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         Operator Theory:     more books (100)
  1. Perturbation Theory for Linear Operators (Classics in Mathematics) by Tosio Kato, 1995-02-15
  2. Contributions to Operator Theory in Spaces with an Indefinite Metric: The Heinz Langer Anniversary Volume (Operator Theory: Advances and Applications)
  3. Operator Theory in Inner Product Spaces (Operator Theory: Advances and Applications)
  4. Dual Algebras with Applications to Invariant Subspaces and Dilation Theory (Cbms Regional Conference Series in Mathematics) by Ciprian Foias, and Carl Pearcy Hari Bercovici, 1985-12-31
  5. Spectral Theory of Differential Operators: Self-Adjoint Differential Operators by V.A. Il'in, 1995-08-31
  6. Fundamentals of the Theory of Operator Algebras. Volume III (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Richard V. Kadison, 1998-01-13
  7. Spectral Theory of Operators in Hilbert Space (Applied Mathematical Sciences) by Kurt O. Friedrichs, 1973-01-01
  8. Spectral Theory of Differential Operators (North-Holland Mathematical Library) by Ian W. Knowles, Roger T. Lewis, et all 1981-12
  9. Linear Operators and Linear Systems: An Analytical Approach to Control Theory (London Mathematical Society Student Texts) by Jonathan R. Partington, 2004-03-22
  10. Problems in Operator Theory (Graduate Studies in Mathematics, V. 51) by Y. A. Abramovich, Charalambos D. Aliprantis, 2002-09-10
  11. Quantum Field Theory: From Operators to Path Integrals (Physics Textbook) by Kerson Huang, 2010-05-11
  12. Theory of Linear Operators in Hilbert Space by N. I. Akhiezer, I. M. Glazman, 1993-12-16
  13. Fundamentals of the Theory of Operator Algebras, Vol. 2: Advanced Theory (Graduate Studies in Mathematics, Vol. 16) by Richard V. Kadison and John Ringrose, 1997-08-22
  14. Spectral Theory of Self-Adjoint Operators in Hilbert Space (Mathematics and its Applications) by Michael Sh. Birman, M.Z. Solomjak, 1987-05-31

21. Journal Of Operator Theory Issues
Journal of operator theory Past and Future Issues

22. Functional Analysis And Operator Theory
Home page of the Functional Analysis and operator theory workgroup.
Functional Analysis and Operator Theory Workgroup
Members List and Research Domains
  • Dr. Calin-Grigore AMBROZIE
    operator theory, spectral and multidimensional Fredholm theory, moment problems; homepage: , e-mail:
  • Dr. Tiberiu CONSTANTINESCU (currently at the University of Texas at Dallas):
    applications of operator theory and interpolation problems; e-mail:
  • Dr. Razvan GELCA (currently at the University of Michigan):
    multivariable spectral theory, Hilbert modules in the sense of Douglas and Paulsen, topological quantum field theory, knot theory and three-manifolds, noncommutative geometry; homepage:
  • Dr. Aurelian GHEONDEA
    operator theory on spaces with indefinite inner products, interpolation problems, system theory; e-mail: ; homepage:
  • Dr. Nicolae POPA (currently at the University of Bucharest):
    harmonic analysis, Hardy spaces, rearangement invariant spaces, interpolation methods; e-mail:

23. Great Plains Operator Theory Symposium, 23rd Annual Meeting
The 23rd Annual Great Plains operator theory Symposium University of Illinois, UrbanaChampaign

24. SpringerLink - Publication Research Training NetworkClassical Analysis, operator theory, Geometry of Banach spaces, their interplay and their applications. Contract No. HPRNCT-2000-00116

25. K-theory Preprint Archives
497 June 27, 2001, On the Ktheory of stable generalized operator algebras, by Hvedri Inassaridze and Tamaz Kandelaki.

