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         Gene Therapy:     more books (100)
  1. The Ethics of Human Gene Therapy by LeRoy Walters, Julie Gage Palmer, 1996-11-14
  2. A Guide to Human Gene Therapy by Roland W. Herzog, 2010-06-18
  3. Molecular Genetics & Gene Therapy of Cardiovascular Diseases (Fundamental and Clinical Cardiology) by S. C. Mockrin, 1996-01-02
  4. Gene Therapy Protocols (Methods in Molecular Medicine)
  5. Gene Therapy: Treating Disease by Repairing Genes (New Biology) by Joseph, Ph.D. Panno, 2004-10
  6. A Guide to Complementary Treatments for Diabetes: Using Natural Supplements, Nutrition, and Alternative Therapies to Better Manage Your Diabetes by Gene Bruno, 2009-11
  7. Stem Cell and Gene-Based Therapy: Frontiers in Regenerative Medicine
  8. Immunology of Gene Therapy by Roland W. Herzog, 2008-12-03
  9. Gene Therapy and Gene Delivery Systems (Advances in Biochemical Engineering Biotechnology)
  10. Cell, Gene and Molecular Therapy: New Concepts (Nova Biomedical) by Viroj Wiwanitkit, 2009-01
  11. Gene and Cell Therapy: Therapeutic Mechanisms and Strategies, Third Edition
  12. Gene Therapy for Cancer (Cancer Drug Discovery and Development)
  13. Viral Vectors: Gene Therapy and Neuroscience Applications
  14. Human Gene Therapy by Eve Nichols, 1988-03-22

1. Gene Therapy
Definition, hurdles, ethical issues, and links to more resources on gene therapy provided by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
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Gene Therapy Subject Index
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What is gene therapy?
Gene therapy is a technique for correcting defective genes responsible for disease development. Researchers may use one of several approaches for correcting faulty genes:

2. Gene Therapy - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
gene therapy is the insertion of genes into an individual s cells and tissues to treat a disease, and hereditary diseases in which a defective mutant allele
Gene therapy
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search Gene therapy is the insertion of genes into an individual's cells and tissues to treat a disease , and hereditary diseases in which a defective mutant allele is replaced with a functional one. Although the technology is still in its infancy, it has been used with some success. Antisense therapy is not strictly a form of gene therapy, but is a genetically-mediated therapy and is often considered together with other methods. Gene therapy using an Adenovirus vector. A new gene is inserted into an adenovirus vector, which is used to introduce the modified DNA into a human cell. If the treatment is successful, the new gene will make a functional protein
  • Background Basic process Types of gene therapy
    edit Background
    On September 14 at the U.S. National Institutes of Health W. French Anderson , M.D., and his colleagues R. Michael Blaese, M.D., C. Bouzaid, M.D., and Kenneth Culver, M.D., performed the first approved gene therapy procedure on four-year old Ashanthi DeSilva. Born with a rare genetic disease called severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) , she lacked a healthy immune system, and was vulnerable to every passing germ or infection. Children with this illness usually develop overwhelming infections and rarely survive to adulthood; a common childhood illness like chickenpox is life-threatening. Ashanthi led a cloistered existence avoiding contact with people outside her family, remaining in the sterile environment of her home, and battling frequent illnesses with massive amounts of antibiotics.

