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         Botany:     more books (100)
  1. The Botany of Desire: A Plant's-Eye View of the World by Michael Pollan, 2002-05-28
  2. Botany in a Day:The Patterns Method of Plant Identification by Thomas J. Elpel, 2004-01
  3. Botany for Gardeners: Third Edition by Brian Capon, 2010-05-21
  4. Botany for the Artist: An Inspirational Guide to Drawing Plants by Sarah Simblet, 2010-04-19
  5. The Botany Coloring Book by Paul Young, 1982-04-21
  6. Marijuana Botany: Propagation and Breeding of Distintive Cannabis by Robert Connell Clarke, 1993
  7. Botany: An Introduction to Plant Biology by James D. Mauseth, 2008-09-01
  8. Outlines of Lessons in Botany, Part I; from Seed to Leaf by Jane H. Newell, 2010-07-06
  9. Botany Illustrated: Introduction to Plants, Major Groups, Flowering Plant Families by Janice Glimn-Lacy, Peter B. Kaufman, 2006-03-29
  10. Botany for Gardeners by Brian Capon, 2004-12-01
  11. Economic Botany: Plants in our World by Beryl Simpson, Molly Ogorzaly, 2000-12-20
  12. The Cannabis Breeder's Bible: The Definitive Guide to Marijuana Genetics, Cannabis Botany and Creating Strains for the Seed Market by Greg Green, 2005-04-15
  13. A Photographic Atlas for the Botany Laboratory by Kent M. Van De Graaff, Samuel R. Rushforth, et all 2004-04
  14. Essential Atlas of Botany

1. Encyclopedia Of Plants, Gardening And Botanical Dictionary A complete resource for plant and gardening information, an encyclopedia of plants with detailed descriptions and tips for potting, growing,
Encyclopedia of Plants
Resources the Encyclopedia of Plants and Gardening
Botany the Encyclopedia of Flowers and Plants is your complete resource for all of your Gardening Needs. Our Plant Encyclopedia provides information regarding the general description of the plants, the various methods of cultivation, such as indoor or outdoor planting, soil and temperature requirements, pruning, and other important details, the means of propagation (seeds, cuttings, division, etc.), and the different varieties and hybrids. Our easy to use directory of plants and gardening information includes, annuals, bulbs, cactus, succulents, fruit, grass, water plants, herbs, spices, houseplants, perennials, shrubs, bushes, trees, vegetables, vines, crawlers, wild flowers, pest control, plant diseases and a helpful Botanical Dictionary.
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2. Botany - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
botany is the scientific study of plant life. As a branch of biology, it is also called plant science(s), phytology, or plant biology. botany covers a wide
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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For other meanings, see Botany (disambiguation)
Pinguicula grandiflora commonly known as a Butterwort Example of a cross section of a stem Botany is the scientific study of plant life . As a branch of biology , it is also called plant science(s) phytology , or plant biology . Botany covers a wide range of scientific disciplines that study plants algae , and fungi including: structure growth reproduction metabolism ... diseases , and chemical properties and evolutionary relationships between the different groups. The study of plants and botany began with tribal lore, used to identify edible, medicinal and poisonous plants, making botany one of the oldest sciences. From this ancient interest in plants, the scope of botany has increased to include the study of over 550,000 kinds or species of living organisms.

3. Careers In Botany - Science Education And Outreach, Botanical Society Of America
Science Careers Science Education and Outreach, Botanical Society of America.
  • About BSA
    Careers in Botany - BSA Science Education and Outreach
    This is an online version of the brochure "Careers in Botany" distributed by the Botanical Society of America. Real Careers - Great Choices! BSA members talk about their jobs... Dr. David Spooner
    University of Wisconsin
    An adventure! - this is my job!!

    Ever since I could remember all I ever wanted to be was a botanist. As a child I pretty much lived in the various woods near our home in southwestern Ohio, and knew every trail and creek bed by heart. Dr. Mudassir Asrar Zaidi
    University of Blaochistan
    A love of flowers and plants

    Dr. Marshall Sundberg
    Emporia State University
    Why study botany?

