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  1. Secrets of NLP - Hypnotherapy - Hypnotic Psychology - Street Hypnosis and Stage Hypnotism by Jonathan Royle, Alex Smith, et all 2010-10-26
  2. Carl Jung and Soul Psychology by Donald Lathrop, E Mark Stern, et all 1987-01-01
  3. Personal Construct Therapy: A Handbook (Developments in Clinical Psychology) by Linda L. Viney, 1996-01-01
  4. A Concise Textbook of Human Psychology by Sarabjeet Kaur, 2008-08
  5. Psychology by Annie Wood Besant, 2003-04
  6. Alternative Social Psychologies by Gun Semin, 2004-01-01
  7. Against Cognitivism: Alternative Foundations for Cognitive Psychology by Arthur Still, 2000-07
  8. The Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine - 4 Volume set
  9. The Gay Baby Boom: The Psychology of Gay Parenthood by Suzanne Johnson, Elizabeth O'Connor, 2002-03-01
  10. Dragon Rises, Red Bird Flies: Psychology, Energy and Chinese Medicine by Leon, M.D. Hammer, 1991-09-01
  11. Sexual Assessment: Issues and Radical Alternatives (Issues in criminological and legal psychology)
  12. Psychology of adjustment and the learning-disabled student: Alternative techniques for teaching psychology to learning-disabled students in the university (The HELDS Project series) by Darwin Joseph Goodey, 1982
  13. Alternative anlysis for team psychology and training certificate by Kathie R Martin, 1995
  14. The neurotic alternative (Guild of Pastoral Psychology. Lectures; no.98) by William P Kraemer, 1958

101. What Psychology Professionals Should Know About Polyamory
But there exists a third alternative. Polyamory is a lifestyle in which a the alternative life style behavior may be supportive of the psychological
What Psychology Professionals Should Know About Polyamory The Lifestyles and Mental Health Concerns
of Polyamorous Individuals Geri D. Weitzman
Based on a paper presented at the 8th Annual Diversity Conference March 12th, 1999 ~ Albany, New York Table of Contents Introduction Not much is known by the psychology field concerning polyamory. Our textbooks on family functioning don't mention it, our diversity literature doesn't incorporate it, and many members of the polyamory community have reported encounters with therapists who are uninformed at best, or biased at worst, about this lifestyle. As a polyamorous woman who is also a psychology professional, I am in a position to try and bridge this distance between the polyamorous community and the psychology profession. This paper will aim to provide psychology professionals with a general introduction to the lifestyles and concerns of polyamorous individuals. It is hoped that this will enhance psychology professionals' understanding of, and ability to provide services to, polyamorous clientele. I will begin this paper by describing the three main variations of polyamory and the benefits that polyamorous individuals reap from this lifestyle, followed by some demographic data about the prevalence of polyamory within our culture. Following this, I will present a summary of the research studies that have been conducted on polyamory to date. Therapists' views of polyamory will be examined, and empirical data on the psychological and interpersonal functioning of polyamorous individuals will be presented. A brief multicultural perspective will be included as well.

102. Classics In The History Of Psychology -- Cronbach & Meehl (1955)
And palmar sweat under threat of failure in psychology I correlates .60 with That is, there may be alternative constructs or ways of organizing the net
Classics in the History of Psychology An internet resource developed by
Christopher D. Green

York University, Toronto, Ontario
(Return to Classics index [Classics Editor's Note: Footnotes are in square brackets; references in round brackets] CONSTRUCT VALIDITY IN PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTS Lee J. Cronbach and Paul E. Meehl (1955) First published in Psychological Bulletin Validation of psychological tests has not yet been adequately conceptualized, as the APA Committee on Psychological Tests learned when it undertook (1950-54) to specify what qualities should be investigated before a test is published. In order to make coherent recommendations the Committee found it necessary to distinguish four types of validity, established by different types of research and requiring different interpretation. The chief innovation in the Committee's report was the term construct validity ] This idea was first formulated by a subcommittee (Meehl and R. C. Challman) studying how proposed recommendations would apply to projective techniques, and later modified and clarified by the entire Committee (Bordin, Challman, Conrad, Humphreys, Super, and the present writers). The statements agreed upon by the Committee (and by committees of two other associations) were published in the Technical Recommendations ). The present interpretation of construct validity is not "official" and deals with some areas where the Committee would probably not be unanimous. The present writers are solely responsible for this attempt to explain the concept and elaborate its implications.