26. Operator Theory
operator theory. Linear operators for which T*T and TT* commute, Proc. Amer. Isometries, projections and Wold decompositions, in operator theory and
Operator Theory
  • Linear operators for which T*T and TT* commute , Proc. Amer. Math. Soc., 34 (1972), 177-180.
  • Operator valued inner functions analytic on the closed disc , Pacific J. Math., 41 (1972), 57-62.
  • Inner functions analytic at a point , Illinois J. Math., 16 (1972).
  • The exponential representation of operator valued, differentiable inner functions , J. Differential Equations, 12 (1972), 455-461.
  • Commutation properties of the coefficient matrix in the differential equation of an inner function , Proc. Amer. Math. Soc., 42 (1974), 507-512.
  • Linear operators for which T*T and TT* commute II , Pacific J. Math. 53 (1974), 355-361.
  • Subnormal operators with nontrivial quasinormal extensions , Acta Scientiarum Math., (1975), 191-193, .
  • Linear operators for which T*T and T+T* commute , Pacific J. Math. 61 (1975), 53-57.
  • Operator-valued inner functions analytic on the closed disc two II , Pacific J. Math. 60, (1975), 37-49.
  • Spectral properties of linear operators for which T*T and T + T* commute , Proc. Amer. Math. Soc., 60 (1976), 197-202, (with R. Geller).
  • 27. Operator Theory - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    These extend the spectral theory, for bounded operators. Single operator theory deals with the properties and classification of single operators.
    Operator theory
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
    In mathematics operator theory is the branch of functional analysis which deals with bounded linear operators and their properties. It can be split crudely into two branches, although there is considerable overlap and interplay between them. These extend the spectral theory , for bounded operators. edit
    Single operator theory
    Single operator theory deals with the properties and classification of single operators. For example, the classification of normal operators in terms of their spectra falls into this category. edit
    Operator algebras
    The theory of operator algebras brings algebras of operators such as C*-algebras to the fore. mathematics -related article is a stub . You can help Wikipedia by expanding it Retrieved from " Categories Mathematics stubs Operator theory Views Personal tools Navigation Search Toolbox

    28. 47-XX
    47XX operator theory. 47-00 General reference works (handbooks, dictionaries, bibliographies, etc.) 47-01 Instructional exposition (textbooks,
    47-XX Operator theory
    Top level of Index

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    30. Counterexamples In Functional Analysis
    A collection of examples in functional analysis and operator theory.

    31. Advanced Course In Operator Theory And Complex Analysis -- Index
    Main page of First Advanced Course in operator theory and Complex Analysis, Seville June 16th19th 2004.
    This pages uses frames, your navigator does not support them. Click here for noframes pages or go to [Main] [Schedule] [Courses] ... [The city]

    32. Functional Analysis Workshop, Joensuu
    Banach spaces and operator theory, Frechet and related spaces, and applications to analytic function spaces. Joensuu, Finland; 2024 June 2004.
    Functional Analysis Workshop
    Joensuu 20.-24.6.2004
    Satellite conference of 4ECM Stockholm 2004
    Main lectures by
    Klaus Bierstedt Paderborn Valencia Alexander Borichev Bordeaux Chen Huaihui Nanjing Gilles Godefroy Paris Sergei Kislyakov St. Petersburg Reinhold Meise Artur Nicolau Barcelona Edward Odell Austin David Preiss London Eero Saksman Joel Shapiro East Lansing Dietmar Vogt Wuppertal Problem: Is the surrounding photo taken at midnight on June 24th?
    Last update June 11th, 2004

    33. Integral Equations And Operator Theory-Birkhäuser Basel Analysis Journal
    Integral Equations and operator theory (IEOT) appears monthly and is devoted to the publication of current research in integral equations, operator theory,11855,5-40290-70-1177236-0,00.
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    34. Operator Theory: Advances And Applications-Birkhäuser Buchreihe
    Edited byGohberg, I., School of Mathematical Sciences, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv, IsraelThis series is devoted to the publication of current research,11855,1-40292-69-1190538-0,00.
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    35. IWOTA 2004
    International Workshop on operator theory and Applications. University of Newcastle, UK; 1216 July 2004.
    Newcastle upon Tyne
    12-16 July 2004 The next International Workshop on Operator Theory and Applications (IWOTA) is being organised at the University of Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, where it will be held from Monday, 12 July to Friday, 16 July, 2004. IWOTA is conveniently scheduled near the time of the MTNS meeting (Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems), to which it started off as a satellite conference. In 2004, MTNS will be held the preceding week in Leuven, Belgium. This IWOTA meeting will be the fifteenth in a series of highly successful IWOTA meetings. The previous IWOTA meetings were held in Santa Monica (1981), Rehovot (1983), Amsterdam (1985), Mesa AZ (1987), Rotterdam (1989), Sapporo (1991), Vienna (1993), Regensburg (1995), Bloomington (1995), Groningen (1998), Bordeaux (2000), Faro (2000), Blacksburg (2002) and Cagliari (2003). The organisers of the present meeting intend to adhere to the high standards set by these previous meetings. The purpose of IWOTA 2004 is to bring together mathematicians and engineers interested in operator theory and its applications. Adhering to to the tradition of recent meetings, our focus is primarily on a few special themes, suggested by research existing at Newcastle University and other British universities:

