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  1. Elementary Real and Complex Analysis (Dover Books on Mathematics) by Georgi E. Shilov, 1996-02-07
  2. Visual Complex Analysis by Tristan Needham, 1999-02-18
  3. Introductory Complex Analysis (PBK) by Richard A. Silverman, 1984-05-01
  4. Complex Analysis (Princeton Lectures in Analysis) by Elias M. Stein, Rami Shakarchi, 2003-04-07
  5. Real and Complex Analysis (International Series in Pure and Applied Mathematics) by Walter Rudin, 1986-05-01
  6. Schaum's Outline of Complex Variables, 2ed (Schaum's Outline Series) by Murray Spiegel, Seymour Lipschutz, et all 2009-05-20
  7. Complex Analysis by Theodore W. Gamelin, 2001-05-18
  8. Complex Analysis (Graduate Texts in Mathematics) by Serge Lang, 1998-12-07
  9. Fundamentals of Complex Analysiswith Applications to Engineering,Science, and Mathematics (3rd Edition) by Edward B. Saff, Arthur David Snider, 2003-01-10
  10. Complex Analysis through Examples and Exercises (Texts in the Mathematical Sciences) by E. Pap, 2010-11-02
  11. Basic Complex Analysis by Jerrold E. Marsden, Michael J. Hoffman, 1998-12-15
  12. Structural Analysis of Complex Networks
  13. Complex Analysis for Mathematics and Engineering by John H. Mathews, Russell W. Howell, 2006-01-09
  14. A First Course in Complex Analysis With Applications (Jones and Bartlett Publishers Series in Mathematics) by Dennis Zill, Patrick Shanahan, 2008-12-31

1. Complex Analysis
Textbook for an introductory course in complex analysis by George Cain. Chapters in PDF.
Complex Analysis
George Cain
This is a textbook for an introductory course in complex analysis. It has been used for our undergraduate complex analysis course here at Georgia Tech and at a few other places that I know of. I owe a special debt of gratitude to Professor Matthias Beck of SUNY Binghamton who used the book in his class at Binghamton and found many errors and made many good suggestions for changes and additions to the book. I thank him very much. I have corrected the errors and made some changes. I am also grateful to Professor Pawel Hitczenko of Drexel University , who prepared the nice supplement to Chapter 10 on applications of the Residue Theorem to real integration. The notes are available as Adobe Acrobat documents. If you do not have an Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may down-load a copy, free of charge, from Adobe
Title page and Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Chapter One Complex Numbers
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Geometry
1.3 Polar coordinates Chapter Two Complex Functions
2.1 Functions of a real variable
2.2 Functions of a complex variable

2. Complex Analysis - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
complex analysis, traditionally known as the theory of functions of a complex variable, is the branch of mathematics investigating functions of complex
Complex analysis
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search Plot of the function f x x x i x i ). The hue represents the function argument, while the saturation represents the magnitude. Complex analysis , traditionally known as the theory of functions of a complex variable , is the branch of mathematics investigating functions of complex numbers . It is useful in many branches of mathematics, including number theory and applied mathematics Complex analysis is particularly concerned with the analytic functions of complex variables, which are commonly divided into two main classes: the holomorphic functions and the meromorphic functions . Because the separable real and imaginary parts of any analytic function must satisfy Laplace's equation , complex analysis is widely applicable to two-dimensional problems in physics
edit History
The Mandelbrot set , the most common example of a fractal Complex analysis is one of the classical branches in mathematics with its roots in the 19th century and some even before. Important names are Euler Gauss Riemann Cauchy ... Weierstrass , and many more in the 20th century. Traditionally, complex analysis, in particular the theory of

3. Complex Variables - Complex Analyisis Modules
complex analysis, Complex Variables, Complex Variable, Modules, Module.
Complex Variables - Complex Analysis Undergraduate Modules Return to the Complex Analysis Project Chapter 1. Complex Numbers
  • The Origin of Complex Numbers The Algebra of Complex Numbers The Geometry of Complex Numbers The Geometry of Complex Numbers, Continued ... The Topology of Complex Numbers
  • Chapter 2. Complex Functions
  • Complex Functions and Linear Mappings The Mappings and Complex Limits and Continuity ... The Reciprocal Transformation
  • Chapter 3. Analytic and Harmonic Functions
  • Differentiable and Analytic Functions The Cauchy-Riemann Equations Harmonic Functions
  • Chapter 4. Sequences, Series, and Julia and Mandelbrot Sets
  • Complex Sequences and Series Julia and Mandelbrot Sets Geometric Series and Convergence Theorems Power Series Functions
  • Chapter 5. Elementary Functions

