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         Astronomy:     more books (100)
  1. Astronomy 2005 Calendar by Terence Dickinson, 01 May, 2004
  2. Astronomy: Journey to the Cosmic Frontier w/ NEW CD-ROM & Power Web by John D Fix, 19 December, 2000
  3. Radio Astronomy by John D. Kraus, 01 June, 1986
  4. Deep Sky Companions : The Messier Objects (Deep-Sky Companions) by David H. Levy, Stephen James O'Meara, July, 2000
  5. Problem Book in Relativity and Gravitation by A. Lightman, R. H. Price, 01 December, 1975
  6. Exploring Black Holes: Introduction to General Relativity by Edwin F. Taylor, John Archibald Wheeler, 12 July, 2000
  7. The Universe Is a Green Dragon: A Cosmic Creation Story by Brian Swimme, 01 October, 1984
  8. Light and Color in the Outdoors (Light & Color in the Outdoors) by M. G. J. Minnaert, Len Seymour, et all 13 April, 1995
  9. Out of This World: Colliding Universes, Branes, Strings, and Other Wild Ideas of Modern Physics by Stephen Webb, 01 July, 2004
  10. Using the Meade Etx: 100 Objects You Can Really See With the Mighty Etx (Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series) by Mike Weasner, 01 April, 2002
    More books from Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and France sites

121. International Astronomy Meetings

122. Physics And Astronomy Journals
Directory of physics and astronomy publications.
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Physics and Astronomy Journals
Magazines Journals Preprint Archives Newsletters 'The true spirit of delight, the exaltation, the sense of being more than Man, which is the touchstone of the highest excellence, is to be found in athematics as surely as in poetry.'

123. The CADC Home Page
The Canadian astronomy Data Centre. Supported in part by the Canadian Space Agency.HST Archive Gemini Archive JCMT Archive CFHT Archive
The Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics
The Canadian Astronomy Data Centre
Supported in part by the Canadian Space Agency
HST Archive
Gemini Archive
JCMT Archive
CFHT Archive
CGPS Archive
WFPC2 Associations
Canadian Virtual
Astronomical Meetings Digitized Sky Survey USNO Guide Star Catalogue Guide Star Catalogue Other Archives Other Catalogues Vizier Clone SIMBAD Access ESO/CADC SKYCAT TOOL TOOLS for USERS (registration, requests status, etc...) Please report any problems to the CADC

124. Public Education And Outreach
General astronomy tutorial, education links, web courses, documents at the UCSDCenter for Astrophysics and Space Sciences.
University of California, San Diego
John P. Gleason Celestial Images
Gene Smith's Astronomy Tutorial
Project ASTRO at CASS ... Related Educational Sites Prof. GENE SMITH's ASTRONOMY TUTORIAL
If this looks a little like an Introductory College Astronomy Course, that is because these pages were developed for my Courses for Liberal Arts Majors. These pages will evolve to feature topical material and new research. (Copious thanks go to Susan Rappoport who has done a bit of everything in making these pages possible.) The Scale of The Universe Introduction : Through the Universe at the Speed of Light A Brief History of Astronomy Forces and Light Telescopes : Ground-Based and Space Bourne
Reflectors Radio Space Telescopes Thermal Radiation Atomic Structure Stellar Spectra Spectral Classification ... Stellar Evolution I Forming Stars to the Main Sequence Stellar Evolution II Massive Stars Supernovae General Relativity Black Holes The Milky Way Galaxy The Interstellar Medium The Distance Scale in the Universe Galaxies : The Spiral Nebulae Clusters of Galaxies Dark Matter Gravitational Lenses Quasars ... The Big Bang - A Brief History of the Universe Cosmology The Structure and Future of the Universe Featured Links
  • NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day Images and description of NASA supported research of topical interest. Frequently features Hubble Space Telescope and other research that you'll see on the news.
  • 125. Scouting
    Stargazing for Everyone programs for astronomy badge.
    Boy Scout and Girl Scout Badges
    Printable General Flyer Stargazing For Everyone has special scouting programs
    that address the requirements for
    the Boy Scout Astronomy Badge and
    the Girl Scout Sky Search and Space Exploration Badges Select from our scout telescope and binocular stargazing programs
    our scout planetarium programs , and our special scout lectures These programs are adaptable for any age audience
    and for groups from 10 to 150 or more.
    Go to our Fee Schedule Page for a description of our program fees. Here is a link to a website full of resources for scouting groups.