3. Gene Therapy
At the forefront of medicine, gene therapy brings you the latest research into genetic and cellbased technologies to treat disease.
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Welcome to Gene Therapy
At the forefront of medicine, Gene Therapy Free online issue Volume 15, No 3 February 2008 ISSN: 0969-7128 EISSN: 1476-5462 2006 impact factor
15/140 Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology
USA Editor:
J Glorioso, USA European Editor:
N Lemoine, UK *Journal Citation Reports, Thomson 2007
Expression of PAI-1 to prevent abdominal aortic aneurysm
Mechanism of HSV-mediated IL-10 expression in reduction of inflammatory pain
Myostatin antisense-mediated muscle growth in cancer cachexia FREE Current issue table of contents Advance online publication in full
Gene Therapy Stem Cells Special Issue - Out now Stem cell research is booming and much progress has been made within the last few years. This special issue focuses on the fundamental, underappreciated aspects of current stem cell research that have not yet been emphasized within the field. Reviews cover current research with the translational potential for stem cell drug development. Cancer Caused by Gene Therapy Virus A child at Great Ormond Street Hospital has developed Leukaemia after being treated for X-SCID with a gene therapy virus. This is the first case in the UK and ends hopes that the subtly different protocol used in this country prevents incidents of cancer which have already been observed in France.

4. Cancer Gene Therapy
Cancer gene therapy is the essential gene therapy resource for cancer researchers and clinicians, keeping readers up to date with the latest developments in
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Welcome to Cancer Gene Therapy
Cancer Gene Therapy Free online issue Volume 15, No 2 February 2008 ISSN: 0929-1903 EISSN: 1476-5500 2006 impact factor
33/131 Genetics and Heredity
37/127 Oncology Editors:
R E Sobol
K J Scanlon * Journal Citation Reports, Thomson 2007
Anticancer activity of oncolytic adenovirus vector armed with IFN- and ADP is enhanced by pharmacologically controlled expression of TRAIL FREE
Treatment of pulmonary metastatic tumors in mice using lentiviral vector-engineered stem cells FREE
Cancer immunotherapy based on recombinant Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium aroA ... Advance online publication in full

5. ScienceDaily: Gene Therapy News
Read all about gene therapy including current medical research on switching therapeutic genes on and off, lightactivated gene therapy and gene silencing.
Gene Therapy News
Thursday, January 24, 2008 Print Email Bookmark
Latest News
Medical Topics Your Health
Adult Cells, Reprogrammed To Embryonic Stem Cell Like State, Treat Sickle-cell Anemia In Mice
full story
Cancer-resistant Mouse Developed By Adding Tumor-suppressor Gene
full story ... Brain Implants Relieve Alzheimer's Damage
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6. What Is Gene Therapy? - Genetics Home Reference
gene therapy is an experimental technique that uses genes to treat or prevent disease. In the future, this technique may allow doctors to treat a disorder
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  • Table of Contents
    • Cells and DNA How Genes Work Mutations and Health ... Gene Therapy
      What is gene therapy?
      • Replacing a mutated gene that causes disease with a healthy copy of the gene. Introducing a new gene into the body to help fight a disease.
      Although gene therapy is a promising treatment option for a number of diseases (including inherited disorders, some types of cancer, and certain viral infections), the technique remains risky and is still under study to make sure that it will be safe and effective. Gene therapy is currently only being tested for the treatment of diseases that have no other cures.
      For general information about gene therapy:
      MedlinePlus from the National Library of Medicine offers a list of links to information about genes and gene therapy The fact sheet Gene Therapy from the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science offers an overview of this topic. The Centre for Genetics Education provides an introduction to gene therapy , including a discussion of ethical and safety considerations. Additional basic information about gene therapy is available from the Wellcome Trust.

