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         Psychology And Religion:     more books (100)
  1. Buddhist Psychology: The Foundation of Buddhist Thought by Geshe Tashi Tsering, 2006-10-20
  2. The Religion That Kills: Christian Science: Abuse, Neglect, and Mind Control by Linda S. Kramer, 1999-11-22
  3. Evil: Satan, Sin, and Psychology by Terry D. Cooper, Cindy K. Epperson, 2008-09-02
  4. The Invisible Church: Finding Spirituality Where You Are (Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality) by J. Pittman McGehee, Damon J. Thomas, 2008-11-30
  5. Psychology of Missionary Adjustment by Marge Jones, E. Grant Jones, 1995-08
  6. The Wondering Brain: Thinking about Religion With and Beyond Cognitive Neuroscience by Kelly Bulkeley, 2004-11-01
  7. Mind in Buddhist Psychology: Necklace of Clear Understanding by Yeshe Gyaltsen (Tibetan Translation Series) by Herbert V. Guenther, 1975-06-25
  8. The Psychology Of Religious Experience by Edward Scribner Ames, 2004-05-30
  9. The Psychology of Ultimate Concerns: Motivation and Spirituality in Personality by Robert A. Emmons PhD, 2003-07-16
  10. Where God and Science Meet [Three Volumes] [3 volumes]: How Brain and Evolutionary Studies Alter Our Understanding of Religion (Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality) by Patrick McNamara, 2006-09-30
  11. Psychology in Christian Perspective: An Analysis of Key Issues by Harold Faw, 1995-06-01
  12. Religion and the Body (Cambridge Studies in Religious Traditions)
  13. The Link between Religion and Health: Psychoneuroimmunology and the Faith Factor
  14. Philosophy: Back to Basics:Politics, Business, Psychology, Religion and Spirituality by Ronnie Lee, 2009-12-04

81. Accent On Books
Specializes in books on metaphysics, psychology, and religion. Information on featured books, online catalog and contact information.

82. Wheaton College: Faculty: David Wulff
Personality psychology; psychology of religion history, theories, research methods, and philosophical issues; phenomenology of everyday experiences (Wheaton College, MA).
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Faculty profiles
Wheaton catalog Course schedule Academic calendar
David Wulff
Professor of Psychology
Office: Knapton 329
Department(s) and Program(s)
Ph.D., University of Michigan
B.A., Wittenberg University
Th.D.(honorary), Lund University, Sweden
Main Interests
Personality psychology (including theories of personality and methods of assessment); psychology of religion (history, theories, research methods, and philosophical issues); phenomenology of everyday experiences.
Research Interests
My published scholarly work is mainly in the psychology of religion, including my book, Psychology of Religion: Classic and Contemporary (2nd edition; Wiley, 1997). Current projects include the preparation of a collection of my essays on the psychology of religion for republication, the development of a psychology of the conservative mind, and a reassessment of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a remarkably popular assessment device inspired by the psychology of C. G. Jung.
Teaching Interests
In most of my courses, from the basic introductory course to my laboratory in personality assessment, I accent the wide range of perspectives that make up contemporary psychology, from the rigorously scientific approaches at one end of the spectrum to the qualitative-interpretive approaches at the other. My course in the psychology of religion likewise represents a diversity of views. But one of my courses is entirely given over to descriptive-interpretive perspectives: "Experiencing: The Phenomenology of Everyday Life" is a study of phenomenological psychology as it may be applied to a variety of everyday experiencesincluding reading and writing (the course is writing intensive), driving a car, and occupying a hotel roomas well as to experiences that are foreign to most of us, such as being autistic or totally paralyzed.

83. Dr. R. Ruard Ganzevoort
Religious coping; sexual violence and religion; narrative approaches to psychology of religion and pastoral psychology (Kampen Theological University, Netherlands).
[ Home ] Work Life Find! Quick links to parallel pages Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Ruard Ganzevoort, and I am Professor of Pastoral Theology at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Associate Professor (Universitair Hoofddocent) at Kampen Theological University (Theologische Universiteit Kampen). My main areas of interest are pastoral theology and psychology, psychology of religion, narrative approaches, crisis and coping, and sexual abuse and religion. I have published or edited 12 books and some 80 scientific or professional publications. Obviously, the links on top will guide you through this site. Work offers full text or summaries of most publications. Life brings some personal and career information. F ind! your way using the sitemap and search engine. New on this site is information on the masters' program on trauma and theology , offered at Kampen Theological University Please enjoy your stay! If you have any comments, please let me know My locations

