Measurement AssociationPerformance Measurement Associaiton Home Page
Welcome to the new site for the Performance measurement Association, the newly launched association for academics and practitioners interested in the field
Welcome to the new site for the Performance Measurement Association, the newly launched association for academics and practitioners interested in the field of Performance Measurement and Management.
What is the Performance Measurement Association?
The Performance Measurement Association - a global network for those interested in the theory and practice of performance measurement and management - was launched at the 2nd international PM Conference, PM 2000, Cambridge, UK. Click here to see the aims of the PMA This web site is a dedicated resource for the PMA and aims to be an invaluable resource for PMA members. It is best viewed in a frames environment. Current resources available are:
  • PM Researchers Database - this will be extended and opened up to include profiles of PMA members in due course PM Key References List - a list of the key PM References available - an on-line searchable database of the over1000 references is planned Links - a page with links to other web sites with an interest in PM PM Conferences - details of the conferences held, and planned within PMA

67. Practical Software And Systems Measurement Home
Practical Software and Systems measurement A Foundation for Objective Project Management, was developed to meet todays software and system technical and

68. Intelligent Measurement
An interesting post from the Buzz Bin which provides a good summary of current thoughts on how to measure social media such as blogs, social networks and
intelligent measurement
Using graphs and diagrams to explain
But we often see many misuses of graphs and diagrams that can provide an incorrect idea for the reader. I came across an example from a report recently which I have reproduced here:
This is an interesting example of a pictogram or scatter chart to represent two variables: 1) level of opportunity/risk (vertical scale) and 2) size of share value (size of bubbles). For those interested in graphic presentation of information, some key texts to read are found on the website of Edward Tufte , a leading specialist in this area. Glenn Add comment January 23, 2008
conference evaluation and network mapping
A possible solution is to map networks created by participants at conferences - and compare these networks to those that existed before the conferences. This is exactly what I have done recently in a network mapping study that you can view here ( pdf -  1 MB ) and the above image is from. From the  LIFT conference of 2007, we mapped the networks of 28 participants (out of 450 total participants) before and after the conferences. We found some quite surprising results:
  • These 28 participants had considerable networks prior to the conference - reaching some 30% of all participants.

69. EPA - TTN EMC - Emissions Measurement Center
The Emission measurement Center provides access to air emission test methods and testing information for the development and enforcement of national, state,
@import ''; Jump to main content. Technology Transfer Network
Emission Measurement Center Recent Additions Contact Us Search: All EPA This Area
Emissions Measurement Center
The Emission Measurement Center (EMC) provides information on test methods for measuring pollutants from smokestacks and other industrial sources. This site compiles the test methods available for emission measurement, and EMC staff provide technical assistance in the use and application of the methods. For information on a specific test method or performance specification (method text, relevant documents, and frequently asked questions), use the pull-down menus below. For other information available on this site, use the links in the left margin of this page. Summary Pages for Test Methods and Performance Specifications Promulgated Methods 1 - Traverse Points 1A - Small Ducts 2 - Velocity - S-type Pitot 2A - Volume Meters 2B - Exhaust Volume Flow Rate 2C - Standard Pitot 2D - Rate Meters 2E - Landfill Gas Production Flow Rate 3 - Molecular Weight 3A - CO2, O2 - Instrumental

70. Association Of Research Libraries :: Statistics & Measurement
The ARL Statistics and measurement program focuses on describing and measuring the performance of research libraries and their contributions to research,
BM.thisPage = '340'; BM.assetsDir = ''; Contact Us Members Only Site Map Additional Resources
Register Now for Workshops on Assessment (February 2008) and Strategic Persuasion (April 2008) (Jan. 22, '08) LibQUAL+® Seeks Applicants for 2009 In-Kind Grant Program (Jan. 22, '08) Reshaping ARL Statistics to Capture the New Environment [PDF] (Jan. 18, '08) Register for the LibQUAL+® Survey: January–May 2008 Session—Deadline May 1, '08 (Jan. 15, '08) ... Call for Proposals: Library Assessment Conference—Deadline February 1, 2008 (Oct. 2, '07)
The ARL Statistics and Measurement program focuses on describing and measuring the performance of research libraries and their contributions to research, scholarship, and community service. ARL serves a leadership role in the development, testing, and application of academic library performance measures, statistics, and management tools. Grounded in the tradition of the North American research library environment, the program provides analysis and reports of quantitative and qualitative indicators of library collections, personnel, and services by using a variety of evidence gathering mechanisms, and tools. Library assessment is gaining in prominence as institutional calls for greater accountability abound. The first