103. DerKeiler Directory - /Science/Social_Sciences/Psychology/Alternative
Web directory for sites containing websites about alternative.
Home UNIX Linux Coding ... Alternative Alternative Sub-categories See also: Links Attention and Concentration Theory on how to concentrate better that includes definitions. Biorhythms and Group Dynamics Research information that includes a downloadable program. Doyletics - A New Science for the 21st Century A discussion on how feelings and bodily states are recapitulations in adult life of experiences before five. Includes techniques to remove unwanted fears, anxiety, anger, and allergies. Dr. Pokea: The Mind Body Connection for Health and Wellness Insight on the interrelation of mind, body, and spirit in complementary medicine. Offers presentations and healing meditation/relaxation CD's to promote healing and well-being. Faradic Drug and Alcohol Resistance Imprinting Explanation and experience with self-administered electroshock aversion therapy. Goddess Gift Knowing personal archetypes can be the first step to self-acceptance and personal growth. The Goddess Quiz reveals your archetype to access the power of the divine feminine. International Association for Voice Movement Therapy Offers an introduction to this type of expressive arts therapy, FAQs, a list of registered practitioners, and upcoming events.

104. DerKeiler Directory - /Science/Social_Sciences/Psychology/Alternative/New_Age
Web directory for sites containing websites about New Age.
Home UNIX Linux Coding ... Alternative New Age Sub-categories See also: Links Bella Online New Age Channel Features dozens of original articles by Host Janet Boyer, as well as interviews, information, and links on healing and other practices. Cosmic Awareness Communications A not-for-profit educational and religious organization that describes what life is like on other planets, how humans were created, mysteries, wonders, UFOs, and the Bible. Dance With Angels The spiritual views of Dr. James M. Peebles plus Linda Pendleton's angel cards, photos, and materials. Dr. Charles T. Tart's Virtual Library Covers consciousness, altered states of consciousness, dreams, Gurdjieff, hypnosis, meditation, mindfulness, personal growth, parapsychology, transpersonal psychology, and how to be both a scientific person and a spiritual seeker. Eso-chology and the Esoteric Mind A series of monographs covering a range of esoteric philosophy and psychology topics. From the Source Newsletter Sharing the news of humanity's evolutionary path Of remembrance; tools for transformation; and information about The New Plan.

105. NIOSH/Occupational Health Psychology
An Overview of Occupational Health psychology. Stenberg, CR (1999) Training in Occupational Health psychology Initial Efforts and alternative Models.
Welcome to the Occupational Health Psychology (OHP) Homepage. NIOSH has an active interest in promoting the new field of OHP. On this page you will find information on upcoming OHP conferences, links to schools that offer graduate-level training in OHP, an OPH bibliography, and more.
What is OHP?
Many psychologists have argued that the psychology field needs to take a more active role in research and practice to prevent occupational stress, illness, and injury. This is what the new field of Occupational Health Psychology (OHP) is all about. Although research and practice in OHP may cover a wide range of topics, NIOSH has urged that this new field give special attention to the primary prevention of organizational risk factors for stress, illness, and injury at work. This viewpoint is expressed in the NIOSH-proposed definition of OHP: OHP concerns the application of psychology to improving the quality of work life, and to protecting and promoting the safety, health and well-being of workers. The notion of health "protection" in this definition refers to intervention in the work environment to reduce worker exposures to workplace hazards, while health "promotion" refers to individual-level interventions to equip workers with knowledge and resources to improve their health and thereby resist hazards in the work environment. Although both of these types of interventions can be defined as primary prevention, the NIOSH-proposed definition places priority on health protection. OHP is especially concerned with the dramatic transformation of work and employment that has been underway in industrial economies since the 1980s (e.g., flexible employment and production processes), and how changing organizational structures and processes are influencing the health and well-being of workers and their families. Refer to the articles listed under the

106. Su-Jine: Top: Science: Social_Sciences: Psychology: Alternative:
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Top Science Psychology ...
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  • 107. Science Blog Research News In Science, Health, Medicine, Space
    the entire directory, only in psychology/alternative. Top Science Social_Sciences psychology alternative. Biofeedback@ (47); Breathwork@ (47)

