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         Astronomy Astrophysics:     more books (100)
  1. Physics of Star Formation in Galaxies: Saas-Fee Advanced Course 29. Lecture Notes 1999. Swiss Society for Astrophysics and Astronomy (Saas-Fee Advanced Courses) by F. Palla, H. Zinnecker, 2010-11-02
  2. Trans-Neptunian Objects and Comets: Saas-Fee Advanced Course 35. Swiss Society for Astrophysics and Astronomy (Saas-Fee Advanced Courses) by D. Jewitt, A. Morbidelli, et all 2007-12-18
  3. Reflecting Telescope Optics II: Manufacture, Testing, Alignment, Modern Techniques (Astronomy and Astrophysics Library) by Raymond N. Wilson, 1999-02-18
  4. Selected Exercises in Galactic Astronomy (Astrophysics and Space Science Library) by I. Atanasijevic, 1971-09-30
  5. Fundamental Astronomy
  6. Astronomical Image and Data Analysis (Astronomy and Astrophysics Library) by J.-L. Starck, F. Murtagh, 2006-09-25
  7. Handbook of Space Astronomy and Astrophysics by Dr Martin V. Zombeck, 2006-12-25
  8. Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars (Astronomy and Astrophysics Library)
  9. Observational Astrophysics (Astronomy and Astrophysics Library) by Pierre Lena, Francois Lebrun, et all 2010-11-02
  10. First Light in the Universe: Saas-Fee Advanced Course 36. Swiss Society for Astrophysics and Astronomy (Saas-Fee Advanced Courses) by Abraham Loeb, Andrea Ferrara, et all 2007-12-18
  11. Special and General Relativity: With Applications to White Dwarfs, Neutron Stars and Black Holes (Astronomy and Astrophysics Library) by Norman K. Glendenning, 2010-11-02
  12. Accretion Power in Astrophysics (Cambridge Astrophysics S.) by Juhan Frank, Andrew King, et all 2002-02-11
  13. Image Formation from Coherence Functions in Astronomy (Astrophysics and Space Science Library)
  14. The Design and Construction of Large Optical Telescopes (Astronomy and Astrophysics Library)

41. Astronomy And Astrophysics
The astronomy and astrophysics program within the Department has close ties to the efforts in gravity physics and nuclear physics, as well as between theory

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Printer-Friendly Version Home Astronomy and Astrophysics
The astronomy and astrophysics program within the Department has close ties to the efforts in gravity physics and nuclear physics, as well as between theory and observations in general.
Search for any faculty in the department. Information available includes: name, email address, and office number.
Throughout its history, the department has built a network of contacts with UNC Observatories around the globe. From Chile to Arizona, UNC offers access to state-of-the-art astronomical research facilities.
Ongoing research studies in the department include stellar physics, the thermodynamics of black holes, and observational research.
Thanks to a generous gift from Leonard Goodman, the department has set up a laboratory in Phillips Hall for the development of astronomical instrumentation
A wide range of courses are offered through the department, each focusing on a different aspect of astronomy or astrophysics. Find more information here.
The department is involved in several public activities . Learn more about the endeavors by Astronomy and Astrophysics here.
Keep track of the current happenings in Astronomy and Astrophysics and learn of upcoming events here.

42. Astronomy And Astrophysics - News - Science - The New York Times
News about astronomy and astrophysics. Commentary and archival information about astronomy and astrophysics from The New York Times.
@import url(; Friday, March 14, 2008
  • World U.S. N.Y. / Region ... Topics > Astronomy and Astrophysics E-MAIL Save
    Astronomy and Astrophysics
    News about astronomy and astrophysics, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times.
    Highlights From the Archive
    Stretching the Search for Signs of Life By DENNIS OVERBYE Astronomers are planning to switch on the first elements of a giant new array of radio telescopes that will greatly extend the investigation of natural and unnatural phenomena in the universe. October 11, 2007 Science News
    Newest First Oldest First Page: By DENNIS OVERBYE Researchers are reporting that they have determined what is in the protoplanetary disk surrounding the star known as KH 15D. March 13, 2008 MORE ON ASTRONOMY AND ASTROPHYSICS AND: PLANETS SPACE Kissing the Earth Goodbye in About 7.59 Billion Years By DENNIS OVERBYE What exactly will happen to our planet when an aging Sun expands and brightens?

