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         Psychologists:     more books (100)
  1. SPSS for Psychologists (0) by Nicola Brace, Richard Kemp, et all 2009-04-08
  2. Trials of a Forensic Psychologist: A Casebook by Charles Patrick Ewing, 2008-09-16
  3. Pharmacotherapy for Psychologists: Prescribing and Collaborative Roles
  4. The Psychologist's Eat-Anything Diet by Leonard Pearson, Lillian R. Pearson, 1973-01-01
  5. No Time for Lunch: Memoirs of a Inner City Psychologist by Thelma Alpert Blumberg, 2004-09
  6. The Psychology of Survivor: Leading Psychologists Take an Unauthorized Look at the Most Elaborate Psychological Experiment Ever Conducted . . . Survivor! (Psychology of Popular Culture)
  7. Confessions of a Gender Defender : A Psychologist's Reflections on Life Among the Transgendered by Randi Ettner, 1996-09
  8. Nietzsche: Philosopher, Psychologist, Antichrist by Walter A. Kaufmann, 1975-02-01
  9. Handbook of Professional and Ethical Practice for Psychologists, Counsellors and Psychotherapists
  10. Life as a Psychologist: Career Choices and Insights by Gerald D. Oster, 2006-05-30
  11. Frameworks for Sport Psychologists: Enhancing Sport Performance by Karen Lee Hill, 2000-09-28
  12. Shrunken Heads (The Insane, the Profane, and the Profound on the Road to Becoming a Psychologist) by Gregory W Lester, 2005-01
  13. Forensic Psychologists Casebook: Psychological profiling and criminal investigation
  14. Psychologist at Large: An Autobiograpy and Selected Essays. by Edwin G. Boring, 1961

41. Main Page
Updated on September 16, 2005
To serve and protect the public interest: by promoting excellence in the profession, by ensuring that psychological services are safe and effective, and by advocating for accessibility to psychological services.
Information to Members of the Public and the Profession Regarding Psychologists and Psychological Associates

Click here for The Bulletin AUGUST 2005 Council Meeting September 16, 2005: Public Agenda BARBARA WAND SEMINAR 2005: Audio, Video Order Form
Click here to order online: Getting Ready for Ontario's Privacy Legislation MINISTRY OF HEALTH AND LONG-TERM CARE
ALERT: Important Health Notice: Rubella Outbreak in Southern Ontario
The Self Assessment Guide and Professional Development Plan for 2005 is now available. Deadline for completion for members with odd number registration numbers as well as all members holding Certificates Authorizing Supervised Practice or Certificates Authorizing Interim Autonomous Practice is April 30, 2005.

42. Work Right
Clinical psychologists providing psychological services for issues including workplace stress, wrongful dismissal, sexual harassment or bullying. Services include assessment, counseling, coaching, psycholegal reports and workshops.

43. Delta Consultants, Business Psychologists Developing Leaders And Organizations O
Philadelphia region Business/Industrial and Organizational psychologists specializing in individual and team coaching; organizational development; and testing for employee selection, placement, and career planning.

Business Psychologists Developing Leaders and Organizations
OUR PURPOSE Delta's expertise centers around helping organizations meet their strategic objectives by maximizing leadership effectiveness at all levels. To this end, we offer results oriented development and selection programs geared toward executives, managers and individual contributors. Our technologies and processes are designed to align people's attitudes and goals with organizational objectives, and to create the shared ownership and excitement that leads to achieving excellent results. WHO WE ARE . . . WHAT WE DO
Organizational Development Organizational Structure Organization Audits Culture Change Employee Engagement Survey Customer Surveys Climate Surveys Respectful/Healthy/Civil Workplace Business Strategy Leadership Development Executive Coaching Team Building Development Assessment 360┬░ Feedback Assessment Performance Management Emotional Intelligence Anger Management Change Management Pre-Employment Assessment Employee Selection Testing Management/Executive Selection Test Validation Competency Development Our Team Business, Industrial, I/O Psychologists

44. Splash_page And Site Map Overview
As well as being a repository for online versions of material by the influential American social psychologist, George Herbert Mead (18631931), this site also archives work related to his, including that of many important early 20th century American psychologists, including J.R. Angell, J.M. Baldwin, J. Dewey, W. James, W.I. Thomas, E.B. Titchener.
Welcome to the Mead Project

45. The Australian College Of Private Consulting Psychologists
Information on the role of clinical psychologists in Australian society.

To continually support members of the College and to promote the profession of Psychology so that Members can competently assist the community and advance the knowledge of the profession.
  • Promote the College as an ethical and professional body of highly qualified Psychologists Provide suggestions in practice-management and fee guidelines to new and existing Members Issue all relevant information to Members Provide business and professional support to members through workshops, conferences and seminars Represent the interests of Members to government, employers, health funds, insurers, organisations and the general public Promote the profession and private practice Maintain a directory of Members and their specialisation Liaise with similar organisations both nationally and internationally to promote the college and it's Members Provide a forum for professional development and case presentation
The business of the college is conducted by a duly elected Executive Committee, which comprises of a President; vice-President; Treasurer; Secretary and Executive Members. All positions are declared vacant each 12 months and Executives may re-apply for their previous position but such a move must be approved by College Members at the Annual General Meeting.

