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  1. The Social Psychology of Power
  2. The Interface of Social and Clinical Psychology: Key Readings (Key Readings in Social Psychology)
  3. Historical Social Psychology by Kenneth J. Gergen, Mary M. Gergen, 1984-06
  4. The Social Psychology of Organizations by Daniel Katz, Robert L. Kahn, 1978-04
  5. Mastering Social Psychology by Robert A. Baron, Donn R. Byrne, et all 2006-11-23
  6. Philosophy Psychology & Social Practice by John Dewey, 1963-01-01
  7. Social Psychology by Stephen Franzoi, 2008-10-07
  8. Social Psychology Across Cultures (2nd Edition) by Peter Bevington Smith, Michael Harris Bond, 1998-07-17
  9. Readings in Social Psychology: The Art and Science of Research by Saul Kassin, Steven Fein, et all 2010-02-17
  10. Emotion (The Review of Personality and Social Psychology) (v. 13)
  11. Discourse and Social Psychology: Beyond Attitudes and Behaviour by Jonathan Potter, Margaret Wetherell, 1987-06-01
  12. Personality, Identity, and Character: Explorations in Moral Psychology
  13. Handbook of Social Psychology (Handbooks of Sociology and Social Research) (Volume 0)
  14. Social Psychology Alive by Steven J. Breckler, James Olson, et all 2005-08-17

81. Brehm, Social Psychology, 5e
social psychology 5e Cover, social psychology Fifth Edition Sharon S. Brehm Indiana University Bloomington Saul M. Kassin - Williams College
ACE Practice Tests Flashcards Web Links Learning Objectives ... Psych on Screen Textbook Site for: Social Psychology
Fifth Edition
Sharon S. Brehm - Indiana University Bloomington
Saul M. Kassin - Williams College
Steven Fein - Williams College
ACE Practice Tests

Take ACE Practice Tests and get your results immediately, to check your understanding. Evaluating Research
These activities will help you apply your critical thinking skills to psychological research. NetLabs
Take a personality test, analyze your relationships, find out the truth about eyewitness testimonythe major concepts in your text all come alive here. Thinking Critically
These activities are designed to help you sharpen your powers of critical examination by providing you with a framework for analyzing evidence before drawing conclusions. Psych in the News, on the Shelves, and on the Screen
Psychology is everywherein the news, in movies and TV shows, in books. Read short articles about the latest connections between psychology and what's happening in the world. Flashcards Learn the terms in this book with this set of interactive flashcards.

82. Social Psychology
Resources on social psychology. The largest social psychology database on the Internet. In these pages, you ll find more than 4000 links to

83. Social Behavior And Personality: An International Journal
Focuses upon social psychology, Human Development and the Psychology of Personality.
:: home editorial information journal search journal online ... feedback Researching Social Psychology, Human Development and Psychology of Personality?
Check out our recommended articles, Submit your manuscript or Search our journal articles.
internet resources
what you say editorial cv how to purchase an article ... contact us
:: Welcome to SBP Journal
Interested in Social Psychology, Human Development and Psychology of Personality?
Check out our new improved search engine to download our journal articles.
  • A well-established international journal, founded in 1973
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84. Social Psychology
social psychology 7/e by renowned author David Myers continues to set the standard by This edition includes a greater emphasis on social psychology
Student Center
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Social Psychology, 7/e David G Myers, Hope College
Social Psychology 7/e by renowned author David Myers continues to set the standard by which other Social Psychology texts are judged. The authors engaging writing style and unique, intimate voice make the text both compelling and readable, without being overly simplistic. The organization logically moves the student through the study of how people think, influence, and relate, including an appropriate balance of basic research and applied material for the course. This edition includes a greater emphasis on social psychology applications to both work and in life, and uses video clips and vignettes to emphasize the relevance of social psychology research. This edition of Social Psychology also marks the introduction of the Social Connection video series, which follows Myers organization and brings classic research to life. View the Social Connection Video Preview. Download RealPlayer to view Video.

