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         Astronomy:     more books (100)
  1. Myths and marvels of astronomy by Richard A. 1837-1888 Proctor, 2010-09-08
  2. History of astronomy by George Forbes, 2010-08-25
  3. The Future of Astronomy by Edward Charles Pickering, 2010-07-12
  4. Astronomy: A Self-Teaching Guide (Wiley Self-Teaching Guides) by Dinah L. Moche, 2009-08-31
  5. Basher Astronomy: Out of this World! by Simon Basher, Dan Green, 2009-05-12
  6. Astronomy For Dummies by Stephen P. Maran, 2005-05-06
  7. Astronomy: A Beginner's Guide to the Universe (5th Edition) by Eric Chaisson, Steve McMillan, 2006-03-06
  8. Bad Astronomy: Misconceptions and Misuses Revealed, from Astrology to the Moon Landing "Hoax" by Philip C. Plait, 2002-03-01
  9. Fall Nights Deep Sky Astronomy Field Guide for the Backyard:176 Step by Step Maps by P. Messier Renaix, 2010-08-28
  10. Astronomy Today (7th Edition) by Eric Chaisson, Steve McMillan, 2010-07-16
  11. Recreations in Astronomy With Directions for Practical Experiments and Telescopic Work by Henry White Warren, 2009-10-04
  12. Exploring Creation With Astronomy (Young Explorers) by Jeannie Fulbright, 2004-06
  13. Everything Kids' Astronomy Book: Blast into outer space with steller facts, integalatic trivia, and out-of-this-world puzzles (Everything Kids Series) by Kathi Wagner, Sheryl Racine, 2008-05-01
  14. Astronomy: A Beginner's Guide to the Universe (6th Edition) by Eric Chaisson, Steve McMillan, 2009-07-06

Includes astronomy and space news, sky events, reprinted articles for the magazine, and astronomy and telescope resources.

2. - Current Issue
The world s bestselling astronomy magazine offers you the most exciting, visually stunning, and timely coverage of the heavens above.

3. Astronomy Picture Of The Day
A different astronomy and space science related image is featured each day, along with a brief explanation.
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer. 2008 January 24
Andromeda Island Universe
Tony Hallas Explanation: The most distant object easily visible to the unaided eye is , the great Andromeda Galaxy some two and a half million light-years away. But without a telescope, even this immense spiral galaxy - spanning over 200,000 light years - appears as a faint, nebulous cloud in the constellation Andromeda . In contrast, a bright yellow nucleus, dark winding dust lanes, gorgeous blue spiral arms and star clusters are recorded in this stunning telescopic digital mosaic . While even casual skygazers are now inspired by the knowledge that there are many distant galaxies like M31, astronomers seriously debated this fundamental concept less than 90 years ago. Were these "spiral nebulae" simply outlying components of our own Milky Way Galaxy or were they instead "island universes" distant systems of stars comparable to the Milky Way itself? This question was central to the famous Shapley-Curtis debate of 1920, which was later resolved by

4. Astronomy - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
astronomy is the scientific study of celestial objects (such as stars, planets, comets, and galaxies) and phenomena that originate outside the Earth s
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search For other uses, see Astronomy (disambiguation) A giant Hubble mosaic of the Crab Nebula , a supernova remnant Astronomy Portal Astronomy is the scientific study of celestial objects (such as stars planets comets , and galaxies ) and phenomena that originate outside the Earth's atmosphere (such as the cosmic background radiation ). It is concerned with the evolution, physics chemistry meteorology , and motion of celestial objects, as well as the formation and development of the universe Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences. Astronomers of early civilizations performed methodical observations of the night sky, and astronomical artifacts have been found from much earlier periods. However, the invention of the telescope was required before astronomy was able to develop into a modern science. Historically, astronomy has included disciplines as diverse as astrometry celestial navigation , observational astronomy, the making of calendars , and even astrology , but professional astronomy is nowadays often considered to be synonymous with astrophysics . Since the 20th century, the field of professional astronomy split into

5. Astronomy For Kids -
Powerful and fun resource for kids, exploring astronomy and other space related topics. Play games, learn through interactive applications, and much more.
Outer Space
Solar System
Deep Space

How Big Is The Universe




Free Games
Play fun free astronomy Games Free Wallpaper Give your screen an astronomy make-over Astronomy for children , students, and kids of all ages., part of the KidsKnowIt Network , is the absolutely free astronomy resource designed to teach children about the exciting world of outer space. Learning about science should never be boring . We will take you to the moons of Jupiter, and explore the possibility of life on these distant worlds. Travel through the expanse of the universe and discover just how much SPACE there is in Space. And we will learn how modern day scientists are pushing the limits of space exploration every day. So strap yourself in for a great ride. Our astronomy website is packed with games, activities, fun facts, and resources to help Teachers, Parents, and Students of all ages reach out and touch our universe.

