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  1. Understanding Social Psychology Across Cultures: Living and Working in a Changing World (Sage Social Psychology Program) by Peter B. Smith, Michael Harris Bond, et all 2006-01-26
  2. Exploring Social Psychology by David Myers, 2008-10-28
  3. Self and Society: A Symbolic Interactionist Social Psychology (11th Edition) (Alternative eText Formats) by John P. Hewitt, David Shulman, 2010-03-25
  4. Mass Persuasion: The Social Psychology of a War Bond Drive by Robert K. Merton, Marjorie Fiske Lowenthal, et all 2004-05
  5. Small Groups: Key Readings (Key Readings in Social Psychology)
  6. The Social Psychology of Gender: How Power and Intimacy Shape Gender Relations (Texts in Social Psychology) by Laurie A. Rudman PhD, Peter Glick PhD, 2010-05-14
  7. Social Psychology and Everyday Life by Darrin Hodgetts, Christopher Sonn, et all 2010-04-15
  8. Prejudice: Its Social Psychology by Rupert Brown, 2010-08-31
  9. The Social and Applied Psychology of Music by Adrian North, David Hargreaves, 2008-08-15
  10. Advanced Social Psychology by Abraham Tesser, 1994-11-01
  11. Readings in Social Psychology: General, Classic, and Contemporary Selections (7th Edition) by Wayne A. Lesko, 2008-02-29
  12. The Social Psychology of Stigma
  13. Social Psychology (12th Edition) by Shelley E. Taylor, Letitia Anne Peplau, et all 2005-04-28
  14. Psychology of Attitude Change and Social Influence by Philip G. Zimbardo, Michael R. Leippe, 1991-07

41. A Social Psychology Glossary
Interactionism An important perspective in social psychology that social psychology The scientific discipline that attempts to understand and explain
Actor-observer effect
The tendency for people to attribute their own behavior to external causes but that of others to internal factors.
Any form of behavior that is intended to harm or injure some person, oneself, or an object.
Aggressive script
A guide for behavior and problem solving that is developed and stored in memory, and is characterized by aggression.
Altruistic helping
A form of helping in which the ultimate goal of the helper is to increase another's welfare without expecting anything in return.
Possessing many traditionally masculine and feminine personality traits.
Opposition to social influence on all occasions, often caused by psychological reactance.
Anxious/ambivalent attachment style
An expectation about social relationships characterized by a concern that others will not return affection.
Applied research
Research designed to increase the understanding of and solutions to real-world problems by using current social psychological knowledge.
Arousal: Cost-reward model
A theory that helping or not helping is a function of emotional arousal and analysis of the costs and rewards of helping.

42. Notes For Contributors
The British Journal of social psychology publishes original papers in all areas of social psychology. Topics covered include social cognition, attitudes,
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The Psychologist
Division / Section Publications Consultation Papers Journals ... Committee on Training in Clinical Psychology Guidance Documents You Are Here: Notes for Contributors
Notes for Contributors
The British Journal of Social Psychology publishes original papers in all areas of social psychology. Topics covered include social cognition, attitudes, group processes, social influence, intergroup relations, self and identity, nonverbal communication, and social psychological aspects of personality, affect and emotion, and language and discourse. Submissions addressing these topics from a variety of approaches and methods, both quantitative and qualitative are welcomed. We publish papers of the following kinds:
  • Empirical papers that address theoretical issues; Theoretical papers, including analyses of existing social psychological theories and presentations of theoretical innovations, extensions, or integrations; Review papers that provide an evaluation of work within a given area of social psychology and that present proposals for further research in that area; Methodological papers concerning issues that are particularly relevant to a wide range of social psychologists.

43. IngentaConnect Publication: Social Psychology Quarterly
social psychology Quarterly logo American Sociological Association logo. Publisher American Sociological Association. 7 issues are available electronically

44. IngentaConnect Publication: Journal Of Applied Social Psychology
Journal of Applied social psychology. ISSN 00219029 visit publication homepage Journal of Applied social psychology logo Bellwether Publishing logo

45. European Journal Of Social Psychology
Print and electronic journal. Free access abstracts and contents listings, author instructions, and subscription information.

46. Bellwether Homepage
Journal of Applied social psychology GIScience Remote Sensing (formerly Mapping Sciences Remote Sensing) Physical Geography Polar Geography

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8640 Guilford Road, Suite 200
Columbia, MD 21046-3163
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Please direct all subscriptions questions or comments to

47. Etown Psych - Faculty - Teske
Professor at Elizabethtown College, Pennsylvania. Research interests include science and religion, philosophical psychology, and personality and social psychology. Vita and course syllabi.
Professor of Psychology
Curriculum Vitae