85. Dr. Anthony Greenwald/Home Page
Experimental and social psychology (Univ. of Washington, USA)
Anthony G. Greenwald, PhD
HOME PAGE Navigate using the menu under my face (Thanks to MRB for the photo)
last updated: April 24, 2005
  • Apr 05: Some new articles available for download, and about 35 older ones newly optimized to reduce PDF size (ones with OCR in filename).
    11 Mar 05: Seven new downloadable publications, mostly recent, but one from 1984 (Greenwald & Pratkanis, "The self").
    Unpublished Mss. under Publications ); also updates on most other pages in this site. If you are looking for a downloadable paper that you don't find here (there are a bunch), let me know - I may be able to send you a copy. 5 May 04: Thirty (30) downloadable pdf publications (see menu at left) have been updated by optical character recognition (courtesy Acrobat 6.0). This provides searchable content improved legibility , and reduced length (by an average of 25%). The improved files (which are mostly for publications prior to 2000) are recognizable by filenames ending with .OCR.pdf.

86. SPSP Mentorship Program
Offers free emailbased career mentoring in personality and social psychology to students from underrepresented groups in psychology (e.g., ethnic and racial minorities).
SPSP Mentorship Program
Are you an undergraduate student interested in a career in personality and/or social psychology? Are you a member of an underrepresented group in psychology, such as a racial or ethnic minority? Have you ever wished you had a mentor who could guide you through the process of becoming a professional psychologist? Then you've come to the right place!
The SPSP Mentorship Program connects college students from underrepresented groups with faculty mentors across the country. Eligible students include:
  • Racial/ethnic minority members
  • First-generation college students
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender students
  • Students with a physical disability
SPSP Mentors have volunteered to answer questions and provide guidance via email to students who are interested in becoming a personality or social psychologist. For example, SPSP Mentors can:
  • Answer questions about personality and social psychology
  • Suggest professional groups for you to join as a student affiliate
  • Help you select graduate programs that fit your needs
  • Offer tips on getting into graduate school or finding jobs in psychology
  • How the Program Works
    Whether you are looking for an answer to a single question or looking to establish an ongoing relationship with a mentor, participation in the program involves three easy steps.
  • 87. Edward Alsworth Ross: Social Psychology: Table Of Contents
    social psychology An outline and source book. New York Macmillan Co. (1919) social psychology explains both society and the individual. Divisions.
    Edward Alsworth Ross
    Social Psychology
    Table of Contents
    Citation: Edward Alsworth Ross. Social Psychology: An outline and source book. New York: Macmillan Co. (1919) Editors' note: We were unable to locate a 1908 edition of Ross's Social Psychology. The 1919 edition makes no reference to revision to the text so they may be identical.
    Social psychology treats of planes and currents. Relation of social psychology to sociology proper. A common environment or experience does not produce social planes. Race traits are not social planes. Such planes arise from interactions. Social psychology explains both society and the individual. Divisions. How planes of sentiment regarding slavery formed. Factors in the formation of religious planes. Imitation vs. Affinity.
    The higher psychic growths imply association. Much of one's mental content comes from others. Psychic resonance. Sub-human suggestibility. Nature men. Culture men. Suggestibility in relation to age, temperament and sex. Women more suggestible than men. In the normal state indirect suggestion succeeds best. Effect of fasting ; of fatigue and hysteria. Nordau's theory. An alternative explanation. Theory of hypnotic phenomena. Normal and abnormal suggestibility. Miracle. Oriental magic. Source of suggestion -prestige. Traits of the born leader. Force vs. Prestige in 'politics. Duration of suggestion. Volume of suggestion: the secret of the might of public opinion; the fatalism of the multitude; individuality and numbers.