43. Astronomy And Astrophysics References
astronomy and astrophysics References. Bennett, Jeffrey, Donahue, Megan, Schneider, Nicholas, and Voit, Mark, The Cosmic Perspective, 2nd Ed.,
Astronomy and Astrophysics References
Bennett, Jeffrey, Donahue, Megan, Schneider, Nicholas, and Voit, Mark, The Cosmic Perspective, 2nd Ed., Addison Wesley, 2002 Blandford, R D, et al, Gravitational Lens Optics, Science 245, Aug 25, 1989, p824
Reference for gravitational lens Blatt, Frank J.,Modern Physics, McGraw-Hill, (1992) Bowers, Richard and Deeming, Terry, Astrophysics I, Stars, Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc, Boston (1984). Boynton, W. V., et al., "Distribution of Hydrogen in the Near Surface of Mars: Evidence for Subsurface Ice Deposits", Science 297, 81, 5 July 2002 Cameron, A.G.W., The origin of the moon and the single impact hypothesis, V. Icarus 126, 126, 1997. Cameron, A.G.W, and Canup, R. M., State of the protoearth following the giant impact, Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 30, 1150, 1999. Carroll, Bradley W. and Ostlie, Dale A., An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics, 2nd Ed., Pearson Eduction, Inc. , 2007. Colin, L, Encounter with Venus, Science 203, Feb 23, 1979, p743. (See also other articles on Venus in that issue.) Conselice, Christopher J., "The Universe's Invisible Hand", Scientific American 296, February 2007, p34.

44. SpringerLink Home - Main asp?genre=journal issn=00046361 - astronomy and astrophysics. Using the “My Space” feature, you can customize your own list of electronic

45. [0706.1988] Lectures On Astronomy, Astrophysics, And Cosmology
Title Lectures on astronomy, astrophysics, and Cosmology. Authors Luis A. Anchordoqui. (Submitted on 14 Jun 2007). Abstract These lecture notes were physics
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Title: Lectures on Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Cosmology
Authors: Luis A. Anchordoqui (Submitted on 14 Jun 2007 ( ), last revised 29 Aug 2007 (this version, v2)) Abstract: These lecture notes were prepared as an aid to students enrolled in (UG) Astronomy 320, in the 2007 Spring semester, at UW-Milwaukee. They are for study purposes only. Comments: A pdf version with high resolution figures is available at this http URL Subjects: Physics Education (physics.ed-ph) ; Astrophysics (astro-ph) Cite as: arXiv:0706.1988v2 [physics.ed-ph]
Submission history
From: Luis Anchordoqui [ view email
Thu, 14 Jun 2007 12:41:54 GMT (898kb)
Wed, 29 Aug 2007 00:25:02 GMT (899kb)
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46. Search Results: Bryan Mendez
astronomy Re I read where an asteroid in 1989 came within 400000 miles of earth?, Bryan Mendez, Grad student, astronomy and astrophysics, University of Mendez

47. Astronomy Graduate Schools, Graduate Program Astronomy, Masters Astronomy, Ph.D.
astronomy and astrophysics graduate and postgraduate school program directory, including contact information, program descriptions and links to leading
Visit our Info Center and find out everything you need to know about graduate school. From applying to studying to financial aid, our Info Center has articles, blogs, and many more resources. Home Search for Graduate Programs Information Center Grad School Event Calendar ... Advertising Info Grad School Loans Select: Stafford Loan amount: Loan needed: Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Graduation: Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Email:
Read the overview for Astronomy and Astrophysics
Graduate School Programs - Master's, Ph.D.
Programs Available in the USA: Eastern United States Western United States Programs Also Available Worldwide: Canada United Kingdom and Ireland Europe Australia and New Zealand ... Certificate Programs Or select other related directories here
Astronomy and Astrophysics Atmospheric Sciences Education - Teaching Science History of Science and Technology Meteorology Physics The field of Astronomy/ Astrophysics As the scientific community's understanding of the ways and origins of the universe continue to develop, the work of astronomers and astrophysicists becomes ever more important. In fact, some of the most exciting advances in the sciences in recent years have been in the field of astronomy and astrophysics, including the development of String Theory (which also involves the work of theoretical physicists) and the search for the origins of the universe. Astronomers and astrophysicists are trained in a variety of areas, from measuring stellar radiation to providing