71. :: Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc.
(AMP) Applied measurement Professionals, Inc., is a leading provider of licensing and certification exams and offers association management, marketing,
Applied Measurement Professionals Inc. provides certification organizations, governmental agencies, professional associations and private industry with innovative assessment and management solutions that focus on the appropriate application of technology and personal customer service. CANDIDATES Start here to schedule an exam or find program information, including candidate handbooks or the location of assessment centers. To purchase an online practice or self-assessment exam, visit our online store
Call Center Hours
Illinois Loan Originator Change Your Exam Appointment ... ASSESSMENT SERVICES AMP provides complete measurement and assessment services to over 100 certification and licensure entities. Our experienced psychometricians and knowledgeable staff handle all aspects of exam programs.
AMP Assessment Center Network
MANAGEMENT SERVICES AMP Management Services has been providing professional management to associations, certification boards and professional societies for over 15 years. Learn about the services we can provide for your organization, including our newest offering for Governmental Affairs..
Performance Evaluation System
Governmental Affairs Division
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72. The Measurement Group
The measurement Group specializes in the application of scientific methods of program evaluation to help health and social services programs document their
Now Celebrating Our 20th Anniversary! The Measurement Group specializes in the application of scientific methods of program evaluation to help health and social services programs document their activities and programs, record outcomes, assure the quality of their services, and improve quality. TMG works with clients in both public and private sectors, utilizing methods of needs assessment, technical assistance, management consulting, information systems, and applied research to assess program outcomes. Our company has a 20-year history of assisting our client agencies through a combination of state-of-the-art scientific program evaluation methods and management consulting techniques designed to help your organization develop the best possible services and systematically maintain and improve their quality.
Documenting the Success of Your Program
The careful and objective study of a health or social services program can aid the program in documenting the many different decisions that are made as a program is developed and implemented. The same methods can help a program assure that its services are of the highest quality possible and improve them as the organization learns. Finally, scientific program evaluation methods can help a program learn how well meets its specific objectives, achieves different outcomes, and has longer-term and larger impact on individuals and other organizations. T

73. MN Community Measurement | Home | Minnesota's Source For Health Care Quality Inf 2k - Cached - Similar pages Institute for Objective measurementRasch Scaling information from MESA at the University of Chicago. Includes full text articles.

74. Measurement Lesson Plans
Over 1000 lessons for math teachers! These are for using measurement!
Newsletter: Lesson Plans Home Lesson Plans Printables Rubrics ... Measurement Worksheets
Measurement Lesson Plans
  • An Introduction to Estimation and Measurements - A great beginning unit. Area and Volume - Many students have a difficult time understanding the concepts of area and volume. Textbooks have pictures which don't always allow the students to grasp the ideas. This activity takes away the abstract idea and replaces it with a concrete model. Bean Flick - In this lesson, students use beans and/or bean bags to practice their estimation and measurement skills. Cool To Rule: A Game Of Prediction and Measurement - This activity provides an excellent opportunity for students to review measurement and estimation skills while having fun at the same time. Data Collection and Management - Students will be able to understand and create the following: Data Management, Survey Taking, Graphing Techniques, and Date Collection. Estimating Distances - The students will get a better understanding on how people estimate distances and the process in estimating short distances. Estimation: Scavenger Hunt - To develop the practical skill of measurement estimation, which is the process of using mental and visual information to measure or make comparisons without the use of measuring instruments.
  • 75. NTL Free Services: Measurement Converter Service
    Length converter; Area measure converter; Dry measure converter; Liquid measure converter; Weight converter; Temperature converter
    Measurement Converter Service If you are in trouble to change the amount from one unit to the other units, this service will help you figure out. Below is the list of our converter services that is available now. Check and find what you are looking for. Usage: Causion: This service can be used only on JavaScript supported browser. LENGTH CONVERTER inch inch VS cm cm
    foot foot VS inch inch
    foot foot VS meter meter
    yard yard VS foot foot
    yard yard VS cm cm
    yard yard VS meter meter
    mile mile VS yard yard
    mile mile VS kilometer kilometer
    acre acre VS m m
    meter meter VS inch inch
    AREA CONVERTER inch inch VS cm cm foot foot VS inch inch foot foot VS cm cm yard yard VS foot foot yard yard VS cm cm DRY MEASURE CONVERTER pint pint VS liter liter quart quart VS pint pint quart quart VS liter liter gallon gallon VS quart quart gallon gallon VS liter liter teaspoon teaspoon VS milliliter milliliter tablespoon tablespoon VS teaspoon teaspoon tablespoon tablespoon VS milliliter milliliter LIQUID MEASURE CONVERTER ounce ounce VS milliliter milliliter ounce ounce VS liter liter pint pint VS liter liter quart quart VS pint pint liter liter VS gallon gallon gallon gallon VS quart quart liter liter VS quart quart cup cup VS ounce ounce cup cup VS liter liter WEIGHT CONVERTER ounce ounce VS gram gram pound pound VS gram gram pound pound VS kilogram kilogram ton ton VS kilogram kilogram TEMPERATURE CONVERTER degree celsius celsius VS fahrenheit degree fahrenheit This page was last updated: 26 th May, 1999.

