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         History Of Physics:     more books (99)
  1. Atomic: The First War of Physics and the Secret History of the Atom Bomb 1939 -1949 by Jim Baggott, 2009-11-05
  2. Physics in the Nineteenth Century by Robert D. Purrington, 1997-08-01
  3. The History of Physics by Isaac Asimov, 1984-05
  4. Thirty Years that Shook Physics: The Story of Quantum Theory by George Gamow, 1985-07-01
  5. The First War of Physics: The Secret History of the Atomic Bomb, 1939-1949 by Jim Baggott, 2010-04-13
  6. The New Physics: For the Twenty-First Century by Gordon Fraser, 2009-09-14
  7. The Oxford Guide to the History of Physics and Astronomy
  8. Great Experiments in Physics: Firsthand Accounts from Galileo to Einstein
  9. Evolution of Physics by Albert Einstein, Leopold Infeld, 1967-10-30
  10. The World of Physics (Vol 1-Aristotelian Cosmos and the Newtonian System; Vol 2-Einstein Universe and the Bohr Atom; Vol 3-Evolutionary Cosmos and the Limits of Science) by Jefferson Hane Weaver, 1987-01-01
  11. From Clockwork to Crapshoot: A History of Physics by Roger G. Newton, 2010-03-30
  12. A history of classical physics: From antiquity to the quantum by J. D Bernal, 1997
  13. Physics, the Human Adventure: From Copernicus to Einstein and Beyond by Gerald Holton, 2001-03-01
  14. Quantum Mechanics at the Crossroads: New Perspectives from History, Philosophy and Physics (The Frontiers Collection)

161. Princeton Earth Physics Project
Provides earthquake data. Includes exterior links for statistics as well as discussion group.

162. Cookies Required
This monthly virtual journal contains articles that have appeared in one of the participating source journals and that relate to biological physics research.
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    163. Science Forum: Philosophy Physics Metaphysics Of Space, Dynamic Unity Of Physica
    Science discussion of physical reality, Space and Matter.
    Science Forum: Dynamic Unity of Reality
    Philosophy Physics Metaphysics of Space - The Wave Structure of Matter (WSM)

    Hello and thanks for visiting the Forum. The purpose of this Forum is to discuss the Wave Structure of Matter (WSM) which is summarised in the main Forum sections on Index page. This work is still in the early stages of development, both in terms of knowledge, and in getting this knowledge out into the world. Significantly, by describing Reality most simply, in terms of One thing existing, Space, with Properties of a Continuous Infinite Eternal Wave Medium, the Wave Structure of Matter (WSM) explains and solves many of the fundamental problems of Science (Metaphysics Philosophy Physics) by explaining how matter (and thus humans) are necessarily interconnected to other matter in Space within the Universe. We think this knowledge is important, hope that you find it interesting and will enjoy pondering upon this new perspective for understanding physical reality.
    NOTE (September, 2005): We have been away on holidays for past ten weeks but are now back working on our website and hope to get things going at this forum again. So please feel free to post comments. We will normally reply within a day or two. Cheers, Geoff and Karene
    FAQ Search Forum Memberlist Usergroups Register Profile Log in to check your private messages Log in The time now is Sat Sep 17, 2005 6:21 pm

    164. Living State Physics
    SQUID magnetometry, cardiac electrodynamics, cellular biophysics, and biomagnetic measurements research at Vanderbilt University.
    "We now realize that the phenomena of chemical interactions, and, ultimately life itself, are to be understood in terms of electromagnetism." Richard P. Feynman How SQUIDs Work
    Magnetic Microscope Image
    of ALH84001 (left) taken with the Vanderbilt Ultra High Resolution Scanning SQUID Microscope (right). News-Press
    Corrosion - Martian meteorite At Vanderbilt University , Living State Physics merges research at the forefront of physics with exciting and significant biomedical investigations. It is an interdisciplinary field that draws upon the tools, methods, and theories of physics, biology, engineering, and medicine, as well as computational physics and non-linear dynamics, to increase our understanding of biological systems and phenomena.
    Physicists have already made significant contributions to medicine and biology, primarily in medical physics, which emphasizes the application of radiation to diagnosis, imaging, and therapy; and in biophysics, which is concerned largely with the properties and behavior of biological molecules. There are, however, innumerable, unexplored biomedical applications of physics. Hence, the term Living State Physics is both an excellent name for this broad field and an appropriate parallel to the more familiar field of solid state physics, which applies numerous techniques and theories to study solids. Living State Physics elucidates, as no other discipline does, living functions and mechanisms, biological states, and pathological conditions.

