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         Transpersonal:     more books (100)
  1. Journal of TransPersonal Psychology, Vol 22 Num 2, 1990 by Editor Miles A. Vich, 1990
  2. Journal of TransPersonal Psychology Volume 20 Number Two by Editor Miles A. Vich, 1988
  3. The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology: Volume 21, Number 2, 1989
  4. Journal of TransPersonal Psychology Volume 20 Number 2 1988
  5. Journal of TransPersonal Psychology, Vol 20 Num 1, 1988 by Editor Miles A. Vich, 1988
  6. Healing the Split: Integrating Spirit into Our Understanding of the Mentally Ill (S U N Y Series in the Philosophy of Psychology) by John E. Nelson, 1994-01
  7. Four Psychologies Applied to Education: Freudian, Behavioral, Humanistic, Transpersonal by Thomas B. Roberts, 1975-08-27
  8. Journal of Transpersonal Psychology Volume 28 Number 2, 1996 by Miles A. (Editor); John Welwood; Laurel Parnell; Ralph Metzner; Rosemarie Anderson; Philippe L. Goss; S. I. Shapiro; Charches T. Tart Vich, 1996
  9. Deprivation Trauma, A Transpersonal Approach to Healing by Zalora Price, 2006-06-09
  10. Kundalini Syndrome: Perception, Motor system, Mind, Energy (esotericism), Affect (psychology), Near death experience, Meditation, Yoga, Psychiatry, Transpersonal ... psychology, Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda
  11. The Light of Consciousness: Explorations in Transpersonal Psychology by Richard D. Mann, 1984-07
  12. Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, The: Vol.27, No.1; 1995 by Miles A.; (Ed.) Vich, 1977
  13. Journal of Transpersonal Psychology - Vol. 34, No. 1, 2002
  14. Journal of Transpersonal Psychology: Vol. 37, No. 1, 2005 by Marcie (ed.) Boucouavalas, 2005

Humanistic, transpersonal and Quantum psychology list of links.
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122. I Ching Plus
Analysis of the I Ching in terms of modern science, philosophy and psychology creating a powerful tool for transpersonal understanding.
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lastest (2005) Website of I Ching Plus (and dont forget to update your bookmark)
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The I Ching, the Book of Changes, represents all there was, all there is, all there will be. The book also represents all there could have been, all that is not, all that could be. The book came out of the minds of our species and as such reflects the species mind. The success of the book is due to it capturing the expression of opposition, complementarity, the reactive, the proactive, the particular, and the general. The book serves as a map, and so a metaphor, that allows the species to interpret reality with a good degree of precision without getting too entangled in the details. The book thus serves as a guide for some, as a control for others.
With enlightenment comes awareness
Site Content Summary
dichotomy (pairs of extremes e.g. yin/yang, hot/cold, firm/soft, wave/particle) as a method of mapping. Additional material can be found at the sister site You may...

123. Alpha Center Online: Personal Development, Improve, Quincy, Weymouth, South Shor
Brigitte Novalis, Clinical and transpersonal Hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistic psychology, Quincy, Massachusetts. Biography, group workshops, business programs.
Nowadays, many people become aware of a widening gap between what they want in life and what they experience in day to day living. May I ask you: Are you really happy? Do you feel inner peace or a feeling of security about your future? Do you wake up in the morning with happy anticipation? If not - would you like to be happier?
We at the Alpha Center for Personal Development can help you meet the challenges of life with greater confidence and ease, to communicate with others more effectively, and to be happier in your relationships.
If you are willing to make positive changes, contact us. Together we can bring them about. You deserve to live the life you really want to live.
Brigitte Novalis, President Alpha Center for Personal Development
1147 Hancock Street, Suite 223
Quincy, MA 02169, USA
phone: 617-773-2616

124. About SoulWorks Hypnotherapy Training School
Teaches a form of hypnotherapy called Imaginal Hypnotherapy, which is a natural extension of transpersonal (beyond the personal ego) psychology. Email counseling/supervision. (Boulder, CO)
Hypnosis CDs
in the privacy of your own home.
Are You Ready To Change Your Life?
Guided Hypnotherapy CDs
Guided Hypnotherapy CDs Explore your inner worlds, uncover your beliefs and change your life. Contact Us:
SoulWorks Hypnotherapy Training School
P.O. Box 20443, Boulder, CO 80308

