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         Psychology And Religion:     more books (100)
  1. Beyond Religion: A Personal Program for Building a Spiritual Life Outside the Walls of Traditional Religion by Ph.D. David N. Elkins, 1998-10-01
  2. Soren Kierkegaard's Christian Psychology: Insight for Counseling & Pastoral Care by C. Stephen Evans, 1995-04-01
  3. Spirit and Psyche: A New Paradigm for Psychology, Psychoanalysis, and Psychotherapy by Victor L. Schermer, 2003-02
  4. Psychology and Religion: An Introduction by Michael Argyle, 2000-02-03
  5. Approaches to the Study of Religion by Peter Connolly, 2001-11-30
  6. Philosophical Psychology: Psychology, Emotions, and Freedom (John Henry Cardinal Newman Lectures)
  7. Introduction to Psychology and Counseling: Christian Perspectives and Applications by Frank B. Minirth, Frank B. Wichern, et all 1991-08-01
  8. Toward a Positive Psychology of Religion: Belief Science in the Postmodern Era by Robert Rocco Cottone, 2011-01-16
  9. The Psychology of Buddhist Tantra by Rob Preece, 2006-12-25
  10. Why Psychology Needs Theology: A Radical-Reformation Perspective
  11. Psychological Theories of Religion by James Forsyth, 2002-06-29
  12. Religion and Science (Gifford Lectures Series) by Ian G. Barbour, 1997-09-10
  13. Faith And Psychology: Personality, Religion And the Individual (Exploring Faith S.) by Leslie J. Francis, 2005-06-30
  14. Psychology and the Bible: A New Way to Read the Scriptures (Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality)

61. Lee Kirkpatrick's Home Page
Evolutionary psychology; psychology of religion; adult attachment and close relationships; statistics, psychometrics, and research methods; social and personality psychology (College of William and Mary, Virginia).
Lee A. Kirkpatrick
Associate Professor of Psychology
Office: Millington Hall #249
Phone: (757) 221-3997
Fax: (757) 221-3896
Primary Research Interests:
  • Evolutionary Psychology Psychology of Religion Adult Attachment and Close Relationships Social and Personality Psychology
Complete Vitae [ Acrobat (.pdf) format
Publications by Area:
Fall 2005 Course Syllabi:
Syllabi from Last Semester:
University Links:
Recent Publications:
  • Handbook of the psychology of religion . New York: Guilford.
    elf-esteem issues and answers: A source book of current perspectives . New York: Psychology Press.
    Aggressive Behavior abstract
    Behavioral and Brain Sciences Group Processes and Intergroup Relations abstract
    International Journal for the Psychology of Religion abstract
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 41

62. The Psychology Of Religion
and the first popular fallacy about the psychology of religion which we There is yet another theory of the psychology of religion that we must consider.
Little Blue Book No. 446
Edited by E. Haldeman-Julius
[HTML by Cliff Walker] The Psychology of Religion
Joseph McCabe Haldeman-Julius Publications
Girard, Kansas
Haldeman-Julius Company
Printed in the United States of America The Psychology of Religion Contents The Psychology of Religion Chapter I
Our Age Of Psychology Some years ago I wrote a work, The Evolution of Mind, in which I used almost the entire teaching of four or five branches of science to throw light on one single issue: whether mind is a function of the nervous system and how, as such, it came into being. I then held the eccentric opinion that the first object of any science was to tell us the nature of the reality or realities it studied; that the first question which thoughtful people would put to a science of mind is, in view of the world-wide interest in the subject, whether the mind is a spiritual intruder in a material universe or merely a function of the steadily developing nervous system. And the only men who failed to appreciate my work were the psychologists. "That," said a St. Louis professor, fraternally but firmly, to me, "is not psychology." The evolution of psychology is a proof that science has not yet completely emancipated itself from its serfdom to religious beliefs. It was originally a branch of philosophy, and its chief purpose was to serve religion by furnishing convincing proofs that the soul is spiritual and immortal. In proportion as the methods of science were adopted in it, and arguments of a philosophical character were eliminated, the aim of the science was changed. Half a century ago it abandoned the word "soul," and it threw out the question of immortality as a minor irrelevance to be wrangled over by Materialists, Christians, Spiritualists, and Theosophists.

