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61. Rock N Roll Timeline
Rock n roll A musical style born in the late 40 s out of jump blues and The stars of the show are the duo of singer Big Joe Turner and pianist Pete
Rock 'n' Roll Timeline Edited By: Sampson Rock 'n' roll - A musical style born in the late 40's out of jump blues and incorporating the saxophone based rhythms of that form with as varied influences as the electric guitar of blues, the steady beat of swing, the pounding piano of boogie woogie, the fervor of gospel, the intense romantic longing of pop harmony groups and the looseness of country, with songs focusing on the viewpoints and interests of its primarily young audiences and a constant pushing outwards of the accepted moral boundaries of the times.
Its primary practitioners were young black artists appealing to the post-war community's need for excitement, dancing and increasing social freedoms. In the mid-50's, fueled by radio and jukeboxes, white teenagers became equally entranced by the style and became some of its most popular artists. The music however is not restricted to any race, gender, or point of origin either by performers or audience, and its inclusiveness is one of its greatest strengths.
Rock 'n' roll is constantly progressing, adapting and experimenting allowing it to remain relevant to each succeeding generation, but it maintains the same urgency and perspective it had when it was founded more than a half-century ago.

62. The Daytona Beach News-Journal: Entertainment
Entertainment and karaoke with michael Leone, 9 pm1 am Saturday. Open mikejam with pianist Victor Wainwright, 5-9 pm Sunday.
Entertainment News Movies TV Listings Go! Calendars ... Columns News Home East Volusia Flagler West Volusia ... Crossword Online Only Beach Cam Community Photo Gallery News-Journal Contact Us Site Index Customer Service Archive Page ...
Live performances

, 156 S. Beach St., Daytona Beach. (386) 257-2677. Jazz and standards with the Joe Mose Quartet featuring Sid Blair and vocalist Marc Monteson, 6-9 p.m. today. Singer, guitarist and harmonica player Mark "Muddyharp" Hodgson with keyboardist Daniel Joyner, 6-11 p.m. Friday. Expresso Jazz and Blues with singer Linda Flynn and guitarist Denny Weaver, 6-11 p.m. Saturday. BARRY'S PATIO BAR AND GRILL at the Ocean East Resort, 867 S. Atlantic Ave., Ormond Beach. (386) 677-8111, Ext. 277. "Favorite old rock" with singer-guitarist Louie, 1-5 p.m. Saturday and 3-6:30 p.m. Sunday. BEACHES SANDBAR , 203 E. Granada Blvd., Ormond Beach (386) 671-1711. Rock with the band 2 A.M., 10 p.m.-2 a.m. today. Rock with Morning Buzz, 10 p.m.-2 a.m. Friday. Alternative rock with The Click, 10 p.m.-2 a.m. Saturday. Open jam with host Brian McMahon, 4-8 p.m. Sunday. Da Boys, 10 p.m.-2 a.m. Monday. Karaoke with Stormin' Norman, 10 p.m.-2 a.m. Tuesday. BOOT HILL SALOON , 310 Main St., Daytona Beach. (386) 258-9506. Classic and new rock with The Rattlers, 8-11 p.m. today. Classic and modern rock with Silk 'N Steel featuring Vicky Kay, 9 p.m.-1 a.m. Friday and Saturday, no cover.

63. Ronnie Scott's Club - Issue 103 - Michael Parkinson
michael PARKINSON, FAMED INTERVIEWER ON BRITISH TELEVISION, AND PROBABLY ENGLAND’S My first interests were Jelly roll Morton and the Armstrong Hot Five.
January - 1997 - February
MICHAEL PARKINSON interviewed by Jim Godbolt about his long - abiding interest in jazz, but the conversation occasionally turning to cricket * M I STARTED THE CONVERSATION IMPARTING GOOD WISHES FROM RONNIE SCOTT AND HIS PARTNER, AND MANAGER OF THE CLUB, PETE KING. MP: JG: They seem to recall you coming into the dressing room somewhere in the Manchester area in 1953 when Ronnie was on the road with his nine-piece. MP With apologies to readers not interested in flannelled fools capering about the green sward. FRANK PARR JG: I have a very special reason for asking you the following question. Did you attend the Roses (Lancashire CCC v Yorkshire CCC) match that year ? JG: Because if you did, you would have seen someone I know very well performing against your side - JELLY ROLL and LOUIS ARMSTRONG Wisden The Times MP: JG: When did you first hear these records ? MP: JG: Did you have any parental opposition ? MP: COOL PARKY JG: Max was a founder member of the Ravers CC. A fine bat.