[About the School]
[Training Schedule] [Certified Hypnotherapists] ... Hypnotherapy Apprenticeship Singing/Music/Sound Healing
Links Page
Lynda Hilburn, Author Paranormal Fiction Email Workshops Healing Through Writing: Becoming a Main Character in Your Own Life
Hypnotherapy Coaching for CHTs
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Humanistic, transpersonal and Quantum psychology. The Politics of Consciousness Information Communication Awareness.
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A B C ... Z Those who make a distinction between education and entertainment don't know the first thing about either. Marshall McLuhan NEUROCONSCIOUSNESS I II ART I ... VIEW GUESTBOOK THE HALCYON
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126. MA Transpersonal Counseling Psychology
Naropa's transpersonal Counseling psychology graduate programs offers a unique combination of transpersonal and contemplative approaches, with concentrations in counseling, art therapy, and music therapy.
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In short, transpersonal psychology stands for the re-enchantment of psychology in combination with the highest levels of theoretical and clinical perception and skill. It advocates freedom and full self-realization for all beings. It sees the meaning and value of all things and the sacredness of the life journey. Without discounting suffering - psychological, social, political, environmental - transpersonal psychology finds delight, comfort, and a sense of Home in the primal and profound interconnection of all existence. " John Davis, Ph.D. faculty member, Transpersonal Counseling Psychology Department Dear Prospective Student: The Transpersonal Counseling Psychology Department of Naropa University has three innovative graduate training programs in counseling, art therapy and wilderness therapy . Each program offers state-of-the-art training in an engaging and supportive environment. The unique combination of transpersonal and contemplative approaches provides a larger view of human experience as well as effective methods for working deeply with all dimensions of being. Classes are both experiential and didactic in nature emphasizing personal integration of the material and development of one’s own model of psychotherapy. Through meditation practice and the counseling experiential, students gain further self-understanding and the ability to be fully present with whatever arises in the moment. These capacities and the resulting wisdom and compassion are essential tools for truly being of help to others.

127. Society For Psychology & Healing
The Society provides Postgraduate training to MA level in transpersonal/Jungian psychology integrated with healing.
Society for Psychology
Six terms -
Six Modules:
Info on our MA training programme starts here ..
The Training Division of The Marian Association,
a non-denominational Trust for Healing and Education.
Reg. Charity No. 1046055. Patron: The Revd. Donald Reeves
change ... and transformation ... Welcome to our Website and our 2-year, part-time Programme: validated by Middlesex University - Today, there are many techniques in counselling and psychotherapy. Sadly, many remain at that level - a technique of limited value which does not include either the spiritual dimension or healing. Our MA Programme is different. It does not teach a technique because its approach is deeper and more subtle, based essentially on something that may appear at first only too simple In fact, our training is based on listening to the client's story. However, the skill of listening relates to several elements, and it is these which we teach in our training. They are: Theoretical grounding : Jungian psychology : human development : how symptoms form from infancy and childhood : intuitive listening : listening to dreams and their language : listening through healing and prayer : self-help : channelling Light energy. In this holistic approach we recognise an underlying sense to symptoms and a story which has caused them. That is where healing begins in our integrated model. To know more please

