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  1. Painting and Finishing Techniques (Osprey Modelling) by Gary Edmundson, 2010-04-20
  2. Financial Modelling in Practice: A Concise Guide for Intermediate and Advanced Level (The Wiley Finance Series) by Dr Michael Rees, 2008-12-15
  3. Aircraft Modelling (Modelling Masterclass) by Brett Green, 2010-08-24
  4. Fundamentals of Ecological Modelling, Third Edition, Volume 21, Third Edition (Developments in Environmental Modelling)
  5. Modelling, Pricing, and Hedging Counterparty Credit Exposure: A Technical Guide (Springer Finance) by Giovanni Cesari, John Aquilina, et all 2010-02-19
  6. An Introduction to Infectious Disease Modelling by Emilia Vynnycky, Richard White, 2010-07-15
  7. Mathematical Modelling Techniques by Rutherford Aris, 1995-01-27
  8. Advanced modelling in finance using Excel and VBA by MaryJackson, MikeStaunton, 2001-05-30
  9. Guide to Business Modelling, Second Edition (Economist Series) by John Tennent, Graham Friend, 2005-07-27
  10. Geotechnical Modelling (Applied Geotechnics) by David Muir Wood, 2004-09-24
  11. Bayesian Statistical Modelling (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics) by Peter Congdon, 2007-01-17
  12. Mastering Financial Modelling in Microsoft Excel: A practitioner's guide to applied corporate finance (2nd Edition) by Alastair Day, 2007-06-09
  13. Introduction to Structural Equation Modelling Using SPSS and Amos by Professor Niels Blunch, 2008-03-13
  14. Decision Modelling for Health Economic Evaluation (Handbooks for Health Economic Evaluation) by Andrew Briggs, Karl Claxton, et all 2006-09-28

1. Scientific Modelling - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Scientific modelling is the process of generating abstract or conceptual models. Science offers a growing collection of methods, techniques and theory about
Scientific modelling
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
(Redirected from Scientific modeling Jump to: navigation search Scientific modeling is the process of generating abstract or conceptual models . Science offers a growing collection of methods techniques and theory about all kinds of specialized scientific modeling. Some general theory about scientific modeling is offered by the philosophy of science systems theory , and new fields like knowledge visualization

2. Ecological Modelling - Elsevier
Journal dealing with ecological modelling and systems ecology. Tables of contents with abstracts; full text by subscription.
Home Site map Elsevier websites Alerts ... Ecological Modelling Journal information Product description Editorial board Audience Abstracting/indexing ... Types of Contributions: Subscription information Bibliographic and ordering information Combined subscriptions Conditions of sale Dispatch dates Journal-related information Contact the publisher Impact factor Most downloaded articles Other journals in same subject area ... Select your view ECOLOGICAL MODELLING
International Journal on Ecological Modelling and Systems Ecology
S.E. JĀørgensen

See editorial board for all editors information
The journal is concerned with the use of mathematical models and systems analysis for the description of ecosystems and for the control of environmental pollution and management of resources. It combines mathematical modelling, systems analysis, thermodynamics and computer techniques with ecology and management of the environment and its natural resources. When man intrudes he inevitably disturbs the delicate balance of organisms, substances and their activity, that Nature has evolved. Ecosystems can adapt to man's violent activities, but only up to a certain point. The impact on ecosystems can only be described quantitatively by the application of ecological models and systems ecology, and their reactions to perturbations can only be understood by the use of ecosystem theory. The fields of ecological modelling, systems ecology and ecosystem theory are consequently the basis of the philosophy behind the journal.