64. Jazz From Lincoln Center - The Good Old Good Ones
Jazz From Lincoln Center Good Old Good Ones Final Draft, September 4, 1998 By Peter Keepnews, 1) Music: Milenburg Joys (Morton) 2) Vox: Michael White (1992 interview, 15:58) The whole idea that early jazz is just the music of a certain period, and that it // no longer has validity in the culture and all, that's a lot of bunk. Bob Wilber (57:54) To me, I listen to the records of these giants they get better all the time. It's like old wine. // It's timeless music, and it's just as up-to-date and // applying to our contemporary living as // when it was made. 3) Bradley: LOUIS ARMSTRONG HAD AN EXPRESSION FOR SONGS THAT STAND THE TEST OF TIME. HE CALLED THEM "THE GOOD OLD GOOD ONES." SOME OF THE MOST DURABLE OF THOSE SONGS WERE FIRST PLAYED IN NEW ORLEANS IN THE EARLY YEARS OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY. WE'LL HEAR THE TIMELESS JAZZ OF LOUIS ARMSTRONG, JELLY ROLL MORTON, KING OLIVER, AND OTHER PIONEERS, PERFORMED BY MICHAEL WHITE, WYNTON MARSALIS, AND FRIENDS ON THIS EDITION OF JAZZ FROM LINCOLN CENTER . I'M ED BRADLEY. 4) Music: Santa Claus Blues (Louis Armstrong "An Early Portrait")

65. Reviews
From the turn of the century until the early 30s, piano roll releases fed mid 80s disc on Sony Classics featuring conductor michael Tilson-Thomas and
BILLBOARD Hit Gershwin Disc Sparks New Interest in Piano Rolls by Irv Lichtman ©1994 BPI Communications, Inc.
Used with permission from Billboard

66. NCPR Community Calendar
pianist Yuja Wang Performs with the NAC Orchestra in Ottawa BRIGHTON BEACHMEMOIRS playing at St. michael s Playhouse

67. The Official Mike Stern Pages
Guitarists have similar ways out, aided by the rock n roll decades giving their pianist Jacky Terrasson and vibraphonist Stefon Harris were toplevel
The Official Mike Stern Pages news photos biography discography ... Forum
In the Press
Press Releases Feature articles and Reviews Interviews IRC sessons
L.A. Times, Sep. 9, 2001
Voices review Spotlight
Rhythm-Section Stalwarts Step Into the Limelight
by Don Heckman They're the guys who are usually grouped under a single title: the rhythm section. The guys who receive critical praise in phrases beginning with "The rhythm section propelled the rhythm forward in high gear ..." etc. Not much in the way of individual personality there. Of course, the pianists have an easy escape route. They can do solo albums and performances, relying on what is, after all, an orchestral-like array of sounds in a single instrument; or they can lead the ubiquitous piano trio (actually nothing more than a sneaky way to describe a rhythm section). Guitarists have similar ways out, aided by the rock 'n' roll decades giving their instrument plenty of charismatic sexiness. But it's tougher for bassists to step into the spotlight - Charlie Haden's high visibility notwithstanding - and drummers seem to vary from slam-and-bang leadership to providing the understated spark that sets the music in motion. Drummer Roy Haynes has taken the latter route for most of his illustrious career. In

