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         Space Physics:     more books (100)
  1. Physics Of Space Plasmas: An Introduction, Second Edition by George Parks, 2003-12-05
  2. Physics of the Space Environment (Cambridge Atmospheric and Space Science Series) by Tamas I. Gombosi, 2004-08-19
  3. Physics of Solar System Plasmas (Cambridge Atmospheric and Space Science Series) by Thomas E. Cravens, 2004-11-11
  4. The Large Scale Structure of Space-Time (Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics) by Stephen W. Hawking, G. F. R. Ellis, et all 1975-03-28
  5. A Course in Modern Mathematical Physics: Groups, Hilbert Space and Differential Geometry by Peter Szekeres, 2004-01-17
  6. Art & Physics: Parallel Visions in Space, Time, and Light (P.S.) by Leonard Shlain, 2007-03-01
  7. Do Your Ears Pop in Space and 500 Other Surprising Questions about Space Travel by R. Mike Mullane, 1997-01-22
  8. Space, Time, and Spacetime by Lawrence Sklar, 1977-03-15
  9. Space Physics: An Introduction to Plasmas and Particles in the Heliosphere and Magnetospheres (Advanced Texts in Physics) by May-Britt Kallenrode, 2010-11-02
  10. Introduction to the Physics of Space by Rossi, 1970-01-01
  11. Quantum Fields in Curved Space (Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics) by N. D. Birrell, P. C. W. Davies, 1984-04-27
  12. Understanding Space-Time: The Philosophical Development of Physics from Newton to Einstein by Robert DiSalle, 2008-10-14
  13. Ionospheres: Physics, Plasma Physics, and Chemistry (Cambridge Atmospheric and Space Science Series) by Robert Schunk, Andrew Nagy, 2009-09-21
  14. Quantum Mechanics in Hilbert Space: Second Edition (Dover Books on Physics) by Eduard Prugovecki, 2006-12-01

1. Oulu Space Physics Textbook
A free online textbook on space physics.
Space Physics Textbook - last update: 23 November 1998, 2130 UT (RR)
This service is divided into four sections (Plasma physics, Regions of interest, Phenomena of interest, Space physics instrumentation and analysis methods) and Appendices, each of which contain several pages. Only few of these pages are directly reachable from this title page; rest of the pages become available through surfing the text or by using the contents listing.
Plasma physics
Space physics is interested in the natural plasma environments found close enough to the Earth to be studied by in situ measurements.
Regions of interest
Today, these in situ measurement cover most of the heliosphere. Space physics studies Sun (and its extension, the solar wind) and all planets with plasma environments, including Earth. One of the main tasks in space physics is to explain the Solar wind - magnetosphere - ionosphere - atmosphere coupling that is responsible for many important phenomena.
Phenomena of interest
Many interesting magnetospheric/ionospheric phenomena are created because of the energy input from the Sun and the special properties of the plasma state. For us living at high latitudes, the most remarkable plasma phenomena are the auroras relating to geomagnetic activity.

2. Laboratory For Atmospheric And Space Physics
Conducts basic theoretical and experimental research in planetary, atmospheric, magnetospheric, and solar physics.
General Information Contact Us Staff Information About LASP General Information Contact Us Staff Information About LASP ... Search

3. Space Physics Research Group At UCB/SSL
Research group at the University of California at Berkeley, US.
Antarctic Balloons
Atmospheric Emissions Group

Auroral Sounding Rockets

Cassini INMS

Space Physics Research Group
University of California, Berkeley

Space Sciences Laboratory

7 Gauss Way
Berkeley, CA 94720-7450
Phone. (510) 642-7297 Fax. (510) 643-8302 Webmaster

4. The Space Physics Group At The U. Of Washington
Faculty, students, and staff of the space physics groups at UW
The Space Physics Group
at the U. of Washington
Who We Are:

5. Space Physics Research Laboratory
The people at Embry Riddle s space physics Research Lab.

6. Oulu Space Physics Textbook
space physics Textbook last update 23 November 1998, 2130 UT (RR)

7. Windows To The Universe
Aimed at portraying Earth and Space Sciences in a fun way. Includes information about space weather, global space physics and a real time movie of current solar activity.
Text-only version Text-only version

8. Department Of Physics And Space Sciences
Dean's Staff. Departmental Overviews. COS News/Events. New Physical Sciences Building. Department of Physics Space Sciences Florida Inst.