6. ScienceDaily: Astronomy News
astronomy news. New! Earthlike extrasolar planet found; double helix nebula; supermassive black holes, astronomy articles, astronomy pictures.
Astronomy News
Thursday, January 24, 2008 Print Email Bookmark
Latest News
Astronomy Cosmology Solar System Space Exploration
Mystery Of Jupiter's Jets Uncovered
full story
Ulysses Spacecraft Flies Over Sun's North Pole
full story ... Mercury In Color
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7. ZOOM ASTRONOMY - Enchanted Learning Software
Zoom astronomy is all about astronomy, the planets, the sun, the moon, the stars, galaxies, asteroids, etc. Enchanted Learning Software creates children s
Zoom Astronomy
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8. Astronomy : Weather Underground
astronomy. Enter the zip code where you will be star gazing. Then click the telescope icon in the astronomy section of the city s page.
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  • College Students

    9. Eric Weisstein's World Of Astronomy
    A web encyclopedia. Over 500 entries, ranging from definitions to full articles.
    588 entries, 2,892 cross-references, 18 figures, animated graphics, live Java applets, and counting... download policy FAQs
    January 24, 2008

    10. Astronomy Now Online
    UK magazine offers current news and subscription information.
    Current Issue
    The January 2008 issue of Astronomy Now is now on sale at newsagents.
    The UK's largest astronomy show returns to London on 8 and 9 February 2008. Book your tickets now.

    Sign up for our NewsAlert service and have the latest space news e-mailed direct to your desktop.
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    Shuttle Movies
    The most complete source of video from the countdown, launch and mission of space shuttle Discovery is available here! Spaceflight Now's STS-121 archive includes more than 200 movies you can watch online or download to your computer. Video Collection Top Stories 'Death Star' galaxy black hole fires at neighbor A powerful jet from a super massive black hole is blasting a nearby galaxy, according to new findings from NASA observatories. This never-before witnessed galactic violence may have a profound effect on planets in the jet's path and trigger a burst of star formation in its destructive wake. FULL STORY NASA sends spacecraft on mission to comet Hartley 2 NASA has approved the retargeting of the Epoxi mission for a flyby of comet Hartley 2. Hartley 2 was chosen as Epoxi's destination after the initial target, comet Boethin, could not be found. Scientists theorize comet Boethin may have broken up into pieces too small for detection.

    11. Bad Astronomy Blog
    Myths and misconceptions. Includes an introduction, brief biography, and discussion board.
    @import url( ); Jan
    Death from the Skies! - submitted
    digg_url = ''; digg_topic = 'Space'; reddit_url='' reddit_title='Death from the Skies! - submitted' Posted on January 24th, 2008 at 1:00 PM in Cool stuff DeathfromtheSkies! Well, today is a banner day. I just submitted my "final draft" of Death from the Skies! to my editor.
    What does that mean, you may ask. Well, I submitted the first draft Then, finally, in October 2008, it will come out as a hardcover to a store near you! Watch the latest videos on Jan
    You say you want an evolution?
    digg_url = ''; digg_topic = 'Space'; reddit_url='' reddit_title='You say you want an evolution?'

    12. Astronomy For Kids
    Basic introduction to astronomy for kids K6 grade.

    Hubble Space Telescope - Greatest Photos

    13. University Of Washington Astronomy Department
    astronomy Especially for You Public Observing, Exploration Tools, PreMajor in astronomy students discover as many as 1300 asteroids
    var page = 'home'
    University of Washington
    Search the whole Universe
    Search astro.washington
    Astronomy Especially for You:

    Public Observing, Exploration Tools,

    Special Events, Pictures, and News

    Pre-MAP Students in the News

    Pre-Major in Astronomy students discover as many as 1,300 asteroids

    14. Astronomy For Kids
    Support for all ages in buying a telescope and becoming a skilled observer by means of various tools.
    The Astronomy for Kids Site Has Been Taken Down
    Please Visit the Nine Planets Site.

    15. Astronomy Online Resources At Education Index
    Hand picked directory of online astronomy resources.
    Refer a Friend
    Astronomy We're continually reviewing new sites and adding resources, and appreciate your comments and suggestions. Suggest a link here
    The ATM Page
    This is an excellent Amateur Telescope Making site with design and crafting information, books and vendors, a terrific gallery of telescope pictures and descriptions, and lots of great ATM links.
    Amateur Telescope Making
    Historical information, ATM resources, and links to other ATM sites are found in this worthwhile site, produced by the Tallahassee Astronomical Society.
    The American Association of Variable Star Observers
    AAVSO has compiled 7.5 million observations of variable stars (those that change in brightness) since its founding in 1911. They coordinate, evaluate, and make data available to researchers. There's more information here on variables than most of us knew existed.
    American Astronomical Society
    The Archimedes Institute
    So what are the legal issues of outer space? The Archimedes Institute wants "to facilitate the development of sensible and efficient legal standards for the high frontier." This site combines a surprisingly large library of law documents, international agreements, legislation, reports, and aerospace resources with a forum for discussing space law and policy. Interesting.
    This page has lots of news articles about astronomical phenomena. For each area (astronomy, space flight, research, meteorology, etc.) there are pictures, animations, software, and organization links.