3. Statistical Modelling
For faster access to Statistical modelling Online from these locations, use this URL http// Australia, Brazil, China, France,
SAGE Website Help Contact Us Home ... Sign In to gain access to subscriptions and/or personal tools. About the Journal
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4. ScienceDirect - Ecological Modelling, Volume 213, Issue 1, Pages 1-142 (24 April
Special Issue on NEMURO (North Pacific Ecosystem Model for Understanding Regional Oceanography) and NEMURO.FISH (NEMURO for Including Saury and Herring)
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Articles in Press Volumes 211 - 213 (2008) Volume 213, Issue 1
pp. 1-142 (24 April 2008) Volume 212, Issues 3-4
pp. 179-550 (10 April 2008) Volume 212, Issues 1-2
pp. 1-178 (24 March 2008)
Selected papers from the Fifth European Conference on Ecological Modelling, 19-23 September 2005, Pushchino, Russia Volume 211, Issues 3-4
pp. 251-500 (10 March 2008) Volume 211, Issues 1-2
pp. 1-250 (24 February 2008) Volumes 201 - 210 (2007 - 2008) Volumes 191 - 200 (2006 - 2007) Volumes 181 - 190 (2005 - 2006) Volumes 171 - 180 (2004) ... Volumes 1 - 10 (1975 - 1980) Volume 213, Issue 1, Pages 1-142 (24 April 2008) Article List Full Abstracts articles Editorial Board Page i PDF (71 K) To Purchase and Download the Full Article , Click PDF View Related Articles Review article AQUATOX: Modeling environmental fate and ecological effects in aquatic ecosystems Pages 1-15 Richard A. Park, Jonathan S. Clough and Marjorie Coombs Wellman

5. Theoretical Biology And Medical Modelling | Home Page
Theoretical Biology and Medical modelling is ready to receive manuscripts on all aspects of biology and the conceptual modelling required to understand its
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BioMed Central home
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Hans-Peter Meinzer,
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Authors whose first language is not English may wish to use the Manuscript Presentation Service , part of Biomedes Welcome to Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling An online journal published by BioMed Central Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling is ready to receive manuscripts on all aspects of biology and the conceptual modelling required to understand its complexity. Submit your article online Research Scaling, growth and cyclicity in biology: a new computational approach

6. Perth Military Modelling Site
modelling site, specialising in military subjects of all types, figures, aircraft, vehicles, scifi from all periods, all scales.
Page Last Updated March 13, 2008
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7. Mathematics Archives MSDOS Software For Modelling
Analysis ArborVt Automatic Differentiation of Fortan Programs Curacao Curve Fitter Curvefits DAUBWAVE DELP Ecological Modeling FFT of Very
Windows/MSDos Software Collection for Modelling The following icons indicate the type of package: Freeware or Public Domain Shareware with all features enabled Shareware with some features disabled Commercial Software Demo of Commercial Software
List of Packages
Automatic Differentiation of Fortan Programs
Curve Fitter
Ecological Modeling
FFT of Very Long Series
MathViews for Windows/32
Mathcad Demos
Nonlinear Analysis Regression Program
Population Analysis System - POPSYS
W.B. Loewer Plotting Programs
This collection is maintained by Larry Husch . If you know of any Windows/MSDOS programs which are not listed in this collection and which you think are useful in the teaching of mathematics, then write Larry You are invited to submit materials to be stored on the Mathematics Archives; this may include software, reviews of software or teaching materials utilizing technology. For more information on uploading materials, read

8. Economic Modelling - Elsevier
Economic modelling fills a major gap in the economics literature, providing a single source of both theoretical and applied papers on economic modelling.
Home Site map Elsevier websites Alerts ... Economic Modelling Journal information Product description Editorial board Audience Abstracting/indexing ... Special issues and supplements Subscription information Bibliographic and ordering information Conditions of sale Dispatch dates Journal-related information Contact the publisher Impact factor Most downloaded articles Other journals in same subject area ... Select your view ECONOMIC MODELLING
The International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Papers on Economic Modelling
S. Hall, P. Pauly

See editorial board for all editors information
Description Economic Modelling fills a major gap in the economics literature, providing a single source of both theoretical and applied papers on economic modelling. The journal's prime objective is to provide an international review of the state-of-the-art in economic modelling. Economic Modelling publishes the complete versions of many large-scale models of industrially advanced economies which have been developed for policy analysis. Examples are the Bank of England Model and the US Federal Reserve Board Model which had hitherto been unpublished. As individual models are revised and updated, the journal publishes subsequent papers dealing with these revisions, so keeping its readers as up to date as possible.