    88. Allyn & Bacon's Sociology Links: Social Psychology
    Personality social psychology Links (University of Wisconsin) PhD Programs in social psychology Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues
    Analyzing Social Interaction

    American Psychological Association

    British Psychological Society

    Community Psychology Network
    ... Catalog
    Link suggestions and updates to
    Technical problems to

    89. Social Psychology Home Page
    Welcome to the PSYCH 535 social psychology web site! Exploring social psychology Chapter 1Understanding social psychology An Introduction
    Welcome to the PSYCH 535
    Social Psychology web site! Included on this web site are the following:
    course syllabus

    the reading list
    social psychology links
    Here's the illustration example that I mentioned in class.
    For those of you who did not receive the listserv email about the debate day topics, here they are
    Here is the key and scoring scheme for exam 1 (along with the class distribution) Here are links to the overhead notes I use in class.
    Chapter 1
    Understanding Social Psychology: An Introduction
    Chapter 2
    Social Perception: Knowing Others
    Chapter 3
    Social Cognition: Understanding the Social World Chapter 4 The Self Chapter 5 Attitudes Chapter 7 Interpersonal Attraction: Friendship, Love, and Relationthips Chapter 9 Helping and Hurting: The Nature of Prosocial Behavior and Aggression Chapter 8 Social Influence: Changing Others' Behavior Chapter 10 Groups and Individuals: The Consequences of Belonging Chapter 6 Chapter 11 Applying Social Psychology created/maintained by Jeff Bartel

    90. 2606 Spring 01 Home
    social psychology (2606). University of Colorado Spring 2001 Required Text social psychology by Aronson, Wilson, and Akert (3rd edition, 1999),
    Print a Class Syllabus (in pdf format) Download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat (needed to open the syllabus) Textbook Homepage Related Links ... Announcements
    Social Psychology (2606)
    University of Colorado
    Spring 2001
    Professor: Dr. Tiffany A. Ito
    Office: Muenzinger E318A
    Phone: (303) 492-5879
    Office hours: Monday, 10:00-11:50
    TA: Alison Lenton
    Office: Muenzinger D364C
    Phone: (303) 492-1739
    Office hours: Tuesday and Thursdays, 1:00-1:50
    Required Text: Social Psychology by Aronson, Wilson, and Akert (3rd edition, 1999), published by Longman . ISBN# 0-321-02435-4

    91. Moral Philosophy Meets Social Psychology
    1 Because of this tendency, folk social psychology and more specifically Philosophers have begun to notice that recent social psychology challenges
    Moral Philosophy Meets Social Psychology
    Virtue Ethics and the Fundamental Attribution Error
    Gilbert Harman
    Princeton University 1 1 Folk physics and folk morality Considering the inadequacies of ordinary physical intuitions, it is natural to wonder whether ordinary moral intuitions might be similarly inadequate. And, while many moral philosophers seem to put great confidence at least in their own moral intuitions, others argue for revisions. Consequentialism may be put forward not as an attempt to capture intuitive folk morality but rather as a critique of ordinary intuitions (Kagan, 1989). Similarly, moral relativism might be defended as the truth about morality, whether or not moral relativism accords with everyone's intuitions (Harman, 1996). On this occasion I discuss a different kind of rejection of folk morality, one that derives from contemporary social psychology. It seems that ordinary attributions of character traits to people are often deeply misguided and it may even be the case that there is no such thing as character, no ordinary character traits of the sort people think there are, none of the usual moral virtues and vices. In attempting to characterize and explain the movements of a body, folk physics places too much emphasis on assumed internal characteristics of the body, ignoring external forces. Similarly, in trying to characterize and explain a distinctive action, ordinary thinking tends to hypothesize a corresponding distinctive characteristic of the agent and tends to overlook the relevant details of the agent's perceived situation.

