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1. Tureck, Rosalyn (b.1914)
Rosalyn Tureck died at approximately 1040 PM on July 17, 2003, at her home in Riverdale, Bronx, New York, at the age of 88. Career History

2. The Independent (London, England) Obituary Rosalyn Tureck;
The Independent (London, England) Obituary Rosalyn Tureck; Pianist celebrated for her interpretations of Bach.(Obituaries) @ HighBeam Research

3. Mlist_log0307 The New York Times "Rosalyn Tureck, Pianis
The New York Times "Rosalyn Tureck, Pianist Specializing in Bach, Dies at 88"

4. Rosalyn Tureck, Chicago Illinois, Pianist (Bach Rock) December 14
Rosalyn Tureck, Chicago Illinois, pianist (Bach Rock) December 14, 1914 in history

5. NPR Performance Today Rosalyn Tureck 1914-2003
Pianist Tureck Remembered Goldberg Variations 1999 interview with Rosalyn Tureck Bach's Goldberg Variations in the PT 50 Essential

6. Fw [great-pianists] Rosalyn Tureck
Rosalyn Tureck, Pianist Specializing in Bach, Dies at 88 By ALLAN KOZINN The New York Times July 19, 2003 For any

7. Theremin Vox - Rosalyn Tureck Dies At 88
story Rosalyn Tureck, Pianist Specializing in Bach, Dies at 88 By ALLAN KOZINN, The New York Times 19 July 2003 Rosalyn Tureck, a pianist

8. - Art Of Rosalyn Tureck DVD Rosalyn Tureck
of two outstanding live recitals, this program features the one and only 'High Priestess Of Bach', pianist Rosalyn Tureck playing some of the

9. The Art Of Rosalyn Tureck
of two outstanding live recitals, this program features the one and only 'High Priestess Of Bach', pianist Rosalyn Tureck playing some of the

10. Women Pianists On Video
4 Principles of Style for the Young pianist . rosalyn tureck (1914 ).rosalyn tureck Plays Bach - Goldberg Variations VAI, VHS cat 69220
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Martha Argerich
    Martha Argerich VAI, VHS: cat# 69425 VAI, DVD: cat# 4210 Video Artists International. Recorded in 1976 in the studios of the CBC Montreal network. Pieces performed are the Schumann Piano Concerto, Liszt’s Funérailles and Ravel’s Jeux d’eau . A rare video appearance of this remarkable artist.
The Van Cliburn Competitions

11. Rosalyn Tureck. A Memoir By Jenna Orkin Of
I first met rosalyn tureck, the pianist and Bach specialist who died in 2003,when I was sixteen. Having nothing else to do that summer, I had registered
A memoir by JENNA ORKIN of
I first met Rosalyn Tureck, the pianist and Bach specialist who died in 2003, when I was sixteen. Having nothing else to do that summer, I had registered for a lecture series she was giving at the Lincoln Center Library, by paying with pennies from my grandmother's cookie jar. It was an eye-opening experience. Tureck was my first Grande Dame , a species which has vanished in this increasingly politically correct world. Her abundant brown hair was swept up in a bun (which I would later see removed and tucked away in the closet). On stage she seemed imposing though in fact she was tiny. Even when she wore high heels she walked on tiptoe. (Once after I'd known her several years, she answered the door in a towel and tiptoed, barefoot, back to the shower.) Her favorite lecture dress was of a grey that changed hue in the light so that in it she resembled a baby hippo at sunrise. The audience consisted of college students, piano teachers thirsting for knowledge from the fountainhead, retirees and aesthetes who believed Bach should only be played on the harpsichord. Tureck made short work of the last group, showing that Bach's music is abstract; he transcribed freely from one instrument to another, depending on what was on hand. There were lectures on ornamentation which Tureck transformed into an art in itself; the kinship between Bach and Chinese music; the distorting influence of the Romantic Era on Bach. Yet Tureck was far from being a 'purist'. 'The purists believe that to reveal emotion in Bach is like a lady letting her slip show,' she said.