    Scout Telescope and Binocular Stargazing Programs: These programs are designed to satisfy any badge requirements needing telescopes or binoculars , and making general sky observations. These are outdoor programs with the scouts using telescopes and binoculars to make their observations.

    126. Cornell Astronomy

    127. Ancient Mysteries
    Various mysteries, including drawing of ancient flying machines, astronomy, ancient structures and evidence of electricity, hieroglyphs, and geoglyphs.
    Ancient Mysteries What's new Site Map Links Contact ...........COMING MORE ANCIENT MYSTERIES FROM THE PAST......... NEW ANCIENT MYSTERIES URL Ancient Technological Mysteries Mysterious Technological Achievements
    Last Update Ancient Structures Ancient Structures surrounds with Mystery Last Update Man over million years
    Evidences that men lived more
    than the normal history record NEWS
    Unknown Hieroglyphs-Geoglyphs
    Mysterious Hieroglyphs and Geoglyphs Last Update Mysterious Space Images The search for extraterrestrial
    life Last Update Mysterious Earth Images The search for extraterrestrial
    life Last Update Ancient Man-Species Ancient Mythical Creatures and Races Last Update Readings Mysterious Readings Last Update CHECK What's Coming and What's new Links to Ancient Mysteries Pages Do you want more Ancient Mysteries? Only your clicks keep us online YES NO Sign Ancient Mysteries Guestbook View Guestbook ... View Ancient Mysteries old guestbook Help Ancient Mysteries with your Contact , your Comments or your Questions

    128. Universe Today - Space And Astronomy News
    Space exploration and astronomy news brought to you from around the Internet, updated daily.
    NEWS ARCHIVE TOPICS FORUM PHOTOS LINKS Subscribe to the free newsletter Email: What is RSS?
    Web NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) launch. Image credit: NASA/KSC Click to enlarge Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Launched Aug 12, 2005 - After a few days of delays, NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has begun its journey towards the Red Planet. The orbiter lifted off atop a massive Atlas V launch vehicle from Cape Canaveral at 1143 UTC (7:43 am EDT). The spacecraft established radio contact with controllers on the ground 61 minutes after launch and confirmed that everything's working well. MRO will reach Mars on March 10, 2006, and begin several months of aerobraking maneuvers to lower its orbit. Full Story
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    Saturn's turbulent atmosphere. Image credit: NASA/JPL/SSI Click to enlarge Impressions from Cassini Aug 12, 2005 - This image of Saturn taken by Cassini looks it was drawn by an impressionist painter. The giant planets' atmospheres are dominated by counter-flowing jets of wind, and this image shows the process up close. You can see the turbulence as these jets shear against each other. Cassini took this image on July 6, 2005 when it was 2.5 million km (1.5 million miles) away from Saturn. Full Story
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    Artist's concept of protosun at the center of the solar nebula. Image credit: NASA

    129. Weather Underground: Sky
    astronomy. Enter the zipcode where you will be star gazing Then clickthe astronomy telescope icon that will appear on the top right of the page.
    ANDP("edu"); PDA/Mobile Find the Weather for any City State or ZIP Code , or Airport Code or Country Features: Wunder Photos NEXRAD Radar Regional Radar Zoom Satellite ... Blogs NEW! Favorites Personal Weather Stations Email

    Forecast Flyer
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  • 130. Eric Weisstein's Treasure Troves Of Science
    Online encyclopedias of astronomy, math, physics, scientific biographies, and scientific books, with many equations and formulas.

    Eric W. Weisstein

    Eric W. Weisstein

    131. Greek Astronomy
    Greek astronomy. The Revival of an Ancient Science. One of the most powerfulcreations of Greek science was the mathematical astronomy created by Hipparchus
    Greek Astronomy
    The Revival of an Ancient Science
    One of the most powerful creations of Greek science was the mathematical astronomy created by Hipparchus in the second century B.C. and given final form by Ptolemy in the second century A.D. Ptolemy's work was known in the Middle Ages through imperfect Latin versions. In fifteenth-century Italy, however, it was brought back to life. George Trebizond, a Cretan emigre in the curia, produced a new translation and commentary. These proved imperfect and aroused much heated criticism. But a German astronomer, Johannes Regiomontanus, a protege of the brilliant Greek churchman Cardinal Bessarion, came to Italy with his patron, learned Greek, and produced a full-scale "Epitome" of Ptolemy's work from which most astronomers learned their art for the next century and more. Copernicus was only one of the celebrities of the Scientific Revolution whose work rested in large part on the study of ancient science carried out in fifteenth-century Italy.

