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         Operator Theory:     more books (100)
  1. Boundary Value Problems in Abstract Kinetic Theory (Operator Theory: Advances and Applications) by W. Greenberg, 1987-02-10
  2. Classes of Linear Operators Vol. 1 and 2 (Operator Theory: Advances and Applications) (v. 1 & 2) by Israel Gohberg, Seymor Goldberg, et all 1993-10-01
  3. Topics in Analysis and Operator Theory: The Gohberg Anniversary Collection (Operator Theory: Advances and Applications) (v. 2)
  4. State Spaces of Operator Algebras: Basic Theory, Orientations, and C*-products (Mathematics: Theory & Applications) by Erik M. Alfsen, Frederik W. Shultz, 2001-04-27
  5. Topics in Interpolation Theory (Operator Theory: Advances and Applications)
  6. Generalized Functions, Operator Theory, and Dynamical Systems (Research Notes in Mathematics Series) by I Antoniou, G Lumer, 1998-12-23
  7. Singular Integral Operators and Related Topics: Joint German-Israeli Workshop, Tel Aviv, March 1 - 20, 1995 (Operator Theory: Advances and Applications)
  8. Operator Theory, Operator Algebras, and Applications (Contemporary Mathematics) by Palle E. T. Jorgensen, and David Royal Larson Deguang Han, 2006-11-01
  9. Differentiable Operators and Nonlinear Equations (Operator Theory: Advances and Applications) by Victor Khatskevich, David Shoiykhet, 1993-12-01
  10. Extension and Interpolation of Linear Operators and Matrix Functions (Operator Theory Advances and Applications)
  11. Current Trends in Operator Theory and Its Applications (Operator Theory: Advances and Applications)
  12. Matrix and Operator Valued Functions: The Vladimir Petrovich Potapov Memorial Volume (Operator Theory Advances and Applications) by I. Gohberg, 1994-09-09
  13. Iwahori-Hecke Algebras and their Representation Theory: Lectures given at the CIME Summer School held in Martina Franca, Italy, June 28 - July 6, 1999 ... Mathematics / Fondazione C.I.M.E., Firenze) by Ivan Cherednik, Yavor Markov, et all 2003-02-12
  14. Functional Analysis (Operator Theory, Advances and Applications, Vol 85) (Operator Theory: Advances and Applications) by G. F. Us, Z. G. Sheftel, et all 1996-04-26

101. Operator Theory Symposium, Vaasa, May 30-31, 2003
Mark Malamud The spectral theory of operator measures in Hilbert spaces Vadim Mogilevskii Dual pairs of nonselfadjoint differential and difference
Faculty of Technology
Department of Mathematics and Statistics Operator Theory Symposium
Vaasa, May 30-31, 2003
The symposium is organized at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and sponsored by the Research Institute for Technology at the University of Vaasa.
List of speakers includes: Yury Arlinskii: Realizations of H -perturbations of a selfadjoint operator
Peter Jonas: On locally definitizable matrix functions and l-dependent boundary value problems
Pavel Kurasov: On field theory methods in singular perturbation theory
Matti Laaksonen: Discrete wavelet transform; extracting cyclic components of economic time series
Jean-Philippe Labrousse: An extension of the von Neuman theory to a large class of linear relations
Heinz Langer: Some spectral properties of block operator matrices
Annemarie Luger: A minimal model for a generalized Nevanlinna function related to its factorization Mark Malamud: The spectral theory of operator measures in Hilbert spaces Vadim Mogilevskii: Dual pairs of non-selfadjoint differential and difference operators Leonid Oridoroga: A representation of a self-adjoint matrix as a sum of orthoprojections Zoltan Sebestyen: Representing forms on Hilbert space Henk de Snoo: Spectral functions for singular Sturm-Liouville operators with the eigenvalue parameter appearing rationally Olof Staffans: The balanced passive realization of a Schur function Franciszek H. Szafraniec:

102. Minimal Surfaces And Isoperimetric Problems
Research group is devoted to variational problems related with the area operator, concerning the minimal surface theory and isoperimetric problems. Includes list of conferences and publications. University of Grenada, Spain.
Minimal surfaces and isoperimetric problems. Granada University. Spain