9. NASA's Space Physics Data Facility (SPDF) More results from Swedish Institute of space physicsResearch institute carrying out research in space physics and technology. Research, data, popular science and publications.
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+ RESOURCES + RESEARCH + EDUCATION NASA's Space Physics Data Facility (SPDF)
Orbit Services

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+ CDAWeb

+ Links
The SPDF hosts the S3C Active Archive, which consists of web-based services for survey and high resolution data, trajectories, and modeling software. The Facility delivers value-added services and leads in the definition, development, operation, and promotion of collaborative projects. Read More here Notice: If you are having trouble using any of the SPDF's redesigned sites, please contact us Announcing CDAWeb Plus Beta Release CDAWeb Plus is a new java-based interface for integrated access to all existing SPDF services including CDAWeb itself, SSCWeb, OMNIWeb, COHOWeb, ATMOWeb, ModelWeb as well as the file-level holdings on the NSSDC and select other FTP sites. Please see the CDAWeb home page for more details and access. News Items [ 30 August 2005 ] The Polar Gateways investigation team of John Cooper (612.4) is part of the two International Polar Year lead science groups now conditionally endorsed by the ICSU/WMO Joint Committee for the International Polar Year 2007-2008.

10. Space Physics Data System (SPDS
space physics Data System (SPDS) The SPDS is no longer active.

11. All-Sky Cameras At IRF
Swedish Institute of space physics webpages.
Overview Topical Popular Science Research ... Contact
All-Sky Cameras at IRF
All-Sky Camera
Misato All-Sky camera

JPG movies

12. Imperial College London | Faculty Of Physical Sciences | Department Of Physics |
Homepage of Imperial College's space physics group
Quick Navigation Imperial home page A-Z of Departments Courses Research Alumni Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Life Sciences Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Physical Sciences Humanities Tanaka Business School The Graduate Schools: - Engineering and Physical Sciences - Life Sciences and Medicine Spectrum (College Intranet) College directory Help Note: Your browser does not support javascript or you have javascript turned off. Although this will not affect your accessibility to the content of this site, some of the advanced navigation features may not be available to you. Home Space and Atmospheric Physics Group Note: Some of the graphical elements of this site are only visible to browsers that support accepted web standards . The content of this site is, however, accessible to any browser or Internet device.
Welcome to the Space and Atmospheric Physics Group
Latest News :
We are part of the Physics Department at Imperial College . Our aims are to undertake world-class research, and to train young scientists, in both experimental and theoretical aspects of Space Physics and Atmospheric Physics. You can use the navigation bar above to find information about our Research Activities and about Postgraduate Studies with us.

13. National Space Science Data Center
Provides access to a wide variety of astrophysics, space physics, solar physics, lunar and planetary data from NASA space flight missions, in

14. Welcome To Space Physics At The National Space Science Data Center
NSSDC Master Catalog(s/c, data descriptions) space physics Data Facility. Common Data Format Further Resources NSSDC space physics

15. Cassini UVIS Home Page
It was built by the Laboratory for Atmospheric and space physics (LASP) located in the Research Park of the University of Colorado in Boulder.
The Cassini Spacecraft and LASP's Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph (UVIS) Instrument Press Coverage WHAT'S NEW?
See the Latest Observations

(and archives)

Movie of
Saturn as seen from Cassini
on approach for orbit insertion on June 30 MST, 2004 (July 1, UTC) Download Quicktime Welcome to the Cassini UVIS Site. On October 15, 1997, the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft was launched by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. After a seven-year journey, it entered Saturn's orbit on July 1, 2004 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), or June 30 at 8:36 p.m. MDT. The mission includes the Cassini orbiter, which will orbit Saturn and its moons for four years, and the Huygens probe, which will be released from the Cassini orbiter to land on the Titan moon to explore its surface and surroundings. The instruments onboard will provide scientists with new and exciting data to help understand the mysterious Saturnian system. The Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph (UVIS) , is one of the 12 instruments installed on board Cassini. It was built by the

16. Swedish Institute Of Space Physics
Research institute carrying out research in space physics and technology. Research, data, popular science and publications.

17. JGR - Space Physics
Published This Year in JGR space physicsAGU JGR space physics published in August 2005, Search Options Back Issues How To Cite. August. Klatt, EM; Kintner, PM; Seyler, CE; Liu, K.;
Library Access Individual Access
For Authors JGR-Space Physics covers aeronomy and magnetospheric physics, planetary atmospheres and magnetospheres, interplanetary and external solar physics, cosmic rays, and heliospheric physics.
Impact Factor 2.839 in the 2004 Journal Citation Reports. . ISSN 0148-0227
Subscription Information

18. PhysicsWeb - Home
PhysicsWeb, The web site for physicists, PhysicsWorld, Institute of Physics, Electronic Publishing, online products and services

19. Physics Advanced Technologies Directorate
Physics and Advanced Technologies was established in July 2000 through the security, energy independence, and the exploration and use of space.

20. Twisted Physics How Black Holes Spout Off
advertisement. Visit to explore a new Science feature each Tuesday. Twisted Physics How Black Holes Spout Off By Robert Roy

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