    165. Howstuffworks "How Boomerangs Work"
    Illustrated tutorial explains the physics behind the propellerlike flight of the boomerang.
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    How Boomerangs Work
    by Tom Harris
    Table of Contents Introduction to How Boomerangs Work What is It? Why Does It Fly? Why Does It Come Back? How Do I Throw One? How Was It Invented? Lots More Information When most of us think of boomerangs , we imagine somebody (quite possibly a cartoon character) throwing a banana-shaped stick that eventually turns around and comes right back to the thrower's hand (possibly after hitting another cartoon character in the head). This idea is simply amazing, and as children, our first reaction to such a device was: This stick is obviously possessed with magical powers! Of course, the person or people who discovered the boomerang hadn't actually found a magical stick, but they had come upon an amazing application of some complex laws of physics. In this article, we'll break down the physical principles that make boomerangs work, see what happens as a boomerang flies through the air and find out the proper way to throw a boomerang so that it comes back to you. We'll also delve a little into the history of boomerangs to see how they came about in the first place. Boomeranging is an amazing demonstration of scientific principles as well as a terrific sport you can enjoy all by yourself.

    166. Imaging Physics Laboratory
    Limited staff and research information.
    University of California
    Radiological Sciences Dept.
    MS I B140
    Irvine, CA 92697-5000
    Welcome to the Molloi Group at the University of California, Irvine.
    Please click here to learn about the projects currently under investigation. The image on the left is a coronary arteriograph after contrast was injected into the left coronary ostium. The image above is the 3D reconstruction of the coronary artery tree. The information was reconstructed from CT scans of a cast.

    167. Material Science Homepage, HKBU
    Materials science learning resources for students and the public, including java applets illustrating some fundamental concepts.
    Bridge, me, forever... The Research Group For the Public For the Student Learning Resources Related Links of Materials Science Hyperlink to my ASTRONOMY ... Prof. Tong B. Tang of the Physics Department HKBU

    168. Physico-Mechanical Institute
    General information, search, description of main scientific problems investigated in the institute.
    var udk_url; - no framed version

    169. Seattle'05
    Three oneweek sessions Interactions with physics; Classical geometry; Arithmetic geometry. University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA; 25 July 12 August 2005.
    Summer Institute in Algebraic Geometry
    July 25 - August 12, 2005

  • Program: Plenary Full AMS information brochure Participant list Graduate student workshop

  • The American Mathematical Society and the Clay Mathematics Institute will sponsor a three week Summer Institute in Algebraic Geometry at the University of Washington, Seattle from July 25 to August 12, 2005. The goals of the Institute are to review the major achievements of the past decade and to look forward to future developments. The focus will be structured by week:
    Interactions with physics Classical geometry Arithmetic geometry

    Plenary lecture series aimed at broad audiences will be scheduled in the morning. More specialized seminar sessions will take place in the afternoon.
    Financial support, as always, will be limited. Participants are encouraged to seek travel funds from their home institutions or funding agencies.
    The organizing committee,
    D. Abramovich

    170. The UCL Centre For Cosmic Chemistry And Physics
    University College London. Research into the chemistry which occurs throughout the universe in interstellar space.
    About the Centre Experimental Activities Theoretical Activities Resources ... Stars R Us
    About the Centre for Cosmic Chemistry and Physics
    The purpose of the Centre is to apply research to fundamental chemical processes which are believed to occur throughout the universe. Using a unique combination of theoretical and experimental techniques, such processes are investigated in the laboratory. Comparison of these results with astronomical observations serves to increase our knowledge and understanding of the cosmos. Our first major project concerns the formation of hydrogen molecules on surfaces of interstellar dust grains and the second expands upon this to study the formation of more complex molecules such as methanol. You can view a pdf document explaining the motivations and experimental activities of the centre here and we now have a resource available following our successful Stars R Us display at the recent Royal Society Summer Exhibition. There are two EPSRC funded PhD studentships now available, one working with Prof Steve Price studying the low-temperature reactivity of H atoms on interstellar surfaces and the second jointly supervised by Prof Steve Price and Dr Wendy Brown studying

