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         Psychologists:     more books (100)
  1. The Greatest Psychologist Who Ever Lived: Jesus and the Wisdom of the Soul --2002 publication. by Mark W. Baker, 2002
  2. How to Handle Your Child Custody Case: A Guide for Parents, Psychologists, and Attorneys by Leonard, Ph.D. Diamond, 1989-08
  3. Investor Therapy: A Psychologist and Investing Guru Tells You How to Out-Psych Wall Street by Richard Geist, 2003-09-23
  4. The Secret Revolution: A Psychologist's Adventures in Education by Dr. Emmanuel, Bernstein, 2007-02-21
  5. Psychologists on the March: Science, Practice, and Professional Identity in America, 1929-1969 (Cambridge Studies in the History of Psychology) by James H. Capshew, 1999-01-13
  6. Delivering Doctor Amelia: The Story of a Gifted Young Obstetrician's Error and the Psychologist Who Helped Her by Dan Shapiro, 2004-07-13
  7. For want of a child: A psychologist and his wife explore the emotional effects and challenges of infertility (The Continuum counseling library) by James McGuirk, 1991
  8. Your Divorce Advisor : A Lawyer and a Psychologist GuideYou Through the Legal and Emotional Landscape of Divorce by Diana Mercer, Marsha Kline Pruett, 2001-02
  9. The psychologist's sensational cookbook by Leonard Pearson, 1974
  10. The Broken Circle: A Forensic Psychologist Jill Kennedy and DCI Max Trentham Mystery by Shirley Wells, 2010-05-01
  11. History of the Association of Black Psychologists: Profiles of Outstanding Black Psychologists by Robert Williams, 2008-08-05
  12. How to do Research: A Psychologist's Guide by JonathanSt B T Evans, 2005-09-30
  13. The New Toughness Training for Sports: Mental Emotional Physical Conditioning from One of the World's Premier Sports Psychologists by James E. Loehr, 1995-11-01
  14. Finding Your Way through Cancer: An Expert Cancer Psychologist Helps Patients and Survivors Face the Challenges of Illness by Andrew Kneier, 2010-08-24

101. Home Page
Committee directories, conference schedules, job openings, and resource links.
NJASP N ew J ersey A ssociation of S chool P sychologists
Welcome to the New Jersey Association of School Psychologist Website
Our website provides school psychologists with many resources. We post our state and local conference information on it. We have a list of state mental health therapists, neurologists, and psychiatrists organized by county. The website also contains job openings , a list of audio/visual library resources, and other school psychology-related links. Click on our various hoover buttons for more information. You can join our listserv function which we use to email our members the latest information, including current legislation, advocacy, and other issues to keep you "in the know". Click on the Mailing List button on the left to subscribe to our e-mailing list and receive the latest School Psychology related information online, directly to your e-mail address. You can also join our Yahoo discussion group to exchange ideas, information and concerns with other school psychologists by clicking on the Yahoo Group button below.
NJASP EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETINGS We encourage our members to attend our monthly board meetings. Meetings begin at 5:30 p.m. and are held on the following dates at the Holiday Inn off of Exit 8A of the New Jersey Turnpike. Contact our current president, Diane Karvelas at

102. Welcome To Consulting Psychologists Press!
Catalog of professional tests MBTI, Strong, CPI and DaviesBlack Publishing tools, and other leading information resource for psychological type, career interests, employee selection, and organizational change.
use a keyword,
product number,
or a phrase to search
Administer the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument online using the SkillsOne site, your #1 trainer resource.
  • individual and group results
  • training videos, books, guides
  • personalized online assessments
CareerHub Where people go to develop and launch careers CPP Launches First Full-Service Online Training Community
Introduction to Type
in Organizations Help employees understand their workplace preferences and reduce stress and conflict. Leadership Report Using FIRO-B and MBTI Explore and expand your clients' understanding of their leadership style. TKI Help clients see through conflict to resolution using the powerful Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument Order products now! CPP is the exclusive publisher of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI Strong Interest Inventory , FIRO-B , CPI
and TKI instruments, and the parent company of Xicom , Incorporated. Davies-Black Publishing is the book imprint of CPP. Comments or suggestions about our new site? Click here
We accept the following credit cards:
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, MBTI, Introduction to Type, Davies-Black and its colophon

103. Home Page
Professional association for academic, clinical, and other chartered psychologists. Includes details of publications, forthcoming conferences and events, and career development information.
Text Only A-Z Login Site Map ... Contact Us Search the website:
The Research Digest

The Psychologist

The Directory of Chartered Psychologists

Visit Media Centre...

