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         Hydrology:     more books (100)
  1. Hydrology and Hydraulic Systems by Ram S. Gupta, 2007-11-30
  2. Environmental Hydrology, Second Edition by Andy D. Ward, Stanley W. Trimble, 2003-12-18
  3. Introduction to Hydrology (5th Edition) by Warren Viessman, Gary L. Lewis, 2002-10-19
  4. Physical Hydrology by S. Lawrence Dingman, 2008-01-31
  5. Hydrology: Water Quantity and Quality Control by Martin P. Wanielista, Robert Kersten, et all 1996-09-28
  6. Handbook of Hydrology by David Maidment, 1993-02-01
  7. Stream Hydrology: An Introduction for Ecologists by Nancy D. Gordon, Thomas A. McMahon, et all 2004-06-28
  8. Introduction to Physical Hydrology by Martin Hendriks, 2010-03-26
  9. Groundwater Hydrology by David Keith Todd, Larry W. Mays, 2004-08-06
  10. Applied Principles of Hydrology (3rd Edition) by John C. Manning, 1996-07-04
  11. Curve Number Hydrology: State of the Practice by Environmental and Water Resources Instit, 2009-01-01
  12. Introduction To Hydraulics & Hydrology by John E. Gribbin, 2006-11-09
  13. Reference Book to Accompany Practical Problems in Groundwater Hydrology: Problem-Based Learning Using Excel Worksheets by Scott Bair, Terry D Lahm, 2006-01-28
  14. Hydrology: An Environmental Approach by Ian Watson, Alister Burnett, 1993-12-13

1. Hydrology - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
A practitioner of hydrology is a hydrologist, working within the fields of either earth or environmental science, physical geography or civil and
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search Water covers 70% of the Earth's surface. Hydrology (from Greek: Yδωρ, hudōr, "water"; and λόγος, logos, "study") is the study of the movement, distribution, and quality of water throughout the Earth, and thus addresses both the hydrologic cycle and water resources . A practitioner of hydrology is a hydrologist, working within the fields of either earth or environmental science physical geography or civil and environmental engineering Domains of hydrology include hydrometeorology surface hydrology hydrogeology drainage basin management and water quality , where water plays the central role. Oceanography and meteorology are not included because water is only one of many important aspects. Hydrological research is useful in that it allows us to better understand the world in which we live, and also provides insight for environmental engineering policy and planning

2. Hydrology Web
Compiled and maintained at Pacific Northwest National Laboratories.
Environmental Technology Directorate Skip to Main Content Hydrology Web is a site that hosts a comprehensive list of links to Hydrology and related Hydrology resources. If you would like to have your web site listed on Hydrology Web, please use the submission form found on the top navigation menu. Although we try to keep up with all the links listed it isn't always possible. We ask that you inform us of changes to your page address so we may make sure our links are updated. If we are unable to locate a page or the content of that page no longer fits the criteria of Hydrology Web it will be removed. Thank you for visiting Hydrology Web. This site is maintained within the Hydrology Group of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory by Tim Scheibe. Webmaster: Kathy Cravens
Reviewed: June 2005

3. American Institute Of Hydrology
Enhance and strengthen the standing of hydrology as a science and a profession. Establish standards for certification of qualified professionals.
The Society for Certification of Hydrology Professionals
The Tragedy at Virginia Tech The tragedy at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007 was compounded by the loss of a distinguished professor of hydrology, G.V. Loganathan , and eight promising hydrology students; Brian Bluhm, Matthew Gwaltney, Jeremy Nerbstritt, Jarrett Lane, Partahi Lombantoruan, Dan O'Neil, Juan Ortiz and Waleed Shaalan . The profession of hydrology will be set back for many years to come. We mourn this senseless loss and pray we never experience this again. The community of hydrologists and hydrogeologists worldwide join with the nation to offer our heartfelt condolences to the families, faculty, students and administration at Virginia Tech. The magnitude of this senseless tragedy will make it difficult to cope with for a long time. But with support of the communities, we must begin the healing process in the spirit of our lost colleagues. If you wish to contribute in some way to memorials that are being setup, please go to