48. Antarctic Astronomy And Astrophysics Research Institute
The Antarctic astronomy and astrophysics Research Institute (A3RI) at the Space Science and Engineering Center, University of Wisconsin, Madison,
Last updated: August 1, 2002 by A3RI Webmaster

49. Michigan Astronomy
astronomy Department Colloquia Physics Department Colloquia Extreme astrophysics lunch MSUUM Interchange talks. News Events. News Events
Michigan Astronomy
  • Home About Us Directory Undergraduate Academics ...
    MSU-UM Interchange talks
    Department Chair Douglas Richstone will present the first Lawrence H. Aller Collegiate Professorship in Astronomy Lecture on Tuesday, March 18 2008 at 4:10 PM in the Alumni Cener Founders Room. . See our events page for more information.
    Radio astronomers produce movies of high energy jets
    University of Michigan radio astronomers Hugh and Margo Aller are members of the MOJAVE program, which recently released movies of 100 jets from active galactic nuclei. Read More...
    UM professor recieves NSF CAREER grant
    Assistant Professor Mary Putman recieved a National Science Foundation CAREER grant. NSF CAREER grants are awarded to faculty early in their carreers who show exceptional potential as teacher-scholars. More information on the CAREER grant is availbale at Contact Us Internal Site U-M Gateway

50. Astronomy & Astrophysics
Faculty at UC Irvine are engaged in research in diverse areas of astronomy and astrophysics. These include cosmology and particle astrophysics;

academic personnel
research areas graduate studies undergraduate program ...

Astronomy and Astrophysics at UC Irvine
Click here to view the Center for Cosmology at UCI website.

Faculty at UC Irvine are engaged in research in diverse areas of astronomy and astrophysics. These include cosmology and particle astrophysics; studies of the cosmic microwave background radiation; observational and theoretical studies of galaxy structure and evolution, galaxy clusters and dark matter, black holes, and quasars; star and planet formation; and the design of optical telescopes and instrumentation.
Profesor Aaron Barth
Astrophysics; black holes, quasars, and active galactic nuclei
Proefssor Elizabeth Barton
Observational astronomy and astrophysics; galaxy formation
and evolution
Professor James Bullock
Theoretical astrophysics and cosmology; galaxy formation Professor David Buote Observational astrophysics (X-ray) and cosmology; dark matter; formation and evolution of galaxies and clusters of galaxies; compact objects Professor Gary Chanan Observational astrophysics; optics and wavefront sensing