68. MMD Archives: Computer Catalog For Sheet Music And Performances
Mike usually photocopies the original piano roll label for the new box label, He was a fine pianist and arranger as well as a great singer.
Mechanical Music Digest Archives MMD Archives January 2000 Prev ... Next
Computer Catalog for Sheet Music and Performances
By Robbie Rhodes
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Key Words in Subject: Catalog Computer Music Performances ... Info
To Post a message in the MMD related to self-playing musical instruments, please send your message via email to:
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69. Rex Lawson And The Pianola
The performance featured Rex peddling the reproducingpiano roll of the an actual recorded performance by a pianist— are encoded on the roll itself.
Search site for:
Rex Lawson and the Pianola
Rex Lawson, the world's foremost exponent of the pianola, the early, foot-operated form of the player-piano was in San Francisco a while ago. Perhaps it would be bad luck to say he took the town by storm, as the heavy, flood-inducing rains that had plagued the Bay Area for much of the month of March, 1995, actually subsided the very afternoon Rex and his assistant Michael Boyd arrived from London. Rex was one of the participants in the second Other Minds Festival where his pianola performance on the final concert of the Festival was warmly received by both audience and critics. Lawson was born in London, England, on April 3, 1948, and the piano was there from the start: his parents, two talented amateur musicians, had met through playing piano duets. His education was at Dulwich College and Nottingham University, where he studied Music and French-his attempts to pursue a course of study which combined music and electronics (although common enough a thing nowadays) were thwarted by the administration of his university.
Rex began his career in music administration and was first an orchestra manager in middle England. A long-standing fascination with player-pianos led him to organize for his orchestra a performance in 1972 of Edvard Grieg's Concerto for piano and orchestra with Percy Grainger as the soloist. The valiant Mr. Lawson was undaunted by the fact that Grainger, at that time, had been dead for over ten years. The performance featured Rex peddling the reproducing-piano roll of the Concerto which Grainger had made, and its success led Rex on to organizing and presenting further performances of posthumous pianists. His administrative career was transformed into a full-time commitment to the pianola as Ferruccio Busoni (1866-1924), George Gershwin (1898-1937), Sergei Rachmaninov (1873-1943), and others returned to concertizing via Rex's fine pedaling.

70. Mississippi Musicians Play The Blues, Rock N' Roll, Gospel, Jazz, Classical, Roc
Information about the blues, gospel, jazz, rock n roll, classical, Leonard BabyDoo Caston (Big Three Trio pianist with Willie Dixon) Sumrall, MS

The Mississippi Writers and Musicians Project
at Starkville High School
The Official Web Site of the Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame , Jackson, Mississippi
Mississippi has a unique musical heritage. The students at Starkville High School have researched musicians native to Mississippi or who have spent a significant part of their lives in the state of Mississippi and included them here. Their music may be blues, jazz, country, classical, gospel, rock 'n roll, rhythm and blues, or popular. This material is being updated regularly.
B C D ... P Q R S T U ... W X Y Z Note: Clicking on a letter below will return you to the top. SEARCH THIS SITE
Mississippi Musicians
  • Afroman aka Joseph Foreman) Hattiesburg, MS Garfield Akers (blues guitarist) 1900-1958, Brights/Hernando John Alexander (New York Metropolitan Opera star), Meridian, Mississippi Mose Allison (jazz pianist and songwriter), Tippo, MS Allman Brothers Band (See Johanny Johanson (aka Jaimoe) , born John Lee Johnson, Ocean Springs, MS Abie "Boogaloo" Ames pianist and singer (Greenville, MS) died 2002 Mark Applebaum (jazz pianist and composer of electronic music), Starkville, MS

71. Superscope History
a modern orchestral accompaniment conducted by michael Tilson Thomas.Klavier records has a number of piano roll albums, several with Gershwin (Klavier
@import "../../include/all2005.css"; /* just some basic formatting, no layout stuff */ Your browser does not support script
LA Times article Oct. 4, 1978 Roll Out the Player Pianos
Terpsichorean Technology Think back to a time when there were no gramophones, no wireless, no televisions, no tape recorders. If you wanted music, you had to create it yourself. So everyone had a piano and for those who couldn't play it, there was the great novelty of the early years of this century-the player piano. It was magic. Small holes punched into a paper roll and suddenly Rachmaninoff, Paderewski, Joplin, Gershwin were in your living room, invisibly playing your piano. As with all magic, the trick was simple. The piano was played mechanically as air was forced through the perforations in the roll of paper. As the novelty became more popular, the reproducing piano became more and more sophisticated. The three major reproducers-Wilte-Mignon, Ampico (American Piano Company) and Duo-Art (Aeolian Company)-got to the point where a pianist's variations in tempo, volume and phrasing were all faithfully reproduced. The reproducing piano got so good that two grand pianos were set up on a London stage for pianist Alfred Cortot who alternately performed passages from a Liszt rhapsody with a Duo-Art roll he had cut himself. Critics said if they closed their eyes, the could not tell the difference.