    I entered college knowing that I wanted to be a high school biology teacher and was particularly fascinated with animal anatomy and physiology. Then I took the Biology of Vascular Plants course. Boy, was I in for a surprise! Dr. Jenny Xiang

4. World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Botany / Plant Biology (Biosciences)
Collection of scholarly and research links for plant biology.
Botany / Plant Biology ( Biosciences
Information categorized first by provider, then by subject. (Last updated Tuesday, 01-Jan-2008 00:10:13 CST.) See also

5. Botany Photo Of The Day
Receive botany Photo of the Day daily. Enter your email address below and click Go. botany Photo of the Day Bookmarks via Powered by
@import url("/bgcpr.css"); Home Resources and Writings / Botany Photo of the Day
Botany Photo of the Day
In science, beauty. In beauty, science. Daily.
January 24, 2008
Orchis galilaea
Thanks once again to Jackie Chambers for today's write-up and photograph! Just a reminder: Jackie is presenting on Wildflowers of Israel and Jordan in early February. The most striking feature of the Galilee orchid is the tiny human form created by the lobes of the lower petal. Each flower is only 10-12 mm, but there are usually 15-90 per stalk. The flowers spike rises about 40-70cm above a group of basal leaves. This terrestrial orchid is native to Lebanon and Israel. There are several colour forms within this species, the flower colour and markings can range from white, green, and yellow to pink. For more photos please see: Orchis galilaea on the Gallery of the World's Bulbs site. The name of the genus Orchis is derived from the Greek orchis , which means testicle, and refers to the pair of underground tuber-like structures at the base of the orchid. This also explains why this genus has often been regarded as an aphrodisiac and used in fertility treatments. Research suggests that Orchis galilaea relies on a sexually deceptive pollination strategy. Instead of producing a reward of nectar for visiting pollinators this orchid produces a scent that mimics the female sex pheromones which attract male bees (

6. Department Of Botany, UW-Madison
Department of botany, University of Wisconsin Madison.
T he mission of the Department of Botany is to discover, maintain, and transmit knowledge concerning basic plant biology and provide leadership in the biological sciences.
Birge Hall
430 Lincoln Dr.
Madison, WI 53706
FAX (608) 262-7509 Chair
Donna Fernandez
Department Programs Facilities Related Programs Other Resources What's New: New Undergraduate Major - A new Botany Undergraduate Major with different requirements goes into effect at the beginning of the Fall semester, 2007 ...

7. Internet Directory For Botany
The Page Lists All Pages/Sites Related to botany Plant Science, Gardens, Gardening, Forest, Biology, Plant Physiology, Plant Taxonomy, Plant Systematics,
This Page that does not use JavaScript Alphabetical List Edmonton, Canada What's New
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About IDB For information about this page, additions and corrections, other recommended directories, mirroring and citing the page, please access About the Internet Directory for Botany Awards to IDB Awards Received
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8. Botany Online Resources At Education Index
MBG has all the botany bases covered, and an easily navigated map to prove it! Start your botanical tour at the information desk and view the gardens,
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Botany We're continually reviewing new sites and adding resources, and appreciate your comments and suggestions. Suggest a link here
The 24 "Canoe Plants" of Ancient Hawaii
Interested in the plants of Hawaii? This site presents a general guide to the plants that were carried throughout the Hawaiian Islands by early Polynesian voyagers in their canoes. Some basic information is provided about each plant along with a sketch/picture when available. Also included are Medicinal Hawaiian Plants, though this area of the site takes a while to load. Very interesting!
Albion College Vascular Plant Image Gallery
The gallery consists of quick-loading images being developed for use by Biology class 216 at Albion College in Albion, Michigan. The plants are primarily from the eastern U.S. and Carribbean. A brief synopsis of the characteristics of the family of each plant is also available.
Album of Plants of Israel
This is an extensive collection of photos of the plants of Israel, arranged by Hebrew name and by scientific name. There is some beautiful photography here.

9. Botany Department, Smithsonian Institution
The Department of botany hosts events and activities throughout the year to explore and recognize achievements in the botanical community.
These menus use JavaScript to optimize speed and navigation. Use the 'Site Index' at the bottom of this column to find resources on this site without Javascript.
Finding Information
  • Search our research sites by generic name:
    Keyword Search
    (person or topic):
    Site Index

Smithsonian Institution
Privacy Statement Our Mission is to discover and describe plant life in marine and terrestrial environments, to interpret the evolutionary origin of this diversity, and to understand how humans are affected by and have altered plant diversity on the planet. Featured Presentation DC Flora Herbarium
The Flora of the Washington-Baltimore Area includes a total of almost 2800 species, most of which are represented by specimens in the DC Herbarium. The DC Flora website displays at least one representative specimen image for each plant species in the Herbarium. Botanical Art and Images Type Specimen Images Botanical Illustrations Bromeliaceae
Proposed Smithsonian Center for Botanical Art and Illustration
Publications Newsletters The Plant Press Biological Conservation Newsletter Searchable Database of Publications by Botany Staff Contributions from the United States National Herbarium List of Publications in the Contributions series and links to available PDF versions and Web sites.