46. New Zealand Psychologists Board
New Zealand psychologists Boards web site. Kia ora and welcome to the website of the New Zealand psychologists Board! The psychologists Board welcomes


Board Newsletter March 2005
HPCAA Transition Provisions HPCA Act 2003 Information ... CONTACT THE BOARD
Kia ora and welcome to the website of the New Zealand Psychologists Board!
The Psychologists Board welcomes you to its website and hopes that you find the information you are looking for. Our column (left) features the latest updates of interest to the profession. This website has been updated to reflect the changes brought about by the new Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003. Click on the headings below for specific information you are seeking. HOW TO REGISTER AS A PSYCHOLOGIST FOR REGISTERED PSYCHOLOGISTS PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT BOARD INFORMATION NZ Graduates Registered in Australia Qualified Overseas? Employment ...
Important Notices Supervision Leading to Registration (Supervision 2000 Scheme) The Supervision 2000 Scheme via the New Zealand Psychological Society is currently on hold. No further applicants are being received by the Society at this time. The Board is considering options as a matter of urgency and any developments will be posted on the website. APC Update 2005-2006 APCs were posted in bulk on 22 March 2005. If you wish to practice as a psychologist you need an APC to do so legally. If you have not got an APC for the 2005-2006 year, please download an APC Application form and send it in to Bill King (

47. Team Focus UK - Business Psychologists And Psychometric Assessment Solutions
Information about Team Focus a psychology-based consultancy specialising in enhancing the contribution of people at individual, team and corporate levels.
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Team Focus are business psychologists specialising in enhancing the contribution of people at individual, team and corporate levels. Our clients range from small, dedicated businesses to major, global organisations. Based in the UK, we are capable of dealing with the most complex trans-national people issues through our network of international associates and partners.
As business psychologists, we are able to focus on helping organisations achieve business objectives through the effective deployment of their human resources. We use our expertise in psychometric assessment, management development, individual development, team building, 360 degree appraisal and training to enable people to maximise their potential and so enhance the effectiveness of the organisation.
In 2002, we launched our 'Profiling For Success' on-line assessment system. Developed around a brand new series of psychometric tests and questionnaires spanning the fields of ability, personality, interests and motivation, Profiling for Success offers an entirely new kind of assessment experience to the test-taker and unrivalled ease of use for our organisational clients within the UK and abroad.
Our talent management division spans the traditional assessment and development divide. Our assessments use some of the most sophisticated methods available including simulations, role plays, psychometric assessment (tests and personality questionnaires) and in-depth interviews. These assessments can be the springboard for developing people, coaching them in their role and facilitating the team-building activities that create the conditions for high performance.

48. Psychology Of Religion Research And Teaching Exchange
International database of research interests and contact details of professional psychologists of religion, including those without their own webpages.

49. Texas State Board Of Psychologists
This page contains information about the agency that licenses psychologists, psychological associates and specialists in school psychology.
What is the Board of Examiners of Psychologists? Board Members How to Find the Board's Office How to File a Complaint/ Enforcement ... HOME
Welcome to the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists' website. Katrina Hurricane Emergency Information for Displaced Gulf Coast Licensees and Texas Licensees New Developments and Requirements !!! We hope that the information you find here will assist you in accomplishing your purposes in contacting this site. If it does not, do not hesitate to contact us directly by phone or in writing at the following: 333 Guadalupe
Tower 2, Room 450
Austin, Texas 78701
(512) 305-7701 FAX
1-800-821-3205 24-hour, toll-free complaint system
(512) 305-7709 Investigations
Closed State Holidays E-mail is accepted only for Open Record Requests pursuant to Texas Government Code, Chapter 552.
All inquiries regarding enforcement or licensing issues should be submitted by phone or by regular mail to the Board and will be responded to in those formats. Note: an e-mail open records request to this agency will not be sent on a secure internet line, and therefore any information sent to the Board by e-mail is subject to interception by third parties using common internet tools.

50. New Zealand Psychologists Board
Information on how to register, registration upgrades and details, conduct, Board, publications plus relevant links.