Antiquarian, old and rare titles, specializing in metaphysics, Eastern religion, psychology and poetry.
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Thaddeus Books
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Eastern Religion
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Psychology Americana
... Religion/Theology
4404 N.E. Going
Portland OR 97218 Phone us at:(503) 281-6689 Click here to Email us
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64. Teaching Clinical Psychology - Psychology Of Religion Syllabus
This course explores the psychological aspects of religious experiences and the social psychological dynamics of religious groups and organizations.
Psychology of Religion
(Psy 370 - Special Topics) Dr. John Suler Science and Technology Center, Rm 320
Rider University - (609-895-5430)
This course explores the psychological aspects of religious experiences and the social psychological dynamics of religious groups and organizations. Do not expect that we will answer such questions as "Does God exist" or "Which religion is right?" This is not what the course is about. We may, however, explore the psychological factors related to believing (or not believing) in "God" and to following particular religious traditions. The course mostly involves small and large group discussions, experiential exercises, and some videos. There are few "lectures." You will be strongly encouraged to think about and share your opinions, beliefs, and experiences. Grades are based on four exams (on the four required books) and on a journal. You will do A LOT of writing in this journal.
Readings The Empty Mirror: Experiences in a Japanese Zen Monastery, by Janwillem van de Wetering
On Life after Death, by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

65. Ecumenical Center
Helping people to attain a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit with a spiritual based counseling center that brings the art of medical science and psychology together.

Tips for helping
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For parents, teachers, school counselors,
... New: Faith Based Support Group For Healing Sexual Abuse In times of pain and distress . . .
In times of searching for meaning . . .
In times of professional growth and exploration . . . The Ecumenical Center for Religion and Health
embodies hope through . . . counseling . . .
consultation . . .
and education. Our Centers
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66. Faculty Of Liberal Arts, Thammasat University : ¤³ÐÈÔÅ»ÈÒʵÃì ÁË
Thai and international programs in psychology, Philosophy and religion, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, German, French, English Language and Literature, Linguistics, History, Library and Information Science, and Geography.
History and objectives of the Faculty of Liberal Arts Administrators, Administrative Board, Organization chart Academic Calendar for regular and international programs Summer English camp abroad, scholarship news Student exchange and study abroad programs Computer services, English language center and library Research abstracts ,research database General catalog online Student life Faculty publications Academic services and training : List of faculty members
News and Events Quick Links News and events Basic Thai for Foreigners Download The British and American Studies International Program Seminar ... Thai Tourism Research Database ( Research Database )

67. Raymond Lull (1235?-1316)
His place in the history of science, particularly psychology and medicine. Rather flippant about religion and somewhat dismissive of Lull.

68. DU Press Home
Publishing in medieval studies, philosophy, psychology, and religion.
New and Forthcoming Books Divine Subjection
The Rhetoric of Sacramental Devotion in Early Modern England
by: Gary Kuchar Combining theoretically engaged analyses with historically contextualized close readings, Divine Subjection posits new ways of understanding the relations between devotional literature and early modern English culture. More... ISBN 0-8207-0370-2 / Cloth / $58.00 Milton and the Rhetoric of Zeal
by: Thomas Kranidas This study describes a rhetoric of radical excess that developed among the Puritan wing of English Protestantism throughout the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and evolves into a comparison of the radical Puritan rhetoric and the rhetoric of the radical movement of the 1960s and the 1970s. More... ISBN 0-8207-0361-3 / Cloth / $58.00 Freud's Traumatic Memory
Reclaiming Seduction Theory and Revisiting Oedipus by Mary Marcel By analyzing Freud's arguments, recovered memories from self-analysis and mis-use of classical sources, Marcel uncovers why Freud turned away from the seduction theory, misconstrued Oedipus, and was unable to cure his own neurosis. More...