4. Basic Ground Water Hydrology
The hydrologic cycle is a constant movement of water above, on, and below the earth s surface. It is a cycle that replenishes ground water supplies.
    This overview of the science necessary to understand groundwater issues is taken from Chapter 2 of the Washington State, Department of Ecology, Ground Water Resource Protection Handbook, Published December 1986.
    The hydrologic cycle is a constant movement of water above, on, and below the earth's surface. It is a cycle that replenishes ground water supplies. It begins as water vaporizes into the atmosphere from vegetation, soil, lakes, rivers, snowfields and oceans-a process called evapotranspiration As the water vapor rises it condenses to form clouds that return water to the land through precipitation: rain, snow, or hail. Precipitation falls on the earth and either percolates into the soil or flows across the ground. Usually it does both. When precipitation percolates into the soil it is called infiltration ; when it flows across the ground it is called surface runoff . The amount of precipitation that infiltrates, versus the amount that flows across the surface, varies depending on factors such as the amount of water already in the soil, soil composition, vegetation cover and degree of slope. Surface runoff eventually reaches a stream or other surface water body where it is again evaporated into the atmosphere. Infiltration, however, moves under the force of gravity through the soil. If soils are dry, water is absorbed by the soil until it is thoroughly wetted. Then excess infiltration begins to move slowly downward to the water table. Once it reaches the water table, it is called

5. Contents
hydrology. ` free hit counter script. Contents. Introduction Water and People What Is hydrology? Water for Tomorrow Careers in hydrology.
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Water and People

What Is Hydrology?

What Hydrologists Do
Careers in Hydrology

6. Hydrology And Water Resources - U Of A
Our graduates are sought by consulting firms, government agencies, and industry because of the broad environmental background taught in hydrology and water
Our graduates are sought by consulting firms, government agencies, and industry because of the broad environmental background taught in hydrology and water resources, coupled with advanced coursework, both theoretical and applied. A field camp experience is also offered each year. We were organized in 1966. Today the department is part of the College of Engineering. We have a strong reputation in areas of research in semi-arid regions, with four operating research centers , (EOS/NASA, HyDIS, RESAC, and SAHRA) Read More..
Current Research from the
About HWR Calendar and Newsletter Prospective Students ... Site Map
Department of Hydrology and Water Resources
College of Engineering - The University of Arizona
John W. Harshbarger Building 1133 E James E. Rogers Way Tucson, AZ 85721
Tel: (520) 621-5082 Fax: (520) 621-1422

7. NASA MSFC Earth Science Office
A joint venture between government (NASA) and academia to study the global water cycle and its effect on weather and climate.
Research Applications Technology Local Weather Institution WELCOME to the Marshall Space Flight Center Earth Science Office. We provide integrated scientific understanding of the Earth system to enable better decisions improving the global quality of life. The ESO's many areas of study are closely related to each other. Like the climate and environment we study, no one aspect stands alone. Water vapor, winds, temperatures at different altitudes, lightning, aerosols, and other factors all connect in a complex, interactive Earth-atmosphere system. This is what makes our work both challenging and intriguing. The best way to grapple with so many questions is by scientists teaming across different disciplines and organizations. ESO scientists collaborate closely with other research centers, both in the United States and in other nations. We also work to spread awareness and understanding of our results among leaders and citizens of today and the future.
Satellite Images
Responsible Official: Dr. William M. Lapenta (

8. USGS Toxic Substances Hydrology Program
The Toxic Substances hydrology Program provides science information needed to improve characterization and management of contaminated sites,
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Search USGS

Toxic Substances Hydrology Program The Toxic Substances Hydrology Program provides objective scientific information on environmental contamination to improve characterization and management of contaminated sites, to protect human and environmental health, and to reduce potential future contamination problems. Read more about the Toxics Program Recent Headlines view all headlines Issue Based Research view all research Climate-Driven Ocean Changes Affect Estuaries : Pacific Ocean Cooling Triggers Phytoplankton Blooms in San Francisco Bay USGS Science Featured in a Special Issue of Applied Geochemistry on Contamination from Oil Production Hydrogen Measured in a New Test for Determining Subsurface Microbiological Activity at Contamination Sites Wastewater Indicators Shown to Degrade in Streams New Report Presents a Framework for Assessing the Sustainability of Monitored Natural Attenuation ... Methods Development Crosscutting Topics view all topics Photo Gallery view gallery
Distant view of the research site from the Amargosa Desert Research Site New Publications view all publications Meetings view all meetings
Selected New Publications Environmental presence and persistence of pharmaceuticalsAn overview : Glassmeyer, S., Kolpin, D.W., Furlong, E.T., and Focazio, M.T., 2008