    171. Physics Simulations
    A page with examples of simulations of fluid dynamics, wave equations and mechanics, done by a student of Computational physics at University of Wroclaw (Poland). Graphics and animations included.
    by Maciej Matyka, e-mail
    E-Mail notify Here you can put your e-mail, to be informed about any changes on that page. email:
    Forum dump seller , Erika,
    Wed, 07-Sep-2005, 23:31

    DefColStudio - Interactive Def
    , Bruno Heidelberger,
    Mon, 05-Sep-2005, 09:52

    Physics Simulations CD
    , Irina,
    Wed, 31-Aug-2005, 08:03

    , babe,
    Sun, 28-Aug-2005, 01:10

    dump seller
    , babe, Sun, 28-Aug-2005, 01:01 (Forum) Powered By Simulations CD An ultimate CD (Anims, Software, Papers, C/C++ Source Codes) for presented simulations avauilable now! [physics simulations cd] [how to get it] If you want to receive news about changes in "Simulations CD" content, please type your email address here. (completely no spam, you can remove it when you want) My Flipcode IOTD Posted On 07.I.2005 Posted On 04.XII.2003 Posted On 14.XI.2003 Posted On 24.X.2003 Posted On 03.X.2003 Posted On 12.IX.2003 Physics Webring This PIRA Webring site is owned by Maciej Matyka prev List Sites next Information About The Page About Me Contact Link Info ... Simulations CD-ROM Online Source Codes and Code Documentation Paper: Matyka, M., "How to Implement Pressure Soft Body Model", with complete source code

    172. The London Topology And Geometry Seminar
    Held on Fridays in term with interests in topology, algebraic, differential and symplectic geometry, dynamical systems and mathematical physics.
    The London topology and geometry seminar
    The seminar is held jointly by Imperial College King's College , and Queen Mary , University of London, with visitors from Cambridge Oxford Warwick and other universities. It is designed for anyone visiting London on a Friday afternoon.
    To be put on the email list to be notified about seminars, email "subscribe" to . Similarly to un subscribe.
    The organisers are: Martin Bridson Shaun Bullett Simon Donaldson Bill Harvey , and Mark Haskins
    Some older organisers of the London Geometry seminar: Du Val Roth , and Semple
    • Friday 7th October. Room 140, Huxley Building, Imperial College
      Michael Anderson (Stony Brook): Dehn surgery construction of Einstein metrics in higher dimensions. Abstract
      Friday 14th October. Room 140, Huxley Building, Imperial College
      Marc Lackenby (Oxford): Counting covering spaces and subgroups in dimension three. Abstract
      Friday 21st October. Room 140, Huxley Building, Imperial College
      Tamas Hausel (Oxford and Texas Austin): Cohomology of hyperkahler manifolds via arithmetic harmonic analysis.

    173. 2004 CEDAR Workshop
    Annual CEDAR (Coupling, Energetics and Dynamics of Atmospheric Regions) workshop on the physics of the upper atmosphere.
    2004 CEDAR Workshop
    Eldorado Hotel, Santa Fe, New Mexico
    June 27 - July 2, 2004
    Summary plans for the 2004 CEDAR Workshop have been written and are now available in the Spring 2004 CEDAR Post. The 2004 CEDAR Workshop will take place starting Sunday June 27, 2004 with the Student Workshop. (Please contact the CEDAR student representatives, Stan Briczinski ( and Lars Dyrud ( The regular workshop will be Monday through Friday, June 28 - July 2, at the Eldorado Hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The 2003 CEDAR Workshop was held in Longmont, Colorado. The CEDAR Science Steering Committee , and Barbara Emery ( ) are in charge of planning the workshop.
    Changes from 2003 (increased fees for all)
    Registration on-line with RegOnline (Students by April 23, Regulars by May 26)
    Registration includes: Student Biographies, Student Lodging, Abstract Submission (due May 25) , and can be updated multiple times (e.g. to submit an abstract later, to revise an abstract, to change from 'check' to 'credit card', etc.)
    Agenda (June 15, 2004)

    174. Physics Department Museum
    Includes a virtual tour and a catalog of the museum's collection.
    Welcome to
    Internal Links External Links

    175. The Wesleyan Physics Clusters
    Hardware and software details, links to projects using the cluster, and links to other resources.