128. º Transpersonal Psychology, Transpersonal Psychotherapy And Spirituality
These are practical pages, not theoretical debate, which seek to demystify and expand the concept of 'transpersonal' - whether it be applied to mainstream psychology, Psychotherapy, Education, Counselling, New psychology, 'New Age' or Alternative and Complementary Therapies.
Transpersonal Gateway
a "plain English" exploration of Transpersonal Psychology, Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Transpersonal Counseling and Spirituality.
This site is based on personal experience and includes examples of therapy case histories, self help resources and, a mentor forum
The Transpersonal Notebooks explore Transpersonal as a Definition of Humanity and Transpersonal Spirituality from the root meaning of both the words used and the Philosophies they embrace.
New pages
kundalini definitions and explanations ... what it is and what it is not .. and how the essence of kundalini is used in the English vocabulary ... June 10, 2005 Kundalini and Kunti (+ definitions) in the Mahabharata and the Bible the Kunti principle or essence central to the enlightenment of Hu-man. Her story has parallels in myth, mysticism and folklore of many cultures. The question is "Which Bible Stories" share a striking semblance to Kunti's story ... June 10, 2005 Divine a word that can trap you in the psychosis process is a manipulation of the Sanskrit deva and devi ... June 10, 2005

129. Frontpage
Complementary therapies center focusing on transpersonal and general psychology and counselling, psychosynthesis, selfhelp philosophy, meditation, personal development, yoga, acupuncture, massage and other healing arts, with educational material.
Welcome to the Inner Harmony Center and the INNER HARMONY CENTER SCHOOL OF WISDOM PHILOSOPHY Your Path to Inner Harmony and Personal Growth The INNER HARMONY CENTER offers a list of services including: Psychology, Counseling and Therapy - both general and alternative, Multilevel Healing, Philosophy, Meditation, Spiritual Guidance, Yoga, Massage, Acupuncture, Groups, Workshops including Life Skills training, Self Empowerment and Relationships, and Educational Material such as Personal Development books, as well as networking. I hope you find the healing, harmony, freedom and empowerment that you are looking for. Phil Golding. Director. Mission Statement for the Inner Harmony Center
The Inner Harmony Center is dedicated to serving the health and wellbeing of whoever seeks its services. Our work honors all cultures, races, creeds, and spiritual and philosophical persuasions. The Inner Harmony Center promotes goodwill and cooperation throughout our community as well as an awareness of a spirituality common to all humanity.
Our target clientele mostly consists of people searching for opportunities in two main areas: personal growth and healing. In regards to personal growth, the Inner Harmony Center offers opportunities to gain greater personal freedom, awareness, responsibility and wisdom, without restricting the free thought of the individual. The healing carried out at the center specifically caters for the emotional, mental, and spiritual needs of our clients, as well as catering to their physical wellbeing.

130. CSP - 'Textbook Of Transpersonal Psychiatry And Psychology' Edited By Bruce Scot
Council on Spiritual Practices Entheogen Chrestomathy entry.

About CSP
Site Map
Search CSP:
Religion and Psychoactive Sacraments:
An Entheogen Chrestomathy
Thomas B. Roberts, Ph.D. and Paula Jo Hruby, Ed.D.
Author Index
Title Index
Textbook of Transpersonal Psychiatry and Psychology Scotton, Bruce W., Chinen, Allan B., and Battista, John R. (Editors)
New York: Basic Books.
Hardcover, xx + 442 pages. Contents: Contributors, acknowledgments, foreword by Ken Wilber, 40 chapters divided into 4 parts: 1. Introduction, 2. Theory and Research, 3. Clinical Practice, 4. Conclusion, index. Contributors: John R. Battista, Seymour Boorstein, Sylvia Boorstein, Gary Bravo, Allan B. Chinen, Arthur J. Deikman, Donna Dryer, Mark Epstein, William W. Foote, Bruce Greyson, Charles Grob, John F. Hiatt, Dwight H. Judy, Ronald W. Jue, Kathryn J. Lee, Francis G. Lu, David Lukoff, Larry G. Peters, Donald F. Sandner, Zalman M. Schachter-Shalomi, Bruce W. Scotton, Patricia L. Speier, Charles T. Tart, Eugene Taylor, Robert Turner, Frances Vaughan, Bruce S. Victor, Roger Walsh, Richard Yensen Note: Readers of this chrestomathy may especially enjoy Chapter 8 "The Consciousness Research of Stanislav Grof," Chapter 18 "Psychedelics and Transpersonal Psychiatry," Chapter 23, "Diagnosis: A Transpersonal Clinical Approach to Religious and Spiritual Problems," Chapter 31 "Psychopharmacology and Transpersonal Psychology," and Chapter 32. "Psychedelic Psychotherapy."

131. Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Psychology NLP Home Study Education Classes - Institu
Learn transpersonal hypnotherapy, hypnosis training school, home study videos, distance education courses, hypnotherapist certification, nlp,
THI is a recognized leader in hypnotherapy education.
On campus trainings became home study classes in order to
meet the needs of busy life styles today.
Transpersonal Hypnotherapy is holistic, synthesizing Transpersonal Psychology with Ericksonian Hypnosis, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Alchemical Hypnotherapy and other proven schools of thought. As with Transpersonal Psychology, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy recognizes our drive toward wholeness, toward a fuller intuitive experience of spirit. "As a University teacher of Transpersonal Psychology, I was concerned that students were not getting direct experience of conceptual materials. So, in THI trainings, I am excited to see students utilize Transpersonal material in hands-on processes without years and years of study. These are tools for mastery. They can be practiced easily and widely."
More About THI - Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Described Home About THI About ATPH ... Contact Us Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Institute, Inc.

132. Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Psychology, Home Study Trainings - Institu
Learn transpersonal hypnotherapy, hypnosis training school, home study videos, distance education courses, hypnotherapist certification, nlp,
Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Described
Transpersonal Hypnotherapy is based in Transpersonal Psychology.
Through these home study trainings, learn how to facilitate inner journeys
and help clients wake-up to who they truly are.
Transpersonal Hypnotherapy is a natural extension of Transpersonal Psychology which incorporates the methods of all four waves of psychology (1. Psychoanalytic, 2. Behavioral, 3. Humanistic and 4. Transpersonal). This basis assists you in becoming a well rounded, competent hypnotherapist with a wider perspective. It gives you broader choices which empower your clients and you. THI is unique in including hypnotherapy techniques for issues addressed in waves three and four.
  • The first wave, Psychoanalytic theory developed by Freud and then Jung, deals with the unconscious mind and underlying issues. In hypnosis, this is called hypnoanalysis: we examine the root causes of our problems. The second wave
  • 133. Saybrook Graduate School
    Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center located in San Francisco, CA, offers graduate degrees in Human Science, Organizational Systems, and psychology.
    Saybrook Store Site Map Directories
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    Faculty Staff Student Visiting Scholar
    Apply Online

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    Call Admissions:

    Conference Appearances Oakland, CA Fort Worth, TX Minneapolis, MN San Rafael, CA Phoenix, AZ EVENTS
    Rollo May Award for Humanistic Service to Daniel Ellsberg

    Event Series
    Saybrook Society
    The Presidio Dialogues Saybrook Society The Presidio Dialogues ... APA Annual Convention Hears and Honors Saybrook Faculty posted: 09/12/05 Saybrook Graduate School Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts posted: 09/09/05 Saybrook Community News Student Faculty Alumni

    134. Das Forum Für Transpersonale Bewegung
    Translate this page - bietet Orientierung für ganzheitlich Interessierte. Information zu den vielfältigen holistischen Ansätzen in Natur- und
    Transpersonale Perspektiven
    Eine Anregung der Deutschen Transpersonalen Gesellschaft
    • Fachartikel und Erfahrungsberichte
    • Veranstaltungskalender
    • Diskussionsforum
    • Kontakte
    • Serviceangebote

    135. Multi Dimensions
    A journey through conscious, unconscious and superconscious worlds to find meditation, chakra and spiritual healing techniques for holistic wellbeing.
    Spirit And Sky
    Best Spiritual Site
    We are entering a very special time as we begin a new millennium. Many ancient writings, modern books, and web sites state that we are on the threshold of an era when the veils of forgetfulness will be parted one by one. Then our consciousness will expand to encompass the components of ourselves that have been repressed, ignored, and forgotten. If we could remember and be fully conscious of all the components of our true selves, we would be aware of the lessons and reasons for each of life's challenges. The challenges would still exist, but the confusion and perhaps even the doubt, could be erased from our experiences. continue Home The Journey Begins What is MDC? ... Contact Us

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