9. NCBI Structure Group
MMDB, the Molecular modelling DataBase, contains experimentally determined biopolymer structures obtained from the Protein Data Bank (PDB).

PubMed Structure PubChem ... BLAST Search Entrez Structure/MMDB Help Search across all Entrez databases Help MMDB home Structure summary directly via
PDB/MMDB-Id PubChem CDD VAST VAST Search Research MMDB FTP PubChem FTP NCBI Toolkit Publications NCBI CBB Last Revised 12/11/07 The NCBI Structure Group maintains:
  • MMDB , a database of macromolecular 3D structures, as well as tools for their visualization and comparative analysis. MMDB, the M olecular ...
    , a database of structure-structure alignments. Each protein chain and 3D domain from MMDB is compared with all the others using the VAST (Vector Alignment Search Tool) algorithm. Lists of VAST neighbors are available via links on the MMDB Structure Summary pages, and structural superpositions may be displayed with the visualization tool Cn3D.
    , a database of small molecules, which provides information on their biological activities. It is a component of NIH's Molecular Libraries Roadmap Initiative
    , the C onserved D omain D atabase, a protein annotation resource, which consists of a collection of well-annotated multiple sequence alignment models for ancient domains and full-length proteins. These are available as position-specific score matrices (PSSMs), for the rapid identification of conserved domains in protein sequences.

10. Centre For Policy Modelling Home Page
Centre for Policy modelling Discussion Papers (Most recent Paper); A workshop on Simulation and Second Life (in Second Life); The EMIL Project (20062009,
Centre for Policy
"Simplicity is no reason, difficulty is no excuse Manchester Metropolitan University Business School
Aytoun Building, Aytoun Street, Manchester M1 3GH.
how to find us or contact us
Current/Recent Stuff:
Older stuff:

11. GAIM - Global Analysis, Integration, And Modelling
The goal of GAIM is to advance the study of the coupled dynamics of the Earth system using as tools both data and models.

About GAIM What's New? Structure ... List of Acronyms
About GAIM
Short introduction to GAIM
and what we are about What's New?
The latest GAIM publications
and highlights Calendar
Meetings and workshops
future, present and past Structure
Structure of GAIM Task Force,
research projects and activities Contacts Who is who in the GAIM Office and Task Force Products Publications, newsletters and reports Credits and Sponsors Acknowledgements of funding organisations and contributors Links Links to Projects within IGBP List of Acronyms Various acronyms found on this site and others Comments? Questions? Suggestions? GAIM is a Task Force of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (IGBP)

12. IEMSs
For private persons and organizations dealing with environmental modelling, software and related topics. Organization information, upcoming conferences,

13. Archive Of "Theoretical Biology & Medical Modelling".
Theoretical Biology Medical modelling Vols. 1 to 4; 2004 to 2007 Articles from Theoretical Biology Medical modelling are provided here courtesy of

14. Modelling And Simulation In Engineering — An Open Access Journal
modelling and Simulation in Engineering aims at providing a forum for the discussion of formalisms, methodologies and simulation tools that are intended to
Advanced search Hindawi Publishing Corporation About this Journal ... Table of Contents Journal Menu
  • Abstracting and Indexing Aims and Scope Article Processing Charges Author Guidelines ... in Editorship
    About this Journal
    Modelling and Simulation in Engineering aims at providing a forum for the discussion of formalisms, methodologies and simulation tools that are intended to support the new, broader interpretation of Engineering. Competitive pressures of Global Economy have had a profound effect on the manufacturing in Europe, Japan and the USA with much of the production being outsourced. In this context the traditional interpretation of engineering profession linked to the actual manufacturing needs to be broadened to include the integration of outsourced components and the consideration of logistic, economical and human factors in the design of engineering products and services. Modelling and Simulation in Engineering intends to report leading-edge scientific contributions from mathematics, computer science, various sub-disciplines of engineering, management, psychology and cross-cultural communication, all of which focus on the modelling and simulation of human-centred engineering systems.

