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         Mathematical Statistics:     more books (100)
  1. Mathematical Statistics with Applications by Dennis Wackerly, William Mendenhall, et all 2007-10-10
  2. An Student Solutions Manual for Introduction to Mathematical Statistics and Its Applications by Richard J. Larsen, 2006-05-04
  3. Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis (with CD Data Sets) (Duxbury Advanced) by John A. Rice, 2006-04-28
  4. Introduction to Mathematical Statistics by Robert V. Hogg, Allen Craig, et all 2004-06-27
  5. Mathematical Statistics (Springer Texts in Statistics) by Jun Shao, 2010-11-02
  6. John E. Freund's Mathematical Statistics with Applications (7th Edition) by Irwin Miller, Marylees Miller, 2003-10-24
  7. Mathematical Statistics by John E. Freund, 1992-01
  8. Introduction to Mathematical Statistics (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics) by Paul G. Hoel, 1984-01
  9. Introduction to Mathematical Statistics and Its Applications, An (4th Edition) by Richard J. Larsen, Morris L. Marx, 2005-12-10
  10. A Brief Course in Mathematical Statistics by Elliot A. Tanis, Robert V. Hogg, 2007-01-09
  11. Schaum's Outline of Probability and Statistics, 3rd Ed. (Schaum's Outline Series) by John Schiller, R. Alu Srinivasan, et all 2008-08-26
  12. A Mathematical Primer for Social Statistics (Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences) by Dr. John Fox, 2008-07-29
  13. Mathematical Statistics with MATHEMATICA by Colin Rose, Murray D. Smith, 2002-03-08

1. Introduction To Mathematical Statistics
Lecture notes from a yearlong course in mathematical statistics.
Mathematical Statistics 361/362: Introduction to Mathematical Statistics I and II.
Mathematical Statistics 361/362:
Introduction to Mathematical Statistics I and II
Fall 1998 and Spring 1999
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2. Mathematical Statistics - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
mathematical statistics uses probability theory and other branches of mathematics to study statistics from a purely mathematical standpoint.
Mathematical statistics
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search Mathematical statistics is the study statistics from a purely mathematical standpoint, using probability theory as well as other branches of mathematics such as linear algebra and analysis Mathematical statistics deals with gaining information from data. In practice, data often contain some randomness or uncertainty . Statistics handles such data using methods of probability theory Statistics is divided into:
  • descriptive statistics - the part of mathematical statistics that describes data, i.e. summarises the data and their typical properties inferential statistics - the part of mathematical statistics that draws conclusions from data, i.e. checks whether the data fulfill some condition and gives guarantees on the involved uncertainty.
Mathematical statistics is the theoretical basis for many practices in applied statistics
edit References
  • Borovkov, A. A. (1999). Mathematical Statistics
v d e Major fields of mathematics Logic Set theory Category theory ... mathematics-related article is a stub . You can help Wikipedia by expanding it statistics -related article is a stub . You can help Wikipedia by expanding it This Econometrics -related article is a stub . You can help Wikipedia by expanding it Retrieved from "

3. MIT OpenCourseWare | Mathematics | 18.466 Mathematical Statistics, Spring 2003 |
Decision theory, estimation, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing. Introduces large sample theory. Asymptotic efficiency of estimates.
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  • Home Courses Donate ... Mathematics Mathematical Statistics
    18.466 Mathematical Statistics
    Spring 2003
    Figure showing minimum risk for sequential tests. (Image by Prof. Richard Dudley.)
    c = cost per observation; v L PQ = loss when P is true, Q is chosen; w = L QP = loss when Q is true, P is chosen; ( c, v, w ) normalized so that v + w
    Course Highlights
    lecture notes problem sets exams term-paper
    Course Description
    Prof. Richard Dudley
    Course Meeting Times
    Three sessions / week
    1 hour / session
    Send feedback on this course. Your use of the MIT OpenCourseWare site and course materials is subject to our Creative Commons License and other terms of use.