    92. Psychology And Mental Health Classroom At ALLPSYCH Online
    Introduction to social psychology. Everybody has heard of peer pressure, This chapter will discuss the various aspects of social psychology and the role
    Find It Fast AllPsych Home Online Textbooks -Psychology 101 -Personality Synopsis -Statistics Primer -Research Methods Psychology Forums Timeline of Psychology Psychology Biographies Psychology Dictionary Psychology Bookshelf Medication Guide Street Drug Fact Sheet Psychotherapy Facts Psychiatric Disorders -Anxiety Disorders -Dissociative Disorders -Eating Disorders -Impulse Control -Mood Disorders -Paraphilias -Psychotic Disorders -Sexual Dysfunctions -Somatoform Disorders -Substance Disorders -Personality Disorders AllPsych Journal Online Psych Tests -Psychology Tests -Diagnostic Tests -Self-Help Tests Education and Careers Optical Illusions Crossword Puzzles Psychology Games Research Projects Psychology News Psychology on the Web Online Psychology About AllPsych Recognition Feedback Form Home Texts Reference Disorders ... Contact Chapters Authorship Table of Contents Introduction to Psychology and Research Methods Biopsychology ... References FAQs About AllPsych Dr. Heffner Recognition Contact Us
    powered by FreeFind Chapter 8: Social Psychology Section 1: Introduction to Social Psychology Section 2: Our View of Self and Others Section 3: Obedience and Power Section 4: The Role of Groups Introduction to Social Psychology Everybody has heard of peer pressure, but most people argue that they are not affected by it, or at least not affected as 'most people.' The truth is, we are all affected by the people we interact with, many of whom we don't even know personally. Our social environments play a significant role in how we view ourselves, and conversely, how we see ourselves impacts our view of the world.

    93. Randy Thornhill's Home Page - The University Of New Mexico
    Evolutionary and ecological aspects of animal social psychology and behavior; insect behavioral ecology; human behavioral ecology and evolutionary psychology; evolutionary methodology (University of New Mexico)
    Curriculum Vitae
    Department of Biology, MSC03 2020
    1 University of New Mexico
    Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001
    Phone: 505/277-3411
    Fax: 505/277-0304
    E-mail: Current Rank: Distinguished Professor, The University of New Mexico Degrees:
    • B.S., Zoology, Auburn University, 1968
      M.S., Entomology, Auburn University, 1970
      Ph.D., Zoology, The University of Michigan, 1974
    Ph.D. Dissertation: Evolutionary Ecology of the Mecoptera (Insecta). 633 pp. Research Interests: Evolutionary and ecological aspects of animal social psychology and behavior; insect behavioral ecology; human behavioral ecology and evolutionary psychology; evolutionary methodology. Research in Progress:
    • The evolution of human social psychology and behavior. Fluctuating asymmetry and sexual selection. Field study of people in a remote Caribbean village. The evolution of female sexuality. Evolutionary ecology of insects of the order Mecoptera.
    Current Graduate Students:
    • Kimberly Cline Interests: Evolutionary psychology, depression, an evolutionary approach to psychotherapy.

    94. BUBL LINK: Social Psychology
    Resource type journal; Current Research in social psychology Refereed journal covering Subjects perception, psychology research, social psychology
    BUBL LINK Catalogue of Internet Resources Home Search Subject Menus Countries ... Z
    Social psychology
    Titles Descriptions
  • Anatomy of Disgust Association for Transpersonal Psychology Current Research in Social Psychology Human Relations, Authority and Justice: Experiences and Critiques ... Wadsworth: Complete Psychology Publisher
  • Comments:
    Anatomy of Disgust
    Resource established to accompany a Channel 4 series investigating the human disgust response and the various uses to which associated reactions can be put. Considers what disgusts different people and why, how this is often used to isolate particular social groups, and methods employed by artists in an attempt to diminish the disparity between our hygienic ideals and the grimy reality of our surroundings. The question of whether disgust is an innate or learned characteristic is discussed.
    Author: Channel 4
    Subjects: cognitive psychology, social psychology
    Resource type: documents
    Association for Transpersonal Psychology
    Based on observations and practices from many cultures, the transpersonal perspective is informed by modern psychology, the humanities and human sciences, as well as by contemporary spiritual disciplines and the wisdom. Includes contents pages from the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology.
    Author: Association for Transpersoanl Psychology
    Subjects: psychology societies, social psychology