15. ISEM Homepage
Promotes the international exchange of ideas, scientific results, and general knowledge in the area of the application of systems analysis and simulation in
The International Society for Ecological Modeling
Pictures from USFWS
Alaska Salmon, Water Lily, U.S. FWS Photo; CanvasBack Duck: William Vinje;
Badger, Tupper Ansel Blake; Green Pitcher Plant, George Gentry.
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Last modified: October 25, 2007

16. Dynamic Modelling Home Page
Dynamic modelling Homepage. Source of Don Edberg s specialty books for Programming Computer Radio Control Systems, especially Futaba Super 7 and 8U,
International Space Station (ISS) Scale Models and Accessories from Intermountain Railway Co. (IMR)
NEW! Information on Don Edberg's class on Spacecraft Design and System Engineering available through UCLA Extension
More information about Dynamic Modelling ...
Books on RC Systems.
All titles written by Don Edberg*
, Effective Programming columnist for Model Airplane News.
All books are available direct. Click on one of the book covers to the left for more information on that book.
  • Futaba 8U systems (FF8, FF8 Super, Super 8) covered in Get the Most of Futaba's 8-Channel RC Systems book (the Orange one). New, low price: only $10! Additional copies only $2 each!
  • Futaba's FF7/Super 7 radios in Programming Futaba's Super 7 (also helps with T6X systems). The blue book on the left is once again available in print format! Price: only $10.
  • All other systems covered by Guide to Computer RC Systems (the Guide "book" is now available electronically, either on CD or a PDF file we can email directly to you no more waiting for the post office to deliver!) Price: only $10.

The International Journal of modelling, Identification and Control, from Inderscience Publishers, reflects the relevant generic studies in dynamic system

18. Past Conference | Modelling, Identification, And Control
modelling and Animation with Differential Equations Jian J Zhang The modelling, Identification, and Control 2007 conference in Innsbruck, Austria has

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ASSOCIATED CONFERENCES View information on upcoming associated conferences that IASTED is cosponsoring. SPECIAL SESSION VIIP 2008 "Applications of Partial Differential Equations in Geometric Design and Imaging" Hassan Ugail University of Bradford, UK Added: February 28, 2008 TUTORIAL SESSION CA 2008 "Neural Extended Kalman Filters Applied to Control and Target Tracking" Prof. Kathleen Kramer University of San Diego, USA Dr. Stephen Stubberud Rockwell Collins, San Diego, USA Added: February 28, 2008 SPECIAL SESSION NANA 2008 "Surface Chemistry on Nanomaterials" Kijung Yong POSTECH, Korea Added: February 11, 2008 TUTORIAL SESSION IASTED-HCI 2008 "Design Patterns for User Interfaces on Mobile Equipment" Erik G. Nilsson SINTEF ICT Oslo, Norway Added: February 11, 2008 TUTORIAL SESSION ARP 2008 "Monolithic Rectangular Coaxial Lines, Components and Systems for Commercial and Defense Applications" Prof. Dejan S. Filipovic University of Colorado, USA Dr. Kenneth Vanhille Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials, LLC

19. EclipsePlugins Plugin Overview
This plug in provides a diagram editor for modeling a process of model transformations Blueprint s Meta Modeling and Profiles combines the creation of

20. Economics Focus | Momentous Modelling |
When terrorists strike, what happens to investment and jobs?

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