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         Psychology And Religion:     more books (100)
  1. Theology, Psychology and the Plural Self (Ashgate Science and Religion Series) by Léon Turner, 2008-12-01
  2. The Psychology of Religious Fundamentalism by Ralph W. HoodJr. PhD, Peter C. Hill PhD, et all 2005-03-31
  3. Acts of Faith: Explaining the Human Side of Religion by Rodney Stark, Roger Finke, 2000-08-07
  4. Hinduism and Jungian Psychology by J. Marvin Spiegelman, Arwind U. Vasavada, 1987-05
  5. Peaceable Psychology, A: Christian Therapy in a World of Many Cultures by Alvin Dueck, Kevin Reimer, 2009-11-01
  6. Science and Religion: Some Historical Perspectives (Cambridge Studies in the History of Science) by John Hedley Brooke, 1991-05-31
  7. Psychology and Kabbalah by Z'Ev Ben Shimon Halevi, 1992-06
  8. The Principles of Buddhist Psychology (Suny Series in Buddhist Studies) by David J. Kalupahana, 1987-07
  9. Modern Psychology and Ancient Wisdom: Psychological Healing Practices from the World's Religious Traditions by Neil Douglas-Klotz, Dwight Judy, et all 2003-01-14
  10. Integrating Faith and Psychology: Twelve Psychologists Tell Their Stories (Christian Association for Psychological Studies)
  11. Blood That Cries Out From the Earth: The Psychology of Religious Terrorism by James Jones, 2008-04-11
  12. Science and Religion: Are They Compatible?
  13. Mysticism and Cognition: The Cognitive Development of John of the Cross as Revealed in his Works (Studies in Religion, 1)
  14. Handbook of Religion and Mental Health

121. Oxford University Press: Psychology Of Religion
Displaying featured titles in psychology of religion. Browse all 37 titles in psychology of religion. Featured All Titles New Recent Coming Soon

122. Psychology Of Religion
psychology of Religious Experience What does Mysticism have to Teach Us About Consciousness? William James Varieties of Religious Experience
Religious Psychology
Societies, Publishing, Research and More Native American Religions, Religion in the 19th and 20th Century Egypt, Persia, Mesopotamia Cultures, Cults, Magic, Exorcism ... Security News
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123. Psychology As Religion: The Cult Of Self-Worship
A philosophy of indulgent selfactualization now underlies much of today s psychotherapy. At the same time it hides behind the mantle of science,
from Book Excerpt
Psychology as Religion:
The Cult of Self-Worship
by Paul Vitz
(1977, 1994, William Eerdmans Publishing)
This book provides a compelling look into the self-actualization theories first popularized in the 1960's and 1970's. Self theories are significant because they set the stage for many social changesincluding the cultural acceptance of homosexuality, and the increasingly radical redefinition of the family. The philosophyi.e., "religion"of unconstrained self-actualization ("selfism") now underlies much of today's psychotherapy. Because of its association with the hard sciences, psychotherapy is often erroneously considered to possess scientific-truth status. But as Jeffrey Satinover has noted, psychology is meaningless without the backdrop of a framework of values. So the question then becomes, whose values? Religious values have been banished from the discussionbut as another observer recently commented, this merely frees the "religions that don't call themselves religions from the burden of competition." Here, Paul Vitz says that contemporary psychology has abandoned its earlier attempts at objectivity. Instead, it has devoted itself to a religion of self-centeredness which refuses to acknowledge reasonable limits and responsibilities.

124. Religious Behaviorism In Swedenborg Glossary By Leon James
The discipline known as the psychology of religion, which is an official At any rate, the total absence of a psychology sympathetic to religion is of
Click here to see List of Abbreviations for Swedenborg's Writings
Religious Behaviorism
Related Articles: Lecture Notes on Religious Behaviorism What is Spiritual Psychology? e-mail Leon James Contents Swedenborg's Theory of Trisubstantivism
Swedenborg and Modern Psychology

Will, Understanding and Action

Affective, Cognitive, Sensorimotor
The New Science or Science Reborn
Swedenborg's Theory of Trisubstantivism
as a Basis for the Science of Human Behavior
Swedenborg and Modern Psychology
Will, Understanding and Action
Swedenborg's psychology is explicitly modeled on a triadic hierarchy of the human being, with the will on top, holding sway upon the intellect or understanding, which is in the middle, so that both act together through the body, to produce consequences upon the observable reality. This is known in systems theory as a "top-down" processing model. It can also be represented as an "inner-outer" control system, so that the inmost is the active controlling condition determining the fate of the middle, as well as the ultimate or outermost. Further discussion on the will and understanding can be found here
Affective, Cognitive, Sensorimotor

125. Myers, David
psychology of religion, teaching of psychology, positive psychology, happiness, social psychology, hearing loss, sexuality (Hope College, MI).

126. IngentaConnect Publication: Archive For The Psychology Of Religion
Archive for the psychology of religion logo Brill Academic Publishers logo. Publisher Brill Academic Publishers. 1 issue is available electronically

127. European Diploma Of Advanced Studies In Psychology Of Religion
Details of third cycle diploma offered by a number of European Universities.

128. Greenville College - Academic Departments - Psychology
Christian college offering undergraduate psychologyreligion major. (Greenville, Illinois)
Search Quick Links About GC Academics Administrative Staff Admissions Adult Studies Advancement Agape Music Festival Apply Online! Athletics Bock Museum Calendar Campus Offices Campus Organizations Campus Phone Directory Campus Presentations Campus Tour Online Career Services Catalog - Academic Community Relations Contact GC CCM Major Counseling Services Current Students Faculty Directory Financial Aid GC Elists GC Home Giving GOAL Graduate Studies Greenville College Foundation Help Desk (IT) Hope Africa University Information Technology Job Openings LAMP Learning Resources Library Mannoia Publications Memories Memories MS Outlook Web Access News Archives Parents Phone Directory (Campus) PressRoom Prospective Students Publications Residence Life Search Site Map Special Events Strengths Finder and GC Student Life Traditionally Greenville Transcript Request Form Visitor's Guide WGRN
Psychology Department
Psychology Department
Psychology/Religion Major
The Psychology/Religion Major seeks to focus attention upon both God and man, recognizing their relationship and the commonality that is shared in the study of both psychology and religion. This program is specially developed for the student who wants the strengths of both psychology and religion in his training. These two areas are brought together and merged in a strong, unique field of study. People planning for the pastorate, youth or Christian education work, and other types of Christian ministry will find the psychology-religion major valuable.

129. Category List -
return to religiononline. psychology. Finding a Place for Emotions by Gregory S. Clapper. The theologian must see that the emotions have definite

130. Psychology Of Religion - is the online home of Christian Book Distributors (CBD), the world s largest distributor of Christian resources.

131. - Advances In The Psychology Of Religion
New directions in the psychology of religion, M Argyle. Religiously based differences in approach to the psychology of religion Freud, Fromm,
Home Site map Regional Sites Advanced Product Search ... Advances in the Psychology of Religion Book information Product description Author information and services Ordering information Bibliographic and ordering information Conditions of sale Book related information Submit your book proposal Other books in same subject area About Elsevier Select your view ADVANCES IN THE PSYCHOLOGY OF RELIGION
L. B. Brown
Included in series

International Series in Experimental Social Psychology, 11

This collection of previously unpublished papers, written by well known researchers in the psychology of religion, is unique in its broad coverage and in its comparison between quite different and strictly theoretical perspectives. The subjects range from theoretical analyses of social science perspectives on religion and its methods, to reports of experimental, correlational or descriptive studies of religious experience and attitudes. The emphasis throughout is on the directions in which this work might move in the future.
Hardbound, ISBN: 0-08-027948-1, 246 pages , publication date: 1985

132. Psychology Of Religion
Summary of information on research publications in the field of psychology of religion, written by Professor Leslie J Francis.

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Practical Theology Unit Centre for Ministry Studies
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133. CSP - 'Current Perspectives In The Psychology Of Religion' By H. Newton Malony
Council on Spiritual Practices Entheogen Chrestomathy entry.

About CSP
Site Map
Search CSP:
Religion and Psychoactive Sacraments:
An Entheogen Chrestomathy
Thomas B. Roberts, Ph.D. and Paula Jo Hruby, Ed.D.
Author Index
Title Index
Current Perspectives in the Psychology of Religion. Malony, H. Newton. (Editor) (1977).
Grand Rapids, MI: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.
Paperback, 454 pages. Contributors: Gordon W. Allport, Paul F. Barkman, Glen D. Baskett, Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi, Peter L. Benson, David C. Bock, Donn Byrne, Donald E. Capps, Walter Houston Clark, John A. Clippinger, James E. Dittes, William G. T. Douglas, David Elkind, Craig W. Ellison, Robert A. Embree, Kenneth A. Feldman, David A. Flakoll, Richard L. Gorsuch, Joseph Havens, Ralph A. Hood, Jr., Richard A. Hunt, John P. Kildahl, Morton B. King, H. Newton Malony, Sam G. McFarland, Robert L. Pavelsky, Paul W. Pruyser, J. Michael Ross, Victor D. Sanua, James R. Scroggs, Charles M. Spellman, Bernard P. Spilka, John A. Stoudenmire, Orlo Strunk, Jr., and Neil C. Warren. Excerpt(s): A few years ago an inconspicuous member of one of my classes sought me out. The mother of a family, she told me about a religious experience of a mystical nature, a story she had confided to no other living person. Not understanding it, except in its general nature, I listened sympathetically but gave no advice. But the incident seemed to set in motion a psychological and religious process of surprising proportions. Shortly afterward she became active in her church. Now others seek her out to take leadership in discussion groups, and, to her embarrassment, church members refer problems to her that, more appropriately, should go to the pastor. Besides being much more forceful, she is more attractive, and she herself is amazed to find that she is becoming a positive force for good in the community and in her family instead of just another aging housewife.

134. Invitation To The Psychology Of Religion, 2/E - Allyn & Bacon / Longman Catalog
Valuepack(s). RESOURCES. Student DisciplineSpecific. RELATED TITLES. psychology of religion (psychology). Invitation to the psychology of religion, 2/E,1144,0205148409,00.html
Select a Discipline Anthropology Counseling Criminal Justice Deaf Studies / Deaf Education Education: ELL Education: Early Childhood Education Education: Foundations / Intro to Teaching Education: Instructional Technology Education: Special Education English: Composition English: Developmental English: Technical Communication History Humanities Interdisciplinary Studies Philosophy Political Science Psychology Religion Social Work / Family Therapy Sociology by Keyword by Author by Title by ISBN Advanced Search View Cart ABOUT THIS PRODUCT Description Table of Contents Features New To This Edition Appropriate Courses PACKAGE OPTIONS Valuepack(s) RESOURCES Student Discipline-Specific RELATED TITLES Psychology of Religion (Psychology) Invitation to the Psychology of Religion, 2/E View Larger Image Raymond F. Paloutzian Westmont College
ISBN: 0-205-14840-9
Format: Paper; 400 pp
Our Price: $62.00
Status: Instock
Published: 02/13/1996
Add to Cart Instructor Exam Copy Print Product Information Description This newly revised text is the only book on the market to target the mid-level undergraduate student. Providing a well-balanced and thorough look at the psychological literature, this book is meant to be ``an invitation to the psychology of religion, not an encyclopedia of it,'' and therefore, particular emphasis has been placed on writing style as well as scholarship. With ten chapters, the book is long enough to serve as the sole text for a course, yet short enough to allow professors to supplement it with other paperback books and articles of their own choice. This book does not favor any particular point of view, but rather presents equally the many lines of research in this area. The tone is objective, clear, and easy to follow.

135. SASNET: Psychology Of Religion, Uppsala
Division of psychology of religion, Faculty of Theology; Uppsala University. Postal address Teologiska institutionen, Avdelningen för
Division of Psychology of Religion, Faculty of Theology; Uppsala University:
Postal address:
Visiting address:
Web page: Contact person: Professor , phone: +46 (0)18 471 21 84
Ongoing research connected to South Asia:
Professor The Religious Self in Practice at a Hindu Goddess-Temple: A Cultural Psychological Approach for the Psychology of Religion
Abstract of thesis: The main objective of this dissertation is to contribute to the psychology of religion in two ways. First, it adds to theory development in the field, and second, it provides an original field study of Hindu everyday-religiosity. This dual-focused objective is met through the development of theory for a practice-oriented cultural psychology of religion, grounded in a study of a Hindu goddess-temple in Banaras (Varanasi), India.
Back to Research

Search the SASNET Web Index
SASNET - Swedish South Asian Studies Network/Lund University
Phone: +46 46 222 73 40
Webmaster: Lars Eklund
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136. Anglican Theological Review: Psychology Of Religious Behavior, Belief And Experi
Full text of the article, psychology of Religious Behavior, Belief and Experience, The from Anglican Theological Review, a publication in the field of
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ASEE Prism Academe African American Review ... View all titles in this topic Hot New Articles by Topic Automotive Sports Top Articles Ever by Topic Automotive Sports Psychology of Religious Behavior, Belief and Experience, The Anglican Theological Review Summer 1998 by Atkinson, Peter
Save a personal copy of this article and quickly find it again with It's free! Save it. The Psychology of Religious Behavior, Belief and Experience. By Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi and Michael Argyle. London and New York: Routledge, 1997. xii + 256 pp. $21.99 (paper). Continue article Advertisement
It would not do justice to this book, however, to give the impression that its use will be limited to academic research. It would be a well-read item on the shelf of pastoral caregivers who seek increased awareness of the psychological and sociological processes interwoven with such complexity in the religions experience of individual parishioners and the congregations which nurture them. Inevitably though, any such tool has the ability to turn back on its users. Hopefully we, as pastoral caregivers, might also be courageous enough to submit our own experience to its scrutiny. Oh that the public image of-clergy characterized by "sincerity, unselfish concern for the poor and outcast, fearless denunciation of evil from the pulpit, and wise, sympathetic counsel to the erring and perplexed" (p. 63,) cited from a 1962 study, were true. Honest, however, compels a closer interrogation of motives and actions.

137. SAGE Publications - Psychology Of Religion
psychology of religion. Search Results. 1 Product. Title/Subtitle, Lead Author/Editor, Pub Date, Price. ZeNLP The Power to Succeed, Murli Menon, 01/2005 of Religio

138. Alibris: Religion Psychology Of Religion
Used, new outof-print books with subject religion psychology of religion. Offering over 50 million titles from thousands of booksellers worldwide. Psychology of Religion
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139. Virtual Religion Index
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140. Center For The Psyhology Of Religion - KU Leuven - Belgium

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