    108. Resources Of Scholarly Societies - Psychology
    Links to websites of scholarly societies in psychology are given below. four stars, International Society for Augmentative and alternative Communication
    Last Updated: 2005, February 14 Psychology This is one of a set of subject pages in the Scholarly Societies Project , which facilitates access to websites of scholarly societies across the world. A set of guidelines is used in determining whether to include resources. Links to websites of scholarly societies in Psychology are given below. The URL-Stability Index for this collection of Psychology sites is 171.5/187 = . The URL-stability index for each site below is given graphically in the left-hand column as the URL-stability rank for that site. See also : the category. URL Stability Rank Society Name Abbrev. [In French. The Academy is devoted to the social sciences. Their website mentions, in addition to the subjects appearing in its name, geography, sociology and psychology. As well, it evidently covers economics, history and law.] ASMP Academy for Eating Disorders AED Acoustical Society of America ASA [In Korean.] ASK American Academy of Forensic Sciences AAFS American Academy of Pain Management AAPM American Academy of Pain Medicine AAPM American Association for Artificial Intelligence AAAI American Association on Mental Retardation AAMR American College of Neuropsychopharmacology ["...the field of neuropsychopharmacology, which involves the evaluation of the effects of natural and synthetic compounds upon the brain, mind, and human behavior."]

    109. J.N. Desmarais Library - Databases - Psychology
    Science Direct (including psychology) (alternative access) The Corsini Encyclopedia of psychology and Behavioral Science (fulltext ebook)
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    110. JSTOR: Social Forces
    at your institution, although there may be alternative resources available. shared with social psychology, anthropology, political science, history,
    Social Forces
    (continues Journal of Social Forces JSTOR Coverage: Vols. 4 - 80 (Issue 2), 1925-2001
    Links out to Recent Content: Vols. 80 (Issue 3) - 83 (Issue 3), 2002-2005
    JSTOR Collection: Please read JSTOR's Terms and Conditions of Use before you begin. Search This Journal Browse This Journal
    Recent content available: JSTOR has partnered with to include links to the full text of recent articles in Social Forces alternative resources available
    Journal Information for Social Forces
    Publisher University of North Carolina Press Moving Wall Social Forces is a journal of social research highlighting sociological inquiry but also exploring realms shared with social psychology, anthropology, political science, history, and economics. The journal's intended academic readers include sociologists, social psychologists, criminologists, economists, political scientists, anthropologists, and students of urban studies, race/ethnic relations, and religious studies. ISSN
    Journal description provided by University of North Carolina Press Pre- and post-digitization work on this title was completed by Suzanna Cunningham and Eric Boxrud, JSTOR Production Technicians.

    111. Alternative Psychospiritual Counseling, Astrology, Tarot Psychology - Higher Sel
    alternative Psychospiritual Counseling for Higher Self Guidance Life Path Licensed Therapist, Astrologer, Tarot Author - Self-Awareness Spiritual
    for inner vision
    Psychospiritual Transformation Counselor
    Astrology-Tarot Service Outline
    Licensed Therapist...
    Years of professional experience in counseling.
    Published Author...
    In Search of Self

    Guide to the Psychodynamics of Tarot Imagery
    Also available in e-book formats
    Tarot Book Information
    Read book reviews at the following sites... METAPHYSICAL REVIEWS

    Jason Carr's Mousepad: Tarot Book Reviews

    Read article The Psychodynamics of Tarot Imagery about theoretical basis for methods in book.
    About Author
    Free quarterly newsletter_ Looking Glass Reflections _has been discontinued. All past issues may be reviewed in archives below. For Viewing Past Issues WORLD LIGHT CENTER Dedicated to the Joyous and Graceful Ascension of People and Our Planet Alternative Healers Directory International light Workers Directory Search for other spirituality books and magazines by keyword and subject. Books Magazines Search by keywords: This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit here OTHER SIGNIFICANT LINKS

    112. Mental Health Matters: Information And Resources About Mental Health Issues For
    Mental health research, alternative treatments for all psychological disordersresearch, alternative treatment, emotional support, mental health law,