    132. HighBridge Hills Northern Lights Educational Center's Astronomy Camp
    Offers handson astronomy instruction in separate programs for kids 7-14, families, and adults. Located in Highbridge, Wisconsin. Brochure, astronomy resources, FAQ, dates, and rates.
    setAdGroup(''); var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded" Search: Lycos Tripod Dating Search Share This Page Report Abuse Edit your Site ... Next HighBridge Hills Northern Lights Educational Center's Astronomy Camp
    NLAF Registration

    Our website is currently being updated, please check back soon. We reserve the right to cancel any session due to low enrollment.

    133. Islamic Astronomy By Owen Gingerich
    An article by Owen Gingerich, in Scientific American, on ancient astronomy preserved and improved in the Islamic empire. astronomy.htm
    Islamic astronomy by Owen Gingerich Scientific American , April 1986 v254 p74(10) Historians who track the development of astronomy from antiquity to the Renaissance sometimes refer to the time from the eighth through the 14th centuries as the Islamic period. During that interval most astronomical activity took place in the Middle East North Africa and Moorish Spain. While Europe languished in the Dark Ages, the torch of ancient scholarship had passed into Muslim hands. Islamic scholars kept it alight, and from them it passed to Renaissance Europe. Two circumstances fostered the growth of astronomy in Islamic lands. One was geographic proximity to the world of ancient learning, coupled with a tolerance for scholars of other creeds. In the ninth century most of the Greek scientific texts were translated into Arabic, including Ptolemy's Syntaxis , the apex of ancient astronomy. It was through these translations that the Greek works later became known in medieval Europe . (Indeed, the Syntaxis is still known primarily by its Arabic name, Almagest, meaning "the greatest.")

    134. NCSA Astronomy Digital Image Library
    The purpose of the astronomy Digital Image Library (ADIL) is to collect The Library is being developed and maintained by the Radio astronomy Imaging

    135. Dan S Astronomy Software Collection
    Windows Software Modern Laboratory Exercises in astronomy. Cartes du ciel Crystal Lake Observatory astronomy learning and discovery program.

    136. Astronomy Scape
    Learn some facts about the planets, solar system, and other astronomy topics.

    137. Astronomy Department IUB
    Welcome to the Department of astronomy at Indiana University. WIYN 0.9m. News andEvents. IR Workshop at IU astronomy 2005 astronomy Awards Ceremony
    Search: Advanced Search General Information General Public Outreach Educational Tools K-16 Faculty ...
    Academics Undergraduate Program Graduate Program Course Pages Courses
    Research Research Facilities REU Program
    Department Home
    ... IU Bloomington Home Department of Astronomy Office of Admissions Welcome to the Department of Astronomy at Indiana University WIYN 0.9-m News and Events Astronomy Links Visitor Links
    727 East 3rd Street, Swain West 319, Bloomington, IN 47405-7105
    Phone: (812) 855-6911 Last updated: 10 August 2005
    Comments: astdept
    , The Trustees of Indiana University

    138. University Of Hawaii At Manoa - Department Of Physics And Astronomy
    Announcements and degree program descriptions, course overviews, and research specialties.

    139. AstroWeb: Astronomy Resources On The Internet
    The AstroWeb database of astronomical resources at CDS.
    Astronomy on the Internet
    Astronomy on the Internet
    CDS S imbad V ... eveloper's corner AstroWeb is a collection of pointers to astronomically relevant Internet resources, maintained by the AstroWeb Consortium . The present pages, based on the data shared by all the sites contributing to AstroWeb, are part of the CDS yellow-page services.
    What's new: new entries since last week last month last three months Dead URLs
    How to contribute More about AstroWeb The AstroWeb database currently contains distinct resource records: Organizations Astronomy Departments (585 records)
    Professional and Amateur Organizations
    (262 records)
    Space Agencies and Organizations
    (56 records) Observing resources Observatories and Telescopes (378 records) Telescope Observing Schedules (27 records)
    Meteorological Information
    (15 records)
    Astronomical Survey Projects
    (92 records) Data resources Data and Archive Centers (138 records)
    Astronomy Information Systems
    (38 records) Abstracts

    140. Starry Night Cafe
    A gallery of strange surface features on the planet Mars with photographic analysis and astronomy links.

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