51. Astrosci4u-Online Astronomy For You
you can find every thing you want on this topic in this site
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52. Public Education And Outreach
General astronomy tutorial, education links, web courses, documents at the UCSD Center for astrophysics and Space Sciences.
University of California, San Diego
John P. Gleason Celestial Images
Gene Smith's Astronomy Tutorial
Project ASTRO at CASS ... Related Educational Sites Prof. GENE SMITH's ASTRONOMY TUTORIAL
If this looks a little like an Introductory College Astronomy Course, that is because these pages were developed for my Courses for Liberal Arts Majors. These pages will evolve to feature topical material and new research. (Copious thanks go to Susan Rappoport who has done a bit of everything in making these pages possible.) The Scale of The Universe Introduction : Through the Universe at the Speed of Light A Brief History of Astronomy Forces and Light Telescopes : Ground-Based and Space Bourne
Reflectors Radio Space Telescopes Thermal Radiation Atomic Structure Stellar Spectra Spectral Classification ... Stellar Evolution I Forming Stars to the Main Sequence Stellar Evolution II Massive Stars Supernovae General Relativity Black Holes The Milky Way Galaxy The Interstellar Medium The Distance Scale in the Universe Galaxies : The Spiral Nebulae Clusters of Galaxies Dark Matter Gravitational Lenses Quasars ... The Big Bang - A Brief History of the Universe Cosmology The Structure and Future of the Universe Featured Links
  • NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day Images and description of NASA supported research of topical interest. Frequently features Hubble Space Telescope and other research that you'll see on the news.
  • 53. Astronomy And Astrophysics - What Does A&A Stand For? Acronyms And Abbreviations
    What does A A stand for? Definition of astronomy and astrophysics in the list of acronyms and abbreviations provided by the Free Online Dictionary and and astrophysics
    Domain='' Printer Friendly 821,544,705 visitors served. TheFreeDictionary Google Word / Article Starts with Ends with Text subscription: Dictionary/
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    Also found in: Wikipedia 0.03 sec. write_ads(AdsNum, 0) Acronym Definition Accounting and Auditing Additions and Amendments Advertise and Award (NASA) Aid and Attendance (VA benefit) Archaeology and Anthropology Arrival and Assembly Art and Architecture Astronomy and Astrophysics
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    Email Feedback Your Ad Here References in periodicals archive This firm has worked on several major projects, including the Caltrans District 7 headquarters in Los Angeles, graduate student housing at the University of Toronto, the Student Recreation Center at the University of Cincinnati, a new academic building for The Cooper Union in New York and the Cahill Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics at Caltech.

    54. NASA Astronomy And Astrophysics Research
    NASA s astronomy and astrophysics Research program works to discover the origin, structure, evolution, and destiny of the universe and to search for planets
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      Program Assessment
      View Assessment Details
      NASA Astronomy and Astrophysics Research
      NASA's Astronomy and Astrophysics Research program works to discover the origin, structure, evolution, and destiny of the universe and to search for planets beyond the solar system through an array of space flight missions, ground-based assets, and research and data analysis activity.
      What This Rating Means PERFORMING Adequate This rating describes a program that needs to set more ambitious goals, achieve better results, improve accountability or strengthen its management practices.
      • The program has a well-defined, clear objective and continues to return outstanding, groundbreaking scientific results in support of the astronomy and astrophysics community's scientific research priorities.

    55. Center For Astrophysics
    comprising the astronomy and astrophysics programs of two renowned scientific institutions the Smithsonian Institution and Harvard University.
    Contacts CfA Home HCO Home SAO Home ... Press Room Resources for . . . Scientists Software Users The Public CfA Staff The mission of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) is to advance our knowledge and understanding of the universe through research and education in astronomy and astrophysics. CfA Research In the News Our Solar System Galaxies Cosmology Laboratory Astrophysics ... Extreme Astrophysics March 11, 2008 Naval Research Laboratory and Smithsonian Team Up to Study Observatory for Far Side of Moon A team of scientists and engineers has been selected by NASA to study design concepts for a radio telescope destined for the far side of the Moon. Read More... March 11, 2008 NASA Funds Four CfA Projects to Develop Next-Generation Astronomy Missions Four proposals for next-generation astronomy missions, which were developed by researchers at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA), have received NASA funding for yearlong studies. Read More... More News and Press > About Research ... Privacy

    56. Astronomy 142: Elementary Astrophysics
    astronomy 142 Elementary astrophysics University of Rochester, spring semester 2007 astronomy Picture of the Day
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    57. Astrophysics - Rensselaer
    Quasars and Cosmology, ASTR 1510; Tour of the Solar System, ASTR 1530; Introductory astronomy and astrophysics, ASTR 2050; Earth and Sky, ASTR 2120
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    Department of Physics, Applied Physics, and Astronomy
    110 Eighth Street, Troy, New York 12180-3590 USA
    Tel: (518) 276-6310, Fax: (518) 276-6680,
    Research Activities
    Research in the astrophysics group includes astrobiology and the chemistry of the interstellar medium, as well as many areas of galactic and extragalactic astronomy. Research in astrobiology and interstellar chemistry describes the evolution of interstellar clouds into new solar systems . Current interest focuses on spectroscopic detection of organic molecules in interstellar dust and gas, and their contribution to the organic inventory of protoplanetary disks. Theoretical projects include simulations of protostellar collapse, multifluid magnetohydrodynamic shock waves, and shock chemistry. Research in galactic and extragalactic astronomy includes the structure and formation of the galactic halo, metallicity gradients in the galactic thick disk, properties of stars with strong Balmer absorption, optical properties of quasars, and astronomical data mining. The astrophysics group makes use of ground-based telescopes located at world class observing sites in Hawaii, Australia, Chile, and South Africa. We also have access to data from major satellite facilities, including the Hubble Space Telescope, Chandra, and the Infrared Space Observatory; and large ground-based astronomy projects, including the