7. Gene Therapy - An Overview
A potential approach to the treatment of genetic disorders in man is gene therapy. This is a technique whereby the absent or faulty gene is replaced by a
Gene Therapy - An Overview
BIO. "Biotechnology in Perspective." Washington, D.C.: Biotechnology Industry Organization, 1990.
Altered Genes
Each of us carries about half a dozen defective genes. We remain blissfully unaware of this fact unless we, or one of our close relatives, are amongst the many millions who suffer from a genetic disease. About one in ten people has, or will develop at some later stage, an inherited genetic disorder, and approximately 2,800 specific conditions are known to be caused by defects (mutations) in just one of the patient's genes. Some single gene disorders are quite common - cystic fibrosis is found in one out of every 2,500 babies born in the Western World - and in total, diseases that can be traced to single gene defects account for about 5% of all admissions to children's hospitals. In the U.S. and Europe, there are exciting new programs to 'map' the entire human genome - all of our genes. This work will enable scientists and doctors to understand the genes that control all diseases to which the human race is prone, and hopefully develop new therapies to treat and predict diseases.
Diseases of Genetic Origin
Most of us do not suffer any harmful effects from our defective genes because we carry two copies of nearly all genes, one derived from our mother and the other from our father. The only exceptions to this rule are the genes found on the male sex chromosomes. Males have one X and one Y chromosome, the former from the mother and the latter from the father, so each cell has only one copy of the genes on these chromosomes. In the majority of cases, one normal gene is sufficient to avoid all the symptoms of disease. If the potentially harmful gene is recessive, then its normal counterpart will carry out all the tasks assigned to both. Only if we inherit from our parents two copies of the same recessive gene will a disease develop.

8. Gene Therapy: Molecular Bandage?
Follow a gene therapy treatment from the lab to the clinic. Challenges in gene therapy Examine some upand-coming techniques in the gene therapy arena.
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Gene Therapy: Molecular Bandage?
What is Gene Therapy?
The what and why of gene therapy research.
Choosing Targets for Gene Therapy

See how researchers decide which disorders are appropriate for gene therapy.
Gene Delivery: The Key to Gene Therapy

Putting therapeutic genes into cells is easier said than done. Find out why.
Tools of the Trade

Explore the methods for delivering genes into cells.
From Research To Trials
How long does it take? Follow a gene therapy treatment from the lab to the clinic. Challenges in Gene Therapy Why isn't gene therapy a smashing success? Space Doctor You are the doctor! Design and test gene therapy treatments with ailing aliens. New Approaches to Gene Therapy Examine some up-and-coming techniques in the gene therapy arena. Enhancement: Gene Therapy and Science Fiction Can we use gene therapy techniques to create designer humans? What are Some Issues in Gene Therapy? Consider some important questions in the debate over gene therapy research. Additional Resources Links to current news and in-depth information about gene therapy.

9. Gene Therapy For Cancer: Q & A - National Cancer Institute
A fact sheet that discusses research with genetic material in developing cancer therapies, including risks, benefits, and ethical issues.
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View Fact Sheets by Topic Cancer Type
Risk Factors and Possible Causes


Questions about cancer?

Quick Links Director's Corner
Dictionary of Cancer Terms

NCI Drug Dictionary

Funding Opportunities
... NIH Calendar of Events Gene Therapy for Cancer: Questions and Answers Key Points What are genes?

10. Gene Therapy
One of the most amazing genetic applications in medicine is gene therapy. Also known as somatic gene therapy and therapeutic gene therapy, this procedure

11. American Society Of Gene Therapy
Organization dedicated to promoting gene therapy research through public education, scientific meetings and scientific committees targeting specific
var BaseURL = ""; var BasePath = ""; Join ASGT Contact Us Site Map Home About Gene Therapy
What is Gene Therapy? Gene Therapy Defined
Common Gene Therapy Terms Gene Therapy for Diseases Gene Therapy vs. Cell Therapy ...
Related Sites of Interest
The Society
ASGT Board/Committee Rosters
ASGT Position Statements ASGT History Molecular Therapy ... Archived Course Materials Members
Directory Grants/Awards Update Contact Information ... Annual Meeting Patients
Sites of Interest
About Gene Therapy Media
News Releases
Primer Guide to ASGT Gene Therapy Experts ASGT Position Statements The American Society of Gene Therapy The American Society of Gene Therapy (ASGT) is a non-profit medical, scientific, and professional organization devoted to the research and development of therapies that involve the introduction of genetic material and/or cells into the body to treat or prevent disease.
Gene Therapy News ASGT President Reflects on the Passing of Dr. Judah Folkman
Thursday, January 24th, 2008
NHLBI Gene Therapy Resource Program