12. Rosalyn Tureck. A Memoir By Jenna Orkin Of
2 Jenna Orkin rosalyn tureck. Are you a pianist? she asked. I mumbled something appropriately modest.
2 Jenna Orkin ROSALYN TURECK One night as she was talking about ornamentation in Chinese music, a theme I'd heard her expound on before, my mind wandered: There was Mary E in the previous night's master class who had played the E Minor Partita so ravishingly. What wouldn't I give ...
Then I heard a phrase that woke me from my reverie:
'... I've known this since my revelation when I was seventeen.'
What was that?
'... a revelation I had while playing one of the fugues from the Well-Tempered Clavier
For God's sake, tell us about your revelation. To hell with everything else.
At the end of the lecture she announced: 'Thursday evening is our last for this session. I will accept questions from the audience. These should be written down and given to one of the ushers during intermission and I will devote the final hour to addressing a few of them.' The next day I took out her recording of the Well-Tempered Clavier , both books, and listened to the whole thing, searching for the fugue that had inspired her revelation. Her playing of the Fugue in A Minor, Book One was determined as though to prove something. I thought, 'This is it.' Thursday night, come intermission, I wrote out my question and gave it to the usher who was collecting scraps of paper from members of the audience.

13. Blog Of Death: Rosalyn Tureck
rtureck.jpg rosalyn tureck was a distinguished pianist whose devotion to themusic of Johann Sebastian Bach lasted for over 60 years.
Blog of Death
July 23, 2003
Rosalyn Tureck
Rosalyn Tureck was a distinguished pianist whose devotion to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach lasted for over 60 years. Tureck started playing the piano when she was four years old. She took lessons with Russian pianist Sophia Brilliant-Liven, and made her public recital debut in Chicago at the age of nine. As a teenager, Tureck auditioned for the Juilliard School of Music in New York by playing most of Bach's 48 preludes and fugues from memory. Although Bach was not considered a good career choice for a concert pianist, Tureck was accepted into the school. But when she made it to the finals of the Naumburg Competition, the jury refused to give her an award for playing an all-Bach program. During her first week at Juilliard, Tureck taught herself to play the theremin . Her performance of "God Save the Queen" earned her a year-long scholarship, and her 1932 debut at Carnegie Hall consisted of playing a Bach concerto on the electronic instrument. Tureck eventually learned how to play the harpsichord and the clavichord, as well. While performing numerous Bach concerts at Town Hall in New York, Tureck created a parallel career playing recitals of Chopin, Debussy, Brahms and Beethoven with the Philadelphia Orchestra and the New York Philharmonic. But her adoration of Bach's style only blossomed with time. Twenty years later, Tureck moved to London and formed the Tureck Bach Players and the International Bach Society. These projects, along with her continued performances of his work, earned Tureck the title, the

14. Poindexters.Com Genius Of The Quarter
Deemed “The High Priestess of Bach,” rosalyn tureck is considered by many to Thus the young pianist began what would become a lifelong effort to pursue
Rosalyn Tureck
Born in Chicago on December 14, 1914, she was the daughter of Samuel Tureck and Monya Lipson, and a descendant of Eastern European rabbis and cantors. Her father was of Turkish/Russian background, and an American customs officer for phonetic reasons changed the spelling of his name from Turk to Tureck. Rosalyn and her two sisters were all taught to play piano by their mother. Of the three, Rosalyn would prove to be the most suited to a career in music. Rosalyn Tureck died on July 17, 2003, at the age of 88. She was an influence of a great many of her very successful peers, and will be remembered for her uncompromising attention to detail and her revolutionary approach to the performance of the music of J. S. Bach. Her recordings, films, and written works will live on to inspire generations of musicians for many years to come

15. Goldberg Variations BWV 988 - Played By Rosalyn Tureck
And not her recording on harpsichord it sounds like a very good pianist bewildered PS Has Sony ever published rosalyn tureck s harpsichord Goldberg
Goldberg Variations BWV 988 Played by Rosalyn Tureck Recordings Tureck's last Goldbergs
Bradley Lehman
wrote (February 12, 2004):
Granted, my wording was a bit harsh.
Where I said:
I should have stated it thus: I prefer hearing a performance that sounds like play, not like a meticulously-edited structure. Obviously Tureck was in complete control of every note, and exactly the place she wanted to put them all: but in listening to it, I get the feeling that she over-thought it. I miss the spontaneity, and the whole side of rhythmic flexibility: her performance didn't allow *anything* irrational to creep into the structure, and I feel that such straitjacketing of the notes is a fatal musical flaw.
IMO such a hyper-rational delivery makes Bach seem too one-sided: as Pablo Casals famously scoffed against opponents, "Bach the professor! who knew very well his counterpoint and his fugue and nothing else!" I like to hear the music singing and speaking more freely, and therefore I find it difficult to listen through Tureck's measured symmetries. (To "Schiff" it: it's a case where I can't listen for more than 20 minutes or so, hands on heart, while I have no trouble listening to his as the flow is so much more believable.)
I like Tureck's earlier rendition at Buckley's house better...the piano one. And not her recording on harpsichord: it sounds like a very good pianist bewildered by the