Your society website, tailored by you, simply choose the area that applies to you and access the relevant information.
The Public - What is Psychology, Services, more...
Practitioners - Code of Conduct, CPD, more...
Students - Careers, Courses, more...
International - Working in the UK, Qualifications, more... - Funding, Researchers, more... Journalists - Press Releases, Contacts, more... About the Society With over 40,000 members, The British Psychological Society (BPS) is the representative body for psychologists and psychology in the UK. By its Royal Charter the Society is charged with national responsibility for the development, promotion and application of psychology for the public good. A B C D ... ^ Top of Page

104. Vermont Secretary Of State - Office Of Professional Regulation - Psychologists
size= 1 , Drop Down List of Professions, Accountancy, Acupuncture, Architecture, Athletic Trainer, Auctioneer, Barber Cosmetology, Boxing, Chiropractic
VERMONT SECRETARY OF STATE - Deborah L.Markowitz Text Version of Drop Down List size="1"> Drop Down List of Professions Accountancy Acupuncture Architecture Athletic Trainer Auctioneer Barber Cosmetology Boxing Chiropractic Crematory Establishment Dental Dietician Electrolysis Engineer Funeral Service Hearing Aid Dispenser Land Surveyor Marriage/Family Therapy Mental Health Counselor Licensed Midwife Motor Vehicle Racing Naturopath Nursing Nursing Home Administrator Occupational Therapy Opticians Optometry Osteopath Pharmacy Physical Therapy Private Investigative/Security Psychoanalysis Psychology Psychotherapy Radiologic Technology Real Estate Appraiser Real Estate Broker/Salesperson Respiratory Care Practitioner Social Worker Tattooists/Body Piercers Veterinary OPR Home Conduct Decisions Individual Search Database Downloads ...
Board of Psychological Examiners

For questions, e-mail or call: Peggy Atkins Board Members
Licensure: FAQs

EPPP Examination: FAQs
Vermont Psychological Assoc.

Online Forms and Applications
Adobe PDF Format Only. If you do not have Adobe Reader you can Download it by clicking this link...

105. 4151 Psychologists
psychologists assess and diagnose behavioural, emotional and cognitive psychologists help clients work toward the maintenance and enhancement of
Quick Search Find an occupational description by entering its four-digit NOC code.
Psychologists Psychologists assess and diagnose behavioural, emotional and cognitive disorders, counsel clients, provide therapy and research and apply theory relating to behaviour and mental processes. Psychologists help clients work toward the maintenance and enhancement of physical, intellectual, emotional, social and interpersonal functioning. Psychologists work in private practice or in institutions such as clinics, correctional facilities, hospitals, mental health facilities, rehabilitation centres, community service organizations, businesses, schools and universities, and government and private research agencies.
Example Titles
clinical psychologist
experimental psychologist
psychological associate
research psychologist
>>View all titles

Main duties
Psychologists perform some or all of the following duties:
  • Examine and assess behaviour, diagnose behavioural, emotional and cognitive disorders, counsel clients and provide therapy
  • Help clients manage physical illness and disorders
  • Counsel individuals and groups to achieve more effective personal, social and vocational development and adjustment and offer mediation services

106. Liam Healy And Associates
UK based occupational psychologists specialising in psychometrics, selection and development, assessment and development centres, psychometric test software publishing, and personal development/career counselling.

107. College Of Psychologists Of BC
Welcome to the College of psychologists of British Columbia.
Welcome to the College of Psychologists of British Columbia.

108. JCA (Occupational Psychologists) Ltd
A consulting firm of occupational psychologists focused on people assessment and development.
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Click here to enter the site.

109. Most Gays, Psychologists Reject Conversion - U.S. News -
Gay rights groups and mainstream psychological professionals are joining forces to fight a growing conservative Christian philosophy that preaches that
Skip navigation U.S. News Hurricane Katrina The Changing Court ... Most Popular NBC NEWS MSNBC TV Today Show Nightly News Meet the Press ... U.S. News
Most gays, psychologists reject conversion
Support groups, professionals coordinate to counter Christian activism
Alex Johnson Reporter MSNBC Alex Johnson Reporter Profile BELLEVUE, Wash. - "God loves you, but -" Many of the nearly 150 people gathered in the sanctuary of Newport Presbyterian Church were already nodding in agreement before Jallen Rix could finish the thought. "'God loves you, but - '" he was saying. "That is not unconditional love." He still performs, but now he is equally as well known - probably better known, in fact - as a gay Christian activist and educator exposing what he says is the damage done to gay men and lesbians by religious and psychological programs that seek to reverse their homosexuality. Rix knows the effects firsthand. Raised in a Southern Baptist household, he attended an evangelical college and tried what is known as "conversion therapy." It didn't work. For the last few years, Rix has been working on a doctorate in sexology and speaking at events like this, a one-day conference organized in suburban Seattle by Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, or PFLAG. Called Love Welcomes All, it was put together in direct response to a much bigger nearby conference put on two weeks earlier by Focus on the Family, the international evangelical ministry led by Dr. James Dobson, who believes homosexuality is largely a learned condition that can be treated.