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008 Regaining Lost Luster: New Developments and Clinical Trials Breathe Life Back into Gene Therapy Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

12. Gene Therapy I
View an animation showing the steps used in retroviral gene therapy at this Molecular Medicine in Action site. Navigate to Other Viruses as Vectors on
Index to this page
Gene Therapy I
Many human diseases are caused by defective genes. A few common examples: Disease Genetic defect hemophilia A absence of clotting factor VIII cystic fibrosis defective chloride channel protein muscular dystrophy defective muscle protein (dystrophin) sickle-cell disease defective beta globin hemophilia B absence of clotting factor IX severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) any one of several genes fail to make a protein essential for T and B cell function All of these diseases are caused by a defect at a single gene locus . (The inheritance is recessive so both the maternal and paternal copies of the gene must be defective.) Is there any hope of introducing functioning genes into these patients to correct their disorder? Probably. Other diseases, also have a genetic basis, but it appears that several genes must act in concert to produce the disease phenotype . The prospects of gene therapy in these cases seems far more remote.
Case study: severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID)
SCID is a disease in which the patient has neither It is a disease of young children because, until recently, the absence of an immune system left them prey to infections that ultimately killed them.

13. BBC NEWS | Health | Gene Therapy Implants For Tendons
Freezedried implants are being developed which may help repair injured and difficult-to-treat tendons.
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    World UK England ... Special Reports RELATED BBC SITES Last Updated: Saturday, 12 January 2008, 00:02 GMT E-mail this to a friend Printable version Gene therapy implants for tendons Tendon injuries can be difficult to treat Freeze-dried implants loaded with gene therapy solution are being developed which may help repair injured and difficult-to-treat tendons. Early trials in the US suggest the implants could accelerate healing, and help restore a wide range of movement.

14. Gene Therapy
In the 1980s scientists learned how to insert healthy copies of defective genes into a cell s genetic material. Since then, they ve looked forward to the

15. American Scientist Online - Gene Therapy An archive of articles covering original scientific research into astronomy, medical science, anthropology, ecology, technology,
Home Current Issue Archives Bookshelf ... Subscribe In This Section Search Book Reviews by Issue Issue Index Topical Index ... Classics Site Search Advanced Search Visitor Login Username Password Help with login Forgot your password? Change your username see full issue: May-June 1999 Volume: Number: Page:
Gene Therapy
Investigators have been searching for ways to add corrective genes to cells harboring defective genes. A better strategy might be to correct the defects
Eric B. Kmiec It has been the hope of biomedical researchers to find ways to fix the genes that cause disease. Over a decade ago, when researchers at MIT realized that viruses could be modified to carry corrective genes into cells, gene therapy seemed to be an eventuality. But to date, no one has found a way to reliably control the therapeutic genes to make them clinically useful. Our author surveys the history of this field and gives us a peek at the future of gene therapy, where the emphasis may be less on replacing defective genes and more on correcting them.
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Of Possible Interest Book Review: Analytical Tools for Evolutionary Processes Feature Article: Gene Therapy for Pain Feature Article: Ancient DNA Feature Article: Human Embryonic Stem-Cell Research: Science and Ethics Feature Article: Early Canid Domestication: The Farm-Fox Experiment Related Sigma Xi Links

16. Gene Therapy And Children
gene therapy carries the excitement of a cureall for many diseases, the controversy surrounding the altering of human imperfection, and the promise of a
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Gene therapy carries the excitement of a cure-all for a host of diseases, the controversy surrounding the altering of human genes, and the promise of a type of medical treatment most of us would never imagine possible. With its potential to eliminate and prevent hereditary diseases such as cystic fibrosis and hemophilia and its use as a possible cure for heart disease, AIDS , and cancer , gene therapy is a potential medical miracle-worker.