4. Institute Of Mathematical Statistics
The purpose of the Institute is to foster the development and dissemination of the theory and applications of statistics and probability.
Search site
IMS arXiv Electronic access to journals and articles arXiv
section Project Euclid JSTOR
IMS Journals and Publications
Annals of Statistics Annals of Applied Statistics Annals of Probability Annals of Applied Probability ... IMS Collections IMS Co-sponsored Journals and Publications Current Index to Statistics Electronic Communications in Probability Electronic Journal of Probability Electronic Journal of Statistics ... Statistics Surveys IMS Affiliated Journals ALEA - Latin American Journal of Probability and Mathematical Statistics Probability and Mathematical Statistics IMS Supported Journals Bernoulli IMS general email
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LECTURES IN mathematical statistics. 1 Sets and Boolean Algebra. 2 The Binomial Distribution. 3 The Multinomial Distribution. 4 The Poisson Distribution

6. Mathematical Statistics, Centre For Mathematical Sciences, LU
mathematical statistics, Centre for Mathematical Sciences.
Skip navigation Lund University Science(NF) ... MatCent / Mathematical Statistics MatStat Education Research People ... Local
Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Mathematical Statistics
The Mathematical statistics website is due to undergo a complete overhaul. I would be thankful if you would take the time to let me know what the present most irritating shortcomings are. What are you most often looking for, what do you most often fail to find? The collection of identified problems needs your help to grow. / Anna Lindgren, Webmaster. Education
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How to find the Centre Research
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Staff, PhD students, E-mail addresses, Telephone numbers Publications
Publication lists Statistics links
Links to statistics resources, General web links Consulting
Statistics consulting information Internal information Address: Box 118, SE-221 00 LUND, Sweden

7. 62: Statistics
A list of references on the history of probability and statistics is available. . American Statistical Society Institute of mathematical statistics
Search Subject Index MathMap Tour ... Help! ABOUT: Introduction History Related areas Subfields
POINTERS: Texts Software Web links Selected topics here
62: Statistics
Statistics is the science of obtaining, synthesizing, predicting, and drawing inferences from data. Elementary calculations of mean and standard variation suffice to summarize a large, finite, normally-distributed dataset; the field of Statistics exists since data are not usually so nicely given. If we do not know all the elements of the dataset, we must discuss sampling and experimental design; if the data are not normal we must use other parameters to summarize them, or resort to nonparametric methods; if multiple data are involved, we study the measures of interaction among the variables. Other topics include the study of time-dependent data, and the foundations necessary to avoid ambiguity or paradox. Computational methods (e.g. for curve-fitting) are of particular importance in applications to the sciences and engineering as well as financial and actuarial work.
A list of references on the history of probability and statistics is available.

8. Mathematical Sciences, Chalmers And Göteborg University
Department of mathematical statistics.
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9. JSTOR: The Annals Of Mathematical Statistics
Journal Information for The Annals of mathematical statistics. Publisher Institute of mathematical statistics. This title was superseded in 1973.
The Annals of Mathematical Statistics
JSTOR Coverage: Vols. 1 - 43, 1930-1972
(superseded in part by The Annals of Probability , and in part by The Annals of Statistics
JSTOR Collections: Please read JSTOR's Terms and Conditions of Use before you begin. Search This Journal Browse This Journal
Journal Information for The Annals of Mathematical Statistics
Publisher Institute of Mathematical Statistics This title was superseded in 1973. ISSN

10. Theory Of Probability And Mathematical Statistics
Theory of Probability and mathematical statistics Journals Home Search Author Info Subscribe Tech Support Help. ISSN 15477363(e) 0094-9000(p)

ISSN: 1547-7363(e) 0094-9000(p)
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11. University Of Cambridge: Department Of Pure Mathematics And Mathematical Statist
Department of Pure Mathematics and mathematical statistics.
Department of Pure Mathematics
and Mathematical Statistics Photograph courtesy of Dill Faulkes Details of Memorial Service for David Kendall , Friday 7 March 2008 About DPMMS