110. Online Assessments For Counselors, Psychologists And HR Professionals
Provides human resource professionals, counselors and psychologists with quality screening and development assessments in a convenient online format.
test drive assessments prices about New Users Click here to take our online testing system for a free test drive. To apply for the keys to your very own full featured account, click here
Take a Test Test Code Password Forgot your test code or password?
Access Your Account Account Code Password Forgot your account information? Welcome to SigmaTesting.Com, the online testing site of Sigma Assessment Systems, Inc . We offer counselors, psychologists and human resource professionals online access and to our highly regarded assessment instruments . SigmaTesting.Com provides quality solutions in the aptitude measurement career planning leadership development personality and behavior , and selection testing areas. Ready to start testing online? Your SigmaTesting.Com account allows you to administer assessments to your clients - no matter where they are located. Easy-to-use options allow you to track their progress, review their responses, and instantly access their reports. Click here to apply for a SigmaTesting.Com account. It's quick and easy.

111. Society Of Australasian Social Psychologists
Society of Australasian Social psychologists. Constitution (Rules of the Society of Australasian Social Psycholgists). Information (general information

112. Executive Development, Management, Leadership, Uk
Leadership development in the UK and assessment services, training and team building by chartered occupational psychologists
executive development - management development - leadership development - assessment services - training and team building by Perspectives Consulting Chartered Occupational Psychologists in the UK
Perspectives - Chartered Occupational Psychologists
Perspectives is an Occupational Psychology Consultancy. We provide tailored executive development and assessment services in response to business needs. Our expertise enables leaders to understand and leverage their unique talents. Clients are typically large corporates and growing SMEs.
Perspectives is an established consultancy with a reassuring 'track record'. Our qualified Occupational Psychologists have consulted widely; our core team has over 50 years experience between them. Our clients' quotes support our claims that we are consistently professional in our approach. Our work addresses a wide variety of business needs. Some common ones include finding ways to develop individuals for new demands in their jobs, helping teams to work more effectively together, identifying, retaining and developing key people, and communicating organisational changes effectively. At Perspectives we use our understanding of clients' needs, combined with our professional expertise and insight, to come up with the right solution for each client situation. We offer solutions in the areas of

113. Career Psychologists
The Internet System for Education and Employment Knowledge (ISEEK) is Minnesota s website for career exploration, education and training, employment and

114. Psychology
Team of psychologists led by William Miller and Harold Delaney working within the Christian Scholars Program to explore a JudeoChristian perspective on the nature of the human person. Includes an outline of the project and short biographies of the team members.
Personhood, Human Motivation and Change Project Leaders: William R. Miller
Regents Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry
Director of Research, CASAA
University of New Mexico Harold Delaney
Professor of Psychology
University of New Mexico Click here for a list of the team members. For most of the twentieth century, scientific psychology emphasized deterministic and reductionistic models of motivation and of how and why people change. It is clear that human behavior is influenced by neurophysiology and by lawful principles of learning and cognition. A Christian perspective on human motivation and change, however, embraces a rather different and broader causal understanding of human conduct, one that emphasizes personal agency and mind, volition and responsibility, the centrality of values, and the potential for radical transformation. The Psychology team would explore five broad and logically related themes to explore and explicate Christian scholarship on human change.
  • T he first is the role of human identity, volition and personal agency.
  • 115. Minnesota School Psychologists Association
    MSPA is the Minnesota State Association of School psychologists. We represent School psychologists from all over the state. Our roles vary considerably from
    Quick Links Awards
    Discussion Group

    Pay Membership Online

    Midwinter Conference '05
    Links and Information from Mid Winter Conference
    • Members Area
      • Pay Membership Online Members Only Area Board Members Only
      • Membership Application Awards Links Vote for Board Members Committee Page Student Page Photos
      • Membership Info Current Board Members Policies Employment
      • Discussion Group Bulletin Board Contact Us