    4. Mathematics Archives - Topics In Mathematics - Complex Analysis
    KEYWORDS Lecture Notes, complex analysis, Functional Analysis; Poles and Zeros ADD. KEYWORDS Casual LTI System, Transfer Function; Resources for the
    Topics in Mathematics Complex Analysis

    5. Introduction To Complex Analysis
    This set of notes has been organized in such a way to create a single volume suitable for an introduction to some of the basic ideas in complex analysis.
    Introduction to Complex Analysis by WWL Chen This set of notes has been organized in such a way to create a single volume suitable for an introduction to some of the basic ideas in complex analysis. The material in Chapters 1-11 and 16 were used in various forms between 1981 and 1990 by the author at Imperial College, University of London. Chapters 12-15 were added in Sydney in 1996. To read the notes, click the chapters below for connection to the appropriate PDF files. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 4.0 or later. The material is available free to all individuals, on the understanding that it is not to be used for financial gains, and may be downloaded and/or photocopied, with or without permission from the author. However, the documents may not be kept on any information storage and retrieval system without permission from the author, unless such system is not accessible to any individuals other than its owners. Chapter 1: COMPLEX NUMBERS (last uploaded on 2 December 2002)
    • Arithmetic and Conjugates
    • Polar Coordinates
    • Rational Powers
    Chapter 2: FOUNDATIONS OF COMPLEX ANALYSIS (last uploaded on 2 December 2002)
    • Three Approaches
    • Point Sets in the Complex Plane
    • Complex Functions
    • Extended Complex Plane
    • Limits and Continuity
    Chapter 3: COMPLEX DIFFERENTIATION (last uploaded on 2 December 2002)
    • Introduction
    • The Cauchy-Riemann Equations
    • Analytic Functions
    • Introduction to Special Functions
    • Periodicity and its Consequences
    • Laplace's Equation and Harmonic Conjugates
    Chapter 4: COMPLEX INTEGRALS (last uploaded on 2 December 2002)

    6. Complex Analysis
    In the meantime, a requirement has arisen for the inclusion of complex analysis in a course on Mathematical Methods related to solid state physics (band
    Next: Contents
    Complex Analysis
    Harold V. McIntosh
    April 5, 2001


    7. Complex Analysis : Paul Scott : Title Page
    Course notes and quizzes by Paul Scott in HTML.
    Complex Analysis notes and interactive quizzes by
    PAUL SCOTT Department of Pure Mathematics, University of Adelaide
    View of River Torrens towards University footbridge CONTENTS
    Last modified Tue, Jul 3, 2007 Number of different
    visitors since 13/12/01 :

    8. The Math Forum - Math Library - Complex Analysis
    The Math Forum s Internet Math Library is a comprehensive catalog of Web sites and Web pages relating to the study of mathematics. This page contains sites
    Browse and Search the Library
    Math Topics Analysis : Complex Analysis

    Library Home
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    Selected Sites (see also All Sites in this category
  • Resources for the Teaching of Complex Analysis - Paul Fishback
    The page includes: sample F(z) for Windows files (downloadable: for each example, an F(z) file is listed along with an MS WORD document describing the F(z) file and its creation in greater detail; a TI-86 program that approximates contour integrals using Gluchoff's average value interpretation; directions for subscribing to CA-TEACH - an unmoderated internet mailing list devoted to the discussion of teaching complex analysis; a brief list of other sites related to the teaching of complex variables; and a list of readings related to the inclusion of technology in a complex variables course. more>>
    All Sites - 18 items found, showing 1 to 18
  • 1997 Linear Analysis Pages - Jonathan Borwein
    Mathematics 419, Linear Analysis (Simon Fraser University). Course information, assignments, extras for enrichment. Classical and applied analysis, special function theory, general analytic knowledge (cardinality, irrationality, complex analysis, continued ...more>>
  • 3D-XplorMath - Richard Palais
    3D-XplorMath creates visualizations of mathematical objects and processes. This tool has built-in algorithms for displaying mathematical objects such as plane curves, space curves, surfaces, conformal maps, polyhedra, ordinary and partial differential
  • 9. Complex Analysis -- From Wolfram MathWorld
    complex analysis is the study of complex numbers together with their derivatives, manipulation, and other properties. complex analysis is an extremely
    Applied Mathematics

    Calculus and Analysis

    Discrete Mathematics
    ... Renze
    Complex Analysis Complex analysis is the study of complex numbers together with their derivatives , manipulation, and other properties. Complex analysis is an extremely powerful tool with an unexpectedly large number of practical applications to the solution of physical problems. Contour integration , for example, provides a method of computing difficult integrals by investigating the singularities of the function in regions of the complex plane near and between the limits of integration. The key result in complex analysis is the Cauchy integral theorem , which is the reason that single-variable complex analysis has so many nice results. A single example of the unexpected power of complex analysis is Picard's great theorem , which states that an analytic function assumes every complex number , with possibly one exception, infinitely often in any neighborhood of an essential singularity A fundamental result of complex analysis is the Cauchy-Riemann equations , which give the conditions a function must satisfy in order for a complex generalization of the derivative , the so-called complex derivative , to exist. When the