    76. Uncertainty Of Measurement Results From NIST
    From NIST website Guidelines and perspectives (US and international) on how to express uncertainties.
    Information at the foundation of modern science and technology from the Physics Laboratory of NIST


    home page
    Essentials of expressing measurement uncertainty
    Basic definitions

    uncertainty components
    uncertainty components
    Expanded uncertainty and coverage factor

    of uncertainty statements Background
    International and U.S. perspectives
    on measurement uncertainty Bibliography
    Online publications and purchasing information
    Detailed contents About this reference Feedback Online: February 1998 - Last update: October 2000

    77. Cooking Measurement Equivalents —
    Conversion Calculator Interactive calculator used to convert between various units of measurement. Area, volume, length/distance, cooking, time, and more.
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    Daily Almanac for
    Jan 24, 2008
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    78. Educational Measurement Group Of Pearson
    USING TESTING ASSESSMENT TO PROMOTE LEARNING Pearson Educational measurement (PEM) is a pioneer. SEARCH. spacer. NEWS AND EVENTS
    Find comprehensive K–12 instructional materials, flexible assessment and testing, effective tools for educators, guidance for family learning, and the technological innovations that are essential to the future of today's schools. Visit NEWS AND EVENTS Online Remediation and Enrichment Tool From Pearson Now Includes Video Math Tutoring Learn More Pearson Wins New Five-Year Testing Contract From U.S. Department of Education
    Learn More
    PASeries Reading Honored
    in 12th Annual Education Software Review Awards Learn More RESEARCH Universal Design for Computer Based Testing Learn More An Empirical Investigation of Growth Models Learn More JOB OPPORTUNITIES AT PEARSON Find out more about working at Pearson. Watch Video...

    Windows Media

    About Us
    News ...

    79. Internet Technical Resources: Traffic Measurement Tools
    These order statistics are useful when looking at measurements from the Internet. Included in the distribution is a programmatic library, as well as a small
    Measurement tools
    Windows 95/98/NT traffic monitors
    • Analyzer (free), uses WINDUMP [use -i name according to what's shown in winipcfg or listed as *.sys in windows/system; modem card is PPPMAC; ELPC3R is 3Com PC card; WVLAN41 is WaveLAN card; windump -D lists devices]
    • LANMON from Precision Guesswork
    • LANsleuth
    • Lanwatch
    • NetAnt
    • NetXRay
    • netspy
    • netmon (Part of Windows NT server; rumored to be similar in functionality to tcpdump.)
    "Ethereal is a network protocol analyzer for Unix and Windows. It allows you to examine data from a live network or from a capture file on disk. You can interactively browse the capture data, viewing summary and detail information for each packet. Ethereal has several powerful features, including a rich display filter language and the ability to view the ASCII contents of a TCP connection."
    "EtherApe is a graphical network monitor for Unix modeled after etherman. Featuring link layer, ip and TCP modes, it displays network activity graphically. Hosts and links change in size with traffic. Color coded protocols display. It supports Ethernet, FDDI, Token Ring, ISDN, PPP and SLIP devices. It can filter traffic to be shown, and can read traffic from a file as well as live from the network." (For Linux only)
    ntop shows network statistics such as source and destination distribution via an embedded web server.

    80. Sound Level Measurement
    Other measurements, Pitch Timbre Speed Index Hearing concepts Loudness concepts HyperPhysics*****Sound and Hearing Go Back
    Other measurements: Pitch Timbre Speed Index ... Go Back

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