    DISORDERS TREATMENTS ARTICLES ... EVENTS Help Me Find A: Therapist Treatment Center City State Zip Find A Disorder: Acute Stress Disorder Adjustment Disorder Agoraphobia Alcohol Addiction Alzheimer's Disease Amnestic Disorder Anorexia Nervosa Antisocial Personal Disorder Anxiety Disorder NOS Asperger's Syndrome Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Autism Avoidant Personality Disorder Binge Eating Disorder Bipolar Disorder Body Dysmorphic Disorder Borderline Personality Disorder Breathing-Related Sleep Disorder Brief Psychotic Disorder Bulimia Nervosa Childhood Disintegrative Disorder Childhood Disorder NOS Childhood Eating Disorders Cognitive Disorder NOS Conduct Disorder Conversion Disorder Cyclothymic Disorder Delerium Delusional Disorder Dementia Dependent Personality Disorder Depersonalization Disorder Depression Depressive Disorder NOS Disruptive Behavior Disorder NOS Dissociative Amnesia Dissociative Disorder NOS Dissociative Fugue Dissociative Identity Disorder Drug Addiction Dyslexia Dyssomnia NOS Dysthymic Disorder Factitious Disorder Gambling Addiction Gender Identity Disorder Generalized Anxiety Disorder Histrionic Personality Disorder Huntington's Disease Hypersomnia Hypochondriasis Impulse-Control Disorder NOS Insomnia Intermittent Explosive Disorder Kleptomania Learning Disorders Malingering Mental Retardation Mixed-Receptive-Expressive Language Disorder Munchausen by Proxy Munchausen Syndrome Narcissistic Personality Disorder Narcolepsy Nightmare Disorder Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder Oppositional Defiant Disorder

    113. An Alternative IDEA
    Changes to the disabilities education law mean psychologists might need to However, an alternative method called response to intervention, or RTI,
    Volume 36, No. 4 April 2005
    A bright IDEA?
    Key congressional effort preserves psychologists' rights under IDEA Table of Contents "The changes in IDEA call upon psychologists in schools to be advocates. Psychologists need to educate school districts about appropriate models." Ron Palomares
    APA Practice Directorate An alternative IDEA Changes to the disabilities education law mean psychologists might need to learn and support different assessment methods. BY MARK GREER
    Monitor Staff
    Print version: page 44 When Congress passed a new version of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) last year, it altered many aspects that affect the work of psychologists in elementary and secondary schools. Some psychologists' paperwork could decrease, for example, and others may be allowed to use e-mail to streamline the process of arranging meetings with parents ( see sidebar ). But no doubt the biggest change to affect practitioners is in how they assess children for learning disabilities. Under the revised law, school districts are no longer required to use the IQ-achievement discrepancy model to assess whether a child is learning disabled. As a result, psychologists working in schools that adopt new assessment methods must alter how they assess students, perhaps in ways they aren't familiar with. Psychologists have long debated the current assessment method, which uses the discrepancy between a student's cognitive and achievement test scores to assess learning disabilities. Some feel that model isn't effective, while others feel an imperfect model is better than the new models, which focus instead on student interventions but lack scientific proof that they work. As a result, some psychologists welcome a potential shift away from discrepancy models, while others remain wary.

    114. General Health Alternative Spirituality Hypnosis Links
    A National Holistic Directory for finding alternative Medical Practitioners, Holistic Products, Psychological Assessment Research Treatment Services
    "Caring Professionals Make the Difference!" Medical Medical Staff Online Therapy Services Scheduling Discussion Groups ... FAQ's Online Counseling Online Counseling
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    Topic Alcoholism Family Crisis Self Esteem Parenting Chemical Dependency Depression Codependency
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    115. Error Patterns Disable Transfer Of Learning
    Coaching skills courses; sport, education, and work. People keep falling back to old ways. The Lyndon Method explains why and offers personal control over
    Old Way New Way Learning Tools:
    When practice doesn't make perfect
    Page Menu
    Why don't they learn? Old Way New Way Brochure Error patterns ... Order form You are here: Home
    What is Old Way New Way learning?
    An experienced flight instructor once said this about the tendency for people to keep falling back to old ways - "The problem is not learning the new; it's forgetting (unlearning) the old!" Old Way New Way offers a new theory of learning and a cost-effective, user friendly method of continuous improvement and change management in sport, workplace safety and training, health professions, education, defence forces training and personal development. Endorsed by Australian State governments as an innovative and effective learning method, Old Way New Way is a fascinating synthesis of past and emerging research into the psychology of learning, sports psychology, training science and coaching science. It explains why adaptation to change takes so long; why performance slows and errors increase during the transition; why people initially appear to improve and then forget their learning under pressure; and why they keep falling back to old ways under conventional, i.e., currently available, methods of coaching, teaching, training, therapy and personal development.

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