9. Journal Of Hydrology - Elsevier
The Journal of hydrology publishes original research papers and comprehensive reviews in all the subfields of the hydrological sciences.
Home Site map Elsevier websites Alerts ... Journal of Hydrology Journal information Product description Editorial board Audience Abstracting/indexing ... Peer Review Policy Subscription information Bibliographic and ordering information Combined subscriptions Conditions of sale Dispatch dates Journal-related information Contact the publisher Impact factor Most downloaded articles Other journals in same subject area ... Select your view JOURNAL OF HYDROLOGY
P. Baveye, L. Charlet, K.P. Georgakakos, G. Syme

See editorial board for all editors information
The Journal of Hydrology publishes original research papers and comprehensive reviews in all the subfields of the hydrological sciences. These comprise, but are not limited to the physical, chemical, biogeochemical, stochastic and systems aspects of surface and groundwater hydrology, hydrometeorology and hydrogeology. Relevant topics in related disciplines such as climatology, water resource systems, hydraulics, agrohydrology, geomorphology, soil science, instrumentation and remote sensing, civil and environmental engineering are also included. Papers have empirical, theoretical and applied orientations.
ISSN: 0022-1694
Commenced publication 1963
Subscriptions for the year 2008, Volumes 348-363, 64 issues

10. What Is Hydrology And What Do Hydrologists Do?
hydrology has evolved as a science in response to the need to understand the complex water systems of the Earthand help solve water problems.
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Water Science for Schools
Water Basics Earth's Water Water Cycle Special Topics ... Home
What is hydrology and what do hydrologists do?
Hydrology is the study of water
Water is one of our most important natural resources. Without it, there would be no life on earth. The supply of water available for our use is limited by nature. Although there is plenty of water on earth, it is not always in the right place, at the right time and of the right quality. Adding to the problem is the increasing evidence that chemical wastes improperly discarded yesterday are showing up in our water supplies today. Hydrology has evolved as a science in response to the need to understand the complex water systems of the Earthand help solve water problems. Hydrologists play a vital role in finding solutions to water problems, and interesting and challenging careers are available to those who choose to study hydrology.
Water has many aspects to study
What Hydrologists Do?
Careers in Hydrology
Students who plan to become hydrologists need a strong emphasis in mathematics, statistics, geology, physics, computer science, chemistry and biology. In addition, sufficient background in other subjectseconomics, public finance, environmental law, government policyis needed to communicate with experts in these fields and to understand the implications of their work on hydrology. Communicating clearly in writing and speech is a basic requirement essential for any professional person. Hydrologists should be able to work well with people, not only as part of a team with other scientists and engineers, but also in public relations, whether it be advising governmental leaders or informing the general public on water issues. Hydrology offers a variety of interesting and challenging carrer choices for today and tomorrow. It's a field worth considering.

11. Hydrology In Hawai`i
Additional hydrology Resources. Rainfall Summary Gage Location Maps. Kaua`i O`ahu Moloka`i/Lana`i Maui Hawai`i Home Site Map News ... Organization Search NWS All NOAA
Local forecast by
"City, St" or Zip Code Search by city or zip code. Press enter or select the go button to submit request RSS Feeds
Current Hazards

Tropical Cyclones



Current Conditions

Hydrology Analyses/Forecasts Radar Imagery Kaua`i (Dial-up) Moloka`i (Dial-up) ... CONUS Radar Forecasts Activity Planner Hawai`i Marine Aviation ... Aviation Wx Ctr Climate Local National More... Weather Safety Weather Radio Tsunami Information Event Summaries StormData ... EMWIN About Us Our Mission Our Office Our Products News Items HI RSS Feeds Contact Us Webmaster FAQ Pacific Region Links Regional HQ Central Pacific Hurricane Center WFO Guam ... Hydrology in Hawai`i
Routine Products
Graphical Maps of Hawai`i Rainfall Summary
Updated every 3 hours
Additional Hydrology Resources