    36. Operator Theory -- From MathWorld
    Calculus and Analysis operator theory v operator theory. From MathWorldA Wolfram Web Resource. http//
    INDEX Algebra Applied Mathematics Calculus and Analysis Discrete Mathematics ... Alphabetical Index
    DESTINATIONS About MathWorld About the Author Headline News ... Random Entry
    CONTACT Contribute an Entry Send a Message to the Team
    MATHWORLD - IN PRINT Order book from Amazon Calculus and Analysis Operator Theory Operator Theory A broad area of mathematics connected with functional analysis differential equations index theory representation theory , and mathematical physics. SEE ALSO: C-*-Algebra Functional Analysis Index Theory Operator ... [Pages Linking Here] REFERENCES: Conway, J. B. A Course in Operator Theory. Providence, RI: Amer. Math. Soc., 2000. Gohberg, I.; Lancaster, P.; and Shivakuar, P. N. (Eds.). Recent Developments in Operator Theory and Its Applications. Hutson, V. and Pym, J. S. Applications of Functional Analysis and Operator Theory. New York: Academic Press, 1980. CITE THIS AS: Eric W. Weisstein. "Operator Theory." From MathWorld A Wolfram Web Resource. Wolfram Research, Inc.

    37. Operator Theory -- From MathWorld
    Antisymmetric Operator Unitary Antiunitary Operator Spectrum Wave Operator Conjugate Transpose operator theory Weierstrass Operator.
    INDEX Algebra Applied Mathematics Calculus and Analysis Discrete Mathematics ... Alphabetical Index
    DESTINATIONS About MathWorld About the Author Headline News ... Random Entry
    CONTACT Contribute an Entry Send a Message to the Team
    MATHWORLD - IN PRINT Order book from Amazon Calculus and Analysis Operator Theory Adomian Polynomial Hermitian Operator Perron-Frobenius Operator Anticommutative ... Weierstrass Operator

    38. IWOTA 2002 Thirteenth International Workshop On Operator Theory
    List of Research Topics. Operator and function theory, system and control theory, differential and integral equations, mathematical physics.
    IWOTA 2002 Thirteenth International Workshop on Operator Theory and Applications Department of Mathematics Virginia Tech, August 6-9, 2002 The International Workshop on Operator Theory and Applications (IWOTA) has met biannually since 1981 and more frequently in recent years (starting in 1995) rotating among eight countries on three continents (see history ).The IWOTA conferences offer a rich program on a wide range of the latest developments in operator theory and its applications. The original concept of the workshop was as a satellite conference for operator theorists to the broader based international symposia on Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems MTNS . While this concept is still in place, the scope of IWOTA has broadened considerably in recent years and has now attained an independent identity as a major world-wide conference for recent developments in core operator theory and its applications. List of Research Topics Operator and function theory

    39. OTFUSA2005 - Conference On Operator Theory, Function Spaces And Applications
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    40. Functional Analysis II
    operator theory. Course Page. Dr E. Shargorodsky. All files are available as pdf files. They should be readable from any campus machine.
      School of Mathematical Sciences
      University of Sussex
    Operator Theory
    Course Page
    Dr E. Shargorodsky
    All files are available as pdf files. They should be readable from any campus machine.
    Course Document Exercise Sheet 1 Exercise Sheet 2 Exercise Sheet 3 ... Exercise Sheet 9
    Will be made available in the reserve collection of the library. Solution 1 Solution 2 Solution 3 Solution 4 ... Solution 9
    Lecure notes
    [Courses On-line]
    [School of Mathematical Sciences] [University of Sussex] - School of Mathematical Sciences. Last update 13/03/2003

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