    10. "Visual Complex Analysis" Home Page
    There are other possibilities—one very fine recent example of mathematical graphics at a high level is Needham’s Visual complex analysis, which used quite
    Visual Complex Analysis
    Tristan Needham
    Oxford University Press
    "I can only describe this book as amazing... it is not an exaggeration to say that there are gems in every section ... even familiar facts are frequently explained in refreshingly new ways in this wonderful book. ... many of these exercises are so absorbingly interesting that it is difficult to leave them alone. ... If your budget limits you to buying only one mathematics book in a year then make sure that this is the one that you buy."
    "The pictures in this note were produced directly in PostScript. ... There are other possibilities—one very fine recent example of mathematical graphics at a high level is Needham’s Visual Complex Analysis , which used quite different tools."
    Bill Casselman
    "Too many textbooks neglect the historical foundations; this book is rich with history. The author has taken full advantage of modern computer graphics to provide a variety of lovely and helpful pictures... There is a rich bibliography at the end of the book spanning the gamut of both historical and modern references."
    "For the more mathematically inclined who also have an interest in keeping one foot in physical reality, I highly recommend Tristan Needham

    11. A First Course In Complex Analysis
    A First Course in complex analysis by Matthias Beck, Gerald Marchesi, and Dennis Pixton is a set of lecture notes for a onesemester undergraduate course,
    A First Course in Complex Analysis
    Matthias Beck Gerald Marchesi , and Dennis Pixton These are the lecture notes of a one-semester undergraduate course which we taught at SUNY Binghamton and San Francisco State . For many of our students, Complex Analysis is their first rigorous analysis (if not mathematics) class they take, and these notes reflect this very much. We tried to rely on as few concepts from real analysis as possible. In particular, series and sequences are treated "from scratch." This also has the (maybe disadvantageous) consequence that power series are introduced very late in the course. The lecture notes are available in pdf format. To view them you may download Acrobat Reader "First, it is neccessary to study the facts, to multiply the number of observations, and then later to search for formulas that connect them so as thus to discern the particular laws governing a certain class of phenomena. In general, it is not until after these particular laws have been established that one can expect to discover and articulate the more general laws that complete theories by bringing a multitude of apparently very diverse phenomena together under a single governing principle."
    Augustin Louis Cauchy

    12. Complex Variables And Analysis - Project And Modules
    complex analysis, Complex Variables, Complex Variable,Module,Modules,Project,Projects.
    Complex Analysis Project for Undergraduate Students Complementary Materials for Math 412
    Research Experience for Undergraduates

    Computer Software Supplements

    Complex Analysis Textbooks
    Explorations with F(Z) page

    (c) John H. Mathews 2006

    13. Stein, E.M. And Shakarchi, R.: Complex Analysis.
    of the book complex analysis by Stein, EM and Shakarchi, R., published by Princeton University Press.......
    Book Search: Keywords Author Title or ISBN More Options Power Search Search Hints
    Google contents of this website:
    Google full text of our books:
    Complex Analysis
    Elias M. Stein, Winner of the 2005 Stefan Bergman Prize, American Mathematical Society
    Shopping Cart Table of Contents
    Introduction [in PDF format]
    Chapter 2 [PDF only] ... Errata With this second volume, we enter the intriguing world of complex analysis. From the first theorems on, the elegance and sweep of the results is evident. The starting point is the simple idea of extending a function initially given for real values of the argument to one that is defined when the argument is complex. From there, one proceeds to the main properties of holomorphic functions, whose proofs are generally short and quite illuminating: the Cauchy theorems, residues, analytic continuation, the argument principle. With this background, the reader is ready to learn a wealth of additional material connecting the subject with other areas of mathematics: the Fourier transform treated by contour integration, the zeta function and the prime number theorem, and an introduction to elliptic functions culminating in their application to combinatorics and number theory. Thoroughly developing a subject with many ramifications, while striking a careful balance between conceptual insights and the technical underpinnings of rigorous analysis