103. (UK) ABC-KLM
Algebraic Geometry, Boundary Conformal Field theory and NonCommutative Geometry. A research network in the UK pursuing the deep connections between mathematics and physics - primarily algebraic geometry, operator algebras and quantum groups in pure mathematics and conformal field theory, string theory and statistical mechanics in mathematical and theoretical physics.
Network in Algebraic Geometry, Boundary Conformal Field Theory and Noncommutative Geometry
Meetings Information about the Network Mailing List Meetings Future meetings: Previous meetings: Information about the Network The objective of this network is to bring together groups in the UK having a common goal in pursuing the deep connections between mathematics and physics—primarily algebraic geometry, operator algebras and quantum groups in pure mathematics and conformal field theory, string theory and statistical mechanics in mathematical and theoretical physics. The network is initially built around Alessio Corti (Cambridge), Gustav Delius (York), David Evans - coordinator (Cardiff), Nigel Hitchin (Oxford), Shahn Majid (Queen Mary, London), Andreas Recknagel (King's London) and Miles Reid (Warwick). Funding by EPSRC grant GR/R36596/01 will enable individual visits as well as informal one or two day meetings and network workshops. This builds on our previous more ad hoc arrangements which include the workshop in Warwick in September 1999, the

104. Jameson, Graham
Lancaster University. Banach spaces and operator ideals; classical inequalities related to linear operators; (very) analytic number theory. Publications, resources.
Home page for Graham Jameson
Dept of Mathematics and Statistics, Lancaster University My departmental page (with contact information) Research interests
  • Banach spaces and operator ideals classical inequalities related to linear operators (very) analytic number theory
Mathematical publications Book "The Prime Number Theorem" Cambridge University Press 2003 Notes on Fermat's Last Theorem Notes on Hilbert's inequality ... How old am I? (simple number games) Other interests Member of Lancaster Baptist Church and church representative for Christian Aid Mountain walking (not hard climbing!)
Member of Austrian Alpine Club
Articles on mountain walking: Scottish dancing
instructor of class at Hest Bank (Tuesdays 7.30 p.m.)
holder of teaching certificate of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Running
best marathon time 2:54:37 (Wolverhampton, 1983 - now a long time ago!)

105. Mathematics And Statistics - Mathematics Research At Lancaster
Including operator algebras, Banach spaces and Ktheory.
@import url(; @import url(; @import url(; @import url(; Skip to content. Your web browser may not be able to view our site properly. Please see our Browser Information Page for more details department of mathematics and statistics faculty of science and technology Search Personal tools You are here: Home Research Mathematics Department Info

106. Operator Algebras In University College Cork
For instance, in general the index theory for these operators is realvalued, not integer-valued, and therefore requires the extended Fredholm index theory
This website gives some details of the research currently being undertaken in the Mathematics Department of University College Cork, Ireland in the area of operator algebras and related areas, such as single operator theory, quantum probability and the C*-algebra approach to quantum groups. Information is given on some current projects and on the research staff and postgraduate students working in these areas. Some of the staff maintain personal webpages and further information can be found at their websites. The following is a list of lecturing staff and postgraduate students in the Operators Algebras Group: Adel Badi (PhD student of Prof. Gerard J Murphy) e-mail: (Postdoctoral assistant of Prof. Gerard J Murphy) This position is currently vacant and is in process of being advertised and filled. Recent holders of this post have been Drs Johan Kustermans, Thomas Hadfield and Lars Tuset. Gerard J. Murphy (Associate Professor of Mathematics) e-mail:

107. Vitali Liskevich's Home Page
University of Bristol. Semigroups of Linear Operators with Applications to PDEs; Dirichlet Forms and Markov Semigroups; Qualitative theory of Elliptic and Parabolic PDEs; Spectral theory. Publications, projects.
Vitali Liskevich's Home Page Professor of Mathematics Department of Mathematics
University of Bristol

University Walk
Bristol BS8 1TW, UK
Tel: Fax: E-mail: Office:
Research interests
  • Semigroups of Linear Operators with Applications to PDEs Dirichlet Forms and Markov Semigroups Qualitative Theory of Elliptic and Parabolic PDEs Spectral Theory
Recent publications and preprints
Administration Back to the Pure Group Home Page document.write("Last modified " + document.lastModified)