12. Hydrology
hydrology Web maintained by Battelle Institute s Pacific Northwest Laboratory. Discussion forums and links, including a big section of links to sources of
home about advertise Corporate ...
TopTen Civil


Dams and Reservoirs
Hurricane Katrina




... Transportation TenL i nks Partners CADdepot CADdigest CADtalent FreeCAD ... upFront.eZine News via Email TenLinks Daily Update CAD Digest Weekly Hydrology Sponsored Links Online Master of Civil Engineering – Norwich University new learn from the first engineering university in the US. TenLinks Daily -CAD/CAM/CAE news delivered via email every day. FREE! - CAD, CAM and CAE programs available for download - all for FREE! add sponsored link
  • Hydrology Web - maintained by Battelle Institute's Pacific Northwest Laboratory. Discussion forums and links, including a big section of links to sources of water resource data worldwide U.S. Geological Survey: Water Resources of the United States - data, projects and resources nationwide Water Librarians' Homepage - huge list of useful links in the field of water resources, including agencies, databases, publishers, organizations, libraries and mailing lists C. P. Kumar's Links to Hydrology Resources
  • 13. New Mexico Tech Hydrology Program
    The hydrology Program at New Mexico Tech is one of the nation s largest and strongest programs in hydrology research and education. Eight fulltime faculty
    View from South Baldy, New Mexico
    Degree Requirements
    Prospective Students Faculty Students ... Geoscience Links
    Hydrology Program Overview
    The Hydrology Program at New Mexico Tech is one of the nation's largest and strongest programs in hydrology research and education. Eight full-time faculty and seven adjunct faculty allow us to offer 16 different courses in hydrology including: Groundwater Contamination, Vadose Zone Hydrology, Hydroclimatology, and Stochastic Methods in Groundwater Hydrology to name just a few. The program is tailored to accommodate students from a wide variety of backgrounds in science, engineering, and mathematics. Facilities include a SUN Unix Workstation network, assorted laboratories for chemical, microbiological, and physical measurements and experiments, and several field experimental sites. Graduates of our program go on to positions in academia, government, and industry. We offer two graduate degrees: M.S. in Hydrology and Ph.D. in Earth and Environmental Science with Dissertation in Hydrology. In addition, we offer a five-year B.S./Hydrology M.S. degree for students enrolled in an undergraduate program at New Mexico Tech.

    14. Hydrology Research (formerly Nordic Hydrology)
    IWA Publishing. IWA Publishing Journals, , Subscriptions, , Authors, , Users, , Librarians, , FAQs. Nordic hydrology. Issues. 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004
    IWA Publishing Journals Subscriptions Authors Users ... FAQs
    Hydrology Research (formerly Nordic Hydrology)
    Volume 42 Volume 41 Volume 40 Volume 39
    issue 1
    Nordic Hydrology Volume 38 Volume 37 Volume 36 Volume 35 issues 4-5
    issue 3

    issue 2

    issue 1
    ... ContentsAlert
    ISSN Print: 0029-1277
    Published by IWA Publishing

    15. National Weather Service - NWS Los Angeles/Oxnard
    National Weather Service Mission The National Weather Service (NWS) provides weather, hydrologic, and climate forecasts and warnings for the United States
    UV IndexForecast Maps Climate LocalNationalMore... Special Programs SkywarnTM SpotterDebris-Flow Project ... Coop Observers Weather Safety NOAA Weather RadioStorm ReadyTsunamiReadyTsunami Messages ... Lightning Resource Center Media PageTropical CycloneStorm PhotosWeather Education ... FAQ NWS/DOD Sites All NWS OfficesPt. Mugu NAWSEdwards AFBChina Lake NAWS ... Monterey FNMOC Contact Us Office Information Some features of this page require JavaScript. HYDROLOGY
    Quick Link to: Observations Forecasts River Data/Streamflow Drought ... Other Statements
    Back to TOPPrecipitation Observed Precipitation Maps (Courtesy of the California Nevada River Forecast Center - CNRFC) Observed Precipitation Tables Note: The data contained on the tables listed below is only provisional and is not checked for accuracy. Do not use them for official purposes.
    Some features of this page require JavaScript. Browser Cache Clear HowTo Search NWS ALL NOAA Local Forecast By
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    Current Hazards Local West National Tropical ... RSS Feeds Current Conditions Observations Buoy/Coastal Satellite Radar ... Cameras Forecasts Activity Planner Local Area Discussion Prototype Digital ... Marine

    16. Wildland Hydrology Consultants
    Goal is to offer a series of training courses designed to provide handson experience for those individuals working with rivers and their watersheds.