    176. 5th International Conference On Clifford Algebras And Their Applications In Math
    IxtapaZihuatanejo, Mexico; June 27-July 4, 1999. Abstracts and proceedings.
    5th International Conference on Clifford Algebras and their Applications in Mathematical Physics,
    Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, MEXICO, June 27-July 4, 1999

    Zihuatanejo Bay Ixtapa Beaches and Hotels For more tourist information see Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo web page at
    You can also find a tourist guide to Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo-Acapulco and area map For the alphabetical list of speakers go to INDEX ; for speakers and titles go to TALKS For times, titles of talks, and speakers at ACACSE'99 go here
    For information about the 6th Conference on Clifford Algebras, May 20-25, 2002,
    go here.
    The Conference proceedings have been published in two volumes by Birkhauser Boston last June 2000. The following is the bibliographical information about each volume, and about the two-volume set. You can see cover for volume 1 and cover for volume 2 Individual volumes: "CLIFFORD ALGEBRAS AND THEIR APPLICATIONS IN MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS"
    Volume 1: Algebra and Physics Volume 2: Clifford Analysis Two-volume set: "CLIFFORD ALGEBRAS AND THEIR APPLICATIONS IN MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS"
    Volumes 1 and 2 "Clifford Algebras and Their Applications in Mathematical Physics"
    provides a broad overview of current topics in mathematical aspects and physical applications of Clifford (geometric) algebras. All papers presented in this two-volume set are either well-developed original articles or review papers. All contributions have been refereed. Both volumes are intended to be accessible to both graduate students and specialists in the general area of Clifford algebras and their applications.

    177. Radiation Physics, Inc. - Medical Physics Consultants In South Florida
    Medical Specialists supplying commissioning, planning and software services. (Miramar, FL)
    Welcome to Radiation Physics, Inc. We are a group of Board-certified Radiological Physicists , Licensed to practice Therapeutic Radiology Physics in the State of Florida. cancer oncology radiotherapy medical physics consultants seeds prostate brachytherapy IMRT linear accelerator linac LDR HDR commissioning QA charts dosimetry dose
    Our Mission
    We at Radiation Physics, Inc . strive to provide patients and clinicians in the Southeast, Caribbean and Latin America with radiological physics services of the highest standards.
    Contact Information
    Telephone FAX Postal address
    3590 S. State Rd. 7 Miramar, FL
    Electronic mail
    General Information:
    Send mail to with questions or comments about this web site.
    Last modified: May 27, 2004

    Organizes international cooperation in medical physics and allied subjects, and contributes to its advancement, especially in developing countries.
    About IOMP

    94-97 IOMP officers

    Iomp Library List

    Medical Physics World Bulletin
    Messages from IOMP president and vice president to EMPW

    International Organization for Medical Physics
    About IOMP
    • 64 countries
    • 12,000 individual members
    • 26 corporate members
    • two international regional organizations
    Purpose The objectives of the International Organization for Medical Physics are to organize international cooperation in medical physics and allied subjects; to contribute to the advancement of medical physics in all its aspects, especially in developing countries; and to encourage and advise on the formation of national organizations of medical physics in those countries which lack such organizations. Membership Classifications Members of the IOMP consists of all individual members of the Adhering National Organizations. Two other forms of membership are available, namely, Affiliated Regional Organizations and Corporate Members. Other information
  • Publications
    Journal(s): (1) Physics in Medicine and Biology, (2) Physiological Measurement
    Newsletter: Medical Physics World (biannual)
    Books: Medical Science Series (IOP Publishing)
  • Educational resources: Workshops, courses
  • 179. Previous Articles
    A look at what makes some conductors super, from

    180. Physics News- The Latest Physics News
    Technology and physics news aggregation system. Possible to comment on headlines.
    Headlines: Show all
    Physics news

    Technology news

    News by source

    About PhysNews: PhysNews headlines are culled from many scientific news sites worldwide and automatically arranged into categories. Headlines are updated continuously throughout the day by a computer programm without human intervention. PhysNews includes headlines that appeared within the past 30 days.
    More news:
    Physics news

    Science Forum

    News directory

    News keywords
    All latest news headlines:
    Firm aiming to develop human settlement on Mars Headlines Other news 34 minutes ago by - Space All companies set goals, but newly formed 4Frontiers Corp. is eyeing some expansive horizons. Comments: Comment on this NASA Wants Astronauts Back on Moon by 2018 Headlines Other news 34 minutes ago by - Space The space agency presented its lunar exploration plan to the White House on Wednesday and on Capitol Hill on Friday. Comments: Comment on this Ghostly Spokes in Saturn`s Rings Spotted by Cassini Headlines Other news 2 hours ago by - Space

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