108. Darcs
Utility based on the author's theory of patches in which they are likened to operators in quantum mechanics. Additionally, every copy of the source is a full repository. Written in Haskell and released under the GNU GPL.
"Project leaders should certainly consider its adoption."
Linux Weekly News
Hello, I'm David Roundy, the author of darcs. Darcs is a revision control system . Darcs is simple to learn and use, with a powerful new approach to meet the needs of today's distributed software projects. Darcs is decentralized, based on a "theory of patches" with roots in quantum mechanics. Darcs is free software, licensed under the GPL Written in Haskell, darcs is used on many operating systems including Linux, MacOS X, FreeBSD, and Windows. Darcs includes a CGI script to browse your repository from the web. Learn more at the wiki , the community-maintained site for all things darcs.
  • Precompiled binaries of the latest stable release of darcs for various platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, FreeBSD and its siblings, Solaris, and AIX, a dozen flavors of Linux, and Cygwin.
Darcs is written in Haskell, not in C, so a Haskell compiler is required to compile darcs. In addition, the Haskell compiler is written in Haskell, not in C, so you may experience a bootstrapping problem if a precompiled binary of the Haskell compiler is not available for your machine. For most users, it is not necessary to build darcs from source, and instead one of the precompiled binary packages linked above will suffice.

109. Dorroh.html
Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at Louisiana State University. His research interests are in the area of semi groups of linear operators and other aspects of the underlying theory of partial differential equations. Publication list.
J. R. Dorroh
Ph.D. 1962, University of Texas at Austin
Research Interests: Semigroups of linear and nonlinear transformations , Linear and nonlinear evolution equations (partial differential equations) , Control theory (optimal control)
Click here for selected ( publications.
Click here for miscellaneous biographical ( items.
Click here for MATLAB ( documentation.
Click here for a simple online MATLAB ( tutorial.
Click here for technical help with scientific and engineering computing ( needs.
Click here for basic help with ( unix.
J. R. Dorroh Department of Mathematics Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, LA 70803 Phone: (225)-578-1567 Fax: (225)-578-4276 e-mail:

110. Index.html
The theory of (operators on) ordered topological vector spaces and its applications. Nijmegen, Netherlands; 913 July 2001.
Positivity and its Applications
9-13 July 2001, Nijmegen

The second international conference on Positivity and its Applications is devoted to
the theory of (operators on) ordered topological vector spaces and its applications.
Relevant data Organizers A.C.M. van Rooij and S. Teerenstra Date 9-13 July 2001 Place Mathematical Institute
University of Nijmegen
Nijmegen, the Netherlands Subjects Banach lattices, Riesz spaces, positive operators, ...
and applications (especially in economics) Program talks, problem session, PhD mini-courses, excursion Costs travel costs will in principle be for the participants' own account;
a conference fee of (under reserve) 200-400 Dutch guilders i.e. 100-200 euros;
PhD-students are granted remission of the conference fee. Information S. Teerenstra (till September 2002)
Mathematical Institute, Toernooiveld, 6525 ED NIJMEGEN, The Netherlands (+ 00 31) 24 36 528 73 (telephone) (+ 00 31) 24 36 521 40 (telephone) The organizers are grateful to the following institutions for financially supporting the conference: Sponsors Subfaculty of Mathematics of the University of Nijmegen;

111. 05w5051 Order, Disorder, And Transport Recent Advances In
Although the theory of periodic Schrodinger operators is as old as the The theory of random operators has seen rapid growth in the last ten years.

112. MOT - HOME
Fireworks Splice HTML.

113. GPOTS 2002 Home Page
GPOTS 2002. Invited Speakers Registration Accomodation Talk Schedule Direction Campus Map Airport Shuttle Related Information. GPOTS 2002
GPOTS 2002 Invited Speakers Registration Accomodation Talk Schedule ... Related Information
GPOTS 2002
University of North Carolina Charlotte Welcome to GPOTS 2002 at UNC-Charlotte, May 22 - May 26

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