51. Executive Development International® (EDI®)
U.S. based Management psychologists helping companies improve leader, team, and organizational effectiveness through executive and organizational development. We specialize in the people components of successful change and growth helping companies turn strategic intent into reality.
Executive Development International, Inc.
Management Psychologists and Experienced HR Professionals
U.S. based Management Psychologists helping companies improve leader, team, and organizational effectiveness through executive and organizational development . We specialize in the people components of successful change and growth - helping companies turn strategic intent into reality.
  • Our Approach
  • Executive Assessment, Coaching,
    and Skill Development

  • Strategic Organizational Change ...
  • Contact Us
    Mission EDI makes strategy happen through our clients' key people. We help companies focus their initiatives on the critical people elements that can create the most economic leverage and a sustainable competitive advantage. EDI : linking people process structure , and profit
  • 52. National Directory Of Psychologists
    When available, we also provide a link to the websites of psychologists listed in Additionally, some of the psychologists listed have chosen to provide

    53. Online Information For Psychologists
    Information about psychology, psychology treatment, psychological problems and forensic psychology.

    54. E-Test -- Online Personality Testing For Pre-Employment
    Online personality test developed by licensed psychologists for use in preemployment screening, selection, and assessment.
    Increase your hiring efficiency with eTest. Standardized and Customizable Pre-Employment Assessment Tools Let eTest help you make fast, effective, and accurate hiring decisions!
    or distribution without express written permission of eTest is prohibited.
    A sister company of Management Psychology Group
    Questions/Comments write

    CASP is the statewide membership organization for school psychologists in California, dedicated to providing training, information, support,

    56. Psychologists Association Of Alberta
    About the psychologists Association of Alberta (PAA). Mission Statement Referral service finding a psychologist Contacting the PAA

    57. Can Psychology Help A Church In Crisis?
    APA Monitor article explaining how psychologists can help in combating sexual impropriety and other problems in the church.
    Volume 33, No. 6 June 2002 document.write(''); document.write(''); document.write(''); document.write('');
    Can psychology help a church in crisis? A small group of psychologists says yes, asserting that psychology's science and practice can be part of the solution. BY JENNIFER DAW
    Monitor staff
    The news reports of Catholic priests charged with sexually abusing adolescents have shocked thousands of Americans. But for a group of psychological experts, the recent events aren't just news, they're a call for help from psychology. "Psychology can offer so much to the church, the public, victims and rank-and-file Catholics, as well as priests," says Thomas Plante, PhD, editor of "Bless Me Father for I Have Sinned: Perspectives on Sexual Abuse Committed by Roman Catholic Priests" (Greenwood, 1999) and professor and chair of psychology at Santa Clara University. "We can offer the best in science and the best in practice and let data cut through the hysteria," says Plante, who evaluates those entering religious life for necessary characteristics and for potential red flags, and treats victims and offenders in his practice. Though the number of psychologists conducting research and treating clergy is small"there's only about 15 of us in the Northeast," says Plantepsychologists can help prevent further abuse by recognizing risk factors in potential priests and collaborating with religious superiors.

    58. ---- Canadian Code Of Ethics For Psychologists ----
    In addition to the responses provided by Canadian psychologists, This Code is intended to guide psychologists in their everyday conduct, thinking,
    Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists
    Third Edition To order print copies, click here!
    Print copies of this CPA document are available for $10 CDN (members), $15 (non-members)
    + shipping and applicable taxes. Table of Contents Preamble Principle I: Respect for the Dignity of Persons Principle II: Responsible Caring Principle III: Integrity in Relationships Principle IV: Responsibility to Society
    • Values Statement Ethical Standards Development of knowledge Beneficial activities ... CPA Homepage
      Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists
      (return to top) Every discipline that has relatively autonomous control over its entry requirements, training, development of knowledge, standards, methods, and practices does so only within the context of a contract with the society in which it functions. This social contract is based on attitudes of mutual respect and trust, with society granting support for the autonomy of a discipline in exchange for a commitment by the discipline to do everything it can to assure that its members act ethically in conducting the affairs of the discipline within society; in particular, a commitment to try to assure that each member will place the welfare of the society and individual members of that society above the welfare of the discipline and its own members. By virtue of this social contract, psychologists have a higher duty of care to members of society than the general duty of care that all members of society have to each other.

    59. Canadian Association Of School Psychologists education psychology school CANSTART psychologists learning teaching.
    Canadian Association of
    School Psychologists L'Association canadienne des
    psychologues scolaires Officers Publications FAQ Aims Founded in 1984, the Canadian Association of School Psychologists is a national organization which represents the needs, concerns and interests of school psychologists across Canada. Its aims are to facilitate communication among the provincial and territorial associations, to advocate for and advance the goals of the profession on a national and international basis, and to provide information to its members as well as to the general public on topics relevant to the practice of psychology in the schools. Membership Categories* Regular Member: A person employed or trained as a school psychologist or employed by a university and engaged in work related to the field of school psychology. Student Member: A person training to become a school psychologist. Associate Member (non-voting): A person in agreement with the overall objectives of the organization but who does not satisfy the criteria for regular or student membership. Institutional Affiliate (non-voting): An organization with an interest in the practice of school psychology.

    60. Sepa
    Offers information about educational/school psychology in the province of Saskatchewan and information of interest to educational and early childhood psychologists.
    Questions or comments about this page may be forwarded to the SEPA Website Editor This site was updated on May 5, 2005

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