17. MedlinePlus: Genes And Gene Therapy
gene therapy is an experimental technique that uses genes to treat or prevent disease. The most common form of gene therapy involves inserting a normal gene
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    • Services and providers for Genes and Gene Therapy in the U.S. Select Location AL - Alabama AR - Arkansas AZ - Arizona AZ - Tribal Connections Four Corners CO - Tribal Connections Four Corners DE - Delaware GA - Georgia IL - Illinois IN - Indiana MA - Massachusetts MD - Maryland MI - Michigan MN - Minnesota NC - North Carolina NE - Nebraska NM - New Mexico NM - Tribal Connections Four Corners NV - Nevada OH - Ohio - Southeast SC - South Carolina TX - East Texas TX - South Texas TX - Texas Gulf Coast UT - Tribal Connections Four Corners UT - Utah VT - Vermont WY - Wyoming Select from map
    National Institutes of Health
    Genes and Gene Therapy Genes are the building blocks of inheritance. Passed from parent to child, they contain instructions for making proteins. If genes don't produce the right proteins or produce them correctly, a child can have a

18. Gene Therapy -- Kay Et Al. 94 (24): 12744 -- Proceedings Of The National Academy
In recent years, there have been a number of technological breakthroughs that have allowed for clinical trials in gene therapy to be initiated.
This Article Abstract Full Text (PDF) Alert me when this article is cited ... Citation Map Services Email this article to a colleague Similar articles in this journal Similar articles in ISI Web of Science Similar articles in PubMed ... Download to citation manager Citing Articles Citing Articles via HighWire Citing Articles via CrossRef Citing Articles via ISI Web of Science (102) Citing Articles via Google Scholar Google Scholar Articles by Kay, M. A. Articles by Hoogerbrugge, P. M. Search for Related Content PubMed PubMed Citation Articles by Kay, M. A. Articles by Hoogerbrugge, P. M. Social Bookmarking
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Previous Article Table of Contents Next Article Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA Vol. 94, pp. 12744-12746, November 1997 From the Academy
This paper is a summary of a session presented at the third annual German-American Frontiers of Science symposium, held June 20-22, 1997 at the Kardinal Wendel Haus in Munich, Germany.
Gene therapy
Mark A. Kay

19. Gene Therapy Clinical Trials Worldwide
Comprehensive source of information on worldwide gene therapy clinical trials compiled by The Journal of Gene Medicine.

20. Human Gene Therapy
Human gene therapy A rapidpublication peer-reviewed journal covering all aspects of human gene therapy. Publishes scientific papers on original
The Leading Publisher in Biotechnology
view cart
Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., The Leading Publisher in Biotechnology

addthis_url = location.href; addthis_title = document.title; addthis_pub = 'jcruz';
Human Gene Therapy
ISSN 1043-0342 - Published Monthly

Full-text of the current issue available FREE online.

Due to the dynamic nature of this field, the journal has a rapid online publication policy. All papers are published online within 3-4 weeks of acceptance, and will appear at a later date in the print journal. Don't miss this month's Editorial - A Call to Action New “Open Option” for Human Gene Therapy
A rapid-publication peer-reviewed journal covering all aspects of human gene therapy. Publishes scientific papers on original investigations into the transfer and expression of genes in mammals, including humans. Improvements in vector development, delivery systems, and animal models, particularly in the areas of cancer, heart disease, viral disease, genetic disease, and neurological disease, are covered. Includes ethical/legal/regulatory papers related directly to the area of gene transfer into humans.
Impact factor
- 2006 - ISI Journal Citation Reports ® Subscribe
Indexed/abstracted in:
MEDLINE; Current Contents/Life Sciences; EMBASE/Excerpta Medica; Cambridge Scientific Abstracts; Science Citation Index-Expanded; Science Citation Index; BIOSIS Previews; Biotechnology Citation Index; Biological Abstracts; EMBiology; Scopus

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