69. The Evolutionary Psychology Of Religion
Anyone who is interested in the evolutionary psychology of religion would enjoy Pascal BoyerÕs religion Explained and Scott Atran called In Gods We Trust.
The Evolutionary Psychology of Religion
Steven Pinker
Harvard University Presented at the annual meeting of the Freedom from Religion Foundation, Madison, Wisconsin, October 29, 2004, on receipt of ÒThe EmperorÕs New Clothes Award.Ó Thank you very much; this is a tremendous honor. I look forward to displaying the Emperor proudly in my office at Harvard. It's a special honor to be here on the occasion that is recognizing the accomplishments of Anne Gaylor and I'd like to express my appreciation for the wonderful work that she has done in this Foundation. Do we have a ÒGod gene,Ó or a ÒGod moduleÓ? I'm referring to claims that a number of you may have noticed. Just last week, a cover story of Time magazine was called "The God Gene: Does our deity compel us to seek a higher power?" Believe it or not, some scientists say yes. And a number of years earlier, there were claims that the human brain is equipped with a ÒGod module,Ó a subsystem of the brain shaped by evolution to cause us to have a religious belief. "Brain's God module may affect religious intensity," according to the headline of the Los Angeles Times . In this evening's talk, I want to evaluate those claims.

70. Department Of Religious Studies - California State University, Chico
Department of Religious Studies. The academic study of religion at CSU, Chico, focuses on a) historical studies of Eastern and Western religious traditions; b)textual studies of the sacred writings in religious traditions; c) methodological studies which seek to understand and interpret religious traditions and cultural symbols; and d)cognate studies which relate religion to aspects of culture such as literature and the arts, ethics and law, psychology, sociology, and philosophy.
239 Trinity Hall
Chico, California
Phone: 530/898-5661
Fax: 530/898-5468
Introduction to the Department of Religious Studies
Welcome to the Department of Religious Studies at CSU, Chico. Religious Studies is an interdisciplinary field that examines religious ideas, symbols, practices, and institutions from the perspectives of history, textual studies, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, psychology, and other disciplines. Our program is cross-cultural and comparative, and highlights the complex relationship of religion to other areas of culture. In addition to courses exploring the development of all the major religious traditions of the world, we offer courses that probe the role of religion in ethics and law, gender constructs, literature, the visual arts, and a variety of contemporary social and political issues. The Department has grown from its establishment in 1974 to a Department of 13 active scholars working in many areas of the discipline. We offer programs of study leading to a BA or minor in Religious Studies, and a minor in Ethics. Browse our website for information on courses, faculty, on- and off-campus resources, and information about careers and graduate school in Religious Studies. Our award-winning faculty consistently earn the highest marks for quality teaching and student-faculty encounters. We invite you to drop by the Department for a meeting with the academic advisor or any member of the faculty. They will be happy to talk with you about what they teach and what excites them about our field.

71. Graduate Studies, School Of
Offers graduate programs in administrative leadership; biblical studies; counselling psychology; and religion, culture, and ethics. Includes detailed program information, admissions and applications, faculty and staff profiles, event calendar, and student information.

72. Spring Journal And Books
Spring Journal and Books focuses on the areas of Jungian psychology, mythology, philosophy, culture, and religion. We publish scholarly journals and books in these fields of interest.
Home Spring Journal History Contributors to Spring Advisory Board Upcoming Themes ... Advertising Spring Journal Books Our Authors Studies in Archetypal Psychology Series Assisi Series Forthcoming Books ... Manuscript Submissions Online Store Spring Journals Spring Journal Subscriptions Spring Journal Books Eranos Yearbooks ... Contact Us Spring: A Journal of Archetype and Culture is the oldest Jungian psychology journal in the world. Published twice a year, each Spring Journal is organized around a theme and offers articles and book reviews in the areas of archetypal psychology, mythology, and Jungian psychology. Spring 73 - CINEMA and PSYCHE is at the printer and will be available at the end of September. It is the first issue of Spring devoted exclusively to film and depth psychology with articles and book reviews by these leading scholars and Jungian analysts:
  • John Beebe Ginette Paris Linda Leonard David Tacey John Izod Don Fredericksen James Palmer Ingela Romare Ingmarie McElvain Terrill L. Gibson Christopher Hauke Paul Bishop Susan Rowland Luke Hockley Michael Conforti Glen Slater Dennis Slattery Susan Olson Marilyn Marshall Jane Alexander Stewart
Pre-order your copy now to receive Spring 73 - Cinema And Psyche as soon as it is off the press. Due to Hurricane Katrina, Spring has arranged for all orders to be mailed out from Lafayette, Louisiana, so that our subscribers and other customers will not experience any delay in receiving their orders.

73. CIHS - Mind Body Spirit Studies Energy Medicine Research
Information on graduate level education and training services in the disciplines of Life Physics, Comparative religion and Philosophy, and ClinicalCounseling psychology. Includes message from president, program description, course schedule, admission information, and registration form.