    14. Complex Analysis And Operator Theory - Mathematics (general) Journals, Books & O
    complex analysis and Operator Theory Mathematics. complex analysis and Operator Theory (CAOT) is devoted to the publication of current research
    Please select Africa Asia Australia / Oceania Europe France Germany Italy North America South America Switzerland United Kingdom All Author/Editor Title ISBN/ISSN Series Services News Contact About us Select your subdiscipline Applied Probability and Statistics BioSciences Computer Science Engineering Geoscience History of Science Mathematics Physics Home Birkh¤user Mathematics
    Complex Analysis and Operator Theory
    ISSN: 1661-8254 (print version)
    Journal no. 11785
    Birkh¤user Online version available Online First articles available Description Editorial Board Description Complex Analysis and Operator Theory (CAOT) is devoted to the publication of current research developments in the closely related fields of complex analysis and operator theory as well as in applications to system theory, harmonic analysis, probability, statistics, learning theory, and other related fields. Articles using the theory of reproducing kernel spaces are in particular welcomed. Bibliographic Data
    Complex anal.oper.theory
    First published in 2007
    1 volume per year, 4 issues per volume, approx. 600 pages per volume

    15. Resources For Teaching Complex Analysis
    Braden, Bart, The VectorField Approach in complex analysis, from Visualization in Teaching and Learning Mathematics , MAA Notes 19, 1990, pp. 191-196.
    Resources for Teaching
    Complex Variables
    Riemann Surface for the Logarithm Function.
    Created using F(z) for Windows This web site contains resources for individuals teaching an introductory, undergraduate course in complex variables. Over the years I've tried to create a series of activities, F(z) files, and Maple worksheets that can be used to create an active classroom learning atmosphere that replicates what I do in my calculus classes and that gives meaning to the various concepts from complex analysis.
    Site Contents:
    [Activities] [ F(z) Programs]
    [Links to other sites]
    You'll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view most of these activities.
    • Euler's Identity, the Complex Exponential, and the Polar Form, Revisited This is a brief activity in which students derive Euler's identity using Taylor series. They then plot a partial sum of the resulting series for as a vector using the tip to tail method of vector addition. A "spraling in" of the vectors illustrates the convergence of the series. Adapted from Visual Complex Analysis Mapping Properties of Complex-valued Functions In this activity students use F(z) and work in small groups to investigate mapping properties of various functions. Each group is given a particular function and a particular set of domains and is asked a series of questions that focus on mapping properties and that seek to compare and contrast properties of the function with its real counterpart. Each group then presents its findings to the rest of the class in the computer lab.

    16. UM Mathematics: Complex Analysis
    Usually there are junior faculty members and/or visitors in complexanalysis related fields. Currently He Wu , Xianghong Gong, Nessim Sibony and Mattias
    Home People
    Graduate Program
    Undergraduate Program ...

    Search Mathematics
    Search WWW
    Complex Analysis
    The permanent faculty members who specialize in complex analysis are David Barrett Dan Burns Peter Duren John Erik Fornaess ... Berit Stensones and Al Taylor , Individual information about each is available by following the links to their home pages. Usually there are junior faculty members and/or visitors in complex-analysis related fields. Currently He Wu Xianghong Gong Nessim Sibony and Mattias Jonsson have appointments. The Department offers courses in Complex Analysis.
    Michigan Complex Analysis Seminars
    There are three seminars: One in one-dimensional Complex Analysis, one in Several Complex Variables and one in Complex Dynamics. Participants include Mathematics faculty and graduate students. The seminars are listed in the

    17. HCAA- ESF Research Networking Programme
    Harmonic and complex analysis is a wellestablished area in mathematics. Over the past few years, this area has not only developed in many different
    Keywords of the Proposal: complex and real analysis, potential theory, mathematical physics, fluid mechanics, conformal and quasiconformal mapping, Laplacian growth, Stokes flow, Riemannian and non-Riemannian geometry, Hamiltonian systems.
    Period: April 17, 2007-April 17, 2012
    Original Proposal: Link
    This page is maintained by the
    University of Bergen

    18. Complex Analysis Home Page
    complex analysis Mailing List (in Japanese) (26 Jan 2007) Gallery (10 Mar 2006) Division of Function Theory in the Mathematical Society of Japan
    Complex Analysis Home Page in Japan
    Bers embedding
    Japanese version
    Welcome to our site! You are our 4272-th guest. (Since April 25, 1998, last updated in 11 Mar 2008) Links (10 Mar 2006)
    (10 Mar 2006)
    (09 Oct 2006)
    Reference Room (in Japanese)
    (05 Jun 2007)
    Complex Analysis Mailing List (in Japanese)
    (26 Jan 2007)
    (10 Mar 2006)
    Division of Function Theory in the Mathematical Society of Japan

    Several Complex Variables Home Page in Japan

    Maintenance group:

    19. Complex Analysis - Open University Course
    The Open University online prospectus; Courses Qualifications M337 complex analysis, This course develops the theory of functions of a complex variable,

    20. SpringerLink Home - Main asp?genre=journal issn=16618254 - a class=fl href="/search?hl=en 1017 June 2004.

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