72. Ragtime Midi Links On West Coast Ragtime Society Site
Bienvenue chez JeanClaude Boudrant - Ragtime and stride pianist at The MonroviaSound Studio features the music of Ferd Jelly roll Morton - Joseph
var ace_path = '';
This page updated 3/5/05. Previous update 11/14/03. Links To Web sites Providing Free Midi Files Below are links to web sites that provid e free ragtime midi files. When these sites are also a source of music scores and recordings, they are included in the pages on vendors and publishers as appropriate. Some sites duplicate midi files that are also available on the web page of the sequencer. Such sites are not listed. You're not here or we have it wrong? drop a line with particulars to the Web Master at
All American Ragtime Midi files sequenced by Truman L. Jayne and others. Bernie's MIDI's This site provides fingerpicking (fingerstyle), flatpicking etc. acoustic/electric MIDI Ragtime, Country, Bluegrass etc. music guitar tunes sequenced by "The Guitar Guy", Bernie Schemitsch. Bienvenue chez Jean-Claude Boudrant - Ragtime and stride pianist at Disneyland-Paris since1992 Blue Grass and Ragtime This site by Hamish Davidson of Yinnar, Victoria - Australia has his original midi files The Greenfield Bowie Piano Page This web site features midi sequences of compositions by Greenfield Bowie , a pianist and music composer from Austin, Texas, USA.

73. John Roache's Favorite Web Sites
Archive Productions Home Page David Jasen, ragtime pianist, composer and Meliora Music rolls has now released 6 John Roache piano roll arrangements.
My Favorite Web Sites
Ragtime Music and Midi Sites:
Ragtime Specific Sites:
Irwin's Ragtime, Stride, Swing and Novelty Piano Page.
My good friend, Irwin Schwartz, is online and his site is loaded with great MIDI files and useful information about these piano genres.
Ragtimer's Home Page
Mary Haley's COMPREHENSIVE SOURCE for all ragtime music infomation.
The Primline MIDI Libraries
A nicely organized, comprehensive Ragtime MIDI library can be found in this commercial site. Check out their wonderful products also!
The Ragtime Express and Bohemia Ragtime Society
The home pages of the Bohemia Ragtime Society and the online site of The Ragtime Express, a great mail-order source for anything and everything Ragtime.
The Rose Leaf Ragtime Club Home Page
Southern California's premier ragtime performance club. I am usually in attendance at the monthly meetings and you might even catch me doing one of my rare public performances.
Old Town Music Hall , El Segundo California
Southern California's premier Ragtime Venue. Home of the Mighty Wurlitzer Theater Organ and the twin 9 foot Bosendorfer and Steinway Concert Grands.
Ed Hobbs' Ragtime MIDI page
Ed has a nicely done selection of his own Ragtime Midi Files here. It is Ed's Cakewalk .CAL program which gives my MIDI files their stereo effect.

74. Welcome To The Phoenix Symphony
michael Christie, conductor Phoenix Symphony Chorus pianist Orion Weissperforms Grieg s stunning Piano Concerto, and the concert concludes with a

75. Welcome To The Phoenix Symphony
Please check back for exact onsale date information. michael Christie, pianist Orion Weiss performs Grieg s stunning Piano Concerto, and the concert

76. CBC Saskatchewan - Programs - Gallery - Program Guide
All this and some of the rock and or roll, picked by the winners, pianist JaninaKuzmas is a welcome addition at the University of Regina as Professor

77. :: Calendar
Ask Me Why, 20 Flight Rock, roll Over Beethoven, and more. For frontmenAnthony and michael Montesano, multiinstrumentalist Rob Bennett,
Enter your email address to receive our weekly concert email:
Order online or call 703/255-1566 x8 to purchase tickets. september october november Monday September 12 $18 8PM traditional Scottish
Old Blind Dogs

"One of the original cutting edge outfits in Scotland continuing new roots revival!" "The skill, talent and verve with which they played, belied their laddishness and the crowd responded with thunderous applause. Folk is the new rock and roll." Shoots and Roots Festival, April 1999 (Evening News). Tuesday September 13 $15 8PM americana
Eliza Gilkyson
"Paradise Hotel" CD Release