74. Virtual Religion Index
Directory of resources covering religious experience, therapies, and psychological theory.
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75. California Institute Of Integral Studies
Degree program in comparative and crosscultural studies, philosophy, religion, psychology, cultural anthropology, health studies, and the arts.
Degree Programs - Quicklinks School of Professional Psychology: - Clinical Psychology - Integral Counseling Psychology - Drama Therapy - Expressive Arts Therapy - Somatic Psychology School of - East-West Psychology - Transformative Leadership - Integrative Health Studies - Women's Spirituality Bachelor of Arts Completion Program: - Interdisciplinary Studies Online Degree Programs - Transformative Leadership Go Directly To . . . Request Information Information For Prospective Students Admissions - How to Apply - Application Deadlines Financial Aid Schedule of Classes Tuition Information Online Registration Calendar of Events Spirit in the Arts Jobs at CIIS Distance Learning Campus Safety

76. Psychology Of Religion Books And Articles - Research Psychology Of
psychology of religion Scholarly books and articles on psychology of religion at Questia, world s largest online library and research service.

77. Open Court Publishing Company
Publishes books in philosophy, eastern thought, psychology, comparative religion, social issues, and popular culture. Features new releases, and mailing list.

Information Home Inquiries Catalog Search
All Titles
New Releases Forthcoming Books SALE Titles ... Popular Culture and Philosophy Series
Psychology Religion Science Social Issues ... Popular Culture and Philosophy Just Released Five Ways Patricia Can Kill Her Husband : A Theory of Intentionality and Blame Leo Zaibert “Zaibert makes an important contribution to our understanding of the relationship of intention and blame, and articulates a powerful and convincing theory of culpability. I came away from this book impressed by the range and the depth of learning Zaibert displays.
. . . a first-rate philosopher.”

—Austin Sarat author of When the State Kills Guerrilla Metaphysics : Phenomenology and the Carpentry of Things Graham Harman “. . . a metaphysics that would give another meaning to the slogan ‘To the things themselves!’ This fully deserves the title of guerrilla warfare, though Harman, instead of wearing Che Guevara’s beret, has adopted William James’s splendid style to bring us back to the buzzing, blooming world.”
—Bruno Latour, author of

Archived cognitive science of religion email discussion list, focusing particularly on anthropological and cognitive developmental psychology research investigating the formation and transmission of religious ideas.
List Archives Subscriber's Corner
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... Archive Search Archives of COG-SCI-REL-L@JISCMAIL.AC.UK
Cognitive science of religion list The cog-sci-rel-l mailing list serves the interdisciplinary community of scholars researching the cognitive science of religion. Its purpose is to share ideas, discuss potential collaboration, announce events and forthcoming publications, seek advice, and generally keep up-to-date with new ideas. Discussion focuses particularly on the growing field of anthropological and cognitive developmental psychology research investigating the formation and transmission of religious ideas.

79. Psychology Of Religion Research And Teaching Exchange
International database of research interests and contact details of professional psychologists of religion, including those without their own webpages.

80. Psychology Of Religion: Information From
psychology of religion The psychology of religion involves the gathering and classification of data (usually wide ranging) and the building of the.
showHide_TellMeAbout2('false'); Business Entertainment Games Health ... More... On this page: Wikipedia Mentioned In Or search: - The Web - Images - News - Blogs - Shopping psychology of religion Wikipedia psychology of religion The psychology of religion involves the gathering and classification of data (usually wide ranging) and the building of the explanations of the psychological processes underlying the religious experiences and beliefs.
Psychoanalytical studies
Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) gave explanations of the genesis of religion in various of his writings. In Totem and Taboo he applied the idea of the Oedipus complex (involving unresolved sexual feelings of, forexample, a son toward his mother and hostility toward his father) and postulated its emergence in the primordial stage of human development. In Moses and Monotheism Freud reconstructed biblical history in accord with his general theory, but biblical scholars and historians would not accept his account since it was in opposition to the point of view of the accepted criteria of historical evidence. His ideas were also developed in The Future of an Illusion . When Freud spoke of religion as an illusion , he maintained that it is a fantasy structure from which a man must be set free if he is to grow to maturity; and in his treatment of the unconscious he moved toward

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