84. Higher Education::Psychology Of Religion
Home Social and Behavioral Science psychology psychology of religion. Related Courses. psychology of Gender psychology of religion
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By Keyword By Title By Author By ISBN Home Social and Behavioral Science Psychology Psychology of Religion Related Courses Psychology of Gender
Psychology of Women

Sensation and Perception

Motivation - Psychology
Health Psychology

Psychology of Religion Beneath the Mask: An Introduction to Theories of Personality, 7th Edition
Monte, Sollod
Theories of Personality: Contemporary Approaches to the Science of Personality

Healing East and West: Ancient Wisdom and Modern Psychology
Sheikh, Sheikh, Achterberg by var s_pageName = "Psychology of Religion" var s_server = "" var s_channel = "Courses" var s_pageType = "Course"

85. Loewenthal, Kate
Social, cultural and religious aspects of depression and anxiety; minority groups; gender; psychology of religion (Royal Holloway College, University of London).

86. Psychology Of Religion Links
Notable People in psychology of religion Some psychologist biographies. psychology of religion Pages - Articles, papers and links.
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Psychology of religion links
Submit your site Notable People in Psychology of Religion - Some psychologist biographies. Psychology of Religion Pages - Articles, papers and links. - Links to several articles on psychology of religion.

87. Susan Mcfadden
Role of religion and spirituality in adjustment to the aging process (University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, WI).
Susan McFadden, Ph.D.
CF 22 424-2308
Susan McFadden is the Chair of the UW Oshkosh Psychology Department where she has taught since 1985. Her main interests are in the area of adult development and aging and the psychology of religion. She has combined these interests in a number of research projects and scholarly articles that address the role of religion and spirituality in adjustment to the aging process. Dr. McFadden also works with people with advanced dementia. She is interested in their expressions of creativity, emotion, and sociability, as well as the effects of their living environments on their behavior. Dr. McFadden has many years of teaching experience. She taught high school psychology for one year while she worked on her Master's degree. After earning that degree, she taught psychology at a large community college in New Jersey before she moved to Wisconsin in 1983 and completed her doctoral work in 1984. It has been exciting for her to observe the many changes and developments in psychology since she received her Bachelor's degree from Bucknell University in 1970. She enjoys working with students, especially when they ask good questions and get involved in conducting research. Dr. McFadden received her Ph.D. from Drew University in Madison, NJ. Along the way, from her B.A. to her Ph.D., two children, Kate and Colin, entered her life. She hasn't had much time to develop hobbies through these busy years, although she does love to putter in her flower garden, take long walks, and, of course, read, read, read. She and her husband have a tiny cabin in the Upper Peninsula near Munising where they go for hammock-sitting and eagle-watching, as well as kayaking on Lake Superior.

88. Santa Clara University - College Of Arts And Sciences - Psychology - Faculty -Th
Stress and coping; exercise, personality, and stress; religion and health; professional training issues; sex offending clergy (Santa Clara University, CA).
var gMenuControlID=0; var menus_included = 0; var jsPageAuthorMode = 0; var jsSessionPreviewON = 1; var jsDlgLoader = '/cas/psychology/faculty/loader.cfm'; var jsSiteID = 1; var jsSubSiteID = 486; var kurrentPageID = 42738; document.CS_StaticURL = ""; document.CS_DynamicURL = ""; The Jesuit university in Silicon Valley

Department Manual

Department Description

Thomas G. Plante, Ph.D., ABPP
Title Department Chair
Professor, Psychology Department Mailing Address Santa Clara University
Department of Psychology
500 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95053-0333 Office Phone Other Office Phone Office Fax E-mail
Research Interests
Stress and coping; influence of aerobic exercise and perceived fitness on mood and coping with stess; influence of personality and stress responsivity on health risks and behavior; religion and health; professional training issues; sex offending clergy; ethical decision making.
Classes Taught
  • Psychology as a Social Science
  • Psychology as a Natural Science
  • Health Psychology
    • Syllabus ( PDF
    Psychosomatic Medicine
  • Abnormal Psychology
    • Syllabus ( PDF
    Ethics in Psychology
    • Syllabus ( PDF
    Ethics in Psychology (SCU Summer Durham Program)
    • Syllabus ( PDF
    Advanced Topics in Clinical/Abnormal Psychology
    • Syllabus ( PDF
    Representative Publications
    Plante, T.G. (2004).