... Newton Institute
Information provided by webmaster

12. Probability And Mathematical Statistics: Homepage
WROC£AW UNIVERSITY Main Page Contents of previous volumes General Information Instructions for authors ...
Kazimierz URBANIK (1930-2005)
Founder and Editor-in-Chief (1980-2005)
MANAGING EDITORS W. Szczotka (Wroc³aw)
A. Weron (Wroc³aw)
W.A. Woyczyñski (Cleveland)
R. Banuelos (West Lafayette)
K. Burdzy (Seattle)
T. Byczkowski (Wroc³aw)
R. Carmona (Princeton) K. Dzhaparidze (Amsterdam) K. Fleischmann (Berlin) T. Funaki (Tokyo) R. Gill (Utrecht) Z.J. Jurek (Wroc³aw) T. Komorowski (Lublin) S. Kwapieñ (Warszawa) M. Lifshits (St. Petersburg) T. Mikosch (Copenhagen) M. Musiela (London) T. Rolski (Wroc³aw) J. Rosiñski (Knoxville) G. Samorodnitsky (Ithaca) J. Zabczyk (Warszawa) SECRETARY M. Czysto³owski (Wroc³aw) WROC£AW UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY PROBABILITY AND MATHEMATICAL STATISTICS FOUNDED BY KAZIMIERZ URBANIK AN AFFILIATED JOURNAL

13. Bernoulli Society For Mathematical Statistics And Probability
Homepage of the Bernoulli Society. The objectives of the Bernoulli Society are the advancement of the sciences of probability (including stochastic
The Bernoulli Society was founded in 1975 as a Section of the International Statistical Institute ( ISI ). The Bernoulli Society now has a membership of around 1500 representing nearly 70 countries, a third of those also being members of the ISI who chose the Bernoulli Society as their Section. The objectives of the Bernoulli Society are the advancement of the sciences of probability (including stochastic processes) and mathematical statistics and of their applications to all those aspects of human endeavour, which are directed towards the increase of natural knowledge and the welfare of mankind. This site uses frames.

14. Project Euclid - Mathematics And Statistics Resources Online
The Annals of mathematical statistics was published between 1930 and 1972 by the Institute of mathematical statistics. The journal was superseded in 1973 by
Log in RSS Title Author(s) Abstract Subject Keyword All Fields FullText more options The Annals of Mathematical Statistics was published between 1930 and 1972 by the Institute of Mathematical Statistics. The journal was superseded in 1973 by The Annals of Probability and The Annals of Statistics
Author Index to Volumes 32-43 (1961-1972)
Publication Date: 1976
Volume Information Author Index to Ann. Math. Statist. , Vols. 32-43 (1961-1972)
The Annals of Mathematical Statistics
IMS and IMS Related Journals ... Log in RSS Cornell University Library

15. ALEA - Latin American Journal Of Probability And Mathematical Statistics
Latin American Journal of Probability and mathematical statistics. Editorial Policy Editorial Board Submission of Papers
Latin American Journal of Probability and Mathematical Statistics Editorial Policy Editorial Board Submission of Papers e-mail Mirror Brazil France Language English Alea's template Alea's style Alea's bibliography style ISSN 1980-0436 Volume I Volume II Volume III Deviation from mean in sequence comparison
with a periodic sequence

On Stein's method and perturbations

Subclasses of Goldie-Steutel-Bondesson class of
... d
Makoto Maejima Transformations of infinitely divisible distributions
via improper stochastic integrals

Ken-iti Sato A fixed point approach to model random fields
Component sizes of the random graph outside the scaling window

The lower tail problem for homogeneous functionals of

stable processes with no negative jumps

Thomas Simon Asymptotic behavior of random determinants in the Laguerre, Gram and Jacobi ensembles Alain Rouault Hitting probabilities for systems of non-linear stochastic heat equations with additive noise Shape and local growth for multidimensional branching random walks in random environment ... On the precision of the spectral profile Gady Kozma Volume IV q-invariant functions for some generalizations of the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck semigroup Pierre Patie

16. School Of Mathematical Sciences
Applications are invited for a continuing fulltime lectureship at Level B in stochastic processes, probability or mathematical statistics.
Skip to content Change text size Science home About Mathematical Sciences ... Site map SEARCH Mathematics Science All of Monash enter search terms
Monash home
Mathematics used together with ultra fast computers to solve the equations that rule the cosmos. Atmospheric science
The science of weather forecasting and climate phenomena. Pure mathematics
The heart and soul of mathematics, dealing first and foremost with the ideal, the beauty of perfection. Statistics
The science of unlocking the truth in the data, and making informed decisions in the face of uncertainty.
Monash University
ABN 12 377 614 012 - Caution Privacy CRICOS Provider Number: 00008C
Last updated: 06 March 2008 - Maintained by Accessibility information