      Welcome to the Minnesota School Psychologists Association
      MSPA is the Minnesota State Association of School Psychologists. We represent School Psychologists from all over the state. Our roles vary considerably from district to district. Some School Psychologists exclusively complete intellectual, achievement and/or behavior assessments while others provide psychological counseling services and mental health services to students.
      News and Information
      The Minnesota Board of Teaching is proposing changes three changes in rules and is seeking comment:

    116. Find A Psychologist, Therapist, Psychiatrist, Counselor For In Office Or Online
    A directory of licensed psychologists in the United States. Referral service is free to the public.
    Psychologists - Help is Only a Click Away - Find a Psychologist Find a psychologist for therapy or psychological testing Home Find a Psychologist Online
    Find a Psychologist to see for therapy and counseling
    P sychologists study and understand brain/behavior processes from a scientific viewpoint and apply this knowledge to help people understand, explain and change behavior. Find a Psychologist
    Psychologists study the biological and social principles of learning, behavior, emotion, and human development and their interaction with environmental and biochemical/genetic factors to answer questions about how people respond in various facets of their lives.

    117. NSW Psychologists Registration Board - Welcome To The Board
    NSW psychologists Registration Board. EMail The psychologists Registration Board is located at

    118. Home Page: Division 16 School Psychology
    The Division of School Psychology is composed of scientificpractitioner psychologists whose major professional interests lie with children, families and the schooling process.
    Division of School Psychology
    American Psychological Association
    "Children First for 50 Years"
    American Psychological Association
    The Division of School Psychology is composed of scientific-practitioner psychologists whose major professional interests lie with children, families and the schooling process. The Division represents the interests of psychologists engaged in the delivery of comprehensive psychological services to children, adolescents, and families in schools and other applied settings. The Division is dedicated to facilitating the professional practice of school psychology and actively advocates in domains such as education and health care reform, which have significant implications for the practice of psychology with children. Members receive the journal School Psychology Quarterly and the quarterly newsletter The School Psychologist. The Division welcomes student members. Specialist level school psychologists and practitioners are welcome to join the Division as Professional Affiliates. President

    119. Virginia Academy Of School Psychologists VASP Psychology School
    Virginia Academy of School psychologists is associated with the National Association of School psychologists.

    WISC-IV Integrated Workshop Materials
    Materials from Amy Gabel's excellent presentation including
    New GAI Tables
    Interpretation Guide
    Interpretation Organizers
    Click on the link above. The password is vasp
    Special NCSP Renewal Opportunity

    VASP Goals for Workgroups and Committees

    Click Below for information on
    Governor Warner's Early Childhood Summit Summit Summary Fact Sheet Idea Sheet Click Here for
    VASP Brochure using TM click here Governor Warner's Certificate of Recognition Kick off to Kindergarten Campaign ... CRISIS RESOURCES

    120. Psychology And Psychological Testing - Free Resources For Psychologists = E-help
    Resources for psychologists. Free information about online textbooks, journals, CE, references, practice management and office tools.
    Psychology and psychological testing
    In this ' psychology and psychological testing resource page' we have collected the best tools like free e-books, journals, patient education handouts… and other peer reviewed reference as shown in the table above. To find info on a related topic see our list at the ' mental health / therapy ' page, or at the "pull down menu" below. Each page has similar format, but different contents.
    Start with: Psychiatry Psychology Therapy Psychotherapy Techniques: Cognitive Behavior Therapy Psycodynamic Psychotherapy, Guided imagery, Hypnosis, Group Therapy Motivational interviewing Solution Focused Therapy Client Centered Therapy Support Groups Other Therapies Back to: Therapy Symptom or Disease: > Abuse / Trauma Smoking Cessation Weight Control/Maintenance Eating Disorders Stress Management Free Relaxation "videos" Parenting Depression/Grief Anxiety, Panic, Phobia, PTSD, Bipolar disorder; other psych. symptoms/conditions Psychiatry / Medications back to: Therapy Free Office Tools: Online CE/CME free internet access free e-mails Maps/Directions to your Office Online Organizers BMI Calculator Calculator date/time Note cards free relaxation videos Library - free books Ask an expert Other Resources back to: Therapy
    We have collected thousands of links and resources and organized them, but we have even more to come. We are also working simultaneously on a major medical, health resource page. Please check back in a few month for improved resources.

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