    58. UC Berkeley Astronomy Department Home
    The Department of astronomy offers undergraduate and graduate instruction in a wide variety of fields, including theoretical and observational astrophysics;
    Skip to content skip to search , or skip to navigation Support Astronomy Contact Us
    • Academics
      • Graduate Program The Department of Astronomy offers undergraduate and graduate instruction in a wide variety of fields, including theoretical and observational astrophysics; infrared, optical, and radio astronomy; galactic structure and dynamics of stellar systems; high-energy astrophysics and cosmology; and spectroscopy. A considerable amount of research and teaching related to astronomy is done in other units at Berkeley, including the Space Science Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, and the Physics Department. Various professors in the Chemistry, Earth and Planetary Science, Mathematics, Statistics, and Engineering departments have an active interest in astronomy and are available for consultation.
        A variety of instruments is available to students and staff, including a 30-inch telescope at Leuschner Observatory (near the campus), two 10-meter telescopes at the Keck Observatory on Mauna Kea in Hawaii, 30-inch, 40-inch and 120-inch telescopes at Lick Observatory, a 16-element millimeter-wave interferometer in Southern California, and the Allen Telescope Array at the Hat Creek Radio Observatory. Laboratories are available for the development of radio, infrared, and optical instruments, and for the precise measurement of images and spectra.
        In focus this week:
        Feb 2008
        Small "helper" stars needed for massive star formation
        Dec 2007

    59. Astronomy/Astrophysics/Space Science Journals
    Fully searchable, completely categorized database of astronomy/astrophysics/Space Science journals. Includes descriptions, ISSNs, abbreviations,
    Home JournalSeek SoftwareSeek GenomeSeek ... Research Genamics JournalSeek Search: All Fields Title Only Search Tips Astronomy/Astrophysics/Space Science Celestial Mechanics

    Extragalactic Astronomy

    Interstellar Matter
    Theoretical Astrophysics

    Suggest a Category
    If you feel that your field is not well represented in the Category Browser, and you would like to document.write(email('customersupport','suggest a new category')) , please let us know. JournalSeek is an ever-evolving entity, we welcome your input on how the database can better service your needs.
    Get the latest Research on Dwarfism Learn more about topics such as Dwarfism Genetics Dwarfism Research is a new free online publication from Research Today Publications p(greeting) p(dateString)

    60. Caltech Library Services
    astronomy Web Sites. Astrobiology (NASA) Astrobiology Web astronomy and astrophysics links to observatories, organizations, and utilities
    Home Contact Us Caltech Search: in Library Catalog Google Google Scholar Caltech Directory CODA Library Web Caltech Web
    Arun Sannuti Librarian Caltech Astrophysics Library
    109 Robinson
    Lindsay Cleary

    Library Assistant Associations, Societies, Observatories, and Agencies
    Bibliographic Databases

    Electronic Journals, Newsletters and Publications

    Astronomical Data
    Meetings and Lectures

    The Astrophysics Library is a departmental branch of the Caltech Library System and is located in Robinson Hall ( wheelchair access ), home to the Caltech Astronomy Department , Building 24 on the Caltech Campus Map . This library supports the astronomers, instrumentation designers, and related staff and students engaged in the research and study of optical, radio millimeter, submillimeter, X-ray, gamma ray, cosmic ray, infrared, and theoretical astronomy projects. The library and its staff also support small technical libraries located at the following Caltech operated observatories: Owens Valley Radio Observatory and Palomar Observatory
    Associations, Societies, Observatories and Agencies

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