    Luna Leopold Life

    Wildland Hydrology
    11210 N. County Road 19
    Fort Collins, CO 80524
    Phone: 970-568-0002
    Registration Information: 970-568-0003
    Fax: 970-568-0014
    E-mail: Courses About Wildland Hydrology Books ... RIVERMorph E-mail: The content of these pages is the sole property of Wildland Hydrology Consultants

    17. The Global Hydrology Resource Center
    The Global hydrology Resource Center (GHRC) is a part of the Global hydrology and Climate Center (GHCC). The GHRC provides data ingest, archive,
    Global Hydrology Resource Center Thank you for visiting the GHRC web page. Unfortunately, this page makes extensive use of JavaScript, and your browser either does not support JavaScript, or you have turned it off. users can enable JavaScript by clicking on and checking the box next to "Enable JavaScript". Internet Explorer users can enable JavaScript by clicking on then scroll down and check the "Enable" box in the "Active scripting" section. You will have to confirm this change. If you do that now, you can "Reload" this page to bring up the JavaScript version. NASA Information Contact: Michael Goodman , Global Hydrology and Climate Center
    GHRC Web Curator: GHRC Web Team
    Last update: Wednesday, 16-Jun-2004 15:05:12 CDT
    If you have trouble viewing or navigating this page, please contact GHRC User Services
    U.S. Government Compliance report.

    18. Southwest Hydrology
    Southwest hydrology Magazine is the trade magazine created to inform and connect the water communities of the semiarid and arid Southwest.
    WELCOME to Southwest Hydrology, the trade magazine created to inform and connect the water communities of the semi-arid and arid Southwest. Southwest Hydrology is written by and for consultants, regulators, researchers, water managers, lawyers, policymakers, and all the people in industry who work with water issues in semi-arid regions.
    Southwest Hydrology premiered in 2002, and is distributed free of charge six times per year to nearly 6,000 subscribers in the Southwest and the rest of the United States.
    Jan/Feb ET Measurement
    Mar/Apr Too Much Salt
    May/June 2008 - Aquifer Storage Recharge July/Aug 2008 - Endangered Species Act Sep/Oct 2008 - State Water Projects
    January 22 - 25 - Texas Ground Water Association. 2008 Annual Convention and Trade Show.

    19. AGU Hydrology Section Home Page
    Members are concerned with the cycling of continental water (solid, liquid and vapor) at all scales, and with physical, chemical and biological processes
    AGU Leadership Page AGU Focus Group Leadership CUAHSI News Announcements ... WRR Web Page
    Hydrology Section Home Page
    Welcome to the Hydrology (H) section's World Wide Web (WWW) home page.
    Hydrology section members are concerned with the cycling of continental water (solid, liquid and vapor) at all scales, and with physical, chemical and biological processes driven by that cycling. More than 6,000 of the American Geophysical Union's (AGU) 35,000 members identify Hydrology as their primary section. To join AGU, follow this link.
    • The Horton Student Research Grant Awardees have been named! See below for a list.
    • The Horton Award of the Hydrology Section has been renamed the Hydrologic Sciences Award to avoid confusion with the Horton Medal awarded by the Union. The AGU Hydrology Section is currently seeking nominations for the 2007 Hydrolgical Sciences Award. Nominations are due by 15 September 2007 to the committee chair, Dr. Michael Celia. See Section and Focus Group Awards for details on the required material and contact information.

    20. Hydrology - Hydraulics Engineering - FHWA
    hydrology is the scientific study of water s properties, distribution, and effects on the earth s surface and atmosphere. This site Includes information
    @import "../../../css/hyd.css"; Search FHWA
    Scour Technology
    Bridge Hydraulics Culvert Hydraulics Highway Drainage ...
    More on All Conferences
    More on Hydrology Software
    More on
    More on Hydraulics Research
    More on Hydrology Publications
    More on
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    Related Features
    Joe Krolak
    Office of Bridge Technology

    Larry Arneson
    Resource Center (Lakewood)

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