°ƒGilkyson's latest gives no quarter with songs as excellent as they are raw and brutal. Her gift is the ability to mask razor-sharp words in deceptively easy melodies and make the expression of personal longing just as devastating.°± (4 stars) - Austin Chronicle 2004 °ƒGilkyson doesn't pull any punches. She graces the music with her lush and passionate voice; a dark and lonely sound, hope and satisfaction, and edgy lyrics with piercing imagery round out the whole.°± - NY Times Wednesday September 14 $15 8PM Irish

T®¶ada°Øs characteristic lively blend of instrumentals and vocals in the traditional Irish idiom has seen the band evolve into the busiest touring act in the traditional music scene in recent times. Having first come to attention through an appearance on the innovative Irish television series, Flosc, in 2001, T®¶ada has since gone on to capture the imagination of many thoughout the world with a creative and spontaneous musical approach, seeking to capture the intricicies of traditional artform within a contemporary band context.

78. Mike Walker
mike walker auckland new zealand jazz pianist, jazz trio, solo, Boogie Woogie,Rock a Billy, Rock n roll, and Latin styles and for this reason is in
Pete McGregor Entertainment
New Zealand Entertainment agents
Choose from over
200 entertainment
including NZ's
Top Acts acts listed by style background options Blues Bands Cabaret acts Celtic or Irish bands Classical music options Comedians Country Acts Covers Bands Dance Bands disco deejay Jazz Bands Latin American Overseas Acts session musicians Solo Musicians Theme evenings Tribute Shows wedding specialists
Auckland music
gig guide
a free service provided by Pete McGregor Music
Pete McGregor Music New Zealand's only specialist double bass shop MIKE WALKER Jazz jazz pianist - solo, duo, trio Montmartre quartet Auckland Region Mike Walker Is somewhat of a New Zealand icon, Mike packed the crowds into the Montmarte years ago with his Jazz Trio, and is still one of our most exciting piano players. He also has spent years as a session musician and played with such well known N.Z. bands as Tommy Adderley's Head Band and Herbs. Mike is Ray Woolfe's personal Pianist.

79. LA Weekly: Features: Time Of The Session
“If it’sa raucous thing, I’m raucous; if it’sa rock roll 15year-old, Percussionist/pianist Victor Feldman, bassist Chuck Rainey and guitarist Dean
JOHN POWERS ON THE OTHER AMERICA: The Week of the Living Dead. DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD:They Shoot News Anchors, Don’t They? Media moguls, not looters, killed Katrina’s truth tellers. By NIKKI FINKE
Our eye of the storm, BEN EHRENREICH , covers the water and refugee-flooded streets from New Orleans to Houston. BAGHDAD ON THE BAYOU: THERE’S ALLIGATORS IN THE WATER: E-mails from the apocalypse by JERVEY TERVALON THE SINKING OF THE PRESIDENT: MARC COOPER on how disasters can bring down dynasties. INHERIT THE WIND: LOU DUBOSE on how Bush the Younger ruined a FEMA that Bill Clinton rescued from Bush the Elder. GOVERNMENTS AND FLOODS: HAROLD MEYERSON asks, What is government for, if not to prevent catastrophe? WEB EXCLUSIVE: FILTERED: Let's play The Blame Game!

80. LA Weekly: Music: Live In L.A.: Live In L.A.
pianist Donald Vega was granted the solo spotlight for a wondrous rendition What pushes the limits of rock roll taste is when Springsteen insists fans
JOHN POWERS ON THE OTHER AMERICA: The Week of the Living Dead. DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD:They Shoot News Anchors, Don’t They? Media moguls, not looters, killed Katrina’s truth tellers. By NIKKI FINKE
Our eye of the storm, BEN EHRENREICH , covers the water and refugee-flooded streets from New Orleans to Houston. BAGHDAD ON THE BAYOU: THERE’S ALLIGATORS IN THE WATER: E-mails from the apocalypse by JERVEY TERVALON THE SINKING OF THE PRESIDENT: MARC COOPER on how disasters can bring down dynasties. INHERIT THE WIND: LOU DUBOSE on how Bush the Younger ruined a FEMA that Bill Clinton rescued from Bush the Elder. GOVERNMENTS AND FLOODS: HAROLD MEYERSON asks, What is government for, if not to prevent catastrophe? WEB EXCLUSIVE: FILTERED: Let's play The Blame Game!

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