Personal Home Page
Degrees: B.A., Indiana University, 1974
M.A., Clark University, 1978
Ph.D., Clark University, 1981 Interests: Dr. Teske is our specialist in personality and social psychology. He has conducted research on nonverbal behavior, environmental psychology, and social cognition. He also has interests in evolutionary psychology, philosophical psychology, and the science-religion dialogue. His work has been published in multiple specialties: Social-environmental, developmental, and philosophical, as well as in Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science Sample Citations: Science and Religion: Teske, J. A. (2003). Evolutionary psychology; Neural Darwinism; Spirit. Encyclopedia of Science and Religion , ed. J. Wentzel van Huyssteen. New York: Macmillan Reference USA. Teske, J.A. (2003). Varieties of Reasoning: Assessing Adequacy. Zygon: Journal of religion and Science, 38

48. USC Social Psychology Online Experiments
Several social psychology online experiments at the University of Southern California. Most open to US residents only.
Welcome to Social Psychology
Research on the Internet at USC
Each study draws from a separate lottery. Participate only once per study. Your web browser must have Javascript enabled in order to participate.
Love and Money (open to U.S. residents only)
In this study, we are interested in how people think about other people and abstract issues involved in legal cases. Participants read a series of unrelated stories about people involved in relationships and legal disputes and then play the role of judge and come to a verdict regarding one of the legal cases. This study takes less than an hour and you are automatically entered into a lottery for $200! The odds of winning are 1/200. Social Intelligence and Romantic Relationships (open to U.S. residents only)
In this study, we are interested in how people think about other people and abstract issues involved in romantic relationships. You will be asked to read a series of stories about people involved in romantic relationships and after each story, you will be asked to rate the extent to which you agree with statements about the people and/or the situation in each story. In the first part of the study, you will read several short stories (one paragraph each) and make two to four ratings for each story. In the second part of the study, you will read one longer story (under two pages) and make about 20 ratings for the story. At the end of the study you will be asked to complete some personality measure items. This study takes less than an hour and you are automatically entered into a lottery for $200! The odds of winning are 1/200.

49. EAESP - European Association Of Experimental Social Psychology
Scholarly membership association offering two journals, conferences, travel and other awards; also advertises jobs vacant. Membership application forms for
E uropean A ssociation of E xperimental S ocial P sychology To promote excellence in European research in the field of social psychology Home About Activities Publications ... Contact Welcome
EAESP is 40 years old (1966-2005): 40 years in which EAESP grew from a household of only a few enthusiastic pioneers to a large family of about 1000 members. Read more about the 40th anniversary About Contact Learn more about EAESP's aims and scope, its history, its recent developments and its functioning. Contact the Executive Officer or the Executive Committee members. Activities EAESP organises and supports general meetings, small and medium size meetings, and a summer school. It also develops joint activities with other societies.
Members can benefit from three types of grants: travel grants, seedcorn grants and regional support grants.
To acknowledge the achievements of its members, EAESP created the Tajfel, Jaspars, Lewin and Codol awards, supplemented by a EJSP early career best manuscript award. Publications Membership EAESP has its own bimonthly Journal. Annually it publishes a Review

50. SpringerLink - Publication More results from social psychology Quarterly, University of Arizonasocial psychology Quarterly publishes theoretical and empirical papers on the link between individual and society. this includes the study of the relations
Articles Publications Publishers

Publication Social Psychology of Education Publisher: Springer Science+Business Media B.V., Formerly Kluwer Academic Publishers B.V. ISSN: 1381-2890 (Paper) 1573-1928 (Online) Subject: Humanities, Social Sciences and Law Issues in bold contain content you are entitled to view. Volume 8 Number 3 / September 2005 Number 2 / June 2005 Number 1 / March 2005 Request a sample Volume 7 Number 4 / December 2004 Number 3 / August 2004 Number 2 / June 2004 Number 1 / March 2004 Volume 6 Number 4 / December 2003 Number 3 / September 2003 Number 2 / June 2003 Number 1 / March 2003 Volume 5 Number 4 / December 2002 Number 3 / September 2002 Number 2 / June 2001 Number 1 / March 2001 Volume 4 Numbers 3-4 / September 2000 Number 2 / June 2000 Number 1 / March 2000 Volume 3 Number 4 / December 1999 Number 3 / September 1999 Numbers 1-2 / March 1999 Volume 2 Numbers 3-4 / September 1997 Number 2 / June 1997 Number 1 / March 1997 First page
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51. Asian Journal Of Social Psychology Home Page
Asian Journal of social psychology journal information, contents lists and abstracts on the Blackwell Publishing website.

52. Personality And Social Psychology Review
Devoted to publishing original theoretical papers and conceptual review articles in personality and social psychology.
Personality and Social Psychology Review
Personality and Social Psychology Review
is devoted to publishing original theoretical papers and conceptual review articles in personality and social psychology. PSPR is intended as a forum for conceptual pieces that initiate new lines of research and theory or provide a coherent framework for existing theory and programs of research. The journal emphasizes theory-based reviews of empirical contributions to a substantive area of research and offers integrative theoretical formulations concerning work in a given area of personality and/or social psychology. The journal does not publish methodological papers or methodological critiques unless they make a direct and substantial contribution to theory. Suitable topics for submission include, but are not limited to, attitudes and social cognition, personality development, personality assessment, interpersonal processes, group behavior, and intergroup relations. Occasionally PSPR publishes other pieces of particular interest to members of the Society, such as special topical issues, selected symposia, and invited addresses. All papers are reviewed with respect to their scholarly merit.
Manuscript Submission
Four high-quality manuscript printouts should be sent to Eliot R. Smith

53. - Journal Of Experimental Social Psychology
The Journal of Experimental social psychology publishes original research and theory on human social behavior and related phenomena.
Home Site map Regional Sites Advanced Product Search ... Journal of Experimental Social Psychology Journal information Product description Editorial board Abstracting/indexing For Authors Guide for authors Subscription information Bibliographic and ordering information Conditions of sale Dispatch dates Journal related information Impact factor Most downloaded articles Other journals in same subject area About Elsevier ... Select your view JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY
B. Park

See editorial board for all editors information
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The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology publishes original research and theory on human social behavior and related phenomena. The journal emphasizes empirical, conceptually based research that advances an understanding of important social psychological processes. The journal also publishes literature reviews, theoretical analyses, and methodological comments.
ISSN: 0022-1031 Imprint: ELSEVIER Subscription for the year 2006, Volume 42, 6 issues

54. SAGE Publications - Personality And Social Psychology Bulletin
Publishes theoretical articles and empirical reports of research in all areas of personality and social psychology.

55. The Asian Association Of Social Psychology (AASP)
The Asian Association of social psychology (AASP) was formed in 1995. Its goals are to. promote the development of social psychological research and its

56. Social Psychology, 3/E
social psychology, 3/e. by Eliot Aronson Timothy Wilson Robin Akert 1 Introduction to social psychology, 2 Methodology How Social Psychologists Do
Social Psychology, 3/e
Eliot Aronson
Timothy Wilson
Robin Akert

Welcome to the online study guide specifically designed to accompany Social Psychology. Features of this site include:
  • online quizzes which include instant scoring and coaching
  • critical thinking and writing activities
Visit this site when you want to gain a richer perspective and deeper understanding of the topics discussed in Social Psychology To enter this site, select a chapter from the menu below and click "Begin."
Select a chapter:
1: Introduction to Social Psychology 2: Methodology: How Social Psychologists Do Research 3: Social Cognition 4: Social Perception 5: Self-Knowledge 6: Self-Justification and the Need to Maintain Self-Esteem 7: Attitudes and Attitude Change 8: Conformity: Influencing Behavior 9: Group Processes: Influence in Social Groups 10: Interpersonal Attraction 11: Prosocial Behavior: Why Do People Help? 12: Aggression: Why We Hurt Other People 13: Prejudice: Causes and Cures 14: Social Psychology and Health 15: Social Psychology and the Environment 16: Social Psychology and the Law
Prentice-Hall, Inc.

57. Social Forces
Highlighting sociological inquiry but also exploring realms shared with social psychology, anthropology, political science, history, and economics. Official journal of the Southern Sociological Society. Peerreviewed, quarterly. Abstracts available on-line.
Access our new Web site at

58. Social Psychology - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
As psychological social psychology, which looks at social behavior of humans in terms of Psychological social psychology is very similar to personality
Social psychology
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Psychology Areas Cognition Development Clinical Emotion ... Self Social Applied psychology Approaches Behavioral Biological Cognitive Evolutionary ... Transpersonal Social psychology is the study of the nature and causes of human social behavior , with an emphasis on how people think towards each other and how they relate to each other. As the mind is the axis around which social behavior pivots, social psychologists tend to study the relationship between mind(s) and social behaviors. In early-modern social science theory, John Stuart Mill Comte , and others, laid the foundation for social psychology by asserting that human social cognition and behavior could and should be studied scientifically like any other natural science. Social psychology can be said to have two different schools, European and American. European social psychology is more interested in qualitative methods.
SP's three angles of research
Social psychology attempts to understand the relationship between minds, groups, and behaviors in three general ways.

59. Commission On Behavioral And Social Sciences And Education, U.S. National Resear
Areas of investigation and analysis include anthropology, child development, demography, economics, education, geography, history, law, linguistics, political science, psychology, social psychology, sociology, and statistics. _by _Unit?OpenView&Start=1&Count=30&

60. Industrial-Organizational Psychology Links By Subtopic
The InductrialOrganizational section of the social psychology Network.
Saturday, September 17th, 2005
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Society for Personality

and Social Psychology
Society of Experimental ...
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Industrial-Organizational Psychology Links by Subtopic Listed below are links related to organizational psychology, industrial psychology, human resource management, and more. The following table shows a detailed outline of topics. Table of Contents (click on a category of interest) General I-O Psychology Sites:
Some Good Starting Places
Professional I-O Societies and Networks
Organizational Psychology:
Research Journals

General I-O Psychology Sites Some Good Starting Places: Professional I-O Societies and Networks:
Organizational Psychology Organizational Development: Teams and Team Building:

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