17. MathStatica
mathStatica solves the algebraic / symbolic problems that are of primary interest in mathematical statistics. It does so by building upon the symbolic
March 2008: Happy computing!
Current version mathStatica 1.5 ... fully supports Mathematica 5.2. All new orders receive a free upgrade to mathStatica 2 when it ships.
News mathStatica wins MDTech Prize for Best Software Contribution at CompStat in Berlin. Get the book Second print has sold out. New 3 rd print now shipping: Amazon (in stock) and (in stock)
Latest review Scientific Computing (Mar 2007) writes: " mathStatica is a powerful package ideal for applied and theoretical statistics ... In both contexts, applied and educational, it was impressive.
... a model of Mathematica tools design. "
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Mma 6
Spot the Error

18. Stat Labs Home Page
To Order Stat Labs mathematical statistics through Applications can be purchased in paperback from SpringerVerlag for $34.95.
STAT LABS: Mathematical Statistics
Through Applications
Index to site
Stat Labs How to Use Stat Labs ... Errata
Stat Labs integrates the theory of statistics with the practice of statistics through a collection of case studies, which we call labs. Each lab introduces a problem, provides some scientific background, suggests investigations for the data, and provides a summary of the theory used in the investigations. Our philosophy of teaching statistics through case studies is described in a recent article appearing in The American Statistician, Vol. 53, No. 4, pp 370-376 We have collected our labs into a text for advanced introductory statistics courses. A sample chapter, Maternal Smoking and Infant Health , can be found at this web site along with ideas on how to use our text in a course. This web site provides the data used in Stat Labs , and answers to our students' frequently asked questions on how to use S-plus and R to analyze these data. To Order: Stat Labs: Mathematical Statistics through Applications can be purchased in paperback from Springer-Verlag for $34.95.
Stat Labs How to Use Stat Labs ... contact Deb Nolan and Terry Speed last updated on March 21, 2000.

19. Department Of Mathematical Statistics And Actuarial Science
Activities of the Department of mathematical statistics and Actuarial Science of the University of Bern teaching, research, statistical consulting,
Department of Mathematical Statistics and Actuarial Science
This website is meant to be displayed using frames, which is not supported by your browser. You may nevertheless access most of the contents by clicking the desired pages on the navigation page . Please use the "Back" button of your browser if necessary to get back to the navigation page.

20. Stochastische Algorithmen Und Nichtparametrische Statistik
Research Seminar mathematical statistics Wintersemester 2007/2008. 17.10.2007, S. Borak (Humboldt University Berlin). Dynamic semiparametric factor models
close window
Research Seminar "Mathematical Statistics" Wintersemester 2007/2008
Place: Weierstrass-Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics Time: Wednesdays, 10.00 a.m. - 12.30 p.m. S. Borak (Humboldt University Berlin) Dynamic semiparametric factor models with applications M. Elagin (WIAS Berlin) Comparison of some methods for the adaptive estimation of univariate time series parameters no talk Jour Fixe Fall 2007 Prof. J. Einmahl (Tilburg University) 1. Records in athletics through extreme-value theory 2. Asymptotics for the Hirsch index K. Burnecki (Wroclaw University of Technology) Pricing of catastrophe bonds Attention! The seminar takes place in room 406 (4th floor) at WIAS Berlin. Prof. V. Spokoiny (WIAS and Humboldt University Berlin) Exponential bounds for the minimum contrast with some applications no talk Correlation in credit risk modeling no talk no talk A. Delaigle (University of Bristol) SIMEX selection of the smoothing parameter for nonparametric regression with errors-in-variables M. Keller-Ressel (TU Vienna) Affine processes and applications to stochastic volatility modelling High-frequency information and multivariate volatility modelling Model selection problems for time series - The Bayesian approach Jour Fixe Winter 2008 no talk Song Song (HU [ISE]) Quantile regression close window

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