    95. Usable Digital Media ::: Web Application Usability Blog.
    Interesting things from architecture, information technology, user interfaces and social psychology.
    Text version
    Design Media
    Home About Portfolio Archive Aggregators
    My Aggregator

    My Feedster Track

    Blogroll News

    Google News

    BBC SA

    Blog Services

    Technorati Blogstreet ... Daypop Usability News UI Web Usability Views IT and Society AlertBox ... IBM Ease of Use
    Wednesday, December 3, 2003 More info on Skype: Niklas Zennstrom co-author of Kazaa talks about Skype . "You should not try to do things that are artificially viral like an "Invite a friend to use this service" feature. Those don't really work. We've had that feature on Skype but it doesn't really bring in the users. The product has to be fundamentally viral in itself." 3 TrackBack Monday, December 1, 2003 Quips from NYTimes magazine on Design: Inspiration: Where Does It Come From?: "The most impressive designs are those that seem naturally right, unimprovable, inevitable." The Guts of a New Machine: "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. The starting point for IPod wasn't a chip or a design; the starting point was the question, What's the user experience? If you start to work on something, and the time is right, pieces come in from the periphery. The pieces just come together. The design process is not serial. It's not one person passing something on to the next. It's almost easier to talk about it as what it's not." TrackBack Tuesday, November 25, 2003

    96. Social Psychology
    Emerging Issues and Trends in social psychology Student Analyses of Current Jumping Of Place for Social Psychologists aka Psychology Web Archive By

    97. Asian Journal Of Social Psychology Home Page
    Print and electronic journal. Free access contents and abstracts, author instructions, and subscription information.
    BLACKWELL HOME HELP CONTACT PRIVACY VIEW BOOKS CART Keywords Title Author Advanced Search Books Home Journals Home List of Journals ... Press Room Journal Home

    Editorial Board

    Tables of Contents

    View a Sample Issue
    For Authors

    Sales and Services
    Customer Services



    Now covered in the SSCI
    Asian Journal of Social Psychology
    Published in conjunction with the Asian Association of Social Psychology and the Japanese Group Dynamics Association Edited by: Yoshi Kashima 2004: 23/46 (Psychology, Social) Impact Factor: The Asian Journal of Social Psychology stimulates research and encourages academic exchanges for the advancement of social psychology in Asia. It publishes theoretical and empirical papers, as well as book reviews by Asian scholars and those interested in Asian cultures and societies. Coverage includes all aspects of social processes such as development, cognition, personality, health, counselling, organisation and education. The journal encourages interdisciplinary integration with social sciences and humanities.
    Organizational identification and organizational commitment: Distinct aspects of two related concepts Thaneswor Gautam, Rolf Van Dick, Ulrich Wagner

    98. Social Psychology @ Purdue University Home
    Welcome to the social psychology program at Purdue University . The social psychology program is one of eight graduate programs within the Department of

    99. Department Of Social Psychology
    social psychology is a discipline concerned with the systematic study of humans in The Department of social psychology, established in 1963 within the
    Yliopiston etusivulle Suomeksi På Svenska In English ...
    Department of Social Psychology
    About the Department:
    Contact information:
    Office: Unioninkatu 37, 2nd floor (P.O. Box 54) 00014 University of Helsinki Find your way puh. (09) 191 24897 fax. (09) 191 24877 The office is open: The office is open only during afternoons until September 15th.
    Welcome to the Department of Social Psychology!
    Social psychology
    is a discipline concerned with the systematic study of humans in interaction with their social environment. The discipline seeks to describe, understand and explain human action and relations within a social context. The Department of Social Psychology , established in 1963 within the Faculty of Social Sciences, is one of the few departments in Europe which is specialised exclusively into social psychology, with a fullscale curriculum in the discipline. In Scandinavia it is unique, being the only independent department of social psychology. Read more about social psychology and the department >> How to apply : application information for foreign students Search university site:
    Faculty homepage
    University homepage
    Faculty contact information
    Feedback to faculty ...

    100. Visulog
    Interesting things from architecture, information technology, user interfaces and social psychology.
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