89. University Of New England - Page Not Found
Call for papers and registration details for 2nd Annual Conference of the New England Institute for Cognitive Science and Evolutionary psychology (NEI). Portland, Maine, August 1213, 2003.
University of New England
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90. FCRP Home Page
Quaker community meeting annually at a Memorial Day Weekend conference dedicated to individual spiritual exploration with a focus on Jungian psychology. Registration forms and program; also includes several articles on the Quakers and Jung.
About FCRP

Logo Origin



2005 Conference

Interest Groups

General Information

Conference Schedule
Articles Transf.of the Light Inward Light Directory Washington FCRP Purpose Feb 2005 Conference Welcome, Friends, welcome. You have discovered one of the best-kept secrets of the Religious Society of Friends. Our 2005 Memorial Day weekend Conference is over. The brochure will remain here until next Spring. You may still Become a Member We warmly welcome new members whether they come for one Conference or choose to become part of our ever-evolving community and network. Our history Files in Portable Document Format(PDF) Links to other websites: Quaker WebRing Join Now Ring Hub Random Carl Gustav Jung Web Ring Join Now Ring Hub Random Contact us at

psychology of religion. view by date, view by topic, view by author, view by replies. Discuss the science of psychology, and the science and spirituality of

92. Person, Culture And Religion Group/ American Academy Of Religion
Forum associated with the American Academy of religion for those with shared backgrounds in the fields of psychology, religion, and cultural theology. Fulltext newsletter and papers for download; discussion list.
NEW PCR News , Summer 2005 PCR Session Listings for 2005 Meeting in Philadelphia Full AAR meeting program now on AAR site 2004 PCR Session Listing : Annual Meeting November 2004.
Draft papers from sessions are still online American Academy of Religion . It sponsors both formal academic sessions during the AAR Annual meeting each year and pre-sessions that offer a more informal and participatory format. At this site you can find more information about PCR and how to become a Member , and who serves on the Steering Committee . You can read back issues of the PCR News , join the PCR-List Electronic Maillist or take a look at the PCR Bibliography of works inspired by group sessions. You can find information and pre-meeting papers for the Annual Meetings , along with Guidelines for Presenters at PCR sessions. Any other questions? Contact us at PCR-LIST: Online Discussion via E-mail PCR-LIST: for ongoing discussions
via e-mail PCR offers an electronic forum by way of

93. Content Pages Of The Encyclopedia Of Religion And Social Science
Across schools of psychology, religion is approached substantively or Religious psychology argues for the latter while psychology of religion assumes
Encyclopedia of Religion
and Society
William H. Swatos, Jr. Editor Table of Contents Cover Page Editors Contributors ... Web Version PSYCHOLOGY OF RELIGION
Takes religious phenomena as objects of inquiry either to be described or to be explained by principles of psychology. Relationships between psychology and religion are complicated by the fact that little consensus exists on the meaning of either of these terms. Psychology is less a single science than a generic discipline defined by the methods and procedures that, when consensually shared, identify the various schools of psychology. These schools have produced largely distinct literatures and research traditions that collectively constitute the current psychology of religion. Each school is itself heterogeneous so that even in identifying a particular school it is best to refer to it in the plural. Across schools of psychology, religion is approached substantively or functionally. Substantive approaches define religion by its content or by its specific practices, focusing upon such phenomena as belief in God, conversion, or prayer. Functional approaches define religion by specific processes that explain how religion operates in individual's lives. Debates continue as to whether or not there are unique contents or processes in the psychology of religion. Religious psychology argues for the latter while psychology of religion assumes that processes in religion are not different from in other areas of investigation.

94. Religion > Psychology Of Religion
Handbook of the psychology of religion and Spirituality Redattori Crystal L. Park, Raymond F. Paloutzian Guilford Publications, August 2005
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Reparto Selezionato
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Art Computers Cooking ... True Crime
Psychology of Religion
Handbook of the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality

Redattori: Crystal L. Park, Raymond F. Paloutzian
Guilford Publications, August 2005
From foremost authorities in the field, this comprehensive volume synthesizes the breadth of current knowledge on the psychological processes underlying spirituality, religious behavior, and religious experience. Presented are cutting-edge theories, conceptual frameworks, methodologies, and empirical findings emerging from all psychological subdisciplines. Coverage includes the neural... ( Continua
An Order Outside Time: A Jungian View of the Higher Self from Egypt to Christ