    16. Astronomy Articles, Forums, Listings, And Other Resources About Astronomy.
    The astronomy Net contains articles, forums, clubs, vendors, manufacturers and other resources important to those interested in astronomy.
    The Astronomy Net Articles AstroGuide Calendar Classifieds ... Other Sites Home Login Upcoming Sky Events W elcome to the Astronomy Net - just one member of the family of Astronomy.Net sites.
    H ere you can find resouces to help understand perhaps the grandest of all sciences.
    E mploying widely disparate disciplines astronomy boldly attempts to understand nothing less than the universe itself. This site exists to help you achieve this goal. Start your exploration here or scroll down for more options
    altitude aperture APO ... Lease a word for your Astronomy web site. Go here for more information. Something from our Image Gallery
    Orion with Aurora
    John Huggins
    Please send your photos to for inclusion in the photo gallery. The AstroGuide This site includes lists of manufacturers, vendors, software, etc. organized in the AstroGuide to help when you are looking to purchase your tools. Login to help us verify the links. Astronomy News The popular Astronomy News sections organizes current and past astronomy news headlines for your convenience. Login for more features.

    17. Caltech Astronomy
    The department, observatories, academics, research activities, events, resources, and public outreach.
    Site design by Indigo Communications

    18. NASA - Science@NASA : Astronomy
    + XRay astronomy at MSFC + The Planets + Sky Telescope + Hubble Pictures + astronomy Picture of the Day + Jack Stargazer
    The Science@NASA site works best with JavaScript enabled in your browser. For instructions, click here
    + NASA Home

    + Search NASA Web

    + Contact NASA
    Exploring the Cosmos in Braille

    Images from NASA telescopes are jewels of the space program, marvelous to behold. But how do you behold them when you can't see? The answer lies between the covers of a new NASA-funded book written in Braille, Touch the Invisible Sky.
    + Read More

    + Listen to Story

    Asteroid Threatens to Hit Mars

    NASA-funded astronomers are monitoring a Tunguska-sized asteroid that will pass within 30,000 miles of Mars on Jan. 30, 2008. Based on data currently available, the space rock has a 1-in-75 chance of actually hitting Mars and blasting a crater more than half-a-mile wide.
    + Read More
    + Listen to Story Christmas Eve Sky Show Consider it an early Christmas gift: On Dec. 24th the Moon and Mars are putting on a beautiful late-night sky show. + Read More + Listen to Story NASA Announces Discovery of Assault by a Black Hole A powerful jet from a supermassive black hole is blasting a nearby galaxy and possibly causing profound problems for planets in the jet's path. + Read More + Listen to Story Asteroid Shower Mark your calendar: The best meteor shower of 2007 peaks on Friday, December 14th.

    19. UC Berkeley Astronomy Department Home
    Research, student information, calendar, resources, and links.
    Skip to content skip to search , or skip to navigation Support Astronomy Contact Us
    • Academics
      • Graduate Program The Department of Astronomy offers undergraduate and graduate instruction in a wide variety of fields, including theoretical and observational astrophysics; infrared, optical, and radio astronomy; galactic structure and dynamics of stellar systems; high-energy astrophysics and cosmology; and spectroscopy. A considerable amount of research and teaching related to astronomy is done in other units at Berkeley, including the Space Science Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, and the Physics Department. Various professors in the Chemistry, Earth and Planetary Science, Mathematics, Statistics, and Engineering departments have an active interest in astronomy and are available for consultation.
        A variety of instruments is available to students and staff, including a 30-inch telescope at Leuschner Observatory (near the campus), two 10-meter telescopes at the Keck Observatory on Mauna Kea in Hawaii, 30-inch, 40-inch and 120-inch telescopes at Lick Observatory, a 16-element millimeter-wave interferometer in Southern California, and the Allen Telescope Array at the Hat Creek Radio Observatory. Laboratories are available for the development of radio, infrared, and optical instruments, and for the precise measurement of images and spectra.
        In focus this week:
        Dec 2007
        Nobelist George Smoot launches new cosmology center
        Dec 2007

    20. Internet Public Library: Astronomy
    Ask your astronomy question and get a response from the graduate students and scientists at Cornell University’s astronomy Department.
    Search the IPL
    Now you can "Grok" the IPL by selecting "Grok It" below!
    Then hit "Map View" for a visualization of your results Traditional (fast) Grok It (clustered)

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