16. Young Rosalyn Tureck's Goldberg Variations
Great pianists of the 20th Century – rosalyn tureck II Whether it s thePhilips or DG recording, I hear a superb pianist who digs into Bach and extracts
Goldberg Variations BWV 988 Rosalyn Tureck (Piano) Young Rosalyn Tureck’s Goldberg Variations Great Pianists of the 20 th Century – Rosalyn Tureck II Goldberg Variations, BWV 988
French Overture in B minor, BWV 831
Italian Concerto in F, BWV 971
Four Duets, BWV 802-805 Rosalyn Tureck (piano) Philips 2-CD / TT: 2:35:45 Donald Satz wrote (September 2, 1999): I posted about two months ago on Tureck's new DG recording of the Goldberg Variations. I found them superbly played: total command, full identification with the idiom, fantastic part playing, and a dry sound which suits the performances perfectly. Most impressive, Tureck extensively used staccato, but I heard no choppiness or fragmentation of line - just a coherent whole and a "flow" to kill for. If she isn't the "high priestess" of Bach keyboard playing, nobody is. Now, Philips, as part of its Great Pianists series offers us Tureck's late 1950's account of the Goldbergs recorded in England. In addition, she plays the French Overture, Italian Concerto, and the Four Duets. Does 40 years make a big difference? Not in this case. The older performance is less austere and more poetic and nuanced. The newer recording is more commanding, mature, and provides better sound. But, it's still Tureck and the differences are not profound. So, I find myself in a bit of a quandry. I'm very glad to have both versions, but I think that many listeners would consider having both to be superfluous.

17. Theremin Vox - Rosalyn Tureck Dies At 88
rosalyn tureck, pianist Specializing in Bach, Dies at 88 rosalyn tureck, apianist and harpsichordist who played an important part in the revival of

Mail this article Sign in Sign up About Tvox Sitemap TVOX Stories History Instruments People Tech ... News Rosalyn Tureck Dies at 88 by TVOX Editorial Staff July 19, 2003
Rosalyn Tureck, the "High Priestess of Bach," Is Dead at 88
andante - 18 July 2003
Rosalyn Tureck, a leading performer of Bach on the piano, harpsichord and clavichord, has died, WQXR radio in New York City reports. She was 88.
According to writer Teri Noel Towe, a friend, Tureck died on Thursday evening in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, New York.
Tureck was born in Chicago, where she made her solo recital debut at age 9. One of her piano teachers was Sophia Brilliant-Liven, a student of Anton Rubenstein, to whom Tureck traced her technique. She attended the Juilliard School, where she studied with Olga Samaroff; during her tenure there she made her Carnegie Hall debut performing on the theremin, the electronic instrument invented by Leon Theremin, with whom she had studied.
Full story

Rosalyn Tureck, Pianist Specializing in Bach, Dies at 88
By ALLAN KOZINN, The New York Times - 19 July 2003

18. MusicMoz - Instruments: Keyboard: Piano: Bands And Artists: T
Takase, Aki Japanese pianist living in Germany; a pianist of many facets, tureck, rosalyn (b.1914) - Includes the tureck Bach Research Foundation.
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  • Takase, Aki - Japanese pianist living in Germany; a pianist of many facets, Ms. Takase is equally at home with classical and jazz. For the last several years she's been engaged in a series of projects with a number of outstanding musicians of both genres, principally in Berlin where she has resided since 1987. Her website includes a biography, discography, and a current list of projects in both Japanese and English. Teissonni¨re, Gerardo - Regarded by critics as "an artist of extraordinary musicianship and rare sensibility", GerardoTeissonni¨re performs to international acclaim in recital and as soloist with orchestras in major concert venues throughout the United States, Europe and Latin America. His website includes reviews, biography, concert and contact information. Site available for viewing in English, French, and Spanish. He also furnishes a guestbook for visitors to sign. Thibaudet, Jean-Yves (b.1961)

19. Theremin World
Related Sites. rosalyn tureck, pianist Specializing in Bach, Dies at 88 (NYTimes) tureck Back Research Foundation rosalyn tureck s official website

20. Theremin World
rosalyn tureck rosalyn tureck is a Bach pianist who studied with ProfessorTheremin and played at Carnegie Hall in 1932.
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