10. UCMP Glossary: Botany
botany. Phylogenetics Geology Biochemistry Cell biology Ecology Life history Zoology botany Paleogeography
UCMP Glossary : Botany
Phylogenetics Geology Biochemistry Cell biology ... Zoology Botany Paleogeography adventitious roots A root that grows from somewhere other than the primary root, for example, roots that arise from stems or leaves. alternation of generations Life cycle in which haploid and diploid generations alternate with each other. anemophily Seed plants which are pollinated by wind are said to be anemophilous. angiosperm n. A group of plants that produce seeds enclosed within an ovary, which may mature into a fruit; flowering plants anther The pollen producing tip of a stamen ; part of a flower. More info? antheridium The organ on a gametophyte plant which produces the sperm cells. anthophyte A flowering plant, or any of its closest relatives, such as the Bennettitales, Gnetales, or Pentoxylales. apical meristem Group of cells at the growing tip of a branch or root. It divides cells to create new tissues. archegonium The organ on a gametophyte plant which produces the egg cell, and nurtures the young sporophyte axil The angle formed between a leaf stalk and the stem to which it is attached. In flowering plants, buds develop in the axils of leaves.

11. Botany vatican.exhibit/exhibit/gnature/botany.html -

12. Botany
botany is one of the oldest branches of biology. It is concerned with the scientific study of plants and other similar organisms.

13. Awesome Library - Science
Here Home Classroom Science botany. botany. Also Try. Yards. Discussions. Garden Forums (GardenWeb Forums). Provides message exchanges between
Search Spelling Here: Home Classroom Science > Botany
Also Try
  • Yards
  • Garden Forums (GardenWeb Forums)
      Provides message exchanges between gardeners. Forums are listed by types of plants, types of gardens, subjects, and alphabetical by title. 12-99

  • Botanical Terms (GardenWeb)
      Provides a searchable dictionary of botanical terms. 12-99

  • Carnivorous Plants (
      Provides a list of 100 carefully selected sites. 12-01

  • Garden Plant Search (GardenWeb)
      Provides a search for plants by name. Many plants have been included, but descriptions are far from complete. 12-99

  • Native Plants by State (Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center)
      Provides sources of information on wildflowers by state. 12-01

  • Search for Plants (Plants for a Future)
      Provides searches for plants by name, habitat, use, or area where grown. 2-01

  • Biology of Horticulture (The Ohio State University - Howlett)
      Provides information on plant structures, physiology, processes, functions, environments, and diversity. 3-01

  • Carnivorous Plants (
  • 14. Botany - Academic Info
    Sections include Digital Library ; Plant Genome Projects ; Taxonomy ; Plant Studies ; Aquatic botany ; Forestry Plant Pathology ; botany Organizations.
    Academic Info
    Botany Gateway - Directory of Online Resources
    Sections include Digital Library ; Plant Genome Projects ; Taxonomy ; Plant Studies ; Aquatic Botany ; Forestry Plant Pathology ; Botany Organizations.
    Search Index Contact ... Biological Sciences Botany Huge Savings on Scholarly and General Books at our Bookstore Table of Contents
    General Links

    Digital Library

    Plant Genome Projects

    Plant Pathology

    See Also
    Alternative Medicine Biodiversity Biology ... Genetics [plant Genome projects] Microbiology
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    15. Welcome To University Of Hawaii At Manoa Botany
    Information about faculty, degree programs, and research groups. Includes photo galleries of Hawaiian plants.
    @import url("/1.css"); HTML FLASH People Graduate Program ... Employment Opportunities
    (including Wilder Chair) UH Botany Home Contact Information Phone:(808) 956-8369
    Fax: (808) 956-3923
    Botany Department
    University of Hawai`i at Manoa
    3190 Maile Way, Room 101
    Honolulu, HI 96822 Departmental Chair:
    Dr. Alan Teramura

    Graduate Program Chair:
    Dr. Kim Bridges
    Website created by

    16. American Journal Of Botany
    Consists of archived issues, current articles, and collected papers.

    Submit Manuscript Online

    Instructions for Authors

    Journal Aims and Scope

    Editorial Board
    Website HELP

    American Journal of Botany Online is published by the Botanical Society of America in association with Stanford University's HighWire Press
    Welcome to the American Journal of Botany
    View Future Titles
    Through February 2008 Current Issue:
    January 2008
    (Next: February 2) Select an Issue from the Archive January 1997 - January 2008 Search for Articles January 1997 - January 2008 View a Sample Issue Browse Collected Papers Article Statistics Most-Read Articles Most-Cited Articles Access JSTOR Archives January 1914 - December 1999 Quick Search advanced Author: (e.g., Smith, JS) Keyword(s): Year: Vol: Page: For an alternate route to American Journal of Botany Online from these locations use this URL: Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, The Netherlands, UK. (More Information)

    17. Botany 115
    botany 115 Reading Schedule botany 115 Exam Hint Pages botany 110 Spring Wildflowers. Suggestions For Printing Out Wayne s Word Pages
    Wayne's Word Index Noteworthy Plants Trivia ... Brodiaea Index To Speed Up Page Loading Time, Turn Off Image Display In Browser: Click On Image Icon To View Individual Image Find On This Page: Type Word Inside Box; Find Again: Scroll Up,
    [Try Control-F or EDIT + FIND at top of page] Botany 115 Botany 115 Course Syllabus
    Botany 115 Reading Schedule

    Botany 115 Exam Hint Pages

    Botany 115 On-Line Exams
    Final Course Grade Lookup
    Botany 110 Botany 110 Bulletin Board
    Drawings Of Plant Unknowns

    Jepson Upgrade Keys To Unknowns

    Botany 110 Course Syllabus
    Final Course Grade Lookup
    Botany 115 Hint Pages Exam #1 Hint Pages: Plant Kingdom
    Exam #2 Hint Pages: Biochemistry
    Exam #3 Hint Pages: Plant Genetics Exam #4 Hint Pages: Economic Plants Botany 110 Botany of Spring Wildflowers Botany 110 Spring 2003 Lab Schedule Official Botany 110 Course Syllabus Botany 115 Plants and People Botany 115 Fall 2000 Lecture Schedule Official Botany 115 Course Syllabus Botany 115 On-line Course Syllabus Plant Lists By Tom Chester
  • Trail Guides Of Southern California by Tom Chester
  • Plant List For Palm Canyon, Anza-Borrego State Park
  • Plant List For Hellhole Cayon, Anza-Borrego State Park
  • Plant List For Coyote Creek, Anza-Borrego State Park ...
  • Information About Fall 2003 Fires In Southern California Botany 110: Spring Wildflowers
  • Suggestions For Printing Out Wayne's Word Pages
  • Checklist Of The Plants Of Jack's Pond, San Marcos
  • 18. ScienceDaily: Botany News
    botany news. Read full text botany new, articles, images, updated daily.
    Botany News
    Thursday, January 24, 2008 Print Email Bookmark
    Latest News
    Animals Ecology Life Sciences Microbes and More
    How To Reduce Risks Of Listeria Monocytogenes Contamination In Food Processes
    full story
    Could Bush Chips Be Profitably Used For Electricity Generation In Namibia?
    full story ... New Genus Of Self-destructive Palm Found In Madagascar
    Browse News Stories
    1 to 10 of 1,333 stories view headlines only

    19. The Virtual Foliage Home Page!
    This is the page for the University of Wisconsin Madison Department of botany Instructional Resources Page.
    Department of Botany
    Instructional Technology
    General Botany Search Images Multimedia ... Tom Volk's Fungi Access to our image collections is provided by clicking on the icons below:
    General Botany
    Plant Diversity
    Tom Volk's Fungi Collection
    Virginia Kline's collection of the Vegetation of Wisconsin
    Access to course pages are provided by clicking on the text below: Ecology 460 Click on the text below to tour our greenhouse: Tour of the Greenhouse For information about resources available on CD-ROM click the icon to the right: Questions or comments about these materials should be directed to Mike Clayton.
    Suggestions? Comments?

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    and the upkeep are mainly the doing of Seth Price

    20. ScienceDirect - Aquatic Botany, Volume 88, Issue 2, Pages 93-184 (February 2008)
    Studies on plantdominated aquatic communities, ecosystems and aquatic plants tables of contants, abstracts, sample issue, information for authors.
    Athens/Institution Login Not Registered? User Name: Password: Remember me on this computer Forgotten password? Home Browse My Settings ... Help Quick Search Title, abstract, keywords Author e.g. j s smith Journal/book title Volume Issue Page Aquatic Botany
    Shortcut URL to this page: Alert me about new Journal Issues Add to Favorites setCheckedBoxes ('/scidirimg/sci_dir', 'btn_apply1.gif', 'btn_apply1.gif');
    Sample Issue Online
    About this Journal Submit your Article = Full-text available
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    Articles in Press Volumes 81 - 88 (2005 - 2008) Volume 88, Issue 2
    pp. 93-184 (February 2008) Volume 88, Issue 1
    pp. 1-92 (January 2008) Volume 87, Issue 4
    pp. 255-332 (November 2007) Volume 87, Issue 3
    pp. 181-254 (October 2007) Volume 87, Issue 2
    pp. 97-180 (August 2007) Volume 87, Issue 1
    pp. 1-96 (July 2007) Volume 86, Issue 4 pp. 301-410 (May 2007) Volume 86, Issue 3 pp. 197-300 (April 2007) Volume 86, Issue 2 pp. 97-196 (February 2007) Volume 86, Issue 1

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