Autore: Robert B. Clarke Hampton Roads Publishing Company, July 2005 "An Order Outside Time is a reinterpretation of Western Spirituality through Jungian symbolism, including Jung's concept of individuationan individual's journey from their lowest to highest selfa process documented throughout world mythology and referred to as The Hero's Journey by Joseph Campbell in his best-selling "The... ( Continua The Psychology of Religious Fundamentalism Autori: Ralph W. Hood

95. Psychology Of Religion
psychology of religion areas of research and academic interest.

96. Religious And Theological Abstracts
J of psychology Judaism J of psychology Theology J of religion J of religion Health J of the psychology of religion J of Theological Studies
Religious and Theological Abstracts provides objective summaries of articles appearing in scholarly journals in the fields of Religion and Theology.
W e list a wide variety of periodical literature, including Christian, Jewish, and other world religions, and provide English language abstracts of articles in English, Hebrew, Afrikaans, and major European languages. Religious and Theological Abstracts
uses javascript and cookies: Test 1: JavaScript : Does your browser process JavaScript? If there's no reply, you need to enable JavaScript in your browser, then reload this page. Test 2: Cookies : Does your browser accept cookies? Note: If your browser does not run JavaScript , this test is not valid.
Enable scripting per the instructions above and reload this page. Religious and Theological Abstracts - Classification of Abstracts
Biblical - Theological - Historical - Practical
I. Biblical A. General 1. Texts and Versions
2. Introduction
3. Hermeneutics - Theology

97. Empirical Explorations Of Prayer, Distant Healing, And Remote Mental Influence
Article by William Braud (Institut for Transpersonal psychology), originally in Journal of religion and Psychical Research. PDF

98. Narrative Psychology: Theology And Religious Studies; Moral Development
International Journal for the psychology of religion, 11, 4562. Theology and religious studies. Narrative psychology Internet and resource guide.
Last updated: June 10, 2003 Narrative Psychology Search
Narrative in Other Disciplines Theology and Religious Studies; Moral Development

"In the beginning was the word..." Jn 1:1 "Jesus was not a theologian; He was God who told stories." - Madeleine L'Engle
Internet Bibliographical Theorists The decidedly odd word "religion" Foundations in Literary Criticism and Theories of Hermeneutics The 20th century has seen other narrative paths opened by theological scholars. Some theologians reflect upon the propensity of human beings to structure their experiences narratively as a core datum in approaching God's interaction with the world of persons. Narrative as method in theology follows upon the philosophical work of Paul Ricoeur , and others. Moral Development . Though not actually a subfield of theology, a related question taken up here is the use of narrative in understanding moral development and practice. Figures such as James Day and Mark Tappan have effectively deployed narrative research and evaluative strategies to understand the moral growth of children and adults.

99. Syllabus For Psychology Of Religion
The psychology of religion and coping. New York Guilford Press. Ch. 1,2. Pp. 3442. psychology of religion Classic and contemporary views.
Psychology S3625Q
The Psychology of Religion
Israela Silberman
Summer Session II, 2001
TuTh 5:30-8:40
Description Rationale Objectives Requirements ... Syllabus
I. Course description
Prerequisites : An introductory psychology course or the instructor's permission. Introduction to the major issues, theories and empirical approaches to the psychology of religion through critical analysis of both classic and modern texts. The course illuminates the role of religion as a powerful meaning system that can affect the lives of individuals in terms of their beliefs, motivations, emotions and behaviors, and can influence their interactions on both interpersonal and intergroup levels. back to top
II. The rationale for giving the course.
This advanced undergraduate seminar will meet the Group III (Social, Personality, and Abnormal) distribution requirement for the major, minor, or concentration in psychology. Currently the psychology department offers only few advanced courses in Group III at the 3000 levels (specifically for undergraduates). Religion has been a vital and pervasive feature of human life throughout history (Smart, 1984) and in current societies, where most people regard themselves as followers of a religious tradition (Beit-Hallachmie et. al., 1997). Predictions for the future made by lay Americans suggest that the 21st century could be the most religious and spiritual century in 500 years (Gallup, 2000).

100. Theology Teaching And Learning Resources - Paper
Paper 38 psychology of religion. Paper 38. psychology of religion